Red Sox Review with Ben Maller - Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 9-13-2018

Boston Baseball
Friday, September 14th
Ben Maller breaks down the Red Sox win over the Blue Jays.

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Excuse Red Sox repeat. Montgomerie. 68 team. You know week we will never know how many you know how many how many would. I hate that people make their political issues there's a lot of human beings. People that went through is they know it happened and you know we have our population 90% of local commissioner elder elderly you know it's peaceful people just put it that way. And the effect of September 16 in the rain and that means and whatever happens. Maybe. Eighteen people died. But the after effects people talk. And when you have food you have water and communication. No medicine. And is that. I those comments earlier today Alice corps before the Red Sox win tonight over the blue did not talk about that keep your thoughts on on where you stated. It's it's missing a lot of attention. Feeling. Via the topic of conversation and Turkey channel they show tomorrow more talked about. A throughout the day but but Alex Cora. Lee who's from Puerto Rico raise a native of Puerto Rico. And he responded to some comments made by president trump president trumpet tweeted out this morning. At said the tweed news the very early morning hours on exactly when it was meticulous on the radio dilemma over nations and I told you that it was very early. Very in the morning and he was reacting to the news reports. Out of Puerto Rico because they're following up her keen Maria which which hit Puerto Rico 2017 now this is Turkey. Going through hurricane Florence coming through the Carolinas. And presidential said 3000 people did not die. In the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rican. Presence there when I left the island after the storm had hit eight. They had anywhere from six to eighteen desk. And troops at any time exit court as time went by he did not go up by much ban. The president said a long time later they started to report really you large numbers. Like 3000. So that was what you heard a little reaction about a score there a little clip the a lot to say. But that was in reaction what course it to the comments Donald Trump posted. On Twitter. Chorus said that Donald Trump's words were quote disrespectful. To his native Puerto Rico. And he said the issue. Does not lie. With how many deaths were reported simply. That there were people affect the who were hurting for an extended. Period of time. And see this as word gets political. I have never been to Puerto Rico. And will be the inner workings of of the island but there are some that are saying that he was the local government officials. In the infrastructure along infrastructure in Puerto Rico that was the problem other people are saying that that's not the case there was any federal. Government issue. I don't know how one point of that but I do know that Alice corps has now put himself. Any Donald Trump. Related story. Soul. What are your thoughts on this in addition to Wear the Red Sox are spores the pitching is concerned and all that would. Did Alex Cora. Make a mistake. That he make mistake that he stepped in something that he shouldn't Staten. Well he's the first always very passionate about that the first right this is the something hits close all I get a a for him this he beat. A big deal. And completely understandable. That that he would want to speak out about it. But this goes against. Everything. That he is done all years forest. Stay in out us. What what's in the big as a bit any controversy at all. At least directly related oust Cora. I at the top my head I keep thinking of any. And in so now now you're gonna get exhausting. Coverage. Of this is if it might be just 24 hour story now. But the way this stuff normally works and I'm telling you I've seen this before with other non political stories this is a political story. It is going to come back it to the power struggle is real with the media and you're trying to get a reaction you can write a story about. Known the Red Sox in their pitching staff for the playoffs and annual check it out your redid you put a story out there. About the Red Sox manager. Calling Donald Trump's word is disrespectful. And that is the that's cranking it up. A couple of notches. Is this what it is and so this is gonna you have the boring effect even if the story goes away in the next day or so. Assuming that the president doesn't. And on a portion fire on top of me. If the story is kind of fades away a little bit. He'll come back around the pool ring it'll come back around when the playoffs. Dick don't. This someone's gonna be fission. In the media for restore. Everything anyway I got something and I I can bring up the issue in Puerto Rico. Bring up presidential. And see if she if the fish are biting. She vows core ads on doing it insists. Soto where you stand on this and it will take your phone calls here and also on the game itself the Red Sox. Beating the blue jays with help of they dropped pop up. The kind of play you would see on a Saturday morning and Lou we feel 6177797. 9837. And if you'd like to be part let's go to the phones. Mean and analysts say hello to Matt. Who's up first year on Red Sox have you hello Mac. Erica Garrett. Tell me what's on your mind. So. There. Out of the game today and better. My eyes are watching Coachella page. The guy. You get out terrible pens win championships. You can't have a starter and I think each and every day special in the World Series. Treat made it to you can have a certain 67. All pin has accounts that if we're going to be the Astros and yankees. We needed people and are open it out it can't go. Give up three runs or two runs. Especially in the Astros were the history of coming back when it. Arm which you do nomad those other teams in the American League also have flawed bullpen it's it's not like the Red Sox are alone. Then there are there issues and those other teams are going to be in the playoffs to. Yes speculate. The Red Sox it's been a problem for them. This year I think if the ball and with a little stronger we wouldn't be at a 101 way and we beat he had maybe one of 56. Any got to feel. Yet a field that put you ride whose slate they have marble and stewardship will win informant slate. Act if you're just not. Something is something that the brought you up a look at two options because. We can't. We can't just keep starting in wearing his starters hero is hitting seventh inning and have the open and collapse Kimbrel to be used. Kimbrough is definitely the best gamble and he appreciate it arms but I mean. He is well on its way to alternate career I think it. Yeah he's he's been great mean that that's the the issue that the rusty. He had a chance to make some deals at the deadline to to get other guys in the bullpen and he civil getting players back in we don't need the with the you're not gonna have perfect. You talk about you really want extra guy in the opening. If the starters are gonna go seven innings. You've got to get through the eighth inning. And in the nineteen but if it doesn't matter if if the sale comes out and in prize to not in the playoffs and their pitch in five innings. You know where you are going to be able to Huckabee survive. No it's going to be if you're starting pitchers are gone five meetings in your opens it and tossed out there and exposed. That is a it's a deflation you have to get a deal wouldn't. Yeah at the fact that I have another or what will happen Palmer but what what where if you. Like also this year but whatever. Well have you seen him pitch Matt. Are. There are yet I think you got the answer that I thank you thank you met visually appealing about the bullpen to. He's the annoying nature of relief pitching in general. Which its use it Sox. I asked again like the sum of the numbers are an example. A leading example. What I mean by the eve relief pitching you look at the Red Sox in deep dumb browse one of his big moves. To improve the Red Sox pulpit. Going back in the offseason a guy that they were so excited about. Was Tyler Thornburg. Emirate Tyler Thornburg you look at his numbers before he got to the Red Sox and Indy was hurt. Last year putting 2016. And 2015 with the Milwaukee Brewers but in particular 2060 here in the area of like who. In the in the brewers' bullpen. And pitched very well pitched in almost seventy games for a walk he he has that has the injury problem comes back. The Red Sox to thank him and we got something this guy's going to be good. And you know he's hasn't pitched that much these series any issues and all that things popped up but this year with the Red Sox in the are of almost five. And the Red Sox were like they thought they were getting a guy that was gonna have the area by two. And it's the inexact science of the relief pitcher. I'd. Let's go here Etsy where shall we go let's go to. Hole in Westfield who's next in his Red Sox view the Sox win tonight. Thought about that and also the comets of Alice quarry comets and on president trumps tweet what's going on Paul Apollo. Big and I you have a 32. Mallard Cohen and 101 win but. So I would and YOUN. Meeting here at could have been better to them by the naval ships that are open seven days. While not you or ninety but several thousand people got up to one minute aren't as bad as well. I couldn't understand a lot of that is your phone was breaking up. We don't even get the poll seem good that. That's that's called expert producing we lucked out if you avoided a limerick. Which which would have been something. I don't know who would been something good but it definitely would have been something. That is for sure let's go to Ralph who's in the new York and Ralph is next hello Ralph what's going on it. Yeah and so on a couple of things one is I don't really care what roles core things politically. Mobile industry in the baseball park you can have an opinion. I don't think he should express that publicly because he's a baseball manager and we don't really. He's not an expert on political matters. So there's opinion is no different to to me that anybody on the street. I think he should keep his opinions to himself. Even if they're asking the question and he should just you know let off. That's that's my opinion they're number two is I think -- thought that it that you rug was bikini. In the fall and I disagree I really think if you're one pitcher was the key. Open pitcher and to me that it's even write an awfully well right because. We in New York growing. Sale of prairie. No maybe throwing for solo third he still gonna need a fourth pitcher because I think there's only one date between one day off so. But the reason I think right his chief. Because you're going for fastball pitcher. Let's say they. They they have problems he switched to a knuckleballer. These players these. Hitters are focusing on their video which is going to be on price and fail. And if we're so it's were so what they're not gonna spend a lot of time with a knuckleballer because that's a knuckleballer is gone you don't irritable. And Stephen right has shown Mattie had early success this season. Being somewhat unhittable what that is knuckleball was really on and and if he's not. You know you have to get it but I think when you switch in the middle of a game like that. And you throw it knuckleballer out there it messes that it messes with the heads of the hitters and I think that's their key the other thing is David Price. It's a guaranteed to go more two innings he had been shown that he can pitch in the playoffs grip of these pitching well right now but he pitched well at temple also. He had great seasons and he's it was terrible in the. Yeah that's that's fair to listen for a rough that's there have no idea until these guys and and not just him but sale would you don't lose in the playoffs last year for so. As being in these guys have not. Got it done so you can't be overly confident that the knuckleball thing. He is fluttering nature of a knuckleball you you're saying Ralph you would rather depend on an erratic unpredictable pitch. Then then he rots out of the bullpen. Well look at I think he wrote has to start game four you can't you yell at one day opulent critical factors sale at the three days' rest. He's not going to be able to pitch on three days' rest. That's yet you know coming back from an injury so I think you gonna meet a game four starter and that has to be rubble for so long wanted to. So a lot of their rule from. We'll fly up this thank you fully appreciated. The knuckleballer in the playoffs if you look at my history and I elected a ball I have ranked in rate I have evangelize. And no little in baseball listen. For years I have set I can come up with the most dominating pitcher. In baseball. And everyone ignores me they paid they pointed me in Latin means that was wrong. But you can take a pitch I didn't see a joke can't Joseph Kelly throws in the high nineties in frustrates everyone gives some heartburn. Because he's all over the season's hot mess but he throws really hard. You'd take a pitcher like that and you master the knuckleball. Which is all about you know the the unpredictable motion the movement. You know through the air and all that of the the ball kind of floater in through the through the the the area between the mound and home plate if you couldn't master that. You know master that and get the trajectory. As it changes through the flight path to home plate down. It and it does is as that last caller said he all twisted into pretzels trying to hit a good knuckleball. And then when you get two strikes you go from thrown just knuckleball pitchers are in the 30s40 miles an hour range. Let's say like mid thirties to. High forties. A good knuckleball pitcher. You hit a couple of strikes on hitter. Throwing a pitch in the the forty mile an hour range and then you were able to throw if you throw a first right ninety miles an hour plus in the strike zone. Just no way anyone will be able to catch up with that pitch if you're. You're expecting a knuckleball you have you know what's up even if you know what's coming after seeing a couple of knuckle balls. UBS now. But yet decided its you elect a black sheep. When when you throw the knuckleball it's not popular name in this week we know that there's only a handful of guys in baseball any time. The throw the pitch until someone would do that that would be is dominant is the the old sky hawk back in the day. In the in the NBA team of differences baseball it. It is Red Sox review he would just take a another call recruits squat. Who's up next on Red Sox have you here at WE EIA you wanna comment on Alice. Or what's going on Kwame. Well hello you're on the radio what's up man talk to get green. I think I can't execute the district well. My comment is that I think Alex or has the right to answer what's the outlook what you know and I and I think what he's yeah. It only. Eight in the line where it all the evidence that's been reached searched. That talks about how to 1975. People that are not yet back so useful. There are in what Bob let me is that so many people all look into that. Donald Trump what I. And they don't expect when they come on who recognize universities like or. Harvard didn't study. And not I think it's walked into what about a study that that all well. 2900. People and I didn't think white people won't accept that they will try. Cornett told more than 200 lives in an office and they want to hold it I don't we don't have to stand it anymore. Anybody can say. A rude stuff. I need one wrong in want the attorney general of the United States to new. Well and in sports. People right. To disagree with it well that's all I got to that level. Yes they did it ever said that the United States. Alex Cora at the right to Rick's list. And he does an. You're right squad takes a call on who has the other thing. Look how worked up your game. Right. You are is very passionate thing here you bring up an and that's that's what I'm talking about I the obvious. Elephant in the room here that any question about. Donald Trump is a loaded question. A loaded question so do you answer in a loaded question these guys are pretty good about avoiding. A loaded questions. Would it be you know Kwame why people. Choose to believe certain things you don't choose to believe other things. And that this is the belief by a lot of people who say it was as the president romper room or whatnot but it is a belief that. The way stories are presented. Are any why is nature. And those that love president trump believe that there lot rather news reports are presented to make him local rift. You obviously Kwame feel that these are completely accurate and that is dole embellishing or coughing up. These stories to news. Three political agenda. And time outscored here and he is a comments we played a burly open some more of that a little bit later as the Red Sox. Win tonight his Red Sox and you'll take more your call 617. 7797. 937. If you would like. To be part we'll take your calls here and also is there a pitching. Prices. Mean by that we get to that and we will do it next. Two to be tweeting about 3000 people and be efficient and essentially disrespectful. For my country squeeze it down away. I know probably doesn't feel that way and let us say it payment thank you for openers he went on there. Your way he did quite a Tug of apologist all that but I think there's more than politics. By the comments of oust Cora before the Red Sox win tonight over the blue jays beat your thoughts on that people worked up. He did say something its interest in the focus in that. Now Puerto Rico is American territory. Right isn't that the way that or is that obviously not a state it's American territory. And the he says it's disrespectful to my country does he mean. Is disrespectful. To Puerto Rico disrespectful to America. Is Puerto Rico is part of American a territory. Solution. Pro Polk and fraud if you want when he takes issue. With president trumps tweets from earlier today and gets down into question you know. While saying I told why I hate getting into politics. He decided to wait belly whopper the Red Sox manager you do the political theater. As we heard we took a call from the sky Kwame was all worked up. Very upset and that there's reactions on both sides. To what Alice course. I'm in my position per employee yet to give the right to say yes but this goes against everything the core has gone. This year as far as staying anatomy clearly he feels that he was asked about it he felt like this was a big enough. A big enough deal to comment on it but mostly benign comments by Alex Cora. Now. Harmless innocuous nothing that would be considered toxic in anyway. And now. Now he's done now he stepped in. I'm telling you my prediction it is going to come back this story's gonna have. Have some legs in the you'll have to revisit this. Before the Red Sox get it going in the post season take your calls you let's go to. This you should go oh let's go to AJ. Who's up next year on WE I was gone on AJ. Smart man bands. Hollering out in the East Coast which you don't man. Are you're yeah. I'm talking into a microphone ages. Are ready and stayed on hold AJ they know last Sunday called you didn't stay on hold long enough that's bad job. That it that your other executive producer kept me on hold a like minded and a part time to. Get. The ball you. It triggered. East coaster you don't play until it is historic moment you brought. Politics. In two. For. OK lie. I'm AJ AJ AJ I didn't bring in sports outs or was asked about it he eat it didn't just thinks the house is not an interesting story of course that it. Heard there's other existent problem like lack go get in the car. OK right now. Like neon on that age that's bulls saw Red Sox review you would like me to break down our mental grabbing game. Padraig you visit Red Sox who you are indeed you I'd give. Like your apparent. Now you know our number coral up controversy. I'm actually gonna bestowed that may want to use that to do not one of your fifty unique name is okay 158. While only have forty 41 official. Nicknames. One now have McConnell controversy. So consistently bought and the view while all the ball then live right now. I'm gonna ask you one question. There are yours. They're Red Sox world every citizen in Q ask you must Wear your quarters and yeah in our. You know criminal controversy. Tell us we're used to get Red Sox and the Dodgers meet up in the World Series brother. Lou each UH was you know HA. When the Red Sox and Dodgers play you throw out the records. If they should meet in the World Series at C I would love that because you know what that is agent that's a no lose situation. That is a win win. That's like having we've been able to all of chocolate chip cookies and then in the next table you've got apple pie and you've got cake. And you can you got AA every delicious dirt you could possibly want it. I'm asking you right now in front of everybody else involved in. Let's say I. You know I'm taking AJ I'd pick the Dodgers to win. RL. That yeah red rock group you do as a writer AJ and yeah that's tonight's one week that's Ryan JRO. Barbed are. Yes let's go to make flat out taken flack yes. It's always. I don't talk about trough yet let's not talk about anything controversial on the radio you should not Dudack. Knucklehead knucklehead knucklehead knuckle to knuckle it. I was photo Paul who's a driver writes on his cell what's going on Paul you're next up it's. It's there and then bad shot thank you what's up more. Screw up like one up. We can't win and people like Alex Cora who lead small managers coaches. Got it straight out there who need in this country. So let us why I'm gonna sit I would disagree two point he's got directed to a Paul. Like old people goal but didn't wanna you wanna hear this stuff. They do. The other the other. I mean. What digital on the street and like. I. Paul I. I've Paulus and what if it was the obvious what if what if gore had come on suggest Donald Trump's absolutely right. These live reports erroneous I love the president you would would you feel the same way ball. But a lot of disagreement and he's on his radio show you all morning. To make the world yeah beat. It could duplicate it quickly we want to call somebody on the line and being hypocrites. Miles 101 year old worked on a our. Mike I've received this pocket this is what you'll Dolan this is confirmation. I probably should. Alex Cora. It is time we get people the blood boiling on news. Boiling and and these were pretty. This bit because it was involving Donald Trump and questioning Donald Trump their controversial comments and he tried. Alex Cora to. Not cool all the way in book when he said the word disrespectful. That that was all it took. That was also in and so now people are. Or slicing up these comments. You just turn on the radio we are talking by now the Red Sox game tonight. As they get to win over the blue season. Thanks to some baseball incompetence. By Toronto the Red Sox had we get the win put you have Alice Cora whose from Puerto Rico. Going on the record prior to the game. In me and meet and greet with the Red Sox reporters there and he was asked about. Donald Trump's comments on Twitter about the devastation. Hurricane Maria. Cause back in 24017. It's been a store it's been on them the news the last couple days. The president reacted to it he claimed that the reports of 3000 people dying. Were not corrected that story has been embellished. And he he says after the storm hit as we sit on Twitter the president that there were anywhere from six to eighteen. People that died. As time went on presidential says that number did not tool by march. And then he said a long time later they started report they be in the media that the numbers would we were much larger. The net. And so. Court common money was asked about it he didn't shy away from his semi you'd say I'm not gonna talk about that if we put somebody here. Which Matt has played a couple of times well played again at some point he says I'm not gonna add on to get the politics of any gutter politics. And he says the issue does not lie with how many people died in Puerto Rico. I'll tell me the number was it was reportedly the and some people seem to think they have all the answers. This is not seen a simple sides of these reports. That. Is the issue on the federal government. As far as these resources that were sent the Puerto Rico or is the issue. On the side of the local politicians the local people were Rico who. Well where's the full lion. And so Cora has chimed in on base in will be your thoughts if you wanna comment on that and prosecute backing to. Hard core Sports Radio. Baseball conversation. About the third starter in the playoffs which is Guinea is either be force LO report so low or you rod. That is a decision. That Al scorer in the brains are going to have to make time now for The Who MI gaming blatant attempt to get you to listen a couple of minutes longer do not call for this. You can answer on Twitter. And that is at. And Mallard on Twitter that ad and now the Thursday night NFL games is going final couple moments ago the Bengals. Get a win. In primetime that doesn't happen very often happens when a prime time game to beat the ravens to a pilot and so. The Bengals win if you bet on the bank as they wanton. That's the unifil final from two nighttime after the boy in my game and it refers to Alice coral white out theme of the night. Alice corps has become the fifth. Person. A leader team to a hundred plus wins in his first season. As a big league manager. The first seeds meet. Again how score another such a 201 wins. He's the fifth person to lead a team to go over a hundred wins in his first season as he big league manager the first to do it. Seats meet who. Am I the answer more your calls get to that will do next. Nice seven. 937. And you see you see better against forming now everybody Hispanic. Now. He's not easy by saying one thing for sure I tell you guys before. One thing I'm proud it's like we we stand now on our on our own two feet. Hit the winning helped we don't. We know that. Maidan we've been battling through it. We know we're everywhere but we will be there and just a matter of time. It's. Now is is it's a little bit college frustrating that the topic it's coming coming coming. What's the point misleading you know and I respect him now he's president of the United States like I don't agree with the stuff that he says. Eyes and that's the comment of the night there Al score that was before tonight's game with the blue jays would it sucks get another wins worries in service and people call appear in the Matt Lovett. It's great. Get all worked up got people blood boiling their blood pressure's going through the roof here. You heard the end their of that SoundBite it producer matches played he says I've spec the president. Which which is important is that will. Calmed down president trump from tweeting so Fiona ma if you hit it he finds out that part of it. Put the question is simple here it did Alice corps make. A mistake and my position is yes now he has the right to say as a talk show host guest. If I'm working for the Red Sox I'm annoyed by this. I am bothered by it is because now what's gonna happen. Now. You're gonna have the follow up questions that the tentacles of this story gonna be you're gonna go around the locker room. And you're going to go to certain players in the teams say what the score to JD Martinis JD. You agree with Alice Cora. Would you view what he had to say in his comments about Puerto Rico. And it Donald Trump was disrespect. That's what's known as a loaded question because whatever GD Martinez says. Is going to be twisted around to fit an agenda. As if Judy Martinez says no I don't think trump was disrespectful. Then you have the headline on the tabloid or the website that says G eighty Martinis disagrees. With Alice score chasm in the locker room. If he agrees without us Cora. Then the headline news you know Red Sox. Against trump. JD Martinez getting political laws which it based on some of the postings have Judy Martinez in the past that Nicky would. Of the more on the side of Donald Trump played but the point is. That's because that's going to be around a prominent Red Sox and asked them they're economist which is good for all radio it's wonderful. For talk radio. And I don't have all the answers I have been paying attention go to Lou dual card you in the morning have. Missed you listen dude to Turkey calendar to get a new Zahn in the morning mom on the treadmill half half awake after sleep. After my my overnight show once I've seen a lot of this coverage the last couple days or more happened in 2017. But when you say you don't want to make something a political issue but you've been made it a political issue. Accuses this is great debate whether or not. The play the blame game we just live where again I love playing the blame game when you talk about god who's the blame routine Sox. We don't perform well but in this particular case it's who's responsible for people dying. After her much much bigger stakes clearly right so. Is it FEMA. Now the reports are sausage FEMA was it was ready to go and they knew they had things lined up for Puerto Rico. And then there's the issue of what happen. Was it somewhere along the way we they had things lined up in the screwed it up or was it just the the local officials in Puerto Rico that were corrupt it is more about Alex Cora. In his reaction. To that will get more phone calls on this also but MacPhail who have Mike as people get very upset with human I don't feel that women. As it was in the WEEI. And Red Sox view securities. Alex poor. In the dugout becoming the fifth person. To lead a team to a hundred plus wins in his first season as he big league manager only five. In the history baseball the first scenes me the first since me who am I that's the question. What's the answer rob listening on the radio dot com map to WEEI. In Vegas. Is going with fake news JOR. Checks in with bam bam Bigelow. This is answer. Paul Malo to war from. Linesmen. Billy Martin. As Brian actually Billy Martin's guessed by Joseph. Maury Wills toss up by Robbie. The mariner fan a lot of my guys these mental anguish you guys locked mode DII like this one Bobby Valentine. Molly about I guess via by Steve yes that's him and certainly with the Red Sox who went on games total. You know not he was walking around want to win a hundred games told the correct answer. Dusty Baker the last managers first year to win it. Hundred games was Dusty Baker wade back in the early nineties. With the San Francisco Giants 100 in three games I believe the giants didn't. Make the playoffs that year. That was before the wild card that was one of the reasons the wildcard came into effect things like that did the giants 103 games I don't believe him at the I don't think that says that's how that worked definitely be lost out separately Atlanta Braves were in the National League west. I think it was the other managers you've got Sparky Anderson. Back with the Cincinnati Reds I I get stuck behind Sparky Anderson when time. After he was done managing the tigers. And he drove like he will he drove about thirty miles an hour and I got stuck behind him and it was the most frustrating experience. I. Time to unit now. Well what Ralph. How can and also Mickey Cochran the other guys. On the list are two before we go. And though let's go to Josh. Who is in Maine and John he's next what's going on John. Good eating. So. You know I think there's nothing wrong word court and that. We are common would get respectful. And that is saying that he respects on our credit and trump. I think that the comment we're disrespectful and I think president trump and a little bit much time on Internet and you'd buy into conspiracy theories atmospheric and well. How are pre presidency there while we can campaign but it under certain amount now. Oh are you responding and saying that. Week come through supported don't accept the information trumped by Harvard news. Institution in America. And it it's not that we don't accept their conviction. It's that it within our right to believe what ever we why an American citizen and and we've been we feel so disenfranchised. By these institutions are operating in the country that. Is the culmination of light truck is currently now whether people like her. That's yet where or act. At a country. The use your trump supporter John. Yeah I guess I think what you're saying here is that. There's a lot of bias reporting distraught is. He is everything that politics has never been at least the Martin our life right he's not a politician. And use. This is really upsetting a lot of politicians the political world has been turned upside down and they don't like. And so it's it's a comedy it's it's like a combination. He's you've got trump who does two things that are not like any other president. And they're not always good you agree with you on that John right he says things that are just outrageous. Us yeah I mean so you you've got that and then you have the combination of people who were trying to hold on to this this setup of politics in America that are concerned this is now gonna become the new normal. That jumped may be trouble when again but they'll be some other reality star. Were some other real wrestling personality is gonna run and win the and then in the end it's never gonna be like he was before Donald. I don't think that's the case but I think there will be a mix for today and they're gonna have to ride it out and figure out a way. Please send it back to the norms that they're used to but right now it is this is what it is not an arm. Well it's a new normal for now what's the noodle bar thank you just go to who. Sneak one ward who disclosed Stephen Miami my guys Steve. Was going on Steve. All I had big bed legs. I have a football question about troop somewhat safe bet. Two I'm sure that US. People closer as there are not a great. If you are people out there for a problem I trump you get true accurate unquote now I've probably identical what course shanks. It is he's passionate about. It's location where he grew up. And I want Iowa with a colleague who is such that we were triumphant thing that's what we have known that trump is. Very. And there. Many times and I can remember it what you are selectively pictured person on the podium McEnroe because he it was handicapped. The report. I mean so it. It's not the first time he's been. Oil in this type of controversy. America and they can. Strangers. Differently I would have to say we all. Boehner. It's also. Steven it's the greatest. For for the news media it's the grade I mean yeah it is a gold mine it will never be another situation is a unique. Situation but it would if you just turning on some what down lap but it WEEI total politics. Now bring you re all talking about this is because Alex Cora. Your beloved Red Sox manager. He was asked about Donald Trump's comments on Twitter about Puerto Rico and he Deaton declined to answer he is suited. And people are all fired up because he's alive respect the president put Donald Charles words were disrespectful. To his home. Where he grew up as a native of Puerto Rico. And and so now there's this debate has continued into late night hours I would Osi got Mormon there's Steve. Well people while book about it when it's not that. Went Red Sox Egypt Dodgers and you. Are I think yeah. Is going to be very interest and I have this one quick question about our football will be interest on the ridiculous go to the White House. That becomes another story. Where core based restaurant. Yeah it will go out Alex it's it will become a it may die out. Identity will be brought back again. About a little and Lindy La. Would anyone Aziz these sports teams you know. Though the Buick shell of players that all these baseball players are not nearly as political it's not like the NBA where you've got. Everyone come and that everyone but him the star players in basketball were very political and their operatives of whatever political party which I guess is the Democratic Party. As they represent are. Well all the and a pro mailing at all that a lot of people haven't bought a place but of course and it was a ball. We know how. Margin I called Bogota. Goes out there interest rates as plays at all and I changed as well. Yet I explained to me that big bad widget please. We have acquired. And Michael Kendrick who didn't true insider trading options. People argued spartans up. Yet. Budget now goes well and after allowing him to sign. Our contract with the Seahawks I have no understanding that it ought to see it and and then killed an amnesia thing. Like doctor park which he could get up to twice but years in prison and yet vhawks. Allowed. Epic about the. He writes in that is Al it's going that these were up against it as they say in the radio business which makes it sound really officially sealed against which has caught. There were up against but just a couple thoughts I'm actually read about that later on my overnight shall I. I saw the story here for two Michael Kendrick agreed to a contract with Seattle. And he's going to play in the game Monday night the Seahawks play in Chicago. And Kendrick is going to be playing linebacker for Seattle he's facing 25 years in jail. For. Insider trade is that I get 25 years and job that the number that I saw was. Two and a half to three years in jail somewhere in that neighborhood. Which is more time Ngo and I would like to do and it's a federal crime so he's gonna have to spend. Was 80% of believes the number with the federal. I'm not time yet to spend you can't get out after one day. Which in some locations would you commit a crime you're out one day so. It's one house was hit and sentenced in January. My theory is the NFL does not have anything in their bylaws about white collar crime they only have blue collar crime because. This is unprecedented. Do you think of most of the crimes that are committed by NFL players. And they are of the in the sole. Nature. Of them you know domestic assault or even you know criminal with rob roots seem players. Aaron Hernandez with murder. I can't recall another white collar criminal as an active player in the NFL which is what this Derek Anderson I will press on. As it is Red Sox who shift in the late night get into the page is a little bit more on this outscored Storey house Cora. Going on the record here and he is now thrown himself into the political theater the Red Sox manage all the different classy way. Heated classy way more on that we'll get to it won't do it next.