Real Post Game Show - How will this bad lose to the Jaguars affect the Patriots going forward? 9-16-18

Sunday, September 16th
Glenn Ordway, Steve DeOssie, and Fred Smerlas breakdown the Pats soul crushing lose to the Jaguars.  The guys also take a look around the NFL at some of the other very intriguing finishes.

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He's he's no real post game show. Radio guy. I definitely feel real close game show we get. Panic on the lines for the first couple of hours people calling up just freaking out is that never ever and he. The patriots struggled in the first few weeks of the season about last year. Opening day and it was at home it was through the raising of the banner. 42 to 27 and lost a game to the camps in each of the Kansas City Chiefs to the rose from. Om de Los Carolina at a hole. Thirty straight asserted there was panic in the industries was there and I don't know who was and that was a go home games interest edges of the street by Tedy Bruschi. Seeing DD Westbrook. Run uncovered through the Patriots defense. Was similar to the problems they had last year vs Carolina. Once again early season problems that need to be addressed finding out what players and what schemes. Worst work best. Makes sense if you're giving them so early in the season you're trying out a bunch of stuff and some of its working and right now most. Material I would rather him they would go to playbook from from high school in nineteen deep in the files different things do they will jobs. And it will you know they look at to review and analyze it but they do this team came out. And they threw the ball but I've ever seen. Jack truthfully or Treo form of ruthless. But they do it for you hazard or metal will work themselves and we've use goddess of Novo football. It bought. Are you showed a fall in the running game there. When healthy running back is ready to go to the pound pound pound and play defense there's the with different that this team was more panache. Good passes his accuracy and defense so look any different facility you get the rest of this I gave you the Kansas City lost 42 to twenty similar to the number points scored against this defense early on in previous season. Carolina 33 to thirty last year 2016. You had no Brady. Okay and then you'll kind of playing a morale stuff and won those games look at three of the four games they lost against awfully get shut out against buffalo. 2015. They did with the first ten games if you remember. It was the end of the season. The fell apart and on their list of what Denver that your right so they lost. Four of the last six games. And things were unraveling that's when you panic so that's what you Wear debris and loud right football going to play 2014. They lost against Miami they lost that was the Kansas City Indy lost 41 to fourteen. In Kansas City they also lost to Miami so they lost two of the first order of the Miami. Illegal it was one that they had three through seven almost as good enough for me I don't know if it was the closest thing but it sounds good the real quiet in half by 2012. Ortega to 2012 they lost. Against Arizona at home. And in Baltimore and girls than anyone on that big run and then they lost to Baltimore in a conference finals. At Gillette Stadium it's mere yeah I was young redeemed and yeah that was the rice right page yards run and run of the so. This is common at the beating of the season now you you guys we've always talked about this why the patriots had so much. Problems at the beginning of the season and I actually think. It's a positive. In that. You have be really good coaching staff. And you don't have an awful lot of information out of the gate the first few games all the teams are incorporating. New players do doing some other stuff. And the patriots changeup players every single year up so you're dealing with a new place where you're trying to figure it as Teddy Bruschi just said. You're trying to figure out which players can do which things you haven't had that much time and you have less time now. In the outfield so that we have ever had don't hang a rock hang on to players and pay you. The upside. To a group of salary. The papers will let you go. Try some of them back or the courts or else the what they say about sold in Louis this year sold its fifty million who was gonna get six to bring him round what two million. So they seem to challenge sellers but they don't. Children is better but let but the money into that but that money allows you to get but do other things before this so I wasn't sold is better now these. It was a little bit. Though auto was immature little bubbles to attract rowdy as it went where we're gonna have to wait price hey a win for awhile he's got a tour of the vote was about the drug ready to belittle him back to the original point and that. Della chat as time goes on. Coaching becomes form more important the more information you have. And that's why I think that it does not speak hive about in the money and he read it every gets off to these greats to arts and and fades out as the season progresses or can't win the playoffs yeah and correct is. How much information the new players can take piano once so slowly but surely things in your seat about it let's they've paved the guys take a lot law. The paper and reform we even going to play pre season. Lie football pre season is nothing anymore yeah I ninety man rosters guys don't get an opportunity as you played the game. You can't get into any rhythm or timing of a game if you were in their for a limited time right I think if applicable receive. Pre season you didn't law. And then halfway around constantly you're in the game early morning games in sync does not play at all but if you do that Fred you've got to play your roster. Of forty or fifty guys in the the other forty of fifty you know not to get a gonna find out and play them all you comment in every team is always rough because Alice what's what he's. Well rules would describe the game Asia and everybody's rusty. Who cares. You won't we rusty shows that I just illogical your buoyancy as you said everybody so every team's roster the rowboat all they had to and by outside Obama in the upside to that is. You're not risking. Who were players. If you knew it was pre season game outside especially in politics aside feasible we'll go straight from among us are correct in Iran. Apparently the patriots are scheme tees but she don't try and solace is so it's certainly Chrysler please. The curfew went on ones we don't oil tax authorities knew polite difference for a house a support group a fictitious relentlessly at the blue robe Lowe walked you have always had and that's all for the patriots because again ago announcing. Learn music or pre season. Let's play Loeb and ideas of season and risk diet related errors on the same page if Cyprus gained something like this effort so allow us bite out of your playbook for you rather get hurt. Lot of discipline fashion Freddy got a new unit at home is it quit that's done that that has nothing to do with conditioning or. I don't know I don't it's you know it's the gulf but this. It was cold are you ready to Belichick is an idiot he's already screwed this came up over already heard this and and I know I'll be viewed as the belt objects identity and that's fine. Guys pretty good maybe a good mate Mike I'm all for an interview. In my view feud you know. Pretty you know pretty well as the when he retires. But I would say this are I think it's a testament to him as the season progresses on I just gave you the industry but the patriots have a history of playing. Not up to a high level in the first four games teachers and as the season progresses on more information is available war video. Now you can start coaching more Egypt its appearance at this is what we need to do against this team look at we've got four games on them five games this is what they're doing. If efficacy do justice to have to make my buddy the running back who can run back to make the right adjustment amount when we have heard that whose work I instead of but I just heard aggressive. You heard about traction here are the pre season games though we didn't get her practice or differences do better. I remember last year they had what little they had when they had fits against drunk they had fits against Kansas City in the opening game of all that motion and Andy Reid likes to run. They also addicted ha okay it was a rookie owner who came out destroyed and after all the ball in his first possession. Fumbled another first position that he came. Back any EP destroyed in the rest of the game while those players weren't familiar remember Trey flowers to only a few days ago I was confused with a what do we don't items can now usual rifled through and if you play right. But what the issue of film for that I think if they've played Kansas City 456 weeks later would have been a whole different story is fine and you'll notice it was a difference as the season progressed on. With teams in Kansas right. Kansas City. Television but but ours are two didn't pay considered by everybody's been resting bill both are both coach or two you're limited by not play for more information needed to be had by the patriots educational on this review played more. You'll destroy it. The for a four day decisions that I haven't bonds put movies that's probably would've been a lot more movies are since then everybody's lives I think Lewis lost the game yesterday. Definitely more appreciate it unearthed in your world that everybody be exact same position. Now they would and but why have I have starters she's a star is being jeopardized his own there playing a different game confusing and more. Don't know who's got us please doctor Axel he knows exactly what he says he'll exactly and Eddie goes it's crazy but he's still saying. So it's always great to militants and I want and all of the freedom to have element of excellence ultimately for getting over the supplemental draft right to. I argue that it isn't far. Tricky Cochran here's is Bobby Needham high Bob. Yeah you don't well yeah it's about you you're actually get. The girl at that or I'll just do it all sorted out and historical are. I worked there aren't that organized these sort of switched to court and look at its renewed the but it. She still can't stop all of which didn't deter. Exactly what. How Long Will you watch them operate. Outsourced and I don't put all of outreach in the circuit the orange soda cup so we ought to be course. Judy the one looks like you. It was the coolest. I trust well. So you want to change your period there's progress that's made the dynasty. What sort they have outsourced and got a pardon. Opens. I think I'll be in the last two with a single past first. Heard of before. Announcing they were in the suitable. It. Is the symbolism which is definitely looks like yeah right yeah Super Bowl Q so but the thing is. All of how they've won how many they love and they won in the last twenty years old love the ambulances say that allegedly team in the league and agreed position partly by. You. Would just what a mouth but guess what. Is that he's at 525 Super Bowl since. I don't know that. Is 86 was who heard Parcells looked and I was about nobody has had little is just so what you're saying is you want Belichick to do things different than the way he's done things. And and create your best dynasty MR football. And that's what you said I don't actually. This year how was that I was classless. How was that passed I don't know we don't know what these two picks this year we don't know. And I don't know what okay which it alone would which in which to us personally would show afflicted with an asterisk or Clinton tells me today. It's listen we want is obviously isn't all gable which was not only on. Sure the college player OK so there's some who basically what you're saying and what you. Wanted to. Golf course when you moved of these different the move boats are those wooden. I'd never thought I did ask that about me ask you why you want the best coach in the history of the NFL and one of the best general managers in the history unifil. To change what he does most successful projects. And you'll want to talk about how sweet is that a recent bulls have been last three years. Let's rewrote it and know OK so so you want to change. Bob artworks we globs brought about when he says he didn't said the game's changed. I agree that dogs. You. Blob that is somewhat aggravated about understanding the big picture at the desert birds birds simple. He says the game's changed correct. Games of all right hold on it's evolved we were both agree on the correct. OK who's reacted better to that evolution the Bill Belichick. OK so what does so it was a would you as a what do you say yeah I actually answer. Usher who the best to pass restaurants alone YouTube has passed dresses I've seen. In a long time JJ watts put it that. You all along but he has all of that cloudy first pick in the draft. He's hurt by the way I know he sure it. Has brought many with -- that hasn't done anything and one of those passes and the president has been on us all I got them because from Q that they rims. He's a player of the year and O'Donnell Donald Doyle says he's the best pass rushes in the team's hasn't been the suitable abroad he gonna play. About magic you don't Bob hold on here's Richard junior and the king. Overcame that they lost it is deemed so will this season something the patriots have done on a regular basis. And they get their act together and by the way Sony Michelle. Senior year fourteen games junior year twelve games sophomore year thirteen games. Freshman year old age so he doesn't have the history of injuries I'm looking edit were all injured. I don't you salvage it said Eli did. Lied to. Go to college people will send you 12127. Yards allowed and says 36 years and older while forty yards while Boutros Dubai act number well mineralized zone Singh and his senior year in college you ready for this scene you you're in college averaged seven point nine yards and well. Don't don't use it loses its well well. What are the cornea. Did you heard it here that have been enough movement it is legal and. Gillick fringe right anxious crowd flotilla probably minutes ago thanks clawed their. I was include critical. I've back here in the real post game show malevolent way. Freddy's moralistic DOC all three of the facts together and we sit as people all of us have seen this before. It's great to know right place they're good Jay would say in the stopped the panic everybody's panic. Everything they do you know what. No part of the panic is what that value to envision. Jacksonville doing better in the future should gain in the news last time. You know that's comparable forge personal bug took on. No one withdraw. You go February. Who are. And I think pit stop you Spoelstra joked tonight you'll channel seven. Last week I spoke for me what happened last week. You'll want. But what poll you're only after the field game we're all on 1125. And absolutely Washington next you know them politely to eleventh goes on on the side of most real. Wouldn't have thought. Please says who noted. Steve line all sinners. Rail line is those oil was lovely rose two heroes who called these are area. And Tutsis who event of fools who do those who know knows there's nobody here sentence out of bed. Those logos on my roof to boot them to be watching these why welcome him. A spokesman disputed Macon. Though engines does he that in a second ago with the dues police would use his again and immigrant it was the original the other with the movies the end of the show yes. I cut I write about go right to our question. The I had that might stop on running get for. Hold on as usual news. Usually I know you know what happens when your. Consistently late for people who volunteer fire all of that by parties he called out of that tells the absolute we have to work full song I understand you spent a lot of time in buffalo drums and we're 22 caliber to do all right. You know who have seen it backs those bulbs at all especially Israel if you don't mind if it's handled the Buffalo Bills it's either turn the corner and difficult if there ragged voice grew up there's a price to fill like. Use them with this guy was. Hopes are for a brief. Obsolete. You don't really given them shall we haven't heard from Tom Brady who spoke right after the game to them of the he would his mood was like. Can seem like he does seem like he was pretty pissed on the sidelines and here's numbers. Up here every. He looked. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah I mean that was the whole game and I think we talked about it off to a fast start. That's my opportunities. And just got behind and a mean they're pitching good defense and and we got. Well. Many I think you know we're here when they had to play a lot better and think we need. You know erased a better job not us not turn their best effort I give him a lot of credit to put it. You know to make it tough on gun. On our offense or defense and you know we just nurture that plays together. I think it just really limit you know you're yards after catching. They're very sound and you know they. I would say you know. It's it's relatively. That's more simple scheme I think it was about Steve Francis because they're very fundamentally sound. And I forced us to drive it. And that just in order to. If they had you know there's a lot of coverage on on at different points and you know it's never connect the way we need to. Or will. There we had a crossing out. And just as our guys were kind of getting to the junction of crossing in ours just get rid actually throw away that felt like some of the most common mixing balls on the ground so. Just. You know got forward quicker. World. It's it's a long year and I think. You know you have a bad day gets a good team. That's. The recipe for losing. And you know we certainly had a bad day we got to learn from have bad days and it just things don't magically happen yet make that. And we got to. All of us have to have more or seek to do things right more often over the course of practices games. That's no matter what's going next excuse. It was us I mean first coat I've specimen you're behind and playing a situation where it gets it. Great team on the road that plays well in America and it went really well. It. I don't think it's anywhere gluten and work it or what you know we've done at different points this season thus far can't. You know got to make improvement I think September October. Desperate for I think there's a lot of your precious we need a lot of time that we need to figure out what we do well where we don't do so well and a but yet very when you meet him again. Not toward. Tom Brady right after the game not a good one for Brady or anybody else on the team I'd. Will wraps things up with a real post game show coming up. Florida. I that you. Show off his microphone and he did that Asia is. It'd. He doesn't what script. Can figure it out by next week next week it's a Nike Sunday night an audience in your mind or you'll be here gonna be used to being the last few. Yet they didn't couldn't pitch that was tremendously because I had to get that technical benefited be diamonds and yes I'll be on the mark course with OMF at 2 o'clock the good the bad the ugly probably not a lot of good tomorrow than Bill Belichick will -- don't be so we'll do hit a few Marines as they move through all of that done that fox forum I'll see you two fellows. Next Sunday night right here. Ferry road game in each revel in the potential civil toward you but I don't know about three you'll get all. Let's just stay awake for that just stylish and apple. Yeah it's like Rona. That was in the policy that was for its role as our catcher tomorrow night everybody thanks gentlemen everybody on the other side of the glass ladies thank. For done before that beat New England in the regular season they beat. One time years ago when wild card game but Doug Maroney is building something special here in northeast Florida. I don't think they're building anymore I think it's built it's here it's here and I'm John I think you could see this rematch right here. These two teams in the AFC title game again back here and it's going to be a monster both the Super Bowl teams of a year ago. Walsh today.