The Real Post Game Show - Patriots defeat the Raiders 33-8 in Mexico City

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Sunday, November 19th

Glenn and Fred are in studio breaking down the Patriots 33-8 win over the Raiders down in Mexico City.


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Since raiders and now the most comprehensive review of it begins cease he's no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Capital we'll post game show always presented by complex he insurance. More choices more savings insurance simplified. Checked outcomes Lansky dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural mold. So you can buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and Craig's Marlins on Sports Radio WEEI. And six. What is not kissing your smile us. Good night John Oakland Raiders dead VED dead. Wow 33 to eight your final score build up formalizes the real book going to highlight of the war we all went when Tony and on was there by authors. Hurry. Figgins hit I was talking upon. I love Tony Romo already was great again today but it's in the middle of the third quarter it's almost like somebody get into his. Into his into a sense at any time. We got to keep people watching the game make it look like Oakland can go back he actually said. Gotta do want to score at a time and cynical sort of time are you kidding me and Arenas pump. For the thirty minutes they were his game was over and tell me if you agree with shell your your just before the halftime now OK just before halftime. And they looks like the raiders are going to get more can down the field looks like you're going to score we're gonna have a fourteen to seven halftime game instead. They fumbled the ball just before the half. New England takes it all work takes it down well enough to set up a 62 yard field goal instead of it being fourteen to seven at the half. It was seven team and nothing and you could see it on the Oakland Raiders face the soul that was it. Game was over psychologically damaged. Good night. Yet they're psychologically damaged at any time Jack Del Rio shows up on the opposite the side of a football field against bill bill checking against Tom Brady. Election about it played okay. But there's no team in the race these individuals up to play the this is supposed to be. A do or die game one they need us if for a sixth out of luck pal big receivers for a receiver to quarterback throw the ball got all parts of line. That's got Marshawn Lynch the biggest plus a look at the British. We're out there and he did meal for the National Anthem well well wait a minute now he knelt he knelt to the star spangled banner who stood with respect to the Mexican. National Jesse Jones are moving I guess I'm a bad idea and parents are excited about tolerance drove through here and cover it's nice that. But if you know you don't like the building all right. To keep the American right from leaving and going to Mexico -- -- remote meeting over whether I don't breakout people leaving just day and adjust to wipe out this was a complete domination by the New England Patriots that are on the table so two weeks ago and I'm thoroughly convinced now they're playing within the division now with one. Game outside the division remaining and that was in Pittsburgh and we'll get them a little bit later we'll talk a lot about what they have to do the rest of the way. They're gonna run the table they figured it out. Offensively. They pretty much. Knew you knew they were going to get it up to speed no penalties start third quarter as well although the and that was I'm gonna be sure that was a penalty that was roughing the kicker was Illinois back. He has got aqueduct his face and pulled right. The rest see anything. And that amendment I don't complain about the rest of I want to shave it when it but it really convenes only at this tournament. It does not make a difference. They're gonna run the table because. Defensively. They have figured out I can say whatever you want about the Oakland Raiders psychologically damaged or mess where it's good offensive football team Digisette. Big receivers good receivers are a legitimate running back wins pretty Agile mind and a good quarterback and really good offensive line. And offensively they're really good this defense just shocked them. Down in the big thing he would do earlier on his mistake after mistake given that other team. Give the other team up to the addition of an addict too little coverage there human if you completed the coverage as it every single time. And the tackling improved dramatically nod. In the race is getting tied the patriots sort except for. Gilmore and dull. There was while they they would dehydrated for several of those nine needed nine the odds of of nine yards passing and they're in every day I what I have authority guests like Italy you know what happened to me that the patriots brass told the guys don't drink the water Lincecum literally said I'm drinking a lot of traffic through next. Edit and it paid the price but they both came back into the game. A third you'll played a good game to him he didn't play well again I ran to was physical against Crabtree at times which you need to did to do against a guy like that. Listen to defense has got together we knew from a personal standpoint the secondary is really talented right and they look. Actually this come Bobble exactly early hands on passes right timing the ball hit the regular DOS every regular at all couple mistakes here there were you gonna get that but overall the coverage was phenomenal. Patriots don't have a great pass rush they're not going to develop one between now in the post season. But guess what they get the job done guys eligible for the band noise and and flowers and why. They have legitimate players they may not be super stores but it legitimate players. That finally figured out I'm gonna do my job when I'm supposed to do in monetary and if everybody does all of you guys do it. Where OK we give up yardage we just can't give up points and if there's all of the best the mismatch was an offensive line of defense that brought the nuclear when before the pinnacle all last week last week. Any player. At the start off at the line had implanted that pretty good job of the most wanted terrorist ends up starting at center because David Andrews get sick this week an 8% of all of this animal. I don't know I think he gets it got a Colorado wanted to that he got to Mexico but he got back home. Take Harris has not played center he played hasn't played at all Clinton good connected. There's audited making mistakes on the calls are we call for what you think maybe you're gonna have some problems in in the exchange you're gonna have some oft cited a certain things movement the none of that today should take care she was terrific and though the patriots going out there without a helmet without Hogan Mitchell by Canon. And still put up a top three and try to Andrews. So it's a five guys or office that's just not there. It is still come up with the catchers to the receivers and also to the back you know sort of the first four or five weeks and you and I both agreed on this point for years if you're gonna get to the New England Patriots. You get through it in the first four or five weeks. Because coaching staff still doesn't have enough film. On enough teams of what teams are doing and you can catch the patriots because you probably have as much talent. As they half OK the problem is usually deeper into the season. And Bill Belichick and his coaching staff finally figured out and it's game planning from week to week. That's when they just show Q and they choking by the knots and they don't let they get better and better look around the leak and look at Kansas City right now. Look at buffalo by the way he is is anybody still believing in the Buffalo Bills. Channel five and jolted by the new quarterback reporting for us and they had to put Tyrod Taylor and to start the second half so you look around the leak. In you're seeing them make all of the mistakes. That New England was making in the first four or five weeks. We went doesn't make them would you get into week 89101112. They're they don't make those mistakes they clean all of that stuff out. And they figure out with the personnel that they have what we can do. And what we can't do they play the strength hide the weaknesses and that's why they're gimmick they're they're gonna run they're gonna run the table. As real watching the defense just dissolve quarterback's command term podsquad. 300 yard passing games guys it was struggling. Guys not in conflict hockey not coverage guy. The big thing is. Cultures can get it. Over the put on paper the players have to understand and I just understand it would help in the running switching on coverages and different things you don't in your mixing up the looks. You have Gilmore wasn't getting them. Right but now they are out there's always coverage guys may make three or four guys are down the field to try to lob on the not get broken breakaway guys. The kid safety coverage is commend the guys plan correctly if you wanted to wanted to time's liberal pointed out when you have all the top coverage to your. Outside the new ones please stay on the inside but very very few mistakes if it was a mistake that still in the vicinity of the receiver. Which was some of them had seesawed one point we said Agilent. Seasonal. And Bruce. Year after year after year last year could replace. Last year's comments or criticisms that the issues of this isn't the temperature of defense that's great great on make it and that's great coach but ultimately plays in the condensed into. Some guys just can't. And it takes to it it it takes time I mean it in a Dwayne Allen has taken all season long about the way. It was a stupid play later on he's fun to catch a ball which is a good sign. But he caught the ball in we're in the fourth quarter is running the ball out of bounds in Iraq by 33 points or whatever it is illegal to tell you don't want to keep running up to. What was he what was he doing on our votes and what they've ecological. Though. Don't as sort of threw it at Oakland Oakland raider mentality that if Dwayne Allen to Boston him. But but don't look that he block well he's better this season he Nevada with his head down a break man. It might have felt a little motivated when when Bennett came back that might if that got him going a little bit. An adolescent. Bennett's of a prime example what if what tenants that yeah yeah well yeah and yet you want me well especially the always fear you have. Of anybody that can do damage to Tom Brady is Toledo Mac right. So you're gonna make sure you cover up on that side because they really don't have pressure up the middle ribs don't. That's what you can get to bring the pressure up the middle you can do to break he sees everything he's got eyes on the side of his head next with the ears he sees that outside edge stuff. And so whatever it is. We're not that map right when the game I finished virtually didn't get it got there once I think twice. And bloodiest day shutdown in Asia and on the tip of it is not a big guy strong show us that short that you put a giant giant problem. Takeaways inside gym how after the Al outside. It is neutralize and they did a great job taking them out. The big difference when you look at the team and this team has county Oakland Raiders kept out right when you look at a team and you say what's going on ten games into the season. The differences in in this instance is the coaching. I'm a much in place that the pitchers don't place please don't and listens to send him the greatest quarterback as we get. The difference is ten games into the season Belichick has got it all figured out you know Brady says I've got only answers to that than that. Belichick now has all the answers around the league and teams into. It's not right OK Jack Del Rio still is back taking test week three he doesn't. And his confusion out there and and stuff happens and you watching them and you seem want them all they do there's still Fred. They've got a third and eight situation. And Clark is throwing the ball to the sideline on the outside shoulder. Three. Yards shy of the first down marker and cynical about what the hell all they do and on attention and Clark is a good quarterback he's a talented kid. But your device in that play or he's our understanding that that's worm throw the football the outside shoulder. All on the sideline when it's three yards short of the marker how do you get a first elements in that situation human it was gonna take you out of its correct. Gone again why would you don't know how does that fire way they called timeout because if you get the play and I think was like eight minutes left usually try outs yet. If you're gonna stay in the game all received virtually impossible but why not finally why go over the middle for to a triage why dive for the ball. Why are going back to the huddle. You plan exactly what to watch that play a sobs old so it's sort of the need to play it right through them there was there's just apps into an optical law owners. All O Laura administrators in this league realized it's boils down to this. Quarterback and coach. And then coaches Geiger all the different coaches you get out there that worked together. And you teach your place on the other team's collective sandlot football runs two deferred to the Buffalo Bills are managed well. Q what particular play 57 points out that defense. I told her it. Which of the three weeks ago you and I sit here we're talking about the Buffalo Bills I should do you do you daddy you're dead. They are dark this is what the Buffalo Bills QB talent especially on the defensive side of the ball got some doubt the offensive side as well some of them play makers. But they do well out of the gate and then what happens is teams snarl of figuring them out. And then they start breaking down and they get an injury here or there that you have to go into the depth chart now. And they don't have next man up that that you know that same. You know where the next man up is ready to play he might not that talented is the guy above and but at least he's ready to play he knows the mentally what are we supposed to do they don't have them now and they're gonna fall apart and economic plan. Yeah there substitutes the command are prepared to play and the pictures hopes of who commit David obvious physical what they're not making mistakes. Right Trevor run right we made plays again today Trevor Riley made place. That would ultimate place couple of quick Ricky don't trust swami place he's been here like a week it. Linebackers in coverage you couldn't take advantage of a battle back sustain what the receivers. Obviously orders it's awful were predictable. They become predictable if you don't be able inaudible. Run with the route like that unless it's predictable they seed out of film that become very that's what about these TVs like about this month. There's no coach in the league who is done 88. The worst job. Of coming up with game complaints against Tom grieve over the years. The Jack Del Rio he is number one on this little it's true if it is in it you but you go back and look at him back in the Jacksonville they. Jack Del Rio. Tom Brady lights up when he sees Jack Del Rio on the sidelines and he reeled off the first thirteen passes and a rock music and go what Al did did Oakland expert. So here again Oakland is week in defending the pass against presidents and running backs and what does he comes it's as. And this and running backs and you didn't plan on that you can write. You're coming out of eight invite you don't you're planning a mission that's going all white guy. This is what Brady's going to do this is a weak spot how do we cover up how would give them something else that may be in Tyson sent to go somewhere else other in the running backs in the times want to you know do. Exactly so all and that's why Pittsburgh it's and so that's why that's why I'm not as concerned as a lot of other people are about that Pittsburgh steeler game. Because in again Brady has had great success against that team and he's got great success against them and wrote. Because. They're gonna come out plays only gonna play the old blitz birdied little balls out there is now Tennessee they're gonna play. That blitzing game and Brady reads crap and just inside out. And he's gonna pick them apart and I don't know Javier do that and I elected defense I think their defense Canada doesn't class run Alec. But I still. I don't police and about could read act quickly that way it's among the bullets and always was at one would do to stop the blitz. The packet and bring eight guys in right Google also. Novo heavy keep the tide and have you back in with the patriots who was brought five whites. He gets for the ball to Shaq it is it is almost about this in the second half we had plenty attacks as the game was over by halftime and you and watch it but I was thinking about this and say OK so. Look at the rest of the schedule they're gonna play in Miami twice right they're gonna get. Buffalo twice gonna get the jets once. And then they get Pittsburgh got thrown Pittsburgh by the wayside our media from the stupid steel finance column today he team is good. And they got shot they get a chance to playing at home. In that stadium it's not a field goal game you got to score seven it's hard to kick field goals be a lot different for its Belsky. The 62 of the 51 of the forty make you a little bit more different I don't blame Mexico as well on him a commitment that 62 to a percent to better than playing in the don't you entire career you kitten. He was on 52 off 51. That's 62 when you knew it was gonna make that 62 we looked at each other which he's got to make this. Because it's you know it's a zillion miles above sea level is there and Ayers and he's got a jazz. That they really couldn't you're right it hit the net in the octagon seven. Amid that would have been the record is Matt Prater has the record with 64. So he's too he would have gotten the record with Brad again it is enough pressure to penalty boat back to the it and I didn't think it. See Belichick should've things like that given individual award that is about winning from the lifetime as a team has injuries long guys in and they go brown wasn't there a bunch of guys high caliber out. 045. Guys and profits are up. They cannot play the best game here's what happens though when you last week but you start this game again Oakland going into this game and I know high towers out I know Malcolm brown out. And I've got the big east I'm gonna run the football because that's where I can move the chains I can keep the ball away from Tom Brady I'd keep a low scoring game. And we have a shot to win this. We came out they tried to do the problem was once read it starts cranking it was only seven nothing game for awhile. Once he starts cranking and that he gets to scores and then it's there are scores on top you get at this recent newsletter drive on the do you think the game plan goes out the window it's gone. It's compound which you fond of the team. I'm running against doing what I'm keeping Brady off the field. An arm movement to change for us and I'll keep innocent or close game I don't want to game to get that thirty to nothing I want this to be a close game what we've got a shot. In the fourth quarter and you can run. Against that New England defense right now and you can remove the wealth through ties then a couple turnovers. So but the strangest that was when you score touched on the go for too annoyed with the two. Do you think he did the math and instead he says it was a business thirty illusion. Of the beginning we get another six into the that we and other. I don't know but then at that point is anybody looking at the math and into California so what happens is a catch it if you catch it. Right Andy and detonated their protection they run the ball some time goes off the clock to be kicking out of bounds. No time was off the clock again 25 guidelines that are out of different groups already stupid things we talked about internal stupid things dated and specialty. Stupid things so they lineup and it looks like him Romo says that I thought the same thing general what you thought about it. I thought there was a kick it onside kick after these special and I got to get the ball back to the math how many times do you need possession of the ball. To be able to get it happens without the pay to get back and it. So I figured out and then it looks like he's gonna do that and next thing you know he kicks it. But instead of kicking it with the February kicking it all the way in the end zone or doing something getting hot up and you may be giving you an opportunity to get the ball back where. You kick of the tweet your line. They're starting of them returned a kickoff return. At the twenty yard and they get to the thirty and I view that is a plus five you've got plus five out of it. Because Oakland is too freaking stupid pop culture like he says a positive way way up with the idea. So like guys can run underneath it and maybe a former. It the the stupidity. Of these teams in any you know the problem is talks at heard a lot of people saying people on the radius. Probably aren't gonna quarterback. Oh crap you're old enough good and you've got young quarterback. Young quarterbacks out their golf right now I've got a good quarter went good young quarterback Chad Watson down Houston before he went down with an injury to probably. Coaches on the stupid or off it to that other apparel. And a look at identical to step outside like his teeth chattering. They take a peek today again. If you can I think appeal against the decision and it can't move the ball the defense is and a and the coach is freaking out so you right should out relax get a game plan together. It's something that will like he's ticked you've gone against Brady got to limit the amount of time she gets is that if more times gets at your desk. Belichick said this to you and I. And Steve I don't know whatever happened at that. He's got a tournament of the is she okay you know to circling nursing homes I don't know. But I remember him saying this to us what time we're talking about teams in developing teams or whatever and Belichick throughout the week week ten of them. He said you really discover what your team is like with weak and that gives you enough time. To be able to put everybody in place that they have to be in by that time you find out when the guys can do wouldn't. We sent play here we'll OK guess what it's weekend. And look at where they are right but look at the November numbers and some of them some papers a tremendous tremendous I could call. Brady did you got to go around this table and tell you the biggest homer in the world so you probably thought they were. Gonna run you've been all salty warrant at the beginning went for the Burris. You know we have to be had that look so let's yeah I think every week you don't usually see a dramatic increment of changes along the way little by little leaguer but what they would get better. All of a sudden it clicked now ordered down sixteen points a game as a force of 32 points a game before your very eyes changed like that. And when you get the ball back on defense for Tom. Real the other games are lost the teams kept the ball for so long he was had very few shots yet to be perfect. Going into today's game for the last five games. They would rank they were ranking number three over the last five games I understand the small sample but it it plays into the point that we're making here. Is that you can do stuff against the New England Patriots in the first five which there are different team the first 45 weeks we'll get there and execution to yet. So but the last five weeks going into today's game. They were at seventeen points or under seventeen points and they were number three the gonna drop to. I mean they're gonna move up the latter the past buffalo for a season. With should. You don't see that kind of what what do you do when you on that buffalo show you don't show what is going on. In buffalo what do I say what did you say to those people when they were winning those people get excited about the quarterbacks which. Coach she's more that we see you know top rate would Bledsoe got her. Thomas fourth string he moved from right and none of that. So it was that we don't know what libeled and Rodrigo we start practicing from a broadcast them on an active rosters of fourth quarter. The guys that throughout his entire career is kept to active quarterbacks. He had four active at the time because he did not want tournament practice squad for somebody you don't pluck them off because his knowledge dolls obviously that that there was a 195 announced it yet no muscle movement vowed to 25 of a McConnell and all into theaters today you know that doesn't bother me got a name as well Alex where it's at caramel QX early unless you know he was in good shape that. So we don't have that. Cohesiveness of a plane without making mistakes and I'll get the penalties and missed and you know what to dot. Losing contain the guys a feel the plant within sight showing that eight there have weren't doing in the first four weeks to Detroit to pick the Chicago did you have received about the same place but they now and it in the Robson who they're talking about. Top of sort of in the dirt. Changed about because the guys are going out understand when this press show other coverages change you have to be certain points. Through guys wrong and on route Tom's a total Rhonda. Rights are now they're not in into that two of the other guys are gonna hold it and and magic with a B with those two guys but the he's quick with the passes the more accurate because it was on the same page that we should not on Pedro writes that this is what he meant to all reading each other. She into all those type things in other withdrawals which are all well it was a Mexican dance at the end of the Mexican hat dance whatever it was it would seem funny she's had to do the same idea what it's an issue that will prevail but everything is in a look at outgoing the brutal hand signals there was movement. And adjusting court orders executed. Before I was like where hectic guys were in the right place. Lot of guys right by pushing balls to a total aplomb is an Kabul the pocket now ocean about their smallest debate. I let's open up the phone calls on what you I talked about argued that people feel pretty good about the defense right now. I mean it was it was frightening to the first four or five games. And they had become. What the Bill Belichick defense usually is. When you get into the the heart of the season and that is to go to get up yards so you wanna play between the thirties I had. You know knock your socks on you're gonna you're gonna have fun and you're gonna hit ball throw the ball that's all I hit it or move. But once you get to the original. They're gonna be stingy on points and if they do that now I think that's what we said at the beginning of the year they don't. Have to be the number one defense and we don't have to be with Denver's spent in the last companies they don't to be with Seattle's and they don't have to be which Houston. They just have to be respectable. To get their offense going and I laugh when people say they don't really have any star guys. The secondary does when you talk about that look forty. We talked about optimism roots in only. You know if you talk about give Jonathan Jones is turned into be a pretty damn good play on that defense now they've got guys. Who can make plays and have been able to get. Up front guys to do what they're supposed to do crowd crush the market price Franken on the guy didn't take a way to not let it go right to left. Let him throwing crowds at this hand to trillions of and that's what they don't show what they do is they have a defense right now. That is not going to give up thirty plus points to one opponent. And therefore Brady has a gigantic advantage going into the game because he can put thirty points up on the board he's very capable of doing it and if he does. Wind see you later goodnight we're done with the scary move onto the next right that's what it comes out of and the defense is good enough now. To be able to allow Brady to go win every single Sunday they will run the table now what that quarterback suffering from. Brady had a like oh what is it 131 point eight or one point eight. Now that Cuba. By the way Monroe Nathan. And back then that Dublin have been high for that might have been a little higher than actually his performance. I let's get your phone calls load them up right down 6177797937. It's not just one awake this has been a consistent thing now they've gone over the last five weeks this football team has gotten their act together. You've got to feel good about him right now going full will open up the phone calls coming up next the six point seven. 7797937. We are until 11 PM at a real post game show. He's over. Send raiders and now the most comprehensive review of they begin cease sees no real post game show. On Sports Radio WEEI. Post game show was presented by complex he insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out come plenty dot com by Anderson but Quaid and architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers let's get things going. Here's Glenn Norway and Craig's Marlins squad Sports Radio WEEI. The videos tip by Jones. And the market was in the area he's been good for the good. You know that was that was great coverage or that was great coverage on that play that's why I wouldn't agree it. Great coverage at sort of laws are 6177797937. You talk about the game is go to Kevin grabbed him what's up Kevin. And decline that they. I'm fine my main point 12 but you'll decree would you want. Clan. Is that I could have trouble with Pittsburgh actually worried more about Miami actually consolidated. Well division in those guys played twenty years so that's the one key. Odds of the division if at all is that is a factor it's a home on a pair right it's at home. And my Amy's got mine he's got a lot of problems though Kevin they they really do it's not some real good Miami team right now. I'm hoping Ryan Hall or eight base it makes a big difference easier rob on this I think the second courses that. That jet skiing the second guess. Kevin a look at the average over the last ten years or what is the record. Against the the division but he what do they like five point five. Vs there was a single point 5%. I usually on the table and a leader you're a student. Eagles like the one eagle 516 in every year not running at table five and one of them aren't you know I'm only saying. Five and one assist six and one runs an easy catch of what you catch from buffalo column a couple times went early in the year or or wait a minute you're right now and one regular weekend and or you get where you get a buffalo or Miami on the last game of the season where New England doesn't need to win. And they're playing backup players and that's when they lose that game they do not lose much in this division they do not. All I'm saying Glen is that you can look that's right second point I mean right. My idea my main point is not that but eagle look at the stats they don't cut a six hour the year. More often and ethical five and one we never know what losses but my my biggest point is. You just said before the great. All of those people that are worried about cajun beat me here in their defense wasn't doing anything. They do the same thing every year crack and you are next year and next next YouTube that and so although gonna go. In September it will be like or want our. So Kevin so Kevin let me let me tell you it certainly what I didn't I think what most people did around these parts hasn't given other guys' credit. That we said here instead they're playing like crap. OK they're playing like crap I think we all said personnel wise the secondary. Is has the potential to be really really cut and we were worried about some of the young players up front on the defensive for they lost settlement so they had to find a new way. Of creating offence I don't think there was anybody I certainly didn't or any of the other guys I heard around here we sit here saying they're done put a fork in him the patriots today because I think we know. What they have done in the past so. I don't fan boys are gonna say it isn't we actually negative where negative because they were losing games and they were looking like Porsche cry. That was an all in your right if you take the verbiage from last year. For the rose 45 games like this doesn't look like a championship defense this doesn't look like championship defense at all. And it delves son calls him around me on this period treated different guys and hope they bring that subject when they're best defense supply was like I don't agree with I don't know whether your linebackers and bring bring it out now almost on the books have a better defense. Was shuttle up to say that they've not dominant. That that really run the table almost all the time the games a child like you said and the buffalo the buffalo and a 97 yeah they won that game at the end the of the patriots into. The size of I don't remember anybody and certainly I didn't I don't you certainly didn't I didn't hear even the people who stations in the score. They're nine and seventeen it was laughable. It was laughable worst case scenario there would only go twelve and four identical fourteen until we say six into their lucky to be six into the kernel plus a couple games could've been a good teams win those games routines when those games in the buff you'll hear say the same thing possible trades at the end. The raiders of the raiders. Greeted you don't Cleveland will try and ultimately that a bunch of games occur to one but they turn out to be Cleveland San with the jets the jets they don't get better. The count played OK but it's the way they talk about is the way they stay virtually tie you as the patriots are getting better. Less penalties one game at 1213 penalties that doctor they had virtually one. What that really matter it was a bad call the stuff was self. That's the deference to stop making mistakes to stop making and I haven't penalties and they told lose to teams are supposed to lose I. I don't always supposed to say in the first 456 weeks when you're doing radio every day you're doing out of the week in game show like we're doing here. We supposed to sit there and say when they're they're playing like crap on there. I'm gonna worry about this game we have to worry about all that stuff but I think at the time we were all put in the camping out in there. This is still the patriots this is still Bill Belichick right you don't look pretty normal until you can too weak to the Belichick's own words. And that we were all saying you back to the EU the Carolina lost that game. Pans to the space. They sat Cam Newton before report is paying close on. And that cause and they were they would have a pot to pick its world war will be to win that game and that was scored on that normally doesn't happen so they want land like patriots. And we have to report that we can't just say hole on anybody they can get that we said that week after week kind of bored when it was. Money Ares I pouring out you know what we've we've got four hours here but let's just get it out the table this it was a relevant as a matter they're gonna get their act together okay. Thank you very much everybody. Good night. I mean that's what you talked about but. I think at the time we are all talking about the fact that if you go to get the patriots you get to them early in the season. That that is the blueprint over the years because the the the coaching really starts coming into play and wants in the Belichick as a coach in this hasn't coached the first four games. Did you have a much better simple you've got far more information. In from the view film of all these guys. You know the Korean hope that opening game they really did not an additional college games but did they have a real good idea what he's capable of doing. On an international field now so probably caught by surprise. You face them again sometime during the season or in the post season the playoffs. It's a whole different ball we always taught what the pleas of the best game player in team. Media web privacy. An adulteress and everything is a new menu they don't want to say you know we run out of sight around is outside on the peeked out the middle or to run. They won at its Allison I think it established don't think about this back in the box they go right to the past. They may not even on the hope David Gergen stay in it why about it. So they just but we're early on when you don't have a great read what did dole and the limits to what they're gonna just to cause a scene for the first time. In a lot of times by the end of the game they've adjusted just against Kansas City was that it was all over to lay. That was a lot of it there was you've got a young players playing up front of that defense of line you would know this better than anybody. Because you excelled that it and the defensive line. You've got the first team that's playing you and they've got guys in motion going here and there and everywhere. Intricate and fold the window dress if you're yeah you're young defense of one additional wells going what. And you get out of what you're supposed to do because you get reward out of it could you see something that really isn't the only. If you're in the plea to Carolina in. The little. They trap and wait to. Carolina. Metallica for middle already booked for though rim with them. The other end of the whole pack filled rant to one side there was nobody over the well they were they were told her personally don't know what just a little white count little like I watch letting him ride. But the thing is they were you know they didn't play the positions are trying to guest six they'll tell you what to do. During his game plan. And those things that they hadn't seen before couples mixes that's all but washed out in Edwards figured out Carol I've arena. Kansas City what's happening Patrick and there's another element to it especially when you've got young players playing a fraud that defense of front. Start winning some games and people start patting you on the back stop playing with great confidence on the patriots tonight and you know as well as I do. That's a big part of sports and competitive sports is do you have confidence in your own abilities as a player with great it's right now. The beginning of the season they're afraid to Belichick or or there are a map cicada yelling at Emmerich does start yelling yeah well because it probably ought ties it was sold to Alter calls in relevant in the W do you make up what you assumed you were to me you're the man solace and you've got a meeting he'll call top radio all sit in front people what I how you doing on this play. It you don't want that to happen again so you're used to be used to winning all of sudden it's like this is this is this is what happens. But. On the downside of that is any time team like to pay your tennis players that are available at one wants I want some of it. I bring a player over here. Read all these different players I want among my team because it I want that winning edge or the edge winning its coasts of the coach and the coaches to put the program it is so the place to study at the right players in the right place. And teach them. You don't just yell at them he teach them the pictures to go to without. Here's Dave Donald K next up on the real post game show Dave. They'll come on guys it is in the what you're saying earlier early season I mean I was looks like you said you guys good every day. You can't say they're gonna pick it up early right but rarely seen in the rust what is people expected or admitted to. How are we saw through this team and I said token Iran deepens our great. And local secret state wasn't great but come down and committed to out and how else are we ought such as the rest of the way. French change is what the defense does as soon they pick six that some people that can't. Pop radiance of at least come and ask what are we going as low points what we should with all of abolish or robotic field goal or Wanda with the offense that was a little bit scary Dave is that they lose Julian Edelman just before the season right and lose them right out of the gate of the gate. And then suddenly you've got to play with out him and they got away from the success that bad the last few years. Which is moving the chains long drive that was their first drive today. 87 yards or something like that would say over seven minutes or. That's back the patriots football they were relying on big plays out there to to to score touchdowns. That's not the way they play now they're back to of those long extended drives. And another part of that deal little Louis a healthy Dion Lewis changes this offense. Romantic when he's breaking through line of scrimmage just got a walk up and play action pass works for criminals and Todd goes on play action pass the it's man coverage with coach cooks on the side this. And he got a young rookie you Tom finds those mismatches all the time the safeties not a rebel. He sees that he's that's elevating Bob thing if he doesn't see that it go to crucial audible to a proxy patent or even audible to a run but he sees those plays. That's when he launches it gets the mismatch on and a rookie. Quarterback with the safety biting the wrong way to protect for the ride and that's a lot of Louis post and he was. Obama Obama did you play today that you could tell that that the defense was totally screwed up. And that was of a big run and hurt I think it was like third and six met have been third and eight. I James White ends up running the football getting the first down. Bowman was the guy that was venting. Bowl was looking at it going he's gonna offer past you know why because that's what change what you think does in a third and third in the sixth third and eighth the they send him out. All in a passing situation instead so Baldwin is playing off the line now he's looking for the run up for the past and instead what do they do it's a handoff to light Yugoslavia although it's over it's four yards off the ball. He gets himself a first down again confusion. Because they have different guys with different skill set. And this team constantly gets you off. And as Lewis has got to put some who was a couple moves on guys it would would a went from almost it clocked at 89 yards. They're locked him up I wouldn't get that ball Vick coming up. When he gets a play action pass that jumping up so it leaves behind that respect. Linebacker is open for those cross in pads or the dvds coming up to help disease facts and tell them. And actors in the notice what they did right at the cake is Oakland likes to make a lot of personal changes with their defense. Because they have again different skilled players. What is Belichick do no huddle right out of it OK there's a professional things it does for you won it in you'll. We weren't high altitude for the last two weeks. These guys coming were right from Oakland to the game of feet above seasonal outlook bright soul and it and the second one is. You can't make those personnel changes so now you've got robbed blockers out there where throwing the football vice Versa. I thought it was a brilliant move right out of the gate to go no economic times as trump card that won't be a problem on the field here's Mike at Providence or life. I think right. I Belichick is for sure. And I was not playing chess is played Star Trek three dimensional chips is that is a bigger than just audio and I know you always don't know what they're vigilant because they would know why but this dog is it the reason they can't figure most pleasant of thinking new. The best personnel at the the raiders had a stud offensive lineman right they have everything these big giant Siemens but they're coming out and out thinking or doing your route before government. And they get frustrated. I don't know why wouldn't you Patricia basic Belichick exit or protections that certain quarters so hard Belichick. Helped Patricia. He's a filter. He's filters are you bring it to me I look at it we have by approving a got to prove it to all using what she does. And they all know so well then they sit down afterwards or put dame plays the other. And then they put down what we're gonna do and they do give more latitude to talk because he brilliantly to be an honorable war the most quarterbacks have. Have let through to audible but they go through everything goes through bill. And they were together they put their putts in his putt at Celtic stuff out of that stuff I want to go through him. In the game is too. It's not Patricia what the limit telecheck a yet if you want to. Our dollar be agreed upon yet they they had meetings on Monday the coaches put together that game plan. So they put it together. Altogether. And then they start feeding the game plan by Wednesday everybody is working on my game plan together as a team but they do it together. But it's Patricia during the course of the game that's calling it the bill can always override it but and they get a lot of help from people up on the books. When analyzing a team they know what they're doing certain downs and distances in certain areas of the field at certain times. When a blitzer via appropriate what guys don't buy it but what kind of personnel comes in in order to do the blitz all those different things. So he knows when the tablets are probably too according to what office is doing. This was one of those games I do not believe they needed to make a hell of a lot of adjustments from the beginning of the artillery wanted change you come out there in recent days okay we're gonna have to see what they throw at us. He can throw anything up for nothing tugs at a car next up on the real post game show doc. England and where does a great show great show is slow because I wanted to talk about your mood so I just that I get a call in because it's. I would I would want to get in the smaller than book tour actually like shall we believe the weekly reworked the well you know you're gonna show in the picture. Football weekly unfortunately. I would just catching just the beginning of ritual or weekly. And willow and hi I mean I don't think they polish up what I was shocked. Think that like next year they got to make a decision. Between work hard and beyond will work. Go to that Camilla looked at calling talks. It's it's like you're one out like I preaching to me. I mean beyond Lewis makes moves on a football field I don't I don't think I've ever seen before before a daughter now the comeback. Who does a lot of things good week. What are you kidding me we're cut all all all over what. Brooke got does a lot of things good. Louis does some great he runs great in Texas Grasso back feels well and returns are because I read three dimensional and to dictate changes the temple game. I mean the thing Lou I would change would go to her I didn't hear what they were saying that I would say this that did that Burkhead does an awful lot and that's why Gil mostly is out. Of the rotation he was healthy scratch again that I write and didn't play at all. Did even address because he's a one dimensional guy he runs for. So they don't have that. Power running back like they've had in the past when Garret blunt last year and he's doing Philadelphia right now is doing exactly what he did that year a year ago. But they've got guys that do different things and I think. When you start making. Substitutions and changeup and I brought the James White an example up earlier. I don't think players think quick enough on their feet defensively disappearance and which guys in there I really believe sometimes Fred. It's better having a rotation. In the running back spot of different guys with different skills that. As opposed to having a one featured running back and much to put Todd Gurley and some of the great ones the that that are out there they Ezekiel Elliott and others. But you only have to stop one guy so you can work all week you can figure out a guy may be great but it. If you do have one of those guys it's unbelievable that that's different is preferable to the story but what they have guys that are good a lot of different things put him in their preparing food part of me and so Brooke Brooke it runs pretty well right. But also catches featuring live blog tools or tied up here up on special holiday regularly specialties so I get those different guys in the what are you prepared for everything. Everything but the skill set of lawyers is a rare 12 is not a big guy but he instead of blocking the guy oval like. Like a big back until he dodges experience and he's always drive for me he got extra odds on almost every single. Plea went out there I don't know why you think of unloading either one of those two guys because Birkhead brings an awful lot of people and Dion Lewis we just talked about it brings an awful lot to the table. And who's going to eliminate James White out of the equation. He said simple I've written a preference for for performed pretty well. In big huge games. Joseph slings the out guy now he started off the season he was the date the lead running back. Can't even get on the field right now. And again he's limited he's got one skill set he doesn't play special teams. You address those three guys you've got Brandon Bolden who's really good it's special teams he's the emergency I've won these guys in our back right back into. He germ urgency guys. So columns Brooke you're tied up the most pro retired two years two dollars and what's Lewis now. I don't know what his deal Lewis Lewis and and if you don't think I got this animal last year and after his Erica hill's greens these tremendous and his wife but his running skills are very reared. To a match by anybody. I'm so that you just brought a tree that was one thing that patriots did have some difficulty with. Early on in the game try to establish a wall on that screen so they ended up throwing the ball. And so the right into traffic to our thought process if you're that close on the screen. The ultimate closer the other stuff so let's go toe with them racist and figure out. Straight straight. Balls go through over touched down so patriots after what you do it but also they have such. Players have such varied talents that they can do that stuff. We're gonna get into what it all means for the other teams we've got to go to Jimmy from side engine can't. It's like the point and they don't put the Connecticut Montero who has a minute news. You go fifteen seconds look what I'm Moussa Gergen back in your life that was a bad as I have really good for. Real wanna like he's the Mexican you know theme and I 6177797937. We get open lines for you right now. And real post game show. Let's get you back to no real post game show. Huge win in Mexico City against the raiders week Glenn or away and break smirk. Presented by copper quest. By your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio WEEI. You know I think you guys made a lot of great place so. You know he's trying to deliver the moment in our defense played great but he's a really well at some real critical swing there were turnovers. But it was a good game by us happy we you know him on the road and be you know it's. A pretty good day. Have you felt happy pretty good. Those other two those other. Not that those will press conference ago I was gonna work out you know and again it's not saying that right now things are clicking but I didn't hear anybody say was forty years old than originally said that the Bruins forward and registered as a low 40s40 years old writer. I didn't hear anything about that. And not the way I found the perfect Christmas gift to buy you and I just online during the regular is Rwanda not fond of at a get to see the patriots ponchos. I saw people understand for the patriots ponchos ice my friend sent me a sombrero patriots. Sombrero. Some prayer of the the patent act and a all I I can only hope I can only afford one of stars through real departure that he wants also guessing that I'll get you bunch of guys that aren't enough where good. Unfortunately it by the way we did look it up and so that's this is why. Those guys were talking about Paul Perillo in any art. Rex Burkhead is a unrestricted free agent at the end of this year. And Dion Lewis is an unrestricted free agent at the end of the year the my guess is that Dion Lewis. We'll get more money in the open more. If you say what I think he's more valuable world to the office during broker does a lot of good things that Lois. Is the engine to vote for the running you know he gets out there and detection of alzheimer's is rated dodger people. He's missed the last of couple times rules outside accelerate it does kick off return to me he's he. Is more valuable my passion about what that might who was hasn't lewis' history injury. If it at a certain point puts itself out there with people that you that's what to do with you know hightower all. All the data with the Wes Welker who's done it. Would go on his Dole's take pay cuts and he's at an opportunity maybe to say screw you I'll go elsewhere. But they didn't want to put my agent makes a few phone calls fine though while aren't getting all the same thing and and want adrenaline to decide to send them all dominant. And then there's limitations in your right. I still worried about the Dion Lewis. Durability and now. You still have to organizes all over the place legs of more diverse Russian but it is not that big and he's running up to middle. Someone at the it's now boasts in the to a year he would not supposed to be good it was good plays and he. Because this is the system did not spell check doesn't overpay for anybody. He can't because if you take all the pay for somebody some area up there is going to be weaker very seldom does you'll pay old pavement for the running back. Buffalo put them all you've got to keep the program and as a certain ways like to pay. Everybody need and some players are gonna say his attack allotted to make more OK if you don't come back and that's where the one that they don't fall was somebody. And dump them money to. I was go to Jack Jackson a car Ajax and they don't really rough to commercial were too you know Jack tell anybody. How you got there are livid that Lavinia thought on it right I mean pretty runs out there I mean I just twelve men on the field you know cease. You think you've seen the defense doesn't go all and you know every time you know those on the field but called police which. Are no nobody else in the league has the authority go for the rest action clinical. A lot of teams. A lot of quarterbacks Roger as does it you know the establish Ron about Roethlisberger Alberta Canada and the young kids until they want to stick by the game put as much the cat that's rather get stuck a little bit but. When you have a guy that's established and if council wanted to you'll you'll start broadening his grammar as far as what he can audible to a when he can noble. I salute you see where each other about when you talk about the low hit number eighty tonight is that what you're talking among. Donors aren't inaudible a lot of personal I think we're talking about the officials schools aren't yet. And like all the rest the rest something to happen like all the they have respect for him. It was what got saint dispute. Who pitched a brick you don't have to put has resorted to just let it doesn't happen. All in sports so as you've you've veteran players you superstars. Are gonna get far more respect from officials no matter what sport it here on James was playing rugby out there puts the ball address I'm an Oxford political right. But you know why. Officials probably look at it and say well he's such star he knew he can do things like that. So all I don't think he knew he did anything wrong that that's how they look at David is next up Beason was struck spread David. They claim that chart again hello David. There aren't getting any yeah. Article I'd kind of by going on the same old COLT the last strike. I mean imagine. Tom Brady seventeen years since March that it defense can present to him. Maybe you don't like we can go back to the simple all those guys gas at the end Egypt on the aisle who think. In any defense I mean it's it's almost hard to watch and in fact it right in I think. What drives at home is when he took a timeout in this game. It looked at defense he took a timeout and then hit a wide open. You don't need be evil how how. If anything were to Purdue that he's unstoppable. And it would it I tried hard to say. Yes and so I've ever it's everybody is another plane goes he's tweeting everything we're doing tiring and cut in front of us coordinate it was corner currently out of the teams. He said we had some special plays we thought he didn't see that the last group was it. Audible to the right play. If you position Tom Brady if you if you repeat it sir can get you there. He's that you get him in the biggest game all in when he has to go up against a defense and a two minute in eternity is. I would if I had a billion dollars that would benefit he roots for this court are so I don't have a election. Tomas. And ask him. But right now we haven't soon enough I think he takes this whole lot of a lot of teams because. He just sits shopper model it's much of that I was sort of lamented what blitzer and about or Arkansas much of that preparation now running in the preparation that he does is he seemed tense and I'm not sure enough quarterbacks do it. Or in his case enough quarterbacks have seen enough stuff over the years he said. Last year he gets. I'd get all the answers to that that the best he's seen little at this Asian that's what's his big event as well I don't makes it through this for you you've seen it came in the game is changed it's evolved over the years it's constantly different. And yet he's seen all of this stuff so sometimes you'll see coaches that will refer all stuff that go back old school tries hard and that maybe ticket you often do. He's seen it all he's read the entire book cover to cover. How do you full. No regrets of coming applies in appropriate times that he could no dollar to apply it on the field and the pressure that's the that to make the right read on Sunday changeup motivated to debate that you would decide that you read it before they'll go to an alternative guy. It only it. It is amazing we see is something that probably is never might never be recreated just. And a bit every billion dollars liveable at a luxury he comes at a 5 in the morning and started three dollars. Before the team comes in sort of break down film and have questions about politics at once. My share of the day is a common and I'm prepared to deal with Tom Brady's questions. That's how much you know so to put put the effort and by applied on the field the tracks in time study and that's what you get but the brains to be able to take in information within two seconds or make the right read. That's the gift I. That's and you and I were talking about this last week that that's why he is so unique him why he is able to do it. And the highest level he's probably you leading candidate right now. For MVP price of current Carson which is probably at a group but he's probably leading candidate right now these activities forty years of age. Will most guys when they get into their upper thirties in the start feeling a tweak here or there. There's certain is that made boatloads of money that made a few hundred million dollar or sleeping in this. That's enough to really wanted there's a lot of drink pig's agreeing drinking age you know and he's got the desire continue. To do he has a problem and he's healthy. So I think a lot of quarterbacks secede and brought up or down the stretch and he played great technique that you were in play for Minnesota mean that stupid decisions yet and but he still played well Floyd did not want to be satisfied that he did a lot of it on atlases and there's still had that athletic ability to put you lusty interest lot of beautiful five made a lot of money get up every day and do what it wasn't his. Will. You know it was it is wrong and immoral or you're right you wanna be back and form with the goats in the channel to exit court. The goats and chickens are always good and he's a car here in a real post game show it's a paean to. Panic on our unity. Got on that he had a good little Leo just. What game that's right. I it's you know where people go and proceed to patriots have a tough time last week and this routine in this respect about playing against them raised with the very good offense on the road really. In an area where as if that. No soltys you're tied to destroy it wasn't in the game. Sauls said as she and get back on that not many penalties. XQ dissecting. Reading a defense is running right coverages and other teams after a few plays. Pollute Holmgren of this is that the team owners felt Aaliyah. And they get frustrated. Grady. 11 thing I had a question about your game when Brady who has viewed that while we're while in the game at a certain. And make that shot like forty yard bouncy. Wondering why. Not just keep pushing the question Jane. Can I know let's go into doubles pass interference. What the defender was read books on him and he didn't get the call. Right season. Who is he sees the matchup they're packing the linebacker is blocked off safeties are locked up. Looks so this is man coverage I get a clean shot I could throw balls laws anybody or put to tell Ronald. If we didn't affair were to happen so gonna take the shot that I think's gonna want why run head first in the nine guys when he got man coverage and a rookie electoral tea. They have great client meet it head on items. To sign it later in the game pretty incredible but now what I wanted to talk about lewis'. How proud I am with him like he may not Brady got it or get that he. Now he works hard and millennium the court is new quarterbacks coming up at. It's so true you know on that it's it evident in our everyday this. He should've been our everyday you'd think about your your and delivered a bit and delivered a mansion at the beautiful model he would all the money in the world and will love your. Right here all those things and he still works harder than anybody else. That's a good show I think a lot of guys when they make that much money you tell it like it becomes that he he's just pure and and the Catholic and well it's a little slightly different couple extra zeros there's somewhere. But that's usually the situation drug I sit there and say they don't want enough to want don't want. Especially when you get to the offseason because there's no off season nine years ago there was an Aussie hooliganism. You don't have any downtime. So those guys are out there working out every single day. And sent into I really need to do this doesn't send anymore. Now and I think Manny which are doing a bruised bodies felt completely fell down. I don't know yet I think it'll of Florida and then on the when the net win and then he finally got that last remaining enough is uncontrollable and orchestral bond Corbett but he still won the Super Bowl most of the guys. There maybe other guys they grumble that's the big thing about the NFL takes a lot of idea you've got to give a lot to play at that level. When you do it. And if you still love it that's where do you rather do that. Then hang up the beach you have my TV's you know it's obvious to that and its interest in the Jack Del Rio and others. Can't pick up on us and may be data in this nothing they can do about it it was so obvious. From the beginning of this game the Tom Brady was looking at all of that film probably saw that the rookie Nicklaus morrow. Was having difficulty was a linebacker that they end up he has not been a lot of coverage specially if you're coming out throwing to backs OK you're gonna get him on this quickly about a regular. He's he's a kid that apparently has had some difficulty so far this season. Brady knew it from all the research all of that the prepare any set all my god anytime I see Nicholas tomorrow. Mayor and the man specially own one of my back I am throwing in his direction and he'd kill that kid that he learned that kids. He's in his nightmares but would you seek Brady did move the guys he's rolling around he sees something they'll rotate guys a synagogue or motion hotels if there's a men covered his own coverage that he could he could decide what is an adult but when he sees it. Wright Brothers for don't want a third one any station run and he she's a wide open guy. A receiver he's a pro tools that you mismatches he. See that's one interesting thing that that I like about it and I've said this before right I do like Tony Romo. And he really gives you an awful lot of broadcast but the thing I'd like the most of watching them again today. Is he's telling you what Brady seeing if you know he's breaking it down because he sees it to the eyes of a quarterback. Any seeing a lot of that stuff and he's amazed. In this is a dozen secret that he was pretty good NFL quarterback has a problem doing it right in Dallas history is at the littlest couple minutes ago to give that. But he sit near marveling. At the things that Brady is able to pick apart literally sit legal and that's what did you sell. It's a that series. And fierce storms floods phones that confidence of female voice it's very it. Series started talking almost cinema dancing on table and was relieved we. Iran but it does it doesn't doing tonight is in Essensa. Go and although I like like he ever there was an article. You're not that. That reasonable nobody just sorry I guess just other opportunities out there. A French easy in New York hello for a day. Hey Kelly as. Encore because I just wanted to shut down the alleged act rate in the nation was talking about last year Mexico. Yeah Aston. You know. At a ball game which was. Some major offense but in a week they got out. School as predicted you know we practiced and prepared. And it seemed like. The latest. It was a region game and it data wanted to show all that are you know. We met up and. They showed their cards and they just were playing with 52 card debt credit for Iowa and I've shown that I have them you know what they get talent don't Frankie you look at that team has some talent on the team that defensively. They should be better than what they are there real bad defensive team they can't really. Covered blind rather the kid cover running backs can't cover tight ends that's a real weakness but they've got match. And all the patriots did is they slipped over another guy on that side. And they said Matt is the crap out Mac is not going to be yes somebody else is gonna have to obviously nobody else to go don't we Jack Del Rio. They don't you let it go to street is over his head in the game against Brady and coach. A lot of things simple exert disliked Belichick doesn't take place right important to a that's where hold around. He takes place is not specific defense shield make something that he can work. He'll bring Sony and if we think she can make him make something for him. Rewarded there with them McGuinness accused was kinda lost anymore epic ness monster back and he was dominant. 'cause he dusted you whose talents it's out of what you witnessed before Davis played this played it. Bring guys and in utilize his talents in a certain way and he gets the past guys just has been the best players and that should take you know except that counts a deal though. Not going to be great all those guys and we've loaning or I'll know what that would do touch. Good game some of you are probably watching why you're listening to us right now Philadelphia leads Dallas six to three Dallas got a great kick off return got a great field position then. Settle for 48 yard field goal in Philadelphia marched all right Donna feel. Put six open the border is they missed the the point after that would happen in his appoint those familiar so it's a 63 game right now. In the first quarter U price watch is that why you're listening to us when we get more view phone calls coming up next. A little bit about Philadelphia. Because. You know maybe your team you might seems way down the road are now pushing a little at a news through. I like to celebrate all know the jazz oriented only just can't I'm certain they just kicked limits and that. All of a good old why did it take so long it's called game Zeller who. Foolish when god doesn't like all right I 6177797937. We return. Took a real post game show. With the gland and Fred it's more detailed analysis of the packs big win over Oakland. Presented by copper quest. Check out health plan to keep dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural holdings and buy your New England come voted tractor dealers on Sports Radio W. Deaths of close actually exceed your expectations. So we did a great job as team. Everyone played well in all in all areas of the game. Especially special teams Stephen with the 62 yard field goal which is unbelievable at halftime so. This is via cell reveal them. Aren't fit right in because it's his second language we know how many words these negative experience twelve. Fifteen increasing prize we I imagine if you noticed forty words in Spanish. I think 33 words and a short yes that might be adding that he read a lot of Taiwan or on the streets in Mexico we. Who's in New Mexico and don't give them did. Is it a car has an inch in question glides back. Hey so calm. What would give my dad aunt we noticed. It seemed like dirt game it start it what color are your call it a little chippy out there. And it seemed like. Not a lot of all gone out so I'm wondering if it you've got the Greek debt possibly refs were letting them play a little bit more that it was brought a bit X it audience rep hey audit your date. It's an interesting point and they didn't have helmets on like the mess they were in the Mexican rest wrestling right they were those maps that for the glory. So might that. Yeah that that's your question them it very well of them. But they were American wraps right so it was and as far as far as we know. Because I'm because they're called pretty good game dosage to question. Now that was there was some weird stuff I mean talk about and discipline Johnny hall punches Jonathan Jones. Okay I'm still. Asked if he would teacher drone Jones put his hand on my shoulder projected turnout. Vanished in Texas we're now. So right they were in field goal territory Fred it sets them back at what second and 25 now. Not that that's a fact you don't thirties up from the three point who's gonna mean anything. But it really took you out of scoring position stupid can you beat the illusion cool you're down that much any game that you lose your cool and you have a dumb ass penalty. The ref was standing. Three yards away as you punch a defensive player a family thing. Read his own thing. They're not taking Q that's why the resolutely has puzzled they're not thinking too physical to physical. And a big muscles analyst. But the little brains that don't thing. And it all took a swing at him enough for you raise a picnic. Area but you got right up the play was for thing that it up thinking that. Quarterback below legs I'm not thinking. That's that that's I think that's the golf all the bad teams in the files did not think. They kept on showing the camera on Mark Davis you seem to be at all concerned about scorned and not insignificant one dollar. It is you're making that much money and and daddy built up an empire out there in Oakland and now you're gonna take the empire you can move to Vegas gonna make even more money. Finding good barber. Previous stylus get a good you know I think he found the perfect bull. Texas it was probably does the world I could have gone after that I guess he must think it it was good. It and maybe has hit like right in the back of his articles and all the way forward that just doesn't. It's all must put their best output and harassment of mayors kind of looks small. Or fat whatever and wannabe that puts out information agreed to people actually tell it it looks good. Fidelity as though closed in the aisles of for that social hour at trump to straighten is here in the street at the flattened down that's straight that's shredded fares against. It's real. Christians blood suckers. Pay I don't press. So I love the game today it really looks like patriots are common in the you all contending team this year. By I think they're gonna play in Eagles pursuant to my questions for you what. Contributed to at the raiders. Becoming ill people all last year going to be Super Bowl team out there are sorority thing. One hit wonder it is very difficult when you combat the second time FT of gone out there and everybody says well my god you're good team. To come back and tried to duplicate what you did before in Jack Del Rio. It's just not capable of coaching no let your team mr. bright bright shot to capable of don't you have to adapt. They're gonna Garrity Jack Del Rio after Tennessee's coach and now. Probably. I don't know. The heat but you know his track record against Belichick and Brady is dismal is. Awful yes it doesn't adapt well they'll always say that patriots you know. They adapter. For halftime they don't as you go they change every now almost every series of writing delicate doing the analyzing and they'll make changes right away. You'll see that most teams don't they need more time for the painters sculptors have been doing it's a law but I said earlier. All has got to realize it's a culture and in quarterback Leo and too wide open public which you can school. You'll approach that can't think that the big guys union coach. In a lot of crappy teams have Gregg coaches. I think the rays all that talent you put recruit coach and if you file and get someone get a whole world they'll sell that old time zone or even your body would get about one and I football. Route from Brewster but you can't smoke. Yeah yeah text me every Monday night and all you do that Willy Wonka chocolate chocolate near throat I'm like it's but I prefer weakness everything's great just bitch about John brochures. For a yeah or just tweeted out pictures or why not only get so worked up as you put the voter I wanna watch the game but they don't need to hear him tell my that's right I don't need him say I think that's the sound unpleasant it at least from I have with with scrutiny you'd probably agree because I knew you hate John Greta my job is confident in your prison coach. Here's the problem. Are so many mistakes that you see in NFL football game and he's not willing now because I think it's because he still wants to be for a. As with the players and the coaches he's not willing to sit there and say it was a terrible plight that was a horrible call what the hell they do what they think. He won't do that so everybody's wonderful. In the only difference between the team that lost in the team that won as the team that won. Was greater than the team that lost but it's a great privileges greater regret that was it you know and this and that. And them and those and it is very Tony tells it like it is. Even the sewing does a great job duel in the you know felt on the the only does he would call an Odyssey to call wrestled these guys won't in its. So it. Destruction in good judgment what could coaches. What yeah that's the biggest problem again and I keep on hearing people. I'm you know these national shows now the quarterback I don't think this quarterback problem. You know I united assistant you don't have Rodgers right now because of the injury like I get that. You've got forty year old guy imagine what it would be like as Peyton Manning go on and you have Tom Brady gone and no Aaron Rodgers. But you look at some of these young quarterback Carson once is a joy to watch this kid is really good press got in in in Houston and go off. Who shrug the first time around last year not Todd Gurley has found his way and suddenly office found his way and they're fun to watch the good young. Quarterbacks in this league you can't win without one. But but that's why the rams are suddenly interstate that's what the Eagles are suddenly good and interest rates was always a great culture for a new coach you're virtually the same team up in a much better. Fisher burnt out yup it was time from the goal he coaching is the problem for all. It really is the problem and it's much different than other sports because. In baseball you can have a week manager if you've got talent it's a one on one game it's here against the pitcher. You can still thrive in the manager has very little Hussein if he's not gonna win or lose more than 34 games. Course of the season and the NBA is a similar game it's a player's game I know Brad Stevens is terrific coach your opening an all out assault Celtics fans to bring people out there. Because he is a terrific coach but he doesn't have the impact. At a football coaches because of football coaches like a CEO. You don't all practiced together as you know separate groups here there he's got a delegate got up Porter all together it's like particular corporation. Any its ultra important you don't have that CD oh that is the game play and they can bring it all together as to demeanor and to deal with the players. You're square road we have again. The coaches I don't know why why why the why is it it don't we're not getting great coaches to set. Well he was to a twelve ms. Richards head coach he should the biggest change their daddy used to was. I can't be friends are an important now on the head coach not a coordinated. And take all responsibility of albeit the boss making the decisions right being fair but these are all that stuff goes into it. It was brother Dylan plays and he was they'll realize that cut a guy right off about to get the status so then you get that thing again that is visionary. The few great game plans not to sit aside lives and have the court is doing so. The whole process is very difficult is very few great coaches. But the games are more public and offensively. And it's offered some games are going to be wide open chip we just rounded out who is a bonus pool was the best coach in college football. I right now I would say the guy down in Alabama predict how did you on the television. I struggle the struggle and he had trouble getting along with. I opened the Miami organization told me that you were not to look him I did I write in mall. Whole way to address them or address him you gonna wait for him to address you have cynical but you've got to be can remember some of. I said he comes back. Winnetka. So what happens in college he should put to bed whoever did we have good kids you knew kids every year to right oh also he's brought to them but for guys make of real twenty million bucks a year and tell vaulted him so he knows priced at a morning coach. Bacon more than coach you have to beat. There's almost that it's that we had them. Design now guaranteed money because of it and 67 million of fraud in new governmental. Action so Belichick I think we all agree. And this is universal okay people would have to agree cross country. Bill Belichick is the best coach in the National Football League right now you can argue that he's the best coach in in the history of the game who's the second Alaska. Was sick in his coat. Moments up there and he won a couple games. Lucas directed. Peyton doubted. That. Wendy's. Public is lucky he saw in his book tell you is on the and a quarterback that's a winner. Sail right on about about tall I'm not gonna barged into he's put up admitted being in the pocket on New Orleans. Shot patent something. What do in the last few years Sean Payton themes of second all right he's ever to the best quarterbacks in the late it seems aside any rich. Injury. Eat you want it you want Andy Reid you're running you're running your teachers extremism it's less than a quarter edged him in Israel of deliberately weasels and just couldn't in the Winnebago really real heroes OK that while social Brady's of Belichick does when the thing right he was about. That's a great question because I think there's a huge drop. Yeah it's great coaches is a huge trying to bring into guys and you tell me up in buffalo they love Sean McDermott to study was that. The second count he doesn't get guys on CB had hit me when capitalized there is extremely damaged or destroyed their way out we've covered that to do or if that was if it's lineman yeah. Is it wouldn't he was the presidential but it was big. Now I traffic quarterback if you're not gonna pay. Tyrod Taylor yeah compared to a five million dollar suit up and use and actually while use in this she's so shy McKay right now is the the hot commodity that guy out in with the with the red charities are commodity people's. And he's got a good about again credit but he has I don't I'd like a little bit more of a sample you before you think. I don't know who the second as comfortably I think is such a drop off. Between Belichick and an ominous sound like I'm also being a New England home care. But you can hand out and services. All of them is an offense accord and I think that's wedge play wasn't good yeah that's one of the problems definitely. By the way. Is it that he's gone out of there as an awful coordinator. And this year the potential. List of talent out and instances it's hard to judge him right now played a lot of close out that don't worry if you add panel at the start of a three to five. Pete Carroll is a good coach Pete Carroll might be number two and it might be the Oilers has forced have been diminishing victories but he's been in the book a behavior Yuba. I don't know if I'd a hate though he hated to say you know he hated you. A Altadena and stuff I don't think that's always delightful that was never your fault them take accountability for your own failures. Good. It would require you know a lot I entered Cleveland article is second. Vote. How do you lose everything gave children grow and thrive what is what is now he's like one and 27 that's like an exit and then all marvelous speaking on anti government. He does use of their charlatans. I got a couple went up at the atomic bomb making quick you know what. What's amazing is. You know of course we would struggle to go that at home and wait and now we've adapted and we're gonna get opened back in public likes it because it. Last couple weeks it looks so good and click we forgot where. Hogan was even on the team. Big bank they've been so good and you know the scope with a back. The tight end but ratings put out twelve. First twelve president was when he was sold short one game and could and his numbers could have been even better as we worst rose. Well it is culprit woke yet Berkett. Wide open in the in the flat. Who matured to a behind him and his partner had PerkinElmer and obviously we're out that yet blockers down slightly behind them and but other white numbers have been. Even better. Did you write it right that's that the three that ever call I remember when I talk in my own bed and yes they were best. Is by breaking news room around us navy. That's sponsored he's pretty good. Are you content that you could go 4040. Defensively. Yeah that was a point probably sit export these old but he's great in order that was one. Oh only stupid they were almost there but. These smoothly I called you guys weeks ago. And when the defense was terrible I edit or sit. You guys know it being you know you have that is they would they would terrible last year up until. Victory game accounts and you'll scenes of turn it Iran he finds a way whatever whatever it takes seems to find a way at first it was it was frustrating but. Now it seems like. He's got it going in the right direction again in the opt and he has. You know and I'm real quick the market they are bark for yeah what your. Presumably one I looked it up. The other caller called up his feet. I thought they could be at least a two year up until dark so can they release. You know what they're hey if they released you hopefully try to keep these two bags. Lewiston and Berkett. Most children don't estimates a month ago he'd I would have to look that thanks for extortion you know work here. Armed extension question I don't I don't see we're jealously fits into this thing you concede that they've pretty much formed the rotation. Of the running back for a. Right you don't altar to run. Apparently I went on all career and the defense doesn't it's going to be either run play action. You change personnel and how quickly defense of players adapt. Fred windy you know some guys probably really good and sharp and they they realized they just brought this guy in these thirty ones in this guy's out you know you look at the numbers. But I'm says is how did she say they're gonna do there's there's a good guy that can do everything. You know running back and catch the ball from blocking off which you can see it though because they're they're leaning on their tendencies out there so there I brought the James White play out early work. James White when he's back there. He's using back there as more of a receiver than he has a right back and yet they rhythm tonight and it got. The ball the totally off court he was playing for the past the just confuse them. We knew it when you go on the rotation so what they're doing now is they've taken the skills at the same we know that's his skills have them do something different and what you do both you know that you. They did adapt to have a hole we don't have I don't know what they'll their cattle over a slow start that if those guys are healthy. And they and they turn that page all the sudden it clicked and it's beyond stop. Except for the defense and because the defense took time to figure it all out so you probably winning 42 to thirty. Clearly less of a drive by twenty point that's what that's which is. All right 6177797937. Is our phone number Democrats got just threw a pick it is Philadelphia 76. Right now. With a little over a minute left in the first quarter. Load up those phone lines were talking about the patriots feel a lot better about them should be after the last five weeks 6177797. On its recent.