Red Sox President Sam Kennedy joins Kirk & Callahan 2-20-18

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, February 20th

Although the J.D. Martinez contract isn't quite official, Red Sox Prez Sam Kennedy discusses the theory of adding a power bat with opt-out clauses and the Red Sox roster built for postseason success. Kirk & Callahan also clash with Sam regarding recent suspensions at WEEI, baseball ratings, pace of play, and Steven Wright's off-field incident.


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President. Of the Boston Red Sox and Kennedy joins us empower you to look at skirt conceal it's been interest a couple of weeks. I guess we'll start Martinez first of all I'm sure you probably can't. Confirm by I guess. Else would and about. Are you gotta we can't confirm anything and just get where we're at the conversations by I will say we've been them in and along. Dialogue we've we've GD it is represented it's been productive. And we've pretty clear about our offseason needs and how we want to address. We're obviously hopeful that so Olmert sheer it's successful at. It's it would be very exciting for app announces a lot of reports out there. Donald who plays out here the next twelve point four. Seems like it perfect fit for practice or GM presidents. It's no I would never. Yeah you've seen this trend merchants not to talk specifically about this deal what you see this trend emerge or around the league scout players and teams are focused on an average annual value of these contracts. As a senate Thompson in the marketplace so. People value things differently we have to put values are answered players and then hold the line as difficult as acting B idea the hold on where to go. By nation hope from our seventeen years here we've balances and that's heavy into baseball operations in free agency in the draft scouting and player development. It's consistent team and we feel that we've got to a team here that really is built for October and if weakened. Green now a few more pieces I think we've really want to explore this October just. Mean this note the team. Outs in the first round the last two years yeah that's ST I saw irritation hasn't does have a playoff win. October yeah I think you have a team that you know again and we criticized for us for saying we won the deficient so. Will we ever forgot. We have a team that has played based on October last year she get you experienced that first of all I'm gay guys who had belted down years offensively when you think about Smart guys who struggled. He's got a new manager at new coaching staff. We did in 93 teams that that is something to build on it I guess you know you guys know me I'm probably more about a glass is half full had a guy. That's like coming to this very optimistic thinking that guys are gonna improve to gonna get more production out of existing guys if we can add a few more. Pieces it will be team to be reckoned with in the American League east to be sure. I'm. With it was a little uncomfortable listening to your owners talk about the former picture hitting coach and former manager. Like if this is a big upgrade we can hear that a lot last year obviously. And you did when 93 but is it really we do expect a big change philosophically. Because there's no chili Davis is no longer here. Yet now I didn't vote for so I didn't I didn't hear that but I doubt that. Any of our ownership went specifically into a specific people or or names or anything like that. Look what we fail and and to a certain extent that you considered not winning the World Series of failure. What when where we don't get it done were accountable as a management team that's on us that's on that's on me that's on Dave Dombrowski that time. People on the field and in management we have to be accountable for that so. The extent that we didn't win the World Series that's and organizational shortcomings. To the extent that we have a team built for October and we think we take that next step next year. That is those people will will get to all the credit the people in uniform that that actually headed dunks. And I'll say something about our ownership. I I grew up like you guys grew up downstream from fairway. We did hear our whole lives. In seventy years these guys have won three World Series championships have been in the post season more often than not. They save Fenway Park they've given hundreds of millions of dollars away. It's through the Red Sox foundation and other personal contributions to charity it's and I think this has been golden era of Red Sox baseball I'm glad it's gonna continue hopefully for another 1617 years. Because they're all about winning he's got one win the World Series each and every year. Sometimes fall short sometimes you get it done. But the Boston Red Sox have been in good hands and John Henry Tom Warner and and will continue to be. So we saw yesterday we talked you for awhile obviously came out and not a statement you made it clear the stadium pitched octave herald. And the other paper I guess as well when it what was going on our station last couple weeks I was disappointed obviously we text back and forth. When I would have liked a perfect world maybe it's not possible feeder reach out not reach up with a net statements that work. It was Macy's and dumb thing to note some things that we can't support no doubt. But these are big guys would raise money with these guys don't these guys personally. We enjoyed being on the station but it read a lot of that rent a lot more. It was it was more negative I guess I expected personally I don't maybe leave maybe not a bit but that but that's OK maybe I'm just misguided yeah I think. Look it's done it's it's relationship that we've enjoyed for twenty plus years we fat terrific partnership we've that your com WB I we've been on different stations over the years. You you get three of us in law future activities together. Spent time which would be fun related activities raised. A lot of money for a really important causes and I know you two personally care about those causes I care about those causes. So let let me be upfront and clear about that and all of us were were partners we we have personal connection personal relationship. However that doesn't view for 12. That as an organization. We keep it frustrated. From time to time with our partners whit whether it's W yeah I entered calmer and other partners and we feel. Free to speak up when we disappointed. And as I said publicly to visit to the newspapers and as they say to you guys out when that line gets crossed this is where it's really difficult. I don't judge for an outline is individuals judgment that when outlined its cross. And you have. People in our front office whether its employees or players or coaching ex members of the coaching staff. Members of ownership. Upset frustrated with things that happened we feel that we have an obligation a duty to talk to you guys to talk to management. One of these exit yesterday's I think Patrick on the WBI needs to establish who's in charge here in the marketplace who aren't ever you know I now believe me. I I I couldn't handle Peter talk for right now and yeah maybe maybe it's maybe it's her and say god almighty complete look at what I saw yesterday says reach out that's funny and look I think this station. Or corporate Larry we never want to be there to we have never once. Ever in our time here ever suggested. Discipline. Or some type of a punishment for any anything that's happened at the station at her comes on that they've done that on their own. Humble when. People. Goal over the line. And it is not any individual named a saint in the station in general. We feel we have an obligation. To speak up because we hear from what it most important instance yesterday's are pleased. Oh whether it's sponsors whether it's ticket buyers about whether it's. Family players. It just to say hey look. We feel like this cross the line it's inappropriate and I should address it and there was an unprecedented step. I think in the radio industry. Where you guys took time out and Entercom decide there and shut the station and they did it I don't know what came of that how that went that's my business. We'll see what we'll see what happens and we'll move forward vote sometimes you have twenty year partnerships. Things happened they flare up I think I used the word exhausting and it was exhausting enough for us to. To deal with a lot of the inbound. Frustration disappointment and that that's what we expression we're gonna continue to do that if if things happened and move for you. Worry you you won 93 again last year. Once division had what playoffs get ratings were not are you concerned he's a leak like things sport like and definitely sitting. Are you just getting. Devoured by the new when it is. Well I think they're some of that is absolutely incredible competition in the local market crafts or are incredible that a great job at the Bruins play really good while the Celtics players while so there's. There's a lot of great competition in the market. And baseball as an industry continues to sell more tickets around the country and all the other major sports combined. We have to hunt age of content tonnage of inventory. I'm so. The sport is healthy that said we are concerned when we see you reading trends go down if we she ticket sales and revenues. I'm maturing we have a responsibility to try and yet. Younger we're trying to get. Out to clean would try. Those hurt him a did you say that that we seek a resistance to the pitch clock we see. These six mound the mound visits are limited in immediately your manager and picture complain. They can you even taken 12 about the guy in the stands with a guy at home and watch it on TV saying. I just cachaca mocked them again. Yet inch it at eight yes we are thinking about the fans we are Francis import export pace seeking to something it's extremely important to the Red Sox extremely important commission Medford and the commissioner's office they did make a deal with the union. They are making steps towards improving the pace of game. I think a lot of people at the clubs now are hopeful for continued down this path continue to make rule changes that's one thing that rob Manfred has done. He's making royalties that didn't happen has to be collectively bargain with the union that's where our sport works is that well no pitch clocked as the union resistance I wasn't a part of the negotiation but I assume that was something that got got pushed back on him as I understand it there's language in the agreement that may allow for a pitched like it in the future certain things don't happens to watch it very carefully. I agree it's not time it's it's not the start time of the game being Larry it's what time McCain and people don't wanna get home at 1130 years or minutes if the work the next day. Now we get that we understand that we'd like Chris. Faster team. We'd like every game to be started bike for sale or you might get you get amazing product and and he said it really well on your air today you are taught that not that I ever played an Ohio couple but he slowed down you know don't let the game go go too fast. So we need to. Really work with the players and make sure we come up with these rule changes that are gonna help. Improve the product that's the number one thing we can do to improve fan interest we also to be accessible getting kids into the ballpark we get the kids. Excited about playing McCain participation was up. From 20152060. For the first time in over a decade. With baseball softball compared to the other sports we have an opportunity right now. With these are going on in other sports injuries and the like so I think there's an opportunity in front listed to to to move forward based on very very positive way. What's the situation was Steven right he's comfortable bring back on the team says that something that you organizationally had to wrestle with I mean given. You know I've I outlined its obvious that the last few years you know odds that long globe story chart I'm sure this wouldn't happen today Jeremy went to prison for seventy days came back as Robert. Mean your marriage is honored a lot around which makes me uncomfortable given his history domestic violence now Steven Wright was like that happens organizationally. How does that conversation work while you're you're obviously disappointed when these types of incidents happened we have Michael a real authentic genuine relationship at all our players were constant communication with them. In the incidents like this they're turned over to Major League Baseball legal authorities and and it worked through all. We've told Stephen that we're gonna let that process play out and we will see where it goes from there. Puppy on that were were not at liberty to comment other than to say eat eat you're disappointed when when it's it is like that happen and you have to express that in and we'll see across. Let's say it's before the league who states his case to you defendant. But no we don't see it the case now you'd have players that I would get let's say the union and and he has represented of course yes and they try to mitigate damages with if if that month or six months it will be definitely it'll be up to the players association and Major League Baseball in terms of any type of discipline that would follow now that we all went with another. Ice on the next couple weeks. By any else you get. Good to look. Look happy it's. I felt there was a little skittishness around here. Well we'll see how we'll see how things unfold the work we're excited to get going and it's it's the best on year for us it's spring training is is great and Netscape deceive you guys back is good at history camp way that you guys they hope felt that outscored freeze certain level. A certain level of excitement enthusiasm. And look it's a he's a rookie manager so it is a kind of a little bit of slack there's going to be some some bumps in the road along the way. But we think he's a right guy for the job the rates. The idea of took off this. When they're being named for. I'd be a short honest pitchers I don't know a little longer answer is what we are in the process it's a community process. Of of filing a petition with the city. And John Henry stated last summer it's not the Red Sox decision world war we have the right to petition to get all the neighbors on orbit ticket politician to supported publicly elected official. And it goes to the city. And in the city public improvement commission Walt and we decide if that's. Point app and I shook it sucks awful. Thing. You know it's the people. There feedback yet there's been a lot of ideas and suggestions coming in in in you know what is it Jerry Kirk were saying that in no way is this an indictment. The great work the hockey foundation agreed people who were there they've done tremendous work the simple truth it is since 2002 we arrive we tried to make progress. Terms pretty advanced color from all over Boston all the overdoing it. To Fenway Park a few that we meet some strides onto others will judge that but we have heard time and time and time again. In the community. That we need to continue to do a better job and we recognize that one name you know yucky weighs just symbols and change things overnight right now but he is a message to. All of our fans that Fenway Park is open and welcoming and inclusive and that's a responsibility we field. We feel the outlook that picture that we see all the time of your own organization diversity within you know seem like it was not not a lot action we've worked on that yet we have we we've we can do a better job of course patty keeps he has a team on the field that is more diverse your pride and ever before we get to an editor for time history club even managers of color we've got men and women throughout the front office 330. Men and women in the organization we can posted better. And that's something that is a priority for the organization a priority for for all businesses. Companies for okay Santana present Red Sox program director finally got use it for mortgages today that's what's scary. And a suggestions or orders. I thought that Chris Sale interview went very accelerators are issued a shipment of fun off he's like he wants too much needed to be part. Not not think I don't know I thought he sounded very real thought I agree on and perfect and dispositions yeah. And we will again we want that we want guys on the air talking about the Red Sox get to know these guys a little bit more than if you're in the past but. You know we recognize that doesn't always fit the format but the extent that we can make players available and get them to do it we can't force him to do it. But we can certainly ask them and try to. And I encourage more participation on the air that's far from our perspective that's a good thing recognizing that in my house flights and sent the price its price up here males are very well Kircus frosted flakes and I happen. Four I think we'll talk to expects and projects and can present risks actually just.