The Red Sox need to add a "dinger hitter", and is Charles Barkley the only one not buying in on the Celtics

Mut at Night
Friday, November 17th

Villani and Bradford are talking about the Celtics and the criticism still being sent their way via Charles Barkley, who thinks the Celtics wouldn't be able to make it past a team like the Toronto Raptors in the playoffs. We also get a call who argues that the Red Sox need to add a middle of the order dinger hitter, like Giancarlo Stanton.


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Rap rappers. Is now occupying the seat the Tommy kerns occupying your moments ago I feel like I'm not as good at it as comments. Quote we're on the same sort of wave going when it comes of the Celtics recovered different sport yeah. I think we both have a passion. For basketball as a my GB punitive finished coaching. To scale low dose stuff little bit of the passing gas three point stance. And it's the passion let's NC man he Nancy ball. Don't turn your back the ball Kristol ever gotten back to the ball and when that nothing good can happen again are you back to the volley what is it in a new light you view that's one thing NBA players always do. But yeah I'll respect of ball they figured out amounted to much dribbling was my dad's favorite he had much dribbling this is an issue we have the we have our first game a week from Tuesday and this is the issue that you get the ball first and you do is drivel and with no intent. Always ruined centrists yes it's a metaphor. At eight and didn't get up the floor quicker passing them drivel all they had that's that's the classic that is broad that his goal make the Brad Stevens is telling these guys to get in the place a lot. Was your what was it you are Tom who says the way to beat the warriors what is is to run me. Yes I was a good observation because I didn't wanna things. That you also saw at one point nine game. Was they edit the worst or second Wendell. Man I really do in and they came out and I think they want to prove some thing in and by the time Kevin Garnett was being interviewed. This bizarre area what is there it's when he married 21 interview. The warriors pull in the way and it and it would David Westin in the old grew open. But I think they were sucking wind in and stuff Currie in Thomson now Durant is just insane I mean I was. It's easier such insane player there is no way to guard on the Galen brown was it was two and a great job guarding them because thing about it he's seven feet. Very long even for seven footer. Get it incredibly high release any kind of fades away a little bit you know unless your nine to. There's no way you're getting here in the states and he he releases the ball at the very top guests off his jump shot. And guiding that goes as again as someone who very passionate about the game right. I wish they all shooters could do that but you know like stuff curry he doesn't he easily use moral on one's one's own ball. But about once a ball of what's possible they're sitting there putting those two and it had hours of shooting and also with a better father. Dell curry great fob. Boulevard you know. Destroy the stores to be told a brother that hasn't committed any felonies and four countries that's fair things like that as well that's fair so anyway I'd early when we get another chance to do some shall prop. That's I our lord and talks. Celtics. Hey you know Tom asked a question an hour ago you're excited over a November when Kelly yes. Last night was not first of all it was so much fun I was going back forth that somebody on Twitter. Today it's at like even the Celtics some a didn't win that game this it has been the middle of third quarter or is that run was was taking shape and they're coming back. They're showing. The kind of resolve that you wanna see that this team's not out of it that's frankly the same thing they showed even opening night. When they're getting beaten badly by guy cares acting come all the way back but they came back. To force you Kevin Love Eddie that big shot a last minute about fifty seconds left to put away. And somebody tweeted that he give ya everybody trophy or something like that it's not about that. It's November 1 of one way or the other freak in November allows October but the makeup of blues last night Gloria make up of these team. Whether it's carrier ring scoring eleven out of thirteen after a brutal third or three quarters. Jason Tait. Taking the ball to the back Darren after having a brutal three quarters or just the waging a brown played really start to finish especially in that Ron. How aggressive he was how he was looking around getting open. Mid range jump shots great looks because of hostile. Because it just eating Golden State down the floor. They won that game or not I think he'd be ecstatic Ali yeah they want to which are better. Honestly if you know if they get blown out east totally okay you move on so optimist about the Celtics because. He would come away from that saying Jason Tatum key practice and he's a rookie will be better next time right. Marcus Smart it was like when the worst offensive performances I've ever seen NBA player actually and talking that's not even hyperbole out yeah I mean that's that like it was knocking your job out this guy could side. He could not hit a lay up if he was all by himself unless it was for his own team. But you know. Double things number one Barkley I don't know if you guys touched on mark little bit yeah so would Barkley this is so clear. The reason I'm bringing a Barkley is because this is a microcosm of what the Celtics are you can't watch him in and now the green room while you're sucking back. Crap which he knows or whatever you know it's. You can't do that you have to watch his team get otherwise you look at the box score and to mark the Smart one point he Sox. And Barkley I watched six games this team. Now now this did not react I don't buy the size of those guys don't watch the game and all it really is I really really frustrating honestly. Care that much he doesn't wash that eases there would be entertaining I know I don't what is frustrating when the games matter it was frustrating to in the playoffs last year there were clearly were watched the games but during the NCAA tournament if you can dance and you gave him 1000 American dollars yeah it not any single player on either team for most of the games that he analyze what their defense is Drexel place Charles. And so so. For him to say like oh all the things he said and I do think he's just doubling down off what he said opening night season's over he's gonna keep going on this road. Until it becomes true. But I do think that he. When you don't pay attention to the Celtics in Europe are casual guy like Barkley is. But you don't appreciate what's going on this team like he does he think he understood what he grew year Jason Tatum was having. Meet and on me do well what should or jailing brown could do or that what Marcus mark brings that team or even you Marcus Morris. When they got army and he first read plan to remember that first game I think it was Oklahoma City he jacked up to the worst shots of Walt time on them counts Sox. By you what he is he's James Posey. It's James Posey from those good teams yeah I love James Posey from those it's yeah he's you know he's huge the title here yeah he's the guy as you said with the onions. Her that I was listening to what you want yes and so and the other part about the Celtics to. I always said the NBA. Was the league where coaching mental at least. And defense was everywhere and it was defense was the tenth race. Yeah played better defense did play better defense all this team has proven me wrong ball size. Are there I've never seen an NBA coach. Impact a team in NBA team like Brad Stevens that because it wasn't the narrative for the league. All the long you if you have three good players that's what you need and that's how you win out this isn't how this is working out. And the Celtics won five games you're scoring less than 96 point lead collectively. Is batting about 136. In in those types of situations in the scoreless in 96 point Celtics 15 so right there you see. How that defensive intensity showing up at how quickly. Brad Stevens is getting these guys play together. With out Gordon Hayward. We had. A rookie and then a guy is kind of a rookie Jalen brown. With carrier Erving he's been banged up either of the things that are going against the Celtics team and others were battling the root them. And yeah it's November there's a long way to go on set a bunch of times that there's gonna be. So there's a long ago some that is a lot of that's a lot of long way to go tock we understand all of that. But if you just can't sit back and be excited about this team not only what they're doing now. But about what they are building about what this team will look like whenever Gordon Hayward comes back about. What this team will look like with more development experience for guys lately Tatum and brown. I don't know what's Italian and give up sports watch quilting is get the hell lot of idea I don't. I don't even know what to. What what what to say that that I I understand as a long way to police put the cruelty on the view via with a quote that got DVR it later catch of a net. It and you guys were talking about the ratings bump in ratings and in. View of the influx of money unit on the current has now yes everyone gets bonuses in the passing a hundred dollars you know it was Eleanor dean JB was wearing hip hop pact yet and I don't know how to bottle it and that's got I was wondering what you twirled it looks a lot of liquid and actually it's eight feet and mr. Peterson. Vista monopoly that would take your pack. But if this arena's report because I've heard and more people tell me I'm watching a Celtics for the first time and one of the ludicrous things that Barkley said. Was last year's team is better than this year's team I mean if there was ever something he said that showed that he has not been watching this team and being paid attention he beside the fact that you know what scheduled Aggies threw that out you know the beaten trial in Washington to ask the teams they've beaten would be you know the proverbial that the season we're in today B play out yes. Including we'll stay on these so. But yeah yeah I mean like that's the thing is it you watch this team it's in it much and more entertaining team. But it's a much better team we desert talked about it through before a vote look at the roster what you have are you kidding me. If it is. It is up you talk about coaching jobs. You read Isaiah Thomas is your score and what is what we screaming about he need another story you need every Bradlee was your second best score. And he can't create his own shot. Now you have 45 guys we create their own job. I mean talk about doubles fairly doubt about not talking about an hour. I was sent via this is my thing we shed usually too much heartache or only Ellie is Marv Albert alta view against fraudulent. Telling you is like that was there's a and this name when wired and they use here's I don't know apply. Here's any any even AA college play by play guy like myself those. You keep the roster page with each year Beijing's as a pronunciation guide at all times. All the time dad used to you strive someone was yell madness here. But as Tomas he knows so well because. You know this is another sign the Celtics are entrusting me I'm calling a guy like the mossy whoever work live in were just talking about the Celtics snapped. Well we're just tit for afforded it kills the entire ride home for me tired of the celtics' one of my thing I keep coming back to. Position Rio joy is Jay Crowder with the narrow short Mitt narrower. Shoulders. The shoulders are narrow. They are narrow right yet more so than ever really thought about his shoulders but now the year either based diet by you may narrow shoulders but he has the same sort of type of game the two runs where last night was a deal the same way about the Celtics right now. That they did about Chris Sale. Early in the Red Sox season except this is every night this is every game so there all pointers five of about their highways and viewing. They're illegally strikeouts somehow now that they they are appointment viewing. Every time and I didn't feel that way about last year's team I like watching last year's team. They were good this is one of lives more fun but more so now and and again we made this point a lot but it bears repeating I think. You feel like they're actually building to something not chest. Some version of the 2000 Atlanta Hawks where they're gonna win somewhere between 4853. Games get outs in the playoffs somewhere you don't have that feeling with this team. I apple expect me back in the Eastern Conference finals of the their pat Ellis is a wire now and ST yup barring a major goals and some. You actually want to write this for somebody SB nation or something wrote it's so I guess it can now but I agreed with this the FBP this team is now or for right now. I know that tie Reid gets that chance by Al Horford the guys if you take out. The one guy if you take out Rangel how replacement for what he does. And the classic example. Box score guy verses. Guy who watch his games why she is. The take on Al Horford. Because some of the numbers can be underwhelming the first of all he's as efficient. A score as the Celtics that a long time doesn't take bad shots not yet even I an ax even put the put it out at last night that. It all all the wind all shots don't go and every shot he gets. Is it good shot and you come away from it if it's that it to shut it on the into deep told the contested it's usually pretty deep in the shot clock we're like OK gotta get up here. But when the offense runs through him. They are. Far more efficient they moved the ball better they're less stagnant everything about their offense. Is better and you saw a lot of it last night he was getting some shots off pick and pops that were good looks. I'm win some of them didn't but every shot he gets seems to be good. This is another thing I tell by my young players. By young minions yeah. Don't force. Sort that's what Al Horford Al Horford doesn't force a game. He does it let the game completely I'll maybe he does left the game to them Al Horford is the let the game come in type of player and you also like that. Remarkably. Is Jason Tatum. But chase al-Qaeda for a nineteen year old rookie I watched some of the game after. Meet England Norway with the only to watch this game of the Phoenix Suns and Houston that he threw a rock I did not watch that game and it was such a terrific game on my goodness but our parking Josh Jackson. Holy crap. Like you watch him. Enjoy the how did you if he would even bring his name. When it comes to draft in this guy. I think he's a guy wanted me honest and he's got wanna PA he's not ready any Smart I'm done he might be you might be down the road. By you watch him and he watched Tatum I mean two different levels of players right now yeah and member Phoenix. Basically engineered it orchestrated did it to get. And yet they wanted him is badly complete mess badly. Anything that's fine and just Jackson return that's been perennial all you know all players gladiators career its truck and Bender. Dragon fender it was jargon bank of Bender and Josh Jackson and it was just such. The unbelievable. All clustered it was unbelievable any particular reason you were blocked and that yet because I had the right off the Celtics game soars up anyway signed for all of already over I Crusoe decide on episodes of eleven definitely 111130. Back. It's never team. Yeah and feel that some people might say it's sickness but. And then Washington. It was they are. I don't know he's still learning on the ass as to when stuff for he had just try to catch that was. I was debating whether or write something about explaining my MVP ballot which I do wanna talk about if you. If I can you know we we obliged we will do that. Yet beacons. I had an MVP though in jail on BP though and we have ten you have ten guys to vote for him so now we get to later but IE. I did have there was one athlete is professional tees. There was one aspect. That IE that caught some criticism for actually two aspects across from criticism for and I had very good explanations for. So old bomb. Yeah buddy it's always. In a nutshell I guess this is the key supply on the tees but when it comes to voting for the MVP. It's been to me after seeing the votes. It's become a lazy lazy man's voting system where. You have 50% I'm guessing look at war and that's it that's how they vote. Yet as and a lot of times the percentage is lineup pretty evenly with the war. Yeah that's an issue that can only do click the top ten on baseball reference and you see that in a lot of times the entity descending order wins bubble that's why so. For instance. Will keep bets rookie that's what he fit in six or six or seventh of someone that. We'll keep bats I didn't vote for bookie bet in my top ten. Moves you that's had a good war. And I also think people looked it moves you bats and remembered he finished second in the MVP voting last year yup they're in must be up there again by. I watch smoky vets play. McKee best impact of the game in a lot of ways which you guys have a good year maybe if I had eleven votes or vote for an eleventh. But would you bet with having to sixty for most of the year. When we'll keep vets had to do we will watch him and he admitted himself muted disappointing year. I do think that they looked at war and they also remembered a key that's supposed to be in the conversation. And that's how we landed there so anyway and we we get to that what. An image in this thing that the patio just into his back supple were tied by the most of this from 538. Most important player in Celtics and we thank. And it's what you do as mired essentially just said. Round as good as carrier Greenspan the Celtics had the biggest impact on offense is Al Horford. Individual numbers again this is box toward Jack. 15594. And a half points rebounds assists good but you wouldn't look at that and say I'll Max player big money get back I'll the point. Shooting percentages though 44 point 4% eight point shooting percentage. The sense twelve point seven points per 100 possessions worse. When Al Horford yeah he is the MB. That's more than six times the difference as opposed to a carrier and somebody out when they went on the ninety no run last night you only point you scored well carrier ring on before. All the eighteen. Other one was a market smarts free throw maybe. Naif who bit who could forget that matters that it is epic caveat carefully and a free throw. By and yes so they had that whole run without Kyra your game and that's not carry an eleven to third all around all his ground where he's that you are come on you're gonna go to get to where you wanted to go without retiree Irving. By. He obeyed in history they've gone without their oil without Horford to. But they went without Tyree that can win without Tyree I just think fit if you talk about hey let's say ten game stretch. There's no one to replace what Horford does is nobody Erin Baines is in that guy now. Arab Baines is like recently he matches up well when some lineups I'd like Erin Baines yeah. He's a he's another guy I teach my kids don't try to block the shot just put your hand out straight up over the head right basically coached the Celtics. I feel like I Brad Stevens of from the Bradford coaching tree having Turkmen ads out about it. But Horford. And any just watch it. When he gets a touch weathered the post touch. Whether he gets a shot you know up to the dual different things to be composed up asylum but that last last night can step out shoot mid range even at three. You can do a little bit of that in and the by thirty art I've I've thirtieth article notes this is shooting percentages are gonna come down a little bit. Here and of these issued 45% from three may be on easy to be coin toss from three and for the year however. The one thing I'm confident and again from Al Horford is that if he takes. Fourteen shots of the game twelve shots of the game whatever the number race. Maybe all but one of them are gonna be good shot and one that isn't all became because the shot clock running down or something like that the guy just. Gets good shots or he puts his teammates in position negate each. Day was full blown around a little bit would be in the game but that that was a rarity for them and you and other things of all the blow out or for this year is his sister. Like his sister to sister. Another Patrick Gilroy always has there on an app. And the back and forth and everything. But remember last year at this time when she was tweeting. They we were like we were actually writing about her tweets all the Kipp believe Al Horford sisters set this. And now it's just part of the whole dynamic. She's part of the team bright this is this is expected we you expected Al Horford is gonna makes every 5% of his shots and his Al in his sister's gonna rip somebody. Or perhaps even on this airwaves. 6177797937. The phone number for you guys get some your phone calls coming up. Brad I was gonna explain his MVP ballot will do that you tool baseball's well. We're starting Celtics here in the 8 o'clock hour huge win last night over Golden State. And Al Paul Pierce is saying at the very least they Celtics team to be east right now. He's buying in fully. Courts not like he's a guy that is is completely and I oil and whatever you shacks that week last night acts are they can like he played here Fred two minutes. He checked they we perhaps a leak ME TI I don't know if it's an answer that I loved your one of the cool things too is. Report that was explaining it to somebody as at a bar last night and one of the the group. Big sports fan but not one that we remember like all of the little. Things of the Celtics over the past ten years. As toner about the time Shaq just went to Harvard Square as a statue of yeah. Yeah it felt like he receives here for couple copy but he was a hit a bunch of those the delay he went when he's conducted the pops yeah heat of re so retreads in the White House to stop by the sea Obama this to miss this. This is when I was whom much more energetic in and not beaten down by the world but. Right that. Tough like the bat well so Shaq did that did the Harvard Square thing so I went out there regional film so I went out and did the exact same thing admiral Harvard Square the exact same place now. And impose a statue and it was kind of funny if people would that be like rated passer byers like whether you're does this person doing. Where is just 24 hours before a crowd. We who'd do that Shaq yeah scooter Lewis Jack Edwards catches him. Is good to be Shaq at 6177797937. Get your phone calls next Brad fell in Gilani with these sports rated WB yeah. It was a bit of extremists in the last. This team this evolves itself and do you think because. We would sit at the same theater you probably have lasted so you have this you know I don't know but I don't do what we did last year and then he didn't go to a December. Is there a different start the team but they've still got that he's accomplished but so is there a different. Lesser team. It was better than this to ultra that's about that's ultimately that's lazutina go to an administrator. I'm sorry at that the guys I'll watch the game or it is still married to his opinion. Are ahead is Dublin dark comedy on opening night is that's what he's all right god shocked. Charles Chuckie. Lonnie Brad both sports hernia WEEI 6177797937. I don't really take too much with Charles Barkley says seriously gang he's there for entertainment I like him are on TV a deal. He usually will say a few things that make you laugh. And shacks get that same kind of delivery day they are. Guys they've shack by the waist Turkey's strained. Are well he went to the you know they do that that. Broadcaster clinic or whatever for guys like ex NBA geyser athletes yes that while beginning to you broadcasting. They essentially dogs like a fantasy camp and Shaq was he went through the first. Incarnation out. And use up there on campus and learning how to do it he actually did a segment on that it was the Mike to Rico showing ESPN radio where is the chat show. And he interviewed Tariq Al. And you could tell that just his personality charisma like he was given that knack Ford and this was post blue chips this is post which is post playing career. Just couple years ago. But and I was pleased I think a lot of similarities are viewed with mean shark while it's open your game in your broadcasting. Us ball very entertaining I was what I would have been drops out I was a back to the basket guy that I absolutely I wanted to post up. I drops out only on the right side outpost up on the left block they can't collect item right now it's been baseline in fairness when you play in our food that's usually the best maybe do that due to stepped through use the rim is a defender. Off the window over the shoulder another another I figure a lot of movies grad where average in right now elastic Gilani moved. But I don't think about O Charles Barkley is. Even though he knows some of the exes who knows I don't think of him per lakes alien. Analysis of the landscape of the leak because first of all he said he carries the NDP. Brother I would agree but it's an outrageous take. To say carry the MVP he's got to be at least in the conversations apply carries the MVP. But the Celtics still can't beat Toronto or Washington. Even though they beat Toronto without Carrie. And despite having the MVP of the league. According to Barkley they're not as good as they were last year. Where they beat Eastern Conference finals what's going through his head he's been you know I don't had no idea what's going to pretend he says that he. I I do not know what's going through his head when he swinging golf club but I do know what we've talked about playing basketball are are penalizing basketball. Or the Celtics it's. Carrier rings did he knows that. He thinks Al Horford is average. Note I know that's a touchy thing out. By this is what Charles Barkley think I don't think that. But Charles Barkley thinks it is and many things they got a bunch young players who haven't done anything because he hasn't really watched them. And that's how he views itself as you the egos who Daniel price is now she audio delay out of course not only knows a gentle brown oh and did it that was one of the things ordinary means and mean as one of the things. There has made this Celtics team is that. Brad Stevens can use different guys. Depending on who they're playing we saw last night with there and Bain and ambiance can be very effective but not against Golden State. That's on his game game we'll Tice is the guy you bring in Sherri Clark and I chin mark and Jay Larkin didn't play right now. You didn't ROR didn't play probably because they won't be exposed and defense event at sixteen points against awards last week. It and we side he was beginning Gary again and again we get the sixers he went off yeah. So this is what make the Celtics Charles Barkley. Can't name Andre he couldn't name the seventh guy on the Celtics after market Smart. He could not named yeah that I guarantee you I incurred Charles Barkley to call in and prove me wrong I guarantee you. They he couldn't name more than six guys themselves are. We can still when he is watch the game obviously Danica got the hall of fame talent it's still analyze the x.s and o.s of basketball actually does this even with the college broadcast. He can tell you what they're doing right wrong. And why they're doing it in particular game. It just doesn't seem like he's really watching the league you have to get a sense. Of how teams are winning who's good at an outside of the the top line players. Who's driving 81 loves you to feel kind of left over PD is what he remembers from last year. And the Celtics are completely different heat and when you beat you you like myself have been in plenty of green rooms eyes Jay Leno show and yeah. There's agreement wary case people don't know CNN where you hang out and actively gate on CNN OJ do you really ultimately always leaned forward. Yes he always leaned Ford now you look like your. Because the monitor all outside the way. Yeah it was Herman had died down so I don't know monitors you basically you are analyzed the black abyss like these that the black wall and for. The thing that so men doing NASA and this is Vista I always used to be like why are people whipping around looking into the Kampala talking. But that's one of the things you have to do it NASA on talking my good friends Adam powering keys McDonald's. All these people like very much tolerance keys cat and zero and I think maybe he pulled a hamstring unity in the media fight for any kind of keeps. Series they have stretched that you're talking in and then now I'm like OK now you look around and looked into the camera. So that's. That's a weird that's who was always a weird dynamic for me but. I don't know how we got there I had no idea he said he betting green rooms and then we know Green Zone so. You know you hang it out for instance there in the reds are Red Sox game if you do in the pregame post game for the Red Sox you're in the green room Jim Rice or whenever. And you are typically so you watch in the game news pocket and by those comfortably watching games and that green room the TNT green room they're not doing that not watch the game they're just not watch the game. And and you think bit I won the things it was good I stayed up by adding this was a reason actually stayed out now I think of it. I want to see what Barkley said at the end of the Phoenix Houston game if you consider anything more. About the Celtics. In all he said was you that we said. If whoever's watching this as dom. Who would of one who who is the vaguely insulting or did he send pat yes. He said what would stay operable it's that's why stuff I want from Charles Barkley might that's great yes. Yes but it is maddening a little bit maddening when the time comes in is maybe 20% of the time. We like I really need you know you're talking about them. And I need to teach me something to Europe whole lot better at this game and most of the humans that ever lived so give me something. Yeah yeah I think he's better than magic on him I think Kenny Smith is good man basement. Of the yeah I think Kenny Smith pays attention. And he reels those guys in you can tell. I think he is he out of the gets frustrated. But at times you get says like is how much he's put the work and yet he wants to be good at that he's sprinting to the wall at trial you'll like he's not Charles Barkley. Now I mean he doesn't have that same kind of cash payable Barkley or Shaq he has to be cute you know and and we're giving Shaq a free rotted and you are because he went to Syracuse yes couple days absolutely and alarmed by Lawrence you've along the lines of partly through he's not paying a great amount of attention don't he'd be your last night but he's that I that I get himself and lastly he called the this stand out. Guard for the lakers Guzman. This is the bearcats it's looked up. Yeah I Ernie Johnson proudly called audit I feel a jesuit high yet who's been very very I feel like he's not trying to. Overreach as much as Barkley it's. If you just say it's exactly what you which can be a good thing at that dynamite drop in from time to time and then just move on Shaq. Shaq does the things in less is more of artists to do protests and so until I holed a pan. I pulled the pad out in this league is almost like you're at the ready you're gonna write something I think it's notice. Just taken notes. I checked that the Celtics a nugget let's take the notes 617779793. So we'll get some phone calls coming up. I did you feel by the way about you you've spoken about your MVP vote MVP ballot yeah I I just about mastered an auto giving actresses Alyssa I am off. Let's not like Jason he was actually the star of the media flight football game counsel opposing any reason like in spirit this it was much like you vote for an MVP while losing team you would have been. That guy. But. I was trying to talk about other people try to talk him I mean when I. And appearance are out of beyond that I I didn't think you're an article to article about it but one would think I would have. Credit that would have been in The Herald but if yeah I didn't use your might elect me I don't I don't read books I write that big. But yes so we're just in time I didn't agree with the right now hiding it saw a couple the retirement try to talk him out of on the that was the only ones I justification for. You're the only one still got 21 place votes on the other ones yeah well you know the one so to bring in also he had a vote for me into the year he was the only one who voted Haynes. First place which actually comes off as and Corey yet and it and he he did write something explaining. He's ballot com by. Yeah I so those are like you vote for three for those things manager of the year and Cy Young I think so yeah factory. For MVP vote tan and so that's where gets a little Dicey because it's like. You know people were argued judge should get enough first place votes or whatever. But then it gets into why did this guy and finished sixth or why it if you guys finished tenth. And so I'll tell you what you mommy tell now we're on number nine Intel aren't. So my laurels on the ship at the hands were not aware isolate the clock now obsolete the whole show is totally dig deep bomb that whole thing I think I'm really listened. I got government it's a school in light can layers through the trading now at some point. Like the old HL it's a track ball all that those guys all forty minutes take a half hour are the pork producers are it is. There are people out of the break as he brought another. Re rack those spots. Anyway so they were Mike you can check the weather and it does it. So I might money ballot. Might ten person ballot was out to evade judge. Jose were mirrors those three would no doubters. That I went only indoor. We indoor and Dozier. We endure with bids similar stats but it will endorse a batter defender. All 400 teams now I'm getting into some good players who are meant necessarily not on good teams. So I went to the pitchers Covert sales six and seven. Then I don't get to the guys are talking about the good players to a hundred years for not necessarily a good teams a brain you. Led the American League in total bases which no one seems to know about. And I went Hosmer paws were played a 162. Games feature red sock Eric house yes exactly. Well for work for NASA. And number ten this is where I got some heat from ten was my trial. Well I was the only one devoted Trout tan who people voted ninth Andrew announced photo like fourth or fifth. Or even I'd maybe even third. By I got more crap for that how could you do that Mike Trout now this is my problem with the voting. Nobody put the a lot of people don't put the work him if you just do a Google search of what the criteria is trade on the but what it does say after the performance. Number two is games played might throw plated a 114 games 114. Games I was. Baffled by the fact that nobody else did what I did. Which is hey he had a good year he put up great numbers is a war is off the charts. Applied he played in harder in fourteen games 70% of the season. In in not you know regular tonnage heap but you have these people don't take your ballot away or whatever. I just couldn't get it to me was pretty cut and dry you play a 114 games sports and the other part of it too and this is. I think there should do is beat vote first second third and be free and done with it says. So what our team put Trout six into the tent he's got the MVP either way. So what does it really matter and all witnesses to politics and I voted trapped seven instead of nine and lessen its first. Matter not the MVP Chris. I am talent you will you look at the doubts and this has become I remember Ortiz things last year when Ortiz was in the conversation. On you figure when the MVP thing now. Because it's a war in order tees assailants this is a war wins above replacement. And it is he was absolutely right this is what these guys are defaulting to adds it's not even light. What's the first thing you look at it's like what's he almost the only thing you look at. And in you look at the ballots that's a big part of it. Abreu broke OK again and again he's not a good defender. But he let the American League in total bases that's important step at a billion add value to a team to. Relative to line up I mean eat. The only guy really the main ally and going where and when it comes to Hosmer. What caused where you've George springer had a good year in. And go to none Simmons was another guy a lot of people are all right love spark yet but with a Hosmer one of the reasons I'd voted for a 162. Games I mean to me that is an enormous it's. That is when you are the third highest batting average wide playing in the most games in the American League. You have to get credit for that. And it's a lot in us and Mike Trout wasn't gonna fall off the cliff we gathered at at if you played more than a 114 games if he played forty more whenever. I'm not saying you wise but you just can't do hypotheticals he can't say well I know that he wouldn't do that. Fourteen games CEA get a judge it based on what he did do not when he didn't do what he might I want say this you know I did have second thoughts after came out. About mold. Because. In this is the reason I was still were probably voted maybe eleventh. But one thing that along the lines of playing all those games I think smoky played he'd most innings in the field of any player. Because they had all those extra inning games we played on and he was really relieved that it sold yet on video. App I just that's their party about it sent a panic I finished eighth not ninth seven than not stick to what you get there's one spot that matters. This place what do you get up first he'll last this. So it said Ricky Bobby's car red Garrard. That's right I pissed excellence excellence that it's an accident and I think. Inevitably this per 114 games and he really yeah exactly six like 777 died seven daddy 37 a promise to get your phone calls coming out. Brad bow and Gilani hang out at you at a Friday night it's we're charity at W yeah. I tried I didn't. That gift. On you know he's made it again and again they handed the unique gift by generator on Twitter and before start coming after me. So I typed in a war what is a good four. Nothing it had these random things that cannot forget Ali I get them things you never would oh yeah years think exist. There was a cable of the this this great cave men like what you are is. Which have wrote you'd bust out. When somebody says something stupid and dated yet so it was a useful exercise but. I get some yeah. He's a slap in a you sit there watch Phoenix Suns and Houston rockets games and look at the gift generating interest in life and half the sort of Larry nominally. Yeah I confront Obama patio it's good work nice or II paddy I wanna I wanna apologize to you. Why I'm here because. I do podcasts. Which is out now we'd drop we drop the podcast this afternoon. And kerosene candles on whether it's right kerosene can layer yes and and so we're talking a lot about the hot stove show and I just say it all might we had that Giancarlo Stanton podcast that everyone's talking about that I did. For years. And indeed picked out the part. You played the part where accused by Astro play in video games and how close the wall as I said. Patio and what do you do to me this is what you do and why you play in that part is I asked to a play in Boston. I apologize. Ken levels can win those kerosene cans fall kerosene Ken was trying to stress and stuff while thank god he cleared the air about that. This this is I was just looking at the patties side right now I didn't care is not a ridiculously yet appetite couldn't have done that the break at all. 6177797937. Speaker John Carlos the end Jack in New Hampshire has been waiting patiently. To talk John Carlos Guillen guy Jack Qaeda on. I have high Darius I mean we check. Harriet and letting. Your. I think that the Red Sox have a good chance but firing John Carlos and this season what do you get. I disagree. That is until Brett O'Donnell this is the task I want you sound like an aspiring talk show host. Art tell me why I'm fully. I'm. Okay well. They're Red Sox are probably gonna be willing to deal a lot because they need a middle of the or where being aired it here. Like it and the counterpoint Bradford if accountable a lot you lost media editor. The dollar it's night and I can argue I mean I think that it that it did vineyard hitters are absolutely. A must. I don't look. Sacked all again at some fancy here at the new radio without him tomorrow. So I'm begging you Jack please if there are two people want college tomorrow it's Alexa. In Jack level access via my favorite yeah. Though the order digger had dinner I mean like the right in my life that kid. I assume executed right yet one would guess the today he has a future in this sure I wanted to tell you currently you can hit it exactly. But he's that there may have been in the next three. There was fire him for those huge you really the Red Sox that are have no chickens. Getting the deer that are well known thing and it is just gives it to be played that you're better pleased that it up. Just I have with a battery in tone at the hospital because the job did you do it. The those boys know well against him right beside us and show why. The settlement yeah. I thought as the wind up to take it and ask for the acting president Dana hit a I think it could be called it I can use a lot of ways like an insult yeah like he'd like no good dinner and Chris I really think Europe big. A I'm going out tonight the fire could be some. Let's get Denver offers our own gas. So here's the answer devoted that your question. That. Day I don't think if you wanna take on the money. Yeah you know here's Jean Carlos land why wouldn't take on the mine if you're looking at yeah I'm on the article guy. On the you know my economic growth 43. Some kind of guy they'll say like you have a good stake here or I can pay 30% more. And have I'd better stay late have a better I would rather pay more. And on any equality if you're gonna spend. It's like you're looking at a hundred million dollars for JD Martinez. And then 295 million pristine birth of all I'd be curious to see with the Marlins in the picking out in terms of stand money wherever he ends up going. And I think the potential value you get for Stanton. We a little bit younger. With 59 home runs at seem like different ways to try to explain why it may not work in the injury concerns are legitimate but there they are. 01 of them had a dislike. Well five stevens' home runs because of the launch angle that they were hit. Would have gone off the wall would have gone up so you're telling only 54 hits home runs. Would have gone out of Fenway Park not all 59. I mean just or where we're trying to out think the room here this guy is the best slugger baseball. He's available. The Red Sox are one of the he's gonna wanna come here obviously he's got pulled note no move clause here. The Red Sox are one of the few teams that have everything it needs to be able to pull this off and bring him in him. It's gonna cost more yes is it going to be a lot of money yes and potentially dead money into the contract sure. Give each it would championship. Signs now are traded firm as a role. And I think also the people who are Smart. They are also. It's probably includes both the about a couple of shots of the day here all you're doing is waiting for me to stop talking to play but that didn't go buy it but it but it's about. Yes it's he you've you have he's worth the money if you wanna go outside a free agent. You are gone sign Jean Carlos in this is what you would have to pay form right. So and and because of that I don't think the prospect quality compensation back to the Marlins is going to be. Although Heidi that's one of the things get out of the GM meetings is that. The GMs there I think the same way they think if you take on the money you you will get your. And I like if there's a team out there. That is willing to take on the money and is willing to part with. A level prospects I mean that GM would be nothing but. And we understand that both together don't think that's gonna be the case I think the Red Sox are in good shape to two and be able to land that the I. 61777. Died 790 three's that didn't. Date Corey cook calls in the attic like our.