Red Sox Review - After getting swept by the Rays, are the Sox bound for an epic collapse?

Boston Baseball
Sunday, August 26th
Steve Buckley and Alex Reimer take a look at the Red Sox series with the Rays as they get swept for the first time since last season.  the guy look at what went wrong and try to figure out if the Red Sox are bound for absolutely epic collapse.  Buck also takes Reimer to task over Rick Porcello.

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Steve Buckley get afternoon. Everyone and said. Don't worry about the Red Sox are weeks ago I was expressing concern little doubt Sybercom about the 93 giants 103 games to make the blast a current reference four in 93 at I'll get asked ironic 33 now. And and then and then guys like you have little pool party for the Red Sox and ram running out of total party and my parents out there was great and you all know lands like excited to get a big Mac kids. And I'm telling you. Hey concerns about still going on the disabled list and a ball the bullpen. And it didn't shut down this team's hitting. Is going to be hell to pay what's happened last week. All the stuff I'm talking about yes they have lawsuits that drive it over the cape driving down from Maine give us a convent and snowballs on the on the petition that calls. I'm just saying. Bil. Big concern because they still have six. Games against. The Yankees of those six games against the Yankees Larry and judge should be in the lineup but you deeply and gory as early concept alpha alliance is sound there is my thing I mean what they would have an oversized pool party can opt out of everybody's very well guides it's third answers and you odds and win to become a bear some clouds in the I'm a realist when I was calling it comfy envoy. I was call like this idiot and I'm not being there at six envoy why because this team now has ninety wins on August 26 is going to. Lose the dale Steve think that they are there is a legitimate possibility the Yankees make up all of this ground and I really buck and I picked up the phone. If it's something that you never do what I picked the opponent did some research. And I called up Darren Lewis who played in the 93 giants as to what was like you examiners they're the worst day of my life. That big win the next game the Braves have already won their game they get the West Coast game. And they go out and get destroyed by Colorado in a 103 wins and they did not make so quest. And they have a hugely ninety wins on August our product right and and and and the Braves took op and this is what happened. It every single year is a team that comes out of nowhere. And every single year there's a team that doesn't make the play is that back in August they're looking borrowing like you and and they had a little pool party. So hot so let's listen Tommy how the scenario works out so the offense like he needs to not games are that's in the next 56 we Isiah OK I that I had an hour an hour to about what's what's a little deeper so how does this 56 week. Slide work does the offense go through the slot we always looks so milky Betsy was three for his last when he entering today continues to not hit at all. For the rest of the season I doubt that Katy bar tight ends that goes I to a digs aren't I take it back and apologize. And what I was talking about because I just did some quick research never before in history. As a team can gone into a big slump late unseasonable big league if I just for the soul I wanna get back for this long. It has to be held or hide that I. I held a sign okay ended every August somebody like you somewhere in America we think this would be don't prescribe this could happen and then. And that dale was being on this is like an order not so well Ian dale always out of it they'll always have the same I always give the preposterous records. Yankees would have to go up high and six cents and I did those six and thirty nights and it has right now. Mean dale hot mine to really Zach. I don't know but so this is that I'm not gonna Dale -- to the person isn't very night and let's just ever said that the very nice send us -- I guess in a nearby sites up and I'm asking you to give me actual examples of how this would happen at -- I'd give -- twelve examples do you think this offense it's leads the league in runs queries are really gonna go there -- 56 week stretch where they you know does well there are those of their last well it happens nowadays the only mystery guy -- more than now. Do you think it's going to out. Probably not oak okay probably not so upright in the right field waving little problems I'm not way to pump on its feet shepherd you will we got place you yeah you guys who want to think very different similarly mean Pete well I. I'm within the red the playoffs are an entirely different on missiles Alex we can get to the playoffs any moment but I'm talking about we awesome mom driving the bus tonight. Well let's talk about the Russell read set up their regular amulets and get a slot because he got a currently out of Norris people. My box of socks on. But the come where the morning guys find that you referred to us as an announcing we will get to the playoffs any moment and segment us team because I I totally share a year. Concerns there unions are concerned accuracy and over that spot and liberty seeing the Red Sox sleep but you'd we I don't sleep we. We seen the Red Sox that was so a lot of resilience during a stretch I mean let's go to last week. Against Cleveland they lose to the Indians Karl Strauss goes there on Wednesday and you go our writes this let's see here is groused as a good pitcher. Did that does decide to be going to an extended side and what happens in knock them out before you know and 32 thirds innings right right. And then they go on to Thursday David Price there is one of the best games of his career. Series three games so we've already seen the 2018 Red Sox showed some resilience it's it's what eleven Red Sox to not too daunting or September side obviously. So I've example right there where the Red Sox stopped a three game streak in its tracks in their next six Spock too against the Marlins four against the White Sox. Well eating in the thinking what 332. And 41 in five again. Did you expect a concern that goes beyond the lack of hitting early where expels a pretty good pitcher obviously is in the month of the Tampa Bay. Cy Young candidate. But. Look at the box scores over the last 81012 games suddenly we have seen starting pitchers. Going for five and I read some hours yes yes and the reason they get bumped out of the division series by the Astros last year is because nobody can go with a private meetings suddenly this. Juggernaut that won the elite. For a second straight year. Barrel couldn't find guys to go five plus and you need an ace to walk out there granted price. Thank god one BB. David Price. Got a niece and and and I mean he's lights out and play out so just we're not talking about the put out we're going it's not humans to his new look going or it will transition to the playoffs any moment I'm tying but the rest the regular season because you're telling me. Do you think they're they're giving the Red Sox are going to fall to the Yankee fans are listed as I was at that I'm saying I'm. I just finished saying probably on the gas that is what else is doing just see I'm I'm providing a measure of concern. At a time when you're having pulled so let's go to their here and measure concerned if you're betting man milky bats as he gonna break out of this. Yes OK Judy martz easily continue to hit like you said all season. No no no because his numbers were precedent means losing anything is again give bigs will honor what it opened honor a little bit. But elements coming entrepreneur had what like 45 homers last year was coming on her legitimacy to them as though aren't relevant to this discussion with what he hits and what's what's doctor at Virginia Martinez what does that look like. That he could hit states in 98 at 30 all right wow who quipped. Well I mean that's that's what it better that already died. Yes doc by enter been intent EC gonna go through six weeks live did he's done it before. Will he do it again what I. Eagle on the news yeah I US can be blind leap all on it you gotta tell it to me how this looks Sosa starting pitching the next six week everybody besides doing I was always I. You re our ratings is like you you weren't. Again the pool party ever entering around the Red Sox jumpers and stuff and I'm saying speed up that that speed speed right the except at a and and and suddenly the Yankees got the potential I think if they win tonight be five back of idol spot in the loss column now right. Well that's some open you know. Let's look at the yankees' Aaron judge still not swing about a bad fractures eager Aureus is outside Reno air and wind has struggled so I know the Yankees have a weaker scheduled in the Red Sox rest of the way but. A lot palms as well and if we're in New York I don't think we'd be all that optimistic about the Yankees stretch now. I'm saying is I am I I I written a couple Combs and in recent weeks saying. Listen don't. Don't be so in the play out tickets in lining up year your view play a parties and whatever is your player rotations and all that. Eve evening Corey has set a and we till September 1 and see where we are right even he is tried did throw a blanket and some of what motivated so I'm saying it and and and so what I'm saying is is is legal but you AM. I'm looking at this team. And yes I am expressing concern about where they are right now. They've not been tested all season long it's been it's been a great big gas all C three candidates has all season long. They've been just playing without pressure because they'd been so good they get ought. They get off to a with the enemy came pay attention they go off to a very fast start. They've been in first or near first all season long so there has been Knoll moment we are they must test the souls and I mean they've. They they lost two straight to the Indians have been a winning game in this smoker of cigars and toasting each other campaign in the club is that right now that's a little premature. So let's just it all on saying is an until sale is back into winning games and till I start seeing. Pitchers go one turn of the rotation. With seven plus star innings per start younger if you look at what you need so you wanna something tangible I wanna see. I wanna see one turn through the rotation was starting pitchers go seven. Well you that appeared to. Speculative the purse now Hector Velasquez you know evolved he's been off all his last three starts in the point. OK but he hasn't pitched yet so you can't news reports sellout has been borderline Cy Young candidate this year. Mean does he is the only senior not great but does he continue to slide ever again another side as we always been aboard once more. On that that's the part that is the home. Is not only is the the niners and it's not us. Cy Young candidate this year I was gonna let that fly height I'm ready for a new job on the Red Sox broadcaster ready take tends to out here but it's on auditioning for. But reports are you're right and hit around to bet. I was OK against Cleveland prone to know that I have the psyche is job in the world on a day win. It's like pitches that taken twenty minutes between pitches oh c'mon now Barnes and Embry. And in Munich in Europe the it's something you're gonna have that jump in. And in Chicago Cubs so mightily as the timing is really art he says that's the hard part about I that I can under and we see that now. A and began it's not refer. Bridge up and that is the pit now if you would be the worst Apatow about a that we didn't do most along with the person on demand you be horrible. Our bullet that he's Alex Alex Avila that we still haven't really spelled it out. So what's what what happens the last week and how west and that's what you. I just eat because it let me innings pitched is without it just to the point he. Reports LSI award candidate who will what's happened the last week and a half two weeks is the starting pitching it's been lousy. The bullpen been lousy and the offense has been yeah if I haven't been able triple threat out of the community to provide over the next five to six weeks now this offense will start hitting like they were for the bulk of the season this is a stretch it's not so it's a 1062 GameStop you've heard this before. Players go to their slumps they go Lotta sun this lineup is out is that Allah and even on our response. Now even if you'll look at all the pitching you're guitars just adult what's we'll still had enough you ask you what's wrong with this team in your response is is this magical. For you retain future where everything's suddenly -- that's that's -- analysis that's tests that says -- -- -- no analysis looking at an offense who's been the best in baseball for the entire season and saying this offense will be good enough to carry mediocre pitching to wrested away in the regular season now the playoffs as an entirely different conversation he could play Houston the first round that is a bad bad matchup Oakland's acting is a bad matchup for the Red Sox potentially in the first round I'm with you for the playoffs but for the rest the regular season as we've seen is still playing not crappy team out like this series Garrett Hartley White Sox and the offense but in the regular season a great offense can carry a mediocre pitching staff we've seen that time and time again this Red Sox offense is good enough to do it they will get out of the slump in -- sterile pitching can't get through the fifth inning. MacKay club and yawkey league is is a bad matchup so quickly that can't beat anybody if they don't get good starting pitching but they're but starters on the fifth starters who go past the fifth inning. Rick we're still not obvious here I mean the man for the rest of the imagine you're gonna need a magical it's all it's all going down means because it is I'm giving you. I'm giving you what has happened the last two we just so odd I'm focusing on. This is what has happened. Your response to everything I have said. Is the magical preordained future where everything we can only giving you what's happening laugh at my house and your topic the last four months I'm looking at a four month sample your working at two weeks months ago was raining today it's sunny which we can we focus on what's happening right now. You would agree in a long baseball season teams go through stretches your particular district has looked like the David Price has been great. Writes so when you type in the guys who can't go past the fifth inning we're not including price. Some reports out it did what does he have a seven ERA in September what do you are able I have my and so what they've and so what what does that look like for reporter who we think he's it would Lansing or candidate eyes cause of that in what you've been dubbing them as I so does anything I'm just saying that you see is let's -- not your right I don't entree lots of home runs yup not Creighton g.s have gotten them around yup. Herself has not been great odds of late but on the whole it's a's had a good year right Mick Purcell hall right so the next six weeks that he. Not the past the fifth inning every time outs that he not there are some good games I mean how does not Wear. I I don't mean Arabs pivot that you see that Moreland Derek with a disorder replay it was not rates. You I mean you you'd listen they think I only got one basic and only charge and when there are. But he basically make three Arizona down or not it's not create a lot of weight are at the race I love what I love the raise an illegal under everybody is addiction looking up they're actually. Trying I agree they're trying. It's rates Matt Duffy got what three hits today yes that Duffy is in a favorite of mine because I was in eighteenth round draft pick. Who was in the big leagues in a year and a half. That might never happen now would never dies you get a cut top three pick and my keys you know he's like. Best trained the big leagues is an eighteenth round pick they got the mine is they justice I was talking about it one day. And and all of a sudden he's in the big leagues than two dozen suits would teen fifteen with the giants and now he's with these guys and he's been hurt and stuff but. I mean he he built those are the kind of guys that that when you get a Tommy and was agreed to on pick up yet good series detailing beats my favorite status dealing beat sounds. As many wins against the Red Sox since devolve teacher than a ball he has period in Boston. Yes and I I I love that trade. And granted I was going by a ball these first two outings with the right I was to sanitize any better and I'm not a big guy I didn't know much about peaks right I don't have a read on him. Except that all. Well these suddenly not pitching very well and I Adam anime can post season start for the same reason but expressed concern and a few minutes ago. I YouTube you need innings guys in the post season because what in the and if you agree that the Sox don't have a great bullpen which they don't knock it. And it it it puts more pressure in the post season were one play. Went home run when marijuana wall ball can change the course of the entire series. It the airport especially on this team without a great bullpen. Puts more pressure on starting pitcher to go deep into the game which is that just aren't winging your feet so. If we look at the restoration received an academy to go go through it to go to their it David Price has been great okay Rick or cell smackdown visibly home run ball yes spot. But Parcells had a good year I don't think is that you still feel you still feel good for all done you still feel good about Rick were so every fifth day when he takes the mound right. I feel a little concerned going in his next outing. I still feel pretty good about reports now in the regular easy of those guys it's going to be fine. Because it is cinco is sits up in the strike some guy's not in a while. So many it's a home win when a guy it's a woman not him its face it so what we're talking he gives up on what we're talking about dale on the hole is three. Out of five slots in their teach you say oh. They gonna go five innings but I'm telling you this offense is good enough to carry in mediocre starting staff in the regular season. Buck again at camp even have to educate your baseball works as a 110 games. This they had that there is they haven't got anything you've ever they haven't had a losing streak longer than three Ali airline that's a lot about it this is that this was bound to happen you couldn't educate as you look down you'll see why not been OK I don't know what the infield Ireland your cracked nor can I catch an infield fly either. It never had to pop act that was a good combat yes six on 7779797. Is your phone numbers so block doom and gloom. Red Sox are gonna thought the Yankees he's pushing the panic button show oracle flight 93 giant is bring out all the references and waiting for a while 67 Red Sox got into a 67 reference here you go 51 dollar and 51 yet it's what eleven is the easiest comparison that's RT current free right now gotta go all the way back to evaluate it you can do that it's. That's Larry bring amend company do you share your concerns he's not worried about the playoffs with the threats XT because I. Looking great now looking at a lot lot of questions at the rotation in the bullpen as well I mean you know click generals pitching the ninth. And I was pitching any other I mean not Barnes has allowed runs in five in his last eight he's a 29 this year watching almost five guys per nine innings. Who that is not it so again taking your calls up to 7 o'clock Red Sox review Bakken Roemer 617779. 797. We opened up the phones right after us. This is Red Sox review on WEEI. Through through from a involved with the. Red Sox lost my kids go rays yeah tournament field now. Around six. Whose second. Dial 6177797. We shattered now Red Sox will you aren't WEEI. So I stand by everything I sat. I opened the show about except to reports out I I just went right as we teach me what baseball has very I guess who's we teaching what they Scottish in his last outing reports so little Alex by the ways touting is deciding on and then I I've retracted 8000 as of early are starting an important annual lottery tractor which we know at 7 o'clock so what is an East Jerusalem. So five innings no runs in his last night great. One night seven innings five runs up and how many hearts three and three home runs now than before that seven innings one run very good to get against who. Against the Phillies at contending team ten k.s and then before that four innings seven runs up and how before that nine innings one against against the New York. OK so. So you're cherry picking the two good outings and I'm pointing out there about your cherry picking out here in your chair picking it you got out as a Sambo was no I don't know last night I've outings are Iran's how did it 12348. Candidate I'll just give you use. Last 123. War in the last six outings good ones in bad ones and look at the total picture and you tell me he's a Cy Young award in an known. And I would say that's crazy thing that's OK so weak so so we aren't like twelve minutes and they're showing or hold an enduring words I'm not already out August there aren't finished. With twelve minutes of the show you already attracting some valuable announcements that you may now as you said you're gonna teach me baseball. As a and a barely out of my Garrett as a streaks where he was a borderline high seven quarterfinal match I was 617. Sets of again. I look at what David Price taking hell. I don't think report sell or sock the rest of the way. And you're talking three out of five young men don't guild got magical creating but this office this offense is offense is too good buck they are too good to not tainting his side like this this week they're facing a Marlins for two in the White Sox report. Those teams are hot garbage. Beat Tampa back nine their wagon hottest team in baseball that's your fairway. So what happens this week against Miami and the White Sox because for this wouldn't happen it's like I have a good week out from off the pace. You keep you keep doing this thing you do is broken pettiness of the year it's everything's going to be all right I'll I am I winning it went like rainbows I collar is it like an odd entry I believe I'm on. Six people to bets. Switching apps variances though I was have been as of July and paid for hotel and couldn't sleep in my own room. And believe that it could close the door you know I don't wanna get a so again I give I'm giving you what has happened did over the last couple weeks. And I'm looking at that saying this is in good your response to everything is pants can't be said. And everything's going to be magic dust for the regular season Yasser let's look at the Yankees badly this week White Sox tigers those teams OK but then next weekend out Oakland's. At Seattle. Mean so who's to say the Yankees are gunning for our for the Red Sox and here's another point and educate north of the Red Sox to blow this lead. The Yankees can up to Noriega run as well I was content in yankees got to go on big run as well with their depleted lineup with they're starting pitching questions. And again out Oakland at Seattle next weekend's. I think that's gonna happen it'll balance the quest in the man. When the plastic on the the Red Sox out of first in the playoffs now now I don't like against Houston now I'd like them against Oakland the best not to would be the Yankees in the first round of the playoffs. But if we're talking a regular season. They will win this division that's my point what say you 617779797. At scrap anti in the car and. Hey thanks to Michael guys that great show well pleasant area. Currently in cape. That you guys are entertaining. Excellent Deborah Citic you're driving replicate not. Now go ahead they're going and he. But it but it get a particular and he got like it. Or urgent of acting like owner like a year like Arnold yes exactly crossfire if you talk to some terrific. I'm. I'm starting to the last forty years I grew up Philadelphia and they'll Utley Philadelphia. In my youth that a thirteen year old kid. The Phillies. Seven games up but eleven games I had cardinals since it. It you don't crest the running back crashed shortly sure Jim Bunning. Ellis green. They're only Taylor. Why are they. Dallas screen tells me was a bit player on the team. I. So when I was astounded when he eighteen red site sandy. They totally. Hot right teams in the past have tanked right you think is Red Sox team tanked. Nine Indy when reds he. Any any thick and no one but the Phillies were gonna blow out there were bought in pretty well the last two weeks to see. It is I. It happened. Okay yes it can happen C gets a buck says that's that you save when I asked you to explain how it happens you come up empty packed. Are sort of reprieve so win the Cy Young award again your departing words enough for slice a borderline which would mean at that patent number ten which he would've been as of three weeks ago. Before the side. Annoy you it's suited to doing this new thing now what they content players and tires on cherry picking it hit it at 815 wins Rick Purcell I'm sorry I still feel decent when he takes the hell I do especially against mediocre competition. As to the decently takes hell now he wants what concern buck a real concern. Chris Sale will Boyd is not dead stone a timetable increase for the Red Sox thought he was so SP the blue bird of we're transitioning. Richards isn't happening now yeah changing okay yeah. No timetable on cells to. I thought everything was going to be rosy in again happily and play offs for the playoffs or the regular season yes there at Sykes can win the division if Chris cell doesn't take. Even so you'd think you'd be comfortable. Not having Chris L start noble class not comfortable but they can win the division of Chris cell doesn't start again there's. You know there's no like minor leagues to go to when I don't I don't understand it teams in the playoffs and stopped by. The play eight eat even their minor league teams to go to the players settled by right I attend the September right so if he's not pitching in big league games you know he's donut. He's pitching simulated games down in Fort Myers yes but what I really big league based on what he will be back at some points of tanner we will really don't think he will be. I don't know I mean I I expressed concern. The first time you're on the disable this side of course when NBC sports and partner channel four and they say are you concerned. And I'll say. Tall skinny guy throws a hundred miles an hour and a body part is turning to the degree these disabled and a history by altering down a stretch and might my answer is yes some concern of course though because DL before hitting a serious like it. You shouldn't have to ask if you concern right yes well you know like you should ask the measure of your concern. Yes Lawson comes back one start and back on the Dion and no that's that's that's a real that's the real actors no doubt about it then that's why. You know it seems almost funny to say with a nine UN Red Sox how good they've been all year to be down them in the playoffs and actress sales goofy nickname. Now as well it wasn't a doctor on the can Belichick knows this weekend it's. And not great it's not a fun but for the kids and the players aren't who has a skyward of these nicknames. Now now now I'm not a big Red Sox they can't wait to get ministers he's backing yards in his past this plateau. And the screen majority Cragg I Campbell dirty tracked it back at Kimbrel did the early act clean inning today right which is Guidant hasn't had many of those recently. You talk about the ball right so that's a terrible on the ninth and where does anyone else you know idea now I don't know holes that's. Why are you giving me this big bouquet of roses about how great things immigrants sites and for the last it's it's almost like you left in Somali guy came in here. Because this entire segment. You've done not them but make my point it's like it's liquor in questionable bullpen and Chris still might not pitch again I mean you're it's your incapable of new ones to quote John Q yeah it can you get up multiple opinion that it felt like icy grave as he shades of gray you know. For the rest and anyway we're having this conversation is is relic the one without new ones are new with the pinkie throw the deep yet throws they like to their continuance assets he says on. We're having two different conversations here okay you're we're talking about today. Regular season will label the division I say now. ICE is still too big they're still too many bad teams scheduled its top in September but still beyond stony Moscow. I've games moss Tom how many weeks of the season five or six ranked by. I've though you lose one game a week and all of a sudden on an off the Yankees are Capel on going back kind of extended run with the injuries and I don't ever read now being campus gonna come up another pair at a but if we're talking with the playoffs absolutely. Absolutely you I don't see how you could feel good about the Red Sox in the playoffs right to. You can still say they'll hold off the Yankees and win this division announcing they're probably well rights. I'm but I'm also looking at the Whitney looks suddenly in only. Six games against the Yankees effect. The media that covers the recites everyone was planning on having. Lots of people cover those six games for the simple reason. That it would well determine the division and then a week ago people up in the press file maybe we'll only said one per there because they're gonna wrap it up and felt what. Now suddenly that series is back on the greater than they play. Three games in New York that I somebody else and they came home and they close up the regular season as the Yankees now. It would be. Incredibly. Fun I'm not saying I want the Red Sox to lose so that those games mean something that is my job isn't to root in any direction but. It would be more interesting more compelling of course if those three games wouldn't term in the wild card coming out and how vigilant. I do they agree they what's that I disagree I don't think it would be a good day they had a four game series the close of the season back in. The way. Right and the Sox starting at the division why it is the series meant nothing we played a day night double Ater. On that Saturday or Sunday the last weekend of the season. What they were throwing their pulling guys Palestinians the plate on the as the games meant nothing in what. And I'm simply saying it could wind up meaning a lot more at that suddenly that a look at couple weeks ago. But I think I think we're public viewing the Yankees here with rose cart glass is if we are in New York right after they get swept out of Fenway Park. Earlier this month with the injuries they pat and you mentioned Severino struggles which by the way I think Andy was totally. Easy to see happening with his innings increased from 2016 Tony seventeen you delivered huge shift back to those pitchers don't farewell. When am huge inning increase under 25 Severino is 24 so you know it's really New York I don't think would be as up on the Yankees is as as you as you appeared. Went up yeah who grows I'm not up on the Yankees I'm concerned about the rats but the Yankees would still have to go on a good run. To counted and I attribute the thing I said every single year at this time somebody. Sits there and says the Red Sox what have to go ten and 22 in the nick. And then every year it happens but delicate the slapped the Yankees had Lawson against all sorts they did when do you garner leading up stand and your three or three hitters Aaron acts. Miguel and viewers clean up Neil lockers and they are Torres and you hire Voight. Look Voight batting seventh I don't even know who their capture is. Hi I you know Robinson the right fielder batting ninth inning Shane Robinson this is not. It's not that DP Yankee line and judging grew Gore's adjust as it's not. No it's not too with all the injuries they're having an and we talked about the struggles and irritation I don't beat the Yankees are capable of going on around and you also talk like. The Yankees will beat the Red Sox need to attend September I'll pick he's looking early August you got a good putt Alec how they look buck off. I'm pretty bad right so bad right he's OK so at once again I was teaching me baseball so we were in New York would you give me not to say all six games ought to yard sale and on ink is an affair during apps they did not look at last time these two teams up except. That sometimes when a team goes in season without having pressure on it and suddenly there is pressure a lot of 2011 Red Sox were suddenly it was pressure in September in the fold them like it keeps him so but why why it was not an impression on the crippled yeah I guess I never want a cheap seat on the paragon. Why. But why have the reds riser but no pressure on the Red Sox this season. August when he sent to say there's been no real pressure because they get up like at nineteen a one on a hot isn't it locating in the sense because they've been grocery. They've been great that's one. That's why and a Murti and last week he showed us their resilience. They lose two against Cleveland they're facing a real good pitcher Carlos Brasco Wednesday. And they chase and after three into pits and the following day David Price goes down as one and goes out there and has one of the best starts of his entire career. Severity shown me they can stop the bleed. Every shot lead the world with my response was to be OK just want and I'm giving your rebuttal and giving your rebuttal. It's 111 Red Sox didn't pick themselves up like that September. Now they did not mr. Murti shown they can do you you you are continuing to conveniently be about the fact. You haven't addressed that yet to my satisfaction. That's a key phrase there to my satisfaction I satisfaction. Are the. Starting rotation suddenly has issues going deep in the games writes on a team with his body able rights but also a team the best offense in baseball. Is that it's it and just in the regular season good hitting can carry bad pitching or mediocre pitching we've seen a million times the playoffs. When I can't pass it again that he writes we're having two different conversations laughs at the bigger no no way have one conversation. And I'm concerned about starting pitching right now. As he should be and that and and if your starting pitchers can't get you in the seventh inning on a routine basis. Your big fat offense isn't going to help you every single game I can help you enough to preserve a six and a half team that were today. The outward crickets are going up against leaks now a great starting pitcher and everything is here what do I say in the way I'm more than borderline he's he's a borderline fever Talbot back 617 that pushed put sold on the GAAP results on number eleven or twelve ISO pop wow what a breaking story after starting pitching has and 07 innings here in trouble wow I never got one before and it has its sudden it big but you didn't know it. Buckle continue to educate me about based on the other side and out and says reports though is a Cy Young award candidate Bob sorry he. He retracted that as of August 30 wise amend going back so early August a state so not a 7 o'clock every segment Alex were tracked something you said. In the previous six beef and also I do wanna be around but David Price that's because they ain't got a standing ovation when he got to Fenway Park showed that out and beat me. Gonna beat you up you're leading the charge against him last year which Tankersley came as Clinton is city again you know deputy lobby and boss Dave Wright said that from a deep in my house. Might find some way I what I said that and I want house hearing. Are also far from me. UConn on the south and articulate on it back after this. Itself goes through holes. That matter percent chance of fear. This biggest memorial sore. Or these guys whom anybody in this division especially can. Whatever runs you know invoices so let's go out there and couldn't throw the ball well it feels good no matter who you're against. All David Price thing this goes to show you buck. How ridiculous. His paranoia. Is in wise and media doesn't treat me fairly and see now not gonna give the fans credit for any bang. I gets two standing ovations there's room some one needs for six good regular season starts. They're priced unlocked the mystery economy beloved in Boston just have a few good games nagging doubt. It's as simple as that as simple as the thing is that that fans want. Love the players love every one of them yes and eat if you give him performance if you give them effort. If you give them accountability. They will love you. What did you make earlier in the week where last each price was asked about it you just mean season Katie says you got to do your own homered China or comes back does the homework. Was your take on not. I thought he was being obnoxious he just answer the question and Johnny as someone that was. Are a veteran radio guy when it broke into the business he's been around that long. And I. I don't like it when people route to Johnny of all people because you get you get a certain cache eight. When you've been in the business that want to stance of the guys questions and he he pit stop Tony Tony what would this videotape. And came back with some answers. But that but that's David Price and he he's going to be that guy. But again it's it if if I had asked that question or Shaughnessy or someone they they the guys that tend to be little stocky now and then. No one we care I think the fact that it was Johnny Miller I think that racism some among us media members fans don't. Probably no anti I don't know I did hear a guy and the radio. The other day called and complain that hockey team China threat but I grew larger point. And that if that was back to if he pitches well if in the end he's accountable which is part of an arrangement. And any of the read the reason guys like Mo Vaughn and balancing going back in the day. Recently Pedro Ortiz they tended to be very accountable and they pitched poorly a played poorly. And but again. Pitches well gets him into the post season wins a post season start. Go to the worlds and everything's going to be great. And even saw that last week the -- sleeping is the biggest story you know of the summer here in Boston at least to the patriots training camp began but then if fans are loving him in late September and certainly in October he's pitching well out of the ball. So it just shows up quickly on that staff can be erased. Adding he's pitching well in the bullpen and a lost cause in that and by the way I have written this a million times his pitching in the post season was a nominal. Mean his pinpoint control he was throwing 94 miles an hour if you look at the replay. The the pitches were touching the black by 116 of an inch. I mean when he is on. He is on to explain to me and our access you can dwell on innings six through nine in the White House but when it's one through sixty can't I don't quite under cloud our work and and I can't explain it. And I don't think heat team. It it's in I mean that that they've the big one to me. Was he is wont post season start as a member of the red side awful was against Cleveland in the division. And I act of look it was a wind citizen home who had been don't run a young lefty and like yup a year and a half takes a deep red and deep a and I'm Michael let loosing Guidant now and it and then finished T illustrate that it was on his mind. During the post team. Scrum right I believe it was trying to. Who the late great trying late great trading who asked him about his having not won a game in the post season. Any in erupted in the senate as a starter of 12 games at like okay all right so loud in that the mere fact that he felt. It necessary to correct. And the larger point why jam wanna game as a starter so the question might have been posed to his liking. But the mere fact that he answered that way suggested that yes this is on his mind so when US meat I was that you can pitch well and innings six through nine. But not one through six. Is obviously in an again we saw that start against Cleveland in the division series. These are obviously something that weighs on him going into these. I just don't buy that still now I mean nine postseason starts is is that it's all. Relatively speaking a small sample. For a guy like David Price it's and we see this 33 we've seen this time and time we get in baseball Randy Johnson couldn't pitch well on the play out until he. Pitched on the class Oxford Rigas couldn't hidden when in the playoffs until he. Hit one in the playoffs so eventually. The cream magic you again eventually the cream rises to the top and David Price at the ways during right now. He's gonna he's gonna shake those he's gonna shake those policies and fears away this October price will pitch well. And the opening rounds have been argued I'm not sure I'm not terminating also not here for Sallie and takes Elena. Or and you Beckett this is this is David Price is eleven. Easily season. And if you go to post season pitching in this is jest. This is the raw this is the total package the amoeba in a pro ways to win. He's too windy with a five point 03. Era in seventeen appearances. That that's enough with sample size view Byrd as her now know based relatively easy spots in baseball but that's a small sample. He knew what this bill with its nine starts over eight seasons but nine starts that sent to get 11 or two proposed season. You'd need help how to Randy Johnson was his policies and track record partly out and want educated Arab and be terrible. You eat you you want you to announce to the world right now that we have a small sample size of David price's ability to wink to Paris and to his career nine yeah. Yeah right wow right why I mean we've seen it time and time and how it couldn't hit each jokes he chokes is a great policies in 2000. Right I'm still getting over the small sample size and David Price army career starts at David Price. In the post season when his career. You're measuring an entire season vs the policies and but it means that in it by using your match. Everybody samples 284 starts in his career not of course everybody's policies and track record you have on apple at night and of course as of the polish the whole thing what policies is all about making absolutely no sense here stop. You're saying that the point that that sample size the David price's ability to and a policies started small yes comparison to his career yes of course it's Harrison was just what does yes in fact end and again listen carefully. Listen don't interrupt with a very careful in in that case. Every single player there would be no such thing as a sample size because nobody's post season numbers at Curt Schilling with you great policies upon what is. He wise ones. That's a small sample size it's only like twenty starts and restarts in making his career but he was great in the playoffs and your press departed not miles on 100 kidney arguments on Norma I know I'm not to nineteen price has been out in the play does not use said you said it's that you said it's a small samples just. Yes and you say how many starts to David is there a price industry to eat pork. Okay. It chilling. In his career beat 236. Starts. OK in the post season. Being nineteen at the small sample size yes this. He was great not small sample size yes but do we nodded that we do we agreed it hurts him with a great post we didn't want to Yost agree that David Price to this point has but he got policies and starting pitcher. But if that was small sample size speed can be gotten this also goes on browser you can McDonald's boys who is on there are you drawing on its current exchange and the subject of just totally annihilated ruinous. You said that it's a small sample size David Price because of the number regular season starts. I gave you Kurds don't break many more starts 436. And yet. Only nineteen postseason start that you don't agree he's a great post season yes and I agree David I don't think oh god policies and performance we agree on I don't know you just said it was a small so it can be honest all sides. But that's all the counts is what we're talking about yes but eventually figured if I raiders players desperately trying to each of them actually here in the great ailing players perform an -- get right up to Iraq and feeling when they get enough cracks out of a performance should we should not talk about the baseball west of the show Jon and Idaho please bring some sanity to the program deck is he needs. You need it. Thank you gentlemen thank you replace it Michael Yani definitely insanity I mean it's so frustrating the way they played I mean. Today it looked like I was watching a kiwi team the team get what get a call at the ship they weren't even attempting to. And do any thanks I mean I could just say the super rats IQ better. This weekend behind and make this week better because that your not be six and a half we should be up. A lot more than just six and a half in the AL east and I know you can't win every game but now gentlemen it is not. But our name to be going out of swap. Especially when we're in late August weren't making a pennant race. Moody Internet sites have peaked too early. That's on that and that's what's on. Now are you mean to sound treatment because I don't highly did you so much weight that out you know violated me. Because you've you've you've you've said okay let's go to the numbers you said that I can't look at David Price is post season record because it's small samples when I say that. But this you can't look at his policies and record but he talking about. I just say just nine starts old whose careers are small samples as clap performances in general ours Muslims and every money Bob buck disagree it's a good book I did relenting curtail. Lewis and Brooklyn what's up. Again I the problem when money at all that left the best start in adult housed they hit it takes it and the hot enact shots got out of it was Italy's team. What's up close. I just and its movement you guys I don't think it's some interest saying that bit of irony. So comes Dunlap you'd be in here Red Sox need to win in either yankees to lose. They beat the Yankees. Forcing it one game playoff in Fenway Park. Forty years later sank. Familiar home box I think you gotta calm idea I like it you know use it any steal it from you Louis that a before a rocket arm and wow. While and how the scenario god knows who would win this game. It. Sit back and now this is horrified that also determine if it it it it is now out of the potential first round opponents for the Red Sox yankees are the best draw. I agree with you even know. And I mean yeah Lotta article opens opens the team was and embarrass somebody in the post season if they if there there. Especially the way baseball is because it really in the playoffs you need starting golf geek you can survive the starting pitcher goes five innings you have your lights doubtful pan which he did funny thing is you mentioned you mentioned. Money ball. I did and and in the whole book is a pain to two to Billy being. And what do geniuses. And in the book they've got Billy dean making fun of Kenny Williams who's journal mayor of Chicago White Sox. No it. Tiny problem with that is that Billy V has there were even in the World Series let alone won one now and Kenny Williams. Put together a team in 05 the won the World Series for all of the credit everyone wants to give Billy beam for revolutionizing baseball. He still has not put together a team to even make the World Series. But Billy Beane and his body of work on the whole with the Oakland is more impressive thing Kenny Williams's wasn't good sales because I did but I agree with you I'm just saying. That may be you know but that a little bit in terms of making parlor with the making fun of of the GM's. Rob was in Cranston Ralph what's up. Great for the current it'll look you could probably better. You know PDs. Mozilla is yours you know kind of stupid it's just ludicrous about what or low double properly. Oh it sure looked like they were now. How important that fact that they go out there guys at the club I'd be deliberately deck that. He's not really the production but our guys yet that that Johnny go back from a bit but look these guys right. What are probably the work Cabrera got a while we're not trying to be. Martti Ahtisaari on he asked me the question is biology and it was a baseball questions I thought. I figured out I think I think team it is is that guy. I think he's part he he is not as demonstrative as David Ortiz was but then again we is. That that's almost unfair to compare the knicks club mostly did David Ortiz. And I believe that when you hear anecdotally about all the younger players that are working with him. And he with them. Now is easy easy beating his chest and throwing bats and doing all that cool stuff that we like to see. I've noticed he stays safe when he stuffed to the media know his seat. March into the manager's meetings and argue with umpires know he doesn't do all that but. I think if you went when people say oh this is basically the same team as blustery it's not the two key reasons that one. John Ferrell is gone you lost the clubhouse I wrote that all last year. And they've got TD Martinez now and began to go back and Alex said I think he's biblical books. You know I grew up but. I don't get it religious. Got up what we do it and I know Arnold well it's an opposite where it is possible price. Order retired but the only collect if you do. You know that it really. He's got to or if it yell at them. You know the that it would. And don't like your its deputy you'll want that order is it. I just want and I every single fuel because more often what a lot of the past if you would likely. It. Yes because you're old but not because he raised a Lackey that's Caracas we do that you got a lot of got so upset her direct this question to me you haven't stopped chirping but I answered it though correctly. Team are cleaner easier than you know credible. I am incredible will go to break on that note six on 7779797. Buchan Roemer taking your calls doom and gloom panic button reds being a panic by and we owed to the patriots as well. Later on Eric Decker retired that leaves other receiving corps. Who Philip door sat outside mine and racks and ISO zeman founded on the field what is going on with the patriot Tom Brady type but the panic button. A panic about this receiving corps but we'll do that more with your phone calls Sports Radio WE. 6177797937. Reamer here writing so until seven iPad didn't buckets on on the carpet these beaten up so much as so far this program. Got jasager is that we not only does grind you up off the car okay he's my guy and since you brought it up. Since you brought it up the well let's. With them it just getting in the car you set. That I cant use David Price is post season record because it's a small samples if the national and I'll correct the record okay on the back and he did take an eye on you you compare it with is. X number of regular season starts master of Curt Schilling with a great policies of former news yes. He made 437. Career starts allowing nineteen postseason starts. Right so you see how your argument your stop work argument caves in the engine and with with like three simple sentence because you can be good any small sample size can be bad in the small sample size of what did you say was a small sample so this is a sudden it's nine starts that's why. It's it's a small sample size it's not always hard when I I said David Price has been a bad policies before he has been and you said it's a bit it's a small suggests dusty has been god but it's only been nine starts us. Us so it's a small samples yes was Curt Schilling degree policies and before yes. And that's not a small sample size it is also playoffs and general Ray Small samples but that's you can we measure it against other I player really he's I don't green on the whole price has been in on maple zero out that makes a lot of sense and you McDonald's prices on will continue to I don't know you don't always you you fall back is to insult me because you realize that you realize. That you failing badly in this discussion. Behind David Price down I mean that's that's her kids ornery but the answer it's tough but the Red Sox October. I have beaten price right now at this moment after him go now I don't to magical creating future. I'm just trying to protect design and that's what we do we are we were prognosticators. Scots and Austin Scott what's up. O acre Arctic Margaret Cho I thought I totally screw you know spot on the multi day every young scotsman. All the time. Right now expert cameo. Place it you've got to pit road team Richard that are in the senate. Eight brought up from me in the future let's not that's not what Alex is claiming that that's a different discussion go to an apple is telling us they had in the catchy. Then yet but. He secret stuff and target date. Or it could be a 08. But that's our real shouting from the three times when I guess I like is not there's certainly going to be dead somebody just finally who has talked and since I'm an amp. Not being copycat the a Battery Park eat and data out there and it's great reliever Eric. But every and it was great people just last year. Yeah well like I don't I oratorio and pepper outsmarted and not so why not have a house to hit. Mean it will. But about a touch. Yeah I'll bet a critic coach but he's. He's separate could mean good or oh he's pitching good now. Mean I've seen him pitch while just last year up to the back that are Scott you can just go back to last October happy days and here again Pelosi just that I David Price he could go on an incredible Colfax ask run all the leads the World Series. As on the key ops out like he stays here. I agree with that beat. I don't think anyone else is gonna even. Reitman is it a 127. Million everything is in in just because I agree we. Sometimes the quality of life needs to take Thursday right and if indeed his quality of life is not. Hear what he would want it to be what he thinks it can be elsewhere and get out. But is not worth fifty million dollars skies I think three is a 127 million left on his deal over the next four years. On the free agent market you look at what you are receiving got in he's hurt sad it's another harbinger of doom for signing these pictures it too long term deals price with the elbows still hasn't been repaired. What's it gets eighty million on the open market is is happiness worth the fifty million are cut in pay. Now the big difference. And in the thing is. I assume he's not living in Arab. You know studio part I don't think Wes Clark's for a I think he's wherever you this can comfortably say it's a nice place probably pretty okay and and I have to was Sony's got like headphones and big screen TV it. Access to will be used in music and what not I am to be rid IMAX has told movies and music through with a point and very pour so so so. Kid you know wall himself off from all these alleged distractions that exist in Boston has not done a great job. Oh he's got a reason not to Twitter machine and has concluded machine I would say thing. I would make it work I would I would put headsets on and listen to music and watch the movies and and whatnot. And and get a place that big with a balcony and cool things and approved for months and so forth and wall myself loft I don't wall. Od and get away from all these distraction tanker trumped guides Q I'd panic don't even know he knew Blair is in Maine Blair high. Deployed on the so are you really or I don't believe a one a little bit after you've been on radio for how many months and how many years and on what achieved in Rina. No I'm not really on TV now I'm face for radio. Well I think you're on TV my well you're the one they see on TV at night at 9 o'clock on and be. She's sports Boston. That's me. That's but the big TV star over here in my left. Well you're out OK okay well. Our ability that it showed tonight at 9 am calling himself. Call your kindness and probably already got for us now. What I have for you well. I think direct sought to get a late the play out to be totally fine even all the Yankees are called. I don't get away from vanity or are out there right up there a gal thanks splash up. Revving again regular season held the Wendell squeak out when the division on the playoffs no I'm not confident and on this team not in the least I have nothing left to say once once Blair waited in your favor. I had nothing would offer. But I mean in and you look at though why you look at this open for example right like we know Campbell's patient and ninth but. And the staging of the great about Kimbrel in the playoffs and how to perform last year in only acting got five clean innings since June 22 for Craig Kimbrel. Mean. Even now he's your guy in the ninety don't agree and I'm right now. Not right now but he pitched a clean today. He did right when he to get some work biggest week out like three appearances is outward appearances are lining in today's game and we need more silver linings and a silver lining is added in the nickname jerseys were greats. The Caesars is it by now not really you know at nine and that this hoping it's the kids. Growing the game with kids. Not that really helps and I'd I'd I don't know that it does either but that's until he went down with today's game like three and a half hours. Cut it down to two and a half then you'll marketed to kids. And I agree with that two of its and that fears probably of his increased organs are too long yes so I weakened off from poppies when games are too long. Teams how block of blown big leads before. Whether women why are you marking me when I say games so long as though it's like a communion with a cold take. You you you put in on that road I asked if I do what I and I and I think it'll take before you. But I think you know pinnacle take. David this in Florida David what's up. Gentlemen. Good afternoon guys. Are we doing you know but you're a little bit so that over the a lot of guts let's call him. But that's not that have a little comparison but look where the Yankees help our backward they on this date back to 78. On this day in nineteen as seven and a half. Built app from what what they are out there at six and a half and it's five in the loss. It wobbled outbreak but the problem gone our. What did the yankees' nine to 78 nod of Aaron judge not DD a glorious not gacy and visibly Severino pitching poor release about the herd demeans Abbott did. You know you get your make that comparison David. I mean I edit all the time for the in its entirety. The team the team has made Alex Cora look good it may opt wired optical and that would just an network Kazaa lite and consider union not. And I disagree I don't think he's I think early in the season I think there was one particular game he didn't sub bottom defense and I inning Utley. They did a few years there bit but nothing it's really. I mean like Mickey Callaway in the mets' eighth and what's that. Last week it was game EEE and so are our leaders to pinch hit. I have me Nunez for Brock colts. And then the other night he just Putin's trip brought altered and which. Just seem so random so so inconsistent. I mean that they still think I mean last night when I intend to cut up. I whales were right on the money seven and a half games. It's just scary I mean with. I don't know about minus mouse thing that ever happened army into abruptly to about. Sex is very Abbott David yankees not to win those games for it to matter how popular last time these two teams played. Optic I about it and I and I can do it. Look at the schedule at Yankee cap how West Coast trip rights when he but as a battle be make or break down. All it can find now isn't coming to we can happen vote and the app that was only to learn. And I mean this team the team could very easily chill community it can experience manager. They need is that a good young players. I got it has an idea give them some five Q a with the an expert in court was on the World Series team last year resentment at. I so but what I'm saying is that there's a lot of teams Bob brenly was inexperience in the old one Diamondbacks Williams is her own is an experienced an entertainer David Mann is in a separate yeah it is incredibly Iran inexperience at the advantages the best you can Kamal went and then you hear her. I have ever been our rookie manager who's won the world are indeed the only one like it. I I did it well. Now what brought us this guy here's how wondering ago 87. I mean end Mikey Mikey. It will you've been saying back what I mean it but it's the opposite it's happened. And Barry served as a means you don't score policies and I mean it was just do without score is lack of experience. I'm just but at. Not a factor but I mean I mean price. Ceiling in the course is still on the post season. I mean a student since the school gonna that it could get ugly. Yeah we've we've when we come across that we we've got to cross that bridge amino teams all the time iron experience matters into Tom Kelly was named manager. For twenty games in late 1986 and then as he rookie manager in 87 when the got it and fire that was up atop my head very impressive I'm I am still an on you re opening now the seventy eight's standards and you have the real deal. There don't one of the worst rates at a couple weeks speaking of quarries in game decisions was in Philly I'm recourse now. They pension and they pension Brock called on it and I gave you props to that and I'm Mike I'm like his rock culture really better option richt or sell one picks later boom homer. But you can very easily of made Deco way you conducted up there you get beat about the head neck for an hour nap by everybody and where. And I was very impressed by the tidal takes expose a feeling that I was very it's another account Michael take exposed to freezing cold takes a tweet back media members like they're awful takes Aaron article and twenty like. Fourteen about how. This is the time the trade group he bats there's a surplus in the outfield and he's expendable we that we win betrayed Jackie now camp now. That that's of freezing cold out now Jack W I when he's not hitting as there were a lot of people's freedom now why he's got some value. I'm telling you leave Malone Lehman's an appeal when there was thing even when he's not and should be an act. 6177797971. Hour down another big now it's red site to be with buck agreement Sports Radio did you eat yet.