Red Sox Review 6-23-14

Boston Baseball
Sunday, June 24th
Ken Laird breaks down the Red Sox loss against the Mariners as Seattle's Mike Leake pitched a gem of a game going 8 shut out inninngs.  the Red Sox surged briefly in the 9th, but it wasn't nearly enough.  Ken also takes a look at possibilities for the Red Sox at the trade deadline and if they'll even have the capital to make some sort of big splash.

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But then again and that's bad radio before it can leverage that waits taking up until that midnight fell 72 it was it was ugly this was stopped this was just the rough one. While one of those nights where is Red Sox were just thoroughly outplayed top to bottom and without Betsy Bogart's in the lineup. This offense. I mean you saw without Saluki their for a stretch. Spoke arts as well for that matter. They'll both by the way Alex Cora said be back tomorrow. So. That's huge and that's gonna overshadow anything about this game you wanna say the offense they had three hits through eight innings they did scrape out. Minor modicum of excitement in the light fittings which moralist triple bringing home run breaking to shut up but. You know you you don't want overreacted at all to a game like this and the propaganda sheet that the Red Sox put out before the game I mean. 51 wins most in baseball. And after the offensive explosion last couple nice the Red Sox vaulted back to the lead in baseball runs 397 there were tops and run differential bubble like go thought doubtless. And the Red Sox offense is lynch yet. Last year rob Bradford by the wages put up a story tonight. About GD Martinez who continues to hit and now rob was putting up to me the pregame show. That that date the brows ski admitted they were going after GD Martinez last year they tried to get him at the trade deadline a year ago. And as rob said think back to last year what were they miss sailor missing home runs. So that was obvious see it on an area that they had identified they would like to go get some help. Part of the problem could be in other trying to deal with the Detroit franchise that. Went out of the best relationship with him with Dave Dombrowski. After he departed I don't know by the scenes maybe they were close in age eighty Martinez and maybe they just deal fell short didn't have the package that would got to hear. But the point is a year ago at this time as we were approaching the trade deadline the Red Sox had pretty obvious. Neat from the standpoint of they need to power. It didn't exactly fill that need and I only GD Martinez last year would've made a difference anyway. The edit series with Houston and they were outplayed by a better Astros team I didn't see that coming but those games weren't. All that close at to the point where one hitter makes that much difference. And you can get you know micro. Sort of analyze go back to last year anyway fast forty years later to my point. The trade deadline. It still ended July lot of time left for the Red Sox the deciding kind of sift through what beanie. But you watch a game like this tonight if he could get through what the seven to Seattle winning start to think yourself admit they need. They need some punch. You look at the stats to look at the numbers and you say this offense is fine especially if that's a bold arts or in the lineup. But the bottom of the lineup tonight as has been the case for much of the season even wind rookies in there or Bogart's. It's you know six through nine the batting order one for fourteen collectively tonight. And I bought a four Muller tonight devers Nunez Vasquez Jackie Bradley junior. Catcher's not going to be a position where they'd make a change fast is only own. It's a platoon baskets tonight over before his averages at 211. You know that's. It's just not something they're gonna go out and to seek a trade deadline we know that. Nunez was the DH tonight that's not gonna be the case would bets Bogart's are healthy Nunez was eight. You know siding with a player option in hot and I thought it was a go to I support the ninjas signing in the offseason he did have an idea. Nunez the RBI single in the ninth and draw walks he was once for three tonight and Nunez. Mean he's eating good hitter over the course of his career. You can see him being a productive piece on this team it's always the worst side of all time. A fairly reasonable contract all the petite getting picked up next year for four million or whatever. I Nunez soda advocates formally dollar player option. The biggest complaint delicious did Dustin Pedroia is not healthy Nunez was brought in to be a couple of month give she threw two Pedroia is ready. So it's hard to blame Nunez ceased coming off an injury itself. He's a decent right handed bat that you can plug it in a couple spots. The bigger questions I think our. Couric can you upgrade yourself. At the Jackie Bradley junior spot of course she can't offensively but what you lose defensively makes that such a bizarre. Decision that the Red Sox have to make me get back to that the second and the other what is devers. Devers injured himself tonight he was so for three. Ups you know the though the foul ball often mean he's hitting to 36. And your read. About all the trade rumors that are out there and the guys they and it keeps popping up this is Scott the most sexy to talk about from a baseball fan's point of view. Is maimed shot up. And you look to the Orioles and you think all right it's in the division. Probably not a fit the data get Iran pitched tonight Wasilla a tree with the Orioles. And this not like that's AM and no go as far as stealing some. Some assets to China was a rental. So wall all the price B I'm sure it'll be. A big. Ask. But devers may or may not be one of the guys that would have to go to clear her you know spot on the left side of the infield. To bring in Manny Machado back. According to John Hayman there's a ton of interest. It now maybe try to right now as a sweepstakes to full fledged sweepstakes. So the obvious question is do you look at devers and the year that he's had so far is hitting to 36 after the night so for three. He's obviously got some defensive. Let's say issues because well the numbers let's say he does have some issues terms of the total wearers of the year. But he's a guy that can make some great place. He's a developmental peace over there I guess would be the best way to phrase that he's I think he's improved and last year and a half. For sure. But are you sold on rough field devers. And if they got him a shot to win. For rental and you know they could approach it as if Steele they would show that would lead said bringing him around for the long term. Would you be prepared as Red Sox fan to go had make that move would bring in a guy like that. A major sort of sweepstakes ish guy where you would shake up your order a big way. By either benching devers or move again. For part of the return to bring me any beach Otto here. My answer that bug Corsican want to weigh in here it's 617779793700. Section view. My answer is no I'm not willing to give up rough field devers now. He probably could use some more grooming. This is a guy that analysts it was rushed along but he had some success last year he's kinda stuck he still a young very young player who. You can see at the plate even at at various times where he's not going to be a the high walk guy Ohio BP guy probably ever his career. But Buehrle swings the stuff out of the strike so puts himself and said that counts. And it's gonna be a bit of a project there as well. For the Red Sox. That's a little bit tough to take because they're a team that's built to win now older next year or so particularly with Chris Sale. You know drew Palmer it's despite not being in there is any of creation at the end of the year. And you know the how sail around for one more year the unit at the club option shall pick up. David Price we don't know about but the bottom one is Christine kind of built to win now in the shorter and they're kind of pull endeavors along. And he's a big part when the offense goes silent on a night like this for you think boy you can really used. A big knock from raw field devers in this game ended the first inning with a groundout. Swung through a pitch. Where for a minute there look like this game was tied at one instead next pitch he comes back in grounds out little fourth three put up and the yet. The threat is ended by Mike Leake. Struck out to end the fourth inning. End. If you fancy yourself a championship team. The Yankees lost tonight. You don't wanna get stuck in one game playoff with a team like the bears were anything can happen all these games even though you've blown 51 feel a little bit more important. Time is of the essence. And you don't wanna blow chances like tonight when the Yankees lost at Tropicana Field so it's all part of date. Consideration that what we do with rough you'll devers and we just keep playing him every night. Or do you go for so more minor pieces. To try to improve this team. Here in there we'll get that to Bradley in a moment but there is one bit of trade rumor. In terms of the Red Sox. And a West Coast report. Leah region this this is from the San Francisco chronicle. In court today and the ace the Red Sox have talked to the ace of bouts. More Kana. But that's what blockbuster that's not gonna be a baby shuttle sweepstakes like player they tucked the a's ball mark candidate inquired. Sounds like he's not available why I don't know that that's been set for sure. But there's a guy who is he right handed hitter. Com you may or may not be a regular player be sitting 303 against lefties this year. New York a trade rough guilt devers to get Marc cannon. But as somebody who could place an outfield for yet. And in that case you're talking more about Jackie Bradley junior losing at bats he can also probably platoon at first base. It platoon with Mitch moral little all the he's hitting 300 after tonight. But through four seasons the big leagues. Mark Candice played a 170 games in the outfield most of the left 86 games at first he's DH the little bit played a couple of games at third base. So this is a guy that. You have concrete knowledge then per a reportedly this report from the San Francisco. Chronicle. The that's a guy the Red Sox are looking at least 29 years of age who's not a young guy anymore. But he's only four years into his big league career he's a career to want to 37 hitter this year receipt to fifty. Nine homers 45 RBIs. Is that can be enough. To come in and spread out the wealth of your lineup give you'll write hit back you you'll bench option. Where you feel like on a night like this the offense wakes up look at where you'll just have death what you get to 692 batting order. And it appears that's the way Pete to browse he's gonna go right. That the actual better fit for them. Is probably Adam Jones. Who's the other member of the Baltimore Orioles that is up for trade bait for trade discussion. And you know as far as Jones goes and he's been a long time morial. Of course she can't get past. Everything that happened last year to boss him. What you believe it when you don't believe it going to go back down that road. Obviously Adam Jones believes it and there's so much drama behind whether he hurt he racial slur here Fenway Park last year you wonder if he would even agree. To come to albeit a contender to the Boston Red Sox. But right now Adam. He's seabed FTSE borderline superstar but. He's got that kind of disaster where you could see him coming in and really spreading out this lineup in a big big way especially if Dustin Pedroia is not in becoming back. And we have based on the silence is deafening silence. Around the Pedroia situation it appears like right now. You're not gonna get the joint back in the lineup so the junior Jones was the outlook the joy the infield but it's just that right handed bat they need. To spread the wealth a little bit. And with everything with the Yankees being measured day by day under the microscope. It is if it's one of those things you start to think about whether you would stretching and start to have some. Back channel discussions that it Jones to wonder if you would leave the straight rights and of course won't cost as well so. That's what's the first thing on the mind tonight your right section you at a seven to two loss the Mariners night he tough when you get through but in terms of yes the stats say the Red Sox are at least offensively the winds at 51 say. Nothing to at all worried about it 11 in the series is set to great nights offensively yes yes yes all that bought. This division you gotta win don't wanna get to one gave up playoff. Trade Billick coming soon. Sooner rather than later in terms of you don't fall to Leah you know 345. Game deficit. Chasing the Yankees here it's low last couple wants they are and at a position now here whether stumbling for whatever reason for the first time this year. They may lose three in a row they droplets of marlin Tampa. And you wanna take advantage and it's like the Red Sox could not do that are tailored or Fenway Park we got rid suck you up until midnight. Couple other trade rumors that are out there are baseball throw those up past your ox Cora spoke post game he updated the status of Bogart's devers and a bookie that's Lola you hear from Cowher as well 6177797937. Italy to reach us here on Red Sox review once portrayed UWB. And eleven O two here's what's treading Alan WTI at WEI dot com Seattle where seven Boston Red Sox to tonight at Fenway Park. No game this contest even up now at a one game apiece the Red Sox with a loss. Failing to catch up with the Yankees who also felt that it was shut out four nothing in Tampa in the elis of socks now lost three of 55 out of eight. Chris Sale on the mile tomorrow for the 105 for speech twelfth twenty pregame. On the Shaw's star market WB I Red Sox radio network but socked by the way three hits through eight innings tonight they did play to his two runs kind of meaningless. In the ninth inning Bruins had does some action today after not picking in round one. Their first pick in the of the yet NHL draft in the second round axle Anderson 57 overall. And that he will be in with the the rest of the development camp prospects this week. Over at warrior ice weather forecast for tomorrow. As a toll in April date today Sunday's high 78 degrees but there are some showers and possible thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow. So I'm at what the F. Umbrella it's more coming up to Fenway for that Chris Sale finale. I Taylor that's the stranding more Red Sox are you coming up next. These days Red Sox who have. On WEEI. They just want I hit eight tell laughed and we're back by the wall ahead probably. They go to drop. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review what we. There on WEEI. Six it was outscored thoughts coming off a post game an update on some of the injured players morph. Primarily no bookie that's still consider forwards tonight. And they lost rough field devers in this game with a foul ball off the dean. Early word was that he's okay it was just a precautionary but Alex or we'll tell you himself coming up a few minutes talk a little trade deadline it's early. But what the Red Sox needed your opinion and when you start to hear some of the rumors out there. Many which shot those named probably. For the hitter goes which is setting what we were all agree the Red Sox need first and foremost right eight bat or two. Veteran outfield tight seems to be to meet the number one priority. If not for the incident last year Fenway Park Adam Jones actually is a great fit but he's got a right to veto any possible trade. He's been a ten years in the bigs and five straight time current organizations sell. I would highly doubt. Alex Jones would come here Arabia wrong but he is certainly very vocal about the incident last year. And that maybe he would still approval point of sorts to come here and play for a contender plates and some big games and you just never know how that works but it would it would think that would be something that would be a major headlights Parker to bring Adam Jones senior Jackie Bradley junior was back in lineup tonight. But he was O for three and GBJ's average after this will false the 178. That being said if you're gonna bring. You know Jones in. Or you're gonna just go with the wood Betts is healthy that that's been attendee Martinez outfield Friday night's game. If you watch the the majority that you could see where you'd best Bradley there was a ball we're better Denny was going back towards the monster well off his glove than a penny can rolled into the to the wall. The Red Sox had come back to win the game but it was a play where. I have no doubt Jackie Bradley junior makes that catch. And it it's an obvious tangible thing you could point to a game on Friday night we're JBJ's making that catch then attend did not make it close. But you you clearly lose something but when you still look at the at you know final tonight. And you see the bottom of the order of six through nine in the ordered Bradley departed ices you know one out of four but they were one for fourteen collectively it's just not getting the job done. And too many nights they have to rely. On either Martinez. That's Bogart's or in the case of tonight word rookie in Zander not a lineup. You you really feel it I think it's a Red Sox watcher and listener of stand. Somebody that's trying to evaluate this team and say what do they need. All we need a better bottom of the order they need about the need to write it that primarily. Who is dead and who sits because David Bradley is a candidate. And that brings out jokes and a discussion and any other part of it is today which shuttle dame jaws a whole lot more appeal. But are you prepared to either deal rob feel devers. Or to bench rough you'll dampers to that was that would be what it would take him in those two options you're clearly better for rental I eat it up a lot with the division team. To get him here. But it's also not necessarily the place where you would. Just look at say OK Deborah sticks because that's not the case the guys. Capable some big home runs he's just got holes in his game right now he's got some room to grow old defensively. At the plate swinging with the pitches out of the zone. He's a projects he's under control for so many years they'll and there are so arrest of prospects underneath your organization it feels like devers is really. Still the number one prospect. It would be tough to give that up even though you've got your eye on. This year and next year in the Chris Sale era so to speak as a Red Sox fan with that window to win a championship. Tell me what you think six or 77797937. Wally has been hang in there he will start us off with a Red Sox are you call portion insurance on etiquette pulled up because that. Couple dugway great producer but he does bailed on me so I'm not here at Larry you handle will be back tomorrow so Wally let's go democratic. It was so you ride just didn't have a lonely you. If you ride just didn't have a look and Michelle elected to give it devastates cell window is now. But legacy realistically because of other names so we can Andrew McCutcheon. But this giant in the idea intriguing guy to whichever Lowery could use him at second anywhere in the infield. Well you're getting Yankee lineup I'm it was big we just campaign which is top every. We we get the poor guy that we get a little black hole. But he's gonna have these the other guys that are out to get some help but we don't have a catch it is sending a video much like Gary Sanchez. We don't have to kids at the bottom and you are out. Already hit twenty home runs apiece I mean we just don't have the firepower right now that the Yankees. Thanks for the call Wally you to look at the you look at the Yankees know I was just chicken at the New York Daily News and one of the columnists that Mike Kim Maceo has spent his headline is. Slumping yanks can't afford slip up and AL least better find a way to break up about Sunday. So if you're yet he Spaniard. It's it's. You know you look at the yankees' lineup I would agree that you know. There they spread out spell out the wealth better like. Look at today's lineup for example but the bottom of the order. Into our sit and seventh for them you sitting 286. And has had a pretty good year Austin reminder catchers hitting 309. But Greg birds and a terrible slump but he came back off the DL but he sees sitting 193. In bird. Let me see leaves the fault that he's in he's seven for 51. And this was their best hitter last year in the playoffs but. He said you know at carefully in about a month that it got to get itself up to each night he can't do it. Neil Walker sitting below 200 whose second base in this game so they are a little too top heavy too I mean. And not to mention neither. Judge nor standard hitting anywhere closest to the average wasn't in some of the other numbers that. Judy Martinez says Jean Ritchie has had an unbelievable start of the year so. Eat and eat yet pat everything. But a few the Yankees and Red Sox G fifth in your in this sort of Star Wars now in your of their eye and each other it's a game or two games to the tide. Pretty much every day you look at the standings. Any little addition here in the next month is gonna make a difference. And there's got to be fear from each of these teams that you get that one game wild card and you get eliminated by the Mariners team right now the merits a thicker five games up in the wildcard. There are good team they would could easily come in here. And half wolf you know one other guys tonight it was Mike Leake last week at Safeco Field it was a low block the shot amount. And you'll. They've been dead and missing Felix Hernandez here in this little seven game series but crews crushes them that's a guy that you would obviously feared a short series so. To go out and get a mic a couple of additions to get past them and get into a longer series it could make all the difference in the post season run. And she don't eagle eagle Yankee treaty pitch count that seems to be for them that's a no Prater they're gonna add some pitching for the Red Sox it's just not as it's not as clear. So who would you Trace where we're ego couple other names that surfaced today before your from Alex Cora this is interesting. According to Evan grant of the Dallas morning news the Texas Rangers are. Out of playoff contention and they're starting to make guys available. So forget about relievers for a minute they're closer. Keeley clo they're gonna make available in cheek Deke then. But Adrian Beltre is available. But so there's another third base if if the child does not somebody that your thinking about what about Belcher. A procedure Beltre had that. It's kind of resurgent year the one year he signed in lists in Boston for nine billion or whatever he added the rejuvenated season. And they didn't make the playoffs that year and I think they're close member serves. But they didn't and he was gone they didn't really make a big play Foreman did I was featuring Gonzales call Crawford. They remove and another other direction in. The course Beltre yet. Has played a lot for Texas and his. I mean he eased some borderline hall of Famer I would say maybe maybe beyond Portland. So would you would you consider bringing Beltre back there's a right handed bat that so obviously you could kind of platoon a little bit there with devers third. And it would seem to make a little bit a sense of maybe that's more the direction they were considered going. Josh it'll look next year on Red Sox to view was some trade deadline thoughts what's up Josh. They would. I just won't abandon you know it's really popular popular at boxed. But clearly on the trade block in the GTW. Copper Marlins. Been reported. You know an optional war on it we need is asking price but you don't want our iPad it. And we cleared by late swipe our endeavors you know we're talking about what the moment you block you know that the package that. It opened up about the Marlins to open up. You know per our captain of that caliber that outward until the reds but actually it sued an eight under control for the next couple years. I'll be out there that owners and there's a great letter. You can also play first base so morally right down that got out that there. It's not a bad thought the judge that the cause. Real you to at another Holbrooke today sleaze she's obviously got. This dude is average popped up due to the united tiebreaking Grand Slam in the seventh as Miami beat Colorado today 308. Now. After two for four with a green it's so you play at first today. Yet it's interesting thought this all goes back by the way to the lack of Pena Ramirez around and we talked last night with them. ABC investigative journalists shall be on Red Sox review in the last 24 hours. I wouldn't say that story is really gone as far as I thought it might obviously Michelle still digging. The timeline is. Still little murky we don't you got it does it really deeply analyzing whether or not Ramirez was released for some off field concerns but. You know there's real mutes it was a right handed hitter who placed first in you've had that guy is sort of ethic. In Italy and it was a little bit of a funk offensively. And he was gonna cost you a ton next year so it didn't come without some penalties you know that vesting option was going to be picked up. But I I at the college right if you get JT real mute so here he's had a terrific years of you were saying he's the best catcher in baseball. It costs a lot in terms of asking price from the Marlins but losing 308. Ten homers. Career carries a 283 hitter. But. It would just eat a letting you should make the deal that you bring him and be like we had this kind of at least we had a right handed bat the complete first. And as far as catcher goes. I just don't seek Cora move. Splitting up with. With with the baskets and no matter how bored they hit. I just don't think there and consider moving on from baskets. And Leo right now that I think there's satisfy those do. The think they're fine there and that's not pleased that ago but it's not the if he's the first baseman OK and you can he connect their plutonium would moral and I suppose. It's just backed general regarding eating fifteen billion respectful platoon guy. Part of the argument for we got repeatedly for baseball reasons is we believe in Mitch Moreland reading player right. And I guess part it was the keeps us light around. Swire had one at bat today it was so you know it wrote good against the and Diaz a tough closer. But public's wired house eating 149149. That's obvious please read a great. I haven't yet for awhile let's hear from out score from the date of this post game negate some updates on the injured guys and now whether that be back soon. Aura tomorrow that matters outscored north to printers. NC game I felt like going to gamma. Posting Obama the first inning and let it shut down in and we munition that me and him. Obviously when that happens. When you lose that game. You know like come with a lot of energy trying to. Said the temple right right away and went in to the shut down in and who threw a cutter. Who. Sickening. And bidding. Get them in. And a cutter. And again those two pitches. Compared to last week and that's what we're packing away. Did you in. It and it didn't work. But then you know we we come back. With the bases so again it is. Was court run there in the field. And expand. Choice breaking some. It's kind of the zone and score line. The feel of the game we'll play. Wasn't it. Ruffin is okay. We hope so yeah. But I do Stockton and the initial early tomorrow. When. I'm. I don't feel that after the first and then seed eating on two way commitment. I've been patient and absolutely. He. Pitched inside to lefties. And then he and so. Spacing last week his stuff was better. It was illness. Islands right. Last week. It was closed pleased with the cutter with sinkers. And control it meant. And so few pitches. We hit some balls hard to but I mean. And Jacqui now so. Why those knives and now. When mate and him. But some good swings and read them but some of them that sometimes. Lose. It. And everybody. Going forward in. But really game in movies two's they would with the approach. One. Use. Work him as far as. The process. Issues there. Palm. Is Amanda played him. And get to. That is messed it. Yeah basses at us by the amount to come true so obviously you know fear it was about well. As some items you know it's like he slowed down. Its announcement but play it on two days. This. Out score after the a 72 loss tonight whether it sucks and can't literate such review and Cora did did they be read before an app that say that the bets in down. Bogart's are back in line at tomorrow's that to make a huge huge difference title of the trade deadline. Do you see a major move coming DC big piece. What exactly does the to do the Red Sox need 6177797937. It feels like particularly after a night like this without milky. And Sander right handed bat in a big way but. Put those two in. It'll be a party agree if Holtz and moral and continue to get. Event attendees for that matter. This lineup obviously stacks up with any of baseball numbers show what most runs in baseball covenant that tonight. Animal best run differential. So they are pretty good position to compete. All that being said this. An excellent chance it'll somebody else goes down and you wanna bring you wanna give yourself some assets of bench guys. In case of emergency that's another part of beefing up of the trade deadline anticipating some injuries down the road so. That what you see tonight with that a piece or two not being available that might happen down the road so. Either Rask he's gonna have some tough decisions. As to who'd give up. Be less so the farm system but in terms of are you willing to really relegate Jackie Bradley junior. To the bench and rob feel devers well I think devers is. I think he's safe but even her core assay to Iraq rocky expanded the zone a couple times. And he's 21 he's still young you think back to the Travis shot trade. And I was I thought that was going to be a no brainer success story because of Tyler Thornburg get a great year as the brewers closer. We haven't seen him yet and that it's got to beat your socks it's so frustrating because they could clearly use Shaw you know was elected its stick. Just right now if you'll feel like devers is getting it done. You could put shot in there and the other night like this you find a way to maybe get Bolton there devers your DH is that a swipe cards that Nunez. It's it's such a a difference in this order without that's Bogart's. And Allen gets a kick in the teeth right there that you gave up on shock and Thornburg has given you nothing but it's so here yard tree Dem money gotta gotta make up for the past mistake. And I can't say I wouldn't you know that I did not blame the brows it's time I thought it was the right move. But that would hurt someone asserts. For a year and a half years now Stephen Walton is next up on no Red Sox review what's going on Steve euros or traded WD act. Taken I don't you know what. I don't know I'm trying to look at this thing for real logically I don't see the map working here in the political crisis is. Protects girls well over the lecture attacks I don't see them taking a lot of salary their farm system is stripped because of what to prosecute me for trades. I don't think you know bat I think they need a bullpen arm I think they're open as the weakest part of the team. And now compare that the Yankees yankees are positioned well public thirteen million below electric tax amount. And there are a lot of prospects and they will block and guess star pitcher at the deadline I'm pretty confident that so. That's why don't you made your move here every unique you know why would you need to add offense. Armed to the Red Sox I think they need bullpen help because because of the postseason pitching is more important heading anyway. Why guiding your right about bullpen and that's I just catalyst that decide tonight see that's that's. I would think that's a no grain right they're gonna add a bullpen piece of some. As far as the back goes. If they do nothing as far as the office your fight with them heading into the playoffs this lineup as it is. Not fine but. You know it's funny you eat Roma travelling throughout Beltre okay the child well. Is going to be a pure rental and I don't see them getting prospects to get him. Top military would be an interesting thing because battle and I don't know what his contract situation is so much salary be taken back with his. Getting doubled like him would be less of a burden because you're not you're probably epic you know you won't have to give up as much prospects. Android kickbacks salary but now I mean obviously I. You know you have you have Miguel and do our you have clever towards the bottom you can line up. It isn't a deeper lineup right now in the Red Sox know. Yeah I did the catching position of the rhetoric of the whole center field with jet Bradley junior as a whole arm there's a lot of holes in that lineup and that line up period. Come playoff time be get to yes so yeah your right. Offense is definitely. Eighteen million is the of Beltre yet contracts that he's in light of an audio so. Yup. It's a mean look I was next sixteenths. Yet it's about the same as the shot basically but you're right I think it would take less to get them. Because he's older and he's not going to be a real big payday after this season. No question AC thanks for the thoughts and you don't presently the bullpen out of the for a second. And it terms of the salary whether the organizations willing to add the payroll like that. You know this is part of the conversation about ruse they can steal right so. If the Sox add his. There was a piece done by AMP. Gates that with the globe Greenstock and about. If the if you brought up Bruce nick is the use the hitting well AAA but I you know I'm skeptical there would translate here anyway. But they would then take on his set ten point 36 million dollar salary sold rate would raise their payroll over the highest luxury tax years 237 million. Pick would lose have been dropped ten spots in the 2019 drafts. And so. You know you're really. And it it it if indeed mice I suspected they released Haley for. Caught check reasons that they did they don't want no part of that top tier luxury tax. You know there was a reason they kind of had a salary cap on themselves last year they didn't wanna go out for Edwin Encarnacion made the sort of set up bar of what where they would Gil. And I mean I think I don't lecture they would be willing to do that for either of those guys on the pro rated portion of it. You know for 161000000 and eighteen million dollar player possibly you you know it can unload some salary elsewhere in getting those guys back but. Both Beltre and the child alike too expensive for them which is almost the it's it's hard to fathom that the Red Sox for the second Euro would still be in that situation. But they sort of tucked away last year and I really question whether they would add. That much salary get an issue so I think the caller is right from the standpoint of that's probably a pipe tree you're eating even Beltre you're probably looking more at. Well you know Marc cannon a made the per that report from San Francisco that's the type of player the look at that they're looking at more of fourth outfielder type not somebody's gonna come in like Adam Jones. And BA starting outfielder they're looking for Maurice a supporting cast peace and whether or not that's not to beat the Yankees. You tell me 617779793. Separate can. I'm mark candidate that's there only moved between now and the end of the next month the second enough to win this division Mike in Connecticut's next up here on a Sports Radio WTI what's up Mike. I can Columbia. Of people marching insurance and your portion now. And euphoric arc of all people. I'm going out to get a put back candidates or whatever cultural touch her rep park or what. I'm I'm having my doubts now I am and my doubts. Well I honestly behind Thornburgh. He does a setback this is every time he he pitches now every every second or third outing he gets ripped up the AAA and and they kind of I guess they do it called a setback beatle minor setback he'll go back to the drawing board a little bit but I don't know how you can trust and now you're getting indicted. Mean these games all matter but you're getting into July and August are much sure they're gonna count on him. Art outright but they need to get about Karen. That aren't real weak and how much already a big tournament or Bradley. I mean I know in a couple walls are. The numbers don't RE DC or senator bridge all the people are brick wives or dissident and took off. Don't wanna experiment on swaps now. It's it he has he has such a unique player like him I'd never seen anything like it I mean I'm only 39 years old but that somebody all of this good this really the center court I was bad at the. Under one thing this reminds me that somebody would just hole and off that lycopene ignored all the don't see it and Omar got. I can feel plane and a one game well prepared Karen but what do you think it would have to give law. They're good they're really wanted to poll workers are already told the airport Charl. I mean I think I think yep. Devers would be the ask write him and that's their top prospect still. I mean I guess you could throw some of their income prospects like GA group but it. I don't have great means I do and I think. You would make the trade from which to see about Willie give up on devers I think there's the we're so familiar you are secure and control over players. It's you know. You know much a medal of Mercury and you know they're ready or stay here. He might he make. But again literally paying top dollar early season and you'll meet or are you think that it would ball. It didn't work for her. I have no idea I mean I had. I guess he talked about that you know he was gonna squawk about that this offseason right he wouldn't be he wanted to be shortstop again but for that matter Bogart's is coming at the end of the line in two years so. I'm sure they can work something out there if he's there shortstop the future I just how much they would you'll pay him what what's he gonna command on the open market next year over 200 million. Are actually to appear icicle like art. Yep although you know eight inning duties you've heard. Judy Martinez squawk about the fix being in. In baseball what a joke was this offseason and now he's got to a competes in the complaint because he won an unbelievable hitter that we've watched her for the first couple months and he made. You or is making what 8090 million less than the stand. And not finding the going to be 200 million dollar guy not even close to that so I don't know you know you get some big fish including. The price harper. Up in this a free agent class of maybe. Nearly neither their buddies of of the Yankees in the big bidders will go after harper and Alec which shot it would make as much but I get a feel he's going to be making a ton. But I you know it's interesting when you think about how when you think about. Trading from a shot early trading at devers it's just. Devers for all his areas of possible development that he still leads the work on. To give him up to the Orioles are watching played over there for six years to stop and think about Baltimore fans he robs not good tonight. But I'm sure it's gotta be tough you know they they took Iran out at. And they they brought Hillary and he was ill find for the dispute that the it's a one year rental it's gone in and all of a sudden your left for multiple years of watching you rod just. Despair if you put everything every time you play him. And that would be tough to see endeavour's launching balls here at Philly can look back in Orioles uniform as well I would not do that I would not trade devers from China. Six was seven cents at like seven editors and let me know what you think to global trade deadline talk tonight after a tough night for the Sox they drop at 72. With you until midnight at camp later Fenway Park. On Sports Radio Libya. I he had. We'll smooth jamboree to back here on Red Sox view I'm Taylor with a it to midnight tonight. Greg about the weekend. Love it though Red Sox action from me last night tonight and tomorrow be back again with the studio hosting duties pre game at 1220 across the network. Last night was. Pretty fun bizarre game fourteen to ten double comeback game we all the Hanley Ramirez rumors flying. And it's not it was just what those nights where it was a it was a three hour grind for. I think everybody here Philly park watching three gets for the Red Sox through eight they finally got a couple runs. With Martina is immoral but the lineup severely lacking a punch laden rookie. In Zander who keep that sick tonight. He'll be back to a lot of tomorrow per Alex Cora into Bogart's they rested with the finger issue he jammed it a sliding. On a steal in the sixth on Friday night he should be back tomorrow. In their place. Today line of Zooey Lynn called up and put the top of the order. He did reach on an error that was it he's now oh for his last 25 in the majors so. The top of the order was a big hole 69 and the order was obviously a major problem devers so for three before he got hurt tonight. I'm not serious but he left the game why aero for one when he came in. Nunez did get RBIs hit that was a couple fly outs in the win this game was in debt question and Jackie Bradley junior oh for three. On the night as well on top of that. Little League this is a major cause for concern wanting you know we've talked about trade deadline what you would do his socks and we got a couple mistake your calls on that at 61777979371. We're expect the Red Sox to beat a player from a shot oh or Adrian Beltre was the reports on all the Texas Rangers have put up on the market. A big name right hated that the Sox apparently inquired about the a's Mark Hanna. Who's a right handed outfielder slash first baseman. Not as big of a name but he is under team control for a lot more years so actually he might be AF fairly big asking price but you know probably would be. Rotational peace not somebody who you would you know would be eight every day starter for you that would put Jackie Bradley of the bench. That's you know one of the first concrete reports that we've had out their mark cannon so that's more of what the Red Sox seem to be looking at right now. Even John Cheney who put up. Breaking down the main shot a sweepstakes he has the Red Sox is like ninth. On the he thinks that the the channel about the Philly. Where Saint Louis or Arizona somewhere in the National League first and foremost. If he goes to the American League team he thinks the Indians at the top choice the landed. That would be a pretty powerful line. Cleveland Indian squad to go with the Francisco Lindh or Jose Ramirez. It would move Ramirez to second base and at put keep this on the bench and it would put the child left side of the infield so. They think about that too many of the child may not come the Boston but wherever he gaullist evil BA big swing peace in terms of make it somebody's lineup legit and catching up with the Red Sox in the Red Sox get a date the trustee could sit up and and student laughed and all this because they've gotten more most drugs in baseball. That's run differential. Maybe they don't need a big supper but. Nights like tonight really obviously without that's Bogart you start to think man their. There injury injury away from really like getting exited early again in the post season and edit add back the initial point. The Yankees are gonna go get a starting pitcher they lost Jordan Montgomery. To knock it was of some issues and. They'll probably get Cole Hamels they have an obvious need with whoever they go out and yet they're gonna get somebody come into the rotation. That's a major player for the for the Red Sox it's not it's clear and you think their rotations pretty good. Chris Sale tomorrow he's not been getting great run support but. You know up until this weekend Stephen Wright any run at solidify things. And the last two nights those guys have not been themselves not at all Steve Wright was just dreadful Friday. They got away with Demi give up ten runs they still ended up winning the ball game which is incredible. Coral Austin and I thought wait too long and for him to face Nelson Cruz again. Was. It seems ludicrous Cora was spinning it pre game it's like she. And I can't say I can evaluated knuckleball he said basically they felt that Steve writes knuckleball he had made some adjustments he was coming around again. Positive they didn't make the change but. It didn't look like to me having. And all of this was. They are just so fortunate. To come out from that and come back when the fourteenth tent but anyway. You don't. Was not himself he didn't get a single swing and miss with a changeup tonight. I'm Chris Mason pointing out that's been a bread and butter pitch forum and he was charting the change ups and their. It is a little concerning the fastball velocity was down a little bit you rod talked after the game may just be as simple as. You know they face this mariners team a week ago in the rates and adjustments on him. Here's a little bit he rots post game chat with the immediate tonight he tells you what went wrong forum this evening. What does this. Later this coming you know salute. Two visuals of ground particularly. Listen a lot of corners and changes on the playing. This is a review. Can we do. Warned about the first inning. Being energized and motivated the Jews. Before spinning as a little more. It was important shut them down we were able to do. Mean. Government doesn't mean they'll develop do it quickly and everything and this go on and on for a few. Give the game and in position to win the game and then. If you are on. He's got a phone division your political. This. The favorite Cologne would the pitches in an amendment to say Nintendo's wheel and a great photo of mommy's in life on the doesn't go through the differences are hitting. There. They'll try to go sort of morning in Hemingway put the ruling. It was so beautiful Victory Lane and and a list I also don't blame it's going. It is in this global. So. It's excellent work in the great. So you rod steady Eddie there and certainly unit you're gonna say a he's earned Naia. He's earned a rocky start to give up what five runs for the birds and those who Whalen that would go wonders look tonight. But you run it once he'd won his last six he was six and over the 229 ERA coming itself. I can overreact he broader Arenas even right. It's three pretty good starts before he had a clunker. But it's just that's a minor eyebrow raise I would say heading into the what's gonna be a big week you with the angels coming in. They're a desperate team trying to keep pace in the wild card funded and of course the Yankees next week we'll see how the rotation. Kind of stands out but the you know depending how they shifting scene of the off day Monday. You know sale will pitch tomorrow. He'll miss the angels series you would think they would stack him up to pitch. Probably on the first Friday in at Yankee Stadium. Rob Bradford reported yesterday that I can change David Price he's going to be in there. And he's gonna pitch against the Yankees so we'll see you know out the meaty rod will make that Sunday start New York we've been pretty good. Over his career against the Yankees this going to be so next week. I'll final thoughts Red Sox or you'll do that next until Laird seven it to the errors when it tonight. Here at Fenway Park and we continue on sports trading at W yak. Our Red Sox review winding two it's thrilling conclusion here on the Fenway Park nobody's left. Strict was drawn. What makes me happy Milliken Finley though much lockers just turned into a storage facility for tricks cakes and no water bottles he's never hear anymore. Dudley takes care all the the lockers here they personalize locker the mutt says Mike for some reason not mutt. But he's always always in the morning shows he's never on Red Sox games on a regular base city morsel locker goes but just fully tricks cakes. I like that and I Vatican tonight. But. That's one thing that I like last night alike the drama of him to Ramirez. The group reports coming out from Michelle McPhee. ABC news' investigative reporter we had a run last night. She's obviously done some terrific digging on this even give the ball rolling on possible ties of Haley to this drug ring in Lawrence in open to New Hampshire. And she was on again betray any end of march is this afternoon. I wouldn't say that the story's taken off but it still adjusting it would last night we started talking about we did most of the brits such a view about it. And anyone the caller said why are we talking about this it was 1410 game was very exciting but. I only you understood some people it. If this thing. If there's more to it and Hanley Ramirez. Was tied to would lead a federal drug ring that sought. Yet federal investigators. Arrest forty people for trafficking. 45 people back on April 25 and as a major story. And if if even further he's like. The head of the Rangers of the bizarre you know we're used to. Would it there's that ties to the Dominican right who knows how bizarre story can be amateur could top top Eric Hernandez in the patriots as far as. You know scandals soared just. Sizzling. Behind the scenes drama going all of the organization but it might be close but it appears the timeline does Michelle is laid out like the Red Sox throughout the look. As we just kind of you sum it up because. It sounds like he knew this guy the got arrested who who blamed him on owning a box that later was found the contains fentanyl. Haley denies it till the reds six authority but such an already the FAM before the stop five days before so it's not like it does not appear like they were trying. To hide something based off this incident however. You know it he let's say he knows this guy and obviously the guy had his phone number for a reason. You never know almost before may be word got into the Red Sox organization that hey at least that's sketchy friends and maybe that was just. More the straw that broke the camel's back female on any concrete evidence that heat but just it. Hey maybe there are thinking about releasing him he struggled big contract in oh by the way he might have some. This stuff going on here that maybe that was enough for the Red Sox say you know what it's time to move want. It doesn't appear though what is he smoking deal resisting solidified enough yet that we know for sure that and he's gonna be arrested or arraigned or anything like that but. It DC two entity to be continued and that's kind of cool off today but I think we're going to be talked a lot more about a Kirk Callahan. I'm Monday morning at 6 AM and Kirk Jerry than their shared digging on this wells can't wait to you with those guys Pepsi I'll be back tomorrow. Bradford is on tomorrow morning was Steve Buckley don't miss them by any of sharpen that I'll be taken over for the pregame. A 1220 tomorrow's Sox look to win the series over the bears talked to mark.