The Real Post Game Show - Tom Brady just did not look like himself 12-11-17

Tuesday, December 12th

Hour 2: Butch Stearns and Fred Smerlas continue to discuss the Patriots disappointing loss to the Miami Dolphins 27-20.  Tom Brady was uneasy in the pocket and missed a lot of throws he normally would make, is there something more going on with Tom like a lingering injruy that the public isn't aware of?  The guys also take a listen to Brady's postgame press conference and there was definitely a theme; Brady knows he needs to play better.


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Glenn normally as the night off I'm what Stearns and there's nothing heavier. I do. Stunt locally ominously for the my pillow tonight there are gone because of his. Glenn we've got tomorrow morning widow MF. French journalists along side again if you around. Watch the patriots game we'd love to hear from you at 6177797937. Patio taking your phone calls and Charleston working hard on not. Post game sound and all the other elements were adding into the show we here for another fifteen minutes up until 2 AM. Taking your calls Freddie. I want your commentary. As we go through the game and go through very quickly and here's what I want you to comment on I'll stop and watch your comments for the. Patriots win that caught toss and they differ like they often do right up Miami takes a ball drives all the way down the field. What do you think and write down before the defense stiffened thinking if they score a touchdown here. Where there in trouble thought I thought and similar to the Pittsburgh game you're watched what she jumped all patriots had that have referred to as true for fourteen it's not a big deal for them to come back. And I that is to get the feel real yeah like this is great there's now two frugal Saddam by six and they had to come back. I should if they could stop them. The field goals to pay couscous with touchdown that's exactly how that would so in between those two field goals are what led to the second field goal was to Brady interception. When he threw the ball when you saw the replay what we think it. Just looked like he didn't receive the locus if you Kimelman album like you normally he looks officers he was looking at cokes all time. That's if you're a great time you plates in the attic but easy time knowing your red Brady usually does re usually he's really very go to Q a couple others like freezes safety he didn't do that. And the safety made the big cats come up made and Alex it's not a double what we know it was a cup was in the safety made the pill bottles yet about what they had. They all converged on two guys converging on a Middleby heat pumps out so they can't do that. And and in the end of the road in. And I write it down on the all time that I struggle in a single he did not have a good read on the safety which is unusual for him and beat 'cause the safety was there. He sort of misread how close he was 'cause I thought he should close a global idea I thought he still could get that ball up over the corner. Given cooks a chance to catch in the safety wasn't in a position and now Texas fashionable phone yes well the fast idly if he all the throws them so only he can get at that toward user does. Folks can run underneath it it'll run the coverage. He on the throats and we had a slow down. Cuban missive to the quarters of the time from now on Monday Night Football all the graphics and all the stats they throw horrific stat at the end of the first quarter that the patriots have only run six plays. And only gained twelve yards and had the ball for under two minutes which is the formula to beat Tom Brady in the paint in the threat formula usually got to Miami if you leave that defense out there long enough they're gonna get one down it happened for awhile right. I now all of a sudden you're thinking to yourself something of myself as soon as they saw those numbers. We've seen this a million times all Tom Brady needs is a drive. Right away he gets a drive Rex Berkett scores a touchdown it's 76. And you like you let the good times roll that's right rob but. 'cause the patriots I said this before the game has goes about. Should pick which may stop the first two drives to feel how the do that a try placed. Run dives on outside in the past two to find out what the law the defense is the ticket take advantage of like they're called call knobs and white ran all the way across the only do that deceive it's meant W own them they'd jointly analyze real well they didn't. The defense is divert was changing him in and gave Tom a lot of looks that he didn't adjust right away usually don't see that. So I was surprised that they weren't able to take control of it once is with a cut. It's 76 after the Berkett touchdown right up by now. Unusual because in this eight game winning streak. The Patriots defense would give up some yards but they wouldn't give up the touchdowns while they did both in this next drive that was the drive where canyon Drake. Ran and broke contain wanna get to that the second. And then had that catch down the sideline whirlwind of Roberts was left hanging out to dry your two no safety healthier either. And so and they scored a touchdown so now they will answer the eight. We have a don't have a chilling out late certainly true and all of it it throws while we're playing catch a break there was no there. But now god they have 76 lead is at thirteen seven out of 76 but what was at the time that Cutler. He ruled out. In the end and wasn't leave mr. McCain was inside that you sacked for loss the brought the quarterback on that and he got over that when he threw it in an excellent. League comes on the inside and inn in Cutler goes outside if you come clean on its slowdown broke sack of talk about. I talk about the front seven because you were talking about this in the break I mentioned how greedy game that tree cat and you said you give us the reasons why. What the defense did to allow this kid to have a good game why they didn't contain explain what happens is. If you're not playing like politics is played opposition. Do your job correcting the drugs so locates on the land and Robert dole out Roberts is here at the line of scrimmage every right. Any peace he rolls experience in goals to the right. Now that outside outside contained came under in the which is either marquis flowers are Eric I usually the other was out so he comes underneath trying to help out now we bounces and goes outside wallets decency deep within the Barack. Shall we does sprint you'll run right into. So there all converging on that ticket angles downfield instead of playing contain allow him the bounce out run down field simple mistake you don't do that. When the back at the ball be hit to a site huge areas deepest the ball and Casey bounces back and they kept making the mistake of going underneath. Try to catch up to the play instead of staying home or here's where it weakens the defense here's where they've had such a great run. For eight weeks in my opinion all of a sudden if traits starts to and then things start breaking down if you are to run Armon if you're given according. Here I think I'd help out trying to support. So I take that one extra step to help out in run support the and I am not get nobody here in time to help land and Roberts when he's with the running back Bergen points is now all of a sudden now how I'd play action pass is roaring every write up. Given a guy a step to get by you. So when not playing. So on but the football this team's got a great defense team as far as personnel they have patriots it's back to paper yeah they're good but what they play. Fundamentally sound don't mr. blitz blitz is on the quarterback when he got to by running get out of control don't try and cut underneath when them to get a back. The less she's already past a line of scrimmage. When he applies to receive Bob's stay as the crystal ball Sophie comes back. Half of those plays or been stopped at least at the line of scrimmage if they played solid and kept contained so the patriots went back and forth they had a three and out but then they got the ball. Under a little over two minutes ago I thought that we an escort touched on the didn't go but. Like they've done so many times they score. Right before the half with less than a minute ago and I'm they'd done that this year. And send a message hey not only do we score. Not only is it at three in getting all is vanity plate we're getting the ball will go over the second half and what Charles Atlas and I because that's what seems to happen to start change what the door because it dissipating. Tom Brady in the office. You know exploding and score points Phillies got playing. Outside their permanent 61777979837. As we go back and forth over this game for its Burleson Butch Stearns that go back to the phones. If your driving home still love to hear from the on the real post game show up until 2 AM Charlie is in fall. With the art art front look. I'm all right shall not watch tonight. Opt out of their duties. To all. Adopting an altar. Now I act. Hitler on their boats strolled the red dot that we think are. But I got a question and like any audit I think I'm pretty injured. You then. I've added you know it's all about. We would get out. On the rats. Which you take on Matt I don't eat you would that bank statement. I joke and way too much about what poverty through Tuesday figure a lot of it has to do you start earlier on. We're talking about this on another show enough and was able Ortiz told underneath who sold short to COLT who's going longer cold peaceful behind cooked. You've got to want to go wrong I'm a dole. Right because there in the right route is caught not running the right route is to get frustrated out there and not reading what he's supposed to read. And I think that's part of it was on the same page at all possible optimism that many times I think a lot of had to do with the combination dollars and go low pressure. When you can pressure the quarterback put you wanna receive his social go. We're supposed to adjustments to come back. You gotta be there earlier quarter of that one in red downfield and he's in his gym was not look at now feel you need a trip around me and ginger Tom floor right where he thought it was your current. But cook kept going. And it was left in the ball what was right and normally doesn't have a so so I think there was a lot of miscues on the adjustments is supposed to make almost. And I think the biggest factor we've that was no rock and when you add in I eve in the what's been all year no settlement. You've got Brady's two security blanket both call and with the wrong out there and we don't cattlemen now that now a coaster and you got. Coming back was not a 100% he could see it tonight just wasn't a 100%. And so. So when we go to trial he's quite what it was immediate challenge course and you in my opinion I don't think Brady's injured I think he's hurt. The difference and that if he's injured he's not plan inning some guy you played with a broken for you said Freddie right up. OK see you played with a broken foot are out there are no real rating might have. A slight fracture in his in his foot somewhere something. But only he knows what he's dealing with but did he ever broad. He's he did he look any different that we was moved around in the pocket and I agree a pocket right so I don't think I think he might be hurt but I don't think he's injured. I think at the big puddle. Crop always crucial Robert goofy fun loving guy runs great routes and he knows we asked the pre menopause is a twelve foot radius. Before twelve reviewers and catcher and a level of Bledsoe Ben Coates thing Brady will throw up when Bronx covers nothing element is are intolerable. He reads. It just proves this what is it went in a fell. He gets opened when the coverage changes he changes Thomas who knows many times he throws the ball quickly before it even makes the break. Because he knows we're going to be told the ball blog now. As the days progressed and his guys I'll Wear this post will be allowed the pressure get to price rose and Butch Stearns on the real post game show David. It's Lawrence O David. 88 Audi do this. But that McDaniel also had a very short game deciding the op. Especially with bronco. Parked at the need to be more created. And the dispute or resilient. And I'll beta yet proven correct true. Brady has the ability. To get outside the pocket I would love to see them more so what did not play action pass. Late Qaeda and Karl are right then the other. Outlook incorporated although some become the next John Elway. Does have that ability. To. Move outside the art. Because I think he has the ability I think you're wrong David I think his ability move inside the pocket he's when he talked about outside the pocket I mean all Brady's moves. Of when he's deep in the pocket any moves up and ships around. In the pocket if you get him bootleg and. Get I love them to take it up a lottery pick up our bought but what are you what are these. Let's go to speak what is. What is. Coach preacher respected is odd every time they can make a trade and I didn't curled up with you know what I mean that play action pass from the ordered back. Thought that it it needed a tight and Carl. It was a good time with popular mysteries though it's a what he does the way he he gets the puck gets bring the ball quickly is his brain. It's all the patriots office standard office they adjusted everything and he stole the ball where this post entry. So that's not the right area he's getting pressure in this post it changed routes accordingly. They were on the same page is so seldom do you see that book let's go to his first point about McCain has had a bad nine click on did you think he did. I think glad to have my MB originally I think that we're analyst off a pressure atomic pressure on Tom and him in in the receivers are reacting to the pressure. What do you at all. I don't they ran the ball over because this is a penalty so we're not well enough because they do it if he everybody keeps struggle play action you can play action cannot run the football. He just again wish that he French's it's not cope with a play action and I was ago we're tool sending answered this is what the world that one was teams against the run they don't stop the right. It's always think the pitch is gonna try and run the ball in the paper to do what that team gives them. They try to run the ball went successfully get clobbered so when you run ball. Who can't run the boy throw the ball a jumper and everything underneath that's like try to cool the top but what is on the Prussia. If you aren't outfield in those guys a jump on it through Q a lot of backed off that he's chucked the ball expected to run past it. Those you get home runs at turtle once happened because people trying to bump underneath so what to do we goes over its but he under through them. Mcdaniels a little bit of credit. In the second half I saw tonight something I've been calling for audio along those little spot screens or as little spot passes W ran a handful of those. But with the quick speedy guys they got. Mean to that was that's a settlement staple. I just don't understand why cooks can't run that play. Why they'd he's running away that when any of Rivera's Israeli like that is a look at a lot of pressure up veolia and when you're gonna pressure of field and the Patrick driver of Russia's people already underway well again Fredricka here blowing left to right there coming up field you nailed it. Let's we always tend to look at it from the patriots perspective and rightfully so. But look look at some of the inhabitants of the offense and give Miami a little bit of credit got a gig didn't have grown to wary about. In settlement to worry about it and have who have to worry about Rex Berkett James White Dion Lewis the most is the only game breaker in that offense. Really playing a team like it's playing at a high level like that you come out in your next Q should team of precision team in the off flat. Young daughter you have the pace satellite truck and tried change of pace to go five wise eagle Hari hoddle to me. Usually they changer tried change of pace up Michael wide five wide all the time note that if they rip her. Past personnel in the premier Nikola and the coupon the ball at a middle letter to get the change of the personnel. Didn't seem to do that they just didn't have any type ordination of flow. And I'll give it to Miami was mixing things up really well on on the rules also I passed on it underneath passes there on it. So we have to go over the top and it did seem like one had the the five in the pocket sometimes you stepped up and hit on and on the tour sometimes used for a couple bad bald but like it's W a run on the field the guys backing off fuel. Right what to proceed to turn come full moon and I think he was waiting for good that a few times books Lance isn't born on the real post game show hi Lance. They'll line. They a couple of quicker. Saying there aren't gonna want to one being. I mean. I know Belichick throws Brady injured were pretty much it can crash just start. I think you're required to have the guy has doesn't practice well it got published copy of a 12 we were just talking about us at fox Boston 25 earlier this week glance. For years for about three year period in a row Brady was on the injured port every week with right shoulder. Now the way they do the injury report he's only been on the injury report for about four weeks now would that Achilles issue was after the raiders game. When Khalil Mac head on any limp off the podium in Mexico City I saw him that was right in front of them there. And he's been on the injury report within Achilles issue. Ever since then and that's hit soap so when you say Brooke go to puts them on all the time that. Really hasn't been the case for a couple of years ago he's more of account Jews there I don't know. They put a lot of it's a slight injury let's say the utility to head into plan B yet take time off. He's gonna rest I don't think it's anything puller think it is my viewpoint well they've also changed just a hammer this point. We all know Ali I am Judy is. That hurts. Yeah I've played sports that you just play and play with the paint tools. Ignited the the other thing I wanna bring your relate. First interception that greeted artillery and actually get the the cornerback and then it's off the ball and or even hours. Zabian how are numbered toward Iraq XE VI ENZB. In the Howard. Current. Did anybody notice that gigantic brochure flagrantly. I go. By the and be true and pushed it. The vocal for the ball the rest. Ref had called before a couple times was pushed about. If the talks all the thrower so great for the chance to run underneath because as fast as I went on to throw it gives a defensive back big Beers because. He's behind you usually so he got almost cruel hoax or anything you'll look at all the throw. No I I can't but at the scene like. Years. All of us assurances he would call on the pitcher curt it would be true but it's not calls that went your way to tonight. Yeah it is. Currently our QQ. What do. But this. Figured it. Killed that are. Go to Sony's answer that question as an actor who see why he did it the guy pulled the shirt publisher now realizes he pushed brought QE2 steps back in the in the back. Ole white trim around. It intercepted a ball. Roxy is on the ground known culture McDonald's we thought about it he looks and goes a little blue blue blue blue group. As you get three now will reassure all one out of three play out. Of offenses against them to hold in a bush and he did an excellent are you kidding me and a guy has intercepted a volley pounds on. I could see why the Russian control that situation. Tuesday. There's there's not the Gary's all these six haven't been EL matches every. Nevertheless let me go back two point about the refs tonight if you could give me three top reasons that the patriots losses came under wraps even in that. Top three no. Market but that sort of make sure that the. Oh do it and it was atrocious so ball. I think the reasonably generous recent losses yeah officers and you can as a defense or Alter. For what it twenty placed us Florida for a period while his another factor which you rarely healthy attitude is the way they lost the turnover battle they did not only to Brady threw two picks the dolphins made no mistakes that are non. They didn't fumble the ball no they didn't come I shouldn't say they made no mistakes. Martz guy could had to pick for a pick six by it we all law watching the game real sure wins Miami gonna become went home rule when his a couple of gonna come Cutler right and happen in the fourth quarter. With three opportunities to get the ball back and into Indy where the Brady was drinking the same Cutler juice because it kept going nuts hold 00 that is if the tricks Cutler juices will last for ten years you're listening to the real post game show Fred's Melissa Butch Stearns we go to into. In West Springfield opened two children. Good morning gentlemen how to create. I'm one of threaded dog in my opinion if you'd hit the idea mark. Let's try to go to the outlets housed around peripheral let. Rack of lamb delicious. That play and I agree stated ocean mist once. This news that yet. You log. I just have a couple of points. Put the quote you know. Quality and quantity may use different compared with other fourteen and fifteen if you look at our defense. Would that dependant fourteen of fifteen teams have put that in the dirt out there. Don't forget dials down the stretch is he was double want to let at least in my point per second and third on what in what has allowed a points allowed. None not only that now that's not what I'm thing drop it at if you look at the roster of 1413. And fifteen. Most of the bears had a close second and third round. He's talking about pedigree. Where they came from. A lot of guys in there that will but we also believes the development the governor Collins and brought it all these guys who have caught they're cut from other teams last year neighbor well pinned inside to do before you go further with that I think I know we've gone. And I can't have it both ways you can't give them credit. For being quote the best defense statistically for eight games in a row. They've given up the fewest points in the NFL after they give up the most points in the NFL after four weeks and now all of a sudden they have won or lost. And it's about where they were drafted and where they came from and there waiver wire pickups was Eric leaves the same wave a lot of pick up last week when he was the star of the game in buffalo. But they but look at this thing I think the games in law. And that is yeah has it would give that that we elect almost 200 yards to all these running back from the up. About a lot of yards passing but since then when they do started yelling and I got it but when you apply houses are reasonable and pass rusher. It is thought that the current part and offense site. And that's what great of difference. The defense in two to do Poland the defense gave them. Four opportunities a school in the couldn't do it. Down the stretch in a Lily Davis gave up three touchdown passes tonight that's a huge difference and they didn't quite an eternal. I was twelve minutes more. What all the assay holistic you know why they had more time pressure throughout print out and out drain out all eleven on third down when the patriots got the ball more than they drive. And in your knuckle back in for about ten minutes. Don't get off the field for enough for a glass of water back and a pin to what I'm sure all news is together where I'm disputing is the direction you're heading you were seen in thirteen fourteen and fifteen. Did all these guys have great pedigree first second third round pick will Rob Ninkovich was on most teams still. There's always a long way reluctantly but I joked yeah cut Chris Long with the way of him probably Rudy was a first round pick up but I usually don't. On food isn't. Brady kids sixth round. Out of all the equity and hit it big you'll understand. This more civilians if the Celtics and the bulls will not want it put out. You're talking way secular talk a golf course from ten years ago. Chris Long was a quarter what used to but he he's in there mr. rich was a free agent those are also has so let me give you one more shot at this into your saying. That if they had guys. Who from better pedigree rather than guys who were picked up up practice squad in the Houston Texans are other teams. That they would be able to stop the bleeding they wouldn't given up so many yards rushing day they would've given up less points they'd be better off. I think it's a better shot up there with the best defense last week and that's. And it. You you when you talk about the guys that wave like Geisel first round failures. That's a first round pick that's able. We take a break. So don't judge where people from for a from picture tremendous amount of failures Ryan leaf all these great quarterbacks economy and boy noise coming out of Omaha Penn State and Notre Dame coach Jeff Schultz was of tremendous failure first round pick. That's a man they depict as is different from cricket teams they had the mobile affect the mobile I'm Brian for respect as a real fast job it was terrible. Don't judge guys by with a picture tomorrow. The play in the awkward break when we come back here from Tom Brady and more are on the real post game show for another half hour until 2 AM. What is your motion. We won't it looks into the vehicle and defensive shot film it's been nothing fun. Just look coach won't militants. On the sand. The home alone throw. I was Tom Brady's as your heard. Kevin Harlan say fifth pick of the year. It was also unfortunately the first of its two picks in this game it's the first game since week thirteen. For marine. Seasons ago. 2015. Against the Philadelphia Eagles in week thirteen. Brady threw two picks the patriots lost four of their last six games and ended up losing the home field advantage in the number one seed and played Denver in Denver. And lost the AFC championship games we've got to go back. That far Freddie the last time Tom Brady threw two interceptions. Was last time he simply. Like yes well what your it's not just him that's in the Oval Office I mean that's a unit and usually play as you'd better than any other team in the felt that not. They're not fragment two of one you can place. They all play as a unit today they played like individuals and all yearlong on the real post game show our sponsors. Likewise. We pick our play of the game while the Brady pick as our play of the game. As we don't have to play in the visitor group it's now John best art was time for the wise player of the game brought you by a wise snacks. Read geez tailgate class issues the wise player of the game is brought Cuba wise snacks regions tailgate classics. Look for the new buffalo wings and dry rub rib flavors. That your local store. How about this Freddy since you get your cars for kids player of the game. Time for our player of the game here in the real post game sharp player of the game responsibly cars for kids easily donate your card donate today and your card can be picked up tomorrow. Go to cars for kids dot com or call one and it's and says please see nonstop. Spelled with a K you know I can play the game who are yet Christos. I was gonna give it to Dion Lewis for two reasons one. Five rushes for seventeen yards 3.4 yards not that five catches for fifty yards. But how about the catch he name all the other when Brady had a double blitz. And had a pro right away wanna throw. What a catch that was the one that way he played the game has polygamy as an act but again it just allows you didn't miss anything. Tom Brady 2443. As I mentioned he had nineteen in completions. He only threw for 233. Yards. Five point four. Yard average reminds me of back and six when he had Reche Caldwell and Jabar Gaffney in those guys one touchdown two picks he was only sacked twice but as you mentioned garden a big part eat it says he was only. Quarterback hits were six. Those are such deceptive stats because a big part of those in nineteen. In completions I'd say at least 45 of them with thrown and to get rid of get out of nowhere irrational stronger great job move in the plot otherwise it's the most haven't gone she's quarterback rating wanted to be guests don't know. Your guests. 6859. Point five here's Tom Brady after the game. In his postgame reaction. As progress and came in worse and that's. And stay on the field and just didn't make enough plays and he's Tibetan rights so. Federal got a good night's this year and this was bad. But the ball in the morning then. And pressure from pressure I think are less screen passes in there and stuff like that so. Have to take a look ideally like spread around everybody and he's got behind and not really we wanna play games and just about lost. You didn't. O. Window here. In the year. Why. That's just not quite alarming and it's of these magic. You know folks and anything can take to combat when we just didn't play didn't. Cop behind him try to battle back and just couldn't couldn't do it. This is battling. I was who played better that we didn't hand and get through Warren truck Welker next week. Mean you afford. Yes the short week let's catch up form in can't go there play as poorly as we did tonight and we do a lot of things better. And actually have to a lot of things better and us for a folks obviously. Yeah I mean. Yeah and he's great players so many times out there helps us. We are some other good players and you know replace or transfer are brought the ball around quite a bit but just couldn't quite. You know picking up place and and I got to throw the ball better and that's that's where certain. I think we play with a lead last time in that's always important and it shows we play from ahead you know turn the ball over anything get leads and play on your terms lot of things for your way tonight we got behind turn it over. And when their terms all night and they can mixing up zone enough command and and ultimately just keep us out of rhythm I think I don't convert on third down and you got it's not a good night so. We got to work hard all those things. You know we're a decent place we've got to go on to go to Pittsburgh and try to try to be relieved to see. Our knowledge and ability but definitely room for core. I'm program. Yeah and then we did you know we went three and outs I don't think that was great. And obviously you know they're gonna. Kicked ball in which they got it and you you know possessed a little bit we got to do something we did it for a reason to rich. We'll work it. I think it's a little everything you know. Tyson or try to throw it. You know committee could play him. You know they get sometimes you approach it never got him sometimes they do a lot of balls there were 5050 balls tonight at. You know were close and we got our hands uncle they have their hands on to me and as far as I'm concerned. To emerge over the next week. There. I think we had a decent shot there I mean could he got behind them and you know try to put up their form and they intercepted it. You know stern long so. He rather not intercepted by it. They did you better you play. You know I thought his most interesting answer there was about playing from behind as opposed plan from had. But I'm not there was anything groundbreaking but he made the point that you're playing on their terms. On your terms was I mean Q defensively we'll virtual. It was 761. Time. Right group Majorly different so they weren't when they scored the game's first touchdown finished with the game's first cut down their two through goes to who which was a good motivated they are they came guy drove to stop them. The only six points now we rent and we're not playing from behind that only lasted one drive understandably weren't flight line known game. So Amazon didn't capitalize on opportunities but he says. He threw the ball great and I had openness on this tour 55 it and go and some days it through some days they don't. I think put 'cause a lack of of consistency. The team Atmel more of milk is both teams in the papers got lighten up like Atlanta or any of these entities have played. They stunt plane differently. If you were playing on that turns them play to stroke as they know they get a salary but when you're playing from behind in in not successful offense. They get more confidence that run the ball Walt did not take any chance of office advocate any journalist. That's her music played on the at her right so most of time patriots for. Players Alter the 76. Now it's 146. Now that you've gone oh my god here comes the tsunami let's open up in your more vulnerable they injected any. Seems to meet one of the things Brady and the Patriots offense under McCain have been able to do so well. Is that women are in a close game in this was a close game lead in the Miami sort of controlled most of the way. Is that. They don't allow being down by one score or. Down by ten points to quote play on another team's terms they still do what they are good that drug when he mentioned there again I thought it was little revealing. That you know would allow them to take more chances to mix there's only in we're doing different stuff to draw wedges in dealing with which tells me. Fit unlike a lot of other games this year. There was a little doubt in his mind it was a little uncertainty now you add in the Miami factor which he doesn't wanna talk about it he never will. He whenever you ask you about what's that like why are you struggling Miami he'll always give me it's the same answer said in different ways it's not how you where you play it's how you play right. But he's falling well not always how tough it is to win down here he understands that which are they you add that all up for any. And is that fine line between winning and losing in the NFL and it's right here that's it right but he's been. Behind a lot of games who meets miraculous comebacks when the patriots the patriots in the third quarter in the fourth quarter. Really had all they want it big at the time to get three don't print out a Miami. Pick which caught the ball back include movement so. Based on a plane on their terms again but they couldn't capitalize on anything they did at the end of the character of the one foot line and the penalties they kicked a field about one school. But you started making control taking control of the game the defense that didn't preannounce but the office never in the entire game really gonna attract. I won more segment to go here on the real post game show quick break Butch Stearns Fred spirals from back to wrap it up after this. I Freddie we get just a couple minutes left Iraq and up wrap it up I wanna get your opinion on next week's patriots Steelers game and on up through these numbers that you. Here's the good news bad news the good news is. Gas patriots at three point favorites. Early line over the Steelers all for next Sunday's game 425 in Pittsburgh. And while. The Steelers are only three in ten. Including playoffs against the patriots since 2002. Of those three wins have come in Pittsburgh. When the Steelers were underdogs to the patriots. That's the batteries. Don't poetry they when national bullets. That's like lunchtime but to bring as much about Dick LeBeau anymore and grew crops coming back. Thompson's. The team's gonna sit down and they're going to be rated to go to extra I feel bad but the interest as consistently as. Idiots that. I think it's getting a class was the last time to obviously to Greg actually does the use open to lose to rule out the bank will have to go back to two years 23 seasons ago right the last time that Philadelphia is that they lost for the last six. They lost two in a row the last in Denver and home against Philly. And they won one and then in the end one to. And then they lost to the jets in the dolphins on the rock I embassies for a sleeping the patriots and Pittsburgh two best teams now. Weis Wentz is out you know I think. Those two teams of the but I think by Pittsburgh has slightly better talent but the pay to play better as a team. All right for Freddie Somalis I'm what Stearns for patio great job I know Ben Charleston nice job. And order we'll be back with you Freddie let that headache again have to sleep on my fellow wings and agree to pick up the pressure you can be enjoyed that it different is that. Each you keep talking about it and get everybody says they sound like points of the think it was a anyway if anything for a dollar and I was Smart it was me that was stupid it was client. Have a great night I had integrate network ready Freddy we'll see again next I feel those cases particularly.