Red Sox Review - Boston Globe reports Hanley is not under investigation by the FBI 6-24-18

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Sunday, June 24th
Hour 2: News breaks at the top of the hour that Hanley Ramirez is not under investigation by the FBI, as was reported Friday by ABC's Michelle McPhee. Gilroy analyzes the Globe report.

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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. When you know I might center the date that caused her ready about that I want to check up and get back drop. And home. It's more like. Right tonight. I'm that I think we capping the Red Sox win against the Mariners want to play. Settled down over his thirteen strikeout of the game for us sailors points down thirteen. He's kept the Mariners off the boards. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox rookie with Patrick Gilroy. Our efforts to. Red Sox review read your Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy gets you guys and here you're till 7 o'clock this evening. Continuing to take your phone calls 6177797937. And we can continue to talk about the Red Sox taking two. Out of three from the Mariners have been returned home to Fenway after that sort of abysmal road trip that they found themselves right ended in the Red Sox play a handful of teams and they should have handled they didn't the offense wasn't there. We talked about it all week long on late night like I get that. And what are we talk about on the last time that we were together on late night. We talked about this Red Sox team coming home and how the offense is gonna look that much better at home and for the Red Sox sake I'm glad that that's. What's happened here. Especially for godly chris' team who had absolutely zero run support this year for him to go up there today and get five. I get five runs of help I mean essentially. That is a massive sigh of relief that for that guy after the season and really season and a half we go back to last season as well. The Red Sox just haven't produced. For him offensively so we can continue to talk about that is well at 6177797937. What's really interesting is. Going into the breach here I had mentioned the Boston Globe and how the paper record in the city had completely ignored and avoided. This Hanley Ramirez story and then my producer Kyle comes running in. Don't know and apparently ten minutes ago that they finally put something online I'd imagine it will be in tomorrow's hard copy of the paper but. Yeah they've got their crime reporter and legit reporters here working on this thing. And it's it bit of a different version. Of the story that we've heard all weekend law. And what's really interesting about this is if you listen to late night last week I believe it was on Tuesday night. I drop something. Very. Mildly on the year saying that you know the reason why somebody had asked why him he wasn't picked up somewhere else and I said. You gotta be surprised here but I believe that he's found himself in a bit. Of legal trouble here and it's not gonna be pretty for him or for the organization. If what I heard was true. And I got a bunch of tweets about it and a bunch a text and people wanted to know more and I heard a whisper and people in radio from the most significant radio personalities. On both stations whether it's you know. Filter or dialing Gerry Callahan and Turkey doesn't make a difference. They had heard what I heard in the most insignificant people had heard what I heard. The story had been making its way sort of around for the last three or four weeks but nobody could make. No it wasn't concrete so nobody was able to go out there and sort of do what Mitt Michelle McPhee did it even what she did at any Gibril lot of credit for breaking the story. Even what she did wasn't completely concrete and now here's the trouble when you do that here's the difficulty. In less and until you've got all your facts straight. Eagle there and make an outside yourself but you're also dragging somebody's name. Through the mud in May be it doesn't deserve to be drug through the much I don't know any time you connect to human being especially human being that's as high profiles and their merits with the sort of money that Hanley has. To a cocaine crack and fentanyl ring that's not a good look. But the globe coming out about ten minutes ago saying that Hanley knew nothing about this he's not involved at all in very quickly here as a read you a brief portion of this and this is a friend. A former Red Sox first baseman hand they're merry has dropped his name in an effort to avoid arrest will transporting fentanyl from New York Massachusetts and April. Then immediately admitted the player had no connection to the drugs according to documents filed in the US district court in Boston. Ramirez is not under federal investigation and has not been linked. To any drug ring according to people with direct knowledge of the case but they're the 34 year old has been a free agents and the Red Sox released them on June 1. So the does sort of meat and potatoes of this story. Is that at an eye can see how this could happen this is a very plausible. Story here. That somebody that. Is friends with Stanley and and we don't want any read the story this guy not only is he friends apparently now he grew up with Hanley. In the DR so they've been friends for a long time. Sort of used pay at least name to get out of trouble hey I'm paying their mirrors as friend can you give me a great hero officer and the moments. That he did that Hanley is named then gets shall written down off there's no book becomes a part of the of the report. And eventually enough people have access to that report apple that the police station and then eventually in court. And it gets out there and people assume the worst but if you wanna assume the best about him their mayors and you want to assume that what the Red Sox are saying. About having no knowledge no connection between Hanley being DF fade. Five days after an arrest here if you wanna believe that the Red Sox are saying. Then there's Boston Globe story certainly. Is interesting to read this Boston Globe story is something that you guys wanna check out. It was written by Shelley Murphy and Ellen and Ivan Allen and it just came out about ten minutes ago will twittered out here from the station. Believe Alex spear also tweeted out if you wanna go find it it's interesting because it gives. A completely different look a completely different take. On the Hanley Ramirez situation. And it is an interest the situation would make no mistake about it. Any time somebody of his stature is connected to drugs is ugly is mental you've got a problem. And it's not a Google friend in their Maris who onshore now he's saying he's retired but he's 34 years old he he wasn't. Done by any stretch of the imagination. You know if the Red Sox did not DF a him he wasn't ready to walk away from the game. And and now he's down in the Dominican Republic he's not even here in the United States and you have to wonder he's just gonna wait for this whole thing to go to court blow over. Or for his name to be completely clear so here's one version of the story that says Hanley knew nothing. Isn't a part of it didn't finance the drug operation. And his friend just dropped his name in an effort to get himself out of trouble a plausible situation. Whether it's the truth or not that's yet to be seen that'll come out in the future. But interesting nonetheless and and good good on the Boston Globe for finally coming out with something. And putting something out there in writing and having there crime reporter going after the stuff. After 48 hours of being crushed. By local Sports Radio being pro crushed by the media in general. The globe comes out gives a completely new fresh different take on the stories of congratulations the Boston Globe. Job well done for at least getting yourself in the mix here whether this is all true and all correct that is yet to be seen. This is all secondhand stuff and that's the danger and all of this it's all second and third hand information and that's why by the way. You know it took balls to do what Michelle McPhee did. And nobody that that's in my position or higher profile positions here. That'd heard the rumors had the balls to go up there and say anything because we didn't have the facts to back it up. Without facts to back it up you can't just go out on the radio and sort of say something we don't have the luxury of doing that. That that get us in a tremendous amount of trouble. And you know smear hand these names smear the Red Sox name and that's not what we're looking to do here. We're just looking to get the answers that. You know nobody really had wide as a guy at 34 years old who had a great April had six home runs short you went through a three week stretch where he gave this team nothing offensively but is that worth not only losing your job. In Boston over but no teams signing new. He was it even in rumors to be picked up by another team. And generally speaking that doesn't happen. Generally speaking. You know you're gonna get an opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. When you have the track record history and skills that a guy like Hanley Ramirez has so it was very interesting that he wasn't. Even talked about. When he came to joining another team. And then this story breaks we sort of get an idea as to why. And even now if you believe 100%. With the globe as saying here where him they're mirrors his friend a sexually drop him these names are trying get himself. Out of trouble even if that is 100% the truth. You can certainly see why other teams have stayed away from the him mariners situation why they have decided to stay away from potentially picking it up. Picking him it's a dangerous situation to be involved. You don't want your team being associated. Even. On the fringe. With a fentanyl. With a crack ring it's a really bad book so you look at other teams that could use some offensive punch. Sure a guy like him they're America's and his skills and his bat. His skill set overall is a welcome addition to most teams especially when the Red Sox are paying the majority of this out. But the moment that he's even. On the outskirts. Mentioned which date that I'll ring it's there's a big black mark on a no no no oh we are not getting that guy we want no part of it. And now the globe comes out today and says yet you know Hanley. Has a name brought up in the situation because his friend tried to get out of trouble and drop the Red Sox star's name and ultimately that's. Hanley is only involvement in the situation read the story it's on the globe dot com right now check it out for yourself. Form your own conclusions we can talk a letter to your together at 6177797937. Back out to the phones we go to go to Matt. Mats and Milton Matt units appear on Red Sox review. Got an altercation. Yet we got that. I think it come playoff time. You know Jack isn't as well all. Clear and so. Quote Keating. Will better candidate senator just bring somebody whether the app wintry AAA or somebody begins a low profile acquisitions and you can get some. Get them out on the scene. I like that that adamant suggestion you know he's somebody that is career has over 200 Major League home runs like he has had success. At the Major League level so I fully expect him to be up here at some point but you know he he's gonna play first base or DH for this team and part time basis. While his bat will be a welcome addition that I'm not sure how that really helps Jackie Bradley junior situation. But it. Jackie and bring out JD yeah. OK I get it I and you that's creative thinking and and look I appreciate the phone call and that's what they're gonna have to do here they're gonna have to think outside the box and think creatively here. And I'm not sure moving other guys around out of their comfort zone is the best approach. You know especially you you you specifically mentioned come playoff time I'm not sure that's the best approach come playoff time. But unless this team is able to go well there and somehow. Acquire some additional help. But the bottom of that order. That then I'm not sure what they can do outside of getting creative here and they're gonna have to because. You know it's one thing to have giant holes in the lineup during the regular season but you can ill afford to have. Three consecutive guys in your lineup be next to automatic outs that is a recipe for disaster. A recipe for failure when the playoffs oral round that is Sports Radio WEEI is Red Sox review. We come back and do wanna talk about something they brought up on the radio broadcast today they were talking about the pitch clock. In baseball. And would people want it. At the Major League level and I found it really really interesting that they were people that still. Are against a potential pitch clock did you like this the pace of the speed of today's game would you like the pace and speed of today's game to be the norm. They need pitch clock and people that think that baseball doesn't need to pitch clock because it's the one thing in life where you know you're not you you're not. Behold in two week clock. You're crazy. And that's why baseball's demographics are getting older and that's why baseball continues to be a dying sport when it shouldn't beat the game itself. When there's action it's exciting. And fortunately sometimes that action is sort of few and far between I think to pitch clock can certainly help the situation there. And if you are against the pitch clock if you're one of those people that tweeted into the broadcast today and said no pitch clock you know I like to take my time on a weekend afternoon and watch baseball and its own pace I think you flip and crazy we'll talk about an extra here Sports Radio WEEI. Nice seven. We seven. Thank you and Eric in any way try to act. But it certainly put him. In the round of this that I'm going. You know multi jurisdictional cats or that looking into this. Swelling thanks for the ring operating ally back to keep it. Michel became right there on without him later in the night when this whole story about him their Mary is really. Took on a life of its own in the last 48 hours in. While it's interesting story to talk about and while anything involving. This amount of drugs is certainly going to capture our attention. You combine. That at all. Yeah this whole opiate crisis that we're in right now along with cracked in cocaine these are all drugs that sort of get people's attention. Massive amounts of fentanyl. Width a guy that was the defeat here with the stature of Hanley Ramirez and gadgets known not only in Boston but cam these name is known all around the country he's a guy that spend. Sort of a legit star in baseball for over a decade now. He's a guy that that's recognizable. On only in Boston but everywhere these guys made a tremendous amount of money. Playing baseball so you combine a legitimate name like Hanley Ramirez width. Massive amounts of technology to be have yourself a story that takes on a life of its own and at the center of that story has been Michelle McPhee she was the one that. First went on record and sort of broke the story and talked about the tide between. And their Ramirez and sort of the struggling and how you can make the connection from point a to point B and put. And the her marriage speculating Hanley Ramirez is. Right smack dab in the middle of this whole thing. And what's interesting here is in the last ten minutes you've got the Boston Globe finally coming out where their story in their story sort of goes against the grain and contradicts a lot of the things that we have heard in the last 48 hours. This story paid Hanley is more of that innocent victim and then somebody that was directly involved in this massive. You know interstate draw agreeing. Now Boston Globe in the last 1015 minutes coming out with a story written by Shelley Murphy and Evan Allen. Saying that a friend of former Red Sox first baseman Hanley Ramirez dropped his name in an effort to avoid arrest while transporting fentanyl from New York to Massachusetts in April in other words this guy is friends with Hanley Ramirez gets pulled over. Drops at least name in an effort to get the cops off his back full well knowing that in the backseat he had a box full effect knowledge it. And it didn't work and now at least name gets brought up. Nearly essentially I believe the story is and how correct me if I'm wrong here but what the way I'm understanding it is the facetime call is real that we've heard about. And the police officer actually. Spoke with the Hanley on the cell phone during this when the car was pulled over that's the way I believe this thing to be true now and the officer asked him only for permission to open that talks. And the great granted permission but said look it's it's not my box which you want and that's with a fat Lois found that try to correct. That is correct and then afterwards of the dugout that was pulled over driving the car told the top afterwards that he was just using him these seem to trying get out of it so after saying. You know the stuff is Hanley this is a mine about ten minutes later he went back when he said so. Of the drug dealer with a conscience essentially here. Says that no you know what I dropped him his name because it's opening game throughout my back. Clearly you're not getting off my back you need to know officer and Hanley had nothing to do with this this is my stuff that's my problem. Now it's not him and now today. This getting a tweet coming out right now that Adam Katz and their mayors of agent says the reporting on him his involvement in this matter was reckless. And irresponsible it's unfortunate. That one there was an accurate story can generate such widespread negative and damaging comfort so look. You know you've got this story sort of continuing to take on a light its own taking a very interesting turn today right here on Red Sox review and it's funny because. You know I wanted to sit here. And spend the next half an hour crushing the globe for their lack of coverage. But maybe the globe was only responsible. News outlet out there. And they put their crime reporters after it and their investigative reporters after the story and they wanted to get right. And rather than run with a wild inaccuracies. And sexy stories that generate attention. Generate feedback generate calls generate ratings generate clicks they wanted to go out there and be patient and get it right. That's at least the way that the globe is going to spin this. And they will want a bill come out of this thing looking very good if the story that they came out with today winds up being the true story here sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy continuing to talk about. The Red Sox how they've come home and started to sort of turn things around offensively here Chris Hill the dominant performance today the Red Sox they win the rubber match against the Mariners taking two out of three. They've got tomorrow off and in the angels. Come to town so we can talk about that with you guys at 6177797937. Also continuing to sort of break that break down. This whole Hanley Ramirez story and how it's continuing. To change and take on a light of its own here we all thought we understood. What the hamburger Mary's story was the involvement with the fentanyl unfortunately looked like. It was real it looked like it everything that we had read and heard pointed to Hanley somehow. Having a hand in this operation as a matter of fact if you go through my notebook here I wanted to do a whole segment or maybe more on how stupid athletes can be. And why Handley was not the only one I mean there's been countless athletes over the years. That find themselves in the middle of these sort of drug operations buying and selling drugs trying to be a drug kingpin. And I never understood that something that always sort of escape my reality I I I don't yet. You know these guys the whole point of selling drugs and being a drug dealer especially at that high level is too. Generate cash is to make money is to get yourself a damn good in income get rich right that's the whole idea when you see drug dealers on TV. You know what they do that these guys are generally you know driving nice cars they're rich they have a nice house and it's all cash and I see that's why. Athletes wanna get in that life but they've already got all the cash like they don't need to go out there and sell drugs to make a living. They don't need to go out there and sell drugs to be bad ass and get attention so any reason. Why these athletes would get involved has never really made sense to me because they've already got the light that they would hope yet. By selling drugs unless of course. It's the risk factor so I wanted to spend a tremendous amount of time. Talking about that and slamming Hanley Ramirez for being another one of these idiot athletes to get involved in the sort of thing and losing. Your livelihood because of it and maybe go to jail because of it. But ultimately I can't do that here you'll be wildly irresponsible of me. Make that leap now. Not with the contradicting story here now with what the globe just came out waited and ten Lee's agent coming out and essentially backing up of the globe as saying. So until we know more I have to believe that. Navy and the it was just an innocent victim in this whole thing and it's unfortunate that is idiot friend brought his name. And there there is the only involvement of Hanley in this whole story that's the story that I would like to believe. Yeah there's still a lot of coincidences that don't make sense to me there's still a lot of coincidences that yeah. They really shouldn't be but that's what they are you look at the timing of when he was via aid. You look at the fact that no other team is even sniffed around him you look at the fact it Hanley ducked the states and went out to the DR and that's where he is right now. All of those things to meet. It all circumstantial and I am I am though judge jury lawyer anything like that but they don't look good on the surface. But you can also spin them the other way and say that you know Hanley. Admitted that he was essentially done with a baseball he didn't love it anymore he wasn't interested in. Going out there earning a role on another team the Red Sox are paying him he was content to walk away. And his family and friends are. In the Dominican Republicans now that he wasn't working he edits for summer off a long time so he went home to visit family and friends they could be added as it. But the timing of of it all just doesn't look all that innocent. Whether that's responsible or irresponsible of me to feel that way is another story of the day. But I find it very interesting here that the globe is commode and given a completely. Different take. On the story that we've heard so much about over the last 48 hours and the globe is the only real paper here that is got. Investigative journalists apparently going after the story and I feel like we're gonna learn a lot more tomorrow because when court opens up. You're gonna have many many many reporters there looking for these stories now. All of the should be in black and white in court documents and with the story breaking on Friday night. Over the course of the weekend. Nobody really had access to the courthouse to go. Looking through these documents and finding where hand Lee's name news. Is Stanley's name something that we see more than once throughout these documents is at least name a common thread between all these defendants does at all. Make its way back to Hanley somehow some way and the implied story today on both stations by the way. Was that Hanley was possibly the financial guy behind this whole thing and he was financing the whole operation. But you wonder that's just people and their imaginations running wildly. Because again here it seems to me that if what we're getting from the globe is true. At him he's only involvement was his friend dropping his name and then immediately. Out retracting that the officer and the officer actually speaking to him on the phone. During the arrest. And that could be could be it beginning and end this thing. But it's Hanley agent came out he said today look this is this is not okay you know him he's agent reporting that. And Lee's involvement in this matter was reckless irresponsible. It's unfortunate that one countless inaccurate story can generate such widespread negative. And damaging coverage the fact is this now and forever no matter what happens whether Hanley completely cleared this thing tomorrow. There's got to be an association between Hanley and all these criminal activities and Leann and quite possibly. The worst street opiate. In the world right now because spent all the additional fentanyl heroin is what's killing people. One little one little late at me. It's it's a joke but it's not mean that all you kill people despite breathing yet we're Hazmat suits to be around. Drug dealers stretched out parallel to make it more potent by taking just the tiniest little speck of fentanyl and adding it to the heroin. That's what they do so tiny bit at all. Last forever I mean you you take it you add a little tiny tiny tiny bit to the heroin and the heroine gets extra potent. And now suddenly people come crawling back to that drug dealer for your super Paul inherent. And that was an awful thing for him to be involved and especially in this state. At this time when we're dealing with all of this would be OP crisis here it was a terrible look at not only for him but for the Red Sox. Even has somebody sort of default. I extension so you see why the globe took a more cautious approach. And why the globe actually went out there and did some investigative journalism in it appears here and now the latest news is that maybe Hanley wasn't involved at all. And he was just a victim. All of a friend trying to get out of trouble. And dropping him his name so we'll take your thoughts your phone calls on Hanley in your opinion I mean do you buy what the globe the selling today is this something that is plausible to you guys or is this just another excuse for. A big time athlete is this just people coming yet there. On Hanley side trying to get another athlete out of trouble or do you believe I sort I tend. Medium gullible but I tend to believe what the globe actually came out with today to meet this is very plausible to me this reeks of you know his friend was desperate. Sar and opportunities that you know I'm gonna drop at least namely the couple leave me alone. Because the friend knew the moment he got pulled over and he had that black box in the back of his car he knew that he was screwed he knew that he was going to jail for a long time. And he had one hope and that was to drop and Lee's name and hope that that would impress the officer and it didn't impress the officer. And ultimately you know the guy backtracked on a story and apologized and said look it's me it's not Hanley. Let's move on and now here we are two months later and Hanley is smack dab in the middle of this thing and maybe he doesn't deserve to be. Maybe we are all guilty of assuming the worst. Maybe you're guilty media I am guilty because it feels to me like in the last 48 hours we buried this guy and maybe he didn't deserve it. He just sucked at baseball now he was doubled his career and media we should just let him walk away peacefully but instead. We can't help ourselves because he's smack dab in the middle of a story that. Maybe he doesn't deserve to be there but somehow he is there. And you have the blame him for one thing right if this guy has at least cell phone number if this guy his friends would Hanley Ramirez. But Haley must know what it's friends involved in and maybe Hanley needs to be one of these athletes that takes a close look at his circle of friends. And is a little bit more intelligent about the people he associates with. Because this could be a real situation where and the winds of being guilty by association the matter how guilty he really is. He could be guilty by association. And that's enough to cost him maybe a second opportunity baseball source talked about that would you guys we come back rate your Sports Radio W yeah. Is Red Sox review. Sports Radio W yet Patrick Gilroy with the guys until 7 o'clock this evening taking your phone calls six months of 7797937. You text the program at 37 and 9370 funnier on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops act in Gilroy. I knew the Red Sox they wind today five nothing Chris Sale he's dominant today thirteen strikeouts just four hits. And the Red Sox take two out of three from the Mariners in their return to Fenway Park tomorrow off. Then welcome the angels the town there is your Red Sox review we spent a lot of time actually talking about the Red Sox and how. At home their offense has been incredible you know on the road it's it's been suspect. And especially when you look at the whole road splits of guys like JD Martinez and Mitch Moreland it's shocking how different they are. At home vs the road and on the road they're pretty good. But at home. They are other worldly type of players who spent a lot of time on that if you have left over thoughts on that believe me will continue to take those phone calls at 617. 7797937. But about a half an hour ago the globe finally. Had their voice heard when it comes to the whole Hanley Ramirez situation the globe has been eerily quiet all weekend long. We all understand the globe in the Red Sox are owned by John Henry so it was a bad look for the Boston Globe. Not view at least have blurred or something on the website just ignore alleging that there is this. Situation. That Hanley Ramirez former high profile player for the Red Sox. Hasn't self sort of wrapped up in it and hold it right. Terrible look by the globe and we can all sort of I think agree on that point. Bad look by the globe but now the globe comes out this afternoon about a half an hour ago with a couple of reporters that are investigative type reporters not sports reporters so. Written by Shelley Murphy and Evan Allen and their story it runs a little bit. Contradictory to what we've heard all weekend. Moral list point making cameo to be a victim here. And not so much criminal and what they're suggesting what they're saying and what they are also saying they've got court documents to back up. And we're gonna learn more tomorrow when court opens but what they're saying is that no at least friend. Got pulled over had that on the back of the car. Dropped at least named in an effort to avoid. Any further search and seizure by the police the police didn't care that they dropped him he's name didn't impress the cops at all. The friend did call and Leon facetime so that part of the story that we've heard so much about is true. They add another layer to this though they say that Hanley actually spoke to the officer the arresting officer. On facetime the officer asked him only for permission. To open up that box in the backseat of the car because the driver. And said that that box doesn't belong to him it belongs to Hanley Ramirez officer asks him before permission and we says I remind you what you want. Koppel opens it up sees all the threaten all guy the driver gets locked up and at that point. The driver at least friends so to speak says not you know an officer I take everything back. Hanley is not. Associated with this I was desperate I was nervous I used Stanley's name the trying get out of trouble here he's got no involvement at all on the situation and that's what the globe. Mou with today and then hand Lee's agent coming out about ten minutes ago backing up the globe story. Essentially saying that yelled this has been an awful weekend for Hanley and the media is to blame they've been wildly irresponsible. And taking him he's good name and sort of running it through the mud and that's the gist of what the agent is saying now. And now it's a matter of public opinion right because. Forever at this point and Lee's name is going to be tarnished. And he never had the greatest name in this city to begin with it's not like he's you know one of these world class athletes that's going to be on the mount Rushmore Boston Sunday but he was a contributor here. You know he he's a part of of what we do here Red Sox culture Red Sox Nation a World Series teams C east here like he matters to. The Boston Red Sox and their history and I think he should have mattered to this team moving forward I have been against. At least idea paying all season long since it happened you guys that killed me on late night but since that night that he was the F eight I've been against it. And might my primary reason has been at this Red Sox seem to the World Series contender and yet you know what. He's a luxury to have on this team he's not a necessity but they're gonna need another that at some point this year. And if it Patrick Gilroy Leo can understand that this team is going to need another bat at some point this year. I got to believe that people that are much more intelligent but I am network over their Fenway. Know that this team will need another bat at some point this year so there had to be something else of the story but what we feel leak brought that point home. That there had to be something else here was the fact that no other teams even sniffed around him meaning there had to be another story in play. And we got the gist of that story this weekend with Michelle McPhee. Really breaking the story. But now. There's danger in breaking the story with out 100% of the facts behind it. While Michelle McPhee. Broke the gist of the story. The story has been painted all weekend long in this light where Hanley is directly in the middle of this situation. And quite possibly he was the finance aired this entire situation. And that's to be believed then and we need to go to jail if that is to be believed that family's legacy is done and we need to go to jail is probably. Responsible for he can't be tried for the it's not a criminal crime yet but eventually hopefully legislation will pass where people are held responsible. When somebody dies via the drugs that they bought from you you should be held responsible in some sort of manslaughter but that's not the way legislation is written right now there is currently legislation in the works to change that. But Hanley should be held responsible if the drugs that he finance ultimately kill people. That's how I felt I I am so against all of this. All right it's sucks it ruins lives and I've seen it happen way too personally got way too close to me for comfort OK so I eighties. However I also think people are brought in to something in their name is ruined and they don't they shouldn't be there. Earnings should have been ruined. And you know what the globe they didn't say anything all weekend long and it made them look terrible. Until this afternoon maybe didn't say anything all weekend long because they were working on a larger story here they're trying to get their facts straight and their backs run completely contradict contradictory to everything that we've heard all weekend long a century painting and only as a victim and not a criminal what are you guys make it 6177797. 937 back up to the phones we go to go to dom. The arms in New Hampshire dog next appearance Sports Radio. Patrick held the day. You criticize my friend meaning that Gerry Callahan said he criticized the conflict into a little the you know veiled shot at them but listen my only point with the Red Sox is this is the chickens coming home to roost. When Europe pandering organization. When you're a team that's run by weasels in the front office that bit whose entire philosophy is about. Public relations. Doing the politically correct thing nobody believes you want stuff like this. You read about that that they don't have a lot of credibility on something like this at an even if the news that we're getting today is a 100% true nobody is gonna believe it. I don't believe it I don't let's say that that stuff was. Not in their marriage you think he's gonna let this guy try this vehicle around you think he gets his association doesn't know there are out of me c'mon. Yup your right about that outcome are wet wet weather he knows about them or not to different story especially when it comes to legality of the whole situation right but if the Red Sox team. Got wind that Hanley was even hanging out with or being associate are associating himself with. People that were involved in this then Hanley got to go and that's my point here like. I don't believe that the Red Sox were completely unaware of the people there and they was keeping company. But it just a shame that. They discontinued they have no credibility. This disorder division has zero credibility but their their response is so predictable and inaudible in a minute I don't believe anything of it. In your opinions on before you go in your opinion when this story broke on Friday night what. Should the Red Sox have done differently. If they had knowledge that in the Ramirez was involved with structure should came out immediately. Instead I know every every single sports issue that we've seen what a cute paternal thing to be honest. They would be put me information came. You know we've made this decision to let him go because of the facts laid out for us. The public can't hold a minute you know accountable for that they would want to sell the drugs but now all this backtracking. This makes them that makes a joke of the organization quicken even bigger joke. Listen I appreciate the phone calls on adult you get it straight I wasn't bashing curtain and and Jerry I won't do that up learn my lesson here I would never do such a thing this Sports Radio that he the guide is Red Sox review. I am Patrick Gilroy talking about Hanley Ramirez and this entire situation that he's got himself mixed up in. And how today the globe finally has their voice heard. They put two investigative journalists on on the story and they come out and their story. It is very much painting him only as a victim in the situation rather than somebody that was a participants. In the situation wondering what you guys think it's 6177797. 937 back out to the phones Eagles go to John Johnson Gardner giant nets up here on WEI. Hey Patrick how we elected John was adamant that well full disclosure by you don't listen to radio after that first game but I was curious about the same or mirror story where it was going. I've I've been on a couple times this weekend and my thing is kind of the opposite of you know and by the way you didn't have lacked all done in breaking this story quote unquote you use discretion. Yeah I guess that means the it's kind of a mock rape her I would would that BofA and accurate or fair statement. At look Michelle McPhee is is a damn good investigative reporter don't forget she. You know she did a great role hair Aaron Hernandez they'll get it she's she's an national talent so do. I think the only thing that justified any recording on this in my opinion is that he would the public figure and even then it was Dicey I think it. It was kind of Dicey anyway anyway my point was he had some drug real deal opponent guy's name out that doesn't really. Make a big case by the way. This investigation. Play that you have wouldn't radical Markovic who retired copy but I just write it now on the line. During a lot we don't know what the eldest glorious all right it's an unknown. What the real deal. But as I guess some on the opposite meanders dom bit and and I listened to Jeremy Kirk but I went. To play golf but he hit the second half when I guess when they mentioned this. But. To me everybody was jumping the gun in. Dragon the guy's name with the dirt I wonder how much his reputation had to do with that that he had been a bit of an issue personality wise he has been a pill. But it is a huge difference like that's a huge leap going from somebody is difficult to handle. In the clubhouse there's something yards into it but could threaten I'll dealer unit that there's I'm about to divide between the two. If if if if it by the way what are we talking about guilt by association equity deals with sky from the Dominican yup you know we know most of some of it would be. Just to stay army says they're you wanna say it. Not the drug of more for the Connecticut. This guy that was moving the drug and dominicans are not saying anybody what happened nearly because he's Dominican but I'm saying because of his reputation if this had been a more quote unquote straight. No problem guided have been released. You know we got to wonder where people were on this story plus in my opinion. You know John and it's it's I respect your opinion I do have to disagree with the your opinion. Because so much a Major League Baseball and I can check the percentage in the great year is made up of of Dominican players I mean look. Dominican players make up the majority of the sport you know so. You can't. You can't take them all and make them all guilty by association it's just. While the responsible deal with yet he's not easy to deal with and he's always had a bit of reputation of the hot right and maybe not the best teammate in the world. But there is just a huge difference between that and what he's being accused of now. And look when you look at the entire situation here right there is still all these facts to be gathered but. What was implied on Friday it is very different from what the globe wrote today and the truth of course going to be somewhere in the middle and you could expect the globe to come out. And yeah essentially say you know what the Red Sox they do. Because that will be saying you know what we knew. There one in the same especially in the eyes of the people of the city of Boston. The global the Red Sox are essentially extensions of one another they're owned by the same leadership of the same ownership. And the call is right. You know when you look at the Red Sox their desire to be so PR conscious is actually hurting the team PR wise because it is so. It's so vapid it's OC threw all right it's so transparent it doesn't matter people can see through their act. Act when it comes to their desire to be you know that this PR conscious team and and sort of limits. The words that that are spoken about them they don't wanna be painted it as a particular light. I get that that's why the Red Sox would never have come out even if they did know then not ever would they have come out and say you know we're cutting Hanley unfortunately. There's something there and there are some ties to drugs and we can't have that be part of our organization if that's what you wanted. The Red Sox to say they would never ever ever do such a thing. They are selling. Their products to kids and families the last thing they want to be associated with is heroin and that at all and street drugs like that they want no part of that. And unfortunately. You don't at least been such a big part of what this team's done the last three or four years and note you know he didn't win a World Series with the team but he's on World Series contending tight teams and this year this team has got one goal and one goal only and that is to make a World Series he was on back to back teams that you know 193 games. So he was a big part of successful teams here that have larger goals in mind. Right so he's not some minimal player at the end your bench you can let go quietly. Because he was such an impact will player on the field and such a big personality off the field. It's got to be addressed that it's got to be handled in its delicate and it's going to continue to be delicate until all the facts are known. But the globe and essentially the Red Sox because it was the globe come out today and their story runs completely contradictory to what we've heard last 48 hours the question is. What are you guys believe because that's all that matters. Right all that matters now is perception we've talked about this before and perception sometimes is more powerful than reality so what is your perception. Of the situation. And is and the mayor is now eight perceived drug dealer in the city of Boston because that's all that matters. Are the Red Sox then guilty by association in your opinion how do you perceive the Red Sox and you perceive them any differently now. That's all that matters the truth should matter the most unfortunately. A lot of times people are patient enough to get to the truth think back to deflate gate. The late hey we all think we all know that Tom Brady's involvement was minimal probably didn't exist at all and it blew up into something it never should bend because of the initial reports and the patriots were never able to escape. The initial reports the perception is they cheated even though the facts don't support that perception it was too little too late after the fact. And that perception will never change I'm afraid now regardless of the facts at play here. It's Hanley is completely innocent and has no involvement at all the perception is that he's involved and therefore the perception is the Red Sox are involved. By association. It's unfortunate but that's just the way that I see unity Sports Radio WEEI what do you guys make 6177797937.