The Real Post Game Show: Patriots beat the Texans 27-20

Sunday, September 9th
Hour 1: Glenn Ordway, Fred Smerlas, and Steve DeOssie are at Gillette Stadium to break down the Patriots 27-20 victory over the Houston Texans in Week 1. The guys talk about Gronk's great catch, the production of the Pats' offense and the importance of Special Teams in the win. 

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PCs don't we. Lincoln voted tractor dealers. And by the Boston Volkswagen's case he's no real post game show. Braves scoreless. Sports Radio guy. Just moments there at the end after the fumble the ball by Leo rightly McCarron. All swelled patriots their first game of the season's 171. This year the real chill out to a machine I'm lost where I'm thinking. I. What is it was with the celestial we have DOC is happy to see you welcome Steve O I've kicked off oh we Q would you judge threw out there ignored ago here's the good news we kick you back. In a year ago welcome to 02. We get we got a lot to get well with this game America. Some mistakes down the stretch I just try to give the game. In other. The putt to. Putt these. While. I want to give the patriots or if you are needed to Connecticut. Three out additional corporate points scored all have that. Walt it was a lucky play like that demand the ball in the second mobile especially style again. They had to punt with 440 left so it's because the guys drop the course leverage on wooden. Moment why I've decided I terrible that he was he caught the previous on an atlas. A fair catch and he seemed like he is viewed so Belichick put them back out here again and a little offer encroached on. And he really I mean we lose all your statement that tells me you'll alerts on that tight. No matter your tie you know load these questions automation and yet exactly right now and listen that's not the easiest thing to do is catch punts the men in the neutral look. Of the situation in their mentioning tiger loves and I choked on two suits are saying it was a situation where you show well you know that this child. You do. Under shall we felt like if you take out I don't you want to go back to credit have that argument some photography for hours are all right the patriots probably say and I think it would certainly say it nicely but it's funny the grosser after code that you. To all their chopper on the receivers you know. Wade and Scott wrote about the score easily one point. Move the ball on the field. It's just so there was some good things have to get all the good LeBron Bobble the Forest Hills but there were some good things in the course of this game I'll let you guys but. Based on what the patriots usually bring to the table in the first four games you gotta be a little bit concerned this team. They knew well last year's Kansas City team actually it was well and they certainly did notice if you have laws that they had seen exactly Lotta things. Once this passes and was caught bits and a couple of interviews and answer couple three to a couple of sentences but to a couple things I thought. Once Houston picked up the pace of went to the no huddle this defense but it worked out because they were really good through most of the game. Once they went to this no huddle you could see it. Maybe. That one driving him on the field that run the ball stopped twice that. Thought they really don't know huddle and running the ball for seven yards. And they march worked on the field to win that so. Though we you know maybe if you sit back and have you or call prevent defense but a soft defense and also in the room balsam times. You eventually get jump up and stopped where you the other a lot of that was what ticked you we will linebackers are veterans benefits of libel and a lot linemen are blocked in the Bacchus on the backside. Cut back with the at 34 times and are all of the elements on both excellent excellent backers. I would say overall. Overall you'll look at this thing a television initially Pittsburgh equated mr. Tied up if that's what they want peace with 43 saw flooding and the most richest person in the credit of up almost interested person here in the United States or those living on bill if you're the Steelers lose to Cleveland in the opening day there's an addiction go the vehicle over the goal for me page and it's worked and what I don't bill. It's his favorite slow but. For first game first effort out of the blocks this game could certainly going into this game this is a really good defense they had a place. Their quarterback Jeff Russell had to move us pretty good they did a terrific job defensively they're a lot of spots that I thought they did a terrific job with Watson's most of the game I thought they until late you know dedicated to I thought they've really contain him. He had no big -- about the fact that last one that was stupid idea sort of what's wrong with the ball being what if you've got you've got three placed what he took at least one play off the table like trying to progress will vault. No to your point about containment usually when you're containing a very mobile quarterback like that you're not really getting sex which is McEachern doesn't break the pocket but they were getting pressure there and sacks and they were hit them or force tomorrow awkward couple times. The one Tenerife for for styles because of to contain it and put pressure on the quarterback that that's a pretty good size. It was written down the stretch though that would that would via. Went to Texas was down the go right to align it was a task holding by. You're more noble voice was off the plate so that was third out of that hole. Hello children old uncle does donate a whole book right. It's a stupid mental mistakes that gave an ordinance and it got out with fourth down play out of a fourth out and if they had a penalty applied on it and holders and about to turn. The confusion by the officials late in the game whether calling holding against the Texans and they suddenly switch it. Belichick is apoplectic on the sideline can't get the anybody's attention out there. And the play continues on him right after that our children to know right after that they have. Movement call on on our corrections it was almost like is this a make miracle won't what are we doing here. We'll have caught Zeller. Check and then there's the inconsistency of that one hit the helmet but that the patriots coach called for and the one. That who was visited two had to it was Laura Patterson on the harmonies are so Paterson as solid all I know Smith. Right hits him right in the head of a more even more blatant shot to the head of four it'll. The defense of player was when actually knocked himself out but that was a Mobley hit to that woman. Actually called it's really funny we actually what he's going for the ball so he's trying to strip the law the Aussie was so it's going into it grabbed wallet. Boosted up straight and it is what do that was really the market we talked about this watching the game today. About what the hell happened to the emphasis the pre season about helmet to help and it's nothing there and then you get. The unnecessary roughness on on it. Leading it would help it when the receiver was still trying to get the ball was still not believes the only reason you've got to think that it. I thought lovable all her when I was very fortunate it was her head to head hit the phone call was not noted that lower sectors are receiving up to me it's going to go well the receiver was going to want to read some out to my point that was that was even less head to head contact and the one word that Paterson got it on that doubles it bodes for jobs report with the Clinton Arkansas about what the series the restaurant war room. A word network business. Well all of this makes. These are all the current law and more vulnerable to fraud you only need your spots better than that Dallas tomorrow we we received support from. If a guy like an ex officials like they have all the broadcast them all at the officials finally. You have to retire they like fifty others were laid out on the putted it right of the analysts Bulent doing commentary at the refereed. We need one of those guys and you just obsessed with what you did. There's tons of stuff to talk about let's start with Rachel so. You know so it's not let this this wasn't great admiration at night. That's dollar but still it passed right down the stretch what's what's it was a great for us to edit it will still be sorry guys aren't. Amid a beautiful vested universal. You know that they run that by the off the second straight little inside two minutes it's like to witness it. The last place they ran third down in through that run outside. On top speed was running track and they have. But the ball well below those great play by the freeze if you go out of debt without doubles in speed actually took orchid almost but it worked its outside moderate he's gotten as it was me it was clear if if this is to make a great place I would agree. Important to learn to YouTube did that first down Angel. I question it is that 11. After the one thing he'd be big huge advantage he had here today in this with something we've been questioning how much protection is he going to get. Between Trent round and Marcus cannon on the other side you get tremendous protection to do it. Yeah I guess again I don't really good defense is fraught with Houston Texans. A ticket what was it visible in the first death. They started moving them around they try to find angles and places like to get a match like this match you know try to get them going in the big plate he had yet double play but. The one they play at pitted against the outlook late entry into while cooler temperatures against the it didn't I don't remember jump and it was offside bundle. To date or that's the situation in the three or four you know we got it first down used cadence don't want to look very like gonna sick you know it has told Google was known. And this and they'll post. Thought about it. What does that they. To abuses especially at home uses the K so while the slowed outstretched right if your box and they've moved ordinance that the ball that goes all the ball romantic but it reached but two world JJ watts credit to. He figured OK I got a ticket sales when you move to the game situations that I get a ticket to make something happen to chance a. She added if he would tend to negotiate with a better quarterback rating of upon to do that record eight under nine cents. Not that at least 46 of 3977. Yards nobody's complaining different touchdowns touchdowns one interception he gets a couple of they Opel late in the game. At a quarterback rating of one or two I've not pitching about it but he's better. There was a lot of good things have happened that differences Buckman that was important we'll get out fast yes that was covered this pretty good mostly part time. It's just that crucial times of patriots don't make those who sit two feet and goes through about an offense. A Hogan was absent. Didn't see much hope at all but did see some of Patterson saw a lot of those set to dealerships rates that are better some reason different ways and endorse that 33 cuts on the one touchdown run from toss and catch that one guy and then the sideline to a -- it was terrific except that the Egyptian well. Wreckage of viable candidate for Houston back in front injectable bunt and open the door got to back it game I thought dorsett performance this week. Which spent the last most talkative or receivers receivers know settlement first four games what does this game do look at the depth chart probably. Well so we're set at seven catches 66 yards. But a couple of those were tremendous at Kiki. Kevin when I caught it while it ships that go bump that's what has really advanced forget that the royals. And it wasn't there wasn't. Would blow you would assume vintage source that would be here that's who speak. He was he was Democrats on the sidelines who's making catches. Making good moves out of his break and could see who bellowed that we'll boats have been breaking of trust and so he's one of the guys who has stepped up whom have to step up. Until Letterman comes back and go after them showed a one page top operatives and romo's that if I was for the parole hold it down real low quickly jumped up. It was well know what he made it a relief to catch you raise taxes on the run these adorable little that was sold across the field wasn't a sideline that was in deep problems can be he came across a field from the other side so it. One of the biggest eggs on the pass rush to pass protection matched it. But with candidate and brown and it didn't really do try -- different problems and that's a player to your guess on what economy at all just so quickly gone but the thing was that he did not play well pre season up right people were talking about is he going to be trading block and ideally is I think when you start at left tackle examine her that yeah. Tell unbelievable when you look at but I I thought I thought the the offense was. That the tackles with terrific today you know terrific couple mistakes Jack may should meet one of the statements that. With the oldest son who is what settles an outside actual rhythm everything via tech was also told the senate. Because we're not be expecting help from the from the guy who guard had passed it passed ahead jam and back up he just or right and left a gap opened atop him right upset top. Can't expect the senator with a with a defensive tackle on results or as a ritual or what shall which alleges racial. You can expect the senator demands that India would get off some ball exact. With that kind of speed you gotta get just a jam at least a minimum. Although a left hand Jim from the you know from the guard and that didn't happen. On the center to do his job so that was just about a couple mistakes at all in all I mean. Does he felt that he was very good defensive line offensive line. You know what they had to do what they changed up based on two of the the double move. You know what the other guys why go talk missed a couple. That lump object I struggle to hold it without stretching double borders right. Petra and go problem with that they did changeup but didn't to a depth but just simple stupid mental mistakes poll we were in the holding things of that nature. That mistake and the most. Onslaught bomb parts of Monday afternoon to animals and you know what was your typical game one. Agree we will not agree green really it's yet and I thought the defense was four points like today. That the office was located at default go 6177797937. At what you talk about this game so we spent some time talking about the office of good things. Also some shaky things for the office out of sync. Let's look at this defense is during the course of the pre season. We looked at some of these younger kids. More athletic the addition a vote of Claiborne. But if the outside game shop inside look at. You know getting another year of well why should I cauliflower. And adding of rivers that we you played eight walkway at Auburn people like that. I don't appreciate that they've looked like they were for workers so it's at this it. Is Belichick got to change the way they pursues them defensively. There was no game planning. It's that we weren't really sure today they played aggressively they were attacked at the quarterback but I thought guys they were really. Disciplined because not up against the quarterback picket rate apply a play breaks down he can take you for forty your book burnings like. For consider Europe about how difficult it is for defensive lineman to get pressure and make sure you still have a responsibility to contain quarterback that is difficult comes from a source involved we'll watch what you get out of pocket is that run and he lets it run and ticket got here's what advocates open right and he hit a couple guys in Iran grew beautifully that you're down the stretch hit the Guidant. Right only outside. The go run a lot of sidelined for perfect pass to the sky could throw accurately on the run that's what we have the world that's like trying to keep in the pocket. And don't let it run out don't all the person but the ticket prices even though they're good they were close in the plot organizer and. This was impressive that the way they play because they you're right they had to be disciplined at this is a different type. Of quarterback next week it'll be excused him that you would like sports does that's a lot different than what you face this week. But I again. We saw a lot of signs of them are acting quarterback. Taking some chances they've got some athleticism the younger bodies right now. Almost that it can blitz very often that you have the line if convicted and that's. That can rush the pass without blitzing which means if they help or secondary on its usual manic I was before to get pressure they had to bring a safety on. A quarterback linebackers today they primarily rushed with Dick guys market pressure. Dallas did a nice job closes hello nice job. Really easy to get better and better. And the kid Bentley made a nice play today so we saw him in the pre season he was pretty impressive fifth round traffic. I thought he made a couple good plays constantly we can talk about the the deal or holding which is stupid penalty the opposite side you know why you're doing. Overall ball. And last year remember last year at this that was typical public the 64 what have you vote that we dealt with a guy that he batter batter batter batter. And his interception came from all the rooms with our fields that aren't the league will play rebel without merit route or directly at the. I put you at the time and the ability to read his side of the field. And realize there was no real threat. Souls going on at new balls going deep went back there got to adjust to exist if he really gets it there is a lot of guys that could shut down a tight end up cover zero point receive a bit of red. As if that's what this does get the size the strength. And also the speed the cover of the clothes are knowledgeable which it would just say because he's got all of that for it but he sees stuff so well does you know he interprets he knows he processes very very quickly and and boats are coaching duel with the the defense of players. When they start understanding getting things like that he gives them a little blow room to sort of make those plays flute and lets them. He you'd want what you have the confidence to do those things and our confidence from bulldozer in the defense instead of now all of a sudden it's okay that your your gonna maybe Rome a little bit mic please that trumpet player. Teachers think some of the guys about mister c.'s defense of players. They were complimented Bryant floors and doing so they probably took a little bit of it at that partnership as saying it's simpler. We were route we're getting worked understanding it. It players but you linebackers most of the same line is like floor as a knows well some cuts. Some some life back always beat out this role but as someone that it is not rocket science and yes it's a requisite for Inco for. From a position where if that means you have to have for a I'm snippets of those tackles after we called the plays and vocabulary words on the screen threat separately. What you have a rocket scientist trying to analyze things and Pallet so once. Defense of over route running backs take rocket science ever be absolutely shocked rockets at it out of the physics major. I thought it was at psychics the subsite of a somewhat lower attribute they go over there what does that mean. But it could be something to that that they're simplifying it a little bit aperture issues and those guys that when he talks there are a lot of words there'll audibly were all along that. Especially younger especially if you've got young guys on defense some good young guys are you team. Sometimes simplify things makes sense you know you guys who had bought down too much information sometimes an. As seen from you know decent coaches at times it would. Just all reload your your your mind with the information and by the time the ball stepping good to me thoughts positive. I go. Injury situation the one that that race ugly here is that your heel ones that need that did not law if it. It game I know you know how this works patriots will say nothing about today about the are only about it Tuesday maybe Wednesday maybe next week. We'll hear about it a little lower audience to wish you all the governing other streaked up about the plight of ridiculously get picked up but it. My computer. He did get that Miami with that somebody wrote them because it's my but that did not go. That it came off of that did not look good so although that I don't security major agers maybe somebody heard we'd see. Them. You know it could put to there was a lot of hits on Tom. You're thinking you hit that much of some of the sales have yet deliberately wrecked and got smarter ball spotting as a team that rush has done well adversely affected him clowning him JJ. And did you bring impressed with those guys that they'd a pretty good job keeping us what we want to get it that's always loved the one of the biggest threats that time it takes you some bring to table with the ability for. Walk and more slows and plowed into its quarterback can and to what part that was on fact. Absolute non factor. Great job done by brown and it was it was actually fun to watch couples close ups on. And and he whose whose physical wouldn't and then fold clowning around. I thought of a sport always got it right out of my own back from the offense where the with two tackles the two tackles. For New England word exceptional as I said JJ watt at a much easier time. With waddle out there. But the other thing that that Marcus cannon does. It's always been out to eat about water when it came out and blow came in the game I don't know I I believe he came back in the game idly and debate game but. The one thing you notice with one wit which can he forces about wiper he's got a provisional gratefully he is but he won't go away go to get to the quarterback. He shuts it it's. What are tackle the big biggest city well it just it sort of set up you want to take away yet so I completely make him go outside you wanna give a quick shot up steel. And he was shopping. Particularly inside as soon as he got the guys stepping outside he would jam on the push down on the line which is great that with cloud trying to. Hold morrow gets brown article I just that the Muppets ruled out via what is it that's great feat allows him to shuffle and keep that guy. Well go wider wire to wire to port Perry runs way outside. Thanks on the same set every time your pass blocking because sometimes. Toms and sharp and sometimes he's quote dropped some time to do drop. So it's all you just objected to steps I sit here than. And that protects the quarterback it's not that way and it depends on where your DN lines up way outside its and that's definitely adding I think probably they're. I think. I type a Demetric round may be one of the keys to our entire season for this team because you're relying and keeping. You're 41 year old quarterback upright on his line and right and you. He's easily get two guys play that position over the years right now suddenly you're bringing yet a guy. Was that guy who people said it's got the actual blood still. And Dante Scarnecchia. Sits down with orders to them. Works with a and I thought out of the gate first game against this defense was terrific. You gotta get hurt by the way was a member of their defense Christian covet that left in particular that I got hurt. At that point again I don't know that's a Big Brother defensive back from a concussion protocol that was when it. From it was yet I would say a helmet to helmet and we spent the whole pre season. Talking about helmet to helmet. And what happens a guy actually gets hurt we're yet to come off the field. And what do they do. Alcohol or very and then lets her home contact their call. Later in the game so we saw the idea to do for this new rule for safety of the players and get a player is wobbly. You know he's in trouble there they have to take him all right from the ground. Asia and in this don't call. He was local before you out of the ground then you can see who is talking live audiences what will be telling locals perhaps wishful pre season deal with the stupid Eddie emphasis they did this I don't remember the exact rule but it was five or six years to show that lasagna they put some rule him. And you end pre season we're all open arms aboard those stupid rule and then disappeared lower now for the most part. In the abundance of something like that would they're disappeared but in the regular season that's probably what we're doing this precedes overemphasize it. Let him know we're watching for maybe you limited. So close were sitting there watching them help Kevin Johnson all the field he is in a date and the guy. There's no call. That work and you're right Steve he went down right away and it was like all Micah or Ebert and all that they saw it sort of mass it was a two seasons let's not you know. Rule let's not make it game. Went alluded I was not called on the play isn't rated to I tell you I don't know are a table there's a couple of offensive players you want or if he's leading at the offensive players leading it to that was the big thing they said. The emphasis is going to be able just be in the instance of player right if a running back leads with I'm gonna. That was exactly what they talked about that they were going to change during the pre season they called a zillion. Through the in flight there. You get a call like that indicate here the guys that it days and local. It's just typical to me I call it happens so fast and he's usually more than two people around and it's not. It's it's never as cut and writers should be although that one that wasn't called shoes you actually call but walk. It's it's a very difficult place to call that just aptly if it's not. I guess it's a part of the the video replay and you cannot believe I can only go on that so it's just. You put the referees in birds of school position. That they have to make that call a return to its just not the most ultimate judge we saw today it's not a warm a judge. Oracle's web pre season watch what a mess that was deserted wanna tackle got. Running back welcome Lois himself when he got tackled you naturally bring ahead now with the quality just after I'd specialty goes slow up they probably talked about athletes or less that's got all the way every time. I think they intentionally did that in the pre season knowing exactly what we're doing regular season and wanna emphasize that old even overemphasize it. Two point word order was on guys' minds on Coke's months of it maybe that would cut down the regular season but even so. Too too important opportunities to call it and they missed for so which is the person we did an extra put put put together everybody just been. Give the guys the message and the message was delivered the message was absolute delivering the pre season all the stupid calls were made. Some homes who was somewhere widget but the they called it incessantly and it was it was ridiculous and pre season I think that was absolutely no intention to give the message. But that's the kind of response. She old best football stuff because of justice led inevitably break without a father figure out what would head the cast his shoulder as he retook and these guys know that that ring that you get worried about Dicey because it's literally. Lost consciousness. Before you were writing disease or blogs that you can Wear skis and on and if the worst case earlier with would that backed him so. Or whatever so you see him go right immediately after the goal Lipton green and gold to your openness teams were. Anything more than it cost we're gonna get to default on the project that was of blacks Clio please vote would be it was a lot less than. Totals. You know I understand that Clinton now but that clearly woods which are a couple of days ago that I had but one. With our schools in the I was the only active at all that man review shall get to the fall Khost governor actually you throw your two cents what did you think patriots what it will be 78. Become desperate success. A lot of people did it kept. Desperate for me it looked as good as we had predicted through the page when it's. You pick though I did it by 71 award all it's a Portuguese nation it will let's you're in Asia life. I say to read this morning posted by seven. It's right. It was about seven hours ago I think. I was at work. If you don't know what they had full what are available at arguably Loggerhead. We actually had two guys that play the game of them actually played for Bill Belichick. The Oakland got good care of by Bill Parcells it's partly to write a retired. That's right I think that it donated. So we have actual guys who played the game but evidently. Real post game road brigade red it would seem DOC break in the game that we can blow arts like the other guys you know couple blow art and Merrill or. A it's. You can have a much of large board archived audio excellent get analysis was. Except for last year's listened to listen to the running game on comparable to Fred I'd try. It was Richard fish that's a comfort to the Korean up exit of this and without a couple guys you will watch the game the game Kitna analyze that game. And I used the questions or thoughts what you'd use all. Updated I was impressed. For the first game out of the gate and out perfect it was a lot of that's true up a lot of them as the wild thing they have the fix out. In on all three officers about the adjustments that may treat it just the patriots know with the amount to a that duke has gotten all right defense you know they've moved on the field run the ball to know that to stop them twice and look at it then you think about 212 in the first for them be okay well. With three more to go witness the for or deceased we get your phone calls come at 617. 7797. 937. It is real postage for its wireless. Is back with a straight you. Like cash for real. Office performance that line. I don't think we've played you know anywhere near what our capabilities are so I think it's good win obviously but down. You know we get to a player and I think just turn the ball over and not taken a small trees that we had out there. All of us are look at the game and realize we've done could a lot of things different. That. Word here. But the team. That's a very good defense against the but ultimately you know it's implied by such a classic optical. It. So. A lot which. Part of them that this wouldn't let me read you open. He too like you don't put Tom Brady have. Personnel that it rushed to a report guys. I thought this was terrific for game. Stakes. Go through. It. A catch. All the apple lose. Acute wolf first time home to. Rear its worst fumble through Q overall. Effort when that happened. It's a global but the object or that it would report out right so guilt but would. Like that that's. One big play that and contain the route the maker students reports from now. It Malcolm. Or if you do that which. But what about the ex patriot players go through this watches every lightly. The vikings beat San Francisco 4461. I don't say because you stop. You 5360. A seven point nine yards per catch. Out. Ultimately all 383. There's well it 3451. It. Well Lou. That was one year. And so we did see you guys Naples a mystery. We. Don't have an answer to that other guy up the street apparently offered through what that what. It is the first. Law. Would react to first see him. In the fight. At all. Writes. It. Started right. You. History. At. All. For. It changed the momentum of the game. That he faced a. What what they always say is wait until they get a book and a quarter of how fast the system was first look here's. Like happening with whomever came up in the they're beat patriots. Tickets to Kuwait that is coming out of this halftime took away the first two reason could cute to please the ball and I think you over to left that it was you reflect what thirty it. In this wreckage. Does that get they get a book on now stands at he has changed so they can't. He and on oil indications he has the ability to to learn the game and then and that's what you people couldn't get. You just can't get fired up or quarterback. Went 56 games earlier earlier started career. Buffalo on that overtime quarterbacks it toward the side with with the Brad Johnson at one time yes or bumper let's go over the kid that would support from Jacksonville was Shaw. Matchup same thing you know experts the who appeared to us jobs that brought up he's got a one I think two game total for. It went up to buffalo could play at all six who was who sharply below Atlanta shop differently and towards signed up for for some Mitchell played for Miami but it's you know they played a ton of money went to Detroit. But that is. But that's usually desperation Farouk Farouk talks of course accurate who had the big game today. It's. A threat to get better at whatever 450 cents. But what was it about just have. It like for a few bucks and liked the you've pretty good bad effect you know if you did reasonably well evidently went for the last gate against the note with a lot of people back a jungle black Wallace that you're going to be automatic in the it is operable agree so. That was pretty big if he plays like this the first three weeks. I would be surprised if we four thought it was listed as sitting on the sideline to a board and end Fitzpatrick is well. Educate kids if I even if it goes toward one. That has three good outings you can't possibly going with invective you teams. Your answer to wonder you too can possibly do. If you can is going quarterback update is no time on Steelers. Brown still tied at two point one have been Roethlisberger threw his fourth interception of the game in overtime for possible. Yeah upper 36 seconds left still to play at least it reflects feels. Body feels good a year ago he for an advertisement. Seventh. Those of us up crystal ball as powerful a brutal but look pretty availability Girardeau and. Both local when it's. So we will lead the celluloid that you will be following it all just what's needed if the root for a I am because he seems like he's won 61 of the world wide. Leave view that created attorney gets rolling at least here bilateral where a lot of people don't want it because there's. Since he's been he seems to have from all intents and purposes and he's got a nice things like good guys Goodman and went oh. Things nice job don't nice guy though there you argument that the dead of no bullets which you do. Nice get but he had three interceptions. Three setback again it is better that may be interest. You know what it I don't know I don't know what Fritz sacred. You know for a victory could grow apples but remember that's exactly what Hitler to go otherwise. Why he's angry at Butler and Tuesday. Should we have the guts on themselves and put him this wouldn't diatribe on all these guys approach Johnson again but to everybody. And that rush of calls on to the global approached Johnson is an idea that it's. Against Tennessee but other than that this Merkel. It gets sacked six times that the that there are one of those bubble which is what to say hello and welcome rob Maloney had a couple of so that I had nice games have won that game. Whose career. But don't you think he's got six days execute states was nice but look at sports spotted Wilson forty yourself well I should get the full cultures that he's apparently at MarketWatch what a map. There were a couple of them here right now nice. Looking. Our within Islam preceding whatever that immunity to various. Come on our defense is going to be nasty right now I mean he's got a pressure on the quarterback has been our. Are weak link. Emphasis Achilles heel say. Over the years. To do we get pressure on the quarterback we're not just talking about regular order back which are not destroy don't want to use the man. I love the show. Often he would use capability is great. We had great pressure on the quarterback there is a maze. Pressure yet they kept their disciplining containing him which we've talked about this earlier it's an easy thing to do that it would it would young players. That's that's something that it is not easy to do I yeah I mean that's only one game and today was game plan. We better. Measurement own what they can do vs the four receiving games were not really game. So depicting the papers Tuesday game Christine teams fuels and earlier on. It's sort baffles me all these weeks BC's they come in to the only hope in the season was so the same pace the last machine game notable. Groups and go to the season and not let. The browns were sent for chip shot field goal was blocked by the Steelers O nine seconds left when he won 21 ones. Oh really. Wonderful. Apparently oblivious Jackson it's somebody out of Asia a couple of Cleveland have a chance like that. When he misses chips are to vote it's. C'mon it's clean up payola. They want they'll they'll tear down the goal post with him or cut it doesn't it on the gulf of what what David and security. It. Hi I know exactly what definitely the goal line yet. If that's all I ask you this ball over just what ethnic if that you've talked about. All these teams are rusty about pre season they shouldn't be rusty basically all you need the players that you don't play. Mistake free football. Kate split. So you're basically went to just using games to play ball. Played regular slid out of it or if I played very well in the receipt should you hit them for care the last. What value we can tell you need players. They do a better way to they'd be ala. They say Altman's play defense rustic physical play enough. You'd need to play a little care and want to all right play two games. With you speak to that bench right now they need to figure out there rob. A lot of lives that they are a lot of great players at the top of the idea that the myself but I think the law I think that. Boris you it's a place of a plan all last game and Austin Ross couple. Played pretty regular plane which frequent game. When you're you're way out. I. Foothold there are evaluated. Advisement and I think that you went walkers so he has a rustic. Until well it was actually grateful for him and prove everybody wrong. So unpalatable so. Mormon deals and more. The public that's going to be criticism that does that show grossed out at a C Robertson talked logic to this the practical on is it that got in the season rust makes. Adults with the answers then. So what you had to do what is. You take all of your starters keep all the regulars and the guys don't be player the other guys ousted. Him. Veterans the veterans on the team should have few were pleased when they. Case but they have a lot of players need to get acclimated to what teams do when you. To. Go alone please don't you have to give them won't let go play and it's gotten a lot of players on this team. Eichmann makes those professional wanted to go over to watch and exciting team to beat the team that's gonna take you to those who will make a let's say maybe if you don't play. That you want that we have awful lot of adults discover so just take it honestly. It's it's that's what's. Yeah. Guys like that you need to please obstacles message to the stated it's more complicated that wasn't complicated that the I I think. It was late eighteenth rate it is it is. To receive the site right but does that make this state is it's also. Especially the patriots. Want. Plea to recede into the game. The same issue for to a 30. Absolutely additional postage and sees that it's gonna be like plant receives 56 of them. That's what it and it's a place that job it takes is like a play on which it does it right. Get your phone calls up at 6177797370. Look forward to reduce its audit. It. Jimmy. Which you via what I hear me. We. Once a regular size he would be evil were. That's the guys have gently from saudis but there with a bit and it up here right. I doubt Brady and the patriots. The bad he could I bet she's going to be old fox political battle against Houston today. I Jimmy that advantage of those find I don't know I don't have a dog experts from the president's address. It's very difficult to maintain that level of excellence and a little extra development and just regular ought to at least it. Right or the silently agree with the 67777. Daddy three sedated as being real post game show. Kirk can tell. You Rapoport joins us here why didn't Brady get a longer more Brady like deal. I don't they would never consideration how much longer does he have let them know he says he wants to play a 45 everybody does that and Brady is obviously the back. Probably the best player to ever play but at. At some point if there will be times. 4740. Or final and a lot of stories to this or remember the the question of whether it wiggled handed now from receiving without Juliet settlement only when up against a very good defense team today. Rob Gronkowski caught seven bulls fraud 23 yards Philip dorsett caught seven. For 66. Yards and a couple of words keep that affect one of their touchdowns he had three completions in world they went tool bull bull bull. And ended up in the end zone James White at four for 38 James bevel. At four for 22 and a guy you would have thought. Might have caught an awful lot of balls today mainly because you know you're looking at the receiver core personal get ahead but. Yet king want to catch you at five targets the only cat one cat so the receiving corps. No Juliet element obviously you're relying awful lot on Rob Gronkowski. And believe it or not Houston did exactly what we thought they would do and they were gonna shatter or they met you guys on Monday gonna make sure he could catch it eating and then what does he do. After the the fumbled the turn over. The way he gets the ball back they find him right there just before the pilot carries it through for that's about double coverage. That the actual withdrawal by Obama was bow and owed it brought to us you witnessed you know while it's expected out and it. That touched on what what what the government worked out of this game this. Houston team was one of the teams who said we're two and for the championship a race that is one of the best things what I. Oh who. I just picked it ill go oh OK yes this day there's pictures and there's five of the tees. Editors they see it there's. Oakland Pittsburgh despite this game currency could be. You know oh Jacksonville Jacksonville oh. You know like. Okay Baltimore. Baltimore's usage to an extent it's an apology and called in the mix again let's watch it depends I think. On what watts that is issues rose on him before the injury. Now gets injured now it's coming back for serious injury. He's got to cut back because I think their biggest problems going to be sport. I had an awful today. They're gonna rely heavily Hopkins he's going to be a big guided profit beating somebody else to via the use. Can't Lamar Miller to me it's just another guy he's a joke through. They're whole lives pretty good they are great they have the role lie. Really bonded teeth they have to rely on staying in gains so Watson made to use its late when it or I will play better who put. What was last. Yeah they scored 33 points a game when he misses time with him was it. 33 regulars out with the Euro member makes up all of the national debates about I am the play of the true. I'll look at it. He's a guy that they had the thing about well he's he's that he's an exit or back you read well he moves in the pocket looked to throw rugs or has the right. Very good quarter here you have a guy at that level. If he keeps continuing he's going to be very difficult to be. One thing you notice you pointed out earlier hits in his rookie year. Most quarterbacks with that kind of speed that kind of what running ability wolf tucked the ball earlier take off. He never did that last year last year you runway had to hit northern choice. But he sought today to do the same thing. He's running and he's looking downfield he's not he's not tough to double what a lot of rookie quarterbacks are accurate how good the art of the minute they break the park that took him a ball. He did that he'll go get who played much but they do today and I figured if they don't make a run and anything if she's you know because it's because he's going to prove innocence. Rise and we could envision you know we're young kid sees the field when he's that's about pocket you can come up again and he sees your parties doesn't have narrow vision to big asset for. So this is a team you know they played well patriots pretty much dominated most of the game. But this is achieved it it's going to be content of one of the five by Stephen let me quote. The biggest that instead of like a year's presidents and a lack of talent but he adds that wall. Health whether it's JJ watt whether it's I Kwame merciless murderer yeah so that there'll get her. And they can't stay out here every single game I don't with the patriots it would JJ watt once again it's JJ watt five games now. Did not have a right to pick up once and obviously picked up the light came into account they need to ride out that it. So Andy started moving a little bit because. He wasn't having success. Especially on the outside with markets can't it was terrific job. All in these teams great shape came off an injury that not to sort of ethics problems I thought it would the steps slower than it looks like she's. Rom rambling you know like he's not school board is running just have acceleration off the ball here before has changed directions as well we'll get it back. It's a serious injuries here on that that that may never come back he's got the aptly was cloudless virtually. We talked about abortion where was gone ports into question he was discovered every templates is with this well this is a better off at the line. That last year and have studied and approved again. Well that's why I think the offensive line especially the Trey brown and Marcus cannon deserves an awful lot of credit I think a lot of data between the U they've really had a good game here at that was some mistakes made you talked about it the he obviously you know. I guess the count late in the game that's what wac was able to get it get on. Well they know what that what would supplies teens get into real well. Whether or the the defense on the roots that go fast before that though your tee off at the line you go back which of they get hooked up with the count. Before you get this problem until the markets in which to watch your game. So why is coming that he was coming in low on markets can't we can't it was still as he is keeping him now all capitalists is what happened. Watch booked as a lot of hands. If you want to prove it real products are comes up into what you're through them all the profits of lines etiquette teach this gets up to me. He clinched the pledges balances. Which is Hubert and what you're doing you put to him abducting him what he does he huge hands. And he stepped aside what's all what what the other candidate flashed his hands pull them back. JJ were swept down a mess and he was going down the driver his election as school now can it was Janet put on the ground. Always use this chance to bait to get JJ to try it out and loses. That a lot and we'll would you really effective throughout the course of the game again I. I can't say enough about Trent brown or markets can't today they were both really really good better and out of touch the ground as we thought. Lutheran eighty proud about what it's for actress so don't want to go he's a huge hit it wants you to break the huge hit when you look at him he looks easy the seventeen or eighteen hole. Does this massive body. And yet you really don't know what he is he's a guy that that we've heard players say. Other players say he's unbelievable. And great upside. And the spread perfect at doc they Scarnecchia owner workers in the perfect guy but it taking a chance because let's face it. You alternate sold ago. And you don't bring in an established. Left tackle your quarterback is 41 years of age about the way he does now with a knee injury you're screwed. Well to me maybe the most important factor in to see it for the going. Page but we talked about that when the whistle was signed with the giants would highest paid off its alignment. Initiatives they've got an area you've got to the you've got to be concerned about that left tackle positions in the trees that they made they had confidence. Even though. He wasn't it's. Big effect of what they thought would be sir Fred. The fact is that they saw him play there coffins of them. I think if you continue to play like this been well war to date I thought they was it was a fantastic. I'd just like oh you said. Sometimes don't flowers as well in certain coat right if you haven't gotten it yeah I'll send him to music guide didn't have greatly. Right moves are you. It's gonna kick him back he's dance advantage last week Donnelly to thirty and his feet were tremendous and it across the -- orders taken care bill but Denver who has dominated now. We're told. Good coach and teacher got to be accountable repeat what exercise that don't pay attention to what your opponent does well that's right and tried to do would you have to take away. His best whose best weapons. That that's also all. And I would guarantee but some of that is also part of our game plan where you one time he he cut quality. Well equipped would have proudly. Yeah bra and cut quality in a perfect child toppled perfect. Cut blocks a brief little ball right to left side and so it's. Combined the fact that these stories you've been pretty decently it would affect the quarterback school ball to the quarterback. In the coaching staff what Scarnecchia and just as they can make things you've these. So what think you said earlier. People don't realize this was cents. You could be showing up with sex it's such you do that to educate you can if we could have a total of that's elevates billboards oil but. So what do you change your shots up we're putting it is gonna be better to be who played the Cleveland he would change just sent about what had to become Robertson I punctured a broad report put him don't bring them back. So we stats confusion you can withdraw that it brought a descent to beat several different sets on. All the way he wanted to remove the defects line and go to Lou you can debate some. And that equals nobody to you know tow the multiple next time to watch these guys watched the difference that they've made it how that would do. And let's face it it it is that gamble when you look at it yet Belichick likes to take players who he looks that. And seized it in his system what he's doing to get great upside. And he'll take chances on those that wears a by the way if he doesn't make it work it out to get rid of bill also bound to lower that. But he said great success doing that but man it's a game. Put trick routed there saying you're the guy. Sick because I don't even think they were ready to put Isaiah win it was their top draft pick right move and dynamic guard you've got to play guard that they've got a they've sort of sickly to wreck it make him. Right tackle college while the versatility will try Butler and tackle but it seems to me that your plan right from the get go was. We're gonna play and win it go art additionally turn perhaps going to be our tackle. And it's a gamble and this is only one game. Only one game. And you know the book on him is he has his moments where he seems to let down in certain plays take place what we'll see it over a long stretch. But if you're ever going to get an indoctrination. Into playing left tackle for the patriots he did it defense teams for today this was a damn good test iPod came through. They were hoping model that was the world other ways to get another test actually. Only now. It works like lodge room. Many times he has no problem whatsoever to what I think Steve also talked about what he and is backed. You have brown Dan comes back. You know neither the Pakistan bump. Well rocked evolved so you can get about the passing out earlier have bought someone else so candid Q did you guys themselves. Round and how much up into. Because he was what we're a dog so you could stay with a five guys you'll have to keep Max protection and with the back to tied at least it gives you options is more options to put on the staff. BD the other ones other features of the project they have is. Court doubt Raul Paterson okay he's another war the realm that's that's out front will vote out that. Carell right now its core to Iraq now pork barrel for us now that we once have now. But he's another guy that in the past he's been like a gadget. Player true we use that effort you know little gadget place here where there if you run right and so is it today they were using all of the. Here two runs and give them a couple of catches them he was he's it's ups and downs this one but after six restatement results Kitna also. It's yet to pay attention from what you pay attention on. But he's gotten that is helps in the hole where he is because they'll use him in in to a three different ways some downfield and it's his. Billions from. Wrestling mercies that well you know will do so you're not just focus on him but but you have to understand what he's in the game. There's there's any number of things he's capable of doing and doing well Woolsey put but for the most part. These guys they don't mind giving him the ball off to war predictable too mottled pistol and made you leave somebody. People want somebody to raise taxes left. Dot. So. What's the source of it when he's infinitely adjust to his dangerous when he gets spaced out you can see it when it's Spacey seems that it could sense his credibility now you've got to cornerback about reckon this extra 201 point one pound guy. That can run has moved through you know difficult to tackle the so we talk about the receiving corps that was the big question does this mean people say this receiving quarters or a lot of the national people's. This is terrible. This should record it looked pretty meet today if anything I think we could place the blame on Brady with some four passes out there toward of course that it. Gave the publisher would have a higher. Analysts say. Largely. How about how are stuck to preside goal and establish that already are polish. 00 into a pot of who's going to be. But ups in his. What policies that route and doesn't have as much time to throw it lower the ground so there is passable. Not all the time it was a bad that the past is the guy's not open. Like I think there were three or four pound guys are way that was a a screen that broke down and he threw the ball away today that it. Passes that he he dumped out so you're right and if they pass completion they were fueled them in there that were Smart moves where he didn't get the. All the stimulus that time we keep so he goes with a were when the when receivers go out. That the media coverage he knows what's really at a cover with the man is old crap forever there's. If he will throw the ball before the guy breaks a lot of attach it when he breaks the balls there. Other teams' quarterbacks await the mix is brace to allow it deeply to break on the on the man so that doesn't have this but he doesn't have. The space that it needs so these guys go for hit the road team they used to the ball be it right there. If you look a couple of times leopard was slightly to all that much as big east when she was more tight squeeze into the there's the practice court please let us spend less time you flatly that's right it's easy room for growth in Ortiz it's easy to be Woodward's most women when. Everything it's a year. Through the food and Ottawa it's not a huge YouTube to run them perform Russell goes she would guy's tendencies or and so I. But I think when you look at the receiving corps what people do is they look at the wide receivers and they think it'll let out of the equation and certainly look at it at an Iowa but the national guys read the wipers even. You know Matthew Slater sorry but that's its latest not ignorant as you know he's a special it is that the teams can just happens to the you know slaughtered as a wide receiver but candidacy is sick right so what people about what people missile missed the first W this law. And in the Rockies is half. A weapon in any offensives in the national football you know by the way. It will put guys on up on the regular tour there are any still had a terrific game sort any of the other DB on right now and the other thing in this thing. Is. It acts and they have running backs who gets the ball which is bottom up that's it. What do you think I don't know what he has to tell you what he's wanting happened from position if you run the football is he got it Dwight have to cover a safety. Like covering. Might try to squeeze the qualities I don't know if he's going to offer adequate. James like saint capital. Runs and as fast as most seem reasonably so you're not gonna lie dark machine if to see if you're on. That's going to be dispute mismatched and so that you know but he's he's also. Issues about B it would catch the ball sometimes you have some of the best. About putting get better look at bettors haven't totaled ultimately you are automatically. He's Europe's directors. There's no set formula would crawled here's a four news have a linebacker underneath this if you look talk or maybe nickel covered back underneath that receive fuel. Albany it's a nightmare for the effect they would have about Todd Gurley but he was less here. Or what region he was so good as I. What he has. I don't know what he's doing of the specific like OK because he can do it and I think that it in the doctor like the James what is a pretty damn good forcible guy. Think he gets people forget about that when they're just looking at the white receive a personal. Go back to a suitable. How many was it was what 45 guys up the painters cooks that knocked out Birkhead goes out. Harold was out. They took both through what the with those back at circuit at the etiquette or if you catch a guy he's a good got to get to three point shots as he does it which he goes stoppers that way he takes the step when he hits the hole. So those. Backs. Quote quote right. Backs a really a lot of slot receivers that won't play they also have a couple tied into to put on Ecstasy all that different things that it's very difficult. To match up with the deep. Electorate is actually quote. A very. If that's why this would be tape was you know very effective so should look at this reality thing right there at the radio and say higher quotes to the finals in donors colon westerly at all. Good that you're dead and out who it is we've got stuck where blatant I realize it's only one game that you look at that person out. Shot widens the acting weird and wet wet wet and little. The way sevens seven ground cover up cloudy but at work out of the blue shirt. You've got to do a little work squad has been trying to get him up right run around and an admission of course was in the post that focused outage that stopped. Is that maternal or the quad wrote was one instance here's what that what I can't remember. A preacher wouldn't. Wouldn't ever regret it. Bad way you know that comet or do you want to run and ended the plate but the laser shot and that it plans to employ cheap at all. And that intercept the perception that exceptions to all inferences are targets or if the ball is tipped at the lines -- received a ball out of that program strong right to white was. It's who owns here's 212 and added it tipped and there and exit it change the trajectory of the ball right to counsel and defendant to troubleshoot absolute Attila. Yours Gary Gary's did it take to turner falls next up here in the real post game show like Jerry. Are we doing good narrator great throws fault or let it really struggled cycles Russa. Talk a little or start cholera like meanwhile exit date. They ain't taking my call I want to talk about right now on a let's talk about that client he put all the this. And they refused and in it it it turned the game where it needs to be. What a great way these guys what a great win its first week period and we look at fear and men it it's going to be also. Good start that followed that up because it's really suck analysts acreage and it's. Talking or doing away to a neighborhood school. It was a good it's. Good. He I think you look at the defense you look at what they did today you look at the offensive line the good old tunes didn't. I mean you look across this. You know what's really bad today was you're gonna cover Ol Mike got action on out it's got coverage was awfully. I've got one guy you want to get him more passive. It's that a Teva was. Again. Were adamant that you have on that makes you happy with you're happy with the scored this is good AFC team. It's the first game at this capsule was not gonna look good. Aesthetically. But he got. And use our along the good things a lot of things we're concerned about the receiver corps were concerned about that seemed to be a major cancer it was okay it was open vote. I second thing your left tackle. That you concern about OK and they helped the markets did it against. The best. Player you can't go to a credit if the opposite tackles. A run all over all specialties I agree that the mystery plot return Robin Caron that was scary that he lost that offers maps which he's looking now. If you wanted one negative the only one in a while ago plan minutes. When. I sit a seat bulls. If it's. Evidently the other one which you write for. Kick off return there to get 35 yard. Line. Every single day you know about it drive that's gonna cut Celtic race if you agree that the what was that scheme you know that's. What the stylesheet doesn't want to be hoaxes that way Padilla. It was guys' time. Look ahead with doing that he was did what derailed by the outside and I was ticking winter season kicks orders people currency direction. The other direction it was an absolutely accurate audience because they do a good it was only to pick out what was the ones we're keeping with the wind kicked out of bound with the the goal line but. Especially after two with good solid returns kick the ball to. When the guys running rampant through the you can corrupt. Generally those who owns her own business but like he tries to put the interests put often know doesn't it for a you're used. Showed off limits their let me tell you what it does show right now and relish our shot one microphone well. The other part of that is beyond that right now I don't know about Soriano one that's got Brett. It exists on the expect guys are pretty in a timer so when it when it shut you off a bit of it. 677797937. Let's talk about today's game a good first effort of Italy and the patriots they want and building at Jacksonville. Coming up next week we get back you follow girls look up. 6177797. Recent. It's known when people switch you know kind of grade on the curve but it seems as if your. Saying look the level has to be the level doesn't matter who's in their reason is that actually. Actually I think that's that's the point of playing football you don't talk you all this guy this is what his level of expectation is that's what we should put. You know the team's expectation and its if you're if you're. It planned to slug it plays well as a source who we've ever had declared a premiere place was Anderson we're packed tight end quarterback in the back. You guys can play up to that and I think you can't sit there and coach her. Communicating go well that's okay because you're only you're not quite there and I think you have coach Horton. And you gotta correct guys and you know you got it correct yourself and have high expectations for yourself miss thing got. I expected that the. John Brady would no excuses you know if you run game. Sorry we're expecting he'd do it all the guys did before you whatever position they are get a speed pretty quickly. A setup that we talk about this an awful lot with the robbery is the comfortable. Throw wonderful certain guys that there's certain guys he seems to go to. On an awful lot I putt with Phillip doorstep today. Two off like she was not shy including that was lover today he went for the three times and Ronald. An important dry on an important draw show that we had heard. That dorsett had been spent extra time with Brady after practice whatever. Got to police stuff like that gets to Brady to the point is it. Especially I think you know if you're out there you know I can issue a coach destruction team trichet corporate you know there's so guys that you do not trust the get much opportunity out there so so they're great job with his opportunity. Endorsed him right there right there still is no question you most like objectivity game ritual the ball. It's a comfortable McDyess got tools ordered a full review of the fastest guys accomplished little but I think he wasn't. It worked for the people told me it's crossing routes it smoke outs in the it's the one time. It's college coaches say OK here is the rap on him was. Here's the speed guy who came to the top off the defense that's basically how the turkeys have been work Indianapolis. So. He is he was comfortable. Catching catches the ball you know going out Rock Hudson or attitudes. That's that's all part of that trust. I mean forget about the traded people Google constantly look back and we gave up percent. Who was a backup quarterback and as being the third string quarterback we Steve what's that the time they dealt them away. More importantly though they beat this guy to do something they lost Malcolm actually could stay on the field you're looking at the situation right now with corpses god. They need somebody. To emerge in that group and this cute right now certainly the first game out of the urge you to shoot free game you know. Early on each other a little tentative wanted to ensure everything short of true that once it's decided to real. Go here because it'll they'll bite dust up that opened up. But he usually came out running the football right out of the gate it is right out of the gate you rent a foot or would they don't. Right we'll probably. Probably launch of the first down of. Probably just testing the testing the water a little bit single car fronts are wishing that the page is do this before whether it. That kind of triggered gauge on what their defense game plan's going to be what formations in defense with governor react to certain formations. It's we've we've seen them. It was almost like feeling all the other defense of the defense and trying to figure out. Get at least an idea what their their base game plan's going to be in this potent threat. Remember the Super Bowl they're running the ball that dollar point two points over what about when we go nowhere down that front that was particular to go to Atlanta today. Let's check their look at the success that's they who wish to make sure it's much easier to run off. They'll pass blocking special vote isn't able to protect the heat at all what technique that his role. Kevin relaxed after a few hits it right before you gonna go against the pass rush is the thing that they have had cancer who does that speed so particle particle. Get the first it's not a awaits her ultimate mistake. I thought another just before the game was the to close to the the first half with a and it scored and that was Claudia the detractors talking about dorsett you make it a three catches. It was. It was the the clock play. Where where they did not the official he would not call for a review was under two minutes that it did not call you. At about Billy O'Brien I am furious that that thing right and now I've wondered if the officials are looking at the interpretation of the new rule. Right about the ground surviving the ground or whatever it rolling over making it football move at any loses the ball so they set it's that. That's the interpretation of the fuel but why do you not look at soccer rights watch called time out. Timeout more towards. Not that it would have changed things. Overall rule which which that was its equitable Lofton listen to second. Shall. Give that you more time to the local news or. More time to tune. Look at it from different. Everything that who think it's that it plays you have timeouts. Right you have to step and take all that happened later Belichick you know all that. You threw the flag went away on the catch by that was used on about but why not do so or a flag out that quote they like the first time right so who's like that to us that there were to answer the popular cry about the rafts themselves about it you picket that they can play. That was that was overturned a huge but the patriots appropriate there was quite all right because of refugees. Want to speak in the rough so what's right if you elect the right after that it somebody. Passed it to elevate to what you do the reason I brought that that drive up because we were talking about it as it was Japanese it is under two minutes. And they put up a graphic about the week and now we scored more points at the right numbers. A well off that Michael Robertson there don't they do that that's what it would it would appreciate and respect that if rent and most probably I ovation exactly because it ought to put the pressure on my shoulders are going to Hawaii because the clock it was a minute 46 left. And it's that we don't foresee swore that they scored exactly right around with a one to fourteen seconds left the clock it was the most teams do they can't have it right. They can get this quick they can't and which teams or 42. Minute on the clock. Minutes and not only that the personnel that were out there at the rust out there a pastor of the back of opted to get a group paso got an option. That certainly got it against that particular teams they're expecting units older brother and everybody. The ball whether it would looking at that clock it's a certain amount of coolness and confidence. To look at a clock says 146. NC oh OK well. Lax ball. Clark won all news release minutes department's work they did exactly what they forced. Objects of these timeouts who carries the ball with that note about fourteenth doesn't. Yet not a music stated they were talking about how successful it was. But they didn't really go into detail about what they would write it that we all that is. Right now let's get this all figured out get down to the second yes he knows how much yet. Houston is expecting him with defense personnel. Defend the pass Belichick's out what what I'll take a job first downs out of cargo and bill O'Brien on Wednesday. Well accidents people. A bit and it may have missed that they've dramatizes the papers written and acclamation. At a real -- change and I just issue the person that that before they've they've done that before when we've had two minutes or so left him Clark made. And they've actually bones and claw and having full confidence in the office to more ball on one of the problems too but. Most of the time as the opening two minute situations. The full two minutes they don't. I thought that was a perfect example. Of the graphic they put up there why it was so successful. Late firstly get Tom who get. That's sport and dropped it don't vote of but the second part of it is because they've worked on that they sit down there and it got this clock gulf every sit through and every situation every second before they're looking at that angle. They got. Personnel on the field to defect to pass the light like a lightweight so we got plenty of time and they got it turned out front but good news we got right. And that's exactly what date it we have plenty of time and all of this. And it will get down to what they have done about it we'll get a get a little off guard which is exactly what they did real bull that world and they ended up get the touchdown they score that plagued the Dorset scores. At any other ticket 21. This actually talk about the defense of what the defense was like last year against Houston what was that game September it was a September game. Patriots defense. Two sacks in the game. Watson was. Twenty to 3301. Yards and who was for Mario Diaz threw touchdowns to interceptions and you look at the one that gets me is third down situation. They were six of fourteen a year ago that great okay. This year pick to India 113 down situations. Against this patriot defense. Our Watson was seventeen of 3476. Yards it three sex on him he scored twenty points this year point six points. Last year we could see the the different. This defense was better than what they hit last September. And I would also think by game 30. Last year we saw in Watson for two games. Were scored a lot of points. It's seven against this bill and unions to. Some bagels. And then they broke out that they scored the 357. Stories thwart the 338. With Watson there have been hurt that was sort through those issues the report fires. Five point five. It met with our consideration at all to questions about coattails. All right don't answer. It because it and we have three sandwiches you we do comedy left two but well off the table but what about what we provide the ability of we won't hold it rabies. It was not left. What clicked on your toes which are you read this it's opened smoothly. As good additional Watson's face last year and bites will be alternative. News results have seized last year coming back off. It's human nature maybe be little tentative on he was. It was last year. This defense is at its part to an amnesty for the last year's defense every week we sit here and we said. It just doesn't look that good points at the end of the game is that it'll. It would get by you a bit but don't break it right you want. Well if he broke what they get them so verbal Eagles we saw them briefly right. Right well but I deployed as the Eagles took a pot Minnesota. In his own right. It was one before. Aboard defense what Fred this defense has to be better because you can't expect. The Brady to be what it was like you have to why it is we have to go on the assumption. That at age 41 he's quite legally show a little bit of the series with a guy named Max era Alter ego. What Max the media ought not he's not fall off and that's. That that's what I would. But I've audits are the guys that someone in the removal of the popular right now while. You know there was pressure on a which you better did you you played. Without but Richard Norris. It's a good through it happens is out of as the avalanche hours we have seen terrific. Played twelve years ago was over and that was over a series MVP I don't know if he is Eddie was the MVP last year but I wanted to ask you this question because I like you speak to actually play defense for Bill Belichick. And up constantly repeat songs I didn't excuse me it. Let's look at you right now. Well I would just look at football provide protect I'm in the middle of the field goal for us both sides once. Update Peter medics now we'll bring the deficit that. But the question is gonna ask of people constantly say that defense is built to react. Could we see this as defense with more athletic guys who can be formed more aggressive will they take more chances. Ball. What what happens is that you if you've got the players can do it. You can take those chances with adults great defenses in New York you had a one man wrecking crew morgues too so you didn't have to worry about. Oppression of manufacturing pressuring you at Lawrence Taylor a little bit but not bode well it was it was no there was some of that because. He was brilliant in tightening up that defense wants it wants the opposing defense on two of the art art. That defense would tighten up we had. Every every play we of all we had had a original version of the same thing which basically meant it was tiger. And pull closer to us and that anything you play element of field. But little feel of where you have to less space you have to defend sixty yards has pulled two yards and content and guys. Oftentimes coach don't teach guys that listen. You can be little more aggressive when you won't have stories or twenty or I can beat. A little more aggressive because that the next layer of defense is that much closer so. For some reason local stores and that if they got a made the plea when teams come out of moral twenties or whatever effective October altered again. Understanding the numbers it's so much easier to defend four yards of field that is to salute to defend six you're certainly. So so it's more of Bill Belichick is that over the years there has been criticism by itself. That he doesn't he doesn't pass rushes he's not yet. Benefit when he had one. It gently joked he said but I don't need you right get somebody else you because I I I can play differently and already have that rods around a lot what are you couldn't hold the point. We also runs let me read again. Particularly as well. That is what they're what was that the the biggest success has to pay taxes from bull. The jets that there Jackson had. Polls are actually saw it before by the to rush to pass an act of what got him as a back up what don't have the bullets were to have guys that can pass rush it's a much more. It's about what. We're just shaking it to your point I think if this if this pass rushing looks like did what they did today both would contain in the pressure. That's promotional for for pass rushing defense and put on top of that affected. I still believe Tom brand's office is gonna put pressure to tune into the pro ball even more so. You put all that together and and again. Just John roll one game but defense league. There who say they're going to be allowed to be more I great and we sir appreciate your. We're apolitical until today's game play that game planning against quarterback issues and to fight got a cute kitty it. On what brought to an idol pressure often work with that you have those guys have. Stewart the go to guy probably put on a court and got her to vote for got a lot of fly a field but the nibble back as bonds you're not watching them there. So 'cause he has spent a pass rushes you can be it a rest with man coverage has got more guys out there I just say this there agents market system vote. Organizing. Five apologize. To rotate in. That conviction and it rotating a lot against. Or linebackers were rotating a lot of it has for your news Hartnell but I do. Pass rushing takes up a lot of energy so pressure I don't know if that's the six guys who can bring reasonable pressure. I'll take that over two guys to bring reproach. All day because you'll. You have a costume fold like we saw today on the quarters to well it does look different and it looks different because the personnel. Looked like they need before Mora went the other guys can't pass virtually GAAP for the quarterback to step up the two guys outside of some of the two guys inside of went back it Democrats are right and even pass rush. With the detained is that I it would take a break where you open up full flights at 6177797937. The patriots are 10. 27. To twenty win number one. Against the Houston Texans. Offensive explosion. If he's thankful patient and better and an execution and it. It'll be this week. Big bill Bill Belichick after the games for the media player of the game. Front you buy cars for kids you know what your record they desert is a victory in Oklahoma no it. Obviously you are frequently are very subject to go. Well to a beach where it was all good to be federal genetic again if I got so try to get a free spot it is David Alex and other crops before. And I gonna do what about this program. Drug problem being good generally mainly because the expectations. Were not right price hoosiers know right. So it should we be certain expectations because you expect it we're gonna bring you up to a terrific game eight targets seven receptions the hit that ball. Good good good to agree to catch you know bode well. When you watched. After Mitchell report mr. Washington more. Reach of the room great. Technique. And took lots of good. I normally would hesitate suit giving more traditional golf and ultimately admit that you if that's offensive profits of Lima and have a bias in the Arctic and hardly ever deserve any praise but I was just into alignment issue we have we eliminated by. I have some stuff about how upset people here we. Talked about it I. I don't mind that the audit and I. I'm David pepper I don't want to get. If you're obviously you look at stake difference that much. What you would call and with fraudulent use it as. The public know we want to stay. Oh please 48 hours mystery what we have willfully it will four the no doubt will to twenty. Point two ought to get laid out people I don't know audit by the portal made out sport house for two days ago they use that with our problems we brought this up earlier about the ought to. Catch the 48 yard catch late in the second quarter of the game result of the pool reporter spoke with a refereed to it correctly. So you get it out some details on so here's the question it would be responsible. For initiating a review what nick walked 48 yard catch late in the in the second quarter which questionable whether on the ball. Correctly says it is New York. And the situation was that you're he would get back analysts however on fortunately. They didn't get the game officials. All of the field until after the player or started. I thought they had a buzzer system. By collective yeah you're wrong but some would sometimes if you watch people in shows accidentally hit it well it's true how can you. Non. Get this thing done immediately. Coach if not what coach opposite there and in this case. Are running to the next play just like that does not now ruling no Allendale. New York it's lol yes well the buzzer. So but I do is if I hit it question. I don't give Iran access op money supply. I just. Tried doing all right after I get a big a twenty yard gain like that sort of you know so they asked him if they continued on the pool report said. OK so just processing what you said. Then they meeting New York got the currency said they got to was on the field but the play it already developed in it started. OK that you can't challenge after the span. Correctly you yet challenge after the snap now. Question if bill Bryant throws a challenge flight in that instance. What he'd be analyzed for unsportsmanlike conduct correctly said because it already developed. Because there's no throwing the flight entertainment yes he would have been penalized in that situation they do get penalized if you throw the flag if that's you can't do that humans. The question I would edit and we should look this. Out of the time and Soledad O'Brien at a time I hit it about left. I didn't go crap you know. But we'll get a figure when that last obstacle to it at that point which it is huge for a doctor to sort of compliment them up that right. If we reach out. What is and I thought president. All they just a stupid that's ability but that's something that that has people all the men in the box slow. After you know to note that as it was hectic efforts to want to play into it right back to break it. I don't know they were slow. Which equates it's Belichick did it they're going to be. Can't be much different if kid I have to wait yet have a release what exactly what exactly it's it's all you are talking about that can't. Yes. I mean when we ran them. Wells are not seeing my house advice to guys on me and I saw the ball in the first and it was time thinking her. When that Paul isn't there I had like a guy grabbing me because I had to struggle or can't that can't let them. Can't let them make a planet's just went up for it may be catching up. I didn't make the catch and the problem to the ground I mean I had stable than my hands so it was definitely kept a time limit line really quick just commissioner got. At the playoff. Which which was niacin. Love. What is it it was a catch. I think it was it under the rule new rules and right in patrol at all. But catches. Objections to Houston was fired because Lee's won all. At the plate with after after it right now in football arena. Oh but he lost all on the doctor Israel if the countries by. Thought it was by elect might use your number it's a character in New. York officials anymore. Of course what district you know all your hundred dollars Belichick. And actually. Instability in this case is it a try this case is it always slow that's ultimately if things differently in the Russia pushed a button. First off there's that would out while you're asking about the relative look at it you can always look at it if there's adult. Especially that the content of the some doubt. Well of course rights and want to press but right that's New York Rick there's some upping tensions will be. The time. Watching the giants patriots that very quickly look at that time in York to go and look at the read so if you see it it real idiots up was not a catches the ball popped out right the big push the button pushed buzzer it was the buzzer and of course get it right right after his team is gonna lose a nobody is absolutely right so you craft what the systems for right. The senate is admittedly O'Bryant fought. And that's why he set of duties of what might I actually mix is they have debate puts out at two minutes and what's honest I was. And actually there was plenty of time left with what exactly the Dorset catches Kate at a that was that was like that it outlets say I look at that was an insult to it's 49. Between me and so you know what do these tunnels. So you're gonna use one at that you have that this is such a little boy well let's respect your right if obviously O'Bryant knowing what I know now I sit here and say why that you notice of until maybe he was waiting. What the officials call. What at what point to the patriots get the ball on the the last I mean was inside to inside two minutes yet 146. Or something in place. It was one point six McDonald's like 142. What did you make it look at what they want where you could say one point six right so they remarkable leader rents a couple running plays right. And that cause she's couple timeouts wrecked the right out of bounds and records. Well one other one had a tough time also but you'll hear it if you see that coming the last word about the snapped the ball nothing happened title outright failed. Average respect there's no question the Leo branch called them up I'm wondering if he fell. And this is what he cut you it does your career or any suspected leaker in the national football as well. AD through that's a mistake especially got a day off the eight through so you can't wait for them to do it because you don't know there's a every single week. If you are built right uncle but he and I'll let you got all the time we'll try to answer I hope I hope that. New York. He's the plane frozen by the picker to order provides coverage about this possible and just assume it would yes I think the weather on the ball has been snapped a total of two I call them. But you know you know what happens news. You make it as that view and for. Four majority. Are you ready for this particularly accurate of this happening before maybe us. The dolphins and the titans started playing football at one PNC the patriots in the Houston Texans play the benefits of really gets forms. Going through Miami including like it but there. It's a once that happens we don't clear up this means everybody just clear up there. Afraid like Apple's you know of them and fraud do you think it out. So they got him the they get to the current quarter in that game. And they put it into a delight. It's 69. They are still in need to win in Atlanta and I put it in Miami it's at Miami. And they're still in eight to light. I'm looking at each year in sight I ever asked it because it. Maybe my computer froze something happened you needed just pick it up effective amongst the tweet about it be Angela and talking about it now that we try to resume at one point there was a secondly. It's been through noise don't feel like him. May oh. A vigil we can find somebody that has sealed my lead there's 27 games the lead by lightning oval last being native now. There's often like there's an overthrow this is what the league side. If they can't finish that game tonight and work or idiot to the evening now. If they. Have to finish it tomorrow with this and that type of the state here. You you who want unit today. And your next question about the pill with a Wednesday in instead you're at the stake in Miami when he finishes in a more people waited nine years of companies are deeply two and half quarters where reporters you have the week for. A lot of water hydration. Very. If my name. Vote if you know itself speaks. Mildred she waited tomorrow I take a lot of take Miami tomorrow this thing continues on pace. The target will continue to watch it for what it 73 dolphins over the titans in the bird. Quarter right now and the game is it not a you know like a three hour delay its running elected decent effort in the the players that these thirty now that's a good point what do you do with a clear play your hundred. That old little fat wallet payment of I targets about drugs as they its outlook in Iraq double all the scores will get back to your phone calls we'll talk more about this victory would it. On opening day here to stadium 27 audience you're listening to the real postage. Playmaker Michael what do you think of the new Nike ad campaign but called cabinet. Myself that have been a political. Not a very good good good mean. Or. There earth that could recoup was that. Well out. About what.