The Real Post Game Show - Patriots can't convert a single third down as they get throttled 27-20 by Miami 12-11-17

Tuesday, December 12th

Hour 1: Butch Stearns and Fred Smerlas breakdown the Patriots embarassing loss to the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football.  The Patriots didn't convert a single first down and were outplayed in just about every single category of the game.


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Linda and butchery Glen arbor who had been laid off because he's sleeping on is my pillow and he has to get up early yet figured he's leading in pajamas off tagged get up with the OIMF. And be ready for that hey if you're driving home from the game or watching the game wherever you work. Join friends Burleson myself ports Stearns are here for the next two hours 617779. 7937617. 7797937. We say we go right to the phones Freddie doing butchered pilots go to Dino in New Jersey. Mum. Well that's not in the Q each restart Jimmie and Sox let's go to dean when New Jersey hello dean out. They buried or. So I mean aren't aware are. You. I mean you talk about the dolphins play fair they are physical but if Georgia they. How about current. I mean Brady was awful and right we can agree with very little. Incorporated cook right. Top receiver. Now it went department saying wrapped in this card locked in rating cooks them a week of a do nothing like no adjustments we're not gonna do. You know. A couple rubber out album called get on the beat use these. No adjustment yeah you're crossing route. I am a goal. Late in the third quarter it was more muted brought it for an up and the world we the most prepared team very. How can we get there we got the ball first and goal from the quarter inch line and this other group review. Iron. We're not ready with our place. We let me get up on the line Brady motion to white form warm and all the way across the field while I'm driving or we've crossed the field. Could do what rollout. They do that or do that the check to cover well and it was also play where I don't know what you're undercover pitino in him and what it. Read this and he also made a big mistake on their play because he. Approached the line and went towards the defense before and analyzed don't turn don't they're not supposed to. But how about we got the primary outright we don't have the primary and only skated toward. And recovered onside kick. So do you have moments or hang we could go on and on and on your recap in the whole game if you read this summit up. If if if your friend came you didn't see the game tomorrow and wanted to short answer what's the short answer this question why did the patriots lose tonight. I mean all know what what's the short answer. I'll play one content deploy. The other bit. All right I like it and I agree with you and I think Freddie ages Saturday if that is the funny on the strikes by and we try to give the game. You know three and Altria print out the patriots get the ball back and can't move now one thing we don't know. Is the adjustments on the routes this team's side adjusts so Tom strong ball one way and cook has gone the other way so who's making a mistake we don't know that. We don't know if you can catch a ball to the one catch a ball game. And he was getting hold a lot of you can all forget about who pumpkin go to on for the ball short. It was supposed to come back we don't know that I'll Freddie major career. On the defensive side of the ball found Miami coming into the scheme on I think in this. Okay grants now plane in the ski right now ninety he's had ever had Amendola Mina adamant all year long. But Bronx not playing this game. So we have a deep threat who can really hurt us is branding cook's take Brandon coax away. So they had help over the top. Where he played aggressive all the what was Tom under through Heathrow or only cooks can out run the guys to get it. He might actually has come through a bad ball that hung in the year. And in cook sent the slowdown. And got caught up in the ball in the center for food beat on him in and he ran to catch it. It a bit of scored Tom was off what would you agree that a big part of it Zabian Howard was the guy. A big part of their defensive game plan was to coax away Kooks away. Take him a goal way. And hold him we was told it all very cut and it was 11 passes. The quick and they're 12 yards and a time. But the think about this guys it gave the Packers football back several times down like ten in the fourth quarter play at time and the patriots could over. Three times in a rope couldn't get a first down always over eleven. 04011 order down it's the first time and Tom Brady's career is not completed in the third down back to the calls we go. The patriots had the ball well last minutes in the dolphins they were out gained by over a hundred yards by the dolphins in the routes scored most importantly. 27 to twenty boost for the third time this year we go to Sam in hammers from the real post game show I Sam it's up during. He would do it. Want to talk. Couple things Padilla. The offense and I number one be receivers their ability to open create a separation. It looks would be able to go deep it is not being able across middle. Same with Avant Poland and vote in January effectively settlement out church calendar offense that cross opened up. And a lot. At 150. Last week. So that you take that in image elbow in your report if you're Bob prolonging it would the second highest court in the NFL. You take your use you've second best weapon of prosperous Lebanon and governor's second missed a weapon but we still saw our. Object they withdrawal to the root of the for the backs the whole game down the stretch it couldn't get a wide receiver open. Yet there are shown coach has been jet that collided there is one of the corners to back up to tonight. I take it away in the third quarter report they had their first completion to cheaper which is just what we really concerned these guys. Getting a no no completion I think you just said there but no completions. In the first half to a wide receiver think about that that's a that's a telling stat right there. Yeah and I think I personally think Brady's playing injured grade now. The fact he's been missing practice and if you look at the ball she's drawn especially to his receivers. More tigers outfielder hauled down there and use under her own. He's got I think something wrong with him I think he's just getting battered back there. That he's gone on honestly in the decision to not run the no huddle and I just made absolutely no sense to me albums. It would take a lot of time and every play tunes like. I know what is like seven minutes left to walk the line of scrimmage or just hurry get to the wall homage speeded up to speed up speed it up. They never tried I don't know why did you do him something was wrong thanks for the cost him I I think the one thing that Stucco meets him just said about throwing the ball low but that's. That's orchestrated on Britain's part oftentimes he throws the ball low because it's not going to be picked off time and if it is going to be caught many companies guys to me can't really have it both ways. He can't be thrown the ball high over the middle. And have just six interceptions for the year that's why he has fewer interceptions he doesn't take the chances the most. Quarterbacks take so I don't think that's an indication that he's hurt I think is that most around his reasoning out of the cabinet but I think there are other indications in Europe or throw the ball low was not one of them. To me about to graduate when when your plane to watch the patriots are precision team. Those receivers gotta make the right now is that the receivable 12 steps to file. And doctor Arnold coming back he's yelling something. When a guide Sheehan Juli you're in trouble they come back for the ball right. And I didn't see that today right so he's hold the ball old ball waiting for something when he's on the pressure they need to come back. I didn't see the total Rocco and sockets on the real post game show would phrase moralist and Butch Stearns hello Rocco. Guys in Iraq has stopped also pay lip and the British want to play at 245. They're gonna need you back armament correct decade when he is to pick pretty killer army is that he did not do you're not allowed to kill you cannot Houston game. They exposed until that I have not just this game last week total. Omnia I don't executive that solid right guard meant leaving didn't continue to get trapped or given a free agency so he. He's a personable and so left guard. I left congress Mason is less is not agree pastor to his great run block right. But they are missing Angel like templates comes in and in the back steps up in the book and blitz comes clean. Make sure you don't that blitzes coming knew who to pick a guy. I'm attack that linebacker complain you know Rocco I think to reset what's whose bad weeks in a row now he had a bad game against. Annan on noted that it would lead you to that here we are all I think the patriots that's where you go after Brady meant I don't know about. And I think the the the flood appreciative of males I Freddy you played in the air so you know that I think. The the three guys rigged Robert Beckel I think the interior guys. When it comes to from David Andrews when it comes to Jack Mason when it comes to Joseph Toomey. I think they've been pretty damn good for two years here I I want to attach to it makes a lot of good blocks that play important well. Outside line linebackers are making a lot of pressure on through we have to step up a lot because those guys have come a couple of blitzes came clean up the blitz comes clean. Then not. Did not. Shifting their responsibilities for guys to mature left you to make sure forgot we come back or you can pick them. Like I sustain and and note that faith in the blitz and drop off right comment. They confuse your office a line of you to here's some of the more reporter on the wide receivers too there were a lot of times when the dolphins did blitz. Where they pick it up where they get a chip on a guy. And then Brady would hesitate throw the ball normally got a hot read normally get a guy feels the adjustments are being made here that is the receivers are not making me just always look at that rules by Tom he'll look at bad. Routes by receivers. You know run so hard for the average fan deceived by you know so close and we got thrown into an actor froehlich on. In you miss them almost every time lol out of the right to left. Something's gotta be up with that connection and grind it and as always sent a note Tom's playing like he's in Miami and Florida and coax is playing like he's in Alabama you know than there are two different. World. Eliciting the real post game show on a rare night night in the patriots lose not real that they lose in Miami Tom Brady seven and nine. In his career now in Miami. Patriots go to live I ten in three on the year. Pittsburgh won last night somehow but all of this town in Pittsburgh was down by eleven points with nine minutes left in the fourth quarter and came back won that game right. Patriots we're down by ten points in the fourth port and get the ball over and over and over again couldn't pull it on the first play. If they wanted to play the its offer to get lost it throws the ball to a to the tide and he gets a two yard loss you can continually go third thirteen. You're not gonna make it third one they could make you remember that play. And adding that and then Ortiz is four minutes left is forced out I don't Q what is your run time if we timeout you need to school is you gonna go for it. Watch the game tonight is frustrated driving home and back 61777979837. Freddy's moralist is here butch earns taking your phone calls. Up until two William we go to Victor in New York on the real post game show. Really was wasn't it was an ugly game to watch even if they even if they pulled this one out and you've seen it so many times. It was just ugly ones and fourth quarter they hit the ball back he said they could drive down the field at least get a field goal range and make it a one point one Rezko game. And they couldn't move the ball. Article to a hard nosed Lawrence got a drop that. He had always tells us. I look basically get wrapped at the successful well c'mon Freddie knows that when you play defense of Lyman and smashing it against other guys' heads all the gloves on your hair if it's ethnic your hands and didn't really. Why had a job in shall not look back on that are now Elop I don't how to you would add it up basically. Same with. It's about luck but the capacity of France right if he turns around it's in its in the dissection. They usually have been a field. Plays within make the plays Miami made the plays on because we haven't played on these. Here's the funny part is completely try to give the patriots the ball back as an office changed and that would give the patriots. Time after time after time the ball well Fred you keep mentioning that so let's go down the stretch. 2717. Right Brady scored eleven minutes and 43 seconds to go in the game. Patriots defense holds them they get the ball back they go three and out. Which they gave up seven times in this game 77. Time anyway both ran out. Like three little wore a four times so yeah yeah and points eight minutes ago. Dolphins have the ball they have a third down by the way to early for fourteen on third down. They throw what's the game winning clinching nail in the coffin touchdown. Did you keen grant the kid who scored against Butler any drops and there. But that sets up you're talking about the ball game at the clock stops so patriots get the ball back what do they do they go three and out for the sixth time. They give it a Miami Miami goes three and out they get it back with 517 lap. The eagle three at seven. And put the ball my goods. And then it was like it was like him it's like the wall the wallet to appoint you couldn't get over right. And how huge deal one person in three days. That was puts I mean. Just. Sort out there if you lose by twenty what's the difference you gotta you gotta go for kinky for all that one. House and then have a clear second out and nine and then third down and ate it in Austin is a penalty doubts are gone thirteen to fourteen and he got to go for the big play well what was a third twenty. And they get about 8108 odds and odds on the last time in his fourth it was a four now four minutes left and they put the ball you know what to put the ball tool. 6177797937. Got a couple of open lines for right now and adequate break. Come right back if you watch this game there's 2720. Loss to the dolphins in Miami. What frustrates you the most about the patriots what does this mean in your mind heading into Pittsburgh next week and three final games of the year. The if you haven't looked. Jacksonville Jaguars are now just one game behind the patriots so there's no guarantees they'll get a body if they lose in Pittsburgh. Next week 6177797937. The real post game show. Stick around be a part of it. Taking you. Announcement definitely. Passed my. Any questions from the beginning and. He must have been real play that was twenty seconds. Of Belichick's press conference we're gonna play the whole thing. But I think it only went 31 seconds and in that twenty seconds I believe. There was about eighteen seconds of silence. From Belichick. Who puts it. Like you if someone was looking to get that type risk. Odds for him because you don't ask him questions like that after a game like this is a good thing anybody was looking ahead last time papers to borrow. Last time they lost to a rose two years ago I believe it was Arizona. And member of the home game they lost and then they lost to come to this question but a lot a look at up yeah meanwhile I mean they're. Every once a while they have a game like this the Patrick feels. Actor shall lost that game assure lodged with his point. There are code team frog team they beat the teams they should they do a lot of close games ago the shuttle lost the via the game to Detroit which lost a game in Green Bay nationalized the game. Last week easily and they didn't just reverted to the patriots should never losses game. In a clutch went on delegates it'll hope you'll binge or give it up by like you said. No checks of those coming on strong well let me bring that up and let me answer your question directly got tons of phone calls wanna get right back to them. Your question correct causes at times. It's felt no open lines right now 61777979%. Last time the patriots lost two in a row you remembered very well. It was the last time they lost. The road game it was in Miami in the week before that was the jets game. Do you remember the and it cost them the AFC championship game on the road as opposed to at home. Right remember and they and they lose and in Denver and they won eight role on the road last year six and this year and now they've lost again. They lost to a row. Three weeks before that when they lost at Denver and overtime 32 point four. It was a crest of the punt Chris Harris I think democracy healthy people on the plane right there should stay away from the and then they lost the next week at home to Philadelphia. In that game where you know. Again it was not Belichick's greatest coaching job on the stretched they lost for the last six and constantly did go home field advantage in the seat now. Here's why next week right back to the call after this. Pittsburgh's eleven into patriots a tenant three we know he's been talking or thinking about Jacksonville at all they're 94. And here's the deal they play tough defense and Ron noble the patriots game in Pittsburgh next week is a must win. Not because of the AFC championship game but for a body. Because of the patriots lose next week in Pittsburgh and go to ten and four they become the number three seed with a seven and three conference record. And Jacksonville has an 82 conference record and by the way here's Jacksonville's final schedule they play Houston at home they should be just now. They play at San Francisco. Two BJ might he indicated meet them. And they bella added because of injuries and so another Tennessee Tennessee can be through the biggest significance to me of this loss tonight to the patriots. Is it not only might have to go on the road the AFC championship game them out of the plane extra playoff game now if they lose the. Some are summon up. Sure it's in the patriots fans. Correct yes they dig directed all around us that we their jobs their own destiny so they have to cream puff so this was the cream puff. They thought the patriots fans thought the picture three cream puffs. And then Pittsburgh right correct. The cream puff and blow up in the face. Rocks gonna come back breaker to lose you don't lose too. When they were Tom plays a bad game like that I remember we've got to Miami over the five and deception gaming had. Five inception and he came back the next next week it lit it up. Shall all histories on this side. Kiss from his on this side and down by ten million in the ball that was some democracy so we went out game it's in the hands. The normally pickers take your business of soul have to say this wasn't a must win brokerage like you said you go to Pittsburgh beat that you have the advantage head to head. With the tide racquet. That's what's I've back to the phones pretty you know were more than half an hour into the real post game show I haven't been here awhile yet and we haven't on the Jimmy from saga ship today. And it looks like that doctrine BC dot. Deep down inside patriots. Eight. See why hasn't he got juries that if you have you reviewed through lightness. Yes anybody else Jimi or is that it. Well I can't get happily live. Commanding guys can't correct next weekend to tinker. Are IG OK guys who every optimistic my producer Chad Amro at fox had the right seat doing the real post game show on a tech guy Jimmy from sagas McAuliffe and ocean giving you know he said he goes. She these calls are so bad that they're great. He's consisted of him that he brings light spirit let's go to Jason in a car wants talk about the fourth quarter officiating really wanna talk about the officiating in this game Jimmie and enjoys. I want to ask about it. They catch that we thought it would in any lot since then that's a legitimate point. I thought that was a touchdown I thought he broke the plane with a ball didn't shoot it look like as he had to go replays showed that there are out there that are out the spot if they called. And a touchdown that would replace it would've that would've played it. If it's a touch style and automatically they were just replayed whether to catcher not just seal point Freddy is that because they. Didn't call a touchdown on the revealed in review it yet in review it looked like he was pretty close to focus as well no but they do a review because they choose your legislatures from right they came back and reviewing its decision was a cash but god was a touchdown given how can they do that because you're stupid. They arrest. They make crappy calls. Every single player showed it on his back with all I can. But Jason let's just play your game for second let's say they called an attachment lead it was a minute 45. Left it would Adam and a 45. After what you Soledad onside kick you have any feet they would have recovered the onside kick the derivative and one that was the worst onside kick. Just punched like little pulled a little poll that goes to and it does it would have gone. Ten that you know if Miami was survive without several slope there would've backed off. Let but by and let the patriots touch it. Because if they run and touch and they lose it. They can repair it which could recover it if it doesn't go to dad's. It's the ball anyway so Jason your car was about the officiating I don't think anybody believes that they lost the game because of the officiating if you have. It just got back on I understand but if you had to answer these questions simply. Again you wake up tomorrow you talked to a body of friend you wife who had seen the game how did they lose how do you answer that simply. It's on them. On one patriots who was on the paper that's okay. OK so called experts down the stretch of close and points and you get the ball back play at time that you can't move it's on the papers they had the game. They wanted to buy Amy golf as a tough trip back in the Miami Dolphins they couldn't move the ball for the picker at the ball back. I don't know what alcoholic you can stop everything. Right game planning like you we always see the patriots game play just what the other team's going. Blitzing in his column. If they're blitzing that taken some 100. Sociology at me being a man and then they adjustments happen on the field so was it Tom. Throwing bad balls as she was told that it ought to add yet. Fall for that second to throw the ball into an avenue when a pro well. Whether it was receivers or whether it was Tom we're going right down to Miami now franks just leave in the union are calling this Freddie. He's disgusted with the Brady disgusted frank. Well absolutely. Disgusting. I I can't all of it. Let's let him go it like that in the read outs whatever I mean the balls were going to oversee. All right. The pressure was on I would watch big gain the previous caller tell you that was that we can't stop I would in that ads aren't telling you what edged out. Well I watch on TV season is too close of. Solved and I'm telling it was right I was there a special honor right decked. What are you so just what what why is this thought license on it Brady more than anybody else. Look at all the rose to branding cooks a they were off by beat up by door. Let me ask you question how do you know they're pretty cooks didn't run the wrong road. You know that's SharePoint and normally that would support. I think he was awful also today what would you miss that many times in an acrid thriller like Tom or he had chance of Parole Board two times in just couldn't find into an open. There was a lot of coverage is supposed to be adjustments so I can't I know 200 play great game. But I also think the receivers who are not run great routes. What went almost rose two Alan I didn't understand that mean that they were they were like balloons. Points. Zero blitz hopefully beat beat a one means 260 pound guy so I'm not gonna disagree with you the Brady didn't drape himself in glory in this game. But here's how I see the cook's situation. Cook's was targeted seven times he was O for six until that one catch in the end right. But the first time he threw to branding coach frank what happened Brady under through it because he saw safety help coming over the top Zeev reader. What's his name I forget his last yeah maybe intercept Asia pitcher and I think Brady got a little gun shy with Cox after that. Yeah listen I think there's any time where you're looking at realizing that you know what Ron does the game. I mean you can see how how it opens up I itself right and we played great. But they were they were western they are solvent while one emerges Brady had a though the Pakistan holed it mid game. I don't know where to set I mean c'mon get back on the field he sat why it. Has gotten through you through Lewis yet brutal light you're prudent hang on 12 for carrot. He caught some balls he kept thrown to the backs because I think their plan was to take out. Take out cook's right in rely on the debt backs that's what they did frankly you are you from Miami are you from Boston we are down there. I'm I'm originally from Connecticut may have been living in now I did little Miami got the last fifteen how many. How many patriots fans are what percentage of the fans were pitchers all. All my got him this type that was the whole game compatriots. I am telling you. Well really wasn't because you didn't hear him a lot in any earmarks don't read beaches there Demi will bring an epic right away kind of took the crowd out of it if you will. Are listening so I got into this game a cage eighty and why he even got at least seven. I'm telling you right now every creature creator going ogata. My. Emmy for it or lose this game. I am watching the under eight minutes or -- I'm going you know I walked in making it loses game I but we lost not beacons. I over a loose I bought mine who's gonna want it all day we want defense this point everybody on the Laporte what was gonna happen at Aubrey was just a light the whole thing. First they work up much yet he did not play as Brady let us. But I am telling me that couldn't get over it. Trying to plug a lot about solve Brady. I am I yeah I guess again the butchery abuse go five interceptions on the ago wiped out you but I think what is really but hold about. We're so used to see into bomb at the fourth quarter. Come back how many great plays you make during the season to get us to this point he beats are forget the Super Bowl Augustin but almost even this year through some unbelievable passes. And cokes or whoever. To win games that they thought without the loss of publicly used in game they could have easily one in three. And the first to Shaun wants and he played American and even Carolina game we came all the way back and it just went with the North Face of but I think it was so used to seeing Tom Brady lighten up on the stretch no please ban. At the end of game to drive drive the ball the Tom Brady so much it's almost mythical Sinegal pong here all republics that it comes again until next time. But that tabloid. To get a guy like frank to get a patriots fan to call up and say they're disgusted with the Brady that means you made him look like most of the other quarterbacks in the NFL. To me. Give Miami a little bit of credit with the as because it was a pretty simple formula again to meet Freddie I didn't play. The NFL like you did but if I'm on that defense that side of the players going broke his arms don't go on but if I'm on that defense of the side of the ball right anomalous in my defense of coordinator. And they are saying hey boys follow this plan they do not have Barack. These guys are not gonna fight to get open so we're gonna make this hard on him have faith and our defensive line they're gonna put enough pressure on him they're gonna get stuff done. And and what would that's what we're gonna do and they made Brady look ordinary because. Once he threw that pick once staffers whose apprehensive of course he has he's like anybody else what it's put the nation switched they would was all right. And they pay in the papers down the field of school orders will result at the end of the game they were too was only it would in the zone patriots ripped it up. At a went on the 14 line. And in the end of the twenty outline have to kick a field so they switch for some reason in Miami static kill the clock run the ball that would pass the ball. A couple times which they stop the clock gave the ball back the patriots know they came Miami again but the patriots never became the patriot. You're listening to the real post game show I'm what Stearns along with Fred's moralist patriots lose in Miami 2720 we're going to be here for another hour and fifteen plus minutes. Taking your phone called the breaking news right now. On the NFL network has suspended. Marshall Faulk Ike Taylor and Heath Evans. While the company conducts an investigation into allegations. That they sexually assaulted and harassed a former wardrobe skip Silas. Scott slash net a Bloomberg reports. According to Scott Sasha at a Bloomberg this is a tweet. I X at NFL network employee alleges sexual harassment against former executive. Current former talent including Marshall Faulk warrants cap Donovan McNabb Ike Taylor. Heath Evans Eric Weinberger who now runs Bill Simmons the ringer so all those people are listed in the tweak. But the NFL network has suspended just Marshall Faulk I tailoring Heath Evans. As of right now I'm a lawsuit was filed on October 6 by this former employee who was a former wardrobe stylist. But the NFL network but as of tonight. The NFL network has suspended Marshall Faulk. Ike Taylor and former patriot Heath Evans for armed sexual assault. Allegations time fresh take another break on the real post game show will be back with more of your calls it 617. 77979837. After the patriots lose in Miami 2720. It's. As progress continue to worsen that so. Instead on the field and decision making plays and just to vet myself. Had a lot of good nights this year and this was bad. You know what Richard. Some guys guys and says to us that he's discussed who come pre operational easily in passing. They're there to topple AFC's. I mean that with all the injuries they've had veolia. Can't be an issue troop third string quarter. There from Jacqueline. You two studs on the go to guys are gone. Right in India have a bad. I would say it currently winning all these high power was out and I was is out of the two best defensive players besides. A Freddie I would look at what is and is. I was surprised of the play at that. Leveled this law to all those into good point and I'll give you that point but I will say this could mean we all know Brady is set the standard so high. That when you look at a night like tonight. It's sold below standard I mean you know number I always exceptional. It of course it's the exception here's the number placed three to roll sensors so here's the number I look at more and more were buried in completions. How mean completion you know we had tonight nineteen. And you know what's more telling he was a low for his bed is the first half once they ran six plays and gained two yards in the first quarter alone. But in just replied. He finished the first half eleven of sixteen he had five in completions the second half. Thirteen of 26. He would. Perhaps as a liberal ways to pressure thirteen in completions Freddie illustrators have those pressure when Wrangler it that's why only two trips to act I think the combination of palm want be it on. The receivers at GM would get off in the black approach lack of protection. All those things culminated to a terrible day but still had a chance to win but let's look at the two interceptions because they're both huge. You start the game it's the first drive from Brady he's trying to establish brand in Koch's right. He's trying to get the ball in his hands because he knows that 'cause I go underneath and get lack okay. And what does he do he under throws him. He throws a bad ball it's picked off the kid makes a good play but it sets it to own it sits atop Miami's like here we go. Miami Dolphins fans who've seen Brady losing their before like here we go we can be Brady so that sets the tone right Miami comes on the defense holds them. To to feel most. Now you start the second half when you think it at halftime when they kick the field goal member of the patriots got to feel all right down by 313 terror by the way. Heard stat it's the tenth time this year that the patriots have scored points with a minute or less on the clock going into the half. And now like they always do they deferred so they're getting the Balkan on the second are gonna change their what do they do. Rating goes up top tries to find cooks seems situation but the guy makes a great play now and makes another pack. And now that said it only Cole's second half. They were reading things and adjusted net safety Kimmel were being placed tremendous but. As usual the game's got to change in Miami was changing back to Miami defense to stop them in given to on the ball back. With plenty of time the school says OK guy we had a shot there really they came back down growth now it's the patriots dynamic couldn't deliver but they still. Where a chance to win a game he won't play completely terrible. Right both. And we it was unusual it was unusual not to see you brought this up numerous times now of how many opportunities dolphins gave him how many chances that it has had on the stretched. But what's on usual to see is a Brady fan. Is that he usually comes through and I was situations not even get a first down was was I thought they were gonna tie that game they are gonna I always possessions he had matured while wanna on the gonna get. At least a field goal. Is discussing it to sixty I through broken at some positions could kick field them out once school you're back in the Freddie and have that happen after they scored to make it to ten point game 2717 think about this. Of the 73 announced they had they had three of them. After that touchdown 340 you know I know in that situation and only score a little too. Law that that that kick off return they get up all the way up like the repeat that again ultimately I was dead apparently bottle and I in the twelfth and I don't think about if you're too. To forest Nazi approval ratings so everything was going from not a good well as well as they've played for having as many injuries I tell me. And and fly out poses a pass. That's a pastor I wanna talk next hour wanna talk about the defense because they didn't have filed in noise. And they didn't have trees flowers and I think it ital is off the two that plays in elements up and we've known high output and that we play is to right so you overcame that and I get more guys hurt. So the patriots got to give them as well as they're played with his injuries that they have a book. That's what happens next go to Pittsburgh. Well. Were coming up on the top of the hour we get another hour to go on the real post game show it's a bad night for the patriots you all know that. You're heading home we're going to be here till 2 AM 6177797937. Europe fox. About this patriot loss if you wanna look ahead if you don't want to dwell on what happened to we're gonna do both coming up in the next hour. Let's look ahead the patriots now. On and it's not just the cliche they have a must must win. In Pittsburgh because here is what it's at stake either the number one seed. The number three seed it's pretty much that simple if you look at the standings yeah others three weeks to go he a lot can happen but if the patriots beat the Steelers. In Pittsburgh you shouted Freddie they control their own destiny there in the driver's seat and they can still get the number one seed and a daily Pittsburgh two home games. If they lose to Pittsburgh. They become the number assuming the Jacksonville beach Houston home next week which I'm assuming you know while Jackson girls nine and four if the patriots. Who's next week. In Jacksonville wins next week the patriots have a number three seed and don't control their destiny going into the end video chat right now they can control their destiny. Had a bad game generally. We've seen history to pay two to have a bad game and all those bad games have been a Miami. They come back and they play extremely well here's what's at stake next week think about it. Patriots are gonna be in the playoffs right. A road to the playoffs that includes what's included in many championship seasons. Buy into home games correctly if they win next week. If they lose the potential that not only have to play three playoff games but really of what game and fox are that if elected state next week. A lot of credit. I go to this game in the east and support for the game with this isn't to a guy game if they lose this game they would Pittsburgh went out they still have the number one seed. So I don't know if they took my did didn't seem to have the energy they usually have the newseum the emotional. Miami didn't go anywhere they are fired up they played they played extremely well for most of the game but like you said the trip back to Miami on the stretching gave the patriots opportunities they just could go. They couldn't. Cap that we couldn't captains who have come quite capitalize on those which is very usual but that's not the goal. The norm as they come back and in the games are great and it is so I'm gonna just caught coming out that was emotional last week you take you breached cut out. I think analog to do with that also that avoids. Out of the UK interest rupiah have grabbed some plays but the poisoning I've topography of the yeah all of offers. Pull coupled ball away from the defensive backs. So welcome back going to put Pittsburgh. I pick for great let's go to Todd in north kinks now. Rhode Island hello Todd. They got it under an excellent. Idea of real quick Kerry I just to vacuum so much of us our air about to ring. What was that arm right chick who would be sure that I. You know what the funny prizes it is the butchery. Mister butchering. It's a Miami played at stupid stupidly Edward. Because that ball was this property rights then shot in the ball. They could've kicked it meant that it's alive ball the picture's gonna go out and they should just stay active. And it into what was I the only thing in hindsight the only thing I can think about the logic of that is. She placed the ball domino like an eight re you don't put it on the T you don't bounce it like ally to Israel go. Which you kick it straight ahead in by kicking it soaks low if it did go ten yards. You've now got all your guys up there that have a chance to get that ball so becomes a rugby scrum so I don't know maybe they've. Maybe they've done that before practice I got to believe he's done that both Joseph judge is I mean that that's the play they wanted to run. But when it fails and doesn't go ten yards on my goodness it looked like the worst play ever. As coach up in the air. Have you guys what that guy's gonna catch a chance to Barbara for just. Green Bay amendment to the guys stressed about product couple years ago so. It just didn't work and hit it's hopefully it. The the key point is they wanna stay with the ball when the run when he can slow roll like that and once it hits the turnout or the other team it is an appeal. Which are the point on. Greg I'm. God man and I just think principally call me Ballmer it was a good thing is all the all the way around. Think about this. As good as it was they had about three or four over to a recent turn around the world war. They did and I and it figures like the plate Coles who warms me want a system that Stucco are commercial it was first out or not but. It was third and more and I mean those guys could catch and then why would keep passing it like any candidate who works. They were advertisers go what is the point you're making a thing you know he's one of the lowest. The worst teams against the run you know right and the worst team against the run we could we get a couple runs of the most by the at two or three guys that it will miss the paso. On third and second out and now it's third down and on the third one that he was talking about it was a pastor Rex Burkhead. Amber he hit Birkhead in stride the problem was two linebackers read it in that one yard. Turned into a three yard long running flat out there running straight out of so once they hit him to stop them for neither of those guys get a great job they read the defense I mean they. They really did do due diligence of Boston in the papers because they pulled him. Thomas Fuller if they can't of one of running at him he probably could drag of were first out but they mail them to stop them cold. All right more on this game the patriots 2720 loss in Miami more analysis from Fred's moralists. I'm Butch Stearns along side we'll hear from Tom Brady when you come back the another hour to go on the real post game show after a rarity. Patriots loss and a rarity on the road they lose another one come back for more on the real post game show.