Real Post Game Show - Patriots defeat Falcons 23-7 in a Super Bowl rematch. 10-23-17

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Monday, October 23rd

Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas discuss the Patriots dominating win over the Falcons at a foggy Gillette Studium. 


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Citing and guess what we will make some plays like this game you gotta give the guy he can hit. He had one lower backs Katrina but he does Leo so Belichick obviously saw something as she was keeping this guy around. Keeping them with a roster spot and not. Play tonight quite a bit tonight is such an escape it might have been because you're adjusting to a deep threats to all of these different change of Rupert all the different things that 21. It is you probably wasn't getting it but he got what you that it made some big plays probably played what ten players that play a lot. How many plays he added I would say if he lets go but he may president and its employees aren't. It'd be made some place that's a big step up when you've got to can jam rock gods back the hit hit it to the factors I thought that would make for the Patriots offense one was the return of Rex Berkett. And he made some place in the scheme tonight he moved the ball the other one was. And we started to see it last week Freddie which diablo is when Dion Lewis he's healthy he is a factor out there he can do so much. And is cutting ability to get those extra if he saw that make huge drag us an extra 45 York so what it is is you never get a clean shot. You just a hop skip speech is written in but he's not just spreading it species breeding leaning forward so he comes up that's pretty skip forward motion. I mean he fights holds that the big guys camp final Olympic Powell backs. Had to hold it and the first guy he makes the first guy miss. It's a tremendous weapon anything catch on the back the white was. It had a couple Bradley also. But grew up with a big factor you know bold it was a big factor topple it while it was it was overall bomb problem dominant performance to that we've been waiting for this for six games we're certainly going weird is that true to wing patriot team. Tonight we start to drop out or Atlanta is really horrendous at a felt route on popped his head up six weeks ago. Emmys six. Ground dog Joseph little ground to hawk it it's back a joke. At the most people or watching on TV or sitting in the 300 section humans have really good game. That was brutal offs comfortable we affable and Elden. Cultural them on the showed us what this is what that could seek initiated a lot in the plot to radical right down on the idea of alaskans Davidian sitting up the press press box and they couldn't slipped slightly and it. Squad out there so it was really a strange strange night would you put this. Look to the diverse group of continuity execution in the period to dedicate. Exactly what to do when they executed they adjusted to what the but the Dolan. And that's what we used to see it some of the games weren't as well. This game they execute. Point of the game plan that diagnosed dissected. Atlanta its interest in because they they possessed the ball awful lot tonight we know that that's what works for them in the Super Bowl 99 placed. Which is outrageous what you think about it. And yet it was almost seemed like that was the game plan from the get go move the ball move and move it not necessarily go vertical with the big plays and movable gonna move it. And which is gonna Wear them down. Kind of did an office supplies and they were attacked blocked while we. The blocking one guy and a double in coming off and get back as nicely really execute well that often too lightly. While they switched off on blitzes what they got. Beat on but for the most proctor picked up anything they brought them. The outside guys played well I am still wants all the play William and holes to go well I don't a couple of get a couple penalties that weren't great panel as a whole hour. Officials here you gonna what is the gossip note a couple of times holder letting like the right front raps. But also a total slob was thick but at the ticket listen there was some strange call vote that is no question about I don't think it. Her knowing it too much to my doctor. One of those. You know what what really hurt Atlanta I'm just amazed when you look at coaching at some of the decisions. It would made by the coaching staff and you can't tell me that effect in the players you can't tell me that the players not sitting there is players don't usually when they're losing in this team's losing now. The point a finger at himself to what the failure to coaching staff and also an and rightfully so. Because certain key easiest decisions tonight or hall replica of what the sixth rose one. It had to be the head coach give the nod. Yes that made it it didn't get a points out that Nagasaki deep right to get a big play they got four to six. You make the plate. You don't get a feel a lot of Nelson had there'll they would they would demoralize ultimately coast between Quinn he's he's the guy he's the boss he's making the final call. But my guess she's defense guy. He's probably and he did it would Kyle Shanahan and he really looked Shannon and profits. I'm I'm wondering if Stewart it was sort easiest. We tourism chiefs are easy and it's no Kyle Shanahan. You can steal it's I mean. It was it to patrol the office Shanahan. They knew what they're confident right now the question him more Walt does not score like their sugar lows in games that picture of this team that gives us a tough scored the NFL I think door couple unassailable. Lead a couple of plays that you can see the turn this thing around. The roughing the passer call in which which just don't. Just two guys are gonna take Brady down. To that to the turf after the play that was an interception at if you're you're so it was a huge life and the other. One that was a turning point to me. What's our keynesian or queen's decision to clinical for a fourth down mid field. With that chance that you're gonna give the ball back to Brady is supposed to jump in breaking down. Inside the five inside the tent and force him to go ninety plus short. You'll venom if you don't make that play and by the way. Your offense wasn't moving out well that time you'll gonna hit the ball that Tom Brady. At mid field with two miniature video the clock and you're down seventeen to nothing to pass let it was crappy too wrapped so that's a journalist. The photo that likes all the microwave which arsenic at a big chance to give a team in the ball. With three time outs and two minutes left right on the fifty yard line you gotta be crazy of a human acceptance of what the hell he's doing right now he better make. The team better make it we get what's and he better make it. And he didn't. And now we church the ball over they and they amp M score simulate a good night thanks for coming what was a fourth and 74 and a fourth and eight point eight. You know they had with a ball that well anyway but in defense bit rhetorical Griese offensively. To take a chance to put a dominant try to limit him. Not to get it to be popular move the ball as well I was following it for awhile. This was in the fourth quarter so I don't have a right to lead and we can look it up is. They get some first downs after that. They were two of eleven in third and fourth downs midway through the fourth quarter to four yen level. Now that's great defense by the New England Patriots just when you need to make defensive stops. That this teammate defensive stops and defense here at what they will weekends who will talk to a one outside they played that. Excellent up the Merrill the big guys Bradley pretty well in all and that coming up the middle they stop the girl but the whole. Richmond once played and started celebrating like a it's been awhile ago that he can like Julio Jones of the yen down by that was stupid who would you doing dancing around this loss in the often hear it seems gone it's your party lost the game. If you're gonna seller that tells me me me me II I had to change the world homes. But the big thing you can say about this game after the game there was. A team after yes special teams play well that covered well. The defense that will line that worked at push back backers who flaunt their read that correctly there weren't dropping coverage we have seen that in six games rarely in this short bit bullish are always the most troops are way. It's a miracle Jones Bryant did that they had bombs dropped the credit if the she's an F seven on ads. Based on the way that the patriots have played two for six games at nickel it's my problem of course that the the other issue was. And I I think if you watch what Atlanta have been doing the last three weeks. It is much as the patriots were having problems it was having more problems and it didn't clear up tonight. The problems continue for them and I do believe those players have got to be question. The coaching decisions and what they're coming up with the with game play the revenge game if you're looking up there you're talking about hurry up offense. I would start at the hurry up offense somewhere midway in the third quarter we're down by seventeen points at one point 921 point in this the run traditional offense for picking up the fourth quarter granted. Patriots were playing nickel and nickel. Still there running the football but the only for your hearts and they're running the football with the patriots wanted to run exactly is that there will play in a nickel defense there will let you run the ball in the locked up kept on running the football you set it got. First of all you wasting time second of all the wind was not going out of this thing. They're not gonna suddenly go based A because they know what you're gonna do where you can hurt them right now with a big lead the patriots at is from the air you're running on the ground. You're gonna take too much time to. It gets them have mismatches with some of the defense off of the play is you know shall. When you have mismatches of the magnitude they had was small compared to bat and hit it in. Back up quarterbacks. I guess we'll all you can that they were going man on have a bunch of times and there was a great pressure but the coverage was there. They were switching guys briefly if you watched that when it comes. The backed. America have been also that goes Amanda's old in this safeties got a corporate they're switched perfectly she committed this game you've got to know Stephanie Gilmore you got no Eric row. And until it. Johnson had a mostly play and help the game which becomes room. It it's gonna have to pick up for a special teams is you know now doesn't it split in Detroit I mean I can't remember where. But he's he's played well the last couple weeks he certainly tonight liberal who played the game plan that he didn't he made up the greatest athlete that best quarterback played at point 21 did property covered. I've got to get to your phone calls sold about right now a lot to talk about with this one certainly. A bullet real post game shows were done so for the season this morning about this one's a little bit different this was really pleasant. There's not with a springboard this thing is not a lot of negative stuff you can talk about with this game I don't think there's every talented team with speed defense that's Olympic it to law probably early in the game. In the first place them in other problems going to an early on in the game you saw some of the idea quickness of the Atlanta defense that you'll quickly get the Brady early on yet. All of that stuff up. We said they could do is the same line as last year let him go back in Canada and missed a few games just yet an injury soldier was real footage of revenue came back up. So they'll play much but a soldier played much of the interior guys appointment spread so you know he gets scholar in the you have the great coaches we have great coaches have a history you can get things back. Oh I think the coaching matchup tonight such amusement fright mode eligible would Belcher the right. The mismatch in the coaching category alone. It's frightening you know. The checkbook which in New England. Coaching to begin to move for the game that is about nine chip marks vs non but he hit just two on this from the guy in my top five quarterback. Ryan's senior VP published every penalty I mean it's the guy who have touched that's been offered to. Profits of weapons and just sort of muscular and try to use them earlier but that's it makes in his I don't I don't understand I don't understand any of any of this stuff. In his game tonight pretty amazing when you when you. We knew when you look at that look at the it was a mismatch. How does the team to the stuff right now you look at the stat chart. And look at the names on this an end and the talent. On this falcons' roster that you get you get blown out 31. Unanswered points in the super ball. They took fuel rig the way you look at the rain halfway on your finger that was celebrating at halftime coming into this game that you play like that. Yeah that's amazing to. Absolutely the same thing in the gore afloat double because they're afraid of Tom rating offerings they were afraid. This one of the scored a consumable they're afraid to tsunamis come in at a school that's what you got to school general school of particular field but on the table and today. They come in and Apollo ball keep away from out and go Oprah profits Driscoll points on his column of only on them I listen. Do you phone calls it 6177797937. Load up but we're gonna get to work to the phone calls so let's go to law right now his cursing in the south Carol. Southern California what's up Chris. Yes I don't let Solio. OK so quick questions two wide. About the patriot defense so whether it more about Atlanta just took it away and into. You got the patriots are there that often are bigger and law. On on the real thing. I think it was a combination of of both of those things is no denying that Atlanta has got some serious problems right now that they're gonna have to fix. But I am I gonna take anything away from the Patriots defense you still going up against the real talented team out there who cloud and they they've made all public place. When they try to run the plays that hurt the patriots early in the paper to shut down. That's a big correction and the players played on the same page. Plays didn't drop coverage that's a briefing you had Perry has dropped coverage against the jets of its everybody gets the Carolina. All the teams are struggling they gave a life because they played horrible they came tonight if they play like this against Carolina they were all on the game. So they came out in May corrections in play as a team to a first time we put office in these princes to do what physical tackling was much leader in this game. Here's Joseph and Rhode Island next couple of real would you like Joseph. And I don't I jump. Listen strive in the creation how can you hold somebody on Iran played on defense who cradled it. You hold it got its bulletin. Hold back for good back to agriculture does the got to touch. So you really you know it's sort of hold let's say alignment pols like I'm on the god I take off he goes the hologram has built pulled from acute you know that's holding. That the principle yet Arpaio I don't know. So it happens sometimes and it doesn't really call causes you really see. Yeah I mean I vehicle before it turns in the creatures issue I don't because that was seen callable for Earthlink who'll well. On August. It's called special screenings tool got to commend the Atlanta grabbed the battle tomorrow. You have to screen that drone attacks you can quote defensible mana. Don't hold back of targets on the back that I hold of you hold the lead blockers from Goldman told after a lot but they'll call off. Yeah I would say this there was some strange calls it in this game and Fred allude to it. Right out of the gate cassettes which for it does he just he scouted I find out little things are doing wrong. But now I said when the bodies out arguments they would play the revs look well maybe that was probably. There was no note from the zero vacancies on the patriots but the Marshall is off sides when I got the defense takes two steps in the back through shoulder jobs they call him. Doubles I'd like that is. But gotta be completely blind to the you have it in the holding calls is you can literally call holding and every single player obviously have to be selective. Is it affecting play OK is it affected play. It too many times in these games and certainly at tonight's game. You'd watch it you look at it that's really questionable and you watch and exploit. He clearly seal holding it and they would equality but with a woman cooks were enough for the guy grabs hold your hold them back don't get hurt yeah. How is that not caught the rough look at Wright added up. The got to be dumb corrupt yeah there's pockets there's no consistency of the game what do you think it is. Corrupt or we will have a lot of a lot of finger on the take. But I don't want my adrenaline and I saw was noticed just adds up. They don't like vigilant and really compared to Boston amazing how the patriots get the some of these breaks that early autumn for Dick. There is full flight of the flight and although they are sold ago because it was a close to start the game was ridiculous to withdraw with a beautiful catch. Every whenever he picks you know things is Imus completely black that big race on UC which clearly does somewhere you know what it does though when he. Gets the arm up on somebody even though he doesn't extend that he keeps it in which. He he's so strong that the guys and body moves and so the officials see that it shaped ball. I think that's the biggest problem he has almost place for it or is that what is a big play. He hit somebody you're gonna go get political flying when he makes contact with the as opposed to somebody else that even a Malcolm Mitchell whatever it's called a lot of that play even when it was out on the track and that defense tobacco liability hits him. And bounces off the collared him writer for for a legal officer for the threat to its not it's not offered to repair to have a right to run down the field to get to partner Bob true. It bounces off of that's a problem here's Blair open man what's up Blair. Along where the blame. On eight you know can't be any happier and it's quiet period got them hooked patriots can't. Doctor W bigger on it. We want to buy it. Point deficit against them in this Super Bowl. An error we are just kicking her body can point during this segment of the critic does to us that deep down. Now they did everything right to I put a nice stuff bush from southern until you hear the whistles and that he's got that actually that's the main action. Here's my Kia here at Gillette Stadium might. Hello Mike. Mike Kennedy heiress. And Micronesia might. We have that the game and I had us there from which he grabbed it really scrapped and that noticeable that could result what do you want a seven. So think about that that. Thank you thank you very much of the first time somebody said tonight I could room you know rumored. They they actually which 51 unanswered points right 51 unanswered points complexity it was a 200 dollars and a you know what you did begin to come fired up those few that took us oh I thought it would jump fired at him you're not. I thought if anything you look at Atlanta last three weeks last week it was seventy nothing lead against Miami at halftime and blow a definite blow it. She say to yourself this is going to be the wake up call there's ever going to be a wake up call for Atlanta. This is that this is the team that took their Super Bowl rings always add a month. They took him away from him as a celebrate the ball like that they played like that's in the coaches didn't. Personally didn't get the rumored she mode until it was too late well I think I I think right now that that coaching staff is. They we're gonna bring interest Belichick's and it hit right but we can bring him to change too late right now you'll stay with what you got oh that Dick once it was where it got right. Reproduction immediately city all the firepower get the opportunity for him to get everything. That's one thing I thought we Hossa hang over the presently view. Said the same to notice it definitely does that history. Really has a history of this team's. Get psychologically. Damaged after they'd lose this rule and look at the way they lost its approval even more so. What you would have fought with all of this outlook stepchild of metallic element defense to Freddie get quiet but what facet as well the most stupid decisions. Yes right that's a lost the symbol for a little glossy completely stupid decisions not even have. And the person double or triple a lot with a goal that put that to what that six. If you don't make it to get Tom Brady right position to score some points that you have to think about it's Tom brandy get the ball back at halftime right through the ball but why would do that. I have no idea it's like it's like when they're they're gonna give it wouldn't those questions like what they get in the red zone and a running the ball at will up the metal suddenly just they're fighting some success. Against the patriot defense the running up with a little prize so what do they do. The third down and so the football well. While and it's fourth down what are they don't take up the middle. All they don't know why. But the whole game and haven't taken a wide play a wave that was a work from watching little watches what kill the patriots in the first runner up last year at the ship global. They corrected that tonight that was obviously a point of emphasis gods they're not going outside on us and what they try to do the juggle outside at that point. It made no sense plows made a great place he made the back of a wider. Al so I've Mexico meant heat in the big player that is you can give your run defense of lime and if he gets pushed it's like opening a door. Now we can run down nearly couldn't run donor had a lateral the supreme patent defense knocked out I mean there was so many amazing things you should be sure to kick a field goal they have for us for the call yeah that was dumped to take the points right gets up on the board to get nothing. That was. I'm shaking my head to this game tonight trying to figure out what the hell they're they're psyche. And in Atlanta they must be so pissed off right now that if your fancy that not a great sports on any other terrible that a lot of the worst the worst pro sports town and it is toward that level but now the Grenada when it come all those coach of the notes while we got the deal would that. Nevermind get a game play and ready for next week because it's at the you have all this heat. On them so even worse Kabila take them our other able to the ballot to last through the team that came from nowhere to bring. Green Bay and get the Super Bowl so even worse she you know what's what went on last year at the super oval. You get your doors handed to you in the first half of this game at July. What happens at halftime at halftime you don't is is you're getting the ball back to go in the game right it is nothing nothing. Not that didn't change a no hit the same energy in this in the second half to open up the third quarter the jet to open up Leo football Canada took it up I'm still amazed that. It did that happen they are dead that they had hit the AD did Steve's in Miami alive and awake guys Steve. Blackout caused but I doubt all of Greg in meals let's. Who held them who'd want to. I and actually I want Tibetan parliament backed Cutler got hurt actually that broke today. But put up he talked about to be in the question you have sides. I have to say that maybe mining. Dollar Atlanta on our belt. Now it is that I know that they have a lot of the things they can do it my unique and you're right did not the greatest sports town and and or anywhere close. But Atlantis forwards forwards are. But a couple things one I don't have I can't do actually I don't have as many catches restrain Allen. And blah blah. I'm gonna cry every week into are get it didn't even get honestly I don't know. I love to watch an awful we'll I don't woodland put back in the. We're about to say one thing it was nice to see. David Harris on the field and make a contribution. Fourth quarter that was I I loved that I know that they're gamers have basically already won by. He meant to stop all home. Everybody's been wondering whatever happened to him and he has sent in Wes Welker has worked. It goes to a soldier because. And as Belichick instead he has and complain he's just command diamonds it is war camp and do we know anything about high towers. Children older now and he was he was on the bench he was sitting on the bench so he was out of the ten he went into the the ten originally and that he was on the sidelines so. It was or what who knows what are here week a little else about the gap that they might have might have. They might have kept him on the sideline and said you know what let's not risk further injury let's. Let's deal with it then and and get him ready for next week that might have been ordered it. So it seemed like it was major. Those cornerback I mean coming up we all have to think okay no no walks no. Eric row and I think butler's night made this statement thanks. I am in the Milan yeah. Aaron Mays ago I was pretty the only semi Gephardt is one Julio Jones which is taller and stronger took it and your audience already eligible as a group but I real. The politics within our great interception. And John just took it out of his hand and the strength and the tall as Jones over. Butler not getting interception. Look what the court you have to give Butler they've put a man to man with a six foot what's 64230. Pound guy in Butler is what 51059. And you'll may have a male ultimately have the ball mean that you put to good coverage at essentially over the top a lot but but doubt it I had sort of get yet the heads of Utah governor had the ball great coverage so they are afraid that it might put them on a guy like Julio I can't fault them on the Julio Jones touched on August Jones is stellar and he is stronger religious element displayed by a mismatch I vision but he should Jimmie for so orchestra they've really got the break to make. I'd take him up it's not working. Not work others Jimmy Jam. Any. Boy the patriots really kicked out of the falcons right and that tail that's on right giving back to the Atlantic. It at the Atlantic side Warrick. Nor ignorant or over drives. What do we even talked in the first fifteen minutes I've got to go right through them which of those images we should have Jimmie just to monitor that started the show yet know and I don't know he should be on our. Problems. Dropped the Mike and just walk out you and I go small cigar and what are we have to wager that it out of recovery I was talking about this freak and put a little to skew right at all it was shut it down Amber's great and they just nailed it right there. I six point 77797937. A couple of open phone lines for you right now. The real post game show this was the patriot team that you've been waiting to see through the first six games he saw. Laura just like we get back to the phone calls next. Bike fixed I'm just walked up and said did you see. Did you see anything. On the sidelines that we could see everything so might be a short film session tomorrow we can't watch any place that is a great. The great win for our team I've ever wanted to get our defense played so well. And you know we made enough plays on offense so great when it gets really good team it is or isn't a game with some magnitude you aren't lost to a home. What do you guys think so or not it was a Super Bowl matchup so what was the mindset that drove his performance. Well we do we got to play well rebate is that we did and that's why we once thought I played great as usual. It's so consistent so dependable enough. Just so happy we came here tonight it was a really special ceremony before the game honoring cancer survivors of those still struggling with the your mom was introduced in this place went crazy. What would that mean. Well you know I lovers so much I got from them over the last couple days and is the best mom of the world and my dad's here where there and my sisters are on my wife's here my goodness we've been so. It was really special night congratulations to he got employers. It was pretty emotional. And if you've seen in the Andrea Kramer interview with his mom and dad. It's been here the last couple days but it was really really watch out always says Olga. I actually set to the right of them at the Super Bowl in Houston. Yeah. Certain rights that are we. Three inch of the I'd 61777. On 7937. That is our phone number a lot of good things with the New England Patriots in this game here tonight. And certainly you come away from that standpoint to fix some of the problems now I will throw this out there. Did they fix some of these problems or is it planet just a complete disaster right now it's probably culmination of the two oval. But certainly they looked really patriots really did look good at all. Letters about that but building blocks from what you have bad building blocks it's become so you know. It comes to losing becomes. Acceptable lose becomes what real life. Having a bad motion. That field the field patriots always believe present history behind that one. They know they can improve it so this builds on what's coming next coffers to put to practically about a the nonfiction is much too reacting rather. Not question what to do it so it builds from there at every good game. Builds better. A better team than actually still think that. Having a guy like Bill Belichick. Is your head coach maybe the greatest coach of all time when you're not playing well Thorpe may be out here you know I don't know Pete Carroll like you know. Pick them up on the fence slightly Italian kid knew yes. What when you have a coach like that when things are not going well. You still sit there Colombo were buying into what a shame because we've seen this before which in the senate before. With a scheme gets off to a slow start they finally figure it out. So if you're a member of the New England Patriots citadel going to be okay we're gonna be OK I've seen talking to these players coming down here after the weekend in Foxborough. They don't seem to be in any way discouraged or even frustrated. They seem to OK it will gonna get it I think that's because. You've got confidence that you bought in to Bill Belichick now you're Atlanta Falcons player. And you make yourself the 25 point lead in the third quarter and then nothing falls apart. And you don't run the football you don't on the clock like you do some stupid things they give it this season. In the same stuff that different offensive coordinator not as critical an offense quarter certainly not a heralded offensive board missionaries now. And it continues like that. Then my guess is your question in your coaching staff your question in your game play you're applying in any of that stuff so tonight. Clearly could see that Al. Feel when you never see the patriots anybody given grief to vote offers. You saw Pittsburgh right BC it was Seattle so with that ball went to the guys that would go bald with cable dump cable on the sideline. You shoot you don't to the period they have one leader and that's that's built but you get the players that buy into Belichick always like to have players here. Football's very important to know what to do when football's very important to view. If you get benched it means. If you'll budget goof balls just for the money events that up a bit of sick. Kid. That's what it's not gonna get the right type guys you know she laid at the Caribbean nice guy hi how important all the guys are pregnant. Want to win. That one play that's important to actually listen the guy has to figure on play it also has blatantly. It has history behind the patriots have that lead that no question so they can build. Everywhere so they can really build off this because that this was the game plan all week what you could see it what they wanted to do with how they effectively got it done against Atlanta. So value feeling more confident so you don't have any self doubt on how you feel really confident they can build off of something like this I don't know where Atlantic coast here. That the best thing Atlantis kick going right now. Is this division is pretty. That's pretty even they might end up finding a way of sneaking into the to the polls that we are winning the division of with a with a 97 record or something like that. The Green Bay last year you know Roger is there lose that was questioned it when we could run Cuba vehemently. In the dead of confidence in the quarterback they still have conference and rise and some of the players that step towards a guy called Dallas get this thing together because they have to tell who's. But the problem is. When you look at all questions to how we don't go and so outside its network of that we go outside passes were gonna stop passing visit. Make it spurs put that would go to base that thinking like what we saw. This whole mind is like questioning what their door and not confident it would pop written footballers that you react and you don't think that's not. Derogatory that's what half the plate plate automatically comes and act. That tape that Taylor Gabriel. Ron which he went outside it was fourth and goal they were on the one yard line and as they were ready to play you and I don't want ha I you don't want it. You're you're you're kidding four yards and a five yards and clip. Running to the middle of that defense rhythm throughout right phenomenal place right that you Mac and then you throw the football on third down. And you sit there don't. I'd maybe get him a little off guard and then you're gonna stretch it out to the right they lost five to the electorate. Lost five yards on that myself I got back to the middle pounded it in three times roll. Right at that one adults in the eagle pass out perhaps to. I can't remember the last time I've watched. But a game with the patriots where you sit here and you have more questions about what the bleakness is deep the other team to. He says trying to figure out what is most of us watching it all picture oh why are they doing. It's simple we could say that went out that you know we know football well what you're supposed to know everything coaches you've got to I don't or what's not worked at Uga is. Checklist or doesn't work is work outside runner hasn't worked these guys get the speed out did report was not collapse can't do that and doing. You're not even to midfield. And you sit there and a fourth down situation with two minutes remaining in the half. And you're gonna take that you don't pick a point which is that gonna get. On the blog Politico they're addicted so when he thinks it will get all of them. Where here until 2 way am back to the phone calls next. At 61777. On seven any threesome. Looks like sports we. What you're Arthur Blank you must hate the New England Patriots you just never wanna see the patriots had appeared to use in the color she could of course all white uniforms are uniforms. See nothing to do with the New England Patriots again what a nightmare the rest of the of CDs you'll. Just shivers down what you did take the AFC east was going to be competition and but it buffalo played pretty well I mean that brigade every Tampa Bay gave them in the game today by the way by the way Europe complete fraud and I want it now when are gonna. And pointed out that the people awful side I don't little game you play so you tweak. And each week we have a lot of follow was a pair of buffalo could use to be a big huge story of big Marky Mark up and they loved. I don't know why they loved Gupta. And so you tweet up this morning you'll flaws could come up with a big gave you get the pump pumps don't that's my my prediction is the ball will be aware that you sat there with me. And you're hoping that the Buffalo Bills lose that game this all works. For my two very retrieve muffled but what patriots where an. Up our. So it's. So it's all about it it's a self involved to sell his situation I don't know what and I'm sure me and honest now Bob Hope you look great I would never ever not see it now that the besides the patriots were assembled in the mile point. I Jimmie said dumped capable of giving. It just. A an eight hour part about giving you free and paid treated chance. You don't want to give a chance. Yeah I had no chance against Atlanta Falcons off. If I'd most people. They said if if if you know some of these German port arms in rookie. Quarterbacks to put up 350. What will Matt Ryan to all the firepower. If not that an intricate as did the simple as that place op. Shall prevent to eat the clock it but it scored a poised to win so point. Soul what they've won back a half that's where you really think Atlanta's gonna get their act together this year. Italy Japan because I don't know I don't know IA is lucky that I still look at what the hell do you think you're gonna get it together I think to have a chance to win. Okay only guys get back but only because the division I don't have a chance to affect not only because there's a little problems but I don't give new skill problems right now. I there're issues and so what difference of which were wary E'Twaun. When he puts on makes it look like the biggest post was. When a suitable. And we said it would recover these out for their psychologically. And I'll tell you at all and is going nowhere Atlanta will not make in the place as a bull teammate with one game of the playoffs but that's because they can't get it. That two of the town picky kid did not enemy they can get in the roaches they can get in because they're playing in the mediocre division also said that he's it's that it's a level of mediocrity in the entire division it is is no reason that you. Because Tampa Bay to have a big gives you. A little tees every once in awhile later that night they might be okay but they're still not there yet woods and a chaotic. Which what's new laws that put points up on the board but they can't stop anybody. I would disagree Carolina QB Cam Newton is psychologically damaged a casualty problem statement that its audio Robert show below. But this team can negative. Right and they can Edwards had done they had done market value back so to my view what kind of like a dog around. They got a major the problem. I I still will go with my prediction for the season again. They won't mop like the place they will have to win the division outright to make the playoffs because that's the only one that is the only way any team's gonna make. The post season is winning that division in that division if you're in that division you're not going to walk I don't think anyone can beat the Eagles pulled off. The league is good offense they don't like the one that division. And in Carson went if you could quarterback who can run. He stopped victories again that the browns could have gotten probably good that Clinton got cut or socialist and second degree. Via. We've ruled out of here. They will not what do game all. All seasonal losses carefully coached here sir Alcatel wanted to beat the jets win one game this season of a much but it might. So here's Jeremy in a parking lot hello Jeremy. Paid a bank on time what they're not just leave college Jeremy. And that the people here are point. We're point is that I think what we thought that was the turning point we need to pivot on that and great. The guide out in the flat dirt turned it around it or its port down at the meeting and that second point got out. I don't know we were gonna do a rap and rock there at PI called green ridiculous I'd got to be a good thing about it. We know that it can't practically create that race but he got it and so. It's a probable to they're letting that's about to beat them up. Would cook at pulled in the plot Walsh courtroom that guy yeah takes away from it that is standing there sure has pulled off while almost. You got a call that I understand that one of the teams to come and play well and beat the patriots put pretty fair about it don't be so blatant. I agree with the German I think this is a game in which the defense can really gain an awful lot accountant still a lot of contributors. Defensive help have a Butler. At a popular and publicly pushed more to his flowers. My house play well. No talk of a double slot floor marquis flowers plot could just get it was good marsh was good to get they get that the blocked field goal I mean. There were a lot of nice move that there are a lot of contributors in the skin but if that worked at a dinner it's great. But it was that we haven't seen the weather when the defense of linemen played effectively gives lanes for the Rutgers like linebackers to run through. They were to push back that will hold the guys extending around the plant that techniques much better when that happens. That everyone works together when you have a lot gets pushed bracket knocks off back out the rub running outside though. Notre they knock that stuff all over the place here for him what caused damage you know what those defensively at July back is get pushed in the gets hold up to. That makes it easily and outside they weren't doing that there'll be able to hold the line did skirt and make the back break collateral and run allows that downfield. Which makes these make. I thought a key and it came right out of the gate. Was that Atlanta was going to come out looking at what New England has done against the run over the last few weeks since that you don't want. We're gonna runner Rick Down the street got it right and so they went with Freeman they went with Coleman they try to run the football. And knowingly just popped out there we went to not let that broke the running game right. That would have opened some stuff up and they did not allow that and especially because knowing what was poignant in sub packages and they would not. I give them an inch early on I thought that was important that established. The first Ford bought that of the fourth set that would on the audit. They had it going covet. Ryan had the run the ball that covered with real well they just did contain them so. That's Georgia if they try it again the truth this ought to stay outside to do so but try it again. After really should've thriller is a great run by Ryan. The but the coverage that you're trying to throw the ball I hit the different. Some of the biggest plays of the night for Matt Bryant working his right now where everything was coffer. And he's decided it would take the ball went wrong in a similar displace coverage on those quality backs in the running back. Don't know coverage and I guys that cover and so we asked the wrong but that's yet. I'll match up in Maine I met. Guys I got audited are you guys though again it's an addict like the falcons word. Behind eight ball with it even started and it goes back that there. Be focused on what happens. All the difference between. The patriots and about what you guys went out as a coaching. If the patriots are on the wrong and that on the ended up losing. Belichick would have team spoke you start this year even like you've got a law that was there are still stuck. Act last year how are they gonna move forward there are still focused on what happened book or. You. You're right. No that's exactly I mean they can't move. Beyond that Super Bowl there's no question about it they're they're they're they're stuck back of that Super Bowl they're living it right now completely get into their head. And Derek disaster. No one forgets about that game brigades in the ocean it's the next game. And it means that all too well what happened to clean up what happened and it will block the next game mentally these guys haven't like said they haven't on the Super Bowl. So there were signs all over the the stadium tonight the 28 to three sides to get Seaman I saw you everywhere. So if you've got ball if you get guts you're sit there going OK you wanna focus on them. I'll show yeah they have the talent right here to step jerk you don't know. And what do they do. They get intimidated by that stuff for just the opposite happens to them it was cute yes they are scared of the office they were really were up they wore. Rogers he director of the stadium what's up grudge. Yeah I do that one point one question for. You so my first point there is. Looking at the growth of the team but what can city. And again tonight. Look at both what barrel. Trent and Kim. Oregon and there is that there is looking at what kind of terms were that way and how they ran the ball. It looked to be like a lot of growth. With the team and winning in different ways as opposed to rely strictly on Tom Brady. If you look at it. If you look at the city was like fourth and one. You know an apartment back almost forth. Of what the six to hold the ball game. The restaurant but the right since the gates it's you know kids that he's lost them played well they score points at the idea. Raiders went on so they're not a great team have a limit does that tell they have which Atlanta doesn't have a music they have a huge upside. But mentally and. I also think that Alex Smith is one of those guys quarterbacks that will make an awful lot of mistakes and he'll manage a game well. But he's not gonna will want it to an agenda it's not gonna win a lot of games. I think you've got to show the Kansas City came out I think. If you're going to be to Bill Belichick team you're more likely to beat him in the first couple weeks of the season when there's not a lot of film what teams are doing. We knew when they have an opportunity to see you and he had a good look at what Atlanta's done here for the first five games. It's a different story but also. When you lose element who was a go to guy agriculture has not the stuff Somalia with this whole thing idiotic slot guys that Utley with what's going on as much. You have to have it going get on the same page and not think they have to react it's a case which is getting better at. But Albert was always open because he goes with Tom Watson could be. What this question we get the ball after one and one point two seconds at 2.5 seconds that's the difference in the quote current. The cohesiveness of last year compared to this year but now the guys just not alerted cooks becoming more. He's become more familiar with went way it wants going to be in what what in changing his route according to a coverage to get better. So this team's got a flawed though. Well I thought they moved the ball far more and moved to change much better tonight with they've been forced to do with no settlement. It's really go vertically and try to get big place and have gotten some big plays but the problem when you do that is. You you're you're not overdose change so you need to make those plays and those that you know. Are much higher goal percentage points and that's been a pro I thought tonight the running game. Opened it up and they did it with different guys Burke hit I thought was really effective he's nervous about what he had hit 29 yard runs that were big plays in this game. You're seeing more of Dion Lewis I think he's a game changer. I think if you remember the seven games he played two years ago remember that's a start up this stuff almost unstoppable. And especially that little screen pretzels his vote total I'll passes but the linebackers all right security stretcher out here and you know one guy makes a run in your jealously makes around five yard run or whatever so the next play not using different personnel different skill set. And now the gonna do something totally different hard pressed the hold of exactly if you could handle jealously to jam like you hit shoot yet. At white or red lowest rising at a dodge so now that's confused college tour like an attack that Powell hide and go identified all the stuff who's that person that was coming up if you have what featured running back. You know he may be the greatest running back in a world but eventually you know what he does it you're gonna have a chance to contain a rootkit do that when he changing people. Registered built K it's they stopped. About deficit didn't attack. They way to make a break and please softer. That took away that have a change back to just pound oh that's so that literally over the last few weeks they've added now to running backs with different skills that. Into the equation all of them to connect yes and it it it changes everything and that's the big key I think Fred is sketchy being able to catch the football. So again you keep the defense off court what are they gonna do with a going out for a pass route or they running boot the football. You know so people don't you agree running mate but like it. When you have guys with the forest talents that change it up defense. One bet if you can Lockett who finds time to have to acts committed to different things the state drive it makes it very if the public that the past that the Brady talked about not going vertically. The passing through to coax which went about nine inches. It looks like a little thrown out that was a question that was a Pasqua made great they're great block. Eddie scored attachment that was they pass it to arm pinpoint. It to my two guys but you know that it was two yards and it was more like a nine inches. I don't remember she and apply. He should appoint I've seen it on a quick pitch it inside out not outside like non collateral. That was an appropriate animal. Yeah I I I don't revolt in the run up like he wrote on right he did and that this disease to save it about. Yes he's a safety Zito got a yellow anyway. That showed the guy actually want protocol that's noticed that I. Rob but again you're seeing them use corks now in a different way we're talking about cokes and what he brings to the table and we know each quick and we know they can go vertically in the can open some stuff up. Now what you're seeing is the using his quickness for totally different skill set here and all what was was a it was literally a pass but it was like a a that that's that shuffle pass that he went Blix six inches nine inches which haven't got that speed you can attack or make two very different fullback absolutely here's sit down rock spring hello Dan. Back it is itself. It. I think fifth at that if that. If it wasn't for those stories of patriots and so how should they wanted to. I got it right for the big you know. How the possible that you're still on the radio. Well it's. I does that come until 2 o'clock I have it's only 1231 funny little till we go such a fraud in Charlotte ahead eight rating now the number one I don't know why they cannot middle 2 o'clock it's only to a 31 is really that's just a semi hallmark gold lawyers they continue to play as we planned it you know we we if we all early. Ernesto is in Franklin high international. What a clown went chronic Hitler but anyways back. Isn't easy religious and ethnic particular color palate is it have you on the radio they go in and need to trade. But I mean look at that spot that kind of played a part that I pick I think that Atlanta was you know pocketed 51 straight points to note that the saint I think it was just said I just a fourth of this thing. Since this war actually keep it in the appeals. But but but the guy at the end of the day it's it's it's the defense is that a most teams and don't. And Butler publicly such a great game and now it diving play in the end zone to block the to act too badly to honor and look at that intersection. You know but that obviously get who it don't strength to pull it away but update but that's. Being that he's played. It is refreshing if they the defense. Played so well and actually won this game and greatly great but it was definitely about the defense and special teams today. Richard oh what you see your defense to vote him play as a U. You know the defense to back slide back in the lab all playing on the same page help reach that's the difference. They don't know what group just to play well defensive backs to it didn't come they all played well played Africa. 6177797937. That's our phone number to the real post game show down here read across the street from Gillette Stadium. It still fought you know you believe it or not we'll be right back to your phone calls coming up next. All right David Mattingly is points or more points then that ended today. And we get a win this tournament and was not as bad as seen and we sponsored or was and I was and I. They're. Sullivan's process cases like a few broken plays artisan foods. This is as big plays is that loses everything we. They wanna do we did. Those weeks we learn from it. Rome continues charmer from and we just on the bill moment though. I like that Iran harmonies not mincing any words now was that bad. The first six and so that can't hide it no we step back. What effects of axle wants out of field receivers go to the outside of that but I liked like that is that your. You willing to admit we're screwed up we got problems and obviously tonight they take a big step forward in correcting and fixing some of those probes now. I'm not shy away from the fact that I think part of the problem. We don't know why the Sox but each of sock. It's it's amazing when you look at a team that's this loaded with talent. Got to the Super Bowl last year. Took a 28 to three point lead destroying the pre destroyed the patriots. Just making it look like you said nickel all the account isowich quicker missed it Jonas this is the end zone notes sold out at Houston. But there is something to being psychologically damaged that you get hit over the head and suddenly go oh my god. You know it's funny is the papers and lost the game in the great tickets at giant and yeah that that it lost again probably focused on the sidelines. Manning threw it brought but I had to do that his ankle offices at all this crap that the what's the cult plot for. It to doubting the ball underneath route to area even though that'll mean well who was going to be united Erica throws areas. They get that status but Somalia. When they lost those two games that the ball now they forgot to gain brightness down plant actually best team has. Carolina hasn't forgotten games. It's too well in them and as it moves or gets worse and worse works as unbelievable. But I think their readers really is so it is just somebody's lunch get psychologically give Pete shepherd brought them up and did. Tonight at one fatigued and middle subsidies. I left at the cost that these said that that was a psychological recently was Richmond it was so he was right about an eight get that. About one there's Ryan drive and homeowner or what's up Brian. Very bland Freddie lobby guys because you don't eat got about. Are couple couple points and it went great mom or a sort of walk on the field I wonder what our reports right what so area. What is spread corporate sponsor us not in second bulletin it justice in this spot. That's walked right at your record order port down twice within the first or our panel on. Wish upon knowing that there are here they're playing scared off Norplant when they're playing not soldiers yeah that's what we know the part and went right. Yeah I may have strategically football as a golfer for that law. They're the first quarter and go to Seattle I would tourists left the second one who played stupid football that's not that's not aggressive or passive as stupid. You don't do that when you're playing against a guy that public transit driven on the field with two groups left the one left to score put points global with the field goal you can explain it. Well on its mind boggling the one just before the half I. I just have no idea. What Dan Quinn is these are key to our thinking at that if that situation. Because. If you don't get it you're handing the ball over debris. With fifty yards I go to gets open. But this is the two minutes with two minutes to go the brochure that made the Q at any had to run because covered Gracie got to realize this is that the pay produce our films. This patriots team today was cover. So you go for a fourth and eight you gonna pass the ball coverage has been there. And you know that to why would you do that or say if the page it's a good player like they had all all for six games guys or progress in my try it. A probably wouldn't but with a planned well in the covered well in the case got that's well that's just help Taylor one guy that. You hope is going to pick something up from the scheme tonight in this is Stephon Gilmore employment gain. OK and you saw what they did in that secondary his game against a great group of receivers and running backs each issue in itself. This just can't figure out for a while getting an awful lot of money. He's got to figure this thing out strong guy runs well a lot of talent preferred not to be with a scheme how should pre. It's a group practice call call for Atlantic. Freelance can't freelance you bring it like backs of teams a lot but there listening to follow the game plan I want to hear. If this happens to want to hear of this happened. If he's gonna freelance because that's what. Else play puzzle while I gotta play what they tell you. So if you're not gonna do that the useless and that's what Johnson Adam most he's doing right you might not be held to like them. But just Bada and deploy and a unbelievable. I here's deal in Jersey which update now. You don't know what's up. Furcal regard results are more you practice these guys are very objective when compass patriot to thank you thank your team. Thought they appreciate them do their number one are pretty quick well armed. You know and then you work because you know what you must speak strike because everything ambiguous saying you sit right before. What is what should we take some good drummer. Gingrich or be heard from the patriot guard Hopkinton. Couldn't get cut something with the global. It's it's. A new baby 9900 million dollars maybe we should happen stay within cultural your vote. That's basically Zune arts let's before I would go to slot the quick point. Figured out wearing number eighty parade up and are we did a good job when he laid out what a couple of times and he hasn't really. Couple games he was upbeat fractured. You know. And the few games I haven't really noticed much from Robert. But I mean Paris between go to bed at Rodman but but he did some good things as Iran and even but one period you know recovered. The pack and he came up with a way to shop on the back up but. But. Yes indeed a war. Got to be able to figure it out it. Why they I think Freddie just said asking is that he's a big strong kid on hello really talented. But maybe that's part of the problem part of the problem is and remember what he said a few weeks ago when he who was at Mike Evans I think he was matched up with Mike Evans. And he symbol that's what might do in April may wanna meta man to man and that's what I do and I heard that they sit on my god that's the last thing. Bill Belichick wants to hear because this is a team that game plans from week to week based on what they're faced with the other team. And he Sydney getting all excited because it's man to man is a lot easier all I have to do is they may have a man with you right. Belichick doesn't do that that's not the right to stop the way they play. And then they Saturday. Simplified. So what you simplify what he has to simplify. What do. Offer to quarterback has the read so if you make it much easier for him to read because it's simple Clinton put them. The defense is what they have done has hated people at a dual actual ball look change it up when a short ball look in Google for me it was all. Right you have to do that you can't play a man you have to play Reid Pelosi. And so you should be say you know what bill outdoors if you want. Showing what I need to do. Commonality when what you're concerned when he made those children over the years that what are you thinking here because it's me and not us right that's the problem Verizon V guy because it was a buffalo what Ryan immigrant a lot of blitzes they do a lot of man. They don't do without as much of that do more for his own defense that was put them in and that's a reactionary reactionary thing. That give you should to go take it away at the in the red zone that's what victor's subject wanna. Take every player gets a wave of at least big plays they take the big plays away from that make you go along field make you make much like Bill Belichick defense is on the whole have been defenses that give up a lot of yards. And novel all the points especially about the people's eyelashes and she's doubled to notched popular replacement and a score like this the hit that all of our after glory in. That you go to where's all the matters and all the matters you know you can. You you can get the steady. She can say when I was beautiful performance tonight but if you lose on that score board that silica shuts down. He's he's got to figure it out and I think this might be an eye opener for him tonight Johnson data mostly went in there and played a hell of a game tonight. Okay and we know that Stephon Gilmore style form more talent than that a most resistant to crush him. What's gonna have to wake up but have to figure to solve this guy the cubs and from the always know what not what what the paper also about making the minimum. Right becomes an make it 62 million dollars if he plays better than you because you're not listening and don't understand the concept of what they give you. Your trouble is the other one. Butler played better on the other side tonight. He's so what does that tell you if it would worry me a little bit right now we're with Gilmore is got to figure he's a very kielty got we know that. I took a step that aspect of it he's got to figure it out. I would take quick break we'll get right back to the phone call 6177797937. Best. Was the real New England Patriots at least we hope so. And we're talking about it a real hero in the rear. They got real postage are very different view our club problem we're really good look at though. I slept for a player of the game right here in the real close to jump to different languages go over here. And it could be so many different guys breakfast played a hell of a game. We are affected but Dion Lewis Greg Burke it was pretty good Brady's always good. And met Patricia is pretty good. We Gilligan defense suppliers like a tree flowers politically we go up and down a little bit of line. Our defense of they eat. We're gonna we're gonna give it to Malcolm what. But you give it to a lot of different guys and we gotta give it up somebody in the defense somebody in the defense has got to get it. So we'll give it to him or play the game sponsored by cars for kids the easy way to donate your car you can donate today. Car will be picked up tomorrow credit cards for kid's doctor on call 1877. Cars for kids by the way to donate your car on the part of life you don't mind that was driving away I can act like a little island don't need to great charity about it. You don't need to pick out artillery. I want my wrist and it's on its. Just for kids. You're stupid commercials and we are waking up safe and Emma Kristen might know that it has just changed the version. They changed just talk a little bit to say that kits they probably already has all NI forty principal told the young kids should separate other show that started when it's got a ninety OK so the kids are probably in boulder college and they just saw a little bit like. Let's let's get. What's. If what you don't want you know what cars for kids is because you've heard the jungles but he acts it's ingrained. In your brain here's Matt Foxboro next up with a real posted show him up. It was going on. I'm good value. I would that the game there might and I just wanna say. The National Football League complaining about their ratings going down. Eight that happens to a player taken in the product that does do with the fact. It football is slower than ever we were timing how long it would be great TV talk about this stuff works from Latin. Have done that figures. Now that the the timeouts haven't changed any. I. No I haven't seen that they want a player you're apart between when he appeared apart and we are like that has the ball is like warm and it. I would not watch any football watching refereed squabble with each other beer commercials. At. Activists are reports expose people's sense because. Yeah yeah an and went up but and in the play the commodities in internally. And that's why you hear in the owners making such a big deal about it haven't these meetings or whatever cause they know what's a problem the networks telling the networks are doing these. Internal research. That tells them that I mean. And I'm not short it's everything they're a bunch of different things that might be. People a little bit worn out the saturation of football what did the L head leveled off. Asked I think the big problem that they don't foresee yet it is merchandise 2.2 billion dollars sold looked at a film or people want to buy the shirts that trigger a law. That's gonna drop its more than 2.2 wolf was don't won't. Probable that now what it was a lot but that's a lot of money yup that's it that goes to pay these people what you get out there like Bennett says he lied about via. The via Vegas stuff you know like probably privately. Art that was arrested three times preferably probably run a hundred times I've got to have I literacy and tell these stories dollar civil a black release of Japanese as a job to a black theology. Leeches that got to camp played wanna get the job. I thought I could still play aggressive dollar went home all right. And that's up miles I think that's part is no question that's part of it because the the networks and the owners wouldn't react that way the term goal wasn't an issue okay they'd get that kind of work around it. It's an issue when they know it but there are other issues but I can hear a lot of people talking about how the Malone heels and their their their correct in saying it. Are viewing this stuff differently. Yet the interesting one is all of the streaming numbers that they're doing right now Amazon was a streaming the game on Thursday night and we know two orders done it. Those numbers are not great so if that was the case for that you see those numbers shoring. With the network going down they're not they're not. Source very often right than not so people want they're that you're going to watch a game and play that what. Brain drain. I'll sit there watch full Wallace if there my food right sit there with you we have mass amounts of food I don't want its own approach to read it. Most people think that way. You know Catholics were brought to secure about in the order of protest at the cops rocked the pigs on the that Fidel Castro for what are you protesting. You have more assurance that. It's a few minutes ago but it goes on to. Say is what the Dominican right. But it. I. It's like 80% of equity it's got this is is welcome to in the sick or would if all right I I think they are much of factors but you're right the biggest factor in the networks know right now is the protests and that's what they have to do. A something about it but I think the point he was trying to make a body was get that he really never did. With the pace of this game early on was horrendous because of all the all the requests all the calls clause or make you watch that one counseled that was. If it's close to clone that's when asked grab bush. The face masks they missed it got their sheer effort has cost as a game it's Carolina a break to the culprit be consistent. But don't. Throw every tactic it slows the game now. Routes running out of if you noticed that David entries hookah who was able to draw a penalty with a hand to the to the face in this one tonight you know this is helmet comes off like at least once again. And the thing is what's owed to it's a chin strap that's what it is because of the chin strap tight enough. And the thing keeps up all after she died did have it Bluetooth there was no question his ability but it's accentuated by the fact that the helmet comes flying off. Republicans want upped the chin strap missile is because when he puts it back on it does all the oxygen strapped it. Back on. With the chin strap and similarly I've played awful. Up and knock will off. Item we. Rough but by how often whirl round point one. Sure it's ripped off this is an apparent you know Taylor coming out off the lecture must you'll agree. Let's go to Tony Tony should all know the real post game show. I'll. Tell you don't post stuff for the Atlanta. Let's be really thrilled build their tonight at their football really coach can now. Eight album the people's republic but come in Atlanta for ten years so. But it is great big no I I think we're onto another championship. I really do. Her really do well. This this team is still. Or certificate. So you're gonna pull one out when their Freddie boardwalk you thought of I was here despite have a separate item on a city and I never thought about three games or no would Kansas City get off to think quick starting said wait till we get a couple of injuries in the door to the depth chart. Wait to Kareem hunt finally realizing you got to play. That's sixteen games and you'll see a distinction early on it was. Question for you. Is unprecedented. If we got ridiculed or you'll see well in Cleveland for the linebacker rod Alabama. They're deep and then that what are my out Gary is that unprecedented. It called out practice who would trade that would like what you blocks are droplets. Blog that got us through the use use that top pick to go and get miles Garrett and even steal him away. For a couple guys who have and other performance. They get a lot more money. Mean I could be gotten used with I'd eat it did pretty about to go out simply to agents are now it's unbelievable. Our assessment that that. Well it is a big it has. Malcolm was gonna have to figure it out he's gonna have to figure look at their outlook for Tony fortified with you guys that watching you give them that much of a bonus up front. What happens is you pretty much secure him for three years because the happened it is so big that you can't get rid of him. I don't see out I don't wanna artery he's here he's here. Good like are easier to go to his leftist it's gonna have to figure it out gonna have to figure a much people come to me before the game and currently. Oprah to keep it in the raw pitching about service of pets are bitching about the the percent you know traitor whatever percent at some problems that they get shut out. But they were all bitching about in Ottawa to get rid of me he's going to be terrific whoever set. So I think he's been fine. In Indianapolis and maybe he'll be able to play you know is really at a book but I took the biggest question you should have is. Is is is this kid to respect going to be a player because that's the guy you've got four. Bruce that was never was ever really go Plano. Drop closure next quarterback here and you don't want a Brit continues to play like this for the next three years grapples not going to be the next guy. Sources of talk with them miserable time. This is his life line the reason they can play at this level as long as he's lobsters he loves all. Right so if you don't like it is for drugs can play this well studied for 5 or 8 o'clock. Then the team goes about while it has questions for them. Right for the coaches that's about it the biggest fear is that not prepared enough that it would pop and acumen. 'cause he loves these Alter Jewelers like most guys retire for the get a little nicks. And they get these are to Wear down and the rehab becomes a lot tougher getting back into shape. But you just hit upon it most guys finally say I've made enough money and done. On her talk to grow my hair like sixty years. Very underrated guys play at the plate past excuse like now you're have been been dynamite. He said played. Eighteen years though I'll lock it's got to the delegates shall write like kids. In that collaborative law. As we did operations but to shape take the pounding yeah prep time it is gonna walk away from the Univision. Who we think. They generally. And he got it all liberals apps currently Roethlisberger is gonna walk away I thought two weeks ago was it took three weeks ago except here it's oh maybe I should retire whatever. He gets some doubts he had some you know Andy eat each its opera tickets sold well it. But that lava do you think he spends a lot of time get in a really good shape neo Nazis what is it would that the but the guys that pictured above corporate update no bull. I think you Mexico now I want to spend more time it shake shack in the house that he does that she. No relief guy I'd yeah I don't think the human coach. Likes you don't not Cutler. Thinking about just got to be used by. Does it annoy people by Joe's and a car what's up Joseph. Joey. You guys are gone joke. At its size one fired her credit cards that ought to promote occurred. Look at. One a lot of content or. How important he bird strike in Iraq are marked with you know quoted current bid what is it like. As a big plus an app like feel both the is that you have back. I don't know. Yeah yeah there's an old age they were back they were back tonight he certainly not good tonight of article three. I think no I think they're that. It's a good start. They were they are going up against the a team let's get their own their own issues right now so also it. Amid this it was a terrific performance artist that is some of the other games. You. Now where I'd fraudulent that fox or as bad as they were in Carolina game. Does it work today. Right there's still movement but it's rarer positive when you play at that level had played at this level. And keep I think that you get better but that might take a little step backwards get to a there's China's government. That what three rolls. Every quarterback quarterback pretty good quarterback you'll have some top receivers you'll have attempted child that's going to be Giles but they have taken a step will go on deck and it appears in all afternoon. You know they had at that they had picked as the war there will play at a lol level consistently. At CNET pop we saw the pop up today. That's very so you saw the defense played really well in all facets of the that the defense whether it was the secondary whether it was against Iran whether it was guys up front. And you look at Atlanta you say well they pitted against Julio Jones and so knew when and argued Gabriel. Freeman Coleman then and Ryan so but it could be. That Atlanta just socks Atlantis just that's assuming both shots real. Blazed all right that's a definite right at Carolina the plight that's not that it sucks but they're not a bad that they have talent. So this dream can come out of it there are weak division. They could still work together but this year we followed folic father pot is that leadership is a logical that some of those was rigid so their. Little sustenance which is we and other I would go. Got another hour to go to buffalo. I'm gonna go two bags for the. We will though it 6177779237. That's our phone of a regular real postage of I've let down here across the street from the stadium it's still a very foggy Foxboro. But it wasn't for the knowing the patriots tonight they rolled to a 23. To seven victory. And there are all sorts questions about this game one. Oh with some of the stuff they were both thrown out of the program tonight is the defense finally figured it out. Certainly didn't get it out tonight for this football game the other part of that might be. At the falcons figured it out from that Super Bowl back in February as they seem to be lost out there. Coaching staff we talked an awful lot about that some of the decisions made by the Atlantic coaching staff tonight where mine bought. They really were the work environment to cut you know constant problem he's done right. He's gotten stuck in this you know. That locally wanna tonight that he's done the life out of it did been a disaster to to this point disaster. The funny so many things that we lashed to the content of the note but there were gonna get the playoffs and they just take him. That's what they are and that moral. The other bring but experts at the to the body we offer orca a couple of Jacob. He just he was a disaster out they're terrible cruelty was looking at cell was thought that I have welcomes and with the game for others and all together probably didn't. Get himself and a broken cheapening out season. He is planning on being in broadcast of Canadian broadcasting job you know took about seven million dollars us seven million at edition to his three million he was taken a broadcast ten million loses though. It was unbelievable and we saw some other stuff like public David Harris tonight. Does that he could talk about the genius of Bill Belichick were all but sit there week after week what the hell is happening with David Erickson about this he forced to plated I would know land and Robert split hello again. He probably saw her practice he was in debt that if you want to get him in there and the play correct economic the mistakes of the big thing. It found the right spot all of a sudden he's playing well in the meant to hit. And that's a man out there he nailed some guts and they'll look back on the back the realm you know right apple run up the middle. You can put political. And that's shoot where you can stop the colts beat back or ticker takers got off. A lot of guys can do that anymore that's one reason I think that you look at the patriots over the years and they just get better. As the season progresses because. There're there're some stuff that's a little complex for guys that are coming over from all the teams that sit here in the languages different you know that terminology is different. But well except everything is over complicate Lotta people run a lot of straight deep threat to Euro cup logo go to a covered three of state defense every week the same weeks and valued the patriots in redwood Tucker rock. Roethlisberger were tucked Dorsey was at the pay to create a region during the game every two what was different. Just a little bit different it was confusing Roethlisberger holding the ball but law and that's what they do the best so they dumbed down. So that they were looking to edit it makes it easier for you good dissected analyzed the Patriots defense that's not particularly disguised in Dalton have you can't do that if one guy's going to be in the wrong place. And that's who scored a big time. So that we're really hit it. We're supposed to breed might copy the best cover guy on earth but he was brewers both compete at the victims of the critic for the New England Patriots to the first six weeks. As they were trying to figure this stuff out. Was affected. Nobody stepped forward and Kansas City did for the first few weeks. But that's all petered out here in the last admin which were few weeks yet to really pin though can't it can't score at all Fred. All you have to do is stop the run with Denver and then you put it in the hands determined that Trevor Ximian ticket that Margaret Beckett tomorrow. You are of course authorize the tea man now but what himself for you couldn't throw it out now for. If you plus if you can't score initially you could have the greatest defense the world if you hits for you can't win enough games and certainly he he he can't do it in the in the postseason. The reason why the most of it via. To keep. The reason why they'd. Share your microphone to going out so it's my closest. Quote. The sort of silenced me. We don't look the other joke while these fixes. Things done. The only movement. The kennel in here now for a can you hear me now of good crackles like you have troops should ideas. Should suit you. That's good that's ready begs a special affairs lifts. Let able won't come along where technology how we will fix or screwdriver. Giving Oprah a canoe and other important objects are what we use and I'm from god that you were making an initial evaluation ordered out of unheard Abu bills go back to the phone calls. I here's Kevin Kevin's at Foxborough what's up Kevin. Hey what's up guys yeah. Great game and I don't much care who was that beat back those Matt Ryan played terrible but it. That they want I favorite parlor game wasn't so much the pope's. Ron the end zone behind Crockett at what could be that was the play direct marketer who played ought to Bali even on special teams. Great place it was affecting the guys that up the National Anthem at the made me happy. But I think I don't publicly the late afternoon games but in the 1 o'clock games there was an a single player. Who took a knee or set to Armenia a single player. While I realize 07 to Israel played a late game writes I don't know what the edges out date. But I don't when they realize that your vending you know a lot Puerto portion of American knowing that your. Spending. A huge amount of people that watch football the public come to games. Simple or rather it on the people that died before us forgive us we have on America. Bunea at all they'll that you just expressing everybody by doing so that the one thing that. Then I just don't understand why these guys haven't figured it out if the platform for a these guys are. Every media outlet in the world to sit down talk to these players an opportunity if they're pissed off about something. Of a form people listen up you talked about it. They don't have to go as well as launch could articulate what news Doug Baldwin can grab the articulated the Tom Cable and it sucked. It's crazy guy he's got an article I kept them story. Talk darts are amen to what you did that ain't mad exporting I want throughout the you'd think like tax and I called different Asia or they hope. And I told them out disappointed with the management most most of all about Jack that's when they cut me off so what you guys just add those the breath of fresh yet. A mentally guys just got right there. Just logical well indexed and says give outlets have taught particularly well people listen when he get up there at the dock to listen to you or your. People opposed to what you're doing because they don't have a football bit surreal it will let that bit of trouble but I. Heard a lot of people say this well it's creating conversation no it's not that conversation is not being created what you're getting educating. But the people out there that pissed off at the other half of the people that sit idle all it's there right well first of all. It's not your right if your employer tells you that you can't do when your clock and their appointment are. But the thing is that we're not getting anything accomplished is a conversation go back and forth. They can't be conversations. These players can have 88 tremendous. Outlet out here in which they can make change they don't want to the community won the community wants to see them. The cops wanna see them in the community they would love to sit and talk with some of these athletes wrecked truck summit John Q they have opportunity. To make some changes out there but I don't know what you're doing right now. They're all they don't is that is like reportedly went on a strict it. Not half the people but I think the majority of the I don't know watch number of them my drug that watch football and go to football game. Mug from lots of drugs you name it and usher every different bottle up OK I don't know I don't know what the percentages are type of people Rocco. Right to block with but this is separation. And some people are happy that they're taking in need because they think they're accomplishing something. And I would answer that question what are we accomplishing when I get anything nobody is getting it it is getting of a fairer shake. In in the community because of this we can't if we have some type of title and I. Out of his dialogue I think is reaction people reacting to a place and I don't like it. Wright is not a dialog was sent okay what you have to say like you said if you go on the outlets we can talk articulated that you'll have a conversation doing this you know undercover station. You're getting feedback from people which means they're telling you not to do it was some time they're not in the community he's not getting to Iowa. Fred these football players have a voice. To the guy that doesn't have a voice if they go all of these different shows and they start articulating what the point is and what needs to be done. By taking a new year right all you go to those this awful lot of people with percentages. But you know obtaining anything. You know getting all you're doing good reaction get reaction not Canada but that nothing is happening we're not we're not we're not. Improving the situation so we have communication issues if there are certain cops out there that that are there at that that are bad cops. We're not getting anything clarified what. Well bad guys who play football the majority out. Majority cops have to go to had all the get people shoot adamant in you know it is new article out there and they're hijacked payment assassinating them. Right picture of your club because ever really ought to reach a bit there's a small majority of them are bad but most for your call up come in my house is so wrong they come. Let's like I just think it's the wrong way of doing it right now and I hear what they're saying they're coming up the sink well it puts them. It gets the military it's not against the caps. But it's been few that would like a lot of people XP beauty tip them right right against reflected the flight is this a sign the freedom of the flag comes or came forward to. The France or attract web or to pre or whoever came with the floor like freedom. Even the civil war the flag of freedom against the it's thousand buzz that was the front flag of freedom doing the wrong so what the ownership doing is Steelers are basically tell the players work your hurting our business and by the way it is our business dodge dealers revenues were dumping and that's the right. Just a senior on our business. The take is that it's a great job of building this empire where people love the big worship the plays they always you know look at them as. As people had knowledge that there was a great. Great appreciation. Delusional but I it'll allude to the point we're not get it back. There's a way of doing it and I just don't think it's it's the right way but getting back to the whole situation of the patriots. And even though they faltered to the first six weeks and they played really well tonight my putt was they won when their vault that was the good news that hit. Because they're that talented that that's why but you look around just look at the AFC. And tell me with a competition comes Pittsburgh could be there in the end I like their defense it's a younger defense that we've seen as they maybe total in all it's a lot quicker. Okay defense that was seen in the past. There are some issues with Pittsburgh the coaching is an issue Pittsburgh early he's a great coach though he had great plays with them now and great to it's America that's quarters. And in he has a little bit of conflict so there's a team you could see. That would show up Bristol silent for the Pittsburgh Steelers rolled almost. Of those four the bucket around has brought throw balls at them. Two wide receiver. Antonio Brown brown if he were but it was ticket and get down on the coach that put your side buses and a total lot. You know I read that often they'll pick up I think there's some issues you know in the way he can he controls are a lot of control. With the players that you look around the AFC you were talking earlier that this the best team. I thought all along they were the best they just have to get their act together. Let's tell the best right get together. And everybody has flaws right and you wanna make it easier for yourself by playing these games at home for the extended and by the way they are now. Within a game of Kansas City they both have five and two record right Kansas City holds the tiebreaker right now we brought the point of the thing is the bigotry is a Prater attempt the coach. The coaching. The game to game coaching you create confident being polished on and evolution control devolution faith that we can not control that always. Have a game plan an adjustment than anyone in a file and execute to preserve this quarterback in history and have people on the team that are intelligent play games. The funny thing is everybody meets up on the AFC east. The FCC is the only division has three teams above 500 right now patriots have five into the bills afford to Miami's weren't too. And the jets are only one game at a 5034. Objects are so deep geologic that's a little bit of it so look at what Pittsburgh has in their division right now. Baltimore's nothing if three or 410 about it and content of Cincinnati's altitude. Security coaches that stuff out there to enforce. And the quarterback still has improved and immediately it was against and you've already talked about Cleveland their their god audio that you look at the AFC south right now. Tennessee does some good things they do I like the quarterback is not when he's healthy. He's pretty good Jacksonville's team on the rise but they're not a threat. Houston. I don't know what the thick of Houston right now. The target of offensive juggernaut yes there one of their losses the real thing don't do it who Watson there wanna watch that one of the top offensive teams right now. And suddenly their defense because they have lost two of their best defense suppliers is we have to question them right now there's three entry in the colts did right. Seed Kansas City. Denver I don't think is a significant player oh Portland Oval Office right the charges will see them next week. Oakland is three and four and they're nowhere under management underachieving brilliant I know that DB can't cover anybody on the get. They will play a Mac that's significant other realize they have to offer to fire public school and they're still on discipline and their coach Jack Del Rio which you trust him at a playoff game. No now so where does the competition go front. So we're looking at title with that they're older but person at the breeze themselves patriots have under achieved through seven games under achievement. And I still think by far they're the best team of experts probably the big stripping yeah I think the second time if they if the play Kansas City you can't. I think if it isn't in the of course they lost their best safety they lost Eric Berry so now suddenly going to defend quell the picture if you get a boy left him again. In that game you know biggest and play well in Kabul while the office of game was sporadic so. That's unlike can almost say that when they play if you get the patriots early especially good teed up with a good coach to have some problems what they item out. And unlike Atlanta. That seems to wilt after a team. Defeats them instead of going back and seeking revenge. The patriots show and show us the opposite what do T sell them loose to they got to play back against that team watch out. They'll figure it out. So who was gonna beat him idiots saying it was the patriots get a couple of key injuries when I really for the boys at that after the game to become the de Vito we have accomplished here except. Brady's got a history gets that TV to support that the facts and does make some report that isn't great he's answered a lot of things and also leadership. I blitz of it's a factor in him. With the goal with five whites it does that fire away it went 2% to 2.5 seconds and they get out of the blitz and then there over the go to ozone. I don't think I don't think anything's changed now really when you look at the patriots it and we go to the NFC and a few talking about having to face. One of them eventually in the end and the super ball. Philadelphia is five that one yet there's still an experience you don't know what to go to do the rest of the way the ram. Higher score came into and out of still a lot of you EUU buying into them lot of firepower off great rack who poorly my gallery about young quarterback in golf finally saw what that that's that doesn't mean Todd Gurley gives them a lot of flexibility with their with their offense I like what did dump it. That out of Graham's the Seahawks are a team that offensively have major problems still still have problems offensively now. Where were the cardinals are dead were party talked about them we just saw the falcons here tonight to the Carolina Panthers worry that New Orleans Saints were you. Won't say it's a team because they have that great quarterback you have so they can Goosen vehemently offenses soulful. It's off wanted Ford. They afford to fourteen or 20 and by the way they've won three of those games on the road. And you would put up some big knob and you look at the NFC north and Green Bay was a team yet to be concerned what's right they're done because they don't have a quarterback right now all of a -- gonna. You know Minnesota's okay the pretty good but it equipment they'll. No so where's it gonna come from if it's ever since Dallas does not look like the same team I know they won big today but they beat the 49ers can. Point Shula right that's a team that is that David is showing consistent golf to deliberately destroyed by Deborah dorm priest and play in the game. Sort of two guys who are organizing your reliant on and they are getting a book on them the quarterback. There right I don't think there's a great team except I'm not basing it on the patriots that day OK a basic you know the patriots through seven games because they've been some doubts here. Ike it's now all been pretty. But do you see any team that you sit there until we got like a really worry a fatal. So much parity now yet no one good quarterback. Talk and teams we talk about Carolina. We talked about. Philadelphia or for talk about the rams it's about a quarter. It's a quarter but beat these guys are good quarterback you know. Even corporate greed Beirut got a quarterback that nothing with the quarterback that the favour to the removal they'll shoot definitely you know you don't have quarterback you don't have that defense really gets exposed when you know they got. We you have a great quarterback like education screws up give seven guess what. Aaron Rodgers this takes it down the field about seven plays gets the seven back in our back keep showing a whole lot for access to change Google are up profits after methodical office as you know the score will. Changed him so. Quarterback Eddie cue we got a quarterback you don't know what buffalo I don't know possible look at that they've made to quote Ecuador two quarterbacks average a press now they can't scored for a defensively that good AME. You have more. To. Do you but the good quarterback who's good Corbett and if the NC a bit what does it tell you because I think we all look at the deliver this could be one of the but is one of those quarterbacks. And idiocy they went through or get out there a problem. And yet rivers is another one of those guys that you watch a once Sunday it's him and he's really good to watch him and actually got Manny really sucks laughter age he's one of those guys you stricker tree. But you look at the division and we laughed at the division says you know that that the shot a scene like that tomato can division. Right now they have three things over five under. And by the way they play good teams meet Buffalo's beaten good teams right Miami has beaten some also the good things as coaching. Where to go down in Miami changed life in all sorts in there with the giants are much more. Organized not as erratic as they were before they don't show all the time that did you know Jeffs over the jet. The coaching is the the Playboy disciplined they're playing on that Roy and I so they're within everywhere but there are of the week lesser talented the Fed over the last 56 years probably the least amount count in the AFC's yet still on a great. But doubles has got them Plame really ought really are and you don't want Josh pronouncement okay. You know sort of play or not he's been better than okay it's not quite six point 7779. Seven ID 37 our phone number for the real post game show if you miss Bill Belichick. This Tom Brady earlier. You'll get to hear them coming up next. Let's not otherwise play of the game which brought to you Byron wise snacks the Reggie still gate classics here it is. The campus have been. Seven play drive. Really wasn't him off as he was fumbling problem that was a tough company that was passed. That was the shortest pass you'll ever ever seek that hopefully summed up the game. Because when that rocket round opponents say Tuesday jump right away jumped out. Good morning it's sort of I don't know your right go for his legs try to tackle as a Letterman is up. That was so they finally finding ways of using cooks and in. It's a different creative. Ways and that was that was a good tonight opportunities that if the Y is play the game is being brought you by wise next re G still okay classics. Freddie has got a gigantic box over here of the wise virgins and hundred nobody if you had already money. The small back to pick just culturally. Auburn collateral you have voted extra melodramatic thank you always like buffalo away yeah artwork for the new buffalo where actually is chips and the drive you. Maria play the flavors at your local spilled at night. I have had none today Buick a whole table okay that was last week I did at. Q ever over the last weekend at some of those other private overdose my favorite is the buffalo wings of the buffalo went to a axle that at all really like buffalo. I if you miss hit earlier red after the game Bill Belichick addressing the media. A really. Good product or a football team tonight. That includes everybody. Got them practice squad. Some of the guys were active in Purcell the players that play and where coaching steps. Just thought they really worked hard this week really. A very very productive week in both players were room. Well prepared rated ago. Play hard for sixty minutes on all three phases of the game we had a lot of lot of contributions from everybody. Played good complementary football. Was always perfect place or and we competed for sixty minutes and those. And l.'s buffalo that we wrote that we worked so. I don't know hats off to them players that are very. Around. Plays competitive loses they couldn't. Triplets market making adjustments in the distance and me to some things in Atlanta was doing some looks that is. Mean really into workable. Coach of the front you got a 160 yards on the ground today which is the most of I don't Leah is thought indicative game plan to be more balanced on offense or is it just better execution. Went better execution. You know when the more runs warriors again and so on and we played this game from. Ahead involved with Sousa switched and we haven't haven't done Muqtada this year. So. You know it gives no opinion run ball more weave and ran fourth quarter which is another. Time we compiled some runs. If you can make first downs and we we weren't able to do against Tampa and it was due last week against the jets. We did tonight so. It was good to get those errors one that you are gonna run we need to girl. Got the Earth's. Bill that DeVon was in here is couple moments ago telling us that what one thing you drilled into the team defensively this week was. Make them make plays. Health I annoy you had a big play obviously on the fourth round what did you see from the sideline. Those indicative of that that your defense was making plays all night long. Yes we made a lot of middle stops on third down. And fork down you know that we give up. But three scrambles and those of the third were down versions. I don't models all votes in Islam. But thought. Again we made a lot of plays when you make them so red area there now. Some effort situations goal line. Only to make all the plays though one that plays and we we hear them make those plays so. It's the Olympics thoughtful person can get the players credit. They're covered receivers are playing against Google for its work good system off line. It's root them all through those plays and he made which. And most. Having them catch limit Hanson. And great what we are right there you know I just went out there. Made Julio Jones politically. He makes. And presently make so. You know we didn't make your clothes. I coached. Actually out special teams play. Led to a touchdown touchdown game. You pretty excited on that line and that. Thing we work release our own approval rush and you know guys guys work hard on every week. And you know campuses. Has got some opportunities in practice it and don't start off Steve knows the use it's admirable principle McCleon. And I think this one. Not quite as much is this sees all these walls were practice. Now cast him as quickly force that works or that's. That's everybody across the missile although god does losses in have to. Do their jobs and a block actions taken away and get somebody else opportunities and we never know what's gonna go. We just you know. Wanted to but it you know com pardon and do their job right in where the opening is it is. I was perfectly force. In the legal team. And grows. Sidelined players. On the field. They won't force our specialty engines or very. Take our pride and jones'. Return teams coverage means. You walked means so. It's it's good to see artwork pale and. I. Billy get the ball back with us just over four minutes left and able to run the entirety of the clock out how much conferences have build in the running game especially with. All the running backs now active. What that we have confidence only cause of the problem I think it's execution. You know we're able to do it tonight. In order to do it two weeks before that so. We another team this week the charters. I don't know I over on the ball against them. We'll we'll have to go out there and and do it again against some really good defense in the team so. When we have the opportunity for its first or fourth or you know whatever it is Disco. Morgan good play from our vaccine in our lives Scott we will more consistent. It's gonna get an explosive on an area when you go to twenty or fifteen or room. But also running game you know while more than. 73 orders when you can rip off when your problems. This could help couples. No one followup on something on the on the running thing. You have the boy you re in the ball. More tonight and you passed it obviously you're against a very explosive offense. Was up by design to try to limit your exposure to Ryan that offense or just situation that just happened happened. Men offensively our our jobs are rather lose balls or points so we do. That's good. That means we threw sixty times. Through since the times in his room for it about right forty. Most important things move won't score points so. That's. That's our objective. We've talked a lot about that Cassius. And the field goal block he's one of the players you acquired in the week leading up to the season opener. Another being Johnson better mostly understanding that each of those cases is unique controls the other guys you acquire. And right before the season or during season. He's in the process of how they've gotten themselves acclimated. And become critical parts of this team now and in the case Johnson starting to gains in the secondary. After only three starts in his career here for. Well Lou Lou as a worker or. Become man. Our listeners to. Those those doesn't work horror that he tried and torso. It did try to learn our RO office of defense specialty systems as well as their position. Take a lot of extra work on the practice field with the whole basic groups you know. Practice laws and so forth you know so to build eruption. Experience systems. You know sort of look I'm here but it was. Never known opportunities come. Good examples of that have done and take advantage played good performances. No more play. Well like you know. It here early years similar examples. All four of those guys worked extremely hard. In some rookies arcane world so. Well they were here a long experience other kind and that's outward. Well. We'll take place force. Featured so you know those guys have been able. Instead an iron and contribute to pollsters because there. That's corruption in the kicking game so you know hopefully as the year goes along those guys continue to. If they were heard to be productive role spent. Bill they went three for twelve on third fourth down and you aside from 37 yards for Ryan yes tell them under a hundred yards rushing. What did the front seven. And in no way in particular. And Owen Roberts being out what kind of a challenge to depose him. And why where you guys are able to have some success was Brendan failure matters from the calls seems like it's been getting better each week. In some of the run defense slows during you can pinpoint a bullet that group's been doing that seem very important as well. But it has gotten better and it's gotten better over the course of the year from week one. Well we're we're now hopefully continue. To improve. As we go forward. Playing together playing techniques better. Better communication better. Timing with each other. Or plan blockers who. The relatively healthy without groups of a lot of carry over. We'll because we're in there. There excuse and plays tonight. So it's good you know to have him there but Landon. You know where Victor goes Fenway and Davis high. And mark he's got a little bit last couple weeks. Too much and I don't think. Defensively you know it's all improving we've got to keep working horror. I'll continue to. Again play well fundamentally play well in terms of our responsibilities. If the county children and our respective guests and complete list. Lola how much did the books fog at all affect the coaches upstairs and and that part of the operation and if it applies how unusual is that I'm from your experience in the leaked. All well. I think the coaches upstairs you know did it they're real good job on it was. Challenging. Times on Saturday. I don't know what happened with the land. You know for us. We took a couple of timeouts and wasn't really because of the fault it was yours you know monitor goal line in there on the goal line. So I would attribute. But it was it was not easy for you or spotters lobsters. Get it. That it says it and think it affected the game too much. You know not the most normal situation vote. You know my first currently with Baltimore. And certainly we've beat Miami. To. That Clinton foils the report pretty close. In Baltimore. The final cut him down. You know Tony when birds before your fuel. And you could see on strategies in two teams line up for the people vote once vote to split it no idea whether it was good not good so. Met with the officials at all so that's the first year. So and I think that dead since. Citizens know. It it was tough to see from up on top it wasn't I would say it was that there on the field and it was clear it was. That it changed it. Other way we talk about third down. Efficiency in a minute at fourth down efficiency or why and a because they had three different opportunities about it. They were a total of three year and twelfth overall in third and fourth down efficiency to a nine it's in third down. One of three and forced down and despite an issue for the patriots on both sides for them. Offensively in third down situations. And defensively. In. In third down situations we have an atrocious seven of thirteen. New England with seven of thirteen. And Atlanta was three of twelve several thirteen a couple of long yes when he yup and adds up picked a great great throws. And time of possession. 34. Minutes. For knowing when and just under 26 minutes. For Atlanta what a difference there you win an alternate you do the big one was on the school we go almost segment to go solicit a brick who we re back. All the patriots did not. Either come back this time to beat the falcons scientific goals for two Brady of the goat hills and.