The Real Post Game Show: Looking around the league in Week 1 - 9-9-18

Sunday, September 9th
Hour 3: Glenn, Steve, and Fred continue to recap tthe Patriots 27-20 victory as well as taking a look around the rest of the NFL's Week 1 action. 

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What was the cause for support of the world. It's out. With the boys were congressman Bart Evert to exit of the show here so for. I would say you've been fair and I've got the evidence of the right. Through. It's. Talks between the aussies. You know you know that make you comfortable. Occasional dropped the ball well fluently now if the or two weeks ago it was actually. In the culture and time. For them to say it. We deal you know that's other coaches. All this is an area that could negotiate out of the big show seventy is double what they thought that ultimately is at number eight days. Again top billing on the road that I knew it was like fifteen Broderick brought back to go and then we would double to the idea that god gave you to populate the state Coast Guard Justin I was very nice to that was. Before you I don't know it's your fault actually. International. Let me read Alfredo explain this it's your fault we can forget fired it he has the end yes and don't blame me that's sort of talking about is talk. Well he sent me out what they follow us on both hostile Bertha or factual report. What's the other about it. What's your daughter it was solid and I said it's a slippery slope polar. Just a vexing you know the so let's talk about some analysts. But did Patrick about partial though I'd sell all your fault because about avatar back here again and regular doses friends. Throw it your fault. If it sounds better than speed. For. Just all this out about it. Does the or know all noticed I thought I would refs let him read good quarterly Steve Garcia goes to put the ball well and he joint development and the republic Fauria feel all the mostly. On now. It's going to be forwards with forties and gauge. I did beliefs like we're habits that the kid I don't. That's good attitude resident they. Thwarted. A you know it lucky. I went outside for a couple of development is the for a two. Just get a grip it well yeah that's right until today I turned the show on ready at 9 o'clock is that getting here at the beginning of and he gives up with a volley a historian Mike but it's opens up the Shia might let it get to daddy bought. But Israel claimed nobody knows that that is Mike my inflation is of Michael I'm right its upper enriched chief around them. It's a four games this lame excuse that he decided. It heated wanna do all of that isn't lifting he did other guy said he bought to open up opportunities for the people if you could assess these are items that aren't aren't brought its total fraud. He was never going to do that you wives always make up on the radio did you do show them a couple weeks we have Medina I do their work. Policies that I was off of that show questionable one at the via. A tricky street blog and it usually the guy called he's hit some opportunities again called upon. You know Joey yeah. It's. I'll I thought you don't know. No letup well out of the spotlight today just Joey if caller ID I was gonna trample us fifteen years Kelly open so it's all rodeo. Of its dilapidated old. A I tell you after a pitcher it's oh victory the first of the season game the patriots the use of the sixty you know. That was what sixty would you know I'd like yours likes what you don't want you to. Your annual. One area or. Right one last election would ever you were right I also oversee all of the policies we when we picking. The record. We're picking the championship Alter its experts in the chip. We're. Usually take you guys that line but credentials speak for themselves. I've avoided the I would. I personally. It's alleged illegal you know Avery did it ugly line antibiotics. And as Alex and I feel their sport that you pick for. I've been reluctant to OK what I asked you which games like they have a chance to sit on the this it is expected that I said. They're going to be favored in every game which should grow last year Whitman as you don't it will Lowe's is one of those. Are. Legitimate that objection yes. And as it. Wanna bet which might have had a you bet excellent which you liked about it might not. Obsessed I'll just a bit of it against Jacksonville on the way it actually get a tax tough time getting to drive diet. Points to be all right now. Yes it says I will host asked. One point if I win idol host Yo-Yo you know fire the other two guys. And Cuba. Which would. Almost Astro. I set up by win a hostess who ideally. So that's Beth and stated recently. Actually hit that three games that they lose history. Almost office possibly those that not close. Dell says they are. Our rate cut its outlook seller split on the spot lol Leo may know him well Erica and knows a little small problems. As a pro people under the table top but in. Oh you gently well in Europe so wrestling with ratings. Of the great a threat that try to throw that rule. Is the great advantage I try to over the table you'll make it but it's not. We're gonna get out. Output by two. So it's three which we have Paula it's somewhat troubled. They shouldn't lose any. I just quit your favorite every game so extreme that they play well I can't tell them I know a lot of things well football but I can't predict what they have a bad. Is this a lot of talent audio expert say they lose to buffalo Lewis and Hillary at the request. Of try to avoid the question today question Obama answer the question. Which three games they. Buffalo Bills in buffalo yeah buffalo if the quality that there's always wanted to click reports. I don't think they are part of it only if they got it should lose any game but this doesn't that's not grass. Okay let's forget it that's what it's an occasion his microphone we don't doubt it. I have worked day for what you have loads of trouble in Jacksonville but the loan located realize again. This qualify laws and one. In one game that's on its mobile I'm less. That. Upload anything Oprah and I am sure buffalo agencies expect Miami to be exhausted at this. Buffalo for a couple of ovals that. It's fifty million dollars. This year. That posing as possible. Which. Ultimately you know you don't you know additional report was the wrong direction you know when the coaches read bills you know rebuild field. You have good people place some rules and draft the bill off base two years ago they were on the right well yeah. What's been the coach Rex. Well overall the guys at seven. I'm at seven roll to roll the Eagles in the as a draft room and extreme growth from it. Vote what was what was your CO. Like yeah does it go about fifteen well watt it's a great the first topic actually in a restaurant why it's. Is it to the table are done in a game four and a half billion clause in the contract keys you know him. Well off all you're got just what I've sever the worst I've had a winning record in Jacksonville. And you don't. And it really opted Willies and hope that could run so that's why that he was on right now that we're in Miami to me the only team. Get your act together if laws with. Get directly in the effort to it it doesn't Miami in the hands of jets can't it. Utley might the quarterback off here if it that's O'Donnell is is yet. They were talking about the start of the jets coming back like yours would retire from the right answer for what we re probably the top teams facing issues jaguars next week. It as well that's true okay fine. They're playing a whole candidacy. That hole at all you know sold on opening game though soul. Oh. Minnesota. Apple that's the talk it down those games roads are now looking at a totally different. Theory. And I opted me. Exactly what a succession of my life I have. Take a greenish yellow. Streak. It may lose three games with so I was at. Like no like like before I don't like the people put this productive picnic or whatever because their favorite at every game. Like they were last year or whatever it is about. Him but those that gave that they expect that that's why they get a ploy to be honest. Expert is based on why doesn't hold because people make that statement. OK but still the favorite to win we always call David. But it's. If you do that or what it was way that. Shall we just shall we possibly can. Might have to lose and lose to say have to answer for that we have trouble with the team you don't expect to do. It let's update I am in my case notes about it breaks out not but I think that that should the repetitive every human. Right they probably enough to say it again. For the first. So probably it's probably lose a team. They'll let. It was that it wouldn't be wrong and what. Just tell me the team so that so I look at the that I have that have a flat spotted him in Miami by so that's one of effectiveness of tech team that maybe a buffalo paper to. Blitzer joins us off so it was built up a little about listening right now I have an atlas and is the sport as well it was it was two. Out of two other religious or two about to meet you choosing. It may mean some of them pay to commit to behavior theater season with a damp and let it all wrapped up in his you know it's I don't it doesn't mean I did you want the earth. They're different. Things like me who I told him exactly what I said that acknowledged that I said. Corporate states of Miami and Miami which are always probably don't play well so I think they'll win if you're the favorite to win I think that I should quit everything as a threat you know what. Dusty when it comes to the really tough games on the schedule which teams that you would think it would have been difficult time. They're playing those guys all those teams and keep security and the plane fares on the road right okay not a big deal. Okay. Minnesota Green Bay at home. At Tennessee. That but it's gonna be gigantic game to Tennessee. I'm sure they'll presumably waited hours in Britain if the vikings here. Italy in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh. And the libel that's fifteen let me they'll just be back. At pocono last game of the season. The wrapped up the instant they're wrapped up all the available so that status of the question I just got sicker you are not listening value that they're used to talking about this exclusive seller nor successful radio. Chris that was hi I'm. GP but it's. We've got to take a break six or 777. Seven that I need to be seven weeks in the schedule that I didn't I don't know who's already. Reflected the hi you do it. I took it up wide employee of the games all brought to live lives that review. The plastics. Yards this. Return. 54 yards to spare room. Inside of one. Logically we could put the biscuit but could that the first rock touchdown we could pick that dorsett kept up to that he'll pick we. His apology gets played out we can pick darnedest thing. That putt at the end that sealed the game while they still don't know the lowly nine yards and. It wasn't wasn't like it was the wolf will be nine or. Something to 54 yard kick they put back spin on like I've liked you looking like pitching wedge it was it was just. With these policies these two football right now it's just it's of these. That was close corporate jets that was that was a big huge it's they probably should have been in that position right but once they got in that position. Without that right Allen. Notes they get the ball is motivated. But with little day the big the best. Possible you couldn't have had better there's that was absent reflection on my right wing you muted with any time with great round. Otherwise the game is being brought Cuba wife's next Ricky tailgate closet. Buffalo real good drive ripped ripped it predicted to lakers match or local store. By the way Bill Belichick PG Kuester will join us on Ole and that tomorrow afternoon. Tom Brady will join. It and you are warning people of the game. It's now going to be on the radio in. (%expletive) get a little. Fluent or more to. That. Or just more accurate to heal this city staff that's how. Got to work rabbit idea out here. Katy Texas. You know Mario I'm ready abort it wouldn't. Feel. Isn't that a couple of the decrease. I don't know I don't know another. Oversight also with the doctor Kelly. Before we continue on rocket himself pretty big game eight targets seven catches and this is what he said it again. Validity of the strip fumble Leon after big play commute so you don't want. Augustus made the catch him and I just aren't looking up the field. And he's got to be aware I mean these players and myself fantastic and as fast as quick and knows how to. Like get the ball in charge just the offensive plays with a ball so I got to do better job with that for sure and it's mr. were practice to get better there. Rob the catch at the and the second quarter big big play at that point of the game. Take us through it now what we're who's going through your mind is synergy at the ground you see. Tom raise up to the line of scrimmage you guys got that ball off and about the snap off that stood yes. I mean when we ran them. Well as her and she might pals advice to guys on me and I saw the ball in the first and it was time thinking her. Not that Paul isn't there I had like a guy grabbing me the house I just got gulf war can't let can't let them it. Can't let them make a planet's just went up for me to catch enough. I didn't make the catch and the problem to the ground I mean I had stable than my hand so it was definitely kept a time when a line really quick just make sure got. At the playoff. Which which was niacin. Well. I'm how is it that you and Tom Brady as a school we cohesiveness between each other's in specially the first touchdown. He'd like through news two guys on unit at times as well. It's a lot of practice. No doubt. A lot of practice and mean it never it's a lot of consistency. Out there on the practice field to week. Doing here in the offseason do it can't do it whenever so. You can't just page right that it's just from the Dick Armey you've got to work India put time and and that's what we do. Our rob there are reports before the game today that you made it clear the papers on season one to play with the patriots. Can you comment on that and also is that sort of the same as your thoughts after the Super Bowl and you said you are uncertain about your future odd result that comes. You're wondering why they ask me fielder after the game was what. Where is this coming from again now I'm just I'm glad to be here that'd be part of this team could be part of this organization. And all that talk all that stuff I mean I love to put in the past whatever it is. Reports keep coming out because I'm here I'm here to stay and I'm here to keep playing vote the patriots and I. I just enjoy my time here. They've robbed. James Devlin is a guy who works really into position groups as a fullback but also spends a lot of time in your room with you guys on the field as tight end and today four catches for him all year including a key first down obviously late in the game. Is that the guy you see every day miso respected in the locker room and what does he bring. Two years to your group in particular and always out there on six catches all last year. At the four receptions in key spots while. It's huge I mean we don't really have that many guys right now tighten rumors either room. We're lone run back so we need to use every morning and he's been always prepared he's been always ready. And just every time I remember essence he's yeah he's always been ready detestable mean. To get the first down how many yards we need I mean. He works hard please try to block science it's great to have in the room. Part of us tight ends in tight ends and fullbacks and felt so. Iraq two things just so while you clear some space for change boy and a touchdown the second quarter also how often do you. Asked work on those and and he hit on their situations. I mean I don't know I got to read lots of film to see. The James like touch learning the game and everything and really neck shirt. Exactly what the coverage was anything. But I mean he's always got to do your job. Run we're gonna run good routes even when you know the ball might not be coming to you because you've got to get another player opened on the on the on the offensive side so taking guys is part of the game it's part of the team and and that's how you do it. The jump on and you worked and it's not an everyday thing and mean something you humans saw you working on wants a choice. A year and he just remember it. He has. Just remember jump all u.'s season. Rob Gronkowski after the game and I totally surprised someone would be asked him about the was Ian rap more regular the the story today by the way that story. I don't know if anybody was surprised by rural the rising at the line that was going. Because. Especially after that moat across that which that was really is all our. And it was it as you know guys it was at that I think that probably pissed off culture and practice stuffed patriots. You know it's the destruction yet and so at that point. It wouldn't surprise me all politics and the era not. Tree you'll wanna be here. Andy is fidget about getting more money or whatever right now works you get less money you gotta stay with an early patriots which women in the end. You probably still do pretty well and articles look at exactly. And always get oh yeah I don't want to operate their own football field as opposed the knee Biederman. In buffalo you give you money at buffalo but to get beat these different told us. That's the thing oftentimes you did what he. Free agents will wind up this team that's desperate to have some production and if that's the case of public as a quarterback that good. A guy who's on the path for a first ballot hall of fame. Why would you ride though Tom Brady experience as long as you possibly but don't you think he'll use that. To his advantage. To try to quiet brought down that he read that. He knew rock did not want to leave here mark what it more money grunt candidate it is I believe all along rock wanna guaranteed money he was not happy that he had a it last year with a says or does have a right. You know we're right we've got the eyes close he's got a legitimate right for it. Because to me but I was frozen because he's as valuable as any in the wide receivers in the witty agreed that differences that wide receivers to get what he calls it sixteen million people what they get eighty million baby and oatmeal cookie somewhat guilty. An eighty and cook so much better player OK we get that. The patriots or go to break the bowl that atlas of the president suddenly play tight end like a wide receiver of all teams the patriots want team that's not gonna break because. The reason they don't have to because if something that no with a team can also. You're going to be in the playoffs you're going to have a chance another championship. If you receive greeted him playing with the best quarterback of all time with one of the best offensive coordinators and certainly the best head coach of bolts are. If if football is important to a guy here's a guy who is on the fast. You've put yourself in position for. Legendary status in terms of the NFL. Tom being Tom Brady's main guy is an even quicker path to that of the oil. Italy the patriots you don't like the books it's the money because console to get the ball most a lot of quarterbacks would. Across the go to place sixty said. There needs somebody that can touch the ball until about but the guy throw the ball stopped a beat on his status go to the spot. Because what the patriots who wins you all want to and that's what that does support these they want soup wolf the players that want the guys on the team with the big plate but they don't have the coach stood on the quarterback on the go to. To making you successful you have to deal like the patriots to so why you want to recover a super Dunkin' Donuts or they don't grow because people of your peers is successful pilot as mr. Here's Rogge has cultivated an image we know that images when he's not. He's a lot smarter than that and she's she's she's a frat boy these farmers these crazies who read what he does. But when you talk too cute and when you hear about the things he's done in in terms of managing his money and doings in the will of endorsements he does he's very Smart about Korea Smart people around one way of a lot of that doesn't matter what your running in this. This office you have to respect that should make many mistakes on those routes very intelligent football player and people don't realize that. You know what oh ultra strict blizzard couldn't play because he couldn't figure out there with a system that's or do more work hard but I brought little old toddler. So close so I take after the vote crush thing I don't think you were real pleased with a here crushed straight. And that's probably what they had the little sit down at world figure rising at the time something was going on. But if you're rocky right the one thing they knew that brought did not do as he did not want it traded at Belichick probably through that carrot out the through the front of exit. It ought to be you wanna get your money go somewhere else trigger assortment of cricket wicket deal we can do that because they do. They brought probably would take the incentive. Deal once again the instead of Lleyton deal. Because he wants to finish at his career with Brady isn't exactly what you said Stewart he's on your doorstep he's sick he's clearly on pace for all the fight they'd be grace played at a Altamont. He might deplete the career big heat off of the next few years if they beat government has had on the final little. And look at the last two more key trades at the pictures made. One guy goes to Cleveland Jimmy Collins. And the other guy goes to serve just all right you're talking about. Two with the U let them much lesser franchises are in the NFL right now that's. But that's obscurity with real world numbing agent you can be decent quarterback but not Tom Brady. And Cleveland has no idea what's going on television now with their draft truce with the touch every. But. Put it in he saw I guarantee you saw that we looked at and so okay well. You know I could end up in. Cleveland's director and a put the jet or just probably put a tuneup in Baltimore similar. They they played it can actually play that game without it he wants to get traded away so he ended ethnic Indians. I mean remember when he he may become like properties that were something along ever again or something like that ever again once I had left my ass last year. And play all close games and play at a high level lectured that yet to be able well immediately it is money. And yet he's back doing the exact same thing this year it's all set of Lleyton the it's good it was like here. He has to be slightly better this year every category with a couple of Lester while he was pretty sad injuries in his career true so there's no there's no. You know he can get injured again this year and that's how they treated. And so it must present. Love you know one thing wrong. While it's playing football porch while at that blow like Rick Ross despite everything else that goes on his life and all the crazy stuff he goes all the great things he's doing. He love before you can't please game the way he but it just thought about what he's just a profit for its right. He has a right to be pissed off when he looks at these other guys when he looks at a brand new coach Steele at says you've got to lead he's getting while. And he knows he played all side brake coach last year right he's more valuable player OK good question straight night and go somewhere and do something else but it's not enough to realize. Where's my it was buried here you wouldn't want without being worked on me it would vote okay ready for this and accomplished. Guy receiver. Watch football today he came up with one team that he wants to play for just happens to be Europe's. We'll keep that story to. Joke of the deaf kid brought cash at Red Cross street Gillette Stadium and watch a little later everything with them. Things go the they had twisted the a lot of respect to. So we mentioned though the whole thing was you wrap or hand them. Guess Bryant is still out there guys easily but did not have a date yet. Went to Cleveland. I don't know what the hell happened they got cited recently and commitment to fight through and break. And he said that weight around the team handle whatever I don't know what the hell we think he's 29 years of age he's running out of time here. But he watched the game today and apparently. Eight Dallas fans greeted at him. At this right please come back. Please have him call Jerry first thing Monday it's two words show case my skills for real. If vital line up next wrong. Hole in Edelman. I'm for sure we're getting a one on one matchup plus I won't be getting criticized. Controlled for expressing my love for the game. Washington school was well after watching the Everest logging out of expresses love the game. I have no idea. But he sort it out here and he'd watch the patriots game today that the that was the national game get across the country. We've fixed market itself. For certain if for some reason he thinks that might be in pressure. From some instances the fair pressure from the site does an analyst. Analyze the jets. Well the world but where's that where's that tweet threatened to directed to target the hands of people talking about certain that gets right up galaxies are so awful that the people in Dallas off. Buddies now bringing up the pace he brought it up before it is yeah if you remember so I think he's got this call belt well he probably has as each of probable cause the patriots are looking at saint. We have time to work this guy into what we do and endorsed this bill to the right guy for that probably all. They got to get it went back here in another three weeks. You know we're defense and now you guys get hurt down the course of the season could bring in the hit and run a package here package here where yet. You know you you use of he's got to be experienced enough to catch on to point solid he's gonna walk in there and then. And these tires to wage and others certain route were on the roads century. I promise you yes vote baseline. Idea of what's on board but and bring back to within two productive receiver was two years ago. Last year I was angry and occasional oops there issues there too. It is I don't move Putin's actions. But all guys in that building their. Eyes practice squad might want to conservative. Right. Way he was years ago studios east it is still your cell Mark Richt. At last there's a lot of bags well well here's where they may be looking at it he was being in the bills these portable all the jobs. Okay innings foresee any quarterback to throw two nominees get this option quarterback throughout. At what makes her vocal at a quarterback too young quarterback who's just. Once everybody delicate right now the receiving portal like him. And it seems that you brought his the other one that deals with socially with somebody better in the field today he was all excited about playing against number eighty and he actually had eight. In in today's game and then did you see it on the sideline pass keeps going ballistic. Yet in his position coach and older players and he was really pissed off about something that happened during media. During the course of during the course by her correctly too he was elected captain to he's the captain rightly. Because of that line you know the months. Of violence. He's a player he knows players he's very instinctive. And he's pitching the you'll make a big plate we that'll charity game around. But it's it's right after the game didn't bite. Apparently during the game Dylan Keefe account tweeted honey badger was lucky for the team to rumors he scooped up basically. Well those daily key guys can still get out there now is. And they didn't at him and he mentioned him sore to see this week he was that have been searching for his own name is following gaelic league I don't believe so he treated Beckett who were answer yo mama. This is this right after it's about an hour economics have good yeah. It beats out this hour on the Boston's searching on the books home. Old me on Twitter that's unbelievable. And a little bit like a little talk ball. Ours because it. Strike you'd have to go in and find out everybody's role everybody that's. That's mentioning during the course but pissed off during the game that he believes editor at that as a coming in. With a team that's playing a really good team out of the wrote right out of it at this or Saturday seven low spots to number two remember. What prompted out from the sidelines very. Wavy news a line all sorts of confusion I think and become. We shouldn't farm that was it was relatively new and yet we don't play and act normal play it was a coach in the series of yet on the coach Jones and it is yeah position. A teammate in the position. He's yell at it that it looks the position coach. Subtle like that looked like the position coach it get body language was taken me like the teammates position. And he started yelling at him right. And if you play good team your great quarterback grips. Quarterback template and gives up. And got it would have a lot of talent I refuted. The right plays well together not. That. Have its own bull one way. Plus one got elected captains. Have respect to talk matter what their respective coaches. And by the way that's some good advice for you constantly shows. That she beat that team and not like yours out so much Fred for. Don't you you brought great ought to have the event is an example here's an error also there are right now they are an extra one particular writer. It would be important for us what's up. You're actually affect your credit. I don't doubt about its two would no doubt it was a thrill shut up to liberate all. Right now we'll be right. Finally looked at this moment to thank everybody over to Fenway Park you're in good. Like Houston fans showed up at the baseball game yesterday and today here for the football game like. Great sports for instance the show's almost over so so. Sort volatile week. I it's fast. But it oh consisted at a united six she. Much like you talked about five minutes. Vote to express myself. And of those water Shia individual if audit partners are the crowds that. Oh he nailed him and they had an adamant about that in different reasons than this. All right guard and point. Yeah I like an hour taught me CU talks the most I was alone at least. We'll talk meters because nobody can understand or we could not camp rather tall real risk the lives and while Newfoundland bisexual. I rated it. Little recap on McCain. Lack of receivers that was a big question in the pre season receivers were. Or else I have that rock including Philip doorstep who was. Mr. Bush can count for the year no that's the title itself as you go week by week with all of us but joy that's tough big development track brown left tackle Marcus can't deal with JJ watt on the right ankle. Tackles were vaccinated protected to operate. Food news that was a huge. Doctor Robert Feinberg. Please that well let's listen to speak. To write him speaking. Couple Russian threaten. Here. And there three. At least three the idea blocked 385. I can tell you you always list yourself. When you don't like out of office who really way. But the defense now the defense today. We talked about this in the pre season if more aggressive they're more athletic. Linebackers. Yeah high tower back. We see our aggressiveness weeks. On a quarterback and yet they they were disciplined they kept me contain. But it's okay. And someone asked me this on Twitter actually. The could be good. Maybe the fact that you've done the youngest quarterback. Who's coming back from an intruder analog to be a little more aggressive defensively that's exactly what fraudulently billed but but again it. If that's that's that's fine and you can't plan. Every week as the polls put the ability to do what we saw today I thought those so we don't yet they also. Has restrict it was good there was better cubic dictator would get at him that that I struck and it's spreading things out of your guys that got beat one of strive. There were right down the field Houston did not you know vote. Lack that what was the technique. Well for the bulls but they go live what the cutbacks there what level tour report elected doozy last year so still a lot of good things he pleased to present congress want to follow up reports just coming back it could be a factor he's he's been out for a law. You've got to go week to week you know maybe Matthew Stafford lights this defense up here a couple weeks who knows but I thought today. This defense from a personal standpoint I think this an operational fronts I think there's no question about Jeremy hill knee injury list did not. Good to go to. Great the that running back position but. Retirement that you play and obviously planned on using it in place to go at that goes. Makes wonder probably rather replace that what's up what the rookie. To a the runner that sort itself so as young I don't know so don't an act of two to unreleased I don't because there's no rush to get him back up. I actually Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville. Will be back to the show thanks to a purse. Thanks to John Anderson based. Crash average nine that's a Christian comes. Through different cars slip up. Baseball game. That the market. Or through. Yes right wrist.