Red Sox Review 8-5-17 with Tom Giles

Boston Baseball
Sunday, August 6th

Drew Pomerantz has another good outing which Tom goes over with the callers. The discussion eventually moves to who should be in the playoff rotation and there are some interesting answers to this question.


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And it's really hammers wonder might fail let's go do it and they splat as an. On an event until they weather is thirteenth homer of the season and first inning lightning tour and Rubin intended. He's a recap of Red Sox and the White Sox 32. Jackie Winchester drive there. And okay. On dial 6177797937. One kind of waits at the plate Kimbrel deals old shoes swing and a miss strike. Rifled one past him at 993. Time Montana has gone on strikes tonight. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. What's up blood minarets our interview on Tom Giles Red Sox coming off a 41 win at. Over the Chicago White Sox at Fenway Park the fifth straight win for this ballclub and dom this one done with. Relative ease as we didn't have a walk off that I don't know dramatics wryly. Four the Sox in this win it was true Palmer it's getting the jobs on once again on the mound as he has. Really over the last two months of the season has not lost since June 11 and bombers now eleven and four on the season he's got the array of 336. So he continues to trend in the right direction and Craig Kimbrel also. Coming on in getting his 26 saves and did hit a batter but ended a picnic I up the first base came through the couple strikeouts in Campbell's look absolutely dominates. Upper stretches hearing especially when you go back to last night's ballgame after putting a couple of guys on base after the sacrifice bunt. Had to strike just the fall that's a Kimbrel has once again looked excellent in that closers role for the ballclub and how about. To two run home runs for the threats are seen yet troop tolerance giving up a leadoff home run to start the first standing. And Donna got that feeling. After Tim Anderson hit that home run action I I thought of last year. When clay buckles was trying to return to the starting rotation. And the first guy he saw it was Tim Anderson the White Sox in the first pitch the ball game. Anderson hit it out to left field. Red Sox sent of losing nineteen to Chris Sale. Much different tonight that's right Chris Sale back when he's on the White Sox back before Dave Dombrowski traded you'll Markota. For Chris Sale. But Palmer it's it dot rattled at all by an act of the next three guys out. Ends up going six in the third innings giving up just seven hits and a walk in and striking out eight. Mr. Palmer raids in this ball game and and yet. After giving up at leadoff home run yet Andrew banning Tandy come through date two run home run in the bottom of the first inning hitting our lineup which. I wasn't sure how much alike see injure Bennett Teddy in that spot. Had a great night a couple nights ago I think he went three for three but last night went over five outs is back with a couple hits. In this ball game including a two run home run to give the Red Sox to 21 lead. And and they didn't rest then because in the second inning against James Shields got the James Shields we do is big game James Shields this is a differ one who's the RA was over six dominant and his ball game. Jackie Bradley junior. Just crushed on loaded a two run home run over the White Sox bullpen in right field and not been attending JBJ both with thirteen home runs now. On the season that's either it's us to go 41 lead and never looked back we didn't have any story after that this ball game. Two hours 41 minutes. It was all about defense some base running blunders by the White Sox from from that point on but. A solid. Win for this Red Sox team and and again and people are gonna point out that the White Sox. Are terrible and they're gonna point out that they're AAA team and you're supposed to win these games. That's all good and fun we still have to go buddies have to win. And on a night when silly guys who have been carrying you recently like Eduardo Nunez. Gains delights of rough failed devers. Really couldn't do anything for you at the plate and it was other guys stepping up there was Bogart's Sanaa blogger so I was Bradley in banning attendee. Stepping up for the Red Sox coming through the couple a two run home runs and that carried them to a victory just five hits in the ball game but it it was all about. And the taking advantage early on against James Shields who is now 214. On this season a couple other notes Joseph Kelly was activated from the disabled list so you got him returning to this bullpen. That'll help out tonight it was in order to get from Palmer ans. To Craig Kimbrel yet blame lawyers getting the job done for John Carroll going in inning and two thirds so board's doing a great job giving up just one hit very efficient outing. For him by yelling you're gonna get Joseph Kelly back basket to strengthen apple open in Carson Smith also made a rehab start tonight. An actual idea the numbers aren't great Carson Smith it's super double A Portland actually started acting through eighteen pitches. Only five of those were strikes but I had. Reportedly good movement on his pitches so we did walk three gotten now. I'd but it it's his first action in seventeen months in car suspect they get up to about 91 miles per hour and he is tentatively scheduled to pitch Tuesday with a boss ought to be here any different. I'll let you know later on in the program against the Red Sox review if you want a calling 6177797937. Sox now 62 and 49. On the season so the back to thirteen games up above 500 the Yankees are able they get a late win in. They certainly needed that to try to keep pace this Red Sox cnet's. Start a rattle off some w.s here feels like they've brits are some kind of turned the corner and again you're gonna tell that the White Sox stick. That's fine. It's its Major League Baseball you know even even as bad teams you know you you still looking at winning two out of three or three at a foreign. Right now it's mother didn't set to go for the sweep against the Chicago White Sox. At Fenway Park. Will take all your calls and let's go ahead let's start with Phillip in mending who'll I think is interested in. Trying to make some moves in and maybe help out this lineup fill up your round red sex review what he got. Pay people to sleep in a ball in Derry police. I agree to a lot mean clutch. Well. I wanted to win as the wind you know. I'm looking at the schedule last month so against favorite blocks while all the games. The last forty might be very meaningful because we abuse to Astro. But my question here to view it would Mir is as possibly meet one media. DO attendee collapse on the slept Ian writes I might hurt our. The kids from New York that will be your goals reader this contract is twenties some. Or runs this year include securities. Again the luxury tax and to browse the enjoyment and your you know concerned about that. It's a possibility they may still go bet big bat I think meat bet it was great to like to see happen and Ian LBJ yeah. Check it that we can do to get debt all runners cross were so beautiful but I think they don't eat at bat because you know they have stretches. Bill what fueled it was if you want all that and not. I think it's Viet for the taking with the pitcher coming back person's net probably see you know Ian watt is amber. But it yet which shut. Just the attitude just the way I'd get on it. Who who was the play yet him. Particularly in mind from from the Mets because Lucas duties with the rays now right. Right to the mine but yeah twenty among monster and can try to date. Transit is Jay Bruce. Cheap will spank you. He made its way locker. Soul. Don't want it claim them so the Red Sox are the teams can negotiate with debt so that's good things just just a thought. With decade she Lee. Eight player totally play remodeled in east Asians need to get him. I can't I think our. Great tonight but or wall. It shadow this year what nine times. Yes it's been a lot there's there's been some frustrating game searcher. At bats and talks. But you're right I just think if we have peaked at Baptist. The streets in the player's image and so on here that David Ortiz unfortunately. Leapt into. You know I just feel more clock and we epic. Our Phil thanks for the phone call on. I will say this say it as far as the reports go on Hanley Ramirez. It's a classic dated days situation I believe is what John Farrell said before the game today so. Your open that Hanley is not gonna have to go on the disabled list I'd the other thing is that Dustin Pedroia is set to come off both. The DL on Tuesday also has a point to Pedroia being able to join the club on Tuesday CD get him back. And then possibly what you can do their said Eduardo Nunez. Maybe playing first base site I don't know how many games he's played at first but there's utility guy that you're gonna wanna keep in the lineup. In cedar Bogart's is back at shortstop and and again Bogart's had the night off tonight so he had Nunez slotting in at shortstop and and auto Nunez not necessarily known for his defense as shorty yet near their tonight on now would seem like a fairly routine play. So I'd I'd assume that we're gonna c.'s inner Bogart's package short. Pretty regularly. Do you maybe think about playing Eduardo Nunez. At first base when Drake comes off the disabled list because at this point even though we struggled tonight you're gonna want Eduardo Nunez. In the lot of bunnies. You is due to have a night where young he's gonna go over for the strike out what she did tonight in Iraq they'll devers also all for four tonight with the a couple of strikeouts. What I I still one Eduardo Nunez the way he's hitting. The way is playing I think he's provided some energy any kind of seems like one of those guys to his will deploy wherever you you plug in and well it'd do whatever you need to do to it to win for the ballclub self. Nunez can also be an answer there at first base say I guess if you bring in Jay Bruce he'd do provide another batted an app to do little more digging on that to see what he's owed. Now I was performing lately and whether or not that's something you wanna take on at this point for the Red Sox because then if you do that you gotta make another roster move. In order to do that ends at that point you've got three guys immoral and Ramirez in Jay Bruce are kind of ball. You know pigeonholed into first base. At that position sell it kind of limits you would your flexibility and I think that's actually one of the strengths of this Red Sox team has right now with its bench. Is you guy guys who can play multiple positions yup Brock colts who can play you know forty for positions on the field just about anywhere. Eduardo Nunez kind of the same thing so. Those guys are able to slotted wherever you you need to see fits which also I think comes in handy this time a year. To get some of these guys a break. I mean in rob Bradford mentioned in the pregame show that will keep that has played more innings than anybody. In the major leagues this season and that's. Not just because smokey rarely takes a day off it's also because they played so many extra inning games this season have the Red Sox. So baby try to give him a couple days' rest down the stretch of the regular season. And I like the debt that they have right now in their ability today to kind of move guys around. Whether the infielders outfielders whatever that it's against 6177797937. Its Red Sox are you were taken yup. Until midnight here on this Saturday night's. And it's drew Palmer it's because. This is a guy who Dave to browse the traded for at the deadline. Last year treated Anderson Espinoza. And died out at that point was the top pitching prospect in the Red Sox farm system. Palmer ants. Last year's is numbers weren't great in his performance. You know really wasn't what you want to see from a guy that you know the browsed he went out and said this is going to be to guide that helps get us over the hump this is that extra arm that we need. He struggled a bit. And I even at the beginning of this year he had a couple starts that there weren't great but after that start Oakland's where'd. You know him and John Farrell had that heated discussion in the dugout to Pomeroy it has been just lights out. For this team and he doesn't always. It has always do sexiest of ways. But he's effective. And he's been effective for this pitching staff and he's. Then one of the most consistent pitchers this is Gavin hasn't lost in two months he's put a quality start after quality start. And die. On the flip side even the people who. You know questionable wide inches in Palmer is back when he had the option to do that because you know there were medical concerns. About Palmer aunts connect him out after the fact for the Padres. Red Sox elected to hang onto on an outlets idea Anderson Espinoza who's going down with Tommy John surgery so that. That tree is looking just better and better. We every start that troop pom rants makes. I'm wondering. Aunts. You know work. We're probably double we are we're still two months away from the post season. Which is a long way out a lot can happen. Over two months out. And the Red Sox a three games up so let's go ahead and say OK they're gonna be there and let's look at that first series. In the post season does troop pom rants. Entering city post season rotation. As you've got Chris Sale. Underwater Rigas has been pretty good deed goes Rodriguez over Pomeroy it looked. How do you slot thinks it's David Price can come back and again Pryce still on the disabled list did not throw yesterday did not throw today. So. John Ferrell also pretty much saying that you know that there'll be an update only out one by. Has not thrown and even though he's scheduled to yesterday so you don't know when you get to get David Price back. And report solo has has had some struggles as well so when you look at is true Palmer aunts. Died it's gonna be in your starting rotation. For the post season. He certainly pitching well enough right now. And he came out he was actually in the bullpen last year for the series against Cleveland and he did pitching one of those games. But you trust him to Saudi game in the postseason. Start to lean towards yes. And I hate it it's taken me a little while to get there. But you know to be fair Jim Palmer NC east there's like the guy worthy of of getting a a playoff start. And it is two months away but. We get in there where Sonny gets the point where you have to start asking is he dies he daddy you lie about there. You know taking your calls six or 77797. ID 37 on Tom Giles is is a Red Sox reveal. And we about Richard Providence. Who wants to call in. On the Sox bullpen in order guys who who's not contributing this year what's going on rich. Yes hi Tom or you do you do. Ari thanks you know I learned just yesterday. That not only did we give up Travis Shaw. Believe also gave up three. Other. Individuals. Prospects. To get a guy who can't even go out there and pitch elect. Forest Tyler Thornburg right and I a and I didn't know this until it's settled on the computer there that on June 5 of this year. The Red Sox completed that trade by sending. Another prospect. Defiantly wrap up that tree hit it. At what they were eight we gave up three guys in hand trap which. Who took for a guy who can't even. Pitched it saved as a whole life sort of speak if he had to. It's unbelievable that people actually. Old am. Fool around for a you know. We'll let me let me let me let me stop you real quick rich how did you feel about the trade when it happens. Well at the time I did I thought it was just like maybe you know. The travel issue and Blake maybe one another prospect. Courtesy of Dubai does the other big one analogies that you shortstop prospect who is with Portland last year but but did you. We're you'll set the times saying how can we give up on Travis sharp. Now at that time I was like. If felt like a good deal. OK and I'll and right there with the and that's all we have to be fairness because and and I appreciate the call rich. Here's the thing. When you play Cleveland Lester in the post season. And you got to the sixth inning. And you're looking at Andrew Miller and Cody Alan and I get a they're the best bullpen that's out there and you're not gonna be able to emulate better necessarily match up that. But you know when you got late in the ball game against Cleveland. You probably not scoring any runs. And the one thing for me. Look at the Red Sox team was I would love to see Dave Dombrowski go out there and get somebody. Who's going to be shut down seventh or eighth inning guy. Sold in the offseason. And let's not forget or Travis Shaw was at the end of last year right he he had fallen out of favor. And he wasn't playing every day. On top of that you're probably looking at the same way of policy and most on the back I know policy of most terrible. But I think they wanted to at least leave some sort of opening their friend to play third base obviously that was a disaster. But at that point it didn't seem like. Travis Shaw. Was really fitting into your future plans especially when you look at happening. It. Having brought they'll devers in the minor leaks. Having devers is a guy who you thought alternating come hoping contribute I don't think they thought that devers was going to be there this year I think they were thinking 2018. But he's been he's been great since he's come up I had an overnight tonight on the second time that he's done that I think in ten games so far. But devers is going great so you're looking get it saying Ari Travis Sean we're not sure if we have a spot for him and we need bullpen help. So Dave Dombrowski went out and got Tyler Thornburg and yes. He got hurts any got shut down for the season and he's not gonna help you and Travis Sean meanwhile. Having a terrific year in Milwaukee by the way. On eight Freddie view who might as seen in in if you didn't Travis shot tonight earlier tonight it was trying to steal second against the Tampa Bay Rays got hit. By a ball from from a catcher right up in the neck regions as scary playing that game shot was able to. Walk off he did leave the game and in the brewers did announce that it was a neck contusion. And that he's considered day to day but does carry a moment that game be getting back to the point when the trade was made like the fact that there are going out trying to help the bullpen. Which to me. Was an area of need it's out Barbara was a god that they thought would be able to help them. Strengthen apple open if not in eighth inning guys seventh inning guy somewhere in that area iriki closed games promo for Milwaukee a little bit. So you look at the warmer days as being. Kind of a major piece of that OPEC he can't predict injuries and if you wanna go back and say while they need to do a better job of you know vetting these guys looking at dangerous potential injuries than fine. But as you just said and that call rich at the time you like to trade. And today it's revisionist history right. I mean what are you gonna do. Travis does have a great year. Fantastic here from Milwaukee and who knows he might help the brewers make the playoffs. But the same time when when you're looking at you said they need bullpen help and they got in Tyler's former. Taken or call 6077797937. Its Red Sox review. I'm Tom Giles quick break we'll be back right after this. I look at bank his Red Sox review on Tom Giles taking up until midnight 61777979837. Colin. On response of the Red Sox pick up another. The victory over the Chicago White Sox this one Ford one know lock off tonight but still a solid win for his Red Sox team who got another great star Andrew Palmer rants. Who again now eleven and four on the season would take 336 CRA went six and a third. This evening with eight strikeouts scattered seven hits all over the place and with the exception of an air their by Eduardo Nunez Sox played pretty defense behind him as well to benefit from a double play started by Rauf failed devers getting back to last. Last segment what we talked about you know potentially what he'd do win Dustin Pedroia comes back. I Eduardo Nunez guy just he's played everywhere he's went absolutely everybody does he has not played first base. So maybe that's not an option for the Red Sox however. I would be surprised if he could do it but the guys played third second short left right. He's played everywhere else so Eduardo Nunez. I am still not ruling out the idea of him playing first base if if you wanna give Mitch quality often in the mayor's is on the shelf for. A little while and again John Farrell saying that Hanley is date date this point with the oblique issue that I came up. In last night's game when Marlon had to. Go win for alien Dunn ended up hitting it the walk off home run in the eleventh inning. So but that is up that it got to think about his Dustin Pedroia. Is looking like he should be able to return on Tuesday. Following this series with the Chicago White Sox and he and looking ahead to tomorrow you got Doug Fister on the mound for the Red Sox. And die coming up the good outing. And what she got the win over the Cleveland Indians who are pretty good team. He's going up against Mike Pelfrey sell at least mr. tomorrow at 135. This is still on the rotation has yet David Price. Who's still on the disabled list did not throw. Yesterday and up through today so John Ferrell said you know it's basically kind of let you know when he throws eleven update for anyone when we get one. But when that was. When David Price initially went to the DL it seem like it was going to be a quick stint because he said it was a one at a ten as far as inflammation or pain went in that elbow. But this pointed at prices is not the rotation and Doug Fister gets the start. Tomorrow we got some Travis shock in that last segment as well. As out we enrich calling into. No I didn't like to trade for Tyler farmer doesn't like it now he's he did at the time and I'm I'm with a mom that you know I'd I thought they needed bullpen help. But tonight Travis shah's had a great year right now with Milwaukee and you'd certainly like to have them at third base we've got mixed in Cape Cod. Who's got some thoughts on try to shop what's going on nick. I there that they are taking my call. Yet I have to admit I never liked the Thornburgh for shot trade and it's not that have been like for a bird it's that I like shots so much. Know from day one when I saw his swing I thought it was just it. You know very pretty swing and even big poppy if you remember commented on how nicest swing was when he came out in his rookie year and it. You know very well I thought sophomore year you had a slump. We didn't do so well and ended struggled offensively. I think if we had been more patient and I think Kim you know in the Red Sox Nation we tend to be impatient with what our players but if we had let broader field work with him defensively. And the one thing is you can't teach swing like either haven't or you don't I think if we had let him mature a little bit you know and I'm glad his swing take over as we see it's happening in Milwaukee. I think we would've been fine because I think improbable sound evolved you know guys you're gonna come back you've lost some weight but I still think it was suspect from the beginning. And the and the last thing on Thornburgh you know we saw one good season out and that's all we really saw out of him where he broke out had a stellar season. A year so I could understand the attraction for Dombrowski Google and get him. I just don't understand how you give up our player on solid and and then on top of the give up the prospects that you did to go along with a foot. Even one for one I don't know that I would ever gone. Yet in the prospects Emmy time will tell when it comes to prospects and depends on who the prospects are you you kind of have to. Sometimes. Consider the fact that these guys will never make it to the Major League level so it's it's I I I tend to. I want to typically trade from Major League level talents. When it comes to prospect is you know this guy deployed the big league level were not sure this guy's gonna get there. And yet a prostate tumors the Audubon is pretty good he was overshadowed of course by Andrew ban attendee and you'll Markota. What he was. At Portland's. So that's probably light you do knows much about him coming up. But. Going back to it I guess my question for you than nick is. If you solar Travis Sean right now you'd be okay would drop they'll devers still in the minor league level this point. Well I have a crystal ball on the outfield divers on home and we did have a crystal ball and Unser on a show on either. Well no but I saw his swing so I think I think you'd have more of idea with that kind of swing. That he was gonna come around when an endorsement from your your your team leader. As he endorsed smoky that it could remember he said McKee was something special. And Kia he took the time make the comment I'm sure Upshaw I think we all watched that swaying and how he started out in known as a sophomore year I that was. That's about and say. You don't Sean you could you could have moved more to first base eventually you know we have won a one year here one year deal Moreland. I don't know if we're going to be able to keep the gold glove caliber first baseman like he might move on. My attic and had to go get moral and incredible shot of first. And brought that resolved so that's just my take on it by its us but I get my point being in medium Boston he'd be little more patient. With our young players if you remember Terry Francona operation how patient he was with Dustin Pedroia went dust and strongly backed them. I may appreciate you calling brown a couple points there that I do wanna get too wouldn't. It is it is difficult to be patient in this city right when you consider how much winning. All the teams have done over the last. You know at 1617 years it's that ten championships I mean it's it's as crazy to think about that and that's why we're typically. Inpatient in these situations. As far as Travis shock goes dead you look at their trade and retroactively that that's that's a loss that's a loss for ID to browse key but. For the most part he has won his traits you can go back from the he's won them. Aliens you did bring up miss more lines I think he also deserves credit for getting Mitch more lanes on a one year six and a half million dollar deal a guy who's. You know came through in the clutch last night who's swung a pretty good back at his numbers I think would be much better too if he wasn't playing with a broken toe for. What seemed like forever and he played on that broken so it's really he was the only first baseman ad for the longest time there. Until loud. You've got Hanley back on the field but mr. marble was great and that was good signing by Dave Dombrowski and direct maybe you held on Travis shot he could move them over to first base but who knows. Called out to god for shock you know who knows how he would have adjusted to first base and how that would have affected him at the plate as well trying to learn a new position. I agree that betray doesn't look good. Especially since staller Barbara solar to be found and if you watched by industry you probably wouldn't even know what he look like if you haven't seen him in a Red Sox uniform. And it it also hurts that a team season after Carson Smith he traded for him that he was supposed to be your set up guy he was supposed to be. You're impact arm in front of great gambling Carson Smith. As a bend in a big league ball team yet. As first rehab start tonight would double a Portland's. Wasn't who was great when he look at the numbers eighty pitches only five for strikes but reportedly had good movement on and hit 91 on the gun. So Karstens met. At this point tentatively scheduled to pitch Tuesday with Pataki. I'm not exactly counting on Carson Smith to be back in their bullpen. Any time soon. But the bullpen start to take shape. We'd Addison reed and and I like the fact that John Farrell's also using Addison reed. In Nyack high leverage situations in the seventh inning and not just keeping them for the eighth inning. I like to act and the Red Sox also getting Joseph Kelly back today who came off the disabled list he hasn't pitched. Since July 9 tech game against Tampa Bay redeem up to go ahead home run two out Brad Miller. But I yet Joseph Kelly come on Baxter bullpen starting get a little bit stronger. And it's getting stronger at the right time is like in the Red Sox get the win over the White Sox for one so that's five straight ways. By the way to get home runs from in Japan attendee Jackie Bradley junior I saw this stacked. From other insights PR staff that that sends it over after the game. Their last seven home runs have all been by differing guys. So. That is got that's nice to see because you dummies are getting everybody contributing right now. And and you need. Especially if if and I don't think you have anyone having a break out season in this lineup that means you need several contributing in. That's why I've won five straight. His Red Sox team also multiple home runs in each of their last four games. Which does. Something that they. Haven't done much to seize and asked their longest streak. Our its Red Sox revealed some dial 6177797. ID 37 taken up until meant that we can make sense and Celtics maybe some Isiah Thomas. And some patriots as well. We'll be your packets that he act. I welcome back it's Red Sox reviews 6177797937. On Tom Giles taking up until midnight again that phone number 61777979. 37 through pom rants. Another solid starts. Asked the question. At the beginning of the show is your Palmer it's in your post season rotation at this point Chris sales obviously you're number one. But I think after Chris Sale. You have to start making some decisions. Yeah Richard Brookline who's on the line and out ritual when away you know where drew upon richest slot in for the Red Sox playoffs. Rich the damning. I don't you rich. You don't care auto exaggerates. Okay. Four prominent should be in the policies and. And actually and it actually placed. The preakness and at that. But you know let's 78 games. Comments have been at any Arian about 2.5. And you know she deserves to be number two to sail. Reader as. Has been. Sputtering a little bit and I know he's been injured. And certainly are ready. It's under percent to be under present but it's still these are represented. You know it be good as Roberts. A DF reports selling your postseason rotation at this point rich. Yes. So who's out so he had and Eduardo Rodriguez out at this point what and David Price I mean I gotta think he's gonna come back at some point is Ian. I don't try to sell it in his. Time. All right well I appreciate the ball cholera states and it again drew polymerase is doing great so. To me he's easy guide which you have to certainly considered as as. So many have to put in there we got John Wyndham. Joseph are you got to bomb rates for the post season. I think it ought to sit no brainer actually helped guide to improving it. Day in and day out everyday this year or maybe a couple of pretty loud start by. You know I think he's Kurdish. Realistically whose battered and amassed still. Upright we can't trust. Rodriguez then you know on top with this injury is. Op course now look at it crashed her daughter proved a lap here on the run support he got. I must literally all Bateman entrapment well. No bad enough we can't score runs forum. You all elect yesterday and it sort of run. But win a game you know on eleven and things aren't aren't and rod. You can't bank on that while epic armor and nobody's got that typical water stupid all I'm. That gives up but luckily it happened to build. But I ask you this let me ask used. Go back to beginning of the season. How surprised would you be if if you soldiers south you'd want to bombers being your number two starter on the policies rotation. And you're good man for admitting yeah you're good man for admitting it and done. Yeah I I think a lot of it. Yeah and I think a lot of people are coming around on its it would realizing that. This guy's been consistent. And again there's a lot of there's still a lot of baseball left in this regular season he got two months left Borg you really have to make a decision on what you gonna do if you're John Ferrell. Would your playoff rotation but drew bombers to this point Spaniard. Now wonder most consisting guys it's obviously Chris Sale number one but after that. He estimates some estimates semis decisions here and has recourse LO a guide to chew on in the Ericsson Springfield Derek when he got. I would not now we're going on did you do. Not far bar in granite port so hadn't been home. The greater the greater amount this year by you know look I lied about the question you know pitchers of pitching well. In the that you loud but it's not an end. I've watched that game and I've seen that on someone to have been given out real slow shot there. All been given a solo shark or. Rarely go out and line out. A lot of electronic top topic. What are what are batter in the merit is it. Better and an attribute you cannot. I tick tick up a pop. Noticed that your attempt is a reports LOI I think he's. And unlucky at times last year he got a great run support Israel has been times where he hasn't had a good run support again and you know and tonight I agree he's a part of your five man rotation but when you get to the post season you're going down a four. So yearly to have four guys and some teams even go to three pitch on short rest so as reports sell your top four when you're looking at the policies. I think I think he would and I think you put Rodriguez. And I know are probably can't belittle ordered dogs which are not here tonight that they Rodriguez. As that are I guess our man not a bad way to put it. I think you put him on our honor are there without looking you know I don't be or not gonna Kamal. All brought but on your Rodriguez Manuel will come off electrical are there longer apply to Iraq other. And Kmart they're going to be all right well Arctic and man. I agree this pitching rotation as is. The strength right now this team is is is is operates a number two in the post season is he behind Chris Sale. Our oh yeah our outlook on how to put him behind. Oh. OK I'm all right that's Derek in Springfield. Appreciate the call so he's he's electric or cell modem was the Cy Young year ago and has struggled at times this year did get the wind I got some run support finally which I I think he deserved because he's got a lot of outings where. You know that did the record I don't think reflects. Why Gallup reports those pitch this season five of fourteen. He has had some starts that have nothing good and he has given up. Too many home runs I think a career high already. But. Reports seller able to get a win his last doubting because of the offense did finally come alive form which is something you just had not seen at all this season. It's Red Sox are viewed 6177797. 937. Indicted. Two bomber it's. Now eleven of four on the season with a 336. ERA. And died. Wanna know from you guys is he in your playoff rotation. That's or go for right now trying to figure out if true Palmer raids and it's two months away and I realize a lot's gonna change but. Start to think about it brides and Al Berle. Was young bride. While out quick error and needs Brian. Hey you know how I want our Asian you know need. Eight PGA he put on that chair you eat better about. And a second best answer out there now is that helped me. You know Rodriguez and right where it out. And you know and he's. After that Oakland game he's you know. He's turned it on and I absolutely want to the last day it in the when he is in the post and mobile and ease the only pitcher that. Actually as well. Yeah he was sent an Eddie get a playoff experience is an answer incidents and I know a lot of people are going to point to the fact that the Red Sox don't have any starters on this team that have. Started a game and one at a price has as some relief wins and in the post season. People are gonna point to that so experiences. Going to be somewhat of an issue but I also think that's a little bit overblown but. You you like to tolerances are number two guy behind Chris O'Brien. Oh yeah and that's par the other three guys see how he Iraq but he. Antique it. Eat pigeon close to what it was or how that wherever and hanging in Ernie and have the McCracken writes in on animals or him apps are so it probable. That's who we now I've questioner Argo to a new candidate in Iraq until our it's out we got our cup. Nine I believe is in the finally Evers contracts. Public data the other day so so they will be Dolan Eduardo Roderic error Eduardo I knew right. Really really really like each RE ER on Blair watched and I think what I lose McCourt outs and I think that's our weather running. You know better at war. Yeah Brian take you to the ball calling act I absolutely agree with defected Eduardo Nunez. And I furthest to front. You know people inside the clubhouse that he is a data kind of loosens things up and he'd be lost that you know is help out anyway tending you've seen him play second third short already. He's been everywhere on the damage except for first base but who knows maybe maybe that changes when Dustin Pedroia comes back. Potentially by Tuesday as he still on the disabled list but could be back. By Tuesday but yet Nunez has been. Awesome for them and he is no reason to contract your deputies around 3031 years old so. I I don't know what kind of contract he's gonna see on the open market if he's gonna be you know 34 year deal. You know make a decent chunk a change is specially based on how he's played. Since coming over to Boston from San Francisco oh by the way. But yet Eduardo Nunez. Batting cleanup today. And you know it is for the Red Sox. Play shortstop. And then in San Francisco. Which is where you got Nunez from. Pablo Santa ball. Is back in the big league level he's batting cleanup for the giants playing third base tonight which. Blew my mind I mean. The giants around it they're not going anywhere this year they're 42 in 69 so there terrible maybe they're playing for the first take I don't know. The policy at a ball already back. In the majors at San Francisco batting cleanup he's Oprah too so far tonight they're taken on the Diamondbacks. And down. You know rob Bradford said in the pregame shelf if he struggles here this can be a for problems might be his last chance. When San Francisco right now is this this can be for body heat might get a major leads. By next season Ilie got nick who all want to call and he's getting it was his thoughts on the playoff rotation what you got next. Play ideas and begged for a spot thanks Mick McCall you got an Irish I think report so he deserves this spot now playoff rotation about a lot. Wasn't a factor at all it has been really good yet I am you know five. Five wins twenty twos stopped it was nineteen decisions were correct I mean not not good on the site on last year. But I like no matter how. Good he's pitched he's the talk about it like you are out there pitched. And it would have been good yet I'll blame anything or anyone yet play Q what else. He's grown and gains beyond saying a violence in the price. He comes only throws coupled that gain. I'll personal locker room blasts in the music on it accurately what he's set for Eddie Rodriguez actually get to that situation without. Guys who area to Mecca to preserve it over guys made Agile. Just that their clubhouse attitude and what they bring to the table there playoff time where he buckled down and they don't need you laser focused them. So who's your odd man announced the playoffs and teach. I think it would depend on how. He Rodriguez. Sentences and yet. And how data crisis ever right now I think pride. Interest thing who and nick at pace of the call we fed Eddie Rodriguez. David Price and reports LO. From a number of U three different guys or the odd man out for this rotation. Percent on every night. Yet that I look I'd be OK of that. Dave Wilcox I mean last the deck let's just truckers sell out there as much as possible. Everyone seems to be aboard a two bomber rates is definitely in his lap rotation. Ever was there. And I still think to go back to the beginning of the season. It soldiers they'll then to ball brits is going to be your playoff rotation based on how he pitches in the regular season. It called itself crazy myself included. But here we are. August 5. Here two months away from the start of you know the divisional round of the playoffs. And and you might be looking. Enter bomb raids being your second starter and on the I'm still trying to figure out he's number two we're not an identity can change everything can change in two months but he's been really good. Dave I think we have John Ferrell talking about. Palmer raids in and his starts and had again he went six and a third innings. Even just one earned run and I was the first guy faced him mirrors and hit a solo home run off bomber rants. To start the ballgame and then he just settled in from there at eight strikeouts. And done. Denny's eleventh win of the season let's go to manager John I'm preponderance. Those are hard to replace I think anytime you get a guy's going on the mound every fifth day and pitching is effectively is true his little runs allowed. I thought tonight he had a very good curveball and the wave ask you blocked numerous curb balls he threw that pitch with a lot of confidence. He was it'll put away a number hitters with it get back in counts. A couple times when two men 22 outs couple men on base he was able to make a potential quarterfinal outsold. He's he's thrown ball extremely well he feels good physically. NN another quality start and as part. All right so they go that's John Ferrell. Talking about drew Palmer rants. I think does. Yeah I. I get a you know a lot of people against manager John he's just gonna you know that of course that's what he said. Forget about that the fact that we're talking about the fact that. To Palmer it's has eleven wins he's got ERA at 336. That's staggering to me. And die I saw a question posed on Twitter where this team be. Without Palmer edits in the rotation where this team be right now without. I think they're fourteen and eight maybe in games that he started. And he shot a one on Sunday. It should be like a seven game winning streak is Palmer as one out had a great start against the royals in the bullpen and Matt Matt Barnes had a tough outing out of the bullpen and 031 lead in aid which led to a 53 loss. Otherwise. You left hander. The guy you traded Anderson Espinoza for a four back at last year's trade deadline has. Been tearing things. Outside Chris Sale of course. Chris sales in a one guy after Bob Francis is bend the big guys over achieve this year and certainly help this team not become. First place team in the American League east they are scuffling. I mean even last week the Yankees went out at the trade deadline. And little bodega gets sunny grain. On top of that they got a couple more open arms. Week before that in keenly and Robertson the Todd Frazier right whatever Todd Fraser I don't think is really gonna factor for them I wouldn't. I wouldn't even think that operators and their starting line up. The Yankees and if they make the post season. But they went out made all those moves and look like they could be a team to beat in this division in. Because he doesn't drew Palmer raids in and die Christian Vazquez who stepped up lately. Eduardo Nunez drop they'll devers this team is back in first place for a three game lead let's go to Indian San Diego Eddie what she got. Like cricket bat at her neck out that he'd been leaked. He's been awesome that you block toppled run got two guys out of the bases last night he's been fantastic. I think about any at least you got on Saturday they rate it and it. Every inning right yet. We're able any all of it when you're right. I think you're right about data I don't recall C city Leno back in the lineup on a double check it by its eight the bulk of its bankers to Vazquez either way. How else on the bag every. Count yet why they're accurate right now are not well at the diet that. That case if that gets credit not only behind the plate but up yet and I'm over it about it right now. Yeah edit and go back to the lock up home run 20. It doesn't make or break moment you're about to lose that game. And now Mitch Moreland reaches on a dropped third strike and then Vasquez comes up and you'd situation gets ahead in the count. And yellow Jersey allens who W with one swing of the bat. That imminent. I against the the white. There are about the Ryder I think that helped our other L yeah well I'd be great if they deserve a lot of credit worked. I'd a city of San Diego eighty love the call is Christian Vazquez has banned you're absolutely right on that. Picked off a runner last night late in the ball game and I an extra innings I believe was and then also. Throughout a runner before that. Defensively and they've got to bury solid catchers and has got about a platoon most of the season between. City lay owning Christian Vazquez. But tonight. Right Christa Vazquez has come alive here. And it's. That off offensively those two guys kind of you know that they've given you what they're gonna give you his catchers for most of the season but to have. Best is also contributing offensively is another reason they've been putting up. You know twelve runs nine runs tonight is for but. The bats are starting to come alive and and that's when you get contributions from throughout the lineup aggression Vasquez certainly apart that marks a New Hampshire. And died mark you'll moron drew bomber as what you got. I did on merit and I remarked. Dot definitely true and that in the rotation I don't think that not much about her. It started in Europe that's all about our don't want something sparked off an abrupt halt when arts. Nobody. I don't been a topic and it fits him bites yeah yeah now also at any. Aren't born to run up and go. Out on the want to vote and that's why are you tell us you know it took about yup alt all third quarter. It you know employee. Also elect you aren't. And outspent. Him in the rotation that are about aren't. This ought to work and ought to hit up all. Not all off and not are appalling it art art seven are up there are or aren't. What part and and that I am not all was well she started her own wrote something. When that saw that probably one of the best is also absolutely community. It's certainly a wake up to approach all sports are all what you ordered. And yet but also but it yeah. Never great. And each out there. And let it so wait a Sox are sparked street are up but all I have a much. And let's just leave it to keep them why it occurred I'm. Back slot Bridget. Our markets with a call I think. What will slow down a little bit on the Cy Young votes may be a little bit like yes yes drew bombers has been great date to browse to deserves credit Anderson Espinosa is not doing anything this season because he's get Tommy John surgery. The roster on that trait they would be in a lot of trouble if they did that drew upon race this year and I agree. He should be in the post season rotation. It take for the Cy Young on the Red Sox. Don't use the Chris Sale vs drew problem yet it adds it's the right now it's going to be Chris Sale. He had a rough outings last time out but I don't see only get a W hasn't Cleveland or start from alive but I mean I think it's idiots Chris Sale. Gonna he's he's your favorite to win the Cy Young but you know what. Let's not taken at the US drew Palmer it's what I can do that right now threats are to view it's 617. 7797937. Outside Giles for taking up until midnight quick break right back the Maury phone calls. Killing an emotional moment dirt on kind of running down the first base Vasquez. And his feet tangled up in the lose that. Managed to get it down to Mormon threw strike in the 2123 top of the sixth having two more strikeouts. For troops on the ranch. Els like double the fun has yet Palmer is getting to strike down it was U Almonte Qaeda. Was one purported knights who raises average to 146. Another. Potential when there for Dave Dombrowski is yeah I'm more got to let his superstar at some point but he is not adjusting well made allowed to browse these third baseman drop they'll devers whose. Twenty years old about a year younger. It would offer for tonight but. Been tearing it up in 350 for the Sox right now but your bombers get the strike Gatti at eight of those tonight six and a third innings. If seven it's no one run which was the leadoff batter of the ball game. Ain't seen Anderson. So what's yet drill gets it's on eleven of four now on the season this is Red Sox are viewed 6177797937. On Tom Giles taking up until midnight. We got lobbying Greenfield representing the 413 Bobby what she got. Yeah on it actually and I wouldn't that represent the errant throw money we don't happen that. In my strand in it then rich got your career or anybody I think what would you got it seems there are less dramatic. She looked at some blog is understood what been the opposite is that we are that we act. Machine that we were he's an op America eat eat out right now. I think that solid chop that is who is really. Huge difference in right. Do you trust the bullpen a hero I Bobby. Do you trust the bullpen where it's at right now. I know that you got Addison reed at the deadline but when you do look at the post season you're matching up with the Yankees in. What they have been indicted in Cleveland's. Andrew Miller and in Cody Alan. Every yankees have a three or four guys that I don't wanna face in in day 670 activities and yet the reds and I agreed a Red Sox opens bank rate and I thought they paste. Well over their heads and in the first inning at first half of the season. On but deep do you worry a little bit about the post season of that. I worry about a couple eclectic the biggest and not worry about China's fact that this team has just got onto the score more runs I think that's the ticket that all right Eric on the data. Underweight you don't score more runs that's what's really been talked about you know you can keep an 1112 and eighteen incidents including yourself in the tactical leader in all at least one water torture we want to change my name actually. If you wanna be it would compete. The post season you've got to find a way. Just being able to produce protection brought to make it easier on all. And until it's going to be able to keep your starting that result that a support. I rigid body face of the collier right yup that's the idea office. Has been better of late yet that tonight at twelve rowing game against Cleveland on Tuesday which to me was. Was absolutely enormous because he came back three times and Ike in your ace Chris sales on the mound he gets down five nothing you battled back. Clearly goes ahead again you battled back. You take the lead Cleveland wants kids is the lead on in the ninth inning against your all star closer has been lights out. And that you're dowdy a last ballot is due out the last strike it back to strike outs. And it's morally just the first base in that game on a dropped third strike at the reds are still some I'll pull it out that. That was the ball game to me that I thought would ignite this offense you saw on nine runs then. Gone and I'd was a Friday night and his team scored some runs the stars score some runs but you you're right. Why did you agree I do get concerned with. You know holing beaten keeping going. But. If they certainly. My three wins in as an devers has been the spark of the teams needed almost completely date completely any gig as devers. And and data into anything tonight you still wanna ballgame that that's that's the nice part about that is those two guys did do yet entered an attendee Jackie Bradley junior a two run home runs and there's two guys. You wanna see some consistency from. If he had Zander Bogart's. You know getting back to it 100% not Nazis hurts but I just to me right now he doesn't look himself. So if Dustin Pedroia comes back maybe can. You Bogart's a little bit of time would Nunez at shortstop and give him some time it if it's been in that's bothering him or anything else that act I think jackets certainly benefit you down the stretch because senator Bogart's at the top of his game. That's a 300 plus Sydor. You'd love to see that as well. I got Apollo update Florian. Bubbles said all updates soldiers and show that Pablo. Back in the big leagues hitting cleanup Sampras says tell it he did it doubled tonight in the seventh inning he's won three he'd doubled and scored. What are you know. Maybe he's not done yet. Gonna make a huge comeback broader resiliency and you know whatever all hated me even more. Follow cinema somehow revises careers San Francisco. You'll be hated even more. Because he could even get on the field here at the Red Sox are still paying nineteen million dollars a year. But yeah problems first game back now what for three with a double. And scored Iran on a home run was was on board for a home run for San Francisco. That's that's all done in the past and I think it's helps. It's helped us forget about policy and not having Rauf failed devers up here in and Terry the cover off the ball and doing it. Seemingly effortlessly. As arm on the and I look like a pop up its two rows deep in a monster seats. It's refreshing to see. Rats are Scott to a tonight border one drew bomb brits was the star amounts. Age about attendee at thirty came up with a two run home run the first inning and out one. Take all your phone calls its threats are 361777979237. Where here until midnight and died. If you want to weigh in on the Celtics and the patriots and let me just get to a little bit of news out of the Celtics today yet Isiah Thomas was. Back to Boston he's doing a basketball camp at Boston university and Steve Hewitt of the Boston Herald. Add a couple of good pieces there and in Thomas told them that his hip feels great and he should be ready for the start of training camp and Thomas also re emphasizing that. He's a Max contract player in. He says that he deserves in and he said this time and time again throughout the offseason. I think Isaiah Thomas is it a Max player. But if you're at the Celtics. Can you find a way to to pay him and then you have the court here in Al Horford in. Gordon Hayward Isiah Thomas. With maybe the rising stardom may be the rising stardom of Jalen brown. And Jason Tatum sad enough to win a championship. So Isiah Thomas I'd add to lead the thing gets it away from that though was the fact that he said the hip feels great should be ready for the start training camp. That is huge news for the Boston Celtics because I was a little concerned when I think it was even a month ago. He was at the summer league and a shrub Blakely is interviewing a man and he said that you know he has even really picked up the basketball yet. And that economic concerns you know about daddy would need surgery that Dini said that after in the Gordon Hayward signing. But the fact that you know rising is says he's healthy he's gonna be ready to go that's that's you coach Isiah Thomas knows that he needs to be healthy because. If he wants his next deal he's he's gonna have to go out and have another great season this year if he does. The Celtics team can be scary I ESP ND receipt date ESPN this week had him projected at like 49 point four wins the nerd senate 49 point four I don't know how you win point four games. If that's like yet through line. Almost two quarters. You drop. It at 53 last year ended 53. And I would think this these it would 55 days but he has yet had a net 49 point four which was the best in the east the habitats of 49 point tip. But Isiah Thomas is tell the I don't know how to Celtics. When less than 55 it's like every single team in the absolute trash in about I and I mean. I guess maybe not quite that bad boy yeah I guess the projecting net there's going to be more parity in the Eastern Conference. This upcoming season also so patriots news or take any image dole was back on the practice field and said that. Is the best he's felt any long time so that's good news for the patriots as I need to it's a wide receivers the Republican beings up there. Last week and yet Matthew Slater run routes and you know you gotta have wide outs there are training camp to get these quarterbacks some reps so didian until back on the practice field which is. Good news and also Stephon Gilmore. I spoke to the media after practice today and and you know we talked about the scrap that he had with Julian Edelman. Which happened last week which. Was the highlight of that data those two guys get in. Who it talking about Gilmore who you brought overload a huge contract to play cornerback and truly an element in all your top target. And in Gilmore said after practice today that. Well refining here wants them on the field there's no friends. So that's Gilmore is mindset there. EnerNOC a Butler in the secondary that up that team is just. My goodness and Andy got Denham accordion Toronto aren't patch on. That's secondary. Can be good so if you wanna give it some pitchers stock we can do that as well against Celtics features that are on the table. Also take your calls on the Red Sox is we're trying to figure out. Who would be the odd man out for the postseason rotation because it seems like based on your phone calls that troop operates is a guy. As that number two starter at maybe not number two but he's sliding into those top four for the post season rotation. What do you like come back with dial it up it 6177797937. We'll get your phone calls. Right after this break. 60777. I seven ID 37 its Red Sox are beyond Tom Giles are taking up until midnight. So if you wanna call and the elasticity so again 6177797937. Again wouldn't go Celtics patriots what everyone to do. We talk about this Red Sox team that just won its fifth straight game and as a three game lead over the Yankees in the AL east. Beating a White Sox today. 41 drew Palmer ants with another great outing in though we talked earlier in the show about whether or not true Palmer rants. Is not only part of your post season rotation but it if he's maybe your second starter. In the post season we're still two months away in a lot can happen again. But for the sake of conversation Chris sales are number one is true Palmer answer number two. As you get set. For the playoffs. So against it that as long Craig Kimbrel to me also. Really returning to form a deal that great on the mounds and he's been great all year is that some moments here where maybe. He wasn't as dominant but crate him wrote when he succeeds now and the bullpen started take shape. Blaine Boyer got the job done tonight bridging the gap between Palmer rants indict Kimbrel but you know Joseph Kelly. I would back off the DL sold. May be get our first look at him tomorrow if not next week. Sox. ID feel pretty good about themselves but it is worth pointing out that they do have. A very. Difficult schedule coming up yet to on the road in Tampa Bay starting Tuesday Tuesday Wednesday. And ES three in the Bronx. Friday through Sunday. An FDA it you know played few games at home against the Indians of the make up game yet the cardinals for a couple. The Yankees are home and at Fenway for three games then you have to go on the road at Cleveland. So they they do have some really tough. Road games coming up. And down or find out a lot about this team. When did you play in those series. And again I doubt it ever was pointing out the White Sox are terrible and their high school tear their AAA team. And they made some base running blunders that were just ridiculous tonight any you know 41 and ninth inning you somehow get picked off first base. That's just inexcusable. He should be two steps off first base if that if you can get him elect to stand on the base. The tying brawn. Is on deck. You don't matter first base at that pest but whenever that's the White Sox were running to get in that. At Steve in Connecticut it's. Who are awesome sock Red Sox which got Steve. And other on Wednesday our call absolutely was yet. So I think the Red Sox and make a play on Verlander. Just because he was placed on waivers equity cleared waivers. But at some point com the Red Sox great deal to make a play out of I ECB the number two starter on the play out of it prices available. Just particular. When you're down. Yeah I mean he would certainly help you. Yeah IE he won on a conditional waivers and yet as you mentioned you did clear those cell. That's a huge salary to take on and I'd have to look at the numbers for Justin Verlander at this point I don't know if they're interested in that he's had. He's pitched really well I believe over the last like month month and house. And you. Yet he veered over to the playoffs no doubt about it. But down. I don't know how realistic that is I mean if you look at this rotation though Steve is deepest rotations good enough right now. To get you to say the ALCS. I think they're planning and take on the Dodgers and the World Series and they want to make sure that our rotation that's going to be able keep up with that and so. I did see them browse the the from tiger organization. I just see it as being an actor let up and they try to do it to get ready to go into a playoff. And I haven't heard a whole lot of chatter so far it's appreciate the phone calls the uttered a whole lot of chatter right now and Justin Verlander I don't know the exact science and how that worked through the waiver period ends. Well and I can go after an inkling of at this point. Or make some sort of deal for Justin Verlander but the got its own a ton of money. Throughout the remainder of of his contract and he saw Dak what a few years left out of Oki finished second in the jail site Cy Young last year. It was between him and report sell it seems. And I he is pitching better as of late and he would definitely help you right now. He would also if it matters if it actually matters he would also put you over the luxury tax I don't think there's any doubt about that. Based on that the cash that he's bring an end. I I think the rotation. I thought the rotation was going to be. Was gonna be good enough was gonna be solid. A that they needed to improve the bullpen at the deadline and they did get Addison reed. As hoping that the line up would come around it it and it has. To an extent. Over the last week thanks to guys like Eduardo Nunez and Rauf failed devers. Now that those kind of aspects are clicked in Korea you do look at the rotation. And you do wonder. If they have the horses. And if you're talking about going up against the Dodgers that means you're gonna have to go through. Probably the Indians. Because it looks like the Astros are gonna have the best record handle and playing the wild card team so you you talk but the Red Sox and Indians once again. In that first round. And then getting through whether it's chiefs general wildcard team whatever it might be. Start wondered is the rotation good enough. And we did a lot of talk tonight about your pom rants and how he fits into the plans for the Red Sox and in a postseason rotation and got calls from a number review and all sorts of ideas about. Who should be left out you know we heard price we heard a broader Rodriguez river or sell you guys. It seems like there's a lot of indecision and again yes there's two months last so. Plenty. Plenty time to make a decision after John Ferrell. In this Red Sox organization of I wanna proceed. I think their playoff team but again that they're road ahead is difficult and we are gonna learn about a lot about this Red Sox team. Coming appears they take the road and take on teams like Cleveland to new York and Tampa Bay team isn't winning records and also teams adopt better. Recently. Doug Fister got tomorrow. Because Mike Pelfrey and did they greeted as BC and Doug Fister after that extra inning loss to the Mariners. Which was. Maybe two weeks ago it seems I was devers is actually Major League date field. Thank you want to thirteen fifteen and what do I I don't know how many innings it was all I know is I stayed up in Washington I don't know why don't want to like three. After 3 in the morning. Nominating yet. I thought that was different Doug Fister a big courtesy of a dead body responded to get back deepest well of Monday and he got the first win in this five game winning streak he goes. Tomorrow. And maybe he can continue get a six straight as he goes against Mike Pelfrey in this White Sox lineup which is. Not a good line up. They're clean up their tonight as it's just missed the name's Kevin Smith whose commencement. Was I was amazed. The direct the end I wasn't the director of he might well then. It's just it's just. Another White Sox got so bad so fast they're clearly rebuilding mode. But any event always aware always wins away. And right now the Red Sox have positioned it in the dailies with a three game lead over the Yankees who did win tonight yankees had been scuffling but. It would come back and get a nice win on the road over Cleveland to. I think Cleveland's the scariest team and the policies and out of the deceased and I think it's Cleveland I think clearly has got the pitching in the bullpen. And their bats are uttered again their tail. That's a teaming got to watch out for an end to colleges mentions. Steve just mentioned Dodgers. On like god what a wagon there. Seriously if it's seven it was the 1732. Seven he wins. So that's that's one of those teams can like Erica but. It is what to get to the World Series it doesn't matter. Anything can happen right anything is possible Kevin Garnett. I Red Sox review 677797. ID 37. So I skip away on Saturday as it tonight can they get the win on Sunday and I soft they are Monday possibly get dust to drive back on Tuesday. And seeping get it going on the road once again two games in Tampa Bay and then for game three games we have the Yankees in done in case you missed it till. Isiah Thomas said that his hat hip is healthy. He's healthy he's ready to go he's going to be there for the start of training cancer producer Celtics fans on the state and goodness are patriots stance is to any amid those back to practice and he said. That is the best he's felt. In a long long time. Patriots prime daddy your season. So all the Celtics that matter. Updated and passed the warriors. Went cats. As a scout or else maybe. It's out of Eilat and the Red Sox three adds up in the jail based. Don't put it out earlier this show were impatiently Travis shot and that's why. It was winning. John on the base Dave Wilcox by the glass or deepened sunny air's Red Sox are deal will be back get a tomorrow first page 135. On the shah's WE I Red Sox radio network operating euphoria that around 1250. Would get a Allen. And and Red Sox are you after the game as well. I'm Tom Giles baseless.