Red Sox Manager Alex Cora with Dale and Keefe 04-11-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, April 11th

We sit down with Sox Manager Alex Cora and interview him in person for the first time this season as we discuss the Red Sox amazing 9-1 start in April.


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Back Fenway Park type talk with a manager of the Boston Red Sox Alex Cora is brought to you by our ballot insurance. You know England Honda dealers and Cumberland farms the official coffee of the Red Sox radio network our first opportunity to meet in person Alex Horry. Andrea and him I'm actually you know that they walk around the family and more. In the office it's when you headed out of Fort Myers. If you picture winning nine your first and picture playing good baseball. You know. Clinton doesn't count blood. The way you please maintaining it. Was playing team baseball we've played fast baseball and it's the bats we're getting better. But I was very. Very impressed with the way we played defense at the end we were making the routine plays him. When you do that it's been training regardless of the group you know the starters early in the game more or mile leaders in the games he means to. We're doing something right and one thing we changed this year we added this year among them assures we start game defensive lineman. Athletes and as you guys know as a radical you know and a shift in lake like the Astros or. The lights jobs there on the top. Always have Erie and I as far as shifting but we knew we had just an we start making adjustments in seeing these inflatable was was being hit. When these guys where position Jamaican roots in place so I was very happy with the end results and plan that would completely based on earnings. Now last year in Houston Europe host L to date this market that's have a similar impact on the line up that ultimate. Looks away the only difference him. Carlos Guillen and others the source of news here is that invade them Brodsky. And we watch in Houston Astros and the plans they like to wait wait thing. Allies is that it theater is like just like Nokia you know what at Milwaukee's more disciplined monkey swings at strikes Jose he gets its it's. And is get that with that in Merrill balls all away down yes that that that ability. Yeah they don't they've hit for power if drivers on the basis. Some. Accident you guys are third in runs but do you feel like the team Israelis and started hitting it where do we get in there yes that's a game better one thing we've pre chains not to fly balls to actually. Swing swing at pitches in his you try to avoid strikes in the Obama in India ages because those pitches. We have a it was them the DC it we can't. We sent out away from that was seen as Fries with that it's going so. I'd do it better and how much better. We we feel we would make him in prison improvements and we going to be a much better. Go back even to that the early Terry Francona days here it it seemed like the philosophy was work the count get to pitch count up get the starter out get the relievers in. You have preached a much more aggressive approach to it bats here haven't checked. Yes because the middle relievers out of 9899. Is not going back in the day the starter. Was probably the best pitcher that day obviously as a closer and then you get the righty situationally about pitchers throwing 8788. Outside arm lefty to get the lefty out of an 8788. And you were able to battle at bats against the bullpen but now. And as starter he's throwing 94. Of first receivers throwing 98 you know can only get those nice over the changeup and is hard to. It is right out of bats when when guys are all one throwing 97 idea it's I rather. Them hunt for pitchers in the zone go ahead and swing at him you know if we if we run into us we do you know if we don't and we put pressure on and the way. The game has gone that's it 56 innings most most likely less than 100 pitches so. Take advantage of the good pitches an amendment put pressure on the starter if he's out he's out and then we'll battle with mobile and. Is the toughest part of your job in game managing the bullpen I that is that's with a good rotation in with a great closer. Figure out who's gonna go in there when and how long is is that most of those are some depression to pitch again coming. And to. Tolerances these kind of pitch and his department. Excellent and I really relies on Dana CB. And our ability department for format tips and information. For us to navigate through through through the game it's not that their time out you need to bring this guy to face this guy but at least we get the matchups. That it we feel is that is the best in sin. To look at the opposition and one thing about us horrible things perverts we got lines 97 with a curve ball we got Emory. 94 with a slider we Parsons met with the sinker and a slider but we point irradiate went that fast ball players like 95 and detained so. We know the match as we know the slings and we go from there tuned to make decisions late in games accident yesterday you gave everyone chuckled when you admitted that you messed up. And just to question about this first you know why why is it important for you to admit something like that. And I said it I'm in the first men women and four Myers. There's three things I want for my players be generally in accountable and responsible and if I'm asking that form from my players. I didn't do the same thing in my closest avenues so. We did we actually did it was it was kind of uncomfortable in the dugout because I was looking around I'm like hello you know I. Now we get camera so and is not is not that. JD can make the plays but weak on elite you know jacking and feel them we've been intently feel monkey in right field. We can go the inning with dating the outfit of course we can he was leading up the next inning but when you go from. That defense to lead defense you have to make a decision and and that did so in in honor of accountability is there anything else is screwed up you'd like Casanova. Marriott. What was your bench coach here's what they're with he says he's saying here is there out. Alex the wrong guy out there we talked about it we talked about it then as is just happened and it is not that is the game got fast let. He got me with scored six weeks or six and the firth the the first thought was like. If we tie yanked him rose in the game if we go ahead obviously is coming in the game and then. You know well. It is an alpha and is like SA is not that you know it was a bad alignment because we have the duty in the spots that the most going to be hit. But we go from that its defense to lead you know when those three are in the outfield is the best you can in. In baseball now whenever we weakened app that in the outfield we're about the most nights look at the plan in the ninth inning if he doesn't lead in Judea is in left field if one of those guys available well depending too because that's that's. In that they'd they'd argue homers you know they put them in place so most likely there's going to be a lot of place in the outfield against Tampa. It's Tampa. It might be difference and as a Yankee different against the Yankees with one swing of judge sort of stands and or Gary is a home run and then JD sleet and up the next inning and so you're better off probably keeping data in the outfield and wait you know hopefully it doesn't happen but it happens. You see how if that's in line there was a story yesterday about you going to move keep with what the Houston scouting report was on Wilkie and how he approached at bats and he said. Yet that is kind of what I was doing. Tell me what year your scouting report was on Chris Sale and how it differs from what you see when you're his management. Well the markets and the seas. I'm going into the game game one last year. We noticed right away that fastball command wasn't there he with a 9798 with a heavy hearted and what's its own right now I think it's a better pitcher. You know continues Beasley is as one they use in the 97 when he feels like but that day he was on. And he was missed an onside he was up a couple of ways so we decided as a team we got to live really really in the middle of the plate. Regardless if it's a fastball off speed pitches. And Nasional that team they took advantage of mistakes and and there were. It was damage you know that would that driving the ball so bad day. That was plan to slip right in the middle play forget about the edges these guys on hard stuff is still there. But he's not able to to throw it down the middle his best stuff so does that circuits and if you look at it 02 fastball to those L two day was supposed to be up. You stay right in the middle the changeup to Alex in the first at bat I think that changed a whole complex of game. Lawrence again we were worried it could sell you know he's still one of the despotism and big leagues. And then Alex hits a home run and you can feel it in the dugout they relax and they took off. Any update on Zander Bogart's. Now I mean maybe he showed up he's feeling better but like I said yes and we went and unopposed or scared to to play. If he's not a 100%. We understand that. Yeah we need him easily he's he's one of the best hitters we have been obviously defensive he's been great for us to season. But when he's healthy he's that guy. When he's not we don't know who is so I rather have him a 100% but just on him out there and 85%. And then later in the season he's not who is and and Lou will be sort of others. Two quick ones do you have any lineup changes that shortstop or anything tonight now it's is same thing. Luka a days left. Mean just my first amnesties. And the other thing is we were talking before we came on the air here you looked at Minnesota and Newser Plame Imus with. Well no fans and I hit it went from one up and applied to one dollar tuck it. They're very few fans are subtle White Sox 900 people the game last night does that concern you as as a baseball I know it hasn't hit us here because Boston. You look around everywhere else attendance is really now. Honestly right now I think I should I let myself I was. Has lasted 35000 people here. And support and our team and how would you be opposed to playing like twelve to fourteen road games the start of the year to so you could play in warm weather domes or that you way too much. We were happy playing six in Florida. It's it was good at. All joking aside you were able to do early word you're able to to feel it hands him lies and it is. The continuous award from spring training and you look at the schedule in. And the teams we've played but I think for us the best thing that happens like we were in the dome we knew we wanna play. Same thing happened with the Astros last year last year. We we started the season at home and then after that we went to Seattle we went to Oakland we went to Arlington I wanna say so we knew we were gonna play so. No off days on lists his it was a scheduled you get rolling you get in the groove and and you keep playing the season. Time now for the Cumberland farms question of the week for manager Alex Cora. Brought to my Cumberland farms farm house blend iced coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager to submit your question for us to ask Alex Cora every Wednesday. Today's question is from Allison. Matt Alanis apart messed up the pronunciation I apologize from long meadow mass Alison asks what's the hardest decision you've had to make this season. The hardest decision I had to make this season. C. Honestly uses to game one I knew I I know Bobby point there is a good pitcher he can get lefties out. But for me it was unfair to us to put effort you know. A rookie. With the bases loaded and odds are whatever it was his first meeting you know I want to be a clean one and now as the hardest one because after the game. You know he threw also so well Adams and train that's what that's the reason he made the team four or not. We're not a corner using that day you know like you know. That was tough one but we have the right guys in Carson and Joseph David Brennan guys have been they've done it before it just it happened but that's the art is one. So mostly your only loss. Yeah balances that Alex it was a pleasure to meet you finally best of luck and congratulations on starts so far thank you as an analyst. Red Sox manager Alex Cora joining us Sports Radio WEEI.