Red Sox Manager Alex Cora with Dale and Keefe 06-06-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, June 6th
Sox Manager Alex Cora joins Mut and Tomase in for Dale and Keefe live from Fenway Park.

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Microphone. Broadcasting live here or WEEI all of the main freight line center field students at Fenway Park. It is dale and keep mud into mossy in for the guys time as usual Wednesday through thirtieth Allen scored. Joins the show out what you buy cargo insurance in England Honda dealers and Cumberland farms the official coffee of the Red Sox radio network seven innings last night. What do Steven Wright have to do Alex to maintain a spot in this rotation as it once started it to start to what's yet to see before he's a guy for you going for. And but that's a great question. Oh are they ready for the Allen now some. We know drew is going to be out. We don't know how long is going to be I want to hopefully. Just one hour and he can be it. Syria has done an outstanding job one thing I'd like. Common for a probable plan and we were very close ready for him to come in with with traffic you know and we. Put an iffy situations we're down by two number three in and he did an outstanding job gains a chance to win. The next step was to bring him in would not identically named him first and second two outs. And CIA goes. Yes I did an outstanding job so. I mean we're very happy with both rolls you Nazis as a starter as a reliever and we'll decide that when we have to decide if he'll make the next. Does drew does drew Paul principle of success is delicate to ERA careers all that as with everything Alston numbers are better on the pan. When that play any factor and the idea OK we'll map to acquire some of it the deadline anyway Steve writes pitching well let's make mover true. I'm reasonable I think the most important thing is to get his mechanics back can be healthy. When drew wasn't open with a nice four and 5 mountains on the evening time. And we know how successful he was. As of starter last year I think velocity wise he's a take down. And obviously you know the breaking ball is not playing like he was last year he actually made some strides on the last one. Was was very curious to see. You know how he was gonna pitch against that lineup but obviously it's hard now. But I we we felt that he's fassel was a lot better although the velocity wasn't there those of two strikeouts and got my attention 12 morrow when those dollars. The one I do want twelve to. Finishing guys with fassel's open windows Tutsis so we'll see we'll see how it goes. Woman decision would have to make it the most important thing is for drew to be healthy. And obviously for Steve to to keep doing the job he's doing for us just one more thing at Steven's been a long road back for him and you've only been here for the last few months of it but even in that time how far would you say he's come from when you first laid eyes on him whispering. To where it was last night time in. The it's been trained there or there were a few bad days. You know throughout the whole process. And then he started with a flat ground and and the progression to slow plan there was sometimes from the slow he went flat ground again. And then back to slow and then back to the two rovers it was an easy it was an easy. But give him credit he he were keys. He's tell off he did an outstanding job putting himself in this position. There was a point there that kind of like well we've seen with Pete right now he he he got to this stage he went to New York. They they told him there's not structural damage. With the with these mean and the rules like just like David OK I'm fine. I can go if you push himself to to put itself. In this decision and his countrymen he's an outstanding job was like you bring up to dry it sounded you send a positive last night does anything change and lastly for hours does this feel like okay we dodged the bullet where you I feel though he just walked in into the clubhouse and he was loud again so that's good. He was as loud and in Houston. He was actually word but now that we know it's gone on hopefully you can. Actually go out there and do something today baseball related if not tomorrow but he seems like. You will be without so in Rhode Island. I'm Judy Martinez to this point last night he's been tremendous obviously Alex. He suggested today rob Bradford a couple days ago robs podcast which we all listen to course. Object he suggested that Major League Baseball in his mind sort of picks and chooses who they promote any sort of suggested that. Because he came from a smaller market later to develop. Baseball and do a great job promoting guys like that you agreed with treaties assessment as to get the proper recognition in Major League Baseball. An IP. That's the case. I know there's a lot of guys in the in the game that no Davey Martinez is. During the off that is leave this during the off day went to a restaurant where where I live. Alison there. It is now watching the draft them and having dinner disconnecting it from the hole madness them. And this fan he's a season ticket holders of these night. And his JD markets amazing and I like he's. He is a good player and he guy. I'm surprised people don't talk about him more. You feel that way I honestly feel that it's basically outlining which went home grow whatever nineteen at that time in the league in RBIs. And Alice the no surprise that teeth. Season ticket holder for the Boston Red Sox felt that way about him. So if if our fans feel alluded like that you know that I don't like they're taking him from grant that or are they getting to know him. But you know you did he feels that way page so be it one thing's for sure. I know he's in third or fourth for us we're very happy that we have them and and the pitchers the opposition they know Dave Dave Martinez. Have you ever seen a guy like him you look at his home runs straight shower and it's tenths of the left to center field and tend to the right to center fielder almost equally spaced all the way around the park I can't remember a guy. With that kind of power yes you do yes you do well even Manny is so as Manny is that the one guy that you it does that guy there that's a guy and you need guys that has 300 with power. And put the ball in play we managed compositional javy doesn't decide against. Javy in Houston. And at second. Rumble through this year command line drive to right center this guy with the he'd. He he he wants his RBIs he understands what what it takes to get his RBIs but double plays and situations. And and they're sort of situations that his minds right now because taking shots. I think Major League Baseball Alex opened a pandora's box here by letting the Yankees got a Sunday games I just imagine. You're texting it to browse and say hey we get out of a sunny ninety we got a late travel light. We want to move this thing around Preston has been set you must have thought that when they gave the Yankees this green light to move. Now I mean and and it was a tough schedule and the only I said yes as well. Probably in the upcoming years we've might be in the situation so. Now we got one in our pocket you know. We have a double header on a Monday and we play in the sun and a game we'll. Williams Allen to get away from either they night doubleheader or words on the night. Did you feel that way when you're an analyst that little bit of time he spent Libya's via did you see it from their respective re still the former players this is kind of via that that make it teams do now faces. I'm man is tough stuff. I still room are certain days as a player I there was one. That we play a yankees. Here at 8 o'clock. We finished a game at midnight and we went all the way to Oakland for four games news. And we had notes not text of these Monday Tuesday it would stuff is a tough game but we understand that is is a game of the week everybody's watching. But like us. Now with the new CBA I know they made some adjustments as far as like if you. Where were you playing on Monday while he cannot play Sunday night game or or if you please and and game of the off days. But we got home went 9 in the morning on Monday and we were feeling. Yes so is a tough game to play but. At the same as at the same time. The teams that play on Sunday they're going to be teams and we understand when one of them so we young player. RX amount of games and none on the network again and we have to deal with. I'm sure you wrote Monday dinner watch in the draft my guess you also saw the the biggest story in the country which was the Philadelphia Eagles and of not one of the White House the president's invites them. Last year John Ferrell instead our player when O'Neal during the anthem we're gonna support them have guys talk to you this year in the midst what's happened with the NFL what's happened with the White House visit last couple days you know. On now we haven't thought about it actually I found out today that's column in tune I'm with sports and everything that he's going outside word right now. When I'm not dealing with the Red Sox on the ailing when my twins at home so. That's tough for me. But like I said I've said it before with the anthem you know well. You know we we respect what what so what do players think you know how they feel about it. We've we've we've we will we will let them to be out there and SEC most of them are there sometimes they're not because they're don't know if things are preparing for the game. But. You know if somebody decides to tune it make a statement. The way you want to him I mean we'll talk about it we understand how they are and what they they being mean doing it and real. And you had other things to do in March when astros' Lance but did you give any thought at all says to go with them to make that it. Not not really and think about it. And that's you know where we add this country back home there's a few things that we agree with. We don't agree with especially when Maria. So. You know ice bats make a choice well I know what I wanted to do but I didn't have to make a choice because I'm with the Boston Red Sox and how to do my thing. To cut you feel so I just did you feel about the response very you know we've seen numbers now in the last week the Harvard study that says it could have been many thousands more than what's reported. And it does feel like Puerto Rico where it's enough but it feels like it's been my idol. Do use its share those sentence I feel that there's a lot of work to do. And for whatever help we we got from from the United States. It was awesome but we Steele believe that there's more to do. And whoever makes a decisions. They have to understand that we are Americans you know we we were part of the United States and I get it you know but again today also. One thing this country and we we have to do ourselves you know we cannot depend on. On the United States of America to help us to to become who we want to be you know now we have to keep working and and that's on the am very proud of our country you know we've we've done an outstanding job. Trying to get tuned to enchanted island what they used to call it and hopefully slowly we're surely we can get back to. It is now time for the public farms question of the week for outscored the questions submitted by we pierce Mitchell's Massachusetts. What has been the most intimidating part of the Red Sox managers. Time management let's the hardest part of it from 710. He saw somebody. You have to you have made gains you have media. You have to come here and talk to you guys and they have other stuff to do a you have to be very very careful because of the candidate my job is to manage a team. And if you let. The whole madness today you know control what you wage doing a databases you know I'm gonna do your job so well you know we got Kevin here he helped me out. Would my agenda that's an outstanding. I got my family who accuse insane and then from seventh and does manage those guys they're pretty good. Article or forms question of the week brought to buy a couple of forms foremost went ice coffee go to WEEI dot com slash manager submit your question. To ask Alex Cora a question every Wednesday simply why are gonna catch this week to get in tonight. It's not his attention tonight you'll be Katzenberg weakened Kurtz of the weekend. During the week that we don't finally if if 300 accounts up we've done XP and a witness is the best party you you couldn't. A society games coming down here in us all yet loves them and. Alex thanks in thank you haven't that is not typical Alex coral get back got the your calls your daily key put what into mossy Sports Radio that he media.