Red Sox Review 6-19-17

Boston Baseball
Monday, June 19th

John Ryder addresses the Red Sox huge win over the team with the best record in baseball, the Houston Astros.  He does his best to look forward and determine if the Red Sox can maintain their current first place pace over the duration of the season after having overtaken the Yankees for first in the AL East.  On top of all the Red Sox talk, John analyzes the Celtics trade with Philadelphia regarding the number 1 overall pick in the upcoming NBA draft.


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Windy up at the line to weigh at least. I have four hours eight minutes is always entertaining though Fed's. He is you know glued to the television or radio for the entire four hours. Of this one as it was an eternity at times for David Price to throw the although home played the same thing with Joseph must grow but. The important thing for the Red Sox are Red Sox fans out here is that come away with a win not only advanced laboratory in Houston that's a tough team they're going up against. Will be taking your calls on that now also be getting into definitely. Before. Make her way out of here at 2 o'clock. The all the news dominating this week in and understandably so with the Celtics deal in the number one pick what do you think about that you like India aided you wanna wait and see what's. With the full deal is here what Danny Ainge his game plan is before. Making up your mind. You know at the it's going to be an I'll get into this a little bit right now. And we'll get into some Red Sox conversation. As well and really whatever you want to hear Agca mean if you're. Well Colin and in these hours and wouldn't be whatever you wanna talk about sports wise it would expected to be. The NBA draft coming up on Thursday in the in the moves the Celtics could be potentially baking or this Red Sox game tonight. And the does something you know I don't have as big a problem as some people do light I know there's some people that like it does some people led don't so far what we know anyway. But I don't have a huge. Problem waited. And I also think that they're gonna parlay this into something else I mean now I yeah I just think this has all the right all the makings of a of another move doesn't it. That that wherever you're talking about you're reading these marked drabs and and going over all of this stuff. Lake NBA fans to a Celtics fans do what you pay attention of the mine traps I do somewhat I don't you know. Spend hours and hours going over everything and and and all the highlights and all of film and all that knowledge stop that whole minutia but. If in in this is post reloaded draft. But there's also supposed to be not that much of a difference between one and five in this draft according to various reports. So. Josh Jackson. Jason Tatum it seems like they're now after all the talk about Josh Jackson leaning more towards Jason Tatum ESPN's Jeff Goodman was on. Would Bradford GRE earlier today. And he seized Qaeda more as the Fed. Also. Maybe some of the off the court concerns about Josh Jackson he's only he's the only player in the strapped with some. Off the court concerns a couple of missed meters but one of serious nature worry threaten a woman and it's always something to take serious. But I say they're probably leaning towards state more but this might all be part of a package in the end. Whether it one of these players and a future draft pick probably it probably Avery Bradley your baby Jae Crowder and included. Something of back to Chicago for Jimmy Butler. Now I'd prefer to see Paul George is part of that trade but. That's gonna happen because of the George wants to stick around a Boston. If they were to make that move now that's the other news of the day and that's not exactly a surprise visit. Paul George saying that he's gonna opt out of his contract with the pacers after this season ever won knew that was coming for a while now and also most new old. You don't have to be an expert to know that. That I pretend to be either but dead. Paul George is always wanted to play for his hometown lakers he went to Fresno state. Which is an an LA buddies in LA guy and he moves always wanted to play with a lakers what makes this really interest in two ways. LeBron James is traded is always admired Paul George game why not I mean that's one of his toughest competitors to go up against in the east. And would love him to join forces even though LeBron supposedly isn't part of a super team. Joined forces there would. Him in Cleveland now in order to make that happen I'd figured out to be a three team trade but also an order to make that happen. That have to give up carrier Irving which they're not gonna DO. And it have to give up Kevin Love which I think they would be willing to do as part of a deal. But I think gonna have to be some sweeteners involved in that because I don't think it team even over for a team or fourteen was involved in all of this. That. You know which is Kevin Love straight up as part of a trade for Paul George. So a lot to get into in terms of the Celtics and you can text us as well I 37. 937. And also Collison 6177797937. Happy if you are up with a as I know many Europe. He'll work Monday mornings I get up at 6:7 in the morning so I doubt those are listening but for all views that all of you that worked night ships are. Or whatever the case may be can now Colin with the your thoughts have either the Red Sox or Celtics here with the another hour open until 2 AM on Red Sox revealed which I expected to be a combination of red sex review would Celtics talk of course after the news of the day I'll get more into the Celtics as well we've got plenty of time to do and up until 2 AM. But in terms of this Red Sox game which was a complete grinder now David Price ends up getting the win but. Did pitch well enough for early for the win and end this was one of those games till now have you felt this way I did anyway. All right it was a 21 Houston lead after five in the Red Sox had their bigs big sixth inning. Bogart's. With the go ahead two run homer and it's good to see him swinging and hitting for power to I still think he's a guy by season's end. It BBL if at least fifteen made maybe. Eighteen to twenty home runs for Zander Boris he has that type of power that's where you might be able to get some of the power should be able to get some of the power in this lineup from. But it seemed to me. After a five the Astros were up to go to one it seemed like a mine as well have been eight toward. Though the way it was going over the feel of it anyway it did but it all. So felt like. Joseph must grove the young Houston starter who ended up giving up five runs over five and two thirds if felt like. The Red Sox wasted some chances now are used to ways to more they were three for fifteen or road runners in scoring position but it seems like there was some wasted opportunities. By the Red Sox in this one against Joseph must scrub it seemed like there urges got a tattoo on there in the first inning. He had debts and Pedroia. Bats flying out but that was a rocket and Pedroia lighting out that was another loud out then Bogart's fall little warmer and it figured well must grow result gonna make it through three in this one. And is it I know a big concern and in good people of the pay attention the red sex David Price the season and I still am I don't think this does anything tonight. To lessen your concerns. About his season going forward. I was still obviously plenty of time left in the red says got to meet him but is there anyone in this Red Sox rotation that your confidence outside of Chris Sale. And while Rodriguez was pitching well up until that. Knee injury and and he's progressing. Quicker. Than expected in a rehab start is expected. Drew upon Marines pitched well on Friday night he used to which was a surprise. But and I think he is what he is kind of a meal get. Once why get those decent six innings starts and then other times he'll be you know. Seven runs over three innings which will take about two hours for that happened with the with him nibbling. These Red Sox pitchers go if there is a pitch clock. Instituted for next season at 22 twenty seconds that's what they're saying and there's times or it's like a minute with Dave Everett thrown over the first. You know shaking out the side whatever it might be with a for the price. Here it's just it can be maddening at times and and then it has to be someone of confidence issued two as well I would think. I don't know why you know of the elbow is completely healed I would think it. It was head that direction it would them back out the right noise of the blister issue tonight hopefully that doesn't pop up a I'm rooting for I mean. You know out of to bounce back year. It is the red says you're gonna need him. If they're gonna make waves and oppose his and we all know about his post season problems. Also thanks for leave for this Red Sox up Leno it's been talked about chronicled so much but and and how talented they are abandoned can be in bad student. And Bradley's been eaten up a little bit and he had a big he had a big hit tonight as well with the two run double part of that sixth inning but. Where those guys have rocket cannons for arms out here in the outfield and in that bad. That was pivotal amount is to Bogart's supplying the offense had the big gun offensively. But. That it's an Al Tomei has some speed I understand. Them sending him in that situation there. In the eighth and it seemed like he kind of did that on his own notes who they want a player he has at about you know. Five foot tall ex is about 56 bestow a believable. In. It Bennett candy. With a candle we've seen him for Bradley we've seen it for vets as well this season I mean not only these guys great defense about the rumors they also have great tour arms but that was a huge play. Does anyone question as well and that eighth inning. And anxious or rumor Loney tweet this out. There and as ticket while the similar line of bringing in Bora or Booth brain Kimbrel early there in that eighth inning. You know after borns were struggling a bit Barnes another got a takes forever to throws threw the baseball I mean he was. The will be affected by a Hitchcock. Forty seconds yeah I think it's gonna Katherine Omar Seattle bid they're gonna really have to get used to and a noted 200 pound and the miners right now but I like dad and I know a lot of people too and it is time to games it's been a constant conversation especially this week as was at 34 hour games. For all of us I mean he had the Phillies games. We'll ever see really won on the ground I get at least it's a bully and the add Detroit into this so. Yes it's just been you know it's one of those things and you can count on it especially with the ESPN with a longer breaks. They're going to be like games these both these teams can hand. This was not a favorable matchup I thought heading in for David Price who would favor a port was. You know Joseph was Grover. From the red sex I would think it handle however we've seen so far this season at different times according and influencers. Word you know an unknown pitcher the Red Sox don't handle that well. There was must grows for restored against. Boston in his career. Red Sox also catching used that to get a good time as well because most of their starting rotation is on the DL right now. I we're up against a break we got an hour ago supply attended type 6177797937. Detectors at 37937. IC. One power their might to north Providence who get right to you after this break we can line up with others. As well John Ryder with the red sector view of the bills to a hard to Libya. It went through. And Red Sox rookie. Who brought you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody fastballs hammered his center fielder deep. Those originally he looks up at the home run for both parents allegedly hits with the ability. Acted. Out to the other person on the cards to recap of the Red Sox and the Astros. Want broader deal. It is time for all throughout down and out talk it out there. Kristen Vasquez gets finished here trying to swipe second base the Red Sox or target for the Yankees for first place in the American League. In the Red Sox. When there's one bias six to five score. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox reviews on Sports Radio WEEI. John Ryder had to be William wore red sex review up until 2 AM also makes it doubly some Celtics guard Red Sox beat the Astros. Six to five tonight and even with it. Five complained about some of the textures don't get to them and others. The other reserves is still won seven of ten and are now tied with the Yankees. For first in the American League is of course the Yankees have been struggling so much falling getting swept by the lowly a's in the Yankees it was six rural given. The more the Red Sox type of back to the Celtics darkened. We'll get to the phone calls at 6177797937. And here's Mike in north Providence. They might. I John you do at. All right is. If that's. Trade is about getting Butler I'm gonna be very disappointed. Because yeah Aggies is not enough to make in this animal for. I mean he's a very good player but that's not the job done. You know he Tariq I mean it's not like he's doubled man rate but he's also not a young guy who's gonna be getting a lot that are in the future he's pretty much what he's he's going to be. And woody is he's kind of like computers are. And you know top drastic search in again superstars the truth the real polite transcended pipes. So in debt anxious movement down air could be really thinks Jackson's better. And he's also getting like a Laker. Laker pick for next year and like this means to chances are getting you know. I'm Nady get all column you know and that's it and the Laker pick works out you can get like Michael Porter junior and I. You know eight and our numbers like that that you're looking really good. Yeah I mean I don't know I'm just speculating that that might be a possibility now might not take. It might only take. They might take you know this year's tank. Along with the Bradley you know would not certainly not an act to give up that Brooklyn pick I don't think it in any scenario that Brooklyn paper next season. And they very well could go wood Jason Tatum or at Josh Jackson the year and and wait you know and in and make a separate move later. I still think it I'd be almost surprised at the Celtics my opponent of sending a signing Gordon Hayward. He I. And always to last opt out but that's obvious you know who is not an opt out of some of these deals for the sport money out the year. You don't yell at two with regard state Hayward and that's one of the reasons I heard Ian bandied about this move down to. Is the fact that they needed a little bit more cap space to offer Max contract. So you know that that could be a reason attitude ago you'd go on here able to get Hayward and maybe you know maybe then he's got another move plant here. Or maybe he's trying to make the trade oh we dug our. Well he's got enough ammo Mike sort of cut you up to but he definitely has enough ammo enemy is incredible that they have as many as 71 round picks in the next three drafts. And I and it is the thing is so right. Honestly I'm also a man you don't wanna invest after all home. And I'd like to consolidate talent at some point in the help if they get stronger defenses against Anthony gave it in the air be ecstatic. Right but but the problem it is it's very difficult to find sound in the NBA. Hey but when you finally do get those guys and they can come is easier at the top overdraft you be sure. But I mean all he could've gotten. You know the creek creek without went with that thirteen picks and a. There's been some guys that have dropped historically. We we've seen that or or steals I mean. You know you look at the guys that just won the championship. There in Golden State there was some questions about staff Cory coming out at Davidson. And look at his career dream on green is set Rampage Klay Thompson at a later pick. If you if you're really doing here year old war and you get a lot of these exit you have that opportunity to it really liked. You know tested out in excess and merry go and and elect a lot of guys. You know use your chances of actually striking gold in a couple of cases go way out. And the like for example. One of the things are kind of fly under the radar here is goes this bridge and maybe I did this in depth like this year right and yeah jobless that we might be common. I mean those both of those guys gonna be really good and I think Danny although I. Played ten year old we don't know. I mean there's upside there yeah. From all you read and hear that's right but. What you have and are very high and visits and the word it Ed. You know he went like when he went to that team over Turkey they are expected and just like you know play a few minutes off the bench like okay that your big ball up. And next thing you know start. And that adds David black people that's got some you know Carl Bernstein. So the thing is that this guy was way better than they thought it is an and that should and that they Euro league it's not the NBA it's outlawed that an American Eagle. And I mean these guys get paid millions of doubt that it became. So. And and you know yeah it was so he's another guy to work you know you might just be a nice role player but you don't you're not quite sure if he's kind of an exceptional flatly. Once you get out there at once that card stars Lauren in the game Ike in the case of you know lake yeah on us now consult. Once they get out there that those great athletes who have like those unique yet. They can make them find their very nature of their rules and especially dilate yeah it was so you could really shoot. He had not looked through some upside is still think they'll take him a little bit of time to get used to the NBA game and I also and might great call but. I don't think this move one thing though is. It is so much cap space because the the Celtics to have some cap space they have thirty million in cap space. And I've got to break down here actually I have to admit one thing and I do some work hideous hit it how. I printed this out and ESPN they have breakdowns so many different things over there. And I have this whole celtics' offseason outlook and are you could find this but the detail orient. All this stuff for you over there and you know Hayward. Are you tell you whatever a Max starting salary of three million in 201718. Should be declined his sixteen point seven million dollar plant where option number reading this. This but so you attack an operator were a five year deal worth a projected 176. Million buster gonna opera for years. And 130 million. So there is and it sellers a million dollar contract for next season is non guaranteed. There's there's the good thing for the Celtics is there's planning you do here and I can understand the move for Philly because they they want to. You know faults off the ball. And and they'll have Simmons there. You're right in the point 6410 point guard so I can understand from their viewpoint but if the Celtics don't think there's that much of a difference and I understand whether make the move. Well what the cards to Jackson rate that as one of the things they keep on talking about it the that you actually go look at this split he just got better and better bettors see. And I know what a huge lake. Late. Like you know La alarm was indeed it did this once again Morgan down getting a state were I don't think that Hayward I don't think Jack's announcement that. That late it Jalen brown and actually step on each other if you get it with the modern NBA pick yeah right or. Exit but the thing is that when campus who lost that game that that Jackson Madison though. Ended in their tournament right to really showed you're like wow they really leaned on the. Yeah well let Dave and he had to because who got in trouble let's YE. Ended up evidence missed that game I might appreciate you're like my co host here for awhile to stick it to the good call very good golf. Noses stuff in terms of the NBA or write more calls here's David out of San Jose David. Hey can I tell my a mystery on writer's story we've resolved W via I'll tell you what about they ought to not leave. Appreciated and thanks and thanks for the techsters most of whom happy a back. I guess developments abroad make upon myself but anyway thanks Dave. You know I was drugged him at midnight months but I merger liquid. Where it went right at realizes he has yet and things yeah 300 of I says she saw the late hours I appreciate your back. Well thank you David appreciate that you have got to get some of the war Wesco is collars at this hour out east. I'm nice I called. Back thank you appreciated. So here's my concern on the Red Sox. We traded away the system and they've Pedroia is getting injured Haley and others concerned with as we've got you know chimp Travis. We don't have any room for error. Right or who is. Who was that was the who'd you mentioned their previously I know he's had Sam Travis for its. Only ally no Pedroia a guy he was. Taken for X rays and taken out tonight yet and you knew there had to be something there when that happened because. There's no way they're putting Pablo Santa ball in for defensive purposes. And he'd say they put him in as a late replacement. And Rutledge is at second base are you thinking all right well perjury is obviously heard NAFTA getting it would that pitcher on the back. I would in the ballpark when he broke out of sentences. And that gave you remember it and the team. I remember it that vaguely. Welts. Victor Martinez oh yes broke his leg right. A bigger power so whale and add an Arab member I remember there was there another injury as well. Buckled base running and pulled it and that's right that's right. You know I would hear was that boy oh boy that's going on I was doing a roadside schemes at that time. That led to be what what year was that too. 2010%. Tens of Italy that we are in there it's printed on my brain yet. What do they have for back you don't have it down on the farm. I'm is B Devin Marie Aral fill it and for right now. And you know the other thing is one guy they could use that that you know it's. A make or break but they could use him right now. Plug in a little bit at third base they could even use him at second base and he's a Jack of all trades brought cold. Yeah accept. He is traveling yes the which is a good sign and he's hoping and I read an article today in the globe and he's opened their. Be back soon as pretty long article there on them in there but that's a guided that could bottle but right now. Overlooked thanks by the way to the reply call you guys I'm an engineer in the Silicon Valley. All of my co workers or from other. Yes we're for a loan. Not adequate I don't I don't take offense that at that is the go ahead David. I can't talk sports with a McNulty I mean there are some people it. You know how low we promote sports it would I love calling you at a law would call really to try to help people out. When I appreciated lucky I mean it looked at some insight talk radio you don't like to pocket yourself for an hour that's for sure. You know keep it up and I the all day long exit the morning that it. Her did well a game what one last thing you ever upgrade late you were on we you may you one thing I would fear public those. Am sure was some work in in the Silicon Valley someone so there's someone did some sort of tech capacity. Those Golden State. Warriors finals tickets. I'm a pain I mean upwards of 40000 dollars for one ticket. Did you hear about them I'm sure you heard about it. No but the amount of money we. It just I do you explain a rich people are in this area is not to not meet but. Or dimpled ahead of Yahoo! bought funeral. Wiped it out and then put her compound and now. And toward bodies and it. Mojo there had asked to. Think it was that he hasn't ice do you drink. And your neighbor's complaint because the lights Ronald Libya's entire. Ice tea drinkers practices. Italy and here's touchy. All I know it and also once you get out here just was well it's the most expensive city to live and in the in the country even more so than New York. So in it and yeah well you're on your way David I can see you are one of those hot air balloons with a pet giraffe coming up any time soon. I tags tags stay appreciate the ball got here is Chris in Chelsea they Chris. Will return all of the body boom boom right up. Going back there are tired of being crippled child the evidence that it can't. They didn't quit that it bought that they hit the ball pulled back on the radio and the red carpet but apart late. I think the deadlock that Celtics I don't bloom mobile would edit the open one week ago while the trade but it won't work pregnant if there about Barrick I hate it. Activate Natick. They're gonna have probably narrowed regret that right. Put a bookmark other adept at courier at the ball well. But you can't put a bubble back better. All right Chris from Chelsea. One of those cars are just let him ago as slim come on hot bat it take cumin and not boom boom I never I've never been nicknamed them my life except for. By him but he says he seemed very familiar with you. Yes well he used to call quite a bit and manages. All time and I appreciate anyone that calls. Alzheimer first time callers whatever callers but. Yeah I he would colleges let him rant I was appreciated the whole wrestling type a bit you know little accentuated but he might end odds scrapers for Chelsea something else in my Celtics one Z and and yeah no look I I like he gets an all out there if you can understand any of it that's another thing but and I just gets in all out there. Right gather insights injury concerns us think the dread taken for X rays wells who goes on what that. Red suns do play tomorrow finally have an off day on. Thursday. But they have a three game series against Kansas City leaders say well it's good news but Kansas and is complain a lot better than 17 out of their last ten. They've got Hector Velasquez on the mound tomorrow night the royals do. You know it's it's funny you were up against break Carroll gets more your calls is six point 77797937. Aqib re airing. ESPN the sports science would mark health faults. And I can and understand why with the draft upcoming course all the news this week but. And how much I by Ian dale add you know it's impressive and I know those are entertaining and people check amount but in dodging sixty mile per hour. Dodge balls I don't know how much they transfers into the NBA and it and then I'd love to know that you know they're comparing what the way the in his cross over with carrier every when there's not even an offender in front of them and then they're comparing them to. Russell Westbrook in some respects I did hear. You know some good parents is the best upside this is for from scouts reading up and hearing. Different things is James horrid and his game is now if he's James Harden the Celtics are blow and recipients of being. James Harden. But. One thing definitely in the NBA this these days in and folds can shoot. Diesel better shooter than some of the other guys in the draft disposal wanted to better shooters and draft. You can have revenue of shooting but definitely the NBA these days one thing that. You need to spacing out throughout the four I know Cleveland. Templates by golden state police are with Cleveland somebody times would be LeBron and four shooters he needs space that foreigners for sure. Right. In today's NBA no question about that. And that's why I can understand why does some things were tough and make a plea for Gordon Hayward maybe more shooting but only have Isiah Thomas Wright really late for the breakthrough game and a flashing signal. Billy Connecticut Europe next 6177797937. More after this. Jenrette a bag with the red section view another half hour to go take you up until 2 AM after the red suns beat the Astros six to fives so evil although Hobson downs of this series in the end has been some techsters. Tiger about to the beam balls are one big bruise thereafter that. Seventh inning especially bets he gets nailed in the knee and then that gets paid to. At second base. On that roll back till. But he stayed in the game Pedroia did not add while he's stayed ended in any ended up leaving as a defensive replacement of the ninth so. Of that that bacteria had to swell up that's orders hit writer on the numbers so something there. So hopefully for the roadside sake he's all right for his sake as well also I wanna say happy Father's Day I don't know why didn't say that earlier on in the programs are happy father's data all you dads out there. Take your calls up until 2 AM wolf Father's Day is done now but I I never writes I think they said this the last time goes on last Sunday after one of these Sunday marathons. Wherever Sunday that was that was last Sunday. These days went together sometimes but. That I don't technically call it the next day until late 6:7 in the morning I'll news today it's I think most of it is it's still Sunday night. All right let's get back that calls here's bill in Connecticut a bill. I don't quite know you bill. Well I. Thanks for me back remember. The picture or you crashed or shorter really great. The best actor that I think well. And I did flash is for awhile I mean I'd die a and I was and I mean that was more of a peach shepherds they do in the flash way back when. But he had the united that is Ford's flashes of SARS started at displays while I was now that it's going all the way back to. 1998. Sort of feel old now. Yeah I remember. Honda rider that well yeah I. Yes for many years here. Thanks thanks for that bill appreciate it. Sure. Where I work or retreat or opt out of trouble the urgently go right now are under its site that. Don't under. He had now and that's it is very good conversation piece and I'm happy you brought that up. I was. And I think the same thing. And I commend the quick plug five plus every gives up that bomb by Marie is nick but. I use the bullpen even though Palmer it's pitched well Friday night he went 64 solos dreadful last night and he gives you six innings. Price with a five plus tonight. But he wasn't gonna. You know I. To get on the win I guess I mean maybe give some confidence that's not the way won a manager game just to. Given guy any ego boost to get the win but I think at that point he was open all right. Maybe I can get a quick inning here because. Probably the more. The better excuse if there was an excuse and since this was an ESP again we don't have the post game sound I'd like to your insurers someone asked him about deadly Bryce in there but. Maybe it was because he had dead. You know he didn't have the one clean game in the fourth I know we gave up the home run to Korea in the fifth. But still it is it is questionable why he was still out there at that point and you could even questioned why it worked out for him. Why and they last it would Robbie Scott for so log in and that ended up working out but. I'd die yet know it it is curious. And he had. You know of a blister problem. As was mentioned in the broadcast. And showing in the broadcast television obviously and also talked about on the radio with a David Tim but to and the guy a question he that. What's so vexing with a steam I think built too as well as it is much is made about and I I talked to would rob Bradford but this in the pregame show but. In important so important maybe the most important would this team is to get these guys when they're gonna need pour selling price of they're gonna make any post season runs. You know it's a lack of power. You'd like to see more home runs firm this team better this team really isn't completely built that way after the loss to David Ortiz now it stings a little more when you see Edwin Encarnacion heating up. With a sixteen hit two home runs active five B is sixteen now. And we all thought most did that he would be the replacement for David Ortiz very good standing by Cleveland in their start play a lot better. But and yet I you know I still think he had some power to border guards more Mitch Moreland act can be among middle league leaders obviously but. They got it outside assail. Me and it is Grayson pour Celanese guys just plain out at the start pitching better. If I can't go back to be at artwork out of pitcher. Grip Q what Rivera pitcher not only here are all there that would make. Yeah why do no no you're absolutely right bill and I think a price is extremely talented he's very talented. I think most of it was him is between the years I mean he just doesn't wanna throw home plate with his team anymore he's he's thrown a first base he's taking for ever. And our I know he took some time not that knows watch it every store when he's with Tampa Bay but we sure enough for bomb. Tampa Bay Toronto Detroit and in. Why you know he seems so rattled and I know some other stuff for the reporters and everything else and is a different animal here in Boston but. And I pitched well before the American League east style like coming over from the National League west. Wyatt cheerful and all of our on our discussion on line and I will go back to Portland. People water you know they wanted to be well it really triggered that are you know shortly your. Well I think the majority people aren't working you know who I think that. Ms. reading Boston fans most Boston fans want to players perform well one road forum not against them. But no more I'm with the ability is curious and you know age is gonna see better out of him right now with what if they if it thanks for the call appreciate it. If they have had 22 pitch clock next season they Dave price is out there. That's going to be something he's gonna struggle the day weld well there's a few different guys on the staff there's plenty guys obviously basically baseball will. There are some quick workers really what you think about this staff. Palmer is though would be that if we'd there were two or heard him as well. But the you know. That they would prices IIE. He's next to Chris Sale as the most talent of any starter on a seal that's why don't I still have some more faith in reports a look and maybe straighten himself out. A little bit more. But we're seller right now is just it was nice to see him pitching in saddle bit but they always trying to pitch inside it was right over the plate. I mean those pitches last night were sent her cot. That it he was throwing those fastballs and he's gonna get that to two seamer going in that sinker going. I didn't think that he would have. This. But I he and it. You know I expect him to regress this season but not as this point 39 would be here are way way over five though the one positive you can say about him is he. He gives you six innings so and he's he gives you six innings each time somehow he's gonna get out of having those horrific. Innings first innings that are just dreadful. A couple of text messages here. Thanks as well for the welcome back to won't read all those but I have to appreciate it one just says James Harden Sox. I'm pension hard with the Marco faults. Comparison well I. I can understand if you're against him the day. He's lacking defensively to lets say that but he's does not suck I mean he he's an unbelievably gifted. Talented. Player. And I would have no problem playing. For him playing on the Celtics and and take consultant skulls along with the reds has caused with a timer mania six point 77797937. But I'm running through some of these. Text messages as well led to a 37. 937. One reference and a collar firm earlier. Dave out in San Jose Boudreau broke his for the services through June 24 2010. Just one day after hitting three home runs against Iraqis yes right about that that's Virginia in Wakefield text again. Get this his bunch appear but a lot of them about the the Celtics. Donut man text again for deadly grip whatever it takes to get Anthony Davis wanted to get reward agree with that but I don't see that come in for this season with a Anthony Davis. That's I can happen this season that's potentially. If it does down the road and the Celtics it is amazing how many picks. They do actually have as I mentioned 71 round is in the next three dressed and I can use those. They're gonna use. I mean it would be something. If they get their lakers pay it Q well it's the Philly paper it from the lakers. And it falls between two through five which they will have for next season if they don't deal that offers something along the lines of Jimmy bowler whatever they end up doing but if they. Keep that as part of this deal and it's not specifically is at the parameters. Not all going to be announced until today but. They get the third pick and they either dead. Sacramento's first round pick or the lakers if it's between 215 and of course they have the ball Olympic so imagine if they have won in three. Coming up here. Right 6177797937. You text as is well led 37. 937 John Ryder with the Red Sox review we take you up until 2 AM I would go one more segment ago. And get your calls of Colin after the break. Yes it is after the games. It's definitely after the game to game is finished up it was only four hours and eight minutes for the red sex tooled up the Astros six to five final segment. For myself John Ryder up until. Now another ten minutes or so 617779793. Seve could text has set. 37937. Read sized now tied with the Yankees for the alias lead this the first time. That the red sex retaliate he's his way back on April 18 you've never led the AL east this year. As him reading at their roadside stance on Twitter that information but to that is you know the Yankees are scuffling. Red sex you have the overall more talented team he would they get this pitching straightened out. Put the Yankees two halves in town they've been one of the surprises here but no one seemingly is running away would this AL east and as some talent all the way around. I eat I'm actually surprised Tampa Bay's two games above 500 at this forums there and horrid right now I don't expect that the last. But the area Baltimore Toronto they can have put into that they don't have the pitching really. So I think it's gonna be you know between the Yankees or Red Sox here. Most seasoned Houston team they beat size run away with the west I think Cleveland eventual separate themselves like most do. In the central another 150 have a two game lead on the twins although Andrew Miller finished things had a down year with them. Nationals there you know a juggernaut in the east. Cubs have been the biggest disappointments so for a baseball probably even though there. Just to have him back to Milwaukee but they're add to 34 and 34 started playing a little bit better but it. Still expect him to take their vision and a west is the best division in baseball Colorado Arizona Dodgers. Our plan out of their minds are let's get to the phone calls here's market Orly today marked. Asia I go on a good career. I just work our relative ease on the tour right this is something you know trust but Christine. Go far. Even if they did make a lot harder even limited edition and that's. The major he's pitching. And then start page and then DH. And I think and I think the third page it's kind of a black hole and he is public send blocking tight dirty games tomorrow. What happens when you play you money just to keep back into the pitching I mean besides that you. The two pitching suburbs there's they're single or simple and then. It picking up everything else you just don't know what is that. Yeah you're right you know this team mark it's it's really in the jobs darted his get back in the fray of of things here and happy to be back at WB I wanna get the work but. You know there are tough team to figure out you know I've been obtain a lot. You know his opinions so much tension for awhile there with the other work I do you know just that national perspective of things but. You know now watching this team much more closely right now. It and never watched much more this season they're kind of a tough team to figure out of AO what is this and I and I was thinking to myself I was. Yeah it end. In. It's you know I know the whole David Ortiz sitting in something is drastically missing and that's been gone over ad nauseam and it's obvious. But and there's Suze is something the talent is there but the years. You want her in the U there's still right here in the should be because of the talent and no one's running away with the American League east. But they are tough the team to put your finger on exactly and dissect. That's my feeling and I wonder how many people feel that way about sort substantial. Those three things blow up picture where we shouldn't let both those three things is populated they're protesting after barrels. An inferred based and apparently at the age who doesn't seem to embrace it and he eye popping widely regarded in the second half the year after he just looked like always gonna be such. It can be greatly traditional up in the air for. And it doesn't want to play first dude there's the call mark. Yes sailed and Kimbrel joke Kelly's been grain and the bullpen the ball opens been terrific. With the with Israeli some failing guys have been guys that they weren't expected to completely count on this if B Carson spent we'll see when he comes back Thornburgh done for the year. With the the shoulder surgery and hold. You know this fifth trade was an outrageous that Thornburgh and however one's talking about that he give up Travis show I was what like fourteen or road somewhere around there at thirteen as an 800 pleasant if yes and at third base AI. As I'm kind of have middle of the road type of player on the but they also gave up prospect. It's supposed to be pretty good as part of that deal as well so what you do yes right in. So if was he a fact I pans out but right now I mean that's that's an Athlon that trade. To this point but would these this makeshift bullpen and him breeze over achieved most these guys out of the bullpen have over achieved. And even when they acquired Joseph Kelly is part of that Lackey deal way back when. And Allen Craig was still ahead of target. But as part of a deal that you always died Kelly. EO either was a closer or you or any dating guy anyway because he he could throw absolute gas and he still does. But. You know ages and ages could put together as a starter but he's better suited there in that role. And in the bullpen tonight it looked like it was going to be a train wreck and somehow they ended up getting through this tonight. So. A good win and a solid win for the Red Sox tonight in bad attendees to it in the outfield and Borger it's common throughout the plate as well. A lot of this extra texture here. As a good question whether the Yankees struggled Oakland Seattle why do they you know it in the team on the Red Sox horizon. This is historically going backward goal waved back of course the roses to be a wagon back in the eighties if you wanna go back. That far but historically when the retina the royals were terrible the Red Sox for good Red Sox were hours of troubles in Kansas City that was one boys. And that's where there sir there's three game series coming up tomorrow night. And policy and volley is starting in a game John Ferro Marty said he is starting. And it came to Jason Hammel on the mound who's been a big time bust. For the royals is a free agent signings since coming over from the cubs so that's tomorrow night that's an 815 story time. Chris the midwest in Kansas City it's 730. Broadcast time for the pregame show here in the W the pirate sites radio network. Course much of the tiger today dominated by the Marco faults I wanna see what exactly the end game is a year before he starts the I would just torching. Danny Ainge like some have the means some agree in summer kind of await the seat. And knowing into industry. Have them appear right now I I don't have a huge problem within. You're getting another. You can have two picks in the top five potentially next season. And in an accident and another and another solid draft amendment there's potential. For that and they clearly do wanted here faults with the Isiah Thomas I think that they have their sights set on another deal. We'll see if it's Jimmy Butler Dili as it somewhat friendly contract. With Chicago east when he says he's giving 28 September of he he can give me the defense in the one thing that Danny Ainge definitely likes. And I wouldn't give up an absolute time for him is seemingly Chicago once it's under return. But I think Chicago is ready for the rebuild their on the treadmill right now in that going anywhere. I mean in my made the playoffs with a Dwyane Wade Jimmy Butler and a rise out around get in there but it. I didn't even know what they were doing as a front office this past season they they send a long time down guys in Dwyane Wade. They bring in Rondo. That I guess it was just tune kind of excite the fans have a team that welded animate the plants the dubious experts have. Kind of what dated reminds me of the you know the the Atlanta Hawks over the years always play out team but never been good enough to really get anywhere. Know that type of team constantly just the same so that there there and rebuild mode and I think the Celtics in a load an ample but seized. You know Cleveland seemingly isn't going anywhere. Eventually he wonder when these minutes are gonna cabs catch up to LeBron if ever. He's 32 at this point 33 obviously next season December 30 is his birthday. I was remember that because same Bertha is Tiger Woods and sandy Colfax. LeBron James they have all the same Burton had a bill and that's -- December 30 outside tiger which wells and says his issues but at. Anybody that's another story. Also another odd I don't know why and where were rap and up here but it what Derek Fisher I know it was a rookie. And I'm Derek Fisher the NBA guy and it's always Wear when that happens to know when there's what news's. Aptly with the same name into different sports but what he was taken there running near for the final offer that was held a peg by Christian basket as it is to finish that up. When we're finished up here Red Sox beat the Astros 625. I'll be back with the on Tuesday. After him before the Red Sox royals game. Thanks to a Christian I'm excellent job producer back there I'm John Ryder thanks for tuning in thanks texting and contacted Tuesday.