Red Sox Manager Alex Cora with Ordway, Merloni and Fauria 09-06-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, September 6th
OMF checks in with Sox manager Alex Cora for his weekly visit and he updates us on all things Red Sox including that incredible series finale in the sweep against the Braves.

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I'd it's not first to talk to the Red Sox manager Alex scored being brought you buyer and teller insurance you know England Honda dealers Cumberland farms. The official coffee of the Red Sox radio network outside don't today. LX. No it was. A man I'm good all day. I'm ninety try to squeeze that led by all sorts. We're just talking about the system that was unbelievable an awful lot of fun yesterday when to take credit for it and you wanted to throw all the blame on Oz. Anytime you lost speaking back. Yeah market while we swept Atlanta actually back or we tend to give the credit to a manager who put an impressive lineup out there that knew that the late innings he could bounce back from a six run deficit something that hadn't been done in like 485. Games right affair. Now that's not out there and that's a big. One thing that we've run from the one we thought about it and giving guys stressed and yesterday it was the perfect opportunity to team. Now play the regular season and did are our. Those players you know at bats. And but it layered atop the media between me and you look at it in I'll let. May two minutes and also our brand and an all star brought me and also being rough he's been number one prospect. Jackie and most of her. Sly Cooper from pagan. And Benny we know you know the first round could look at first talent you know wouldn't you live in a bad lineup. Oh. You know we felt that we knew we were going to be able. Good at bats and compete with the Braves and that's what it. Yes and I always got offended by that is that we played in these kids are gonna be I. Yes so solo home wins first round pick we don't know the Ozarks it was wasn't not that. It goes out of a about Rampage that can be bought Knight they. Listen you're stuck but I always sound cynical of the ground backers units of Bagger day with a Glock there and you the manager might pull move -- pulled JD. But you know the more you put out there. They're trying to wind and it take as an insult what you did put everybody out there but they still feel like they can win the ballgame and he did it. The men. From the Geico com first pitch of the game jacket but it actually on each other. The energy. Game is tough to play and then put them to show open you have way Jews. It was fun to see obviously. I'd be an Everett Everett contribution. We used to all roster almost seem to. To win the game he got to a point that it looked like yeah man and we all came after Blake is that double. We're like OK we got shot you know I'm it was tootsie was grade the energy level outstanding. The the fans the whole boat created down there that was it felt like were ignored when I went to school. Record is perfect day and tomorrow we got the aircraft. He has the Brandon Phillips. You know story is who's going crazy right now provides love this guy and an actor understand why the way added that game. But it does he have enough skilled. Are maybe even personality to find his way into the post season Ross or what would you have to do. To make a roster. I mean you know how will we one thing's for sure we got to give credit is development. On the trip Tripoli they'd be completion. All four grand ball it's dated date so. He used the ball when it initial I'm certain occurrences. In. And now decision. Was made dome. I was made Monday morning. It was one of those that. They've the and so on where you wouldn't let our weekly when reality and I would go under and I took my mind. Like OK you know I got. He he. He grew up out. A month and how. Oh and eat it. Adam. You and I don't know all but then and the Cisco owns them he doesn't want out there and see. And I felt like you know our all he's playing well and this is there's it would actually. And open so much when it's your turn to Lou let you know like if you're a veteran guy and you see that we gave ram and a chance to open in September. You don't know what happened so. And next here you know huddled all day you might take the Red Sox into consideration we can give some veteran players electrical it and only and that. All they might have an entire league levels and we decided. He didn't and you get it right. Lefties is a good base runner to complete certainty where we'll have an announcement will. I get the feeling that you guys seem to approach every game the same way but I'm wondering what your approaches this week and you've got the big huge lead now it's up to nine and a half of the Yankees losing last night in Oakland Houston's got a lot at stake this weekend you know them. Inside and out. Does anything change really. Now and I don't change. Honestly. It's Carol I. Not that same level but last year when. We came here last week and see that on ovals. And the goal looks quickly so it's allowed in the season because they needed it to releases and media elite. And as we can mine Michael. To grind it out. Solemn. Isn't that important. I don't we don't know Olympic. I think it's pearls in all all there and all the way we've been playing the target windows innocent and try to put him in about all of that they have late. All the way to the last. You out see Stephen Wright coming out of the bullpen and any we've seen it before a post season with the new us someone hadn't come in the fifth inning whatever might be in the post season. That change of pace what he can bring you for an inning or two is that. Something that role you're looking for in him and and I'm I'm curious because he's gone like one inning at a time you being careful not extending him with that me. Yeah we have to because welcome. And now. And all that one and it all went back to act and they'll sort it all nuclear. But we got to make sure he felt most important thing all you should see their reaction of their hitters further Freeman. Didn't say you can and that's Thursday. Political purity eight. Alex thank you know thanks for that you know if you don't crumple if Cabrera envelope that. He's knuckleballer is a lot different than wait and wait a good one this one it's hard in the apple two. And now one thing about Steven you can put in a missile spots I'd Libby situations. These you can controlled the running game we conclude its position and our catchers they do an outstanding job behind the plate with him. Satellite we can have a situation might be. Well a little odd you know when Jocelyn or that was here way he's always been the other way around you know you see Christian. Priming his pitches and you same thing weigh in and blatant enough and we don't see Alston with. Yeah so so just it's it's just that you know. So Steven Wright though they're you would have any issues with him in the in the seventh or the eighth getting a like some fuel it would have a concern with him. Just you don't you don't pass balls you know catch and IBM handle it means you feel like he's in it that you know you have a good enough cancers and he's. I guess there are good enough for you not to worry about that. I know we're about now I'd still all three guys. They'd be going out sending dealt with Pam am. One conclusion or they don't run against him witches which is great and they'd be actually. Based frame particularly with this guy to come latency. Is a testament of the waited were in console. Yeah I just gone back to that go high you finish the season and so like I've been on teams or we've had a long big lead and you know not that were coasting but. You know sometimes the coach or take the panel off and guys are gonna play and our coaches do what what I heard you say is basically drive through until the end of the season now is that. For you is that a just a general rule regardless of the situation or is that based on the personality that you haven't clubhouse. I think it took society and in the clubhouse regardless of who we put in line up. Made me show up every day and nothing changes Alla. They go to the budget information we give them and they are definitely argued that the candidate users who win or lose we talk about the game and and we shall the next day and one Patricia where we're very talented which is the most important thing. It doesn't matter who we're playing out there it is much more honesty he is sort. Yankee nuclear or like ammonia trophy as we feel that we have a competitive lineup and on a nightly basis and we can. We can score runs we've anybody in the late. Finally David Price goes tomorrow you've seen in the last couple days. Any effect of that risk. Not decline all actually it will open two weeks ago. He was all out here you very precise quick. He didn't you know that's what he did. All of these last outings point 67 or eight or is very it would back cutters well tomorrow. Is this is the challenge obviously. Well we'll recruit good and seeing these people and found no restrictions all sleet and whistle comparable good. Impeached tomorrow. Pay Alex when you guys got Nathan of all the one of the things I remember you talking about was this his split finger fastball and how maybe get more out of it or more usage of it he used it all in the first three Forestar has always been throwing it lately but is there. Something you guys saw whether its grip release whatever it might be do you think that that could be more effective pitch to go with the power and a cutter. Not a dissident elements into place penalize you you're utmost thing on it. Speculating lefties. Look collateral and and then you can pull it down a a little bit. Contrast in time. It is we couldn't get into believing that makes. He can get lefty out. I know. Is it looks total body yet. You know great gains that. The last three or and we don't feel that anarchy he will be able to bridge opened their own views. Open an Angel Cabrera looks split and there and hopefully. And your next ones and twos. Gruntal. We'll start doing that in he can start turning page. It violated when a group that football game last Sunday night. I was here at my butt but I was wondering if you could help explain to our listeners. Who warned Morse is and why you gonna be wearing his Jersey. Warm waters. In 1990. Two game college closed maple Miami. Against Ellis do. It is. Older walk. In the championship game after that when critical spot on. Yeah again eight at all. And then I squirrel is short so he was crying but actually the best player is Betsy pat Burl in climate Serb base to. Speeds or pat because I went through five with five RBIs you know they have to show the clear in the other cool climate shortstop. So you lost that we can't. The bat out of Redmond. And you cry and I UConn. I would listen to an elegance prize is that something yeah. But it weekend. Com. I'm supposed to Wear armed forces Jersey where batting practice that's going to be sending me some posted this. Sale. Now listen I mean. I'm the one that decided we gonna take batting practice. Okay. Yeah holing them vegetables aren't at a group and about art. I'll learn he buried weeded out the pilots here now. The baseball team that they can badgers. This. At dollars. I all you know Alex you know last time I talk to you I wanna make sure you keep your promise you didn't guarantee bogeys that I could play third base that last year we got was hey now apparently that's what makes sir that's when visiting you know just. You remember that right there to eat it. Got a big lead of the game you know I mean music great answers coming which 1 that I am I gonna beat you wanna. You wanna be certainly fly and our first person. I want to go in there and we want to listen to what. I'm learned how honored I heard. I don't. Don't believe that we I mean huh. It's day. That instead he's going to be Brian Johnson got pulled Koreans in the ground there's still this well you know of all the lefties. Aired Robby yeah I would go have elected me. Everything go the way. We won. Talking about cried you cried out and are excited for the Cumberland farms question of the week for the manager this week it comes from Mike Moore lol called infield Connecticut. I'll Alex please tell us why you have eighty a written on your read some action that was the significance of that. Well yeah. Well my best friend dating my DVR. Is pitching coach. UN the University of Miami and we we lots is so I'm IDR Tiago out to a car accident. A month ago so there aren't. The letters are by the RT. You know residency and it is you we got out and and I think you know he's gonna take care could now although from trauma center of the area now sixteen adult and it was a tough weeks. When members who are we doing a lot of things down there in Miami. Helping high school kids scholarships and all that we have a foundation run and so in I'll put that information from other countries whose. I know you can help. We certainly who have no question about it be sure to submit your Cumberland farms question of the week WEEI dot com slash manager for usual question. You'll be entered to win the grand prize that's a chance to have Cumberland farms coffee with a us. And Alia Alex scorers coming along as well it's all courtesy of Cumberland farms are going under and I just have a good weekend all talking actually. Are great for us. They beat by Alex Cooley here and Owen Memphis.