Real Post Game Show - The Patriots clinch home field in the playoffs after beating the Jets. 12-31-17

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Sunday, December 31st

Glenn and Fred continue to talk about the Patriots win against the Jets and they also talk about the AFC playoff picture and which team they would rather face in the divisional round. We also hear from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after the game. 


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Bud team he's over four packs and she acts and now the most comprehensive review of it begins seize these no real post game show on Sports Radio WEEI. We'll post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out got plenty dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and reds Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. This all links final scores 46 deception. Patriots head of the season at thirteen and three. But what does that all mean going to afford by the by the way Fred I just gave you the weather forecast. If we had a playoff game here next weekend. Let's sit patriots should not take care of business on the last couple weeks. And they with a number three seed and had to play a playoff games here. It's a word game on Saturday. It might Saturday night which they love to get the patriots on Saturday night the networks love. Saturday night you're talking 48 low. A minus. Nine degrees. Right seven Asia are high for the day so they had eight game that would be your high. But as you go later into the day below minus nine someday. Below would be two degrees that's what they're predicting for next week so thank got when a player football in next week it physically this was bad. This would have a lot. Worse next week. You know it. So in those games well covered to a few of them it is no way to go coveted kindness you're barbecuing outside you can it sit there. In an innate tailgate for a couple hours I provided to lie we tell you something I have to admit you're before. People come here and they don't think it's ever that cold they don't put enough cold cold this was Cole looked at closure we yeah. You're brave this weather. All I can tell you is that Ted's around this was still doing radio host he would have retractable. Roof talked right now what do you think we did a retractable wrote. I took the phone calls we go here's Doug at Foxboro laid out. Are we going to Doug. Thought it would talk about how. You know it really shows the Hewitt might have a lot of talent on their roster but they're coaching that really doesn't know how to sushi. Just food that talent old players still haven't got to use them because Jim's hair dug up again today. He played half the game he had a big strip sack at the end there he played amazing if you look like he was still young. Well they have the tribute or or our linebackers are a lot is tremendous. And I in the youngsters at play and if so he became. And had not necessity and what the so they could use of as a you know there's insurance policy to his old look into your loving. You know what if dugout that it's any different that would Belichick does here. Is that you've got the old veteran player and he's got a younger player behind them and suddenly the younger player takes over. I think come on each 39 years old now for do we blame. You're right he can't help because there are two things he still could bring to the table. And then we've been talking about it the two things that doing light defensively with that front seven so he can be a plus here as a situation little guy. Put in Pittsburgh I can get I understand it. How were those which replied back from Scotland paper. All of awful wheel well what's the all innovative I'm shutout. A lot maybe we'll we'll we'll build it in two. A great job with what they have remarkable. Coaching job I think the last five or six games say the lowest score on defense in a well correct. So I think a lot of people you know here gonna do this PG you saw her some play and as he said he played he played well today and I thought he was out there. What defense you think people around the country are looking at Belichick went suddenly you don't see this guy play and of that guy playing away and he's at. Well you don't explain this young kid where these kids Kelly trump. Well they see something during the course of the week working with the player every single day that they don't player can do can't do and they must have better personnel. That they can keep opted for four out of the field right. We've been trying to I think Pittsburgh probably as is talented team offense should eventually. Miserable you would decide yeah with the quarterback receiver running back office of light tight ends good. Defensive linebackers because of defense who live there are extremely I simply the second there was others over release it that's week in their offensive line is really good and that was a problem for the two years ago and it got solidified that really policy was always great to hear a lot better. Across that line right now that they were couple years ago did you write their very Celtic team. It makes sense to me that eventually the clock ticks out and I could see it happening with with that person down there. And yet it's different awful lie about it for a quarterback Corbett doesn't need to strengthen. To keep perspectives I've had it was a young you have your mind that's what clicked on it you can get where the ball. Different well that's what I probably have the oldest players the league usually quarterbacks. Office of death sentences out of the last a long time to run our totality Cleveland. Kelly congratulations. Fixation. It. Well what difference does it make sixteen it'll always succeed it's perfect. Now it's either way it does look at all the perfect season going dikes that 78 VC would or eleventh captain that day. Yes. Robert and with the loans and I've sort of it's also what about that. Under what happened with that. Grovel tree I'm very. Specific as possible. Devastated when the browns currently in cash. Now have a good traitor to insult in the AFC I think that's what it kept that I would of gave the whole team up for ever. So quick. Let's go to questions. Not you can you could argue the point now it's it's it's an agency promised you could argue the point. Or no. You radiate all your checked out a road I mean eventually you can't hit as bad guys drop below 11 game two years from against this Bill Bennett are here. She resides in its. This is. The issue should football started the year. In global trade war even tell you that. Well why wouldn't trade of fantasy. If you think if you risked out yeah. And make that team the next election a Great Britain beat him in the playoffs suppose you can get a lot more in return to form if you could have gotten the fourteenth pick. See I think at the ruffle thing is something that we're gonna talk about Fred certainly sports talk radio for years and a signature. That took years to go we're going to be talking about to grapple. New. You do what we don't know yet who he was good I knew he was better than good. I've watched them a close loved that a quick release he knows. He's got pocket presence you know. And it looks it looks it looks pretty good there because he looks pretty good I think the one question you have about them is the way he plays to see not subject himself. More injuries than that we discussed this guy's been a Mitchell out of Miami Damon played for a while they're really good job they may have a ton of money go Detroit flopped off while ago what. Certified by involve other jobs that you could run double what it was almost all of they're they're committed to well for a little while that you don't get a book on them. And they that is not quite what they've really thought that pretty it's the book's not out on Jimmy hit it as a release removes all the pocket. Is he susceptible to injury played three quarters here and they've got hurt so. You don't always showed me you know what they do is they thought it was going to be good so why put an extra threat in the AFC. I don't you know doctor obvious here but I will say this it's going to be a great talking point of sports talk radio years from now. If Jimmy can Rob Lowe continues to play at a high level. And he turns teams around and suddenly excels in the postseason. And you're looking at Tom Brady. You know retired living goes where you know selling you know always products and stuff like that. And you're having trouble on television set and trouble finding a quarterback it's gonna talk ball throwers that we keep people up. A second trumpet etc. I'll pick it turns out to be it's gonna be like that before. Or. Like Cassell Cassell and get out of my uncle and a pennant in Kansas City. Rebel yes happily trade export to get rid of about fourteen million dollars in yeah. It had a decent yet you take rebels they'll be better than America. Yeah his stick it his whole function but he sees quickie release I want to prevent quickly they talked about that earlier poorly recently had a Marino like throw. Throwing obviously there are convertible radars are not compared. But he delivers up also quickly he doesn't give defensive backs a chance to bide our worst audience why you got a lot Lila. He's a pay 64 days guy why it's about time we get that ball out that you have a couple seconds he's amid jump on the outcome of auto. C and Indiana fell because defenses are so quick each year these days and they skiing so well so the confusion they come at different. You know it's not like the old days we U blitzer this week let's not come from all sorts of bagel both of you guys that you you'd get forty looks at. So the quick release is going to be a lot of a lot of stuff but I think it's up it's gonna be talked about for want to why did they not deal over the off season. Probably because they were a 100% sure that Tom Brady at age forty was gonna be able to come out and play at the site level. Now you go through half of the season you go to Halloween now because we have a late trading deadline and we just a few years ago. And ideal of a way if you make that phone call the San Francisco twenty minutes before they sit there and insert joke let's face interstate problem. Think there was ever noticed this before the post all interest they wanted to cousin's real threat. By the sort of if if I told you know Jimmy's out there and if you know these teams all of a look who did have a quarterback some had. Phase one phase two I want to Okajima and get the good news cousins probably for the same price. And that dealt Belcher finally calls and says okay it was a little bit but I'm. Not arguing the point but that is if you're if you're if you're Bill Belichick. That you can't carry that cap. French ice cap number at that number in your cap next year. He should you shake. What are you supposed to do Tom Brady is not falling apart in age forty though he may play another 2345. Years. What do you do what that situation I get that part of it that Belichick's looking at Gruntal can't play for us the other way of Iraq will still the on this team right now. He would go to the off season. And they would that they wouldn't I give up their franchise that they were hurt themselves and other areas would this football team. And you talked about it earlier they need help but he offseason this defensive front. Already they have the money right pickup spent some money kitty players if you would put forty million of your cap money into one position the quarterback position. You're capable of doing anything right or talk to our most of that right as corporal still doesn't apply. No we don't want you need to outside of three years is thirty years old now but if he becomes a superstar obviously. And there is the possibility. Based on what we seem to the first five games here. If he does it's gonna be questioned for years to come. It will be you know the biggest screw up like Belichick and by the way I haven't been many over the years all right so it's gonna stand out. That you only got let's say the fortieth pick 37 pick. In a draft that's the best you can don't look at the cuts years ago couple was available. Brees was available. Yes why haven't talked Culpepper they admit it's if they didn't if they took Marie breeze that probably still be into the playoffs and they don't mandate everybody wrote one of trouble and they might one day there wasn't there divisional champions right and they would over the tomato can't. For all bad decisions put them back yay so. This decision because you have a great quarterback right now was easier debate. We can't keep Jimmy we got a guy should be pretty this year acquitted tiller I've fuel it's open the door for for people looking at the driver's side project the future is gone. So and so go right what was the future he's now out of here and so what is the talk around here all of this could be the beginning of the end this is it. But I'll I'll I'll throw it out yet this well I'll defend your point. We'll spell check supposed to do. Now I would argue the point that I don't think he got enough for Jimmy to Rockwell I don't know if any could have aborted about this last call from Cleveland is correct. He was protecting his own interest within the conference. Is not feeling the Cleveland Teresa who got more. But if you think about it who would want them to buy everyone a one room every team and you rode your to jets repaid everything forum. President general haven't let but his value is increased dramatically dropped since people have actually seen him play for the 49ers let's backtrack let's go back to eight weeks now. Okay at the interest was different eight weeks ago to a high. It was high. It was hi Erica what they got I could've gotten more. But let's not get carried away in that eight weeks ago people had no idea who Rob Lowe was it you get to the end of this season. Grapple doesn't play out there that what Bryant boilerplate today four minutes or whatever three minutes and it gave me the ball law. You don't know drop below is other teams are still looking at tape. I don't know I still I subsequently take. Though there at the top pick coming out college let it go in that direction and maybe Cleveland would elect to go that. The old cousin who put you wanna do is there's a couple of stud quarterbacks out there that you know that a goalie and got one in four in this year's draft. They got potentially could have won so you have a couple quarterbacks but you know they have a what equipment all of that out of network over the head coach the first draft but it throws that would have you got ticket nurture. And it developed quarterbacks. I don't both those that proves that they bring it down because it's a crappy budget. It's like Cincinnati they have the smallest the smallest. They got to vote to block it out the scouts. And player development all the stuff that it makes a difference so public Cleveland you can get a stud quarterback for the draft is a problem right. It you can get a defensive lineman. Or you can just offer to receive it used to talking about the struggles to describe apple stores will be a story here and wait 68 years of it will be used to let's get your. Are you missed it by its last year's deficit Coventry Dennis. Hey that's post game show were wrong yeah she does these guys ready to love about them and tell us. I unfortunate situation that we lost grapple. I hate. If you question of a contract it would have been OK I don't know expel a Jacko crap at it why people. Ice sheet that they that was I like what would it say if they signed up to the actually achieved what what what better done to the salary deals. It also has record although Brady you know why I tell you why would kill it if you had. Really good players right now in it all facets of your of your your roster. You'd be okay but you see this team play right now all right and you look at that defense and you tell me. What to eat what they need to do any offseason they need to find some defensive help opt for now I tell you got a hold. The deacons back healthy but so far in his career he's not gonna healthy guy so they need to find some help. And that defense affront to do that humidity money in the cap. And if you were tied at forty plus million. With that quarterback position. You pretty much handicap. Now the thing is that grumble can't help you play next year Tom Brady's quarterback. So you're paying him 25 billion dollars to basically sit on the bench and take away maybe Castro should be unique. We're also Tom doesn't make what my. W three to a new contract understand that he's going to be payable that Bob. Did it didn't save all your wanna have Rebecca if you have good backups through a three positions. Let those free positions. That you have that on the field you have back considerable because good backups you mean you're gonna hate them but that is how sick this would you point about Kraft. I'm not sure was that class want it to get rid of grappled but it wouldn't surprise me at all if Kraft said listen we're not proven top. I'm not going anywhere you know I I I give you total authority built to do whatever you want but please help me. Not at all he's not going anywhere I don't think you have to see you know right Tommy represents. Far more than just the player he is right now he represents. The history of this treasure strike. But were you writing this franchise we eat you look back at it the one major turning points was when Tom Brady took over at one of the government yeah. You know is that they're never reach these heights five to simple bold you know the guy plays at this level what is about it. We're excited that it's out of the seven supports that government can play like this this report is a good idea. A guy let's say you like she what notes on Europe one radio so. I'll put it ought and I don't think graph committee to make suggestions but Belichick here he's in charge. Yeah but that's what those suggestions and if your bill what you don't have and Asia they don't. Do I do I really wanna get into that battle. And editor if hungry were falling off right now because. Belichick made. What turned out to be the Smart decision in Cleveland and it was a very controversial one with quibble when they when they had the quarterback problem there. And it involved the local quarterback that was all sorts of scenarios working at Barbara pretty yes and I I think he looks at it now he said. He still has the best what exactly just what the MVP award here for a little OK so it's not like you've got a quarterback that is falling to. Apart right now you're the quarterback at age forty. You can see it playing solid play get high level of the three people bring up the point they create Bledsoe within the division. Because he did prove that he's droplets until it yet he knew we could take about it there was weakness his wife is needed the same thing with Iraq Poland accomplishing that no mosquitoes can Russell Oscar. I've talked to people that that would know for more than that I would about this that. That that. Tell me that Belichick just shall be a door to rubble that's why I'm not surprised. If anything you saw on his way out with Belichick to a press conference talking about a guy I mean he wait. Overboard to talk about rubble I think that was all genuine a big deal really believes this kid is going to be. The legit big time play to what what you would be if we should try to sell products that you could dump on it. Should tell you believe there a reason it's going to be great pleasure is laughable and watch to get the most secure for not necessarily that. After the after the deal did it have to look a separate I think it's I think it's genuine I think it's honest I think he really believes. And what he saw every single day of practice the Jimmy Iraq blows to reveal and I don't think he wanted to give them up but I will so the question anybody has ever has argued. Over the last week and it's it's going to be a great debate as I said for years to count. What would you do. Differently that what Belichick did you could argue that say he should delta off in the offseason he could've gotten more rather than away from Cleveland. I but then you then. As you pointed out. You could be pitching three years are now that the Cleveland Browns are your biggest threat idiocy because Chevy rock almost just about right. But what's gonna happen is he gonna pay GBG three years. A 110 million barrels. That's your parents after three years. General Qaeda the opportunity. To review. So he's got so okay. It would not surprise me at all somewhere down the road. If Jimmy Jacobs back with his football team but I would say he would have to feel. For that actually happen. It failed because another team is just going to franchise right. They're gonna do what it would Washington is that two years or we'll have cousins they got right now I have to go get him but he's that it. I do what Jimmy from so does she get Jimmy from sought to generate. I don't unsuccessful. Bombing run bobbing down the uploaded earlier on New York Jets that we do. Imagine if you are casualties themselves like partners in an odd man by 617777. 93 showed that cellphone ever right here at the real close connection we return. To real post game show. We blended threat. It's more detailed analysis of the pats huge victory over New York presented by copper quest. Check outcome plenty dot com fight Anderson the Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. The only thing but it's. His dad that the patriots fan markets made front Donald Dion Lewis out of the end zone but do it. As if this thing as today the patriots didn't lose control plus smooth touchdown drive. As you play the game pretty Dion Lewis 26 carries rushing today. With a 93 yards and eight touchdowns six catches for forty yards. Targeted seven times six catches he had an touchdown catching the football 433. All purpose yards. And he is your players are dads don't yell out odd yards sponsored by cars for kids he easy way to donate the car. Go to today your car can be picked up to mark good cars for kid's doctor Al. Call 1877. Cars for kids candidates are still looking at the on ESPN at the box score of this game. And in the receiving corps. You'd do not even see a look at it the name promptly any cooks five receptions eleven targets. That you gotta have a dole deal lowest or should all that it tablet. Alan. Almost bolster a whole sir you have no rock whatsoever that were thrown not one target in this game to the mountain now. Early on. You can see it they were over playground. So they were making sure that there was no way you gonna get to drop so additionally. They then they're picking up what it was single coverage safety over the top hitting off. But they're constantly making sure that there were two people on the percent of all of brought it all tucked. But then as time went on you don't have the fear that Belichick said screw this I don't want them to get hurt and I am afraid to go to into the third quarter. According to shut oldies on the sidelines. Amazing. They don't want it going into the game he needed eleven. Catches in this game to be able to reach that next plateau which is one of the two million bucks sit now he needs to rely on being a first team all for. We don't get that like to Hafner. Who should go to the reader. To Kelsey Kelsey the guy that's gonna be a problem for. But Crocker is more Chelsea Chelsea beat up they an operable voting but that doesn't mean you know that's their popularity contest this once. This was a little bit more significantly to MG you all broke my five times all return often believe when you know when you're losing. Just after also that they don't see you which alternate dues that would Miss America where she saw dozens of oil and go to the Illini so trumpet all of those that can shoot out of the car accident defense the president with but that's amazing to look at the box score and if you did not watch the game sitting go all Graf didn't like not caught one Romano didn't have a target throw to. Single time so therefore he does not show on the official box score it which is pretty amazing bit of I let's get back to the phone calls here's Kelly Ann Emerson killer. On Sarah estrogen Kelly Kelly I don't let him have problems here but then don't you television talk to do here. I'm here I'm here are Kelly well Kelly's does that show I heard the noise that it that it had not yet. My Rob Lowe is this Metallica great. Just went on we just lost Jill Kelly they're. Still young guns. Our guys I OK. Now. Let go of it. If it turns out that it Brady injury does China. And Brady aren't you really intimate. Hysteria what a luxury we talk to the so great about the last four weeks so we're guessing it's sort of particularly but at the time he was sick or something. Yeah hockey the letter to the Achilles is that that he's after plying him playing at a high level. Were average go to would be a PP. What you right now right now it that it it people that argument that exists. And you agree about it maybe you are outraged when he leaves them with more than two of our Great Britain Italy and BP but let me get back on. As the highest order. More passing out there running out of bounds gonna get to it but on the sheets and he's gonna get the MVP because it may two point. So yeah I've been vocal find out why are well you have to listen. It rating at a little if she would actually or more specifically if Brady had a bit of a two practices and had been bad and a couple of games. In next week's read it here in we whatever or 110. My god the whole story can about them. I don't. That's what it can't play maker can make believe Kelly you're making believed to try to make your point. And you gotta look at the reality you know that you got to look at the games and what he did do. And he's the MVP of the slick you could sit argue all you want now I think we talked early could play good and girly that it became addicted real legitimate argument. He's not playing today there's no argument. Right so without that you're stuck on it and be keeping our and us why you wanna is also want to. Last point what are or upload this. It's pretty would have had a little too little injury and has little slow economy the way he would drop couple that came in at under 50% you know our heritage Equity One that. And he agreed looked great looked terrible last month. But pointed. Terrible to exaggeration might not think about it earlier this season I'll give you that. Who's never. Exactly he looked great will be it'll receive them lately you look back again you know a bit earlier or anybody else. Well I'm talking about they're not going heirs to a couple points of rubble point. Well let our experts from game one at about Barack Obama won it properly if you love of his plate six quarters. Why aren't like you fire wardens. Okay when he came out and back in five quarters. So what are called it didn't think it was a problem right now. He's not on the same position draw lines are accurate it over to achieve and what he played five quarters and Schwarzenegger love. And that he. Like five game that nobody thought about it like on the part all the same I don't think you want and actor what are saying that. All of a meeting thing that we see the people that the quick release he made the decision making arm oh addicts all the I'm pretty early. So wait so let me ask you this what if your Bill Belichick is I I agree penalty they got enough for Jimmy to rubble I think he's going to be terrific and I agree with a lot of what you said. But what else could you have done. You couldn't it couldn't down anything I think that not all that because. Is everywhere but oh well you know there but in the year that the worst I don't think so I think copilot worked so hard when you had a year left on the contract. And you work I have the time with only half mile and a partner in at the end of the year it would work out then we hero because all the opt out. Did you you don't they export so. I'd like when the that you have a ratio but the major in Britain on this. You think grapples the best we ever had been watched. He's got a brief him. I think there's pretty obvious and always targeted diabetic has them he has now what is so let me suck for the last five weeks drilling a hole without you know without your ritual I mean it does have depleted received huge I can keep this going a little overboard on the Brady sucks stuff that. I I think it's his point was. That if Brady had gone down earlier in the season with a knee injury to rappel what do plate would play at the site level. And I think based on. That talent that you have a relative threat even when those injuries is much better than what he's got San Francisco right now so my guess is he would play really well here. And he wondered if he did that. They play four games here Brady is mrs. earlier in the season with an Achilles injury to Rob Lowe placed fourteenth they would all four games and he's really good. And that ridiculous back Brady place. Then the value would have been much greater room for Iraq alone at the end of the season I think Belichick put the franchise tag them. With on the premise that. I'm only putting the 25 million dollars up temporarily. Until I can deal him off which is exactly what they drove it with with castle tour. But when he's not playing and he's not gonna get an opportunity to play between now the end of the season eight you put that multi million dollar franchise tag on it and other teams is sitting on 25 million. I'd rather go with two of the council also they knew was gonna play yeah. No. Right itself if people tag out grapple low skilled teams sort of an oral story is bad timing. That's what it is it's all bets on the kid was emerging you could see him that he was rated at. Two to actually do some state. But the timing was was awful it was terrible time. Fight back to the to the phone calls here. Let's go to world Frankie in New York reggae. And first or Rick when you need it. But I have another angle on managing EG. I think first of all we in his jeans. Doubts. Holds the dice a little too much and thought he was actually you know ask people fight. I know they didn't. 221 round is does that mean other I didn't know what it was awesome. I have nobody nobody was off tonight I I think I think just like everybody else I wish he would doubt war. I'd put it here's my point my point is based on how the rest of the league two thirds of it is just so awful. The coaching so far behind dollar checks right especially especially right now is that like this firms. So most of most of oh Tom Brady Belichick era with with an assistant coaches more than ever now. Josh McDaniels is gonna get to that Gupta truck of months and they can back it up and try to just take them away from Belichick. Because a he's good and eat it was it's all agree that they wouldn't trade eagle rock along with team that. Needs now quarterbacks. What would want to tastes. Josh went down as a way that would make these angles wanna go even more that. Who was the fabric Daniels. What's who perform attendance. Tell it otherwise yeah I try to but not actually there was no sense though used to that televise that otherwise all we'll pipe and they see the status I'd say you know all bulldozed out of it's the skeleton. Should trade him. Tempts you training your needs. She which is a great quarterback and we'll probably be a very great quarterbacks to a cure they're ready to lock up their whole coaching staff Ehrlich who. We argued I tore it's it's it's it's they're kind of like justifies. At least you have a better shot Stoops Likud. Josh on your. Because yeah I don't I don't think that's I don't think it has anything to do with them Josh McDaniels listen Josh McDaniels. They're they're gonna be 78 opening here just in general. They're there and there have been for the last few years. But Josh is now it would get such huge huge contract law or to at least they're Haitian Luke in the making. But our team with Jimmy G plays into that because I think both I think that Patricia you're already hearing rumors out of out of Detroit that their interest and of them and the reason I think that that might be something to that is Robert Bob Quinn. Is the guy running the Detroit Lions organization right now would be comforting game for me. So he's well aware of Matt Patricia he's not going to be one of those guys. That or or or his ownership that's going to be concerned because. He's the overweight today it would appear at that does not war like head coach material that oh yeah. He's wearing the the good old T shirt you know coming off oil. Off the airplane with a problem out. But quick little look at the sake the guy can coach Dick I can communicate so I think this coach magical wolf that these core right. It was my scenario. Rebels uncomfortably say yes just two which is Italy. And in for it was going to be equal and that's an interest to want to just come out the sick about it though that for years from now. I'll actually movement tied together with the children and we're always sort of in the city colleges that doesn't wanna stay at Houston diocese didn't receive come out pick his mistress is going to be all you don't want to be secret that a lot of state programs sought put us out of what they better forget all the amenities and wanna get a job total contractual. So what general myself I Illinois about the always a lot of the port it is. I wouldn't look at who you have decided wants simply comes up here to see it look at the crucial element drive wanna be garlic this alike no and delta gloves are like that it is have grief your brain operates even what is called us relations with assorted pop all right more phone calls coming up right near the real balls did just. It's gland or wing and brakes murderous acts of no real post game show. Let's continue with our complete review of the path to victory today over the jets presented by complex. Check out come play. I can't fight Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England comes loaded track. Slug Sports Radio WEEI. Otherwise what it gets brought to you why why should next rig G until Gaye classic service. Plus your screen. Born 37 waited out. This side and see right there mr. streamer. When touchdown. Here's why split that's what you buy wise snacks rigid tailgate classics look for the new buffalo wings that's pretty favorable cholesterol I rub route flavors. At your local store by the way it is the first time. We've done we've done a show in which you've not been sitting here munching. On the I forgot my joke is if you chips. I think he ran out of him actually that actually on how people feel loved territories in some way to forget it grab a couple bags you know it they're quickly their their election this pretty pretty good by the would 49ers now lead the rams twenty history. They are just about closing in on halftime Taft I'm right now in Miami. And the bills are on top ten zip in back in the chargers continue to lead to bring those 050 of when there a fight well thank you for that stuff that's agrees that there's if there's five little. Five and all the leading by ten points that's good they were leading by ten points for so that a vote to vote. OK they're each other works we'll still about a matter of I'll check those who feel a little bit later on this big Al down in Georgia. What are your board say you know well. And we'll put couple quick point and then a couple questions. Football. I picked up big time shout out for Patrick Chung I think he's got a really solid and that the here all the weight room and and there's no way I think he's going to be hard place when you know whenever it's time com. The show that a lot of what that leaves open. It did because they just can't pay guys who what they come to that's the problem there when the Super Bowl champs. Everyone wants a piece of the action so we pay more for guys that did this who broke their tickets to pages. What we want ones yeah yeah I would like. So what you don't buy that we've got to back with a better player when he came back so we are usually better player I think he was more which short that he understood what he needed to do. And you know Belichick loves them you can you can tell they read it he really likes. So I agree would you let I was Fred and it's one that we've played this before. Everybody reported some of the broader look okay I'm sorry and Brady he's the one that you can make the argument that once Brady is gone the drop off he's going to be tremendous. Because you just can't find those guys and that's what Jimmy to rappel argument. It's such a quick because grapple may not be Tom Brady but let's face Tony rubble let's say he's that next level down. Well I won't cancel this. One of 2000. In terms of where you right now. I don't think you I'm not worried about it at all you don't even have a mild say. Of the Cameron wondering what it is nice it. I. About diet you know jittery let me just eleven what is that I should can candidates so valuable because it takes one guy out. If you could pass was you have to keep opera got to keep short and to bring us up there grandstand are back at Allen and walk off and but let it keep an argument a lot and that's a big difference also candidate to be in this waters is a huge but it won't look at that. Offensive line that's what blanket that Jane it's broken that's a big ones like great. That if Obama laid it wobble with iPhone play I think today. What is it. If he's healthy you're. While he's go to the same stuff that. Not the same injury please go to the same stuff to candidates and that is they wanna get a while there. And it's difficult to get to play an awful lot of the play slated for doing OK but walls but Brent and candidacy is all pro so would get help for a lot of it makes a big difference or are pro receiver out of there that would get them publicly receive router that a before she wrote. All those things to pull away. You know so he does little restaurant just less time to get rid of because as go to guys out there. You know settlement picked it until things slowdown people look at which he's got great British get old he's got a lot of recipes and he still leading NFL passing that's remarkable. I think I've heard out of a job had what because a lot of these the patriots a lot of these are the you'll slow go to whatever next man up accept that. These days with the hard cap and everything a lot of time the next man up just because it real good at. Well that showed up as efficient but he's not dominant. You know that's a big difference or whatever the differences these guys that they know everybody what else they don't that a loss. Which makes it look but they're much but it is but wouldn't lose it all pro tackle and at a decent backup and get the third straight guy in this. That's after a play I didn't say Canon developed and I came out of nowhere he developed into developed where we really do what's so great. Which took out my what was really key was a guard or tackle. I thought it was a guy decided to get the feet right to watch regardless of dancing bears 320 pound pack that has great feat by those are real fine I think that that is you can credit Dante Scarnecchia for the work that he did him in. Molding him to a player and I agree with. I think he's velocity so that very few people talking about right now. I should have an Evanston north well what's up eleven. Which they say how you doing a little. I agree I was actually at the collegiate game today is my first collegiate game gopac. I'm pumped that we quench that is he championship or a via home took a bit throughout the my question preview what. About Dwayne Allen I know he's mainly been late you're blocking tight end or most decent yet had a few catches. Recently just became a broken wheel vehicle like I would like him to get a little bit more involved in the passing game and. Well we get take out the material didn't bother investigating get open. It Todd Reid if you don't it's that mail sent to go to the food and go to the open guys and it shifts. I don't but I can't get excited about you've seen enough living at sixteen games now you're right he's been good in blocking situations they obviously use him for that. But catching the ball you know what happens. If Tom Brady throws the ball four yards to Dwayne Allen is a four yard or how we were involved that I know it's four yards. You fall spring break down any group that runs well it's definitely out so. I'm not I'm not a proponent of not sit near saying well let's see more of a point L I feel more comfortable pollster right now as a receiver. That I do with when hell we wanted to go to see it now. But but I guess so what I would say in response to that is has been Dwayne Allen had a lot more success in the and it felt been called there has. All of us also this first year so we look now but a lot of times first year players command. And where they are of their career vs where the older player is in his career. They younger player can commit and and be productive. And you know all she's not doing an awful lot but. Actually think he might as it is a receiver to have some good might bring sort of like all right now my hope of Walter but you're right about relatives say is as a blocker. He's been very good then that's why I think he gets playtime out there he's got what Paul messes here. That's pretty good. The twelve your no sit back and you break out for a cease I had thrown deceptions Jerry bit Stinson Miami next appear in the real post game show. How are you guys season. And it. Thank you very much. It was a very good game I saw last play of an outpost. You pages fans including myself and trying giving it certainly dolphins fan. But they question I have we gone forward. I signed Kenny Britt a couple of weeks ago not make sure Hogan and all that well. OK let's play that game that Hogan comes back and I'm going to get that they kept them out because they're expecting him to be back. The reason that. But it is the. The older guys. I don't nobody's if he's healthy QB of the reasons I got held hostage by I think that was one reason that they went out got Kenny Brown. Is they were they were fearful right now that that hope is not healthy enough to play and you don't know when he's gonna come back ready don't know we should be such a big day. And the other one as Mitchell what what shift that's because. The question. You can't get Brit because you don't know about those other guys. Correct they're gonna have to make some decisions two weeks amount it will be based on. Somebody was not apparently healthy enough that they didn't feel leaky blood do it this weekend in a look into different receivers out of walking out of five and that's pretty. And remarkable to the top player at that level polls guys out so the timing is awful opening to see. As they're driving today so hole could be about to be huge habit goes back go to the play of those who cover Bechtel of Connecticut have a comeback. They have a coach's view that the good news is they've got two weeks to solidify what they wanted to do playoff roster and he gonna have to take some. And one of them running backs I mean how to help in they're going to be. We don't know. I mean I I what I ask myself that they could go one up ridiculously he plays one week and then his he hasn't he probably can't play this. Because that wasn't healthy scratch she was healthy scratch for five games highlighted segregated seem like you're let me grab dwellers and and it caught a pass. But I think that if I was as weak the so. But Freddie or Freddie is right though the that the almost at the that he can kid of the offense right now obviously britney's gotta stay healthy grunts got to stay healthy. Diablo us it's gotta stay healthy they. And cattlemen glad it was October back to grow and hold it for the go to guy with a double goggles in the one thing we've learned this year is that if you don't have your date and on game you don't have you're running it you don't have all the other stuff. The Brennan cooks it's useless to try that I would say useless that's an exaggeration. But he can't benefit you could see the big play guy right he's down the field guys and the speed you can run by these guys are those deals at. Does what the precise routes apologist pro and as they should you earlier in the program. What concerns me a little bit is. You would think by now sixteen weeks anyway yeah Brady should be at the same page snippet that. Doubt it sometimes takes a while we're without a joystick okay about bill is a guy you're with a plate blocked got it figured he could to get a threat and couldn't. But that red apostles and fix it by what he was a lot of them from them in part because you have up but room now. I swear to god Ochocinco is bigger problem is he was more interested in being your car dash and then he wasn't being you know great football player who like this filtered down. He liked you know. Football is important to him Goteborg in a flash ingredient which surprised at the time and I remember you and I were talking about that Belichick would bring a guy like dead end here and it's free agent got a lot of mobile. Yeah that's sort of want to. You know as charismatic I came here. He just never played a complicated system just run and throw that's it was covered here being precise and to conduct. And going to the open guy reading defense is that just that things could resort to what happened is he was a big name guy though he is dead. Now rotate successful that was up and down at Cincinnati. But people looking at Randy Moss. He has the right we're talking about a first ballot hall of Famer I went in all of spot for enforcing version history. This vote the one thing that I always that no one knew about red mosque that he was extremely intelligent. Yeah that's what they all talk about my belt Brady said this bias I have played with it is sort of reveals always were should be well the thing is how quickly. They got on the same page get better at the brake coach think about it coach. Is a big game player big play player for you okay he's got to make those big plays he made a couple of the day including a touchdown. But you need all of the other stuff to work to find him open his case is straight speed. Is what's gonna give him different sort that it's it's not a office of what do you guys are puppets of the team. Everybody asked me right to a place it would have to adjust the outlook guy has to be there you just have to be that the guy let's go to prologue even though you're not most of the vote could keep running. Right now to a that you get on record a ball up and look back Thomas without and the balls coveted slow down and get right to action now what do you think apple should they play here. What you may have this Jacksonville. They can't play job and I live with yourself that this would be to communicate it's not going to be at Cincinnati Cincinnati is volunteers city Kansas City. So are you going to be beaten. A payback beaten. Kids is go to the pitching ace pitcher Paul ought to just like the probability of go to other Asian that a government can get wolf but you're going in the other direction. I would rather see Kansas City here than Baltimore again I think I'm building them all on on passing through on past history. Without. Baltimore's losing right now correct itself Baltic blast to win. Whether it's coming true well still hurt the game's not over it's like that I had a conference at seventeen to ten at halftime what does that gets to the point. The political angles back goes to show you why I think this is always Bob. I think she thought at the NFL have a whole. Apple football player right now. I would rather see Kansas City here I think you're right I think it's going to be or should get ownership that it's going to be camps that. And we'll take care of does that are coming up next we wanna push everybody happy new year out they're coming up next Belichick and Brady. Are they back to go back at me Julia there's relish it. Send jets and now the most comprehensive review of it begins seize these no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show always presented by complex key insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out a plan to keep dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and Craig's Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. Jarrod Washburn what is the real post game show that knowing what patriots finished the season at thirteen of three. They take care of business that day against the JETS jets. 26 the sixth it was one of those games where the jets made some big plays but they couldn't sustain anything. And the patriots get a social performance from Tom Brady eighteen of 3790. Yards and two touchdowns probably enough for him. To get that MVP vote. So we got for you Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Back to back. Easy to making concerted effort today. To go to the wide receivers in fact my recollection needed target Brock wants. That was that something that the jets defense is doing or is it concerted effort to try to get rid of wide receivers more involved. I didn't know that so. I edit. Notes. There was the in Pittsburgh in cold and the game this label as it is cold cold. Rate of. This is pretty cold today. The Tennessee game was was colds Pittsburgh was really cold this was this is right up there. It's just area. Challenge I think for when mentally physically. There is great you win so we started fast and a sputtered their low bit but it. Had been beaten and defense agree there is they help you know outside. Yet that it was similar to Thursday. And we were outside in stadium and I thought Iran got a good handle on what to expect from the past him in the kicking game. It's a real advantage for us so just being here cracks in it understand and how how it's gonna affect things but. You know discovered pulled out there. That was pretty hard court today that was to be out there and you break that whether sit in the stands let's it's pretty sweet so. I was great way to end the year you know search to a two and thirteen entries pretty didn't get the number one seed so. Our biggest gains are ahead of us and I hope we the fans enjoyed that and they come out ready to go when it we thought. The first hour and we attribute to and is it an act concerning to you with entering the playoffs the kind of sputtered. And in the tune of game. We'll see amaze me different defense to her plan and you know we just got to get going next you better so mad and I think we can do that. I Tom on that and around a burning cook she got a nice little shot in on Darren Lee would you describe that as the best blocking your career. Probably used pretty off balance those so it was a much of lost. But is did it was a big play you know pressed it to get a brand around the edge there and eager he ran really well once he got through their he would he would. I'm from them and we and it's one on the charts so as to play. Did help have been at the end machine guy block now has taken. I know that's right there that's pretty rare for me so it it doesn't have much. I just try to get away. I don't know flaw there well so. Just through my body in there and etiquette you know a mobile router makes placements here. Tom was a simple mental toughness of this team to overcome the injury you've overcome and the late season travel schedules around for that animal once. Yet it was just Iran fought hard in you know I think everyone's good to be in this position it's a good week to really revive where we're at. And you know try to put our best out there it's the playoffs now. And then. There's no looking past the next game so whoever it is wrapped there really well hopefully we can you know he would. You know being off this week irrespective. As healthy we can be and I think our help you know urban. Tom with Chris Hogan in gene's wife and Rex Burkhead potentially coming back after missing several weeks. Is any challenge every incorporate them back in the office. Yeah it's gonna take. I mean if those guys are gonna get out there play I think anytime you get good players healthy. You know it's that helps a lot a lot of lot of guys grant cook standing. And it that a lot of football this year and been out there for a lot of snaps the analyst has so. Now if guys can kind of take some snaps off I think throughout the practice in the game I think they're really pays off so you'd like to be we use everybody we have good roster especially on offense a lot of good skill players. And he's got to be more than this to recruit guys doing it if we get. Five or six guys healthy and everyone plays a role that's going to be there for offense. It is some high evaluate where Europe this year at this point in the season hitting in the playoffs personally. And football's a team sport and there were thirteen and three so that's the best in the AFC that's what we're playing for him. That's our matters. Tom on a day like today where it's it's called as a wise. How does it affect you was the quarterback to China be able to do your job and how does that affect the passing game more generally. I think in general it just makes everything harder there's just it's harder to throw it's hard to catch it's hard to tackle. And it's just I think for you guys stand out there at ten degrees street tough. So it's just it's it's a very technical sport. And that's really and you are really playing well you're playing a team so whoever handles that the best wins and you know today when it point 66 I think. You know we can't be well well. First thought just. You know correct congratulated the team after the game. On this on today and the thirteenth three season. But those guys. We're really earlier and we met a lot of different challenges you courses Susan thought they really that good job stuff and now. Every day every week and given us that does. Oh. Thought today was solid effort through a lot of good. Contributions from a lot of different people. Throughout the game offense defense special teams and all different areas. Suppose a lot of wasn't perfect by any means though. We have a lot of people contribute a lot of people came through force and in situations and you can come through on. It's good. Good at thirteen wins. It's not easy. These guys accomplished it and so. Before starting the second season. Civic groups. But overall just. Lotta Lotta just a lot of contributions from a lot of people too good team. It's a good situation Opel times. Which is important that opens so. And do their control. You go around just in terms of Dion Lewis how much do you admire. The amount that he's able to take on and really the road he's traveled anarchists from. All the places he's been but even in this what this past year we've come back from to have to carry the ball sixty times over the last two weeks. Production is down alone there were true or you always tell us. Maybe we sign on. Please come off on offer auction. Really there is earned his way on either and everything's gotten like everybody has but he's he's earned it and he's got opportunities is facing setbacks won't let it he's always been very resilient. Such a great attitude and I'm certainly happy for you guys happy for success that he said. As always worked in the wake competes and he's given us four. Basically every day he's been. And looked like concessions on the field for what if you please was it say about his work during the week that allowed him to. The fourth such as it managers were really hard. Recruit or to get things down and to handle holes that he he was in today. Very professional. A lot of experience in the system so via the do a lot of things to try to. Acclimate himself what we do terminology and but just and so forth he hero's work for a Connecticut that are read. It's either through the course of the week sometimes it. It piles up and load just becomes. This is diminishing returns then in his case scenario wasn't the case as it is certainly got better and so. And but in a couple is a period. So it goes on for. If he were here. Coach talk about the job right now and do he had a lot of once inside Africa Kenya right now. Leo good points period pollen in the win that's a tough when today. It's tough to drop the ball took to get on your foot the way you want it regardless of which way here plumbing. And he did very goes into windows. Keep in bull. But bold tough spot to handle. Use the date field position home. There is in the first quarter. Marie and change field position when they fondness and plus fifty pounds. And good execution between Ryan and the punt team. And Slater on the down so those were those of its position put forth here today. That's a tough there's something awful tough as you said drop and get it where you won't see compartment. He didn't show schools. Extra points of fields that ball handling two's. It's challenging day for. Which a 186. Total yards I think from the running backs while having three very good running backs. Unavailable not to mention two touchdowns. Is this may be as good of a group as far as death goes running backs that you. Well we had a depth this year obviously a minute don't get all of again times. We've. Taking guys that are healthy and they split the organs could eruption. And some guys on the today besides Israel and so it's. The other term care experience role. Mixes rolls and games. Those guys able. Involvement productive. Hopefully it will. More going forward. Sure once you that enabled them through the course. Bill McKee in your eyes on third down defense on for twelve you hold them to what did you see on third down from the sideline that media is successful. What if that does this summer we've we've really worked hard on. Talk all about defensively. Especially last week. No gift for a start the game. A couple of fifteen plays in the first. So. We talked all about oh how much just plain water it down that changed things worse defensively. Don't forget implicit in the first half was very nice round dialogue and an office that's good drugs. Against this team defense that's the Russians the coverage it's jam receivers as disguise. I thought if it's staffing and job mixing. I'm trying to keep the Pico central balance. Our Friday called. Some books and so. But in the end it came that the players and their persecution. No after winning the coin toss elected to receive and as import and it is it is to got a good start every week. Was it especially important today to play out front early given the conditions. Under which the game is played well the last. But so it's always good to get out front. Well known that they need these games and over and first quarters. Of football left. We try to make the decisions and that we can. Feel like investment in its own. We just felt like that so I think it is game if you want us. So. A bill before the game we spotted you out on the field and it's just shorts and a teacher was you check the updates from need to conditions or just African jacket. Yeah we walked out just those scenes like there. Comes to win a one seed bye week New Year's Eve is that a recipe for a wild night of dancing in party for him. Hopeful enough. Can. Bill Bennett talked earlier about the ability to have that extra week. Indicted by a week of working on some things that he wouldn't at the time to work on it he said it's helped win games. That you go into you've spent on editors had the extra time to do some self scouting and how it helps in the playoffs. Well again that's rare. To have time during the season and to be able. Work on things. You just need to work on you have to either carve out time and preparation for the next team to do or. Skip over to a degree and prepare for the team you've got to play so we don't know who or employ we're not gonna know that were. So we can. But in the meantime there are things that we can do little hopeless no matter who we play and that's those sort of things that will take a look at so we'll identify those and that's. Verdict on what solvable. How we want to do it how it goes invest. Make the most of Hannover have available making the most productive and hopefully. Serve us well in the next game we play it. So it's it's an opportunity do that you shouldn't get you get it to him every incident on weekends season. But this is the phones we could you do. No evidence that we've got to keep our. Our timing and execution Harlow. Without plan. This week which. Soon to do.