Red Sox Review with Alex Reimer - Chris Sale goes to the 10-day DL; Ian Kinsler has two strikeouts in his Red Sox debut - 7-31-2018

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, August 1st
Reimer reacts to Chris Sale going to the 10-day DL, Ian Kinsler's debut with the Sox, and talks about Dave Dombowski's ability to build a team for the now as opposed to the future. 

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI it was a game rig between you know how. Or walk Bartlett center fielder. All of that he Jackie coming here to get to politically I just throwing breaking catch flack was coming home. Thank you for always help a lot. That is why but it makes a week having no Red Sox lost against the fairly good. Ground ball for the medal off the glove of the diving Bogart's about a score Iran hostage blocking the plate and huge church where. Three go dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox would be on W. So as the months analysts saying I'm sorry gang Red Sox times Mike my hands. As Michael was saying the Red Sox at the very very busy day trade deadline across baseball. And make an opportunity disappointing 31 loss the Phillies welcome into Red Sox review. Money resides simmered taking up until midnight tonight at 617779. 797. Your phone number again is 617779790. 79837. Or lots to get into tonight's. I quickly start up with a game Phillies win as we mentioned three to whine. In another poor offensive showing. For their Red Sox who struggled to score in both games against Philadelphia Aaron no last night. Shut them down Jake Ariana who nights set the Red Sox down and out overall since the all star break the Red Sox lineup has not. Been quite what it was prior to the plot prior to the great guy got the stuff Twitter from Red Sox stats and incredible follow the Red Sox have gone scoreless. In 25 of their last thirty trips to the plates. I'm so that definitely will have to change in just two nights in the Yankees come to Fenway for a massive. Four game series and don't look now folks but the Red Sox last night's and the Yankees win over the pathetic Orioles now basically are just. Adam Jones and 24 minor leaguers I yankees win six to three. There are now five back they played Orioles tomorrow assuming take care business and when. They'll be just four and a half games heading to Fenway Park. Series begins Thursday night it was going to be Chris Sale on element as we out Chris Sale now on the DL. With mild left shoulder inflammation. In will be Brian Johnson getting the starting game one against CC's about via instead of Chris now so. Lots of news today out of Fenway Park ironically. Though was the trade deadline. The Red Sox were silent today. On the trade front they made their move last night acquiring Ian Kinsler. From the angels Kinsler went one for four in his Red Sox debut this evening so the big news at Fenway broke around 5 o'clock or so. Chris Sale they announced out of the blue on the DL or bad shoulder inflammation. The DL trip is retroactive to July 28. And you know it's a good reminder. What this Red Sox season Israel about it and what the X-Factor. Really is we can talk all we want to about Brad Ziegler in JT command in. Then 1520. Re weavers who were adults the over the last couple weeks and I didn't read size get every we've heard him brows he never built a bullpen in Detroit he's donning a Red Sox by not building a ball pen here here over the luxury tax you're not going all the way you're not getting the reinforcements in the pan. We all talk what that when he tonight up until midnight I promise he butts. If the Red Sox fail and their quest. To make a World Series run this year it won't be because eating get Brad Ziegler. It won't be because eating get JT to me it won't be because he didn't get you know even Zach Britton. Quite frankly if the Red Sox don't make a legitimate run this year. It will be because they're starting pitching that staying the entity that's supposed to carry this team. Has spelled them once again and when you're on pace to win like 110 games. That's really all that matters and we go to Chris Al Chris out on the DL did you browsed he spoke today about the injury saying I. He attributes it to sort out to you attribute the soreness to each change in slider grip for here's to browse the I describing the sale injury today. I know he's discouraged because she doesn't. Really goes and disabled list and he really misses a start but. These things happen throughout the season we've been very careful that doesn't mean still when you're being careful that things still don't happen. It's part of dealing unfortunate with the rigors of baseball and articulate impaired with pitchers. So knowing and it's just I think what's. Nobody really knows why papers say but he has changed their grip a little bit more on this lighter. Over this season and it's a little bit and I think that may cost a little bit of that problem. Maybe it's nothing maybe to browse is right maybe Chris sells right may be outscored is right all parties insist sailed just missed. His start in two days and don't be back on his regular schedule after that. Maybe that's the case and you are right now sells been awesome it's been Pedro last. Eleven and four leads league any RA leads league in strikeouts 207. I he's allowed two runs or fewer and struck out nine batters him more over his last nine starts set out in five. Of those starts mean as a said this is Pedro ask. By yelling Chris Al here we are ended July just an hour away from my guest goes on the DL with shoulder and formation. I Harken back to last year where you're seventeen starts which is where sale is right now. He was great the numbers are pretty much identical thirteen for. 2.3 seven ERA this series even better 2.0 4211. K's masters at 207. 147 innings last year this year at 141 so right on a similar pace. And last August and September Chris sells Donald four point 09 ER. He allowed seven runs in game one against Houston in the Al Diaz we all know how that went. Yet even tonight to think. Thinking back to last year standard Bogart's got out of the gate real hot and when he seventeen. Had a nice first half of the season and open pits and on the rest of the fastball is never the same. Tonight. Standard Bogart's demeaned as hard during Phillies closer hits them right above that right rest with a fastball on the upper ninety's Bogart's goes down. After the game the Red Sox pretty cautious. Outscored saying that Bogart's say is being evaluated but he's still pretty soars so you have salad going on the DL which reminds me of how he faltered down the stretch last year and ran out of gas and then you have Bogart's down. Hit on the head on the wrist with a fastball just like he was last year he was putrid offensively after getting hit on the rests. He's been real good so far this year but well see the red psyched Sais pretty sore and is still getting evaluated. You know and again lock Chris Allen has been so dominant. You would win a Cy Young right now if the season and today but. He was just as dominant last year the numbers are basically identical and maybe it's just again as simple as to browse he said changing grip on the slider. Better to be careful then an aggressive at this stage the Red Sox still do you have a five game lead so two months left in the regular season no reason to panic no reason to pushed things so. Maybe it's just that spots you forget Chris say Al. Really faltered down the stretch last year he was out in the playoffs. You look at the rest this irritation. David Price we. We don't need to go over his post season's troubles. We don't need to go over his truck was against the Yankees either way he's due to face the Yankees Sunday nights now prices certainly picked straws last couple times arts. The last night's eight hits in eight innings. Topped out at 9293. Is changeup was the mid eighties not a lot of velocity separation. If he had that kind of stuff against the Yankees and help the Aaron judge in stand to inning Aybar Torres in baton and not line up. Who knows right handed masters that they have. I think he would have lasted Arabic would have lasted eight innings let's which is put it that way to report salaries going Friday against the yanks he's been hit real hard. To his last three times out against the jays and tigers two teams that absolutely stink. Eduardo Rodriguez still on the DL with a walking boots drew pom rants and on what's been big on. The pom rants X-Factor may be move Palmer in the bullpen and that's three get the most out of them I'm sorry top satellite 88 miles an hour now and think he think -- to his artist entered tonight by. He was sitting around 8889. All night line drew Palmer and now I'm not gonna count him to give the Red Sox any thing I'd down the stretch especially in the starting rotation so. If all the acquisition is big gap add another army narrow he had a great debuts Sunday seven shutout frames spots. It's nominate an apology it's about Chris salads about David Price it's about reports out ads about the topic in this Red Sox rotation. And Chris Doug on the DL with a left shoulder inflammation I know it's mild to rusty says this changing grip. Not great because the alternative was Chris Al starting Thursday that against the Yankees he's not doing that not so it's just a reminder of how great this regular season as Ben. And it's certainly has been great and it's going to be great for another two months and not saying you can't enjoy it not saying he's wins don't count boomer Loney. They do their Red Sox are costs and you cannot you cannot criticize them for anything they've done that the first four months of the season. But they've won division for two straight years and on one and six in the playoffs as Reno regular season performance. Not as a harbinger of policies and performance. The Red Sox had no chance in Cleveland and sixteen. And no chance in Houston last year because of their porous starting pitching has been his Purcell has been. As far as price has been for the most part still is for cell has been for the most part up until recently. Hard to have beaten these guys and Chris Sale again goes on the DL ten day disabled list 617779797. Has your phone number that again is 617. 77979837. So what says you guys are you. How do you read this Chris Sale DL stints. Do you think it may be a sign of possible things to come is it a redux of last year. You go on again with bought the Bogart's getting in on the wrist tonight to those memories of 2017. Start to come back tete we'll talk about all that Mort your phone calls also two of the trade deadline dots did the Red Sox do enough Red Sox review on WEEI. And is eleven a sixers it's turning now into. You EE nine WEEI dot com the Red Sox thought the Phillies 321 at Fenway Park tonight split two games sat. 82 runners on with nobody out in the ninth and failed to score Red Sox went Oprah fourteen earth earns it's corn position tonight. Sandra Bogart skated right above the rest of the hour fastball on the ninth inning as well he has a right hand confusion accessories are negative the Red Sox say. He is in a bit of pain drew pom rants got the losses while he was turn to two runs in five innings while striking out four Sox have a rare off day on a Wednesday and tomorrow. The start a four game series against the Yankees at Fenway on Thursday it was supposed to be Chris Sale on the help but Brian Johnson get the start instead. Against CC sabathia why is that you ask well that's because Chris Seles placed. On the ten day DL Thursday with a mild the shoulder inflammation the DL stint as retroactive. To July 28 teased him browsed he says it's because of the change of grip. On his slider at their trade deadline meanwhile came and went without the red psyched stealing for a reliever Ian Kinsler did make his Sox debut Tuesday. Going one for four and the Yankees beat the Orioles 63 tonight there are now five games back or one more against the his before coming here and patriots is a team worked out wide receiver Eric Decker Monday. According to ESPN's feel DH so at the practice field again tomorrow. At 9:30 AM whether this hour is brought to you by Andersen windows in Cape Cod lumber. 75 degrees and humid right now tomorrow 83 with a chance of thunderstorms that's it's trending on WEEI. And WEEI dot com Red Sox review. Starts now. These these Red Sox review on WEEI it was a game rigged when you know how. Or walk Bartlett center fielder. All of that beats Jack he's W I get to politically I just always great to catch my god coming home. And that's always our goal. That is why but it makes recapping the Red Sox lost against the fairly good. Ground ball for the medal off the glove of the diving Bogart's about a score Iran hostage brought to the plate and huge church toward the three go dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox would. You on WEEI. Welcome back Red Sox merely rolled on until midnight in taking your phone calls it 61777979837. They treated out prior to show tonight at twelve hero docs you would have been very exciting idea behind the Mike got trade deadline day hosting. Red Sox revealing WEEI I was so excited. The voice was actually even a little screech you're back then than it is now and it's very hard to believe but it is true it has actually gotten deeper from where it was all those years ago. Auburn hair until midnight nights where. It's hard to not think of 2070. It's hard to not think of Tony seventeen for a couple reasons first of all let's just start with what happens. A few minutes and ninth inning 21 for the Red Sox in the ninth. Sir Anthony Dominguez a hard during Phillies closer on the hell. Once Sander Bogart's right above the right wrist with a fast on the upper ninety's Bogart's goes down. After the game X rays negative Red Sox announced he has a right hand contusion. Bogart's has been there before last year. July sex July sex Bogart's in on the wrist with a fastball. And from there his production torpedoed after Bogart's as head on the rest last July. He had 230 to the rest of the way with four home runs 661 OP us. You reforms like in all start the first three months the season. They get him on the arrests and turned into Edouard and unions. Thousand or Bogart's last year after getting hits. Tonight. It's had on the wrist at the fastball again X rays negative. The Red Sox a sore right hand contusion. Certainly something worth monetary. And suffice to say Bogart's is a huge cog in the slap because he really lankans at without Bogart's. Get a little then with then you stretch to sex and and you go to the bottom third in. Blake's wife hardest answering about well so wired by the way mark my words will be the starting catcher for the esteemed mr. B speeds why heart. Jackie Bradley devers comes back at least one of those three guys you figure and a nightly basis. Gives you production at the bottom and you order. The key is Bogart's can you be sixty got the top. You have been the the first four months the season and that's a big reason why the Red Sox lead the league in runs scored. They're anemic offense performs in Philadelphia side we know how good this lamp is Dan. It's been good because of six deep at the top Bogart's. Big part of that. And on the rest what's he going to be the rest of the way worth watching and you have Chris Sale. The news before the game announced by the Red Sox and gave him Rask he's sale on DL with mild left shoulder inflammation. Retroactive to July 28. And missed a start Thursday against the Yankees. He's been Pedro ask. His last several times out. Allowed two runs or fewer strict on nine batters and more over his last nine outings shut outs in five of them. Impossible to be better we'd Cellini RA leads the league in strikeouts. Just like he did last year through seventeen starts. Never gonna happen in August and September. Four point 090 are allowed seven runs in game one against the Astros. Maybe it's nothing maybe as to browse is sad it's just a change in slider grip. Maybe sale will be out there for his next act but it's hard to view Chris now going on the DL. And not think of how he faltered down the stretch last season and it brings into question. All the other concerns and unknowns at this Red Sox are tasting 217 million Darman David Price again and a chance at the Yankees Sunday night's. Make or sell out he's been in high to his last three times out against the awful jays and tigers we'll see what he does Friday. Against a good yankees' lineup. DL pom rants there is 88 now. I asked this irritation mean native. The Red Sox and invested in the irritation 217 million in David Price. And to your top prospects you on Mon product and Michael Culp back for Chris Allen they've paid and don't forget about the report cell deal either twenty million dollars appear though that. There is treated to browse the but still lots of money invested. Lots of prospects invested in the top three guys and this Red Sox rotation. And 2016 and Tony seventeen their Red Sox had no chance against iron the Indians or aster is because they're starters gave them no chance and his get a sales then. And break is this price has been for the most part the season. To me the starting rotation is an unknown and we can talk we want about Brad Sigler and relievers in GT command and all the guys in the Red Sox could've gotten today or the last couple days the last couple weeks. But it doesn't matter the starting pitching doesn't give them a chance to win the game and it's just another reminder of how urgent all of this says. Them browse is turn the Red Sox into the tigers a 2111. They're Tony fourteen they must win now. They have no farm system the only team in baseball without a prospect in MOB pipelines top 100 rankings compared to the competition the Red Sox are baron in the minor leagues as we are now just like those tiger teams were baron in the minor leagues. Knows tiger teams made some runs. Made they made it to a couple LCS's. Mean on the about 2013 against the Red Sox but they just reading get over the hump they just couldn't get over the hump and you see. You know even a great offense that leads the league in runs scored. Can get shut down over 23 game span the Red Sox have gone scoreless in 25 of their last thirty trips to the plates. While they ran up against him good pitching a series Aaron no on Monday Jake Gary edit tonight. They went over fourteen with runners in scoring position tonight so you can bet can win the MVP JD Martinez can lead the league in home runs. IE it out he EU you can have all of this incredible offensive production. In the middle of your line up. But even the best hitters in the world go cold for three games it happens it's O. We know how slippery a slope this ends. And it is just so urgent for the Red Sox right now because after this year you have Kimbrel op. The year after that Chris Ellis out JD Martinez can opt out then Bogart's is up move key bats is up. This is the past the Red Sox will be four. A while for a while this is there when Dow and the last couple days and today in particular sale goes on the Bogart's hit by the pitch like last year it's reminder of apart tenuous all of this saves even know there on a 110 plus win pays seventy plus wins. Five game lead against the Yankees could not be going better right now. Nick and all under the snap of the fingers. 617779797. Is your phone number Shonn is an Idaho and lead to south tonight what's going on Chung. All of their picture taken Mike Cox yeah you elegant way of saying that but you know you hit it right there I mean not I'm gonna rip the offense totally I mean like. Apparently in this series against the Phillies there wasn't just tonight with the Oprah fourteen but last night. We watched the game you're like. Sit there and I'm sitting there were like gosh just win the game. I mean they ran into a very tough elite team and then they had that trouble against the twins offense has got to get don't want it. Because you know we're playing a very typical series. And we already know everybody listen and red sock and so what I'm a Red Sox and always will be a bit of socks and a long long time. Once you get to August and September these are the two critical months. Up the pennant race so they know that they need to do well and that hitting these to come through I. Was disgusted because tonight there were all kinds of opportunities. When when that leadoff double order there was a rhetoric third you couldn't even get the run up a lot that's not good but first and second nobody out the ninth that's like getting there. Now it's not it's on thanks for the call I yet to line nobody out in the ninth. Now you wanna see red sites are down 23 newest member of the team Ian Kinsler. Strikes out is well. And is getting more updates here on Bogart's side examined relic tweeting right hand contusion X rays negative same spot as last year. He sounded weary just because of the similarity but in uses X rays are negative so yeah and again that happened in that ninth inning tonight. Bogart cassette Red Sox cannot capitalize with runners in scoring position and yes on says can rip the op and on the connect. Rip the offense over colts to ratchet has not been the same since the all star break if that's true by. They've they've they've been so good and there's so much talent at the top of the slap especially. I. This a lot of doesn't really have a weakness and maybe now as powerful as the Yankees. Houston can be by it that they that they don't have a week as a Blake's wire arts and costs them. The last few weeks try to run or two nights as a saint he's the guy the rest of the way Jackie Bradley being over 300 since he ended June as we now. I devers will be back in you know in in street shortly. It sounds like so. I'm not worried about the Salina. Bots. Yeah even the best lasting a called first stretch. As the Red Sox had seen the playoffs when he sixteen. Seeing it here at the end of July this year so yeah you need you need to be firing on all cylinders. To succeed in October even if you're on this kind of pace. Which is why you look at the trade deadline. What their work. Tons and tons. Our relievers and tons of guys moved and we saw tonight how the Red Sox. Or at least one guy shorten apple and right now not pardons loads the bases in the eighth yes gets out of the jam and Alaska's allows. An insurance run in the ninth but 22 relief pitchers traded since the all star break. Not all the moderates like said that ships to get right meaning guys signed for multiple years like righthander. Or exact Britain tires I was Akron was a rental and expensive one but even nick you know Britain out of the Red Sox can beat the Yankees package and we know. Thank you Tony to when he Indians give up on their top catching prospects Allen top catching prospects in the game. Probably to have to tips to get him by any look at all the rental guys who removed like Brad Ziegler really. Joaquin Soria Familia the the a's gave up like the twentieth best prospect for him. On the nationals the Red Sox reportedly called on how mean her red arrow last night despite. The national Scott Herrera in June from the whales and gave up their tenth and eleventh ranked prospects for him the Red Sox can have had a competitive offer there you think they probably could have even with. The parents stated their system it's relief pitching so. Yeah at 22 relievers traded since the break. Does the Achilles heels of to browse is tigers teams the ball and being pinned down now are. The Red Sox still need to reliever and it disappointed dating one. The good news says. This plague us still available on the markets. I'd Norris Aaron crop from the Marlins Clinton Yates Jared use any plenty of guys. Rental guys who will be available come August in pick them up from the waiver wire you can get them for cheap and opt Uga so it's not done yet. I think the Red Sox still could doubt will Ladd should add relief pitching. You know because as far as everything else goes. To rescue did a nice job as he's done the last couple deadlines filling in holes with veteran pieces Steve Pearce. OP just north of 900 since during the Red Sox can't quibble with acting he's been a good routine partner for Mitch Moreland who is. Performance has declined to over the last couple weeks appears acquisition. Looks better now than it did when it first happened I need an evolved he sent out his debut powerful right hand and arm with pom rants is struggles tonight we saw. How important it is just have more guys to solidify a back and about irritation and the thing about of all the is. Right handed power arm. I think that's more important than a lefties given the state American League with all the right handed bats to judge Stanton tore as Jose premieres at the Indians Encarnacion with the Indians Karros Korea. Posey out to date George springer Alex Bragman I mean deep American League. Is so or right handed heavy and you talk about the bullpen. Of all the is seems like a perfect candidate to go to the bullpen in the playoffs be maybe a strike out guy over there so I like the ball be moved. And like Kinsler moved till I like beacons or move a lot he's a great defensive player. In over 300 in the last month gastric on the ninth Snyder went the opposite way for his first hats. He's a letter overall you know that plays a lot then why. You know pins are just on his defense alone. Is an upgrade over Eduardo Nunez who as bad as he is offensively. It's even worse defensively. By it looked overwrought and does last a thousand plate appearances he's like 237. 7190. PS so that's a question it tends offensively right it is C they've gotten we've seen the last 1000 times op. Over the last two years which is a very large sample size 1000 plate appearances. Org to judge him more in the last month in Sunnis heading over 300 the last thirty days. You get them back in a pennant push with a playoff team out of Anaheim. To Fenway Park sold out every night think eighteen straight sellouts now. Aides did that did this can there is career get reinvigorated. On regardless in if he doesn't give you much offensive production at all. He's a big upgrade over Eduardo Nunez because of the defense so the Red Sox like they did the last couple years at the brows deep. A plugged in veteran hall as we've gotten the veterans who've improved areas of this roster. It would have been a lot better to get every Weaver or to win here. I think that's still could happen will happen should happen in August but the rescue was active he made three trades all three of them might tinker winners. And again. You know we've talked so much about trade spots. That's not going to make or break the Red Sox it's just isn't it isn't the Red Sox have no chance. If Chris sat out. Isn't healthy. And pitching and pitching while the Red Sox have no chance at David Price can't pitch well on October the Red Sox have no chance of this offense. Goes through a short slump like they've gone through the last few days they have no chance of Sandra Bogart's. It's like he'd dead after getting hit an arrest last season's abuser ancillary details really. The Red Sox have holes. Nebraska punt all of them except the bullpen where he can still upgrade in August yup 2.3 Weaver's moved it's frustrating Red Sox are then there. Bites. Again Brad Ziegler is not can be a difference between this team getting to the World Series or not. 617779797. Is your phone number let's go upon Westfield tonight what's going on Paul. Yeah you but let's not. I have a really good idea what to everybody pitched in Yankee. I think this silver lining to this cloud is what you bring out. Went sailors and slain prime repetitive use only two months left. About the air. That's probably something we didn't know about here and get show. And you know that's important because we happen Kamal what alternate ideas and options were attacking. Well reaction to a quick write about the idea. We don't have stereo so. If if we have a variety of charters if you can bring them out according game. Are there are good velocity. Out of the way down and and powder now whoever's got the best up for the men for few wins. It would come right now who who are putting in first few innings at a time here. We we have a plan to bring hell let's say two or three or insurers. Are over the past one day. That show in the best stop or the game. And basically giving anarchy the Yankees where they're like to have time to get adjusted get him out there no way. And when the Red Sox doing this are doing this for this year raiser earned their saving it says special attack for October. I outright now and you're you're yankees don't have Christian what are we got a boost it will have a as the rest of the way now after you blow up irritation after a weekend series in early August and happens for than the rest of the season. You have all the rotation if it was white collar blitzes and Luke and start. And that indeed is for every yankees security is for the playoffs like DD does for every series is against the Yankees house does this work. A court try and over again I'll cut cut. Cut a terrible. I don't arms Apollo I now I don't mean to Iran your parade day. Analytics you do crazy things may be outset maybe no irritation the rest of the way just everyday. Price supports OE rod you know becomes back pom rants can get above ninety. And Lehman house organ burglaries. Not awfully mean apparently. Terribly overrated at bank and a now I mean yeah you pay like I mean we I think is to like the rays I read. Next year have like ten million dollars million in payroll pre arbitration. Next year with all the sign off they've done so. Little different and you have like 217 million investment David Price and you have Chris Allen you know on the best pitcher on the planet right now and you know pom rants are paying twenty million a year it. There are Purcell rather. A little difference a difference but he made it I heard ever decrees angered people today say and maybe David Price. Those simple open and October since the Red Sox and get a reliever that is so asinine. You don't pay got more money than any pitcher in baseball history and put him in the bullpen in October. It's a sad state of affairs that that's even a topic with David Price so I don't know pol. I eat they got to go about their yacht sales knock on Thursday it's going to be Brian Johnson against CC's about the I mean at the match at the Red Sox are looking for the Johnson did pitched pretty well last time upload them credit where credit is due but yeah it just shows you again hey how. As good as a starting staff is on paper as good as the Red Sox have been the questions still persist. 617779790. Some loser phone call cars you see there do you think the Red Sox did enough. At the deadline again against Steve Pearce they get a ball beat the get Ian Kinsler. As a Jewish American as well I love bringing tens learn to default. Brandon Phillips may mean to me I don't know about fill ups don't take my boy Kinsler spot may be the best active Jewish baseball player today lobbying Gensler. Also brings you back to those great Rangers teams of the mid two thousands right Michael Young Mark Teixeira Ian Kinsler Hank Blalock Hank why ayalon taint pilot underrated hitter I've got into this match. Had just like you their common seasons Alex the phenom. The twelve year old out who's in the dugout interviewing Kevin Millar who had been pumped. Those Red Sox I tray Ed Reed view on the trade deadline day he knew those Rangers teams love those Rangers teams I love seeing Kinsler here but. You know again last a thousand at bats he's hitting my 230 so defense alone of greater reunions but how big of an upgrade is C. The rescue any reliever what do you feel about that is this a repeat of the Detroit Tigers were a day work perfect in every aspect. Except the ball penance on them did the Sox do enough again 617779797. And Alec the Yankees additions are those enough to cause a gap in east would do all that. In your phone calls coming up next Red Sox are. If this was something. More serious Obama to we're we're not hiding anything this is not the network. Worried about this is. A concern that most. Of the season. Something deemed it necessary to him or anybody thought was necessary to get an MRI it's. Just little soreness. You know it's. An arm and thanks Matt booty broke down. Really don't. That's Chris sells saying all is well don't worry it's just smiled mild left shoulder inflammation to browse he says due to a changing grip on the slider he'll miss the start Thursday against the yanks. They'll be back out their next timeouts opinion Bogart's in on the hands nights the right hand contusion yeah X rays negative by. Seems body got it last year and then after that. Is basically Eduardo and union as the rest of the way the plates no. Shades of toys seventeen tonight that's the team taking your phone calls up until midnight at 6177797937. I said earlier sister reminder of it's how how good this Red Sox team is bent on pays for more than a 110 wins. Still a five game lead in the division has good and flawless is they've been so far. It's just so tenuous a can be just so tenuous down the stretch. And into October Asa talking about the Red Sox deadline they getting tens or last night to. Even if he really has really spent the last year and a half which is about player offensively like at 230 header. As us that sat at thousand plate appearances. That's still an upgrade over Nunez is Kinsler league gold glove caliber second baseman right up there at the dry in terms of range and everything else. Nunez is awful defensively as we know we know that devers is bad defensively to see getting another good defensive player in your infield dot supply us. Even if Kinsley gives you nothing offensively and he's hitting well the last month he song go the obsolete tonight for a base its poll hitters we know day. Have a lot of success in Fenway Park so. Maybe tens or dizzy two good months of offense. But that's a plus Kinsler. Even if he struggles at the plate is an upgrade defensively that's a good move for the Sox a T ball betrayed like Stephen Pearce acquisition lots. The one thing that's missing as a reliever and I'm on the record as saying a Red Sox need. At least one more guy to help get the bridge to Craig Campbell they need at least one more guy it would be negligent absolutely negligent. If Dave Dombrowski did not upgrade this bullpen before October. But I'm not gonna freak out of but the Red Sox not getting someone. This month. As a store of all widest I mean the rosters picked up Justin Verlander. On August 31 last year. It Khatami the Red Sox can pick up Jerry Hughes or Biden Norris in August again the ouster as picked up ver land for crying out loud. Grab Jeddah Muster. Jet what's going on tonight. The garden it's. I eagerly you run you trade. Jim Gordon good outside and music go deeper entities. Yet you are there it averages you saw and pick it up. I'm not July yeah hitting a 300 the last. That's so I've been here he's got a bright he's gonna pick and employment but employer opts to. And I like oh yeah vehicle Barbie particularly against the Yankees. Yes I think he is pitching Saturday he'll be on the mound Saturday. Dentists. Politic but yes of all do be there Saturday. Package he did a good job against Minnesota didn't he really did a good job against them. Threw the ball hard that's for sure 97 Jan hard to catch up with bout. That's or sure are you going to be a big plus soda and prominent that a player out super. Red Sox put the heat got to do really good. Yup and he'll be well right now is scheduled to face JA happ on Saturday but. JA happ has the foot and mouth disease. To what it was up with baseball players gain in the beginning that this hand foot and mouth disease game. Had never heard of it in. But literally forever and that sounds amazing isn't it does and it's like. I don't know I think I heard Lucent on the broadcast acquirer would need to say it's literally anything else it's obvious it's like a joke you take what plans. I think of. And shoulders knees and toes knees and toes like I don't know I'm reading what it is it's called a not even in an attempt to announce that the virus is called. CO lacks Cox sack he virus. Diego commanders are new mister Reimer drop a cut the Cox sacked the bars iPad that a couple times on his back and then immediately it's bad name and it's bad but don't worry he get over it. It's rare minor. Most often must often found in children. Some. And mouth disease eyes and speaking of happy on the Yankees when they do they got zag Brittany died say happy no man's land that. Did they do enough. And now I mean if the ache is catch threats like it's not because they got. When slippers to Bosnia area over five hadn't pitched decently gets a Red Sox this year. I got is that against the twins. Oddly enough by its ever announce he's been bad. So. Lance Lynn now I mean. He's not gonna make up a four and half a five game deficit Zach Britton is a post season because in the playoffs now. If the Yankees get a narrow thinking god Chapman the time Sais Britain David Robertson Chad green ministers on need to go five innings. And you most playoff games attack and the lineup if everybody's pitching while cell. That's a post season move but in the regular season again. The Yankees catcher red sock it's going to be beak eyes judge comes back in mass is standing masses labor Tories masses is right and did you have the yankees' lineup. Masses the left handed Red Sox starters being asked David Price on Sunday. Hot and you know sever Reno continues his run sabathia continues to shut down the Red Sox so these Jake's acquisitions. But the Red Sox acquisitions. Good pieces that fill in the puzzle but ultimately not the difference it's about the nucleus. Of these teams it's good Dmitry. Is calling from router brow brow Lee English X Dmitry what's going on. There was an average size for butchering your intro what's up our saw it on camera out of Iraq earlier answer rally rally winners act and even now. Original bit surprised Aldridge nuke or how you can I know I know Salzburg. There. Also updated. I don't think talked spoke generally acknowledge that. Has yet probably. I don't are forced artist in the ordinance. What it's about yes our radar cannot got yeah three than happy to be here for. You're talking about yet hit bottom I guess there is most likely that they let. Out. You pay the Atlanta yardage yes taking obviously a book or so and then. And you put sale obviously and what you put your body you are right in the band. Abbott teacher I mean we tell our Dmitry Marcelo went to winnings is in his last policies and starting NC ouster as it makes you think he'll pitch well in the playoffs. You know what you really can't think anybody could involve a plot kinda liked how did you say yeah. You can see you at the mud and last year we saw Chris it was so lit up the blood present the one guy that actually up. And then I'm like. We have a bet longer they're law. And we have to gut the got a lot blog about. Our but to me and I'd joke telling and a big spot accountable of the Matt Barnes tonight loaded the bases and accountable diamond big high leverage spots. I'm not bad luck on the border it felt like every situation what. I'm comfortable that that engulfed what it against the Yankees and yet it weird that I thought about that I know I thought you gone now but. Our Austin why has Joseph Kelly I don't what does he do anything ports are Austin. And yet as it has who has yet to do with anything. You don't do anything but obvious later bought the divers said they would now aren't you good you're neglect of Connecticut by the local got Diana then that it actually showed the market well. Every now a local boy I got in Dmitry Dmitry from Rowley married a local boy is making us proud. I don't know maybe Matt Barnes. You can -- hundred. NIC and load the bases am I just don't Matt Barnes and a big spot I just don't feel great about it Joseph Kelly has not pitched well recently there's sort of the patent need another guy knows that Don all of those tigers teams that did not have the ball. As we saw iron Tony thirteen I and again I would like to see Denver played two really reserve moved. Other attacks our system is not great it is not deep predicted bad enough to pick up. At least one of these rental apps there's now. They did not get outbid for Brad Ziegler whatever it is they just didn't really inquire about him. But they have the moment the bodies to do and they do a five game lead so. Overall the basket and get a good job this pierce acquisition I love. Like a vol deal locked in remember a ball and he is kind of a ball and acquisition because come the plastic and slot in the ball and so. Like of all. I like Kinsler again leave it gives you nothing offensively defensively alone he's an upgrade over unions and this. Relatively porous. Infield defense. Any and Verlander the Astros got him at the end of August last year and the reds got to pick up a rent to reliever between now and as September 1 as well. 617779797. Is your phone number again 617779. 797 cars you still wind up one at tight deadline you want a tax sale or get Seattle and also why do you wanna talk briefly about the reports Ozuna trade. Not a good look for baseball the ashes pick up reliever from the twins are Brno is or not. Is currently serving in 88 game suspension. For domestic violence. Not created doll would do that next Red Sox rubio. Have you guys think probably it weakens today well you'd need a reliever you don't need a reliever you guys were probably are many guys you have out down there. 100% that we don't need reliever I knew if you see the bastard you're so we're very confident ourselves up there and then meeting there weren't you the job done. Com. More times than not. I'd do you have a duty open as the Yankees yes. Code you over the best bullpen in baseball yes good. Thus the confidence that we need that were there. Where there yeah the it's all that comes back to the whole trade deadline things right so it might you must be sort of befuddled by this about like if if you think you have the best bullpen in baseball Iraq why do we need another believer. I'd like to Miami and Brad again and Matt Barnes a pep talks on interviewer pep talk team and more of a packed our pat that the mine yeah you guys are good you've got you've got it. Let's listen Matt Barnes thinks it best and the date in the majors like Richard apps. Be negligent if Dombrowski did not get at least one more I hear what Leo they have another month to do it's. There'll be plenty of other. Find a renter relievers on the market this test. Brad Ziegler is not in the difference in this team making a pennant run in exiting air it's going to be Chris Sale price this lineup this great lineup leads league in runs scored but they go to a cold spell like they how. The last couple October's might they have the last three games here in special last year against Philly. Dose of the big questions deterrents. 6177797937. Few minutes left and Red Sox would be if you wanna jump aboard but let's grab Mikey Connecticut Mike what's going on. Or tomorrow morning I'm a little remark just there are I think it's I think it's a little deeper and mild inflammation because. No reach all the back as you are Greek and knock her right now and you know BAQ one tomorrow or Merkel and that is series for a. Half yup I being paid yeah but that might I mean but if but like if it is still. The first weekend in August any of Chris Sale if he is feeling a little inflamed in the left shoulder he was the better to hold amounts. In early August verses force in the pension and suffer the repercussions in late August September. In a worst case scenario October. No I'm not sure I'm not saying that it sure is our Brooke I can get to work their regular probably believe me I hope only to meet our hold a walks. Bart on commercial work we're remarks this whole series they don't it's sabathia this several rain all in all. These are going to be given our our roads are regain remarks straight at it becomes an out of somebody would favor prices. It's it's just a little scary to me and I don't know are you or are you an up and Palmer just. Now he sucks it's terrible. And being topped at ninety tonight I must've missed when he broke ninetieth summit 88 on the I eighty pitches. It's like Clay Buchholz left handed version of Clay Buchholz. It was so slow. India the Yankees are playing your heels to right now are Adam Jones in 2.4 minor leaguers they traded off everybody it which shot it was just started it Dave. Toward that everyone from Zach Britton to Brad box to giant in scope to Kevin Dallas men there there are no more Orioles you've heard of on that team anymore besides. Adam Jones yet yankees you see when tomorrow. Four and a half back sabathia Brian Johnson that's advantage yankees yup yup yup yup it's so. Could be a lot closer fives again Christian but could be a lot close after this weekend and might I am a pessimist by nature but I agree with you I. Chris Al tend AD Al sold I'd just I'd. Given how waits to cradled down the stretch last year its docket it's knocked it in the suddenness sub it is concerning to. Gonna Ralph in New Jersey what's up Ralph how aria. And thank you Dick Michael. I really didn't direct talks mean mistake by not adding another reliever. I know so little bit kind of a lot harder now aren't. Bennett was. And I think Iraq fact had a much greater need in the ball and then again at second base. The kings are treated definite necessity. But the border is more important need. Needs in the ball. I mean. Before Campbell. Yes Thornburgh who. I still don't trust. Barnes who do not look great today Kelly's such terrible troubles hopefully. He's the X-Factor heir parent Durenberger Routh on patent Thornburgh. Now on either tiger if you bullpen remains that one big need on this team you rank gum. I mean second is a big need because in addition take. Tens or its act in its EU devers is a great defensively either you needed another solid defensive infield during Chandler's been hitting or 300 the last month. Right handed Paul had there. Did surprising are the opposite way tonight's but you know tens learned that through the Red Sox especially Pedroia. Doesn't come back which looks unlikely at this point to put it mildly dots that's your dryer replacements and attends a move by like a lot. Ike appears smooth lots who may get him more playing time of moral and continues to scuffle like the evolved remove a time in member of all the he gets onto the Clausen October as well. Nine as his shots now with Palmer answer at Sykes need more consistency and mores stabilization. At the back in that irritations I like all the moves to browse is made. The bullpen yes it's a mess on the record it would be negligent it to brass did not address the patent that. I think he indeed out between now and September 1 at the waiver wire and I missed it is a good thing I think today Dow the other Red Sox need another reliever. They did not get Roberta Ozuna from the jays ouster has picked him up. Real quickly here. This story as soon a lot of mystery surrounding any assaulted a woman may eighth in Toronto we don't know much more besides that. Jon Heyman. It's reported. That Major League Baseball interviewed the alleged victim as soon as defense lawyers says it would be news to him. If that happens so we really don't know anything. About this case except the fact that he was suspended eighty games in Major League Baseball which like the NFL investigates these incidents separately. It's a third longest ever suspension handed out under Major League baseball's new domestic violence program. So my guess is trade forum while a suspension expires August 4. And of course that pot proceed is so great with Houston because they have a so called zero tolerance policy. When it comes to domestic violence when their GM jetBlue now. Was asked about that the other day he said that. Zero of tolerance means giving second chances to those who have quote. Made mistakes and other organizations. It's a judging by that it's okay if you hit a woman. If you play with the blue jays. Will trade for you as the master is but it as it did that is an Astro. You would be cut not really quite know what that means and what they mean we all pick and choose our morality with the stuff. But my issue with Ozuna is in the palaces inning in the masters trading former mining it's a bad day for baseball is. This case is still pending in the court seat so his suspension ends August 4. I think it readies due in court August 3 spoke he goes straight from court domestic balance gays. Today pitching an average spot. With the masters so if if NFL team did this it would be front page news and oh it's baseball to burn it was in a reliever. Not a lot of name recognition but overall not a great day for baseball on his dire as a Red Sox bullpen needs where I was glad to here to browse U seat and candidate did not. I even really consider export trade. For Arizona that's it for it's like staff review tonight again 31 loss to the bills. A rare Wednesday off debt. The Red Sox tomorrow than they get back doubted for a monstrous. Mammoth four games sat. Against the Yankees starting Thursday night while your coverage all weakened as we always do across WEEI. Reds actually an hour Ayman terrific job I think. That fantastically produced it's like you tonight's. Turkey Callahan are on a sex act to.