Real Post Game Show - Patriots defeat the Jets 26-6. 12-31-2017

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Sunday, December 31st

Hour 1. Glenn Ordway and Fred Smerlas are at the WEEI Broadcast Shed recapping the Patriots 26-6 win over the New York Jets. They break down the game and talk about what the team can improve during the bye week.


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He's over four packs and she acts and now the most comprehensive review of it begins cease these no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. But we'll post game show was presented by complex key insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out a plan to keep dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers and let's get things going. Here's Glenn or way and regs Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. There's your regular season is done for the knowing the patriots they finished third team in history. We'll hear of 11 time although that is right now that is a good cold beautiful right. Gorgeous in the studio. Computer was a little frozen to a little while ago was we're getting don't believe that pharma with abroad got the computer Golan right now. Certainly everything is great week at midnight I'll ability on us who stayed in this action. People on I could count right now there are nine people in. Section that takes a shuttles are seeing that is dedication or does this was cold I remember the Tennessee playoff game that was real source that that was divorce that was worse I think them than this one. But this was really cool. You know at an integral to the plays the plays of the heated benches the flame floors of the sides clips frantically through what jail Walton noted that told us is that in people did not come. Company and it just kept appropriate that. Three jackets and the fact that I get via. And up Bruce watching this card that lets off heat for Oprah wasn't put this together particular parish. Because my nose is all of a lot sixth talk about it the next few hours 617. 7797937. That is our phone number if I had to wait a little wins this 126. The sixth. The defense at all talk an awful lot about them because they give up two field goals in the game. The jets' third down efficiency not that old for twelve. All that they don't want office. It did you know people look upon it in it Tony Romo pointed out while. With a cover the scrutiny they've played pretty good he threw a lot of balls underneath guys so they could get caught the ball what I wanna know. Is I don't. Rough reversed much. But for them to give the reader quarterbacks mine for intentional grounding out do you think he cheated on the place that adult Iraq that you that you saw the replay showed immigration fugitives are drawn out how do you throw the ball in and everything so it's going to be in he's not and they cause potential ground and did that at giants game that's in the playoffs throws the ball yet. They talk through what he thought well who's gonna work and I said intentional grounding. Not knowing Ted the protests of game was on the line at that time I would tell you that I am really gonna get exercised about the call but it may be on and that that cost accessible at knife point at levels it hit no impact game ball to get marked up. I could get pissed off quiet I mean the the question going into the postseason is going to be the defense and specifically the front seven. That still does not apply great pressure on the quarterback. Against college quarterbacks are the policies he did not get a good quarterback today to have a look at this month but that's OK you have against Pittsburgh and it. They'll pick it's a good job on the road. You know they were good defensive backfield. I think Harrison's gonna be surprised of people he came in and made some plays. You know we're just coming him. Look like he still has good strength he David played probably what won it playing well as that was interesting as a when he came into game in the first became an again because they came out look like it played sub packages they were in nickel. First couple series comes into the game to play in the place. And what does what of the jets do well on this week they read it away from him. Because they don't he can set the edge so he could set the edge he can apply some pressure on a quarterback Obama expressed about. And pass rush and those statistics the patriots a week ago. We're really weak even though it you know is not what he was. The patriots don't have where they don't have the great blithe about route that he's a good lie about she's probably as. As good as the linebackers they have about that situation or gone without notice you didn't address today David Arista dressed. So he's a situational. Guy he sits out Harrison gets the point that an aggregate plus potential threat tenacity to that is yes tenacious hardworking guy. Belichick loves to to really Smart football means a lot to I don't know what we're gonna Pittsburgh. You know coats and it is he talks like trash anyway. We get a stupid place. To not play a team against Korea against Khalifa was lost that game. What do you 24 if they have lost that game to pick distrust this game they were that was dull the border to tell you that Mike Tomlin knew there was no change than when patriots who gonna lose this game what was your predictions with. Patriots and won by what triple triple digits so Mike Tomlin is an estimate so like double to say the same thing Pittsburgh. All of triple digit they I. It was when there is yes I would never done what he shot about because it's picking up sort of economic because of injuries. Not that you have to win that you have to win that game out of the particulars of two because. Police say something that's played that stupid play extremely well so bill that set some of those guys don't you guys get that down today what would you assess. You notice that you that you would have you would arrive you would have been supportive of you assume stroke. And you scrubbed I wanted what do you struggle Ottawa today to promote the game ball. And needed to pick it took about from the brilliant and and you know it took about that it is built did not want to see him to go there weren't told about problems with talk that they're up with a to promote the game go up by three touchdowns public knew that because the Brady act from. From cool. The jets kick a field goal I'll bite but forced the world is unbelievable what they don't want LY. I haven't tried so I I love not the jets as you do about it in an active jet into a 45 games this year. At the beginning of the season do you think they were capable of wood up to where are the personality to. Okay and it is a pretty good most get a good job in. And it is his there's 68 game it means absolutely nothing and you played arrests optics are good enough. They're quarterback's threat. And they're not good about it because guidance that put structuring their team if they get a quarterback at a at a pass rusher they could be good Mohammed locus of let him down he apparently he's a guy that doesn't give a rats as payment buffalo Darius that doesn't explode. Dictator to cut to a to Jacksonville is playing better that's ideal source credit bulls knows that he's fall asleep at meetings he sort of play he's not showing up noted does. Healthy scratch Sheila you're on the sideline to get it up yeah wanted to take it away and lots of rate for the ago. Well a lot of the team now you don't get total take of it was you have to go to war he has balls as a guy similar to Belichick he is a good guy. Right he demands respect you want to all be fishy to us to build his team even though. He came out this year they lost but they played well almost every game would not quarterback Portugal quarterback throwing ideal got to play well at times so. When you have a coach that has got to get that same powerful he gets from guys even though the could help the Shia. God alive the going to be distraction. From forming a team they wanted to fragment by I got my guys over area. Under these guys over here I talked and its coach he wants to hear one voice that is and that's what he's gonna get that shadow I don't have a problem with what the tablet did not your right. Jets beat the patriots it would have been a major talking point put. Just that it's a chance that that could happen was done you can pick your ridiculous change suggested mr. it's a chance to you Davis should exercise did what. It's just by Amber's gonna win against the patriots. Almost zero let's tell the world it was a chaotic doubt no doubt in my late fifties and it was zero down zero an up or none at all. All you have done that but what this is a little bit if the hardest thing though I would I would put nothing to chance so what he did as he knew he had no Antonio Brown. So he knows now he may have to go without into Odeo route in the post season. So what he's doing is like gentleman he's sitting sitting Libyan bill. He's sitting Roethlisberger because you know people we shot yes with no Antonio Brown is to make sure those other guys don't get quote lost belt today. Or law lost Roethlisberger. If he's serious trouble I will close down slightly just yet it would have been extremely dumb of their played earlier paper paper two point later toothpaste debris. Dictated what they would do. But David Tony Romo everybody should I don't of the pit spot blow. You're going against Tony yes I am gonna guess to delay until he's not perfect. Not a 100% I love what you are you root for a for the for gruden to get that job but not all of them off a Monday Night Football debate opponents look that would make levity what are we that would be just like. Like the Saddam listen I don't Los personally want to talk about these beautiful it was full care at your job now. You gotta admit it's amazing to me really it's amazing. And Jon Gruden was a pretty good coach woody coached in Oakland coach campus that there was an article it for how many years and years of what there was were full blooded Tampa is is that yes or not you're suddenly going to bring him back. The ownership to a piece of the peace deal that they're gonna give them piece of the action which by the way viewers are gonna have to approve an immediate problem. Didn't give us that that's what you're willing to give him anything. To get him back at Oakland. Because they found out that they've got good personnel they won a lot of games last year they found that the Jack Del Rio can't get it done and they need a big time coach with a peak. Need right that's what they coordinated. You know I there's a lot of good calls coaches and a communal group you know. Buffalo Bills took that rustling coach that was its coordinate its its source it is college competition of selling a piece you got team is not a bad trend they're desperate right now. They look at it they they got a taste of last year. Because they won a lot of games they were the post season. And then Jack Del Rio can't take him to the actual. And they looked they looked disorganized they looked like it was never team this year last year was surprisingly played while the team about at quarterback completely fell pot this year. That one defense player. Right pulled Mac he's good match good. But the they can't cover it by and see how important everything's is just. Trash anything else did too old Oakland raiders' third down they make a stupid penalty after they get a big drive go. They're disorganized they're they're dysfunctional that's part of the run ownership should scrap. You need yours are cut to the table sized boulders got a settlement that a greater cut that. I'm sure to be some rough and what do you think he's worth billions have asked the team's work. Stability will seek only to those shipments I don't think it's self. But the full flow of Latin but that is something if he if he comes back gruden to inspect it takes over that. Takes over you don't go there. Just forma quality to hold the whole evolution of the team's quarterback coach got to have a good coach you know this salary cap a severe grade. Yet all quotes all over the place of Brigham and lose three other good players because you can't afford to pay a that's a project is wanna make a lot of money I tell all the markets were two guys who care what you would want to pay if I. Sixteen games in the book and when you look at it New England gets the number one seed again we all know that when they get the number one seat that's what they fear the best. In the postseason if they had to go out and play a wild card game next week with a number three seat that could and probably other. That wasn't at stake today but it was a week ago. That would about a problem so they lock it up to number one seed they go in and they really need we have like about forty year old quarterback if anything. He might feel little card could barely got away with twelve games last year played sixteen this year that may be part of robotic Romo once again we quote rubble. I think rubble one point six others all looked a little bit tired so another got to get time off in the next two weeks breed he's probably going to be shelved for a while the good days off. So that he can get the body back in shape this is the greatest thing that could happen and when. And the gonna end up probably with the Baltimore or Kansas City playing here. There aren't what Kansas City wants to to Baltimore which could certainly more than Kansas City only because of the history of the Kansas City physical tools via second time around with Kansas City. I think he got it figured out yet however bury so who's gonna guard rock. It's a different Kansas City team even though they have so little books they gave a more different than they saw that when they were emotional lift our game right in the season that's gonna get the patent. Usually get a early young defense of players that get confused with the motion in the office did authenticate confuse this late this season especially one defensive back from but. It'd take Lewis and if you take your business of that first game you get the AFC championship rate over an older building right across the street. That's what you get perfect situation you get rest you get. You know pulled it I think at first round in the divisional game that you can handle and the second round you gonna end up with either Pittsburgh. Or Jacksonville at all you should win that game. They do it if you look at this team how many injuries. Might during the season with pull out a Glock was out an element is out of Mitchell everything's. But not X dot thirteen to three. The frank there's been injuries were those teams fail to operates out of everyone and hate talk coaches. I'm pretty subtle laid out well we'll have that it is still let beleaguered and if that's correct. I would have to look that up after today yet I don't I didn't I had a hard and he has my giant brain knows. That it is. He is double your someone's always been hurt but it's depleted when Obama's gonna that's a huge chunk making excuses for the actions that affect the thirteenth so they were told the judge well. If they've settlement at all or anybody else you're right right. OK aid. But green big green they did they not suffer bigger injury in the I don't know that can't sit. If public on them we'll talk good or bad or our backup came in they were 115 other people that you think were screaming. Early in the third quarter. To see Brian horrors they wanna bring out again especially when he gets act that want to in the third quarter of people these it was screaming get your TV set of scrutiny in this things get a bit most people. What do we can't give up right ankle is hurt. Let's ankle is a broken. It's good it's a serious in a problem. I've played with that I'll stop in your day are you describe well I thought it would survive I would get I would play it would opening I would play with nothing. Yep radiance of the most yours she does it all the talk about the emotional you know he threw some plays it if you're Los Robles forty. Here's what I asked him I give up I won already got a good that it generally played what they played pretty well today I doubled over the jets I mean if they had opposite be a threat but they don't push it. We've we've always hated the jets and would would do well I mean what they were competitive. At times. They're not competitive right now is what it is debt to total culture that team was competitive all year even though we have now yeah it's interstate six games. If I was out there that are different story too much. I think at the beginning of the season if you looked at teams right now the browns who do wind up owns sixteen with the team you could look at say they can go sixty. And the jets are team you could look at and say they could go owns about it beat the vikings and a. Early on they played a competitive another kid knows it doesn't have a full report that it quarterbacking the Astros they'll put a lot pressure the deep he's a bad place to go and so what this does. This is currently don't a decent pass rusher if he's got him about it. That takes away huge chunks so thirteen that he go straight outs of a crap that there get a couple players who had a patriots he. Candidate there's a big difference you know don't have the double play help out when he's out there to choose poverty that help keep the defense of play is awful Brady got a big factor. I do what took place to talk about in the game at the bullet because -- ski he was out there to kick a 52 yard field goal. They called a timeout and he changed his Bill Belichick changed his mind and decided that going for plot now for yourself ski. That was an individual. Award there. He missed the opportunity to lead the NFL scoring for six consecutive years which would have been an NFL ready to retire this year. He just like the last you have to have fought so he gets with five. But he would have owned the record with six. The game was willing to hand right to watch it figures. Because I think Belichick it is line looked at it said this game is still in play there's still on opportunity. That they get what it if I. Rocket ride it and if they don't if they miss it they get on a great position so they score if you're not sector she looked at all the scenarios. He withdrew his brother said okay will eat they have a chance it may ought to be a 5% chance or to listen to is unlike its broad hoops. Didn't look at it well is up 5% chance that the jets beat buffalo and the. Is probably 82% chance of of making that trip is up there was probably a slight chance that the jets could do it but Todd Bowles told you shortly after that. What he thought this game he thought the game was over his team had no chance of winning. On the other that he looked at the said. We can't scored a fourth quarter that's been a problem all season long we've been awful in the fourth quarter that you might is 72 or something like that so we had an up. Opportunity and a third nine. This appearance did you get a touchdown that affect. I was surprised would play college because took place before that a typical go to the end zone. Because you need to get that score quickly unique three scored you're down by three touchdowns of the game by 21 point couldn't do pivotal clinical for the until they did not. Those they did not enjoy the lateral and then he decided on. Feel all I can understand them. I don't know why just don't don't don't let it get worse so you say to yourself OK you're still down three scores are you still have a major problem here. But what he ended up doing is the kid father he should parents say okay he's got to go to the outside tickets. It's a matter how many possessions you have to the end of the game if you have a chance of winning it what does he do you know this is kicker kicked the ball. Text of a second later it right he doesn't kick deep. But there's no coverage of the Capote could not to quote could feature two way up here to give gut check team a chance to run Kennedys what did you. What you did did you put the wing and a position where they were gonna have great field position I think she replied it is that it made a set but I think from here is. Vantage point it looked at it's at all I wanna do. Is a wanna get my guys participation trophy here in the fourth quarter because we actually put points on the board which is something we have now. Up and doing it affords court I just want three on the board in the foursquare that's all he cared about but at that point he was telling you. Ups on the talent of out of the gate checked series before that said no this is still a game. And I'm not gonna go for the 52 yard field goal first of all. You know legislation that was wind out there. It's not a great chance that we're gonna get a. Annoyed at fifty jet fuel the trajectory of the ball as Lola. In order to get distance correct so as a chance to get a block double want unbelievably modern NASA song as well and all of a total mystery to be a good position so they get a good positions school quickly. Now they have a chance going to school it's amazing how the two different coaches. Strategize so totally different in in this game the way they played it out they'll check looked at the numbers looked at the never possessions still available potentially available right for the jets and said. Now we're gonna. What we're we're not doing here with a ticket for your voter hotline to. It did the back. Connecticut what they want to figure this quality of the clock it's your takeaways they did that at a four yard line on the next possession after they didn't get a seat upper right at the safety of that to keep open BetaNews of all the clocks clocks of is on a side now. If you're given good field position a school in a beautiful lot of clocks I make a downfield. If they vote on the bill should auto that you got the clock and takes Richards school. Well I tell you what we say it week in and week out went to his warm once again. What deal Lois went boom years healthy makes a huge difference in what this offense that can do. And it still is amazing to me he leads the league right now in getting extra yards yardage after being initially hit. He leaves Billy the Kid is you know 57. Five they. And once again elude Soledad elusive today. And we saw a little bit of the Levy well the old type of reaction where you stop she freezes everybody and it cuts in the other direction he did that numerous one of the great luxury. He stopped on the left side the big pile kid behind the offensive lineman. She's at all pretty to his right slows down it makes a long run most of the thing got run 45 yard was play that I grown up he he sees it. He has great machete hits big guys in front of me don't get their hands over it looks left looks like. In the policies of over comes out because the backside contain of the jets came underneath try to get where he was. So you look at that size and you normally should you sell full packed dirt down okay. So you've got no Berkett you've got no carelessly today I did have Brendan gold why I yet don't white. If so what this deal Louis become you become sure all purpose every bit drawback streak and drought that's now. A basic. It in blocks pretty well doctor drew blitzes off because everything actually wept. A couple's place the first hour amazing he's always Hillary has put the ball out ball like he did last week and I'd come another side I want to take that step and then leaps does take two steps leaps keep his body. Off the crowd sort vote. Player overplay a touchdown reaches out. That's out in the first got to do to get it out of play on the sideline which lead to get of course that's pretty amazing when you look at the size and you look at. What you would shake of player that size. And the skill set it would bring to the table and this kid brings you a lot more. There's so much so that classic would have hurt last night that was always a killer killer killer that's this there's a big putt profit this guy who can't company. Linebackers when he gets the ball far from the post he just he just took them. But on the field and also catch the ball extremely well and he small that middle screen stands it pops out by five pastoral as appear to want to I think it would he's running I think he makes himself small. There are times you see them. It is a scramble around and you think what he's dead right here is go to yard gain next thing you know. The scrum is still there and he's fought his way through it great fields are believable but you're right about. He's one of those guys that always has not only great field position. But he knows what the markers or he knows exactly what it needs to do play. To extend and try to get what he needs to get out of the plug used to have a pretty close plus he is I think he's a little quicker they kept at it did have what is true in this but this guy has the blaze. And a little more physical that those cal he's a little faster it'll put this plot was tremendous senate. But this it to the fullest more of a true third twelve back. And you would look at this this this kid you'd say he's third down back. He's not a third down back this guy's life and to put himself back his strength to drive the pod. But these two guys a lot of it puts actual book you just he's off the ground nose with a and can push for an extra two or three come a little talk coaches are looking at the goal line and the sit there and using a 57 running back to go and ends platinum. About exactly. Actually he he's just a great strike also great leverage you go to the waters went below what to comply what do spread and yes so so nobody moves that he has. It's a significant threat that we huge problem a couple other things shipments solidified today Tom Brady will be the empty. Should he will lead only you don't have to go to our girly yet. No you know Tucker even if it was I think Thomas Luka. But the problem is when it's not talked to free today. Teams to a pretty good to accomplish anything at the jets don't do well as pressure quarterback they go about this actually came and played a couple times. In the cupboard is good comedy the yellow or something I think on one of them certainly it may be even on the other one. It was really Tom bring peaceful that he get an opportunity to step up and he did it. I think that's something that you know if you look at the sex of the last few weeks. That is something he's got a problem with is that problem stepping up now is at the ankle. Is it that as Ramos said a tired arm so. He looks at certain route she's looking at certain guys that hit me yet can't find that got some ability but to listen to roll bowl that pass to Colston slowdown. Perfect past there's a double lapel stocks fall it was coach's fault though that while that was that was a touchdown another one to a to offset. In at right. Perfect essential what you gotta let it catch them both to place we you don't what to run up to 400 yards and it is it is awesome what dorsett did is he don't shoot the ball when he did not have to that would hit enhancements that right if you continue you want. You can't step what's gonna be right here. I agree that was perfectly thrown left that affect the one that Brandon cooks should vet that should have been a touchdown. Early on the game the very next play they ran a screen pass over on the left side. And cook started running before he got possession of a topic that was a big play that was fifteen yard platform so it adds up all those apartment. Passing had a few when it got us open in the store owner to say it was what the guys opened the ball run was mostly when this cover taught them he's trying to fitted Edward what else to get it. And so that I wouldn't look at like that together cooked that was perfect back. What past to go so it was perfect and the other ones were there was coverage coming from behind him it was low worldly young guy to. I've got to believe though that. This is the greatest thing to Tom Brady right now that you probably a little bit fatigued he's not injured but he's hurt he's the couple of an outcome and writes maybe show. He probably needs these two weeks of probably a great recipe for him going at a place you really something like this obligation we had to win it you know that he was just. It's extraordinary plot habitat passes throw game don't be that. To the light of so much early on network welcome back to score but they. They had a guy that that that you know what it's a Madrid element going out that really screwed up early years senator sees an element of childish everything and you don't. I say she had to change the way it so. The outlet pass a stiff from the get rid of it than usual stayed on it pocket look at now feel that's because some of those and I talked about that went into what went down. I think people looked at the depth chart is what got this is loaded look at all the receivers they have. This is not going to be a real problem that you tell me. What other receivers they have that extra ticket do we Julie and it'll it can do. Maybe Danny Amendola everyone's got a leaked into the sort of very good at it all wet underneath stuff which takes all the pressure off from Brady and then as you know if you start thrown till. Any cuts that he gets an extra yards now they get a change up defensively how they play now opens up rocked our opens up clerks. Everybody thought cooks could do what it'll we can do that's not what yes he's a vertical guy he's it deep to pass threat that's what do you it's. I'm doing exactly what was going to be recorded temperature controlled the ball before he made his break. So he had these he got rid of the ball much quicker to element to you viewers going to be there what did hesitate to throw the ball it dissipate his route. So early on what who would you sort of course is go to low double file. He was throw the ball should be he was fit and any study it more apprehensive so we held the ball a little bit longer without a little bit out there and he that the goal and all the rest and rock. But element was a guy if he saw a double cubs haven't worked like to rock or so. The single coverage at W news with. Wasn't that the wanting of stole the supported him with Brendan Cox is that ready cook still has not figured out exactly what Tom Brady is bill. He still hasn't figured out but all season of sixteen game she played every one of by now he should have figured that out in you start today. And at first like Tom Brady throw it were Tom Brady is always gonna throw it for a he's going to lead you to the end zone for a touchdown. At what cooks it is he slowed down that's on him that's on. Elaborate but the big thing about the office this is not a designated got to throw to who's going to be the open got coaxed didn't think it was his time it flown to so wished he started Johnson can't do that you can't do that guy. Always like this got to keep running I got four. Think you learn by watching top pros years is it. Every single guy. This is is going to be drove the ball if they're open you don't know to go out in cook has still got that into us as such came to a figure the Celtics got to figure delegates we've gotten out. Well done it better figured out pretty quickly it could playoff start two weeks for this team okay he's got to figure that out that you play and get some good tennis seven. Of Sen against good teams you can't give up seven like that you can give up seven against the jets and make up for easily. Against good continue to be playing in the post season you can't give up so I've got to get to the phone calls bulletin China and we'll throw budget stuff out. About the patriots this season is over it's all the playoffs and we'll talk a lot about the playoffs the playoff scenario what role means. It will hit it two sets Tom Brady out got to believe is the MVP Doug Hurley is not playing in this for Clark gave this afternoon. So I I don't see how what a guy out there Tom Brady. Saturday before the answer. Horrible in whom this ball and voted. Is. This week he not made plays is to press right that's core. And I know you it's actually the tomatoes grown MS who question the greatest quarterback Walt five through walls so bullet be the only times. 44 times how many times as we get to two basic benefits. Dewayne effective June that he wants a yeah when they idols are illegal those seven it was a right. So this event that should be looking at this is a bad note if you if this equipment that is one of us super. Herbal he has not been the end of the day. What haven't I don't even have your facts on your pilot Dario the only other. He was he should have been a repeat at least 45 time book and yet you wanna be debris or rubble or or right now which job are gonna get out because the fact is backed up the greatest quarterback is a great award but I thought nobody has repeatedly. I don't think so nobody disputed. But they do believe. That the media would law. To give it to somebody of the Brady and that's the way they normally opera they want something they want some blood pressure that's been. And so we went to the season Carson Lance was the guy for awhile and that you go to different guys and eventually Todd Gurley was the guy okay. In the last few weeks fact that he's not playing today Brady went out here click games. Great game or was quarterback rating 82 don't have as good not great. And it's over but dropped passes were there that those both Rubin another hundred outlets that I did not watching the game so they're looking at eighteen it's the release of the 109 yards the only at five point one average. Completion it two touchdowns no interceptions only less active couple times. Quarterback rating of 82. It's hard girlie does not that's as a big huge games this afternoon for a 160 yards and that he. At another another 82 at the airport a couple of little look at it say. Here's a got the new got another one in the Agile cook was in the hands on April to a future cut back toward tiger but that. Which starts fading this regiment of the risk that the defensive back Fred you know I apologize. I agree with you gotta put that they were I juror college money your quality is up in a sub Arctic National Guard itself to be twelve apologists that should be a nickname. Should be an Angel just because there at the facts before you took office he's right. He's the best that's simple I talks listen should've been in his head I get a cut towards him to make the cut of the throw reason I've just tell you that I think the media would have lots. This is where I agree with you they would love to give it to my somebody other then. They rate that David also felt that can't. Now after this game today he plays he plays well enough to get it. Todd Gurley doesn't really the only ones left on the board he can't get the question what's because last year eating at the Brady wide get your success Taylor played twelve games useful. A couple of blocks for a ward of freedom to. Although it didn't have that knock it looked like Brady's gonna you know the price that you are rattled as well I don't know that I should I thought about that he's I think you should I wanna better at it Francies. OK that'll be very bad luck that's hit a different twelfth offer at all about what you read it for twelve. I can although president elect on the etiquette to evoke all of. At 61777979370. Talk about this one on no. Year seat that when the patriots and that the season at thirteen to three they are. The number one seed in the AFC we do know that. Number one seed to win one number two seed Pittsburgh Jacksonville it's number three will give you all the other parameters for where everybody else balls. In the city coming up as well and of course your phone calls in your reaction to this went 6177797. That a 370 to phone calls coming up next. Back to no real post game show where we take a comprehensive look at that's enormous wind against the jets with Glenn Ford way. Briggs Merck's presented by copper quest. Actual hole. By your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. First and unbelievable another great game by you appeal Lois and he as we were saying he just. Changes everything offensively you remember couple seasons ago for seven games. And then they offense wasn't much different when he would doubt what that injury now you've got to be concerned because. You look at the depth of the running back position and jealously goes back please one game after being healthy scratch for what five games and then you know they. They got and he's out. And Birkhead is out today James White out today didn't like here he got hurt due to a two week two weeks ago. They get hurt that team two weeks ago so the with white I would guess two weeks from now he's probably going to be okay and ready to play. The question is Burke hit. Now we're at Chelsea you don't need to closely when we saw that you can go without jealously if Florida's Lois in broken out there you don't really need the other guys rewritten whites to play but you know I think he'd eat white. I'd like. Lewis can do whatever why does. What what what could change won't like gives you was he keeps you in other receive direct it into Iraq so we talked earlier about the element when you don't have settlement. I think James White I think that's what they solved the problem and obviously did not as good. Without Julian I don't know but I think they solve that problem where they were struggling to move the chains. With no Julian adamant when they started going to the Max now agent wife became a big part of that apple says this about James White. I think we know from history he's making big games go so I. Holy (%expletive) what if I'm looking at the priority list. Of those guys right now that are out the three guys that are out and pick up looking at white they'll whiny back Burke hit number two regular slate. Well whatever you'll ruin it by whatever but the match ups of very difficult polite and work. You know that can run the ball well that block to play an inspection records postings but the c'mon the backfield and a lot of times they get linebackers on and they can't come for. You know that's in the make up the slot receiver sort of come out with to see results and got quite the backfield. Or put it in he comes out in the past gotten a lot Texas hooked up with a line back I change cherish it gets his first opportunity to play it would present. I was out I thought all along because that guy is so dedicated to football and in dedicated loves football. In either burnish black guy Belgium are put through things in front I thought it looks wrong he ran pretty well. Admitted publicly yet admittedly Daschle for Shaq would allow the guy that came between two dozen in sacked. I thought he had another dimension to the team in the dark when we're teams audible all the way from that means they're afraid. Third quarter patty makes the completion it should receive third bell play against third down. They're all for today or for twelve on third down situations. Harrison makes the help of right that prevents the first down that was a big play not estimate what so I would say. You know they did drop back in the coverage in didn't make a mistake brightness bush both the breeder a calls result we were being covered so. Shortly guy he's verging on Buddha we look at our development of the company. Don't but this is compact I Ment but he's he's a good quickness he makes up it doesn't make a lot of mistakes sort of dormant while mistakes you don't have to. Takes deficit back in a position we should be. So by doing that he can do things that normally guys doc has beat kid he's 39 at least played like they're coming into today's game deeply forty places they call it some don't so. He can't be worn out I will say that he's a guy that's a frequent conditioning issues together for an apology. Please for he's he's obnoxious to the point where he's he's tweeting about video of another. Well figured out who. Thank you promoted so we sentence he says these videos out of him you know showing up at 3 o'clock in the morning at the gym working out at gold's gym or whatever at 3 AM but the morning. I mean talk about it art a lack Janus got. But I will say this I think is a great I'll say this I don't blame at all and I. So all the stuff in heard all the quotes from the experts few players. I don't blame them for bitching about what this bill critique just tried to get out of town this past with the one he said was they promised them come back right that they were playable. And they were usually potent as well that's what he's played that's what he's climbing out there what the other team players saw. 'cause you should you doubt he'll put up what you said fall asleep in meetings late to me I can't see if Wall Street. I could simulate the ratings agency beer in the asked position and I don't blame registry remember OK so why did his point of view he comes back he gets a two year deal pretty good money. And he says well to give it to you deal would give me good money they expect to use it. Now suddenly you've got. Watch brother played extremely well played great. So now you get young players who wore taking over that spot. Playing real well. If you're if it in your job. Charity balls that's what he is so he's pissed off because he's not playing it at times don't even dressing and they're looking at saying we know he knows our system. He isn't he still can play situation or situation. As that was those were done it's a traditional football. He can do that force on certain things she can do opt in affair we need it was an insurance policy and we've already locked in with guaranteed money far and what we could go. He could've courtesy go to eighteen whose arrival of us which ends up exactly what what the situation turned they have the release them. Now they have to religious you know they they they activated somebody the other day and they could've let somebody else go to fill that roster spot. They let him go but I think he became repeatedly asked and I think he was constantly mildly off Eddie wanted out yeah he wanted to don't you see I don't. You don't like that what happens is that it's room when I was pretty good statement. Does play well go get back into stud player that's that's what they're brought in for an insurance policy I played a a little bit but I but he was a guy saw accepted that that would give go to Becky tickle you play into. I hope I article could simply time. But I was playing very well but I am a Joseph tiller five year old guy goes we'll sectors that just didn't have wasn't as big or strong as I was receptacle. You know I'm an old man right I know what position I'm placed some learn from what I do the same with movies and all the guys in his 39 years old. But if they play them a little bit. It probably would have pacified but you can watch the strength of that team that's linebackers to ever deprived if so if you watch has played out there. So if you're Pittsburgh you don't wanna let him go because it's an insurance policy but he becomes that attorney becomes a pain in the ass in the locker room. OK and you could see that why would all of these players now they got pissed off if you remember Pittsburgh steeler players get this stuff when he left as a free agent with the Cincinnati Nevada. Okay that it comes back out Pittsburgh escaped form apart Cincinnati for some reason he had injury that didn't edit and usually the way that the newsroom OK so we got back to Pittsburgh. And now there was no question he was trying to find his way out. If all of Pittsburgh player and he ends up getting his way getting out of the deal in Pittsburgh getting all this money and then he shows up on the new week when the floods of fraught. What do you do a lot of rapid sort of security service knows that I should go take cover article what we talked about this let's go or we heard that that the night before that you make up by the Pittsburgh steels was typical. What does he do he sets the edge of the rock. We you what I said he'll last week don't what do we talked about sweeps the run sweeps are killing going on right other tips yet. What does Harrison and that's what he does with the other that you does that pressure on the quarterback still thinks that New England right now if you look at the front seven this is what they like. Don't give up their intensity. The other question of tough guy that brings it we don't have a lot of guys like Daniel hi I was out he's a guy that brought it very intense guy. This guy's intense guy he adds a little something that's confidence does that reduce or you don't and that's confidence is not gonna listen to the postseason physics. Equally he might have difficulties. But mentally emotionally he won't have any difficulty too that the raising of the level of the game title we go for the regular season the post it it was a perfect move for doing that now I don't know if it's gonna read that's what I data such a thing as that of Pittsburgh give the patriots perfect blue they must have known that they were does that tomorrow. And which were worked out well yeah I mean if you're I it was a tough game situation your Pittsburgh that you just played doing a couple weeks before and you know. They can't handle the outside wrong and they don't put an awful lot of pressure on the quarterback and you're looking at your guys that you're ready to release. You have to be don't not to think that we will go pick off. You get a vehicle plugged outplayed plays against Reid and Cleveland in which we're gonna show him let that go well this kind of walked together though then don't have a problem. What's the big I don't it's had sex in Nicaragua leftist group we're not gonna campaign imported dolls is also let me ask you malicious you're right Tom how much money would you put on today. On the jets beat the New England patriot golf and put everything with what you let Clinton conflict. Audit and topless looking at saint. We were already screwed we lost Antonio Brown if I was looking at bill right now. Or I lose Roethlisberger we have. No shot the policies that affect the first game we play one and now so let those two guys get three weeks arrests are going to be rusty when the playoffs now. Oak that's why I think it's always like to have a game at the end and even if you're up a lot. They'll keep this shot is into kicked holes should be degree will you worried that conditioning of rough not traditionally richt that's what he for the sex life. No I think it would be good timing that's what's probably at its opposite side so he wants to play as much Zeke I think that's what I am. I'll tell you where I think it's stupid. We're gonna watch wildcard weekend next week and people are gonna get all excited because at some of these teams are really drove. And we do this every year we get really set alaskans really good what's up to the team then the week after that. They won't play against divisional winners divisional winners you'll have two weeks off and get blown off the field. And people say oh my god the two week rest is gigantic ship if Obama does the Arctic on you again on the there was no show there. So the it's crazy people do this every year. It is a huge advantage. To get those two weeks off specially what you're dealing with a forty year old quarterback a guy especially with. End you're dealing with the injuries which are compensated. To the console will be in breakout has the best team took that struck simplistic and so. They haven't figured meddling at all that's correct and that's where usually you will also majority. You can't. I don't know why it's always different teams and it will do all of that. Would it take a break it it will open up those bald lie to get. It's there you're seeing everybody left at halftime today. People already have that incident authority of their third cocktail right now wish it you're talking date didn't go real. Than I took what 777. Died. Seven that's three so that it is the real post game show broadcasting all I from the that's yet. Rod can't shift.