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Thursday, October 12th

In the 1st Alex focuses on Dave Dombrowski's press conference and what it means for the Red Sox. 


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He's he's in late night on Sports Radio. Let's get it going when Alex Roemer on late night on Sports Radio to. Yeah. All right welcome men. Another four hour edition of late night. Across the WEEI Sports Radio network. My name is not seamer taking up until 2 o'clock this morning give us a call 61777979837. Want to preach I wanna send thanks to my good pal John too mossy for greasing the skids. Little rich white guy bashing to close out Monday nights this evening. Always good always down for apps. They mentioned in the crossover they'll be plenty of that throughout the program tonight as a usually ends but if an apple owner bashing but some praise for Rush Limbaugh. Who is coming down now on my side defense thinks it's a scary precedent. For Donald Trump to tell an apple owners. How they should handle their employee es yes the rush. Sany doesn't like it when the president the United States is weighing in on private businesses and how to handle on their inner dealings so. The enemy of my enemy is my friend is Johnson Monty says it's you'll get to all that more also some more reports about the NFL's declining ratings. I'll tell you why that has absolutely nothing to do opinion and protests. So all that more coming up. Roemer after dark but I do want to start here tonight. Where mutt started and where well pretty much everybody started today the biggest story. And Boston sports of course is the firing of John Farrell now last night's. I was somewhat incredulous. That Farrah had not been dismissed I said what do they do and why evenly today. Yes I understand to an extent arrow is a scapegoat but we all recognize that changes need to be made. And this is the easiest one to may well they made it this morning announcement right around 9 o'clock. Farrell out. And Dave Dombrowski took the podium at Fenway park at eleven. And it was very bizarre it was a very bizarre and Ambrose you press conference it was like. A bad parity of Bilbao attack accepts the person doing it had good. As I always say got about Dombrowski he has great hair. In a nice tan is wow but outside of that it he's always had nice and put together physically but he plays totally. I totally seemed like he was just out of his element in that press conference usually much more honest or at least appears to be more honest. Much more conversational much more breezy. You saw none of that today he shut it down and never turned it on. And press conferences why are they how. Why are press comes it's usually held they are held. So teams can answer questions and set in their rights and make a big free agent signing their bring aboard a manager coach. There's some controversy or organizational issue they fired manager as they did today which John Farrell. And general manager or in some cases members of ownership debt in front of the media answer questions try to set the narrative. Most of it is the gas. I think we all recognize that you can barely take what's at a press releases. Port press conferences seriously but the effort is there. Right the attempt is almost always made to make the departure look is clean as possible. And I went back through Bobby Valentine's firing. And I looked at the Bobby Valentine press release at the Red Sox and doubt immediately. After they announced it was no wandered in a management team. And it was a lot more praiseworthy. Think that John Farrell press release today. In addition to them browse the stonewalling reporters. At his press conference the press release featured no quotes from anybody affiliated with the organization. Nothing from them brows ski. And nothing from ownership. Minor detail gas. But telling nonetheless. Here's what Bobby v.'s press release after he was canned in 2012. Bobby had a similar route you know practice Bobby leaves the Red Sox manager's office and our respect gratitude and affection. I have no doubt that you'll continue to contribute to the game he loves so much in knows so well. So you can take it that great assault instead vote Kino was Bobby Valentine's I of course is gonna shower him with some praise on his way out the door. That's Fuzzy that even after the disastrous 69 win season and all the controversies that in golf the Red Sox that summer. Lucchino still had Valentine's back Lucchino is still Valentine's guy. And Arrington was in the mostly overrule. On Bobby Valentine but yet still wait and. With some nice words in the press release with an historic number of injuries cheering instead body was dealt a difficult hand. He did the best he could under seriously adverse circumstances. And I'm thankful to him. So even shank to the guy who was overruled. On Bobby Valentine. Gave them a little kiss on them this on the top and had little peck on the cheek if you well on his way out in the press you it's. As I mentioned the press who is John Farrell had none no quits remember asking no quotes from ownership. The brass at the top this press conference today that he wants to thank John Farrell. And for his service to your organization as pitching coach and his manager. Said he thought that it was an appropriate time for change. And later run when Dombrowski was asked. How he would sum up Carroll's tenure as Red Sox manager his four years and it out. I spiders and there. He just said he thought Ferrell did a nice job that's it just a nice job no elaboration. No real praise just asked how would you sum up barrels five years in Boston one World Series three division titles. The rescue just said Farrell did a nice job done kinda telling again. Farrell came on the farewell note today as well he thinks John Henry Tom Warner. Minority partner Michael Gordon by name. No mention of them brows ski. It's a Farrah had to say about the front offices I'm grateful to two front office groups. That worked tirelessly to provide me with the players that he consistently match up at the very best in the game. Their time and resources made my job so much easier in filling. Okay Ferrell data reference to front office groups meaning obviously ban Chiang to an aunt and brows ski. Buddy did not mention to browse it by name. Perhaps that's tying as well so you go to there the actual sounds. Of this press conference today you go to the actual sound of the press conference and again. I it was amazing just the Stonewall of them browse. Why did teams call for press conference as they call for press conferences to set the narrative to explain. Nebraska didn't do any of that today we have a cut to ban I don't Brodsky was asked what factored into his decision to let Farrell Dow. Very simple right or calling a press conference. So. I didn't I do like this I doubt why did you fire him to browse in and no comment. Within a matter of fact that it's. Well I really I think in those situations I'm not gonna share facts I mean those are things that I keep to myself talked our baseball officials about. But again you way up bunch of different things are basically everything which way making a decision like this it's it's a major decision. Those are things that. You keep yourself. I don't think you get in a particular instance I'm not gonna get in particular situations. That really made it finals. Oh women. That's not a good sign so that's the first question of the press conference. From Johnny Miller. And the question is why did you at paragon content press conference to explain yourself of into rusty says I'm not gonna get into backs. All right what are we doing here then what are we doing it for not getting getting to backs. Again questioned later Ambrose is asked what changed from two does what changed this year. What caused elect Joseph Farrell now again Dombrowski with a good all sides to. This season that lies you walked in here and we're very happy to announce he's returning to not seventy. What exactly happened in 2017. That's argument it's changed but let's say that's really something on the keep to myself I. I'm I'm not gonna get into anything beyond that I. Other than a lot of different factors. So that's our friend Steve Buckley. Boston Herald fame asking Dombrowski what changed it again not gonna get into. Not gonna get into it tested just a complete disaster. At the podium today just so bizarre so bizarre there was no real Fraser admiration. It just got the top were thankful to Farrow offers service. There was no real high expanded comments. And Farrell's time is Red Sox manager is five years year's World Series title three division titles just Ferrell did a nice job. So very strange that the Red Sox in them browse he did not take an opportunity today to set the narrative now why did a deep well. Rob this has Dombrowski knows it's on him now. It is all on him that's scapegoat no longer exists John Farrell was not his guy. John Ferro was the target of a lot of angst over the last couple of years whenever something with this team went wrong John Farrell was the first person of people called for. David Price was amber is to browse he's got the browsed he gave him 217 million dollars but yet. When prices blowing up a Dennis actually on the team plane. When prices going to disabled list at soldier an elbow issues when price blows up on the mound in game two in Cleveland last year. It's not really Dombrowski catches the blank. It's John Farrell catch is that it's not welcome Farrell has lost control of his team. It's not how come this team these players. Aren't ready to play in the playoffs. What's barrel due Enron. So to browse ease human shield is gone. And perhaps that explains some of his job bizarre performance today. I think the greater point which John Farrell and this is something I've said in the past. Is that he entered. This season and really ended the season. With no constituency. There are no real John Farrell people which is amazing right I mean girl entered with an infinite amount of good well. He was the man following Bobby Valentine. Nowhere to go but. I mean all the. And avoid those heady pet passive aggressive due to their players. Don't players on the bus to the press don't say that Kevin Youkilis is Don just refrain from the the food or. And you'll be fine he'll be a shining example of stability Nixon a disaster year of Bobby Valentine. Anyone the world scene isn't when he thirteen Farrell get a tremendous turnaround. So we comes in with an infinite infinite amount of good well. Then wins the World Series in 2013. In squanders it also quickly. Back to back last place finishes in 2014 and 2015. It just Iran affair in the spring of 2016. The apparent disconnect from veterans in this clubhouse price Acker slate Pedroia. Not explicitly saying on Monday he wanted found a comeback simple question PD in 2018. Keeping John Farrell should be or manager. Well I'm proud of everybody we've done a great job we've really fought hard we don't give up. Nice little mealy mouth press release with a lot of platitudes that's nice spike. You didn't answer the central question. You didn't answer the question should bear a comeback in 2018. Now. So it doesn't seem like there was a lot of support from the veteran players either the lack of buys is well nest and ratings down 15% in prime time this year. Playoff tickets still available the day of games three and game spore. The lack of wives you know we know Tom Warner and its ownership group has their ear to the ground we know their public relations obsessed. I think that factored into. B Farrell firing today the Red Sox just had to do it became not and for another year. Which John Farrell would've been just an uninspiring message to send to a fan base that while ads. Been pretty uninspired. And the fact that playoff tickets are still available. Just hours if not minutes before game time UC. And you also lied in the fact. That pharaoh was never to browse he's got. Nebraska never hired barrel last year apparently just told barrel in the hallway. While they're passing each other in their post mortem press conference oh yeah are coming back next year okay thanks. Like house that for communication. So you have all those factors. Farrell fans do not want him players do not appear to love him. Ownership. Lack of buys may tie that to Farrell never to browse these guys certainly no love lost with the media. John Farrell did not have a constituency here he is gone after three division titles after World Series title. In nobody is really upset about it. A few writers here and there are making the argument. Farrell's escaped. It's not a John Farrell's thoughts I agree. I agree nobody is saying this is all John Farrell spot nobody is saying that the Red Sox are done now and Rask stopped they got rid of the manager. So it doesn't matter who they bring and it doesn't matter what kind of players they bring in up next year's going to be better. LCS here we come nobody is saying. Nobody is saying. But we are saying. This was a change of hats he made it was apparent Farrah had lost his clubhouse too bad finishes the regular season too early playoff exits. I and it is betting that barrels last act as Red Sox manager was getting ejected from a playoff game to protect Pedroia. A player who went into explicitly endorse his return. End it happened in front of fans who want miss him in the least so John Farrell. Sacrificed himself in game four at Fenway Park disabled player would not explicitly say he wanted him back. And in front of fans who don't miss them at all. He entered as a savior after Bobby Valentine and leaves at the ultimate lame duck that's a John Barrow story no constituency here. In knots and knots the messaging take away from John fan he is gone. Yet a lot of success here but nobody feels bad. And your organization doesn't care about saying the narrative you organization does not care about how you interpret it your organization does not care. Because if they did it there would have been a couple of lines in the press release today if they did Dave Dombrowski would have said more than just Wear ankle for John Farrell and John Ferrell did a nice job for us. The red sites do not care what you think about how it ended with John Farrell and mark my words. Over the next couple days there will be a story may be a Bob Poehler stashed in the globe. Silverman or Buckley or somebody with Harold somebody will have. The inside scoop or at least an inside story as to why Farrow was let out and not seems like that's going to be the way. This went down because the Red Sox today them browse the they showed no appetite whatsoever to set the dialogue publicly on us and it's very strange. Very strange indeed. 617779790%. Of your phone number that again. It's 6177797. At 97 coming up next we'll sort through your phone calls and also looked out. The pressure now on Dave Dombrowski John Farrow is no longer around the heat is now all on hand and death are Dombrowski powered dumbo. I would be pretty damn nervous because this team's window folks. It's easy get for you looked at bats you look at Bogart's a look at act Jackie Bradley Penn intending to average you say up. Going to be around for years to come. No the big priced targets that big priced guys on this team the big targets at them browse east sale price Kimbrel. The clock is ticking on these guys which means the clock is ticking on him will do all that more and axed its WEE. Awesome sports never rest sees these Alex when Merck. And late night on Sports Radio WEE. In fact that the barrel David Price at this situation so what if any role that plays your decision to fight manager. And were ever any uniform personnel right. I'm not gonna get any specific separate vote so. Uniformed personnel I don't know that anybody. Who that would be at this point. I have no idea because really right now. From England Thomas staff perspective so. Well I've I talked about that situation formula packaging and the. Yeah I'm blocked every doubt my two outs and hydrate Larry Gallo. We talked about it you haven't you just said you're moving on. That's right pot ailment that hit him at the left typing though the writes Steve Buckley during the two rats podcast proud at Fenway Park today so. Great job there abide by trying to hold them browse to the fire about the price Acker sleep dang. Yeah you know I'm of two minds about the real cynical. So beside me close my eyes have it. And he continued dot lionized nation. A hackers slate following the price incident and we love back he's great in the Booth and he's an outstanding guy in hall of fame pitcher and all that. Eyes and he was treated poorly and prices in a hole for doing that. But I mean it did happen in late June. We are now in mid October. Actually is fines on the postseason for TBS he's okay. Get a fine offseason. The apologies didn't happen at the time. Which means that no one was really sorry Farrell obviously did not feel bad price certainly did not feel bad. There was a time for apologies. Is long past I don't care that the Red Sox now still in mid October. Or not apologizing. To Dennis actually but they didn't do it at the time. And that tells you how. Price was really they guy in this locker room and the players I got the most disturbing part he can use outward that Shaughnessy. Tick talk about how it all went down is that the players were plotting. Well price was doing it meaning many seemed to be on board. And then. You had afterwards you had Pedroia holds that locker room summit stand out. In front of his locker you say we have no leadership. I'm your leader right here great job PD you tell him. And then he goes on lies and as low price hasn't had an opportunity to see Dennis actors. That's why has not apologized and the missiles like 34 weeks later you go wait and it's been a month and has been a roach. I haul airplanes that happened at the start of a road trip. So does aside a couple of things it was the sign of price running this team. The whole team appearing to take on prices sullen attitude. In John Farrell by not apologizing to actually showed a he didn't think it was an egregious act he didn't think it was. All that an appropriate which in which is just on its unprofessional to carry yourself but it also showed that may be Farrell. Did not want to go. Against David Price so that will always be a huge symbolic. Moment. And John Farrell's mystifying. Up and down ten year ot the other interesting piece of sound they came out of the press conference today. And again hard to find him because it was bizarre by the rusty no commented pretty much everything failed to answer pretty much every question except this one. About whether the result would have been different if the Red Sox had advanced thinking to browse these non answers slashed kind of answer here actually to undergo quite. If you guys and it ends you know and having said that it was an. If you attitudes change people's. Do you imagine that the outcome would have been different cannot answer the speculation someone. Throughout the years. I can't even answer it doesn't happen. So can answer it did not happen but then later our and to browse he said no. When asked about whether more winning would have potentially changed his mind hearing cause barrel to stay cell. That answer tells me that they'd had their minds and John Farrell was out. At the end of the season with one year left on his contract so there you haven't a bizarre performance from Nebraska at the podium today. I think it shows two things number one that Farrow just had no constituency here ownership. Know even. Know banal platitudes in the press release. To browse keep barely praised barrel today did a nice job we're thankful but appropriate time move on and I'm not saying anymore I'm not saying anymore. And the rest of course never hired barrel media types. How does not want allies in the press and certainly don't miss them the players appear to be disconnected from him especially the veteran core of this team. So just know constituency for Farrow and now that he's gone. The pressure is on them brows ski this is his club and I think. He's getting a little nervous 617779797. Is on number and it's lead things off tonight with Paul in the car Paul what's going on. How are you this evening and well I sent an email to the Red Sox organization. After the short yeah. And what he sang and I told them and so as well what did you guys expect as I saw this coming in didn't you guys it was coming. I'm happy at the Red Sox got back to Paul. I know I actually don't happen receive an email or. What you do settlement email that says it may take a week or so attempt to reply. Well I'm gonna win out hole to get one. But in the email that I sent them I'd basically stated that obviously you guys should get rid of John Albuquerque disconnect with the players. Players don't respect them they do whatever they want. Dust we have a David Price situation. And I firmly believe. That the reason that Dombrowski didn't have much to say today because he insulted on the hot seat because. He's the one that went to the ownership to ask them for the moneys shall Chris Sale and he let them make some promise the demonstrating that. What they have eight kids the big outrage is going to be below. Three. What these cases. Would not going to be a score so many runs will win a lot of treated to a 21 games which they didn't. That's right Paul. Guess why any commitment now on they had congratulations. Ding Ding Ding for pollen in the car and gate gate the sad act. And made sound effects in Roemer acted Ding Ding Ding. You're right pol while gray Alan I'll do like that snaps for those right right on as I said the rescue feels the pressure now. He knows this is his team he knows these teams problems are now fully has the scapegoat is gone. That means he takes full responsibility for David Price now. Mean make no mistake this team is now on David Price is hands when Nebraska gave price 217 million MA and the highest paid pitcher in baseball history. He wasn't just paying price to be an ace wasn't just paying him to pitch every five days he was paying David Price to be the face of the franchise. Mr. Johnson mossy rodent and Riyadh dot com tonight but which ever way the Red Sox got. They should understand yes unless an Intel. They wrest control of the club us from price. The new guys meaning new manager. Is not going to make out any better than the old at a mosque he says it does not matter who. Is sitting in the out who is the Red Sox manager is on as David prices here players are gonna take their lead from him. In the clubhouse is going to be a disaster as sullen. Just our place. And that might be trio. That might be true. And then not falls on Dombrowski. You have price and Detroit's. How did you not know that he was gonna take to Boston so poorly. How did you not know that he was going to have to adversarial relationship with the media and at times the fans. Did you not know that that he was going to be tweeting it people like he did last offseason whoever I'm not bragging on him for his lack of playoff success. How did you not know that he wouldn't be able to take criticism from eight. An honest teen analyst like Dennis Tankersley how did you not know demean them browse he had David Price in Detroit. Each edit form knew him personally before he came to Boston before you made in the highest paid pitcher in baseball history how did you miss S. IG miss this very personality standpoint. And also more importantly from a health standpoint you know we spent a lot of time talking about David Price the person David Price the leader is he not a leader. Public David Price the pitcher. I am concerned about David Price the pitcher. Because David Price the pitcher is 32 years old. And yet elbow. And forearm issues. He has yet that got arm. And. The only white the only true way to things are gonna get better for David Price here in Boston. It's for him to be healthy. In pitch well it's odd taste of that this October he is dynamite out of the bullpen saved their season in game three without stellar relief appearance. And the pressure goes away price is a borderline hero here parade down. So that tells you we can talk what that is actually we can talk about the passive aggressive comments to the media. The tweeting back and forth with some fans to talk about all of bats. But the bottom line is of dared rice is pitching well like he did out of relief in the playoffs the fans on race and the fans will be fine. That the issue is will he be able to do. I don't know I mean 32 year old without elbows 32 girls with forearm issues. 32 year old Stewart beat up on the DL a couple times like price dead. They don't usually get better mean David Price set it at the end of spring training if he was younger he would have undergone Tommy John surgery this year. It was a heart going quote that it's our in quote now. In the Red Sox totally blocked there new found strategy. When they signed price two years it has remembered price is thirty years old. In just the previous year one year earlier John Henry sad the Red Sox are trying to avoid pitchers over thirty. That's why didn't sign Jon Lester who by the way is halfway there is contract in still rolling in the playoffs. So they have that philosophy in 2014. We are not signing any pitchers over 3028142015. Seed let Lester go you don't or replace some. And then one year later after another last place finish you bringing them brows ski. And you change your strategy entirely and to browse each changes the strategy entirely and there's 217 million dollars at thirty year old David Price. Well how is that working out now he has a bum elbow. In a blog about it. And if price does not pitch well and 2018 feet is not finished the year strong. He's not opting out and apparel in happy he's not opting out. And walking away from four years 128. Million dollars I don't think he's going to do acts. I guess he's an unpredictable guy so anything is possible but I don't think. He's got unpredictable. What player would walk away from four years 120 million to can you imagine that scenario you think it's batter David Price now. Can you imagine what would happen if he struggles again next year eighties injured again next year if the elbows still parking. He doesn't opt out. Eighties here for four more years 128. Million dollars. Can you imagine naps for ages 34 you're 38. What that is awful. And that has nothing to deal with prices attitude that is not you deal with his appetite for criticism. That was a bad job of scouting by Dombrowski on a personal level absolutely Carl Crawford asked. In even worse than Crawford has again price the Gretzky trade it for price in Detroit. But from an until perspective. It is just a scary if not worse for David Price now Ferrell out of the equation all of that falls on Dombrowski. 6177797. At 9837 is the phone number Thomas and Melrose Tom what's going on. On. So I've got a question my question is will go from there might. Like with apple. What they've had done that day. Just like anyone out there like right. It. It dead and you and you and you usually Tom unless we're talking about like a World Series winner World Series run. OK with that approach like let's say the Red Sox did beat the Astros in the LDS but then let's say they get swept out of the LCS why you gonna. Keep Farrell if you don't think he's that guy because they won two more games so in general I don't think that's the worst approach. You know and sang. I don't think it. Quote that you look at that and got even if they ended up winning series. I don't know about back that is really hard to deal but I think safer World Series run just from. Reading between the lines the few things to browse you said today a yacht seems like he was gone barring again big World Series run or something like. Right where'd he go from Eric Liu try to get. Her manager. Yeah I mean I don't know. And. I think this stock average is talking at their house I mean how do we know who's going to be the best it I mean I'll be honest I have not. And a lot of studying and Brad boss mess Alex Cora. Seems like a Smart guy bilingual so that's good wait here that's good. But I don't now he sees the bench coach for the ouster used to like know how he's relating to players I know none of us. I don't watch Jason Varitek and I think Varitek was ruled out today to browsed he was asked is there anyone in your organization. The would get some consideration and he said no one of the few things he did answer pretty clearly he said now. There'd be nobody knew organization a banquet and somewhere here. I'm asking about who parent would want coming in eyes that he wants a good experience. Sony can deal with the media so now puts Varitek out of there. And frankly that's fine with me and Jason Varitek. Again is no real managerial or coaching experience. He was captain of the 2011 Red Sox. Case we forgot you talked about a lack of leadership on this team that club embodied the ultimate lack of leadership. So. I don't now. Who is the next guy is an oss misses and out score us. Rob Bradford speculated today on Twitter might be run hard and higher of course managed the twins are so many years in the Al central currently the bench coach for the Diamondbacks. So I don't know who it is. I don't I don't want Jason Varitek. A Italian. 617779797. As your phone numbers and David Price is no longer. John Farrell's issue the blame can no longer we put on Farrell now the onus falls on him brows ski with David Price. And you look at the rest this court Crissy out Craig Kimbrel pom rants lots of big money in big prospects. Has been spent to build together this pitching staff in particular. And the day of reckoning is coming for them we'll sort through all that more next WEE. There's only one Boston sports dictionaries live and local until 2 AM. Yeah you were locked into Alex Raymer. And late night on Sports Radio WEEI. I think managerial experience helps I don't think it's up 100%. Subsidy but I think being an dugout. During the game. She what the manager and owners. Is probably helpful you know I do think it is I think that. Again I I do think that it would be difficult for person more so here than some other places to walk directly onto the field. Without. Some mine field managerial experience at some level or Brinkley cook. That's gave them brows ski again. I don't know. I haven't been scouting Brad boss miss I have not been. Studying Alex Cora is interactions with players on the masters and so I'd be lying if I told you which one I would prefer to come here. But I will say judging by those comments and judging by the fact that Barry attack. With the captain Tony eleven team out please stop during his nonstop and had no interest in now. Is it I'd like somebody with some real coaching experience it up managerial experience by. Alec out score us some real big time coaching experience I think is needed for this job because this team. Is it a win now situation. In there and win now situation because it gave Democrats. We talked about David Price you look at Chris Sale big prospects given up for Chris go on Mon pot and Michael Culp. Well Chris does a great contract yes it's coming to an end relatively soon. Chris sells only signed through 2019. He got two more years to win with Chris Sale. Craig Kimbrel. At the time gave it to top prospects more Emanuel Omar gallon hobby Garrett. Only signed through next season through Palmer rants. As a free agent in 2019 is wow so only two more years of him give up Anderson Espinoza for Palmer and two. Struggled mightily in San Diego this year but at the time was perhaps your top pitching prospect or at least one of them. So you've given up roughly. Five of your top fifteen to twenty prospects are over the last couple years for Chris Al Craig Kimbrel Andrew Palmer it's. In addition to 217 million dollars he gave up for David Price. You gotta win now you gotta win now you commit this kind of prospects you commit that kind of money you have to win now. And the Red Sox can't just rest they have to make big changes because as it stands today they're at best the third best team in the league behind Houston behind Cleveland's. And I think the fourth best team frankly behind the Yankees are currently your reading the Indians three tier right now on the eighth with this win. The yanks will go to the ALCS for the first time since 2012. You figured Texas is going to be better next year Toronto will be better Baltimore may may bounce back so this was all things considered. A relatively down year for the American League and especially a down couple years the American League east with the Yankees and this somewhat retooling is that now appears to be behind him. So the Red Sox have some work to do this offseason and they got to get to work. Because sells only here for two more years. On camera is only here through next season pom rants freeagent when he nineteen. We know about what a key year it is for David Price CEO of this aging core. Dustin Pedroia who yes could still be an effective player be heard Blue States and on math. Well so Pedroia is not a leader we got that is Siri can't be the face of your team by. What if he comes back from that mean gives you gold glove defense at second base that's 300. Instead of batting leadoff or second these banks cemetery is at the worst thing in the world. Yes he sat through 28 when he won the contract is an outrageous it Peters down 101213. Million per year in its last for years can Pedroia due to that. At least one he give him any chance do you and after riding Pedroia really hard on the show the last few nights he deserves it on the Pedroia had a good year on the locker room. Any was terrible at the end of that knee injury in Munich down the stretch of September another odd player performance for him he's been nothing in the post season since 2009. But all things considered it Pretoria is gonna be a role player instead of a star player on this team I'm fine with app but still aging guy sliding back. Beginning of the end not the middle of the yen and at the least you're gonna need to have a real good utility player. Honesty next season you can't just have. To reach its sue we Lynn. It's not going to be good and I butchered that it now. To me Lucille Whalen. Not going to be good enough sue whaling need. A legitimate backup there what's your after the vote resource is to Hanley. 33 Deng which shoulder problems so it is aging core. Hanley Pedroia in the lineup price in the rotation sails on in two years Campbell may be gone next year. Then you have a young core. It just isn't good enough. Rights. I Bogart's Jackie Bradley bet intensity bats they showed us for two straight years their young exciting and great to watch in the regular season. But in the playoffs are just not enough there's just not enough power the Red Sox last in the league in home runs this season so they need to make some dramatic changes to their core. Nebraska house to act the team house to win now. And they have a long way to go to get back to the top of the American League with paragon the onus now falls entirely on them brows ski. 61777979%. RAZR phone number Robin Charles downs hang in on rob what's gone on. Very what's going on tonight it's not what they hear Alex thanks rob. Well I don't know what other media. Everyone talks or dump browse this guy at a middle the world general in actual nipple that might end under. And I've been able to on every series and as mayor back and that that is. Your money you know overall I not been right and not all come here basically that's what it. In all pretty liar extra and put the sort of let me get there and what not when and where. You're around bill Geist yes outlook on all year. Lot of Chris out o'clock Chris L mediocre in run in the mail. A regular you can I animal. Why don't like regular looking. Up and cannot do what you play all help out the article then goes well. I. I'm a parent to a local call in our corporate Walt brought. And I don't yet an old and Coke and actor and candidate and won't regret it today to propaganda or. In my own. Darryl couldn't do that that's why you doubt. They will be somewhat less and have some what the root out. Yeah rob I don't think Farrell did anything that's what I said last night we built really hosts or did tell me something. The John Farrell does well no one can do it. No one has yet to do it tonight given to try those 617779797. He's batting game. This year as you mentioned rod out of hands in the clubhouse. So find me a straight to John Burroughs you can't you can't do. As far as to brows ski. Own a common middle of the road general manager made some great deals in Detroit trading for Max Scherzer trading for an evil Sanchez that's what he dies. The cell trait on space was a home run. Specially if Mike considering when cotton struggled so mightily in the major leagues this season if he doesn't pan out that is a huge win tournaments so. I don't think the browse is an average general manager. But on the sale deal yeah that's like anyone have made a deal that hey we're gonna give you our top two prospects who are. Top five right yup you can certainly make that case that's when I say it David Price and people last year sent obligate to browse he signed price while mean spirited. Most money at the dying he signed what's so great about dot by. The rusty does have a track record of getting good young to getting group were good real good pitches and you could say anybody would trade talk to prospects but what if my cottage does not pan out. Dan unnamed that's a win for the Red Sox he say well did to browse BC something to scanning see something to be seen in my product. May not be big guys what you're saying by just because it was an easy traits and eight. Doesn't mean that to browse he doesn't get credit for making. So I'm giving him credit for Chris Allen. I don't think he's a middle of the road general manager putts all his aggressiveness. As aggressive moves. Well we're not look so god if this team does not win. Or the next couple of years and they need to make some changes they need to get some bats and here. After mulling over the numbers today you know people don't understand before it became this three easy. Flamboyant left wing tight here. I used to be really like even weird and I am now used look at baseball reference. Used to try to be the general manager Mike eighteen with a forty million dollar payroll and try to like sort out who I would sign. It was really strange I go outside outs please please god side I can hear my parents now style please god side did not do it. A look at baseball reference our month. That's what I did today for a little bit that I get it I have my plan. They're like Jonah Hill and money Boller. Billy being less attractive and John. Yes. Like Johnny Helen money bought gas ballads and Billy Beane was an athlete remember there was a traffic high profile prospects are now Billy Beane was athletic I was not. The difference between us. I did to him talking a lot offseason here big bats in. No discipline myself I haven't been is outside the box is out like so here we go real quick the Alex Roemer plan. To fix the Red Sox next year the bats he keeps saying the need bats who are the bats well. Number one they must be prepared to go over the luxury tax. They did not go over this year presumably they can get back under reset it and spend big this year they gotta do it. And again thanks to Dombrowski they have a lot of money committed. And what do they need well JD Martinez. Is my guy your beat them my number one freeagent target. Over the last four years he's averaged 32 home runs 88 not to and 936 OP yes. Thirty years old sign him for five years bing bang them you got Martinez power backcourt in the lineup bang. It can't be done you can't be done is I've been saying this lineup needs to two big backs. And the other one page should not be Eric Posner. Like Eric Hosmer had a great year is a good personality Dade Casey McDonnell in Kansas City so that's always fun. Nice qui a wild hair cut. Handsome guy could be a fun guy to have trade for a big first baseman now we talked a lot of a trading for Jean Karl Stanton. That obviously should be explored. But the more I think about it I think he tried to tape that first baseman signed JD Martinez the Planar corner outfield. And then you trade for either Joseph we bought now or Hosea Brady if there are available. Motto six years 157 million dollars left. Yes he's 33 but over the last three years 31 homers. OPS over a thousand. An incredible. Pose a grave 33 home runs over the last four years 108 knocked in a sign Mia. Yet to give up a lot of talent in those deals adding that attendees at number one target the trade that intending for gray you are bought out if there are available. Is so I NG Martinez put him in left and Gary gal there's your power to browse the and yeah you're going all in the next couple years. As a great it was only signed for twenty AT Tony nineteen the test watts you needs it. You need to do that this Ellis Don at the in between nineteen comments could be gone at get a 2019 Kimbrel could be gone at get a this year. David Price again has not opt out you're actually hoping exercises it so. And a year or two left here you gotta people it's time for them rusty this is it. This is not in time if you offered Dave Dombrowski. We'll see what he does this offseason but there's yacht Schumer plan JD Martinez trade that first base back there you go out. And always kick tires on Stan. 617779797. As your phone number that again 617779. 79837. I put out the challenge defend John Farrell tell me why he deserved to study. I have a couple barrel defenders on the line we'll get to those next and also talk about it. The continued battle between Donald Trump and the NFL Roger Goodell said today. That despite trumps its claims there has been no policy change regarding. Players getting the National Anthem that continues the NFL continues to look worse they're frauds are hypocrites are awful. Blue we don't like old rich white guys will do that next don't go anywhere.