Red Sox Review - Another dominant start from Chris Sale; Is Sale better than Pedro at his peak? 7-11-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 1: John  Ryder breaks down another great start from Chris Sale, and compares the start of his Red Sox career to the great Pedro Martinez.

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Yet Chris Hill again these story for the red sex and again these story will be what happens tomorrow David Price who sales to keeps going out there dominating an and the next day price. Struggles if he can turn things around he actually had some. Comments. Conversation with a globe's Dan Shaughnessy before the game today and get an of that giant mosque is an article. About it up on W he had account of the Red Sox take care of business once again and take care of another bad team another last place team another series sweep. As a red size I continue to roll here nine in a row 65. And 29 and another is a lot of tock when I was in reds I interview last night. You know the time of game and all that time or dead back to back just slightly as some mostly identical as last time I believe last that was two hours and 56 minutes tonight. Two hours and 58 minutes so. Another one under three hours of course we have Chris Sale cruising like he did tonight. But. If united. At least paying attention imports and his team and in we've talked about you know sit through old game but in part. Then just don't like. Based in and actually pays plug in general the red sex surges as one of the best teams they've assembled the question mark is of course and has been since. The beginning of the season and continues to be. Is you know who's gonna have that top spot the elitist is going to be the red sex in the Yankees and its trade deadline season nineteen days away from the non waiver trade deadline. And I do think the Red Sox will make a new. Move for bullpen piece the question is will that make a major moved out last night when I was time. And I kind of I mean. And I still don't think it's gonna happen but. I don't know who knows you never know with the trader Dave Dombrowski in terms of amending the shadow move. You would think they'd have to give up ross' field devers as part of that now the dangerous thing would. Anyone who would cry requires many Machida I don't. It is only having them as a rental and not having him. You know these are free agent after the season of course is big free agent class which actually hasn't performed up to pork when you think about it with the exception of which. Bryce Harper has had his struggles this season you wonder what he'll get out on the mall markets got porous is Asian. Boris is not many mature out of his agent I can remember the guy's name I'd never heard of them before and looking up as they see that the orders for Kyle who's looking up but that. It is not his agent but still. The Yankees he keep your conversations about the Yankees in the shadow and those are real there's a lot of rumors about dad. And yankees supposedly according to reports don't want to part with the left handed pitching prospect justice Sheffield and said the incidents from New York corrected his. Gary Sheffield's kidneys all the way up at triple A now with screen and whisper in a lot of scouts on here recently for his starts but. There's a lot of reports out there that Baltimore would do would deal. Involve leaving even said Britain outline with management shouted to the Yankees have just to show field. Was involved in and move but you would think if you're your Baltimore. And you're parting ways with which Otto in Britain which is the right move to do. And because I I doubt that Baltimore to re sign which Otto in the offseason they really should do is clear house and and rebuild similar to what the Astros did in the past. Dan Lozano. As much out it was age thank you for that child knows. So. Anyhow which meant shadow you would think that Miguel into war would be portable trade from the Yankees. To Baltimore. If they were to make that move so it will be fascinating you will be interest in other terrific performance from the Red Sox tonight. Really Chris Hill the story got a little shaky there in the eighth with a B of memory and Craig Kimberly minute as well but then he. Settled down India and have striking out the side and knives so four out save his 28 save of the season in his stance in the and numbers is blow you away with a steam. So I read session view if you're heading back from Fenway or wherever you might be you give us collier 6177797937. You can text us as well. 3793. Several gay yet. Back to Fenway Park as well hear from some of the notables tonight Chris Sale along with manager. Alex Cora and he would love to hear from but we're marketing oppose schemes and particle Cologne just. To put it. And they will get into him a little bit too I mean now I I he guided through we kind of locked the tight rope here for awhile but guided through six innings giving up three earned. And nine hits only gave up day adds. He was working a lot slower than he usually does squares of 45 crucial but any out. All right so we line up these phone call 61777979372. Text has 37937. John Ryder Red Sox view. For two Red Sox win over the Rangers. Tonight and Fenway. Will be back with more after this break your W via. The one to do Elvis Andrews here and hi there are striking out the side and the Red Sox have intersected. Game winning streak this season. Your shirt is keeping me break in half game wait for another day they sweep that Texas Rangers. A final score Boston for the Rangers to their rights act now 65. And 2936. Games. Over 500. Again nine game win streak for the second. Time is here. So Craig Kimbrel and bounces back here after kind of a little bit shaky. It's a loaded strike had. Final batter they've struck out the side and and I'm so four straight k.'s red sex regular up eighteen strikeouts in this one. And they had to double up the rangers' forty to complete the three game sweep. And they do remain three and half games up on the Yankees just recently went final in. Baltimore Camden yards have yankees blanking. The Orioles nine and nothing but still surprised that the Yankees and Orioles. The Yankees against the Orioles five and five this season. And the red sex now under one against Baltimore. As of their residents are being the bad teams and we yankees red wings against bad teams but still five and five Baltimore and then that's one of the differences why the Red Sox three and a half up. On the Yankees Red Sox finish up their season series against the Rangers at six and one. John Ryder with the reds actually taking up till midnight 61777979837. You can text as is well at 37937. Let's get some calls and yours Zack and Needham exact. Other guards aren't you know you've great game about it really get to see your ticket sweep on the rollout to see your arm. When I really like at this outcome I called in sort of that Verlander velocity drinkers saw without a habit that BP Q&A lot of it. You see him throwing 9394951. Three books. And then by the time comes out of the game BR I 890 I really leaves a lot of the tank and throwing the slider for strikes. A curious slider percentage breaking pitch percentage for strike and one of the higher ones in the league for the starter that's really great to see him. Keeping that in the ten can throw in doubt that the that the camps. Yeah that is I think that an and I think you'd have to be probably an hour and have the stats in front of him but the highest percentage and a slider put a white by a slider every. Perfect example was the it was the fifth until I don't do shields when he struck him out he turned him around and only in the U. It was just it was decided cruise and I think that's by design and it's at. Good call and good note despite use act and that. You know in terms of the velocity and keeping unit to take I think that's by design because. Clearly last season he ran out of gas and it's such terrific first half of the seasons on his way to decide ya gonna Corey clover was tremendous and of winning abut. As we know we kind of faltered a little bit down the stretch of by his standards anyway. Last season and as incredible as his first half of last season was easy having even a better first test. This year and workers are you know. It really does and I was actually thinking I was gonna mention that on the show tonight in terms of you know we air. And people's lifetimes in terms of Red Sox aces where would they rank about this one I think. In you know now Chris Sale has been here for bunch years a Red Sox uniform. I still put Pedro at the top. Them in and Chris sells days are done in a Boston uniform so you know he can't completely rank it yet but. I mean I would still for the time being and the president now I would. Yeah it's kind of a court it's still tough between CO and Clemens because they think about Clemens in the I think even you know Clemens and 86. Was that was one I mean I was just incredible but and Abby and it's great to see the Red Sox have a bona Fides again I guess the bottom line with the news. I would say back in 07 was really the last time we felt something like this this is. Yea right yep yep yep you're right about that I don't exactly go appreciate it. Here's Bob in Gloucester Bob. They jump ecstatic more columns vocalist and if you remember yeah. It is not I want to compliment or not thinking it was also bobs you'd be a true view Bob was on the boat that he would but. It was weaker respectful of time that you gave him in I think that's right tackle it. On a word at all one thing right it's that last night I didn't get to in deference to other people's phone calls. I wouldn't talk about chuck the chance. To games you can play checkers and you can learn it mastered maybe twenty minutes you played good game and two chest. The professional level up a play that way but it's a thinking man's gain you have nobody knows time. In in baseball. It's the only major sport but I think of where. He's different which controls the the ball. In it together and you are trying to game. It is naturally without structure and slow the pace for a. Now correct and I understand and I. It's a good analogy maim mean it is and and I understand what you're saying with a two games to a man that's a good analogy is well I mean. Last kind of a scramble it was it was a bullpen night it was kind of like at Tampa Bay Rays game where you had to use the bullpen quite a bit. And last night's victory and then tonight it is said Chris Sale on cruise control. 800 wouldn't tonight I'm partake in any way it is Igawa kitchen. You know I don't think that's what. On their minds. People's attention span with the sport. Because if there on the losing side we don't want to sit and watch. More bad. There have been and I think that's in any sport too I mean if it's a blowout and and and a basketball game or not. Hockey game it's a rout of five to nothing I think that most people. No matter what the sporting event is if it's an absolute blowout. They're they're tuning out and if you're especially if you're on the Yahoo! Bure as a fan of the losing end of it. Yeah how hard it is get paid for after awhile. Yeah especially the scene and continue to progress is that way perpetually. Well you don't have to worry about that with a red size and thanks for the call Bob appreciated in the compliments. And red sex team is dead is gonna win a hundred games are busily. For the rest of the season they only have to play a couple of games over 500 in order to win under games and they're gonna do that in. And right now and this is. Game number let's see what was this tonight game number 94. And a soda so many home games still I mean most of those second half the unofficial second half is a lot of home games so. Judy Martinez already now and this is incredible what a free agent signing historically one of the best Red Sox free agent signings and this year one. Not fazed at all by the bright lights of Boston or Fenway Park where the fans. And he's always so prepared to 79 RBIs of the season it was funny in a couple top at bats against portola Cologne early odd. He had he struck out the first time up swinging. As Cologne does it would mirrors now score before games say and just as with a fastball movies to west even though he doesn't throw that or mixes and some other stuff. Let the nanny get to the red says look like there were a rally looked like there were in a crush Cologne and a third inning. At that you know second time around smoky dad's walked Bennett handy with a single but Benny got. Martinez to Judy Martinez grant of the double play but then Martinez he knew it eventually did get to clone or get to Texas pitching. And the red sector key inning was the fifth much like last night. Although I believe last that was what a five run through it tonight was a three run fifth. Martinez with a two run double there which was the key offense ends in boards would be orbit or triple so. Afforded to the red size hang on to beat the Rangers back to calls here's Ralph in New Jersey a Ralph. They think that the Michael. Welcome. I had two reports first Chris Sale the last pitcher of the night a week just pitch 109. You let took the gun in person nine ye it is significant improvement from last year. Where. You could see after being demeaning. Couldn't overused kings are slow down. Not just in the games that evening to you won't lighten up to gun attack my second point is the report need to add a reliever. And the problem with. I haven't seen them prosecute those trading at a forum the thinking I happen in Detroit but. The marquis hadn't given up one piece from the formed his and so far. That could buy you because. Everywhere they got a sale obviously mom caught it still be on the range goal as time. But when they got sales are bought palm Marines or those guys. They give up anybody form. Well to this point among cot as yet no month Condit has stroke there at Ralph appreciate the phone call. Yet he has me Manny Margo is out there in San Diego was part of the ease up but the Major League level. As been for couple seasons now but you know it is is been OK but yes so far. And in terms of off the top of my head. Haven't done too much as four is animated and give a devers and they give a month content and I devers in terms of that deal even if they gave up devers. And it's getting they they didn't mean he's been scuff little bits at today's Dallas scores and news that a little banged up of late. I'd still be good tradeoff I mean getting Chris Sale is so tough to get up a bon a fide ace and if you are. Maybe he could definitely made the argument he's the best pitcher in baseball and probably some would bring a claim Kirsch kind. Pitched well on his last card but he's been injury prone avoid Persia as special with a back injury you wonder if he'll ever be the same. Some might say Max Scherzer ice still give the edge to Chris sales some might say quarry clobber. And that's kind of a toss up but it. So Mike give the edge to it to Chris cell there and we Severino obviously is on the rise but I still think and give it to to sail panels like to hear what people think he'd call and who do you think the best recent Red Sox a's we go back to the eighties with Clemens but is it. Is Pedro is its sale as it Clemens sale hasn't finished. Worse than sixth inside voting since 2000 swells incredible amends stretch here and you also. Only pitcher in Major League history when eleven more strikeouts and one are for your walks in five straight sorts based on that sixty tie 62 times crisper how is that possible. As I mean my reading Montserrat and I I know the first that is correct our idea here is Wally in Fall River before the break it while it. What's up Knight Rider who. It seems we can't do no wrong right now I mean every page you know coming up wrote that we have to stop the deal. He had no idea. And I'll let you continue but it's funny you mentioned and does tie with the voters during the break I'm like. Now whenever give full causes does nothing to complain about would this team I mean except per except for David Price I mean what. Theo Emery may be a bit in the eighth glad to know overall even tonight's game but but overall on this season. With the exception of David Price and as scuffles against the Yankees but. Other out on even a white or is scuffles in general but. What he can really gripe about with this team. There's no obvious we got mr. wonderful going tomorrow night mr. good now it. So little to be committed to their role well what they elected and a neck right. I just told many me show this to go to the Yankees doesn't get let him go so my route. You know ideology and not awarded it top rookies and a natural bundle a mandate a Rio what's your opinion on that. Yeah I mean that said. I don't know if Phil I knew what an all star a lot of they've already got an all star lineup batting line up I mean it just add to that offense. I would I would think that you know and do horror. Would have to be part of I think that even you know they did the academy is in division would try to force the hand now with the Red Sox. And maybe Hillary I mean I don't know if the Red Sox are having talks with the Orioles but there's been a lot of rumors that they have been. Maybe that is because the Yankees are in the mix. You know and but I would think devers I would think debt. If the Red Sox were bad but shadow devers would have to be part of the trade I don't know what else because is not a ton done of the form system. And you know the Yankees do have a very solace form system so I think if they were in terms who were to add him that it would be. It you know couple of prospects and is due or as part of betrayed from a shot Machado and Britain now I know Britain's not that. Reliever was a couple years ago coming back from the Achilles injury but. Still I mean what do bullpen they've already got a died in people that who is that. Yankees have let it that they had Michelle do you have like flawed guides. You know who could hit forty home runs but you look at a few years back when the Red Sox traded you know appropriate amount William malveaux William La Pena out. Now he has Bronson Arroyo deal. Here now allegedly gave up a good pitch you had a very good Korea policy now which going to be the next. To be quite there has to pay that and know we are not that was really more now. While they were look at I mean I had an aroma Kirby Puckett morsel like frank Thomas and that he was a big duty was about to 67 or so. Yeah haven't you who has a big plus you never know I mean people don't want to trade that was by you never know if you get a man in the shadow. That the dike could really to be the final piece output is really over the hump. The end now it could be I mean a combo platter of that that means if they already do that the Red Sox were to do that meant that means that the team believes it's a short window here but this team and they gotta do it now. It is so loud and the Alley yeah it will be and there's so many teams I've written thanks for call Wally is always appreciated. Heard so many teams the Dodgers are in the mix from a chatter I've heard the Diamondbacks the brewers. The Yankees potentially the Red Sox who knows you never know and and stranger things have happened John router when you're it's actually we take up until. Midnight as was clear out the a four lines four year. And you can give us call 6177797937. You can text us as well 37937. Red Sox remained three and half up on the Yankees for the top spot and AL east. After the F 42 victory over the Rangers tag Chris Hill the other just amazing performance seven scoreless with twelve strikeouts. And I will continue to Red Sox review after this here on W via.