Red Sox Review - Boston has its biggest AL East lead since April; How can baseball improve without losing its core elements? 7-11-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 11th
John Ryder is your Red Sox Review host after Boston doubles up the Rangers 8-4 in the middle game of their three-game series. The Yankees and Sox are going down to the wire, but Boston has its largest division lead since late April. Manny Machado rumors, plus how to improve the game without changing too much.

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So that makes it another series that the Red Sox have won this or is this season so that now overall in series this season they're 217. In 20. And at home where they've hardly played the first half of the season of plenty of home games. The rest of the way well after the all star break. Eleven and three now. Because they're guaranteed of taken at least two out of three so red sex they'll probably get what the Rangers tonight this time around it's Ito for. Good solid win because this was a night where you you do is available and iPad two Velasquez they were open at best to get five out of them they ended up getting three out of them. Tonight he's been kind of one of those under the radar helpful players on this thread sites team insist. Remarkable 64 and 29. And I'm wondering and you know maybe this stupid but. You know and people body into this team and I know that there's been so much too hot about well you know. Not really paying too much attention of baseball these days here and they continue to get sellouts at Fenway or overtime about the watered down nature of a Major League Baseball particularly the American League and there's definitely something to that but. I do think dead it's impressive that the Red Sox are beating up on some of these bad teams because that's what they're supposed to do you look what happens tonight in a Baltimore. With the Yankees fall into the Orioles six to five. Right so. Baltimore this season here's a perfect example. But why this is important the red sites you know beating up on these hapless teams like the royals in the Rangers in the Orioles or the Red Sox are nine and one. Against the Orioles this season. On the flip side the Yankees are four and five now against Baltimore this season. So and made it and now the red sex with a three and a half game lead so. And Ezra. Sixteen the very exciting team not trying to sell beyond it but you know there there. There is something to this team I mean there there's 64 and 29 I and I could rattle off to bore you with all these different stats but. They believe the majors in most offensive categories. And every night I'm not expecting people to sit through at prairie game and actually kind of a surprise that tonight's was under three hours continue considering all the bullpen changes in. You know some some rallies who wasn't the Big Three run homer that cut it to done tonight it was really that five run third with all the extra base and so. Residents can begin so many different ways that it was with a home run ball tonight it was would be. Seven extra base hits there that. Beginning and you never really can count this team out so another victory for the Red Sox tonight he had again it's against the Rangers handle a lot of people gonna bring that up but still. They're beating the teams they're supposed to be at this point we'll see if that continues throughout the rest of the season but considering this first happened and good news for the Red Sox to his. They have. Now. 39 home games thirty road games remaining fourteen of their final 21 will be played at home now they do have some challenges on that schedule. In particular couple more series against the Yankees. They still have three remaining series actually against the Yankees the coming up August second through the fifth at Fenway. And September 18. Through the twentieth. At. Yankee Stadium and they finish up at him with finish of the regular season. September 28. Through the fortieth. And what's gonna be really interest in willow that. As well as. Is going to be those are going to be meaningful games I still don't think there's going to be a big gap this is of the biggest gap I think that the Red Sox have had and after looking up and it has to be since late may and eight but they've had on the Yankees have three and a half game lead for the division after. The Red Sox win tonight the Yankees wise but. You know I it in Major League Baseball is thinking about changing up the one game playoff we'll see if they end up doing manned. But you're gonna have. Arguably the two best teams numerically well Houston needs to us simply factory in there that's good argument any mighty bored used to before the Red Sox. And the it in the Yankees of course but to be determined with the trade deadline and seeing what these teams and of doing we get into that as well but. You know it's it's going to be interesting because you're probably gonna have the Yankees or red sex battling it out up until the final day. And an actor be able to set up potentially for that one game playoff where you probably have a team like Seattle. In that one game playoff. Yelled they'll be either Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park would. Seattle might likely very well likely be out of it with the Houston and be able to set up there were to Asians from James Paxton here's that tip. When games start who knows who's gonna be on the mound for the Yankees the Red Sox at that point so. Should be interesting that's for sure our job right or later it's actually up until midnight 6177797. Daddy 37 he attacks to say 37. 937 Red Sox eight straight thirteen out of fifteen. As the and drove a rangers' lead to four tonight at Fenway let's get into a phone call here before the break here's Brian in north Smithfield new bride. I don't get over your. That. What were sitting by the fire. Aren't all fired head outside our nose like won't have a steamy night to be back sit sit by the fireplace and her I'd think. And I that's that's normal eighty degrees out some by the fireplace and doing good fire I know I know right what it would be litigated to Bryant. This failure by inevitable but I and we beat off it almost always they'll attack and I know it could be really weren't ready then. By you can't make times and I mean it all. I met earlier ruled you'll. Yeah you know I mean I think the pitch clock will help speed things up a little bit but not a drastically. Yeah I mean I just don't know how much drastically they can change things and and in particular. I mean C and the Red Sox play some of the longest games in Major League Baseball last year Daley longest average time games and unsure about this season. But they've also got a jug and out of a lineup. Suited to lead the majors in runs so we expect their games to be around three hours I guess await what they're trying to do and there's the call bride. Is incrementally changed as a minute of the pitch clocked out of the miners. I'm not sure if they'll institute that for next season but I think in the next couple of seasons what they're trying to do is make the average time of game under three hours but yeah. There's no way unless you do something absurd like and you know two outs in an inning which won't happen now think should happen or something crazy me can't. It's gonna end up being. You know about three hours that's what is typically going to be a mean you know some of the nationally games than it would have far as we see that Dow's of that. But you also have to have a product on the field and I don't expect people. I mean to be glued won it when I'm not working a red side scheme. Reform now working them by other spot IE. I'm not sitting in you know the Red Sox on the on TV screen and you know I check again. I watch a few innings but I mean why people's lives are busier you have other things to do sometimes or gravel life but. And still if you if you got to check it out this is an exciting team to watch there's no question about that. Or feel the full line 6177797937. You get text us as well 3793. Sevens who resides pick up a game on the Yankees. Baltimore comes back to beat New York six to five at Camden yards Jonathan scope walk off single ounce of talent the chances. Given this some of these rumors as well about the Yankees and Manny Machado. Which seems kinda curious and interest and would. Ever can count out the Yankees in terms of any move will give him that we'll get in this red size to what everyone negated to appear headed back from Fenway Park on this nice night. For baseball you give us collier and red sex abuse 61777979837. Contestants 37937. Backward more after this. And diligent high deep black senator backed by. Landis who it is not thick gray. You spared he's being away at home. Grown way up the line. Red Sox made it eight. To reform. A stretch injured Ben attendees been on avoid Bennett city to Moore had sees hover right around three entries at two and 98 now. And ever remember yes slow start to the season make Kansas City series goes eight for 117 runs scored two doubles a home run. To an active yesterday goes two for four and today goes two for four he's been. Just raking is that if you care about these type of things have final lob all star. Vote where the the health final lost are to be picked for the American League right now gene cigarette. Leads in that the other candidate is John Carlos in there's one more escaping me right now but the final vote. But red sex will be well represented in the all star game I don't know how many of you out here. Don't care about this I guess you always appear young younger person I did when I was kid I was always interest of that stuff you know back then they'll. It was the job ballots that they had at Fenway the the you know you'd punch shouldn't put it in in the box. Ever look you know I'm a member of kids and now everything's online of course. In the player votes and controversy with the all star game this year with the up would Blake's now. Not getting it voted and and a Chris archer sticking up forum in Blake's now leads the American League and ER right. And what was object died and Trevor Bauer. Pitched well frankly my guess it's because Cleveland's a contender. That he got picked would Verlander berliners can stored on Sunday. Verlander last I checked his work and shut out for Houston tonight but he replaced by Trevor bar at doubly snell would be the obvious choice eleven wins. I believe the players vote on that now. In terms of the reserves but I think they do it. I believe I read somewhere they do it like a month before. The Austin so at that point had Blake's now. Who wasn't having it Ted who's having a solid season but not the type of season he's having at this point. Anyhow I John rhetoric sex view. What I'm sure the fans around here care about is that the Red Sox get another win their eighth straight now 64 and 29 on the season. And I did look it up during the break this is. The largest lead that the Red Sox have had on the Yankees at three and a half since the end of play back on April 30 so this is you know. Pretty much I mean it's been awhile since they've had a three and a half game or more lead on the Yankees this season. John writer it's actually is 61777979837. You can text us. At 3793. Set another victory for the Red Sox eight to four over the Rangers. Technically comeback win because there were down one nothing after bureau Brunette or door warm one in the second so that's how 26. Come from behind wins in seven extra base hits six doubles and a triple that did this Big Five run third and enough. Your Buddy Guy aero let's get back to the phone calls. And a leading us up to this segment is Scott entries for ace got. I generated and do it or you. Eric thanks so appalling because I have an idea that I hadn't heard of yet. For trying to quit in the games. I really like the notion of course I think the batter's box and it. Pitched a pitch clock and that would help. In some amount but the idea is that. You can only make one pitching change. In the middle and an otherwise you can only do during the you know yet. And any change. Which. You know. There are a lot of pluses in my music scene that I'm so concerned. Well that that you get yet. I think if someone gets hurt in that I think that would be an exception and in the end you know some guys I try to maker that kind of gone. You know you give one get out of jail creek park for you know a guy who's blowing up terrible it was great in check and that's less well get. In a couple games Michael longer because of that but in general you know the the way to gain exchange where you know OK I'm remembering it left his first guy in the upper right next. And I'll bring a part which for the third it. In all of those pitching change their discoveries especially in the game. And I think you take a lot of time. Yeah now on I'm not an agreement with us I mean I like dead the creativity of its god you're bad that is being something that's been going on. It for since the late eighties and it Tony La Russa started on that remember with the specialist so this is not something new on the in this. What I think you know what's changed is. Is it. With the world I mean that's what's changed technology and in just the fast pace of everything it in you know not nominee pupils sit down to watch. 33 and half hour baseball games anymore. May back in the late eighties he didn't have the into that you didn't have. All these other things going on. The slower lifestyle and as his life I mean people of short twenty years from now will be. Laughing at the way we did things are thinking about how slow paced wasn't 2018 that's is the way it works. Well I agree with you but but to your point. Does that those changes settler estimated that one of the reasons the games start taking longer yeah you're right it's not there but. But it's it's part of that era when the games started getting longer it's one of the big reasons why. Mean if you go back farther. When they didn't do this kind of thing when pitchers used to go laundering games since. And and guys were kept at about pitching games where we're you know not sixties and early part of the seven or games still appoint him. Oh yeah are and let you know the other big difference still and even if we go back from a man that is a while ago now. To the ladies thirty years ago. The other was the advertising there wasn't the and the other commercial breaks were dislodge either. You know that that's a big part of it all the revenue that's involved and that's what he always come back to would pretty much everything. It's business oriented is the money you know and where you get in the money from so. They're not gonna cut down on the advertising an act of its cut down on the commercial breaks. Right and by that that that's that's certainly sure but everything else about the game this pretty much the same except. Except for you know they know how long the guys are a mess around up there has. And indeed. You know the way they changed how they use. Yeah well that is I mean look at that and you're right on that Scott I mean and thanks for the call I appreciate the creativity the you know they had. And that's what it is a lot of times I mean you get today you know all the said the game is cruising we see we've seen it many times we seem to with a Red Sox would seated with the opposition. You know six innings you know it's all the so you know it's of the sport wildest games breezing along it's an hour and a half. Now all of a sudden you've got a bunch of pitching changes in the game ends up being right around three hours or more. As we continue with a phone calls yours Wally and forever while. There was some mud everybody's happy as a clam denied the Yankees glut we want but priorities seem to do no wrong right now. But as far too many misjudgment I think you know I think he's gonna end up with a National League team. But it's cigarettes that's enough hundreds died Britain and the Yankees. But I remember updates every guy in the day. Of course I'm gonna forget. Well I know what we can we get a table quite a bit overplayed him and he's done. No I think. Boy he was he was rough here. Are not really really gets. That was a trade with I believe it was with Texas at the action I remember now it was David Murphy who they give. David Murphy who. We hey gotta amicable while. But Buick this segment he still I don't know what his statistics. I think he's. He's not been as dominant as he was in years past Wally. But I you was it was dumb brought you gonna do it did dead or alive and tries to get I mean you Vasquez who probably I'll let go release September up. And he's got a beef based embedded pitch them it would plane. Tomorrow both teams now that you get that you're getting a play out you know it is is why I gonna perform Jackie. Yeah you know these are questions in and I think that a lot of it depends. You know within it is really here coming up. On there hasn't been a ton of trade activity actually there was more Seoul last month had previously. And there has been so far this month I think it's gonna pick up a mean old non waiver trade deadline is. July 31 and here we are and what to July 10. So. In terms of the Red Sox I think and I don't how much to do with the catcher position a minute place YR continues to have nights like this not like it's going to be every night but he had a very solid night two hits. Good base running and caught how many pitchers tonight to the red sex he's would see six pitchers tonight for the Red Sox. So if he's you know fine inadequate back the year I don't think they're gonna make any moves in terms of that. I think they wanna see how Thornburgh progresses here. You know Barnes and Cali I do think they'll probably make a move. To the bullpen but I don't think they're gonna do anything too drastic Wally Iraq really dawned on me. I'm arrested they had a plug commendable. You know that I had that's a good question too and as some techs here about that about Palmer's and is gonna get into that but. On it that that's another thing I mean he's supposed to make a store and I believe this and Friday this week for Pawtucket and on the rehab start in a bullpen session. I'm Arnold was today or the other day but he recently had one. So he had had that kind of depends and also if he's willing to do so you know if the if he's willing to do so so. And I don't think the gonna make a move as well for second baseman I really don't mean it. You know they made that Steve Pearce move. For an extra guy. Which has been a good move so far I have a no adroit there's no timetable on his return is gonna get into that a little bit after the top of the hour but. I think to get a CO branded films progresses down in the minors he's had to you know lol right now. And you know late thirties but they've got Eduardo Nunez and Brock colts had a solid season you know. Beyond what is expected so Forsythe. You know you never can count on Dave Dombrowski. Trader Dave but I don't think there's going to be this major blockbuster move from the Red Sox. Early bullpen piece. It. Oh thanks for the call Wally appreciated Wally in Fall River while he. Anchored dad and its secret network Raleigh interchangeable here and and Red Sox revealed as Fisher. Aid to afford the red sex taking over the Rangers now I do think that the Yankees got to make a few moves. I'll get into a little bit more of that after the break right couple of four lines where. It's a pretty full right now we'll get to a Bob. The card might in Providence Bob in Gloucester here after this break and read sector -- elicited those highlights here plenty of contributors for the Red Sox tonight you know the baker Jalen being exe good save there will keep beds and save Baghdad Clarence speaks from trading places but the he didn't. Decided the decision it was have Matt Barnes who struck outside these seventh who gets the win for the Red Sox used six pitchers lot of contributors for the Red Sox nine or 84 victory. Over the Rangers. They get twelve hits everyone in the starting line up with the exception of Raphael devers had at least one it. Job right or it's nice view up to nova diced 61777979372. Text as. At 37937. Let's give back to the calls and here's Bob in the car they Bob. Good evening and should they might call this the mom got my pleasure. And I apologize more Orszag is what the game our personal impression socks for dog ate a roll and for Betty. Toward his slow steady climb to not put in wanna get a break you know three under that big. Adds up big going to line up on a one I've just comment on the discussion about the wind took it out of a I am a die hard alt fan and I don't palm 83 hours or achievements they can do some comets and things like. Walk pitchers than normal business a mom. That's fine that. Tightens up within the integrity don't mats with the nature. You know about two outs expert somewhere ESPN talk about it now. That she met down the night getting the original lineup. And an opponent called him earlier in a one month that it did you know that. Iso one pitching change when pitching change in the in the. Went to pick out what did you change and that just changes the game for me I drive two and half hours one way up to Fenway. And I make about very tight games here and I'm not sit in the stands watch my watch. In all it I'm error and it gives the integrity in the history of the game it's important. And look and and and again. I'm I'm with an. You start drastically. I mean really drastically changing things in an ad detector and here's simple solution to shorten time to games start each batter 11 count right. And you know I mean I mean he he hears so many different things. Fear our Horry in a cut it to eight innings and I've heard dad and before I mean I think Jim Cobb brought up something like that. It was a great pitcher of his own and and work quickly out there. You know I I. Yeah I get hit these pitches to work a little quicker and on as much you know stepping out of the box and on that stuff I can understand that but some of these drastic ideas. To me that's not baseball anymore I mean this is just plain answer you drastically change it to the point Dennis -- and weird and it's not baseball he's gonna make incremental changes. In meaning and we will see what it looks like it. You know fifteen years from now but again. You know. And there's a lot of an image some of it is a generational thing I mean you're over there at Fenway you see the fans amid some of them glued to their phones and not even you know it's more of an event things for people like that her. You know a cocktail party or to get together and nearly you know watch some of it but you know check you know there. Where it is social gathering you know people are doing business or whatever but you know no one in less you're. Myself for example tonight for the broadcaster reserve or people that have the in a recap the game or write about it or talk about I mean. You know no one there has to stay if they don't want who the entire. Three hours you know I mean so so I mean style like it's it's at eight you know hard and fast rule. I mean if I'm not work in a game and they have nothing else to do that type and I'll check united. I mean I'm. In Al it's not like I feel like I have to be there for every single pitch you know on the nominee and I'm doing some other things maybe you know it's kind of you know it aside they won't get and other things done you know. And that's got to the beauty of baseball spill in a way it is that it it IE it can kind of almost via a sod team why the other things done. They're not I voted 100 which spurred any. During the Red Sox. Back. When I saw it it. Well you know if he does get in. If you give Bob in the car salute that's for sure. While. I think sister girl is leading and I these residents stand and have more votes right thanks Bob Bob appreciate DO phone call here's. As we go to now Bob in Gloucester it Bob. Big John thanks for taking my call. Didn't serve yet produced modest engine it's got to do a great job thanks as well I've got to go related comments. You know on the greens were something that you set and something that Bob also consider we discipline is not bother me. As you said. You can do my thing done technology where this other comment comes from. If you if you don't want to go to the part. You can sit now I'm a little short advertising for cable TV companies but you can. Recording. Skip you adds speed ball compressed the entire thing. If you want to. We need to take phone call quarter bomb parts. Which is getting back cloture march 2 comment. About low attendance figures it's expensive while you just spoke with the driver now are Matt spent three hours. You know for recaps are relaxing part of the day I would problem. You know what the same time when you get to the stadium and you got to sell home dog fighting between 86 hour day. You know if you state for game because you don't picture. Right well I mean part part of that is that it's it's depending where you live element of fear you know live in the Baghdad in your walk in the park no big deal. But if your you know driving with you know south north wherever it might be here you're talking yeah I mean do it all depends and and you know whether it's a day game night game I mean all those different factors clearly are in there but. And terms of the cost of games I mean the attendance is down and a lot of pars where it doesn't cost anything to go to games I just think that the interest is having here I mean. Even in a city like it's I mean you can go to a pirate scheme. And get a pretty good ticket for like 1520 bucks. Now it's not so I mean it but what I'm saying is and you can go to you know Tampa Bay for instance interest and I've been to that. Ballpark at their disposal building a new ballpark but you know you can it's weird how they do this in a lot of teams that they were the first that ended up seeing doing this but. They had you know it was almost structured prices depending on the game like yankees red sash would be top tier. Those would be the top here but then say if they were playing. You know the royals were the Rangers or you know pick a team you know. One of these meddling teams. You know it would be much less and you get a ticket you know ten bucks. And there's abuse that was a question about that. You know while we can Miami guess you'd mentioned we just mentioned you know of course the Sox and the Yankees yet those are high. Ticket teams. You know are priced tickets. When you get down tape parking in it you know I'm not saying they're. Does it cost too much. Because you're trying to control the consumption. You know all about winner take on the fan wind up paying huge salaries which is okay. And also poor grandiose structures. Which organized to have. We've been part as the family. You know it's it's the white working guy and can't take. You know a couple of kids that's a luxury yeah yeah it's still only a larger you know your the disposable income toward. I think also technology is becoming. More important edited. Against actually shall not it's yours or your couch you couldn't have a couple of beer not worry about drive and you know as yours that you can get something done there and battery you can perhaps forty that he started recording. Right now. I mean and you can't do it condense things like that Bob I know you know you at the Sox into lioness in you get Which. Does something related to that but usually at that point com how many people unless they are. They're for whatever reason sleeping during those hours or work third shift or whatever will do something like that you know because you already know the score you already know the result in most people's there interest of the curious. They're not gonna. They're they're not gonna wait to find out you know we'll just check it out currently receive few highlights here in our eyes that's that's what happened. Yeah I mean not a very agreeable points. I'm making some Californians not to be argument. All you're not all it's a good call Bob I mean but but no it's true it there's so called Bob appreciate it. Yeah I mean it's an M doesn't mean a lot of this depends and so many other factors beyond baseball right I mean. You know it's it's cheaper to live in parts of the midway not Chicago but parts of the midwest that is certainly around here. What this is one other. You know in terms of we're living especially in Boston proper. I believe you know after New York consider for Cisco would probably the highest. You know me in terms of amid that's just. I remember reading a statistic a few years ago that you know at a per capita anyway I mean I mean new York and simply discourages. Out of control groups about cost of living there. But yeah I mean that's the other part of it. And it has also. You know there of the eyeballs in the in the people that pay attention around here in the and the fervor. You know I mean down in Miami there's there's plenty of people down there with a disposable income but there's plenty of other things to do and there's plenty of more interest in things to do for some of those people than. You go to a baseball game a moral ones came in and watch all sorts of horrific team and in the other part of this is. You better be good I mean look how it's changed with the Yankees just a few years back the Yankees were scuffle. And other you know in terms of attendance someone at that ballpark of course some of the prices rose just out of control. But now they're getting very good attendance figures because there are very good team and they've got exciting players like John Carlos stand Dinara judgment. Good analyst I'd here's John Newton-John. They may alleyway and it suggests. And the bed be indicate that seventy let in a secret but bashing of the opt in and you countered. You know radio guys. We every that you eat bashing something is much use if Shaughnessy in the rest these guys are doing. That it will go way that it's all. Maybe over the top I kind of think if you like baseball you ought be. You know you don't like baseball call like something else to do. It's pretty simple Blake anything in life feel like we like you know. Yeah but but you'll guy in the radio business and in new printed on line I'm taking that little bit too much like it's almost like you you being. This subject. And to fill time because you kind of bored with they exploit yourself and it. It is something to that I mean I'm not. Completely bored with baseball but I I think that and and I'm not really bored within in fact it's still an hour right here I mean my favorite two are the same to. Since I was you know an eight year old kid it's its Major League Baseball NBA and hasn't changed on the my forties so. Look at look at back at seven year course they have yet to see bought in New York. And you know local with a team basically that dominated the late seventies. I don't remember going to Fenway yen in or listening to idea that all these guys. Talk about how it. They weren't around ruined. In the late seventies there really wasn't sports Doug rader was there. While there was Saddam calling out who I was around then it. Yeah depending you've never heard anyone talk about old Philadelphia and it argues again all we know. Now while I was different I mean it now you can watch anything you want you to watch a brewers Marlins game tonight if you wanted to I mean Baghdad. And that's also with the all star game I mean look at the all star game. I mean when I was a kid in the eighties. It was it was a big time things Ian on trade DOS and her team Marines from the expose who you you never saw mean that's why so many people tune into it because. Getting on the market you were ended. You weren't check in reality we weren't seeing Dave Parker some of these other guys I mean and in the and now you can watch any one of these guys any given night. But that I grew up and outs and aipac where Nolan watched baseball but may. But I would mark a runner and a little bigger dent. I didn't I don't understand that bashing of the game it did you have two excellent teams with a new yankees and the Red Sox. I'm actually. In Julia. I think most story you know and enact and I don't think I mean I wasn't even expected to dual show about all this stuff and was planning out of the one of the for scholars open up what time outages went from there I mean that's how typically some of these red sex abuse sugar shows go of me which is fine I'd like you know whenever you guys wanna talk about. I don't mean I don't even think that they I don't think that when you restart the Vatican in in the media seems to be the one time where. Well that's the and going to do about space. Well NN NN it was and is more about the the watered down nature of the American League. Was in the article out more about that. I. Nadal he's been watered down baseball who out in my. Like the time of the games stuff has been a a topic of economy has picked up a lot of steam over the past few years but this is not something new I mean. I mean I've been doing shows on the station for a long time I can remember going back his forays. It almost ten years ago talking about some of the stuff so I mean this is me and and same thing with the some of the watered down I mean this is one of those years where it seems drastically top heavy words just yankees Astros Red Sox. You know outside of that Cleveland and Seattle kind of on the cusp but not the years so. It's about his top heavy as I can remember it but there's always there's always those you know a couple of oh big time contenders. Yeah 78 whip forty years ago from seven game which celebrate my and you know what. 78 was the yankees' affiliate that god is it like it that he and that was there. No one else you'd you know you know it Jim Berger targets and you've become in with the Texas Rangers and they Altidore. You know. I mean this to happen in Joliet ogle quite a while ago. All right Chad appreciate the cause you currently I tooth the next. It's. But stocks speaking of you know technology as it was trying to drop the caller. All right our Red Sox take down the Rangers eight to four we've got cleared up the phone lines for his 61777979837. With talked about time of game and the watered down nine nature well not as much about that the board of the changes in the game of baseball. I mean I think there will be some incremental changes here but let's not go wild or he called idea Iowa. You know no nine in no. You know 11 counts to store and at bats and other things of that nature. All my nose is red sexting is rose 64 and twenty now we can also talk about drug trade stuff and that's what people really love to talk about amid whereas many but shadow go what is he going to the yankees says some of the rumored teams there what would you like to see the red sex still. Just as Red Sox team in general when everyone negated to. Little over half hour ago 6177797937. Text 37937. Red sex double of the Rangers aid to foreign John Ryder bore read sarge we were up next. John Wright of equity Red Sox are you taking up until midnight then Patrick Gilroy takes over for midnight up until 2 AM here on W the guy. After the red sized roll the Rangers 824 tonight at ten always have its eighth straight thirteen out of fifteen Red Sox this season at home. Or averaging a Major League best this was heading into the game. Six runs per game they score eight tonight so very exciting team I mean I don't think anyone can argue that the Red Sox are not an exciting team. In terms of moves they're gonna make an and that's going to be fun and Hampshire will talk about that quite a bit here coming up. Over the next twenty days up until the not waiver trade deadline on July 31 but what threads I still I'm not expecting a big blockbuster one they don't of the prospects to do it. It's it's always yell yours kind of hesitant to say these things one is Wednesday to browse you know it's Kennelly Danny Ainge terms about. You know Ali always willingness to make deals. But. You know Manny but shadows the big finish out the year and in terms of the story pitchers. Anyone lights out I mean I know Cole Hamels. At that successful policies around with the Phillies but that was back in 2008. And I can ten years ago now so. You know an AA has had a great season at Texas maybe but I don't think uses the quality pitcher Justin Verlander really put. Amid it's kind of funny when you look back at last year. And the trade deadline. People or had more attention more focus on Sonny gray getting traded to the Yankees and they did Justin Verlander. To the astros' most nod over lenders can cook he's done what he was the key he ended up being the key to the masters and there were answer is right of course they had to. Terrific offensive. Other guys helping out as well but John but he was there he was their ace. I don't know of or Cole Hamels and those are kind of the leaders of the group in terms of the starting pitchers that are going to be on the trade block. You know will get that job done but now it's kind of funny that one of the reasons why the Yankees are looking for starting pitching is because of Sunday Grey's troubles. If the terms of the Manny Machado a trade rumors were true heating up and he had two home runs tonight in a victory. Why Cobb victory for the Orioles over the Yankees six to five. Well but chat with two home runs telescope Jonathan scope of the watch golf. A single off of Della the chances of the Yankees are just four and five against the Orioles season with a Red Sox are nine and one against Baltimore. So you can tell you want about the right size and some of these sports teams but. In other beaten up on some of these teams I mean now there but see. With teams with a winning percentage of at least 500 or below the Red Sox now 33. And nineteen after tonight. As they beat the Rangers but the room latest rumors and man image shadowed if you wanna get into this six or anything really six point 77797937. You could text is. At 37 daddy 37. According to Dodgers Peru's yankees are among the latest clubs link to a minute but shot or heard earlier reports areas answer some other reports Arizona. Mean maybe there's a mystery team in there. What would the brewers what about Trevor shot at third base but the Yankees is is curious charges his sixteenth home on the night. Did the Yankees have Miguel into war there. At third base who's had a surprisingly good rookie season at third base now PD group Aureus doesn't wanna move from short how much shadows said he will not. Move from short back to third base he will not do it. So what happens there member this just seems like the dilemma back in the day would Jeter and A-Rod of course those were more premier players remember that whole thing. Both shortstop September we know what ended up happening I mean do you think the DD would have to move in that situation now I guess Saudi wealth. You know they get laboratories at second base is out with a hip injury he's not going anywhere is is right now. I mean he is the rookie of the year with a it's Connie getting heard recently. Still plenty of baseball to go but it's either one of those guys. You know the Yankees meet needs more starting pitcher big and mean nothing should surprise you too with the Yankees but. Jim Duquette of At this trade proposal and it's Dan Duquette the Orioles GM's cousin. Mentioned in and now if there's a lot of time to about. Orioles won a package Zach Britton and Manny Machado as part of a deal to get more prospects in return. But he was mentioning but shadowed Britain the Yankees for Domingo Vermont. Who's your rookie right hand is stored or infielder Brandon terino popular Clint Frazier. Had enough of your Baltimore. For Jim duque has floating out here. I think you'll be looking for even more than that if you're including Britain nano and he's not had a season he had a couple of seasons ago and he's been hurt but. Not sure that gets done if found if I'm Dan Duquette a weight the last minute the best operative there's a better offer for team in the National League. Outside the division definitely. And you gotta make that both. All right let's get to back to the cause news Paul and writing a Paul. Eight on eight. I'm bitter battle Iowa that you are the best security actually let people are so I'll stop there cannot stop and quote appreciated that institution to. I am my my interest is in baseball is he no doubt people that are called tonight they're all over the age of fifty. And they don't get stuck it out yet another say that simply I used to work. In my nearly its popular for the seat it was my first love. When you're first with the Florida Marlins. The game has become too slow and the people can't understand our. You know I do I work with kids I asked forty. Kids aged five to ten. This is a sport kit and it it and I asked them if they can name the shortstop who plays for the bought the rats are one kid. Knew the answer to that that's a big problem people over fifty the average age of the person who watched the off are you immaculate 63 years old. I believe that you know and I don't know how old the age of the callers in tonight but he I would guess they were probably 45 plus. Yeah and so those people can understand that and they are saying oh you know it doesn't affect signal for the game I myself. You know again my dream was to beat the handicap and now I'm talking which he had never but I'm. A lot of yeah and and how all if you don't mind the acid around what each range or people. Oh yeah fifty. I was sound younger. Thank you working for the Marlins when they first came up with the importantly Gartner fully with the Marlins that was my dream job and but the game. The sixth seventh and eighth innings. I just unlock the book and my idea. I don't understand why more people abrupt and sharp. Is. You'd basically have ten pictures and that's where you are not allowed these thirteen pitchers. And I understand what went second to play and I appreciate your current. I'm the players we will be OK okay. Because. You're not taking me nearly jobs away those three everybody has thirteen pitchers which basically slows the game to. You know what he's left and it situationally leaders that sixth seventh eighth inning. Become relaxed person actually except through the sixth seventh eight inning and change the channel it's political I think it's it's. Really but I went and that's what it slows down a lot of times America is the the is the seventh I mean and I was mentioning that early years went. You know you we've seen as so many times a real avid game cruising along less then you know on a pace for about two hours in the sixth man. The 67 they MA org the seventh eighth and I've could take an hour. So that's occurring until if you elect to appear in every year let's say for example in a million eat. It is so complaint would be okay pitchers aren't changing how much. You know at the picture look at blasted in the fifth fourth inning or something he'd have to stay in because they knew that Italy have high pictures. That they would be able to use as a reliever. I mean to me it's so obvious you're not take anybody's job like the players union can't complain and that put more people are attached. To be in miniature calculus right now everything chilly eighteen will we have the lead players. That they can use our advantage. And. That that's what's really changed I mean mostly is the pitching and an ad that's what's changed everything is the specialists and everything else and end and that's not something new either. But now it it's even more so because you've got so many guys that are throwing 9798. You know hundred out of the bullpen more than ever I mean even the guy tonight. Breezed her. That that pitched the ninth for the roadside who's coming up but Tommy John is thirty years old hit it got it up to a hundred tonight. I mean it and this is a guy I was pitching in Japan last year so. You know it's tantalizing for these managers are all of a sudden you know. I got a lefty out here. I'd know right handed batter coming up say it's no man image shadows coming up to the played Miami get Joseph Kelly in the air that could throw a hundred miles an hour you know Saudi and. But there'd be ways to do that's like if let's say that you know in two years from now use that okay. Legally it's talk only about twelve pitch and then two years from there you can only got eleven. And two years after that there have to be a gradual thing I can edit the kitchen market should absolutely be implemented. I'm I just think that the kids you know a lot of I knew that the tensions and the kids they don't have that again it. I mean what they don't know. Chief Mike Trout locked down the street. And in out out on the problem they have me. Well that says and another day and I was as you gotta gotta bring that up the I mean they don't really marketeers store players to march I mean. What's the last I might shroud our member menace subway commercial arrived. But other than I can remember anything they'd Jose out to be doing something and I don't know the I don't. Read and you know Indian people now and that's an inside look. Yeah Wallace is dead yet and and that's part of it but and part of it too is I think the markets they play and now it is. You know Southern California and tactically they LA market voters really in you know so. But I and you know I think that's part of it I mean people on staying up late to watch West Coast baseball. And it might try once again guy that blends in with a bunch of different people and yet. Just it's just the again I mean you know you brought up obviously the brunt of bad example let me every one. Well recognized and merit what are recognized. Tom Brady an apartment other cities. But the best player. In baseball pretty obvious who would and you know if you walked into the subway. And this idea of. Well I and I think it a lot of other cities too as well not here definitely. And he's such an exciting player in an unbelievable player multi bets amid people would and you know he's not a big guy or any but I mean if he why did it. To you know whatever a convenience store and in the midwest or even Chicago for that matter he might not be recognized that much. But I was shot and I asked the same group the kid at the army has no Mike Trout work them in. I think one unit to another hit Friday night you know and Egypt into the sports camp I mean they don't know and they just don't have the sentence and I think they followed to come. Yeah well it is down I mean now it's it's it's. MBA who I think with the younger the younger kids NBA more than anything nowadays many did I think there's even a big gap between the MBA in the NFL I mean I think. Probably amongst younger people I would say you know. Thirty or younger. And I in my forties from 44 so. I would say probably you know thirty or younger it's NBA and then NFL's second. And then after that I mean it's I still say album was a measure that. Flip a coin depending where you live on Major League Baseball or NHL. But you know what are they what's coming up it's MLS and he's in ten years that let. I mean. That figure it out for a long lines the you know. It isn't certain cities and it's our editor of people all but Seattle. Seattle it's been big for aligned more orderly end. You know I know they drop pretty well for the rams but it's most of those yeah it it's it's yeah LA's had a pretty good of course habits and store players here. I'm it is on the right that's another game where I mean I don't think many people around here for the most part. I mean those still can be long game's end and not much scoring one nil. Well soccer made up that they are who you know what am I look. But but I agree that game it's very slow but at least they're it became part of two hours. That's that is one thing you know it's done in two hours and and these foreign news for our game and you know some people could run two marathons in the time the Red Sox and yankees. Yeah I hear you ball. Right there. Yeah there are plenty of it thanks Bob I didn't realize it was targeting him they're for catalog at about Ted was probably. Probably it could get some of his blow but some concern about that are gender rhetoric sector view and 6177797937. I was this spot soccer. And the World Cup if England matches up with France and Finland is able to get past Croatia tomorrow and they've. Had have been known to blow it minutes the first and the bit in the semifinals since 1990. They have a won a World Cup since the sixties. If it's France and England I mean imagine what it's going to be like. In England on Sunday if it's England France in the World Cup final you've got the Wimbledon final men's final as well. Coming up on some point it's going to be rockets. I'd and Fenway tonight Red Sox just another way and 84 over the Rangers wrap things up pub next week to review in the point 61777979372. Texas it. 37937. Hear from you will also hear what else grad to save after this latest red size wind up next and red sex review a W via. John writer with the red sash revealed final segment here's 6177797937. Ultimate sort of related to spitting. Mr. or night. I can't think of I'm more opposite pitching matchup than Chris Sale Bartolo Cologne going and it tomorrow night. Now doing different sects of the with a with a pregame post in the Red Sox for you tomorrow night looking for an of that. Portola Cologne 45 years old. You know. It's inch and he's a lovable amaze a steroid guy usually these you know he he's steroid guys get bashed but not Bartolo Colon. Against its because when you have a physique like that. And now they're not thinking about that are let's we could touch on that more tomorrow night I'd Bob and tot he Bob. I don't and it Bob Murray. Good straight so the problem for baseball as it is just too slow right the problem is the pitchers get pitched as we know gonna get them out shall we wait them out. But we just make the strike zone bigger. Mean you know I mean this is another idea that and there and there are arms that have very large strike zones. Transit you know that the other pitchers you know on cement you've got theaters jobs. So what do we what do we had expanded across the board across Major League Baseball. It be more batters hitting balls put in place speeding up the. Yeah you know I mean that's been talked about as well but that's another I mean there's so many human elements and in in baseball and you know that's that's the port of it I mean is just the nature of the game in terms of you know the umpires on the eve because some umpires that are. Really slow indicators take forever to call balls or strikes you get some that favor the pitchers some that favored hitters. I mean so it's it's really you know. I mean I don't I it. You know it's it's it's a tough problem to fix emitted is dumped from the fixed for for them in order to get it to three hours. There is just because the ways that the game is designed. I don't. I appreciate your future and I appreciate the call Bob thanks worth let's quickly here before they quit for Patrick Gilroy you're couple minutes of what. Alex Cora had to say after the latest Red Sox win 84 over the raid. That are the lineup has to do a lot with a we felt like. BC was gonna match up well against them. And there are going to be able to beavis and enough payments that we can go were guys. But decided who would work but there because of the breaking ball. Point to a fast club an element that made us pay but besides that. In the game when the way we planets. It was a good it was a good all around him perform and palace was just to see SYR contribute so much both offensively and statutory trust them and I just a matter of numbers. And a Christian we are sending my there's a reason he was with us when it was a done it does matter it is it is tough to plead for cancers. What you stay within his morning hard we're going to be with us why we Jason. Seen on some of the game preparing my cues everyday catcher. In an outstanding job got a few balls called the and we conviction. Offensively he got us going with a dull so it was good seeing. That if had a couple looks at peace sort of your impression expense of workers does that does bother him just think the keys for us out here carnival thing is not easy. My. Believe he was able to slow down a little bit. Come velocity was okay. Better break him all this time around. So. News does fun. But either to be tough for us. They play. Hard to get right in some. It's only. Blase is way up you can see in my BA. The braking was always there now is able to throw the fastball opens on them down and away. Please. This is becoming one of us. Really were some big weeks. This stuff is. It's outstanding. It's gonna split now two lefties he's going to be Joseph makes him his pitches. And his temple is a lot better them than what we sorely I mean spring training. That that can't turn around when we play the cubs. His last August when training the temples great. And he he keeps going nuts on this could see the ways dominant. As Red Sox manager Alex Cora last question about Matt Barnes and Matt Bourne struck out the side in the seventh inning still remains. 227 ERA he doesn't seem like it be that low push ups are superb you shake eBay a solid tonight. Resides solid once again tonight 84 victory over the Rangers. They'll do it for red sacks review Patrick Gilroy on the way next take your phone calls. Apply for midnight up until 2 AM thanks to Kyle to lose for running things back there I'm John Herrera target. Pregame post game and then red sex rear tomorrow night Red Sox Rangers look forward to it Chris Sale against for two local don't have to do what Patrick gill right up next here on W via.