Red Sox Review - Boston wins its third straight; Tigers can't touch Steven Wright 6-5-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, June 6th
Hour 1: Mut is live from Fenway gushing over the Red Sox hot start. Given injury circumstances and not top-tier starting pitching, Boston is 42-19 through 61 games. Steven Wright pitched seven scoreless innings Tuesday night and may force Drew Pomeranz to the bullpen when he returns from his DL stint.

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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. His loans hammered last senator failed one handed backhand. Up to our it's. Okay. Steve Martinez demolish the baseball. Led to our corporate agenda minutes to an Oakland Boston. We capping the Red Sox win. I against the tigers here's the street to. And strike three call you very equipped about a way take your pace of job to obtain green except Victor who never looked at him. The body language appears to be quite upset when that. Small dial 6177797937. Red Sox revue with Mike Mudd and that's keeps on WEEI. Off portal more dominant Red Sox win you'll see in 2008 T this is red sock your view. Cross WEEI a Red Sox radio network up until midnight six nothing laugher tonight. Hear from Fenway Park as we always do on the show no matter how long the games go we like to start Red Sox in into. A bunch of other stuff in 11 o'clock hour specifically. Trump vs the NFL this is not going to be at ninety minutes of the Red Sox wanna do. First couple segments your Red Sox you wanna jumping in this at the time to do it at 617. 77979837. The phone number or on Twitter at much and UT WEEI because although we will moved on other things. In the 11 o'clock hour the Red Sox are worthy of discussion. They are 42 and sixteen. The Roth too I believe their third bats start best start each media say. In that first 61 games other season. In franchise history. And they are doing it with up outlook he bets no Dustin Pedroia. Another starting pitcher going to the ideal today Andrew pom rants they just continued to win games their 42 win of the season. They have now a game lead in the dailies that sticks to the Yankees won earlier tonight. And they of 142. Of their first 61 games. That is a dominant start for the Boston Red Sox were thought there were going to be this year thought they'd be a good team a really good teammate. Fighting for a division team a wild card team my guess is by now 61 games in. They have not played above your expectations idol for me. They've played above mine first of all because stead at beginning of the year or 61 games in. All for under 42 wins and nineteen losses or to say over under 42 wins. Absolutely. What do taken the under on this team out of their big good team I thought there'd be contending for a division all year. But there were question marks coming in there are still question marks about this team Bob by talking about. How well they played so far this season this is not giving them the AL he's not giving them a playoff spot and is pointing out how well they play to start the year. So 42 of the first 61. I would have been surprised. They won that many. Then when you add in that David Price. Missed the Yankees start and Palmer raids is delayed coming back and he went to DL. And Troy yet has barely played he came back. Played a couple days that was on again and we'll get to the Detroit news here to second. Move keydets. Explosive is a couple of days Danny may end up going on the disabled list so. I'm calling this an injury or two along the way not only are they won 42 there for 61 games but they have done it. Banged up a little bit. And done offensively banged up. They've done it with ad ban and ten. Obviously JD Martinis who'll get to. I am certainly surprised that amidst all the injuries and amidst the my my predictions for this team this year they're sitting up there at 42 wins they need the 42 wins do the Yankees are a juggernaut. And there are going to be a true contender one of these teams can win like ninety something games. 989900. Games somewhere in there between the yankees the Red Sox a one of those teams. Is gonna play a one game winner take all wild card that is destined to happen this year. Between the division which I like I want I want that emphasis on it. Winning games like this. Mind numbing games against teams like the tigers who throughout something name already lucky tonight on the mound he will go down as I at least right now. He's the war started it started at Fenway Park this year and he's probably get that being a war started they face all year your fat when he stunk. He only gave up be a two word once or whatever but he eat. But leave it up even a game they left the bunch of guys on base the final lumber left on base was seven left on base but two different spots. Odd day in that bases loaded double plays and innings they'll opportunities to score runs but at all they're just bored as this game went on. And they they rolled it's six nothing does not do this game justice. This story lines obviously for gets your phone calls on Steven Wright is number one. Team right a couple years ago was an all star in the American League and I get it it's a knuckleballer. It's you can't predicted. It's. I understand all that. But he pitched like an all star. And and John Ferrell and on base running in LA stupid move that was when the other options there. Bloody shoulder whatever he did it he was done that was it. Eat being his first start of the year tonight. And base of the whetted your pom rants page in that first are the first couple starts of the year and based on whether Wright pitched tonight. Unless something unforced scene happens. Steven Wright should stay in the rotation. Now what that means just keep Palmer writes the DL for a couple weeks in and let this thing figure itself out you wanna considered drew Palmer it's the bullpen. Which he's done before when he did it. He had better velocity is a starter. I can be talked into that very very easily. And it was as much about drew Stephen Wright tonight. As it was about the way Palmer it's is books starting he just looks uncomfortable. He looks unsure of himself. He lacks confidence right now. And whether or not that's all a lack of confidence in it he's armies that biceps canonize before. He's missed time with this injury before. Whether it's a lack of confidence in the velocity. Which is down this year we talk to jolt about this part of the pregame show tonight velocity was. Down no matter what you wanna look at this year the stuff for the innings whatever just not throwing as hard. I don't know what it is. But you see these still shots in the video whether it's NASA and Merrill whenever the game said Dan. He walks off the mound in these games and he just looks lost. He looks and a guy that needs some time. And here comes Stephen Wright tonight I get a next start I'll get blown up but just the way knuckleballer skull. But amid the tigers couldn't touch is cute and they did they could not touch him. And if you think back to 2016. How good he was. Obviously last year was sort of vol lost year for him and now gets the start for start a year ago wasn't like April 29 last season. And he just eat he may he made it look easy. And he's he's an extra looks it looks like year. And extra from the a TV show or is that the next door neighbor. The guy you go bowling with on Thursday night's. The guy who yea each you'd. If your lawn more with one of those. Cycle breaks you up by yourself they're pretty expensive Siegel an excellent case Stephen. What a boil one of these things you have Bob down the street he wants going to sit through Russell who win. On the cycle rake told the rake anymore in the fall it's through all right you wanna do you appalling Thursday shore all you need to borrow something out of the broad its gulf war. Is Steven Wright looks like. Goes out there throws knuckleball domino over seven innings. So the fact that he looked good on top of a bad Albright is looked. A public deal reactionary tonight he should stand the rotation. On the other story out of the game during the game is JD Martinez who just continues to wake up hit home runs. And power of Red Sox. Two run shot the first standing he's got one T. On June 5 the whatever it is and Tomas he made it at a good stat during that the fifth inning came in with Joseph and Tim. Ten to left field tender right field when you look at the home run chart the first one a virginity Martinez. It's like a perfect semi circle. And he'd show all this power in Arizona each on this power Detroit. Got as much as Houston but he shown the ability to go the other way. And it's one of the reasons why we have these discussions over the offseason I I told you folks that want to trade it. Your life savings plus invest money in John Carlos stand. I told you radiates. And you should feel stupid if you were mocking the JD Martinez signing during the off season. And said the guy has no boss who wish this guy. Did any sort of research. He was I'd just face major blow offensively. What's bandstand has been the last couple years. The dude is an absolute monster. Any cost to any prospects all the caution was money. A fine up opting out after a couple years. What you get a couple years JD Martinez in as prime at a reasonable lumber and is exactly what this team missed a year ago exactly what they missed. Without David or short Ortiz. He's a threat the middle the order. And he's doing all this we know bookie bet say yes protection. Or other guys still heading Mitch Moreland has been on fire. Really all year but since he's given the opportunity over for space and the release of Hanley Ramirez. So op Ed. I guess you shouldn't be amazed at this point I want this guy over stand. I was the first guest on a second guess for me and he has been just freaking awesome. And he sort as the report cell approach. Worry he seems like a guide is going to get and enjoy playing in Boston I think this is a one of these things that. Doesn't get. It's not over rated for shore. The idea that some guys just come here can't play and I David Price is one of the guys have with the jury's definitely still out. Whether or not he can handle the rigors and the stress and that's the sports talk landscape. All of the city of Boston. And JD Martinez lot of struggles. My guess is they'll be gamer to where he'll field odd couple of an infield a couple of boo birds and cat calls here Fenway Park. I don't think he's gonna be a guy Judy Martinez is going to be worried about that. And pour souls been very similar when pours reports always sucked aegis of a patent in good. And he's embraced playing him bosses embrace the idea dead when you're not good the fans go on the grass. And I feel like Martinez is gonna be the same ways dull blue chip on initial right. He's pissed off Major League Baseball to be bigoted talk of this bull in the mornings from guys. For a couple weeks but. Is that what the home run derby. I'm not plain error not to enact. The last couple years ago when I had the 1618. Where was home runs at the break didn't want because that no one wants. Is little chip on his shoulder are like that. I liked the idea that he's down on baseball the way they cover what the Diamondbacks. And the small market teams I like that so. EE is then. Again like the Red Sox. I thought they'd be good I and 8040 to one big team good. I thought JD Martinez would be good at a better acquisition than Jon Karl will stand given all the insular stuff. I think it was twenty home runs June 5 code. But he has been awesome. So both the two big stories out of the game tonight want your thoughts on bull what you do with Steven Wright going forward it. And the early returns on JD Martinez 61777979837. The tune notes after the game here tonight. And all here Alice court talking of those before 11 o'clock. Dustin Pedroia. Has inflammation is neat peers he dodged a bullet at least for now. Who knows the as 34 years old east dad did to browse is on the record as saying he's always gonna have the issue at this point but. They're saying just knee inflammation. Could resume baseball like giving a couple days that's a good thing and then on Thursday. The Red Sox you get your first look here to get tickets Thursday as the Major League debut. A Jalen geeks. Who as a three and three record but has insane strikeout numbers. Or victories stuff coming up later on not in the hour as well. Those that did to postgame notes Pedroia seems to have dodged a bullet and Jalen peeks at the start on Thursday. Right at the start tonight that puts everybody back Palmer it's the DL the need to start on Thursday. They moved Jalen peeks out of the start tonight. He'll start Thursday for the Red Sox against kind of a hapless tigers team so might not be the worst team for geeks to start against a chance to see. Maybe it is quality injury to. The right sox' best pitching prospect. In peaks on Thursday. 61777979837. The phone number we told you'll start Red Sox early for getting it to the NFL and trumpet the Eagles. In the 11 o'clock hour wanna give you guys a chance it is called Red Sox reviewing the Red Sox are worthy. Also in discussion tonight walling in Fall River on Stephen Wright injured Palmer anti wall. Yeah what's so much to dedicate. Right now rotation for awhile. I totally agree with you apology typically buckles look. He just looks like did deer in the headlights but as far as Pedroia I've got my doubts that the death very bad. Bias within what is indeed. You know but it does one guy out there who could really help was when I don't think it cost level at Oakland Seattle lottery. Mean you could put this guy anywhere in the end really give it a geyser rest. By. I don't think he's cause as much so Mike was not just just wonder what gut feeling is the Pedroia if you everything I mean you can't really depend on him. I don't think. Yeah I would depend on right now for malice score and I am I'm happy I have Eduardo Nunez as an option unhappy have brought Cole. Doesn't mean they won't look it jet Lowery had the Red Sox been tied him already has been reports that. They're going to be here on Geoff Lowery at the all star break they're had to deal blazed a trail on the appraisal trade. A bunch of players should have a closer they can probably trade in and and and Blake trying to end. They have a couple infielders they an outfielder to they've got. Peace is they're going to move. And it feels like jet Lowry be one of those guys and it Pedroia ends up being shelved for the year. And then he ends up being an issue. I'm not gonna be shocked if Jed Lowrie on that short list of Red Sox acquisitions. The issue for the Red Sox and the deadline and this is not available spent a lot of time on tonight but just the reality of where they stand. They they're my only system is not good. Between injuries and other trades they have made it essentially that also good that the cupboard is all but there. And if you wanna look choir like top flight talent when they're gonna be Dowling for a bullpen arm. With the Houston Astros and other teams they they're either give up their real blue chips they had a couple left and are hurt or they're going to be. On the wrong side of that acquisition. But smaller deals like Geoff Lowery I think it probably happen that's a New York on JD Martinez at 6177797. Either seven match what's going on. They Brian Cashman that look like it must Virginia major achy and parties they want. We gave we castle on air call this year to say yes and not much say in the latest war here. They get there for ten more years and not even a top ten. Robinson gene working as we worked in the key state. Led to another that they that the money is insane and now I'm gonna predict this and instead all missed significant time at some point. During his Yankee career not maybe Martinez will too. He looked Pakistan the last couple years in Florida that the that the picture the face notwithstanding. He said other issues that have lingered for fifteen and twenty day spans and so bad the injury part of it is going to pop up. Maybe not this year but at some points while we view it I Asia have to do it didn't cost them much. Odd to acquire him but I wanna JD Marti is a time Matt and I I've not changed my mind on that at all. We're the most hated until now it's going to be you know why don't touch and all these cats arbitration and then there'd be either assist every 38 player council forced a that's been made to the face of the franchise of the there like it or not it doesn't seem like it now but can. I'm gonna be. Sir Archie emissary side in Sudbury east. Don't think about them that enjoy Inge enjoy your twenties why you can Mike in north Providence on Stephen Reitman Jim and geeks will start on Thursday Mike what do you have. And I needle much yeah I have allies one of the things that you make you're breaking up the back also are even different yet and what an inning spongy was actually. John and it's he can pitch and anything like that you need to quit says well. Just to have the number five starter in Evans launched it's new because seven innings every time he goes out and pitching occasional eight or nine inning game would be huge for any wrote. We'll hear any is that certain about Michael what you finished but we just looked in there and B pop Palmer Francis pitched well out of the bullpen for the steam you can always brought it to be a starter. I don't they traded when he made the trade they did you expect and be a starter but at this point. If right is it any easier for you. 888 gives you arm in the bullpen which apply won't be able choir at the deadline anyway. That there's a lot of upside to making that move and keeping right in the rotation. Well especially considering the fact that they don't actually have a good lefty reliever so it to have. I'm brands in the bullpen you know pick some long relief and he's powerless to Syria. Yeah and and be a spot guy against lefties you know based a couple of these grabbed it right you know that they had their CD's and serious value there and with regards to be. I've been looking forward to this for awhile considering this guy he's good he's straighten out all point five or nine inning down. While he's got like striking out six record when he walks in that sub one where I mean he's been pitching great. So I mean I wanna see with this guys look like at the Major League level and it began the I bogeyed the tigers. He gets the tigers he saw that tonight in their their their. It's June Mike their plan that two and a half back or whatever lot of right now Indians. Lot of righty back. Big bats too so if he can pitch so that lineup that beat that be a real test for. I guess as you say it was a well is it twelve something per night and I I think it's. Is eighty strikeouts over thirty innings over here I'll get fifty sites it some crazy number right now for beats. I I am not I've I've I've Ambac got barely see the highlight of geeks his name came up from Bradford and the guys can he looks so good spring training. But it could be eight right now by default. He ends up being one of the best prospects because the other injuries and issues that are casting Quinn's in the Red Sox pitching hi Kathy. Hi Mary show that we got I cupcake. I don't think it would be a good idea if they have he might have old tax status only because. He talked to me somewhat like. Wait and I can't make it work with him quite a bit. Pat I mean even like the fact now I'm he impressed me more than seeing big right. So that again. I mean eight. Right when he started out. Why Agassi compared to the knuckleball I don't oppose government Steve I've made Tim Wakefield. Was legendary when he first came Bobby Kimball the pirates who won that great run to the World Series any Q and the Red Sox and had a refi to stop but he was I want I really vocal knuckle balls Kathy Stephen Wright was an all star two years ago. Yeah I know but. On the other hand he is not consistent enough. Let's about the law may I'm not your scene you're not gonna I don't know our our our rob you not get aggravates me Oman who you think Tim Wakefield was super consistent. With the knuckleball. I. Mean you look back now I I I came let you get an untimely death at that he'd know. I can't know what I did that and picked up about being erected. Eat them when he first when he first bank came out with a Red Sox I don't know what it. Let's say look you look again he looks like you're you're your neighbor in in towns in Massachusetts. Who we like all the Emmett. I'm out of gas lawnmower. Alito has got gas one more Stephen does. Steve. Hasty get get get I don't get a mowers out Steve yet gas budding all right thanks. Steve I got little Spinner tickets for the kids you want a gut that we do on Thursday what they the boys all goes spinners came excellent. Like it Stephen Wright looks like your your fun neighbor. He doesn't look like a Major League pitcher. That is definitely part of it he doesn't look the part he has been good at what healthy. He was an all star two years ago and right now base in the other options you have an end and Kathy disagrees obviously that's her right. As a caller red softer view. And as a as an option in the starting rotation. And sort of the trickle down effect of this. I perform right in the rotation. And start the pom rants to the bullpen transition. Because they need that lefty power rock back there he's been able hump up in the ninety's out of the bullpen for the Red Sox. It's a lot I would make that move. When he looks like you know Tim wakes the alert or your neighbor. Who's gonna let sheet he's got the generator next door power goes out Steve got the generator. Figured charts and stuff that Steve's house. 61777979837. The phone number your thoughts on the 42 and nineteen Red Sox. I'd dare you to call in dare you to call and say you that it is good. Nobody thought to be this good nobody thought JD Martinez. Would have twenty home runs on June 5. But get a chance to brag you are right he told you buddies told two friends. I knew this data's going to be XY and see your chance to brag tonight 6177797937. And we are from Alex Cora. Do baseball until 11 o'clock and wanna talk about the news of the day in your world of sports and that was Donald Trump and the Eagles and the NFL. A story that is never going away. Mullah do you guys have Fenway Park Red Sox review rolls on Sports Radio WB yeah. It's seven. Said. It sufferings for. Pray your WEP you know take up until midnight on this side Tuesday evening from Fenway Park your phone calls at 617779. 7937. Should mention. I hear from Fenway Park. Some crazy weather. Earlier tonight and I I went I'd lake top level. Walter I Yasser. Photographer was some of these pictures a little lines to Graham and cut it Koppel is our producer. Was like in the photos and it's remote to great pictures tonight count correct. Absolutely gorgeous shots looked beautiful shot you only get those on into granite mutt and UTW ya gonna follow their deceit. On the wonderful outdoor. Sort of nature whether photography which you get so like once every nine months when a post there. I TJ Manchester on the Red Sox a teacher. Unit. TJ. Yeah yeah somebody ate dog notes easy how you doing. I'm wondering given nice. It. And went ahead product. I did bring the reds not going to be as is that going to be he's. They have them both out within days off. They have the best pitcher in baseball. And they had that Q best hitters in baseball we need moves you definitely going to be probably add New Zealand he didn't. JD argument is great on the Diamondbacks. Hang out at a point here yet. You TJ thanks I think you're you're already a couple of things there blu hyperbole from TJ and his buddies in the car driving home. From the Red Sox and tigers here tonight. Our best Althea was probably in the conversation. At the golden really compare but let's let's give TJ that want. Best pitcher in baseball right now. I don't think they had the best pitcher in baseball I Chris sales not picture of the best pitcher in baseball or an album Rick Purcell pitching better than him. Some assay noted that. I'm definitely SA note of the best two meters because I'm not sure where. You know milky bets and JD Martinez are. Mike Trout do the best or second best hitter in baseball. And it's probably is that. Was the second best hitter behind Mets this year but overall he's the best hitter overall Major League Baseball but. They're he's not teachings that easy enthusiastic about this team I like that. Like it is buddies called and after the game. Ike is going a little bit too far. When it comes to wearing recchi some of these two teams and players and where they are. As stories comma once the Red Sox have 3M VP candidates they have to would G-8 candidates right now the MVP and move keep bats and the JD Martinez. If you're willing to take a step back and not buy into this now. Caught thus Saber metrics theory. But this advanced magic period every year might truck when the MVP but that's inside for second. Then bets and JD Martinez. Off for the MVP in the American League. So that that is a fact and before bats went down. She was the the current MVP in Major League Baseball or see if that's Dixie hit off the tee today guess what that house course a part of the game. On the gonna reevaluate at some point in the next couple of days eligible coughed the DL on Friday. Relic said today that he would hold off on it but he's healthy and ready comeback. Swap plan. All these gains mean the same thing it's it's pretty clear that you are gonna have. Beat nip and talk with the Yankees. For the next three and a half months. Four months of sorry. And the winners can get the division and get nice five game divisional series pollution kitten stuck with a wild card. And so this is why I like. What do big discussion on the wild card in the playoff format baseball tonight but this eggs did this setup right here. Is why you folks hated many of you hate it and I like it. Because you're gonna tell me that the best two teams the American League one team shouldn't play in the wild card I would tell you win the division. Have to focus in and play for six months in May to division meaningful they don't get to August 1 and they bubble teams or the playoffs who cares. It feels like really get to September. And the B a couple of games separating the Red Sox and yankees and those games will be all these games mean something. This a while like the way while cart setup and the Red Sox going 20 all best of one. And lose two you know the Indians or the web the Mariners whoever then fine that's their lot in life. They work good enough they couldn't beat the Yankees and division they got stuck in a one off and they got beat. All be okay with that. No one that these games will mean more in the next four months. Trying to win that division and avoid it a best of Wanda from loser goes home. Ninety's some odd team wins and then heads home in the first week of September 01 week of October. In Major League Baseball. I mentioned a lot of news tonight for the Boston Red Sox it was before the game with the pom rants news's after the game without a score up. This was the Red Sox manager condensed version what he had to say following Red Sox six and tigers enough. Outstanding didn't start off. That we want to. Have been makes a nice play. It's a kind of guy bogey with a great throw and and and Christian with a great tag. We get the out. Maybe he wants me here in its victory and so is like after that he settled down and he was Austin. We've done more I bladed it Scarlett. You know I get you are you and me vote. And then when we got the lead. Also has its own that fastball and that's when they had bats got really tough. You can to. Castellanos. It's remarkable too hard knuckle balls up and in and then he threw two fastballs. In the same name him that that's hard that's hard to do so. I meant as a hitter it is tough to to pick up so. You could see he was gaining confidence and there was momentum. I guess there it was Hudson. Yeah and nobody office again. Have to direct that question can tell about Purdue over. Would believe everything that about the surgery is fine it is some inflammation. I was actually talking to him during the game. Is it skylight would David. After he saw the doctor can't buy it now he his that. Please he can calm down and get tree man in and but hopefully he'll be with us on rather only there is not them that's to do surgeries Alaska. So so with Pedroia what's the plan going for the casino shutdown period now to get. And now I guess treatment tomorrow. And now he has them doesn't get that dream in the last two days. And we go from there but thank you should be back to keep them. Based collective activities slowly but surely you know. Are starting to manage. Hundred bullish. Could Steve and give him rotation. He gives you quality hands we've we've seen him since he got back from the DL. It's a different look. For us. And when when he's when he's on the ball the way it is the he's tough I think we saw it a few years ago here before he got hurt. Is a different knuckleball. It's not. You know he has a book is hard and then he can throw 82 and three. These to a slow line men its it is just talk about BC. Coach you mentioned another look the way he pitches effect is right hander does that kind of bounce things in the rotation we'll let. New I mean this is we have the three I mean in previews and a series. Moses time we have three left he's gone although they're different all of them. But they give you a different look at him and obviously timing wise. He sees it tutors him right and the him deuces. Skylight. So this is it's a tough day for hitters when his work him I don't know if they can. Get you in a slump. 443. Or when that day the day becomes a lot harder it is regardless if you will start in the game more common in in the middle game. You're you're timing will be off that day. I don't know if that. You know messes up your swing for the next day but at least for that day's going to be tough I mean this organizations always thought there was some in a combat medic. The purchasers. I don't know I'm. Like for me Verisign merit and their fellow at college. But they don't take BP if you see you clarify facility taken glued to Politico and the you don't. Obviously get through this game. Appreciate both the bullpen that's it you know hearted deleting it for Thursday for how we were gonna go with the would be X composer. Who's gonna start. The way it looks juices. You know the way we lined up for the rest of the week. And makes sense to bring him ma am. In America. I've heard out score there at the end the two big news nugget stared Dustin Pedroia inflammation. Not quite a shut down yet is that controlled gas could resume baseball activities and a couple of days and Jalen peaks who starred in spring training. I've got a lot of people's radars the way he pitched there in Florida he gets the start on first day. He also outscored downplaying the idea of Brighton NB a right hander ended in the bullpen or the rotation excuse me. Just the innings that he brings up and that's why to me. You wanna play that did did the domino game here you have right as a starter pom rants of the bullpen. And yet a loss anything in the rotation base the way the Palmer it's pitch so far this year. And get a power raw arm in Palmer it's out of the patent. So I know it's like one start and I'll be reactionary that's what I would do based on the start tonight. Off for Stephen Wright David affordable get him in it for the top of the hour and some NFL thoughts I David. Yes now David at the ending AIG. What's up buddy. Excellent what he called the white and she's doing good as far as I know. That's what you know different Ivan talked for a couple hours the OK at all. I hope so I hope so too you. Want to let him as our. Yeah I hope she's in bed by now at this point have to listen this stupid show what do you got there. And why do they got a little premature other since apple bought. Why in the app settings. I saw what you wanna do David that it's premature what's the David Puerto plan on June 5. I hope not I give Obama what are in the conduct well again a lot of people on the carpet are by and another good practice so give it maybe you might wanna get my. A long range plan and giving him five back regardless you can be reevaluated that the five star. What they've. But I did I do think long term I think they need. A veteran presence coming out of the bowl and and obviously the Pedroia factor is going to be very pick it yet. But it does look like that they definitely going to be built long term and gravity yankees and not back and forth I also think that. That. In terms of the American League I think they can look at it and Emeka. Sort of lead down to be there come policies internally and. A bit odd but not gonna be content jeweler will for the for the Red Sox are talking about two teams that are gonna win. Yeah the upper ninety's of games to Red Sox the other Red Sox are on pace to. You know they won 42 of their first sixty. In our paste 100 games are now that the royals on the next conversation. As good sort of the pitching has been so far. Prices obviously they have been very inconsistent in the post season. Inbound. From mind going blank what to abandon embalmed sale have and that what they'll record. Sailor's sailor that once our last Syrian look at David so I'm with you we wanna go long term I guess I can tell you that. That until they pitched well the post season. Data pricing Chris sailer going to be question marks as for the Palmer it's in the like my final little note on this so takes a wanna be ahead of this before. Other people are coop this idea. So Stephen Wright stays the rotation drew pom rants go to the bullpen. In his career. Okay. As a starter. Jim Palmer it's a 119. Starts. He has pitched 508 innings as a starter his career you already as a starter. Is four point zero to. In his career record of just under 53941. As they reliever. Okay in the sample size is much smaller it's like 10%. His 600 innings pitchers they starter 64. Innings as the Republican reliever she's being you know what is ERA is. Two point 10. He strikes out 3.2 four. For every walk as a reliever 2.2 six is a starter. Strikeouts per 99 point five to eight point seven. As a star reliever to starter whip. Point nine as a reliever one point threes a starter and because they traded such a high prospect forum. I addition of the time one to start to Palmer it's especially the end of that year. When you were trying to figure out exactly how I get a get to the playoffs and Pomeroy it do to make those starts for you board now three years removed from that. Your biggest acquisition your biggest need might be Apollo or are out of the pen at the deadline you don't have the prospects to deal. If you're comfortable with price and pour sell low and sale as your top three starters. And Palmer it says no chance to crack down anyway here's the play Stephen Wright as a starter drew pom rants of the bullpen. I wanna be on wrecked without on June 5 and pointing it is he already has a reliever mercy starter as the the the big evidence why. And the boost he might be able to give you at this point. So some little look forward to going forty he goes the DLC because backed the starter or -- project as a reliever. For Allen scores bullpen for the next three months or so. 6177797. Out of 37 the former page top of the power all the news today and we combat the big headline of the day. Is trump vs the NFL. Which I thought might be taken got a vaccine. It ain't going anywhere would get to that next with your calls Monday night Sports Radio WB yeah.