Red Sox Review with Chris Villani - Breaking down the Red Sox 10-3 win over the Baltimore Orioles - 4-14-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, April 14th
Hour 1. Chris breaks down the Red Sox win, including Mookie Betts' injury sliding into homeplate and whether or not he should have been sent home on the play. 

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Red Sox. On WEEI. Generally have brought it to elaborate. It is yeah. Red Sox win. That's the orient. The offering. 17 779. Another way and you. At Fenway Park Chris Hawaii along with you pour Red Sox are you up until 7 o'clock so molested two and half hours together. On this chilly Saturday evening not a great weather weekend and all here patriots day that. Doesn't matter the Red Sox are winning all kinds of whether they're beating everybody they look at so far including a bunch of teams the American League east. Red Sox are twelve and still. Best start in franchise history through fourteen games never been twelve to two before so I distorts history. Here Edward. And 7 o'clock so will be doing that. I gave you set for game two. Some more reaction today at NASA Condrey suspensions so that's all coming up as well a little bit later Ronald mixing your thoughts on b.'s. I head of this game two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs we've got the Celtics in game one of their series coming up tomorrow Seoul get them back between now. And 7 o'clock in on the Bruins Friday. The brand new WEEI dot com Bruins beat writer Sarah city and will be joining me. I coming up that to about 630 years so it's a little less than two hours from now but starting a Red Sox out of gate and during the game a job Tomas he was on in the fifth inning which no attendant. Talking about electability. Factor of these team in just weird is right now and in. How responsible casually Jill Kelly in Hanley Ramirez are for it. And this team if they like ability and his team at this point he's just threw wrote. When you look at not only how they're playing. The fact that there are winning but it's it's it's how they're able to win I mean they are rolling three teams right now. And offensively. Without the hottest hitter in the lineup without the guy who. Was one of the only two or three players it was really driving the Red Sox lineup through the first six or seven games of the season standard Bogart's. They are able to find more adapt more linked in this lineup top to bottom. You're seeing guys that are taking swings just teeing off on on fastballs on breaking pitches on change jobs. Any other Mir has hit a home run. Ought to change out at the beginning of the game from cog then turns around at 9293. Mile an hour fastball drives that down the line for a double. JD Martinez you're seeing that power that we were promised in the offseason with Martinez especially his ability to go the other way. You won into the bullpen today and we're talking about it up here during the game the the difference between Judy Martinez having. One Grand Slam this year in three. Is only a couple of feet and he just missed one against the Yankees the one that was just to the left and went off the wall for a double and then a week ago. With the bases loaded against the rays driving one to the warning track in that a little bit warmer in its media month from now. When you think things will be warming up Apple's in the bullpen are over the bullpen. So that's coming together now with a lot of this Red Sox lineup always sort of promised expected. Really starting to deliver opt for the Red Sox so far but the story really is still banned starting pitching. Ends. You just have this feeling every single time no matter who has the ball the bad guys can keep DNA. In the one exception has been David Price. And that was really just one price start it was the tingling fingers start. A couple of teams ago but Red Sox starters and this includes. Price includes everything. Nine in one. With a two point 80 ERA so far and that was after Hector blast has picked up a win today. It doesn't matter who's taken the ball every guy is putting this team in a position to win. And if you look at the starts they've had so far the sees it every start with the exception of again price the other night. Has kept the opponent to three runs or fewer. Every star or won thirteen out of fourteen. So when you do that you've got a chance to win. And you think about last year when it the Red Sox are really struggling to find. A consistent second starter behind Chris CL and ended up being preponderance of the season went on. But this year it really hasn't mattered whether it's been reports LO. Whether it's been Chris Sale obviously in sale slate get the ball tomorrow. I even when Brian Johnson and and Hector blast is now has made two starts as had Dolan and Eduardo Rodriguez took his turn last night. A Rodriguez with a little shaky a little on either in his first start pitch count ran up on him last Sunday against Tampa but last night. Able to find. A lot of the the stuff that made him and has made him at at a high ended number two number three caliber starting pitcher. Who's pitching at the back end to this irritation. So it's all good it's all gravy for the Red Sox the one thing that was it had the potential to be negative today was you keep that's. That's. Was taken out of the game with a left foot contusion. This was in the first inning. Aggressive base running play was I coming around third didn't seem like he got a great read. On the double by banning Tandy ball that was pretty clearly going off the wall didn't get a great jump on it so he's coming around and it being a close play at the plate. I have no idea why he sent in that spot at eight with nobody out. With a guy who's making his first started the season and it didn't really know that the time but in case thrown great fruits and mean just be a straight. Ninety mile an hour 91 mile an hour fastball tied topping out there and in you get the ability to add to put together some big innings. Aggressive but dean need in that spot and put moved he bats apparel and put him at risk getting hurt. And that suffering a left looking to contusion he came out of the game he did have another back. But. Ended up by coming out of the game he's gonna be dated date going forward so that's a bullet dodged by the Red Sox his bats. As bad no one of these guys who's been consistent throughout the course of the season not one of the guys to sort picking up over the past week. He's a guy go along with theater Bogart's in Hanley Ramirez would be the other one eye he's really been able to drive this Red Sox lineup on a consistent basis so. I sending him there are big mistake in my mind. Bite a got away with it because it's just a contusion. Just did data de situation. And frankly a he may not miss any time. I'm skeptical. That the Red Sox are to get to game in tomorrow. I'm much more skeptical in fact I'm positive unless the weather forecast just wildly inaccurate that they're not gonna get the game and Monday. So there's a pretty good chance. That the next time we'll keep bats or any of these Red Sox players has chance to play. Is Tuesday night heading out onto the West Coast and at fifteen said that's the West Coast twelve to. If they don't get a chance get another game in between now and then. I mean what is start and what an impressive. Just sort complete performance. That this team has put together throughout the course of his first chunk of the season. Threats are interview here on Sports Radio WEEI I'll be taking your phone calls up 'til seven at 617. 77979837. At 617779. 7937. He can chime in on supporter you'll like as well. And Chris baloney 44. Following this ten to three Red Sox win you leave and then way he brave to the chilly temperatures. I here at the ballpark. And don't want to weigh in on another Red Sox win against 617. 7797937. Let's jump some phone calls here Tom in March field. Has a spot on Blake's why heart to start things off this hour hello top. Strapped on bullet time there again. Book. So. I thought. Those Great Lakes are finally it would get in there it was diplomat. He showed us what we knew all along is that the deck and it LB. We got it over 300 the all star break and point fifteen all warning caption the starting catching spot that you're just. Solely based up injuries and I think it's great that he's out there and let you know some people might be a little cautious because we know that he had at the entry there in points sixteen but I think. Just getting more experience there he works he's an athletic guys in no natural shortstop. Growing up who. Can bird catcher actually and Playskool. Seems like the kind of guy. That's really here is that he instilled in certain spots obviously you want to see that coral you'll note there that we know well that as better than me. Bradley back spot at the same time it just goes it goes to show what this team has inserts are now. That they have a guy who we know should probably be start on. Pretty much any other team and he's barely cleared at all this year comes up a huge hole and then she says that they gave today. GAAP lakes wire two for three today and thanks for the phone call Tom. That was his first appearance by the way in left field since 2016. All the way back to June 16. I hasn't been out there since then it's Paris to Pretoria had a double off the wall drove Iran and scored arise nick. I's first RBI in the seas in and you know it's why hard I I liked what he is able to do today. I just don't see a place form on this team tightened. They're just isn't one unless there is and more injuries unless there this team really get snake bit as the season goes on. There's just not a spot. For Blake's why heart and the value. They he's providing right now is a willingness and an ability. To play left field to beep beep blood did in different spots I'll lobbed rocks COLT. BK is there there just is it really. A spot for. Us why hard in the in in the lineup right now and another guy by the way today I didn't mention off the top. Who is sort of decked in that mold and I think there is a place for him and he may earn a place. Even when the Red Sox do get help in the middle the infield is Su Wei Ling. He had two more hits today is first to wood bats hit the ball on the barrel almost every time not he's banned on base and six. Of his last nine plate appearances. Playing very comfortable looking shortstop turned a couple of double plays they were. I somewhat tailor made for me at 63 worries kind of moving to his left in. Was able to just step on the base and throw to first but this is the guy who as the the season opera grasses here. In a Red Sox do get healthy and get Dustin Pedroia back. Get cedar Bogart's at some point rock colts still got options and a Brock coltart a bullet hits you ready everybody. I'll whiz whiz on the ball today and mean it almost everybody in the lineup not only to hit but had multiple hits with few exceptions removed he that's. With the exception to because he came out of the game but. Yet there Mir said to rich to eighty Martinez had three in urban intent he had to Brock holt had to. I see Whalen had a couple of hits. But Brock Cole may be another guy that sort of an odd man out it's a whaling continues to shell. That he can play. At the Major League level and contribute. And what he's given them over the past two games is the ability to just turn the line apple. And last night after the Red Sox get the first or runs of the game and they're able to take the lead back from Baltimore. It's a way away and date Yeltsin get that if Iran in the second inning doubles gets on base from will keep that. And that's is able to drive it and and a lot of people have said they wanna see that's in the middle lineup we've taken those phone calls because. If you looked out and with the power that he has his a guy who can try to a lot of runs. But that's is doing exactly. We'll let Alex Cora out want seemed to view. Get on base and be the league leader in runs scored. Now if you have somebody like sue way win. They can give you a little bit of the spark Bob mobile lineup when he easy and now it does but rookie that's in an RBI position as the game goes on and that's exactly what happened. Last night. When you had a runner on second base double byte that's next thing you know it's 51 and you so we're off to the races so. Lindsay guy and this is going to be an interesting stretch over these next few weeks when there without Dustin Pedroia we've seen a Bogart's. Still. On the disabled list and eventually working his way back into the lineup it's gonna be an opportunity pursuing a Lander earn a spot on this roster even when they are healthy. And provide some more depth. Indian the only most people myself included. Were happy with what he was able provide what he came up last year various points and so far this season. In a couple of games it's decreased small sample size at this point. I've providing a little bit of the spark the bottom line up. Playing a solid short stocky looks comfortable out there which is more than I can say is far as middle infielders go for Eduardo Nunez so. A lot to like pursue win win and if you're looking it. Maybe things just keep an eye on over these next several weeks. Lynn is one of those guys he can be able to earn his spot on its roster even when the Red Sox are fully healthy in the infield. 6177797937. Louis and Springfield. Up next on the move keydets injury in the first inning low Louie. Nobody said it about that third base coach 'cause I was gone crazy last week when he said holt and that the right feel they have the ball before all was that there are a bit. And of the plane he looked up at twenty feet at least Hulk side and stopped Salim get injured in a collision. It's that each membership offense and then and you're right he never ocean effect that that I bet is one of the most valuable players in the American League. How could you risk injury had a home plate collision. In a game like that we need additional potential excellent. Straight ninety mile an hour fastball and I am well why do what you think and. I mean he's a first year at third base coach I am and now it's not necessarily excuse but. You look back to last year. And and the Red Sox had a ton of instances last year where they had guys thrown out on the basis. But think back to last year's team how difficult it was at various points to try to build. Any sort of offensive ball man unit Gillick get the power. And Hanley Ramirez playing heard theater Bogart is playing hurt Judy Martinez is an on the roster. Move he bats had a down year by he's standard so. There was just a a sense of get a try to make something happen right. And this is where John Ferrell got really testy when he was asked about it and impressed on it. By the afternoon shell by others in the media and said well it's it's a net positive it something we have to do now. I thought barrels wrong in that characterization I thought that the the base running was hurting the team but I appreciated where he was coming from in this because. The Red Sox didn't have the fueled team that you just sort of sit back and wait for beginning had to try to press yet try to make things happen. Moving forward now and go to Carlos peoples here at third base the third base coach this season. This is a different team a fourteen games in this is a much much different team and even at doubts Cobb. Isn't thrown great efforts out there late like he was. You know he's not making his first start of the season. You get back to back hits he put two runners on in now. You've got Hanley Ramirez coming up who's able to jump on fastballs now you've got JD Martinez. In indelible line. You win this lineup is fully healthy moving on you've got. They hope at least they held the Zander Bogart's knows he and will be better certainly he's got a deal now leg injury but. I act I think in now. Driving in runs in the middle the lineup so you've just got a different type of T. The way that they are able to attack pitchers the way they're able to. I'd drive balls in the gap has some power play for big game and that's all the team is done recently is begin X. You look at. What they did coming into this game in terms of multiple that they they scored the first inning for the sixth time in their last seven games of the they're great at sort of jumping out. But you look at. They're they're big scoring innings they have four more runs in at least one inning. In each of their last seven games it's eight separate innings including today. Where they've scored four runs or more an inning. And you look at last season the only at six of those innings through the entire month of April. So we're not even halfway to rape almighty tax day yet not even Marathon Monday and he already clips that. And they've also scored six or more runs in each of their last seven games they kept that streak going today so what does that tell you. This isn't the cat had a team where all bored me to try to steal a base year. And I steal I don't even mean that the literal definition of steal I mean what Monty that's tried to do in the first inning which is. Let's deal around because you know he at least coming up I don't know he's gonna be able to drive somebody in. With no outs with one out. I'll whiff whiff. You know different situations here with the middle of the lineup coming up you don't need to be as aggressive on the basis because he can't sit back and wait for big inning. You can be more Earl Weaver pitching defense and a three run homer because you've got guys in this lineup. It will keep you with a three run homer. It's out score was asked about the other base running in the mood to play after the game and in this what he had to say about it is okay islands. MM you know. You know the answers were negative. You know he has no completion on the foot and noah's day did today. Almost like bills stay away from him tomorrow. So lucky that's probably not play tomorrow again nobody may be playing tomorrow depending on. I'll what the weather is there but I agree low. Well last collar you don't need to take that chance. Because of the situation. Because it's the first inning because there's no outs because of the pitcher but even. On a broader scale Nat because of this team. Because of the way this team. Swings the bat because now JD Martinez is in the middle lineup a big second and third nobody out. You have here Lee JD coming up Red Sox ended up scored four runs that inning but you have they could feeling. About what you've got comedy the plate. Whiff that combination Wayne Handley swinging the bat the way Judy Martinez has swung the bat and the way the bottom part of the lineup. Is hitting me Jackie Bradley junior has been hit the ball on the screws a little bit more eager Betty Teddy was on base who hit the double. Date drove in monkey that's re got hurt at get got banged up a little bit at home plate. He's starting to hit the ball on the barrel little bit more we just went through Brock called and Su -- win weeks why aren't you guys further down this lineup this is just a different team. Ostensibly right now that it was really any point last year. There were some small stretches like June July where they started to pick up offensively. By a large last year you did not have the confidence the you can just sit back and get a beating from this Red Sox team. And that's why I had some sympathy for John Farrell. And if you say look arrogant a lot of guys thrown out of the bases but hey we we also have. Are trying to make things happen and look all positive plays that that there make an on base is setter. You had it sort of steal runs re could. And grab the next beacon theater Bogart's is playing hurt. Because you don't have Dustin Pedroia. You know these sorts of things and of course not having David Ortiz which is sort of a shadow that loomed large over last year's team. That stuff doesn't really apply this year not the way this team sitting right now not the way the middle of the order is built. Don't take that extra base don't put move keydets. In one of your most. Don't put him in a position. To potentially getting injured. The steel around you're gonna give again anyway. That you should be able to get anyway because of the way the middle of a lineup is hitting. So I that was a mistake in the first getting there's no question about the good news is the Red Sox. Dodged the bullet here. It's a contusion from Okie that's you just heard from out score he'll be okay. And going forward now maybe gets tomorrow lot if the Red Sox get the game in. I would imagine it will see Matt might my thought my prediction is we'll seem to keep that on Tuesday. I'll what Anaheim's up first on the West Coast triple C Monty that's Tuesday against the angels. And that may be very well be the next team the Red Sox play. With the way the weather's looking arrests this weekend 6177797937. Will take your Red Sox reaction in your Red Sox spots. So horrible week in review I Red Sox review his well. Revisiting Joseph Kelly sugar Ray Kelly is allied to column get another big ovation today. Outsold get into that a bit and it dimensional toxin Bruins and Celtics as well between now and 7 o'clock both of those teams in the post season. We're talking about it all with you Red Sox review Chris Maloney here and Fenway Park exports ready UWB. Excuse Red Sox rookies. On WEEI. Good. And we have brought it to elaborate. This is the bottom. I'm. Red Sox win. Yes the orange. Feel free. Dial 61777. Seven. Red Sox are being out crystal water here high atop Fenway Park. There at least in the press box where it's freezing like. A wimp I'm soft that's fine I am absolutely freezing right now never had the window open for reasons passing. Any understanding whatsoever I don't know why. At a finally decided he was cold in the eighth inning shy and shut the window but up until then. We all had to risk hypothermia. To watch the Red Sox picked up 810 to three victory get attendance by the way a lot of people out. In the cold weather today 33000 and change and has some of those numbers have been down from light. You're used to senior Fenway Park especially weight the way to teams playing. When you factor in the way the weather's been so far I think they've done pretty well and certainly television numbers. We'll tell you that this team has got no problem. Getting people to buy in it to like what they're doing and to wanna watch out what they're doing weather go on for the rest of the weekend by the way. It's 45 and cloudy right now I'm not buying 45 it feels like it's about ten but anyway 45 cloudy right now. As far as tomorrow goes 37 degrees for the high. Rain that breeze in drizzle they may try to get these CN. Monday just looks brutal windy and pouring rain. And by the way the weather. Brought to you by northeast electrical distributors but. The there were few. Folks appear run the marathon to John Hancock team and they stop by the the boost. He asked what they're their goals are the other time I mean it's just maybe finish and an exercise in survival. With this kind of weather the temperatures nice. You know hire 54 you can live with that but the win the pouring rain. It's is gonna be all long and wet day for people were out there on patriots day and I don't think we playing baseball. On Monday tomorrow they may try to get him. Tomorrow they may try to squeeze it in good news is division teams so there's some common dates and they'll certainly. Be back here again. A few more times before the season's oversee a doubleheader in May now be a lot of fun. 617779793. Sevens the phone number jumping in the Red Sox 103 winner today. I'll we will get to the Celtics who play tomorrow 1 o'clock for game one of their series in the Bruins have played tonight eat clock. Opera gained two of their series against police appoint playoff targets well. Between now and seven but for now we're standing on the Red Sox worked twelve to two for the first time in franchise history. In DN in the car likes the approach at the place up next our Red Sox review hello Dan. Chris I don't do well. That's an odd it is good but let's talk about you know I I don't know the last you have watching the Red Sox. Particularly guys like. In the bowl odds. Letting go of the first couple of pitches. And they get behind in the count then flailing at a slider on the outside on the strike reunion. Ought you know well a weak ground ball or something like that. You approached this you know. I hope there is pitching is getting ahead of the so if you know you gotta get ahead in just try to get ahead of these you can anticipate really count you'd probably get some good pitches. Why don't go let the pitcher. You know where it's working its pitch count up the except Hillary pigeon right government of golf. This year they've taken the biggest natural approach last year. Scorer in the new hitting coach and and and they've been aggressive. We're standing. We we go back over the twelve to record I think a lot of the scoring has been in the first inning and getting ahead getting ahead game. And I think it's attributed to the fact that this saying let it depicted there laughter. Don't wait laughter. Yet I mean they and they said Deanna takes the phone call that that's the approach the season out scores talked about it. I in the first inning by the way it's not your imagination they scored in the first inning out in six of the last seven games. And the Red Sox were outscored opponents fifteen to seven. In the first stating so far this year so it's it's not today your imagination and all the they're jumping out in front of teams early. And the approach. It's it's sort of shifting. And trend in the game and sometimes it it seems like it takes awhile for everybody to sort of catch up with different trends. There was that sodomy go back in. Big money ball is is being retro but it really isn't so old at this point it's almost two decades but you think back to that philosophy. And it was about. Be patient see a lot of pitches get into the bullpen. Get the starter out of the game that sort of thing pitches seen how many pitches this guy seeing that's what is that the statistic that a lot of people focused on. And outscored talked about this with the afternoon show this week. Now it's different mindset. Because bullpen to me differently. You know back then the is it back then like as a long time ago Dwayne wade back in the day at the turn of the century. You had to a starter and that was the best pitcher you're gonna see all game with the exception of maybe the closing. Now you got a starter yet a closer and in the middle in a lot of bull pens you got three or four guys that might be throwing 96. So here you go from a starter that's maybe living in the low ninety's to a relievers coming in Joseph Kelly type who's working one inning. Who's gonna throw high ninety's in the Nixon smarts beat Pitt got off speed stuff. End that's the guy that you're not all that wild about seeing so try to make some hay early in the game try to get. On that starter early. Try to build some runs they ere I get a little little leads a you don't find yourself a spot where you're getting you know shut down by by bullpen later in the game. I mean the idea you know seeing a lot of pitches and in that sort of now it's just about can you be aggressive can you sort of jump out on teams. Rather than just worrying about driving up pitch count. In you'll want to see the bullpen in the same way that you maybe wanna do. When that you were looking at that kind of a strategy C a lot of pitches get the starter out of the game now the starters out okay that good news well not really expect. I get a couple guys are coming in L lefty throw 96 a righty threw 97 with a slider it's just the different. Waded bull pens are built and it's sort of creating different mentality and mindset approached the plate I like it from the Red Sox perspective it's working right now what's not like. But you're seeing that aggression at the plate you're seeing Ed Zander and Handley especially in its health its approach its combination of the two. But those are two guys Bogart's prior to the injury any other Ramirez throughout the early part of the season. Have just been ready willing and able to jump on the first fastball first good pitch that's been in the air and acting out approaches is paying dividends for himself. Having some plate discipline good thing for sure by. Being willing to you. You know as last cholera saying jump on that first fastball that first pitch that might be in the strike zone is an approach that's benefiting the Red Sox right now on giving him an opportunity. To rack up some runs and try to get to starting pitchers and build up leads early in the game which is what they've been able to deal here's Alex Cora I after the game. In about the Red Sox approached the plate good at bats again who started. Stuff going on Tommy's is an offense. Modular so wad betting is all we score one and the annaly. Choosing his PP today those impressive so we felt very good about him. Him and put a good swing on it and from there it is no good about it to do about to go about it now. But sending Johnson in the zone not expand them and put good swings and name pitchers so they can drive. And I was out score you talk about Hanley Ramirez and and really everybody getting good pitches they can drive our Ramirez came in he was here before Ralph score today. And stick BP says it was good he told Joseph and Tim after the game and we say he's not a 100%. After getting hit my hand on Thursday he said I have to be 100% to help this team. That's clear and mean if he's not a 100% OK but he pets good swings today a home run is not changeup that was a bullet. It stayed up over the wall left and the the the doubles a fastball 9293. Just turned it over and made it look easy. And those of the Texas swings at him he's taken this year. That he couldn't take last year I motif that's as ever talked about a bit last hour was injured in the first inning became sliding into home plate. Stayed in the game for a bit ended up leaving the game he's day to day. Outscored cities probably hold about tomorrow. My guess will probably seem Tuesday for the start of the West Coast trip to Japanese car once chime in on the move key injury in the first inning hello Jeff. They are doing great. I support the Wayans and Elmo. It will not. Yes my opinion was. Okay. The way actually it is is he art work say court. USA fed throws on the monies out. And the throw took you know took to catcher across our home plate and day any ended up being safe for sure. But if that throws on the money yankees out and it's partially on mode Keating get is good jump as he normally would in that spot. Yeah I got it all I'm. Or the way I see unity is the lead off guard his job is slow Monday it is where purposes. Offshore and in. There there are times where I think he needs to be aggressive one of those times in my mind is not the first inning. When you've got nobody out you've got 34 coming up and you've got a guy that's on the mound for the first time all season an ounce cup. There are definitely times to be aggressive last year I thought there were more times they had to be aggressive as I was talking about earlier. I don't think one of those times was that particular moment. Putting him. You know at risk of sort of a close play there we got Hanley coming up when he got TD coming out and when this lineup really top to bottom has has just been sizzling. Right I understand the situation. For. We're told both victories it happened and the anyplace they're being he's still roughly thirty years ago. The American accept them as you're breaking my you know Gephardt running. But to me that makes my point I mean that can't happen on every play soul why he not. Be a little bit more judicious when you pick those spots he's going to have to run he's going to have to steal bases he's gonna have to grab an extra base from time to time so. Deal little bit more careful about when you pick those spots knowing that he's gonna be in those situations a lot anyway. It is assorted certain mitigating and minimizing risk I guess you're just saying Jeff but I just think in that spot you didn't need to risk. An injury to a guy that might be the most important one of the most important leaders in line. 00 yeah absolutely it. I said it's part of the so anytime you run your stuff off injury. It did however. If you're if you can still under a year you were evil and have the speed that is back. Would you not do that. As there are injury. Well how about the about to forget about afraid of injury at the throws on the monies out. Now you've made the first out of home plate when you get 34 coming up against a guy who is throwing ninety straight. And he's thrown 91 miles an hour straight you know I mean for Mr. T GXDM what I thought that that taking the squad. Yeah I just I don't occur I think it's part of the game injury. You know it sure you're gonna run. You're gonna take the chance of getting hurt by every. Yet they're just say Jeff and then thanks to the calls are going back and forth here on disappointed by the way the next call the guy is a next aligned just dropped off and was excited to. What was David he said the what what made it does it say that monkey that's was the right. That was the right move to send him. The expected round table apparently won't tell you that based on the percentages sending Luke he wears the right call in the moment now for crime. Does the expected run table factor in the possibility of losing your leadoff hitter for two months if he gets hurt slide in home plate as the Greg surely does that but maybe they should about it. I just say that's factored into consideration there I don't think they're baseball factors that. So I will disappoint I really wanna hear more about the expected run table it's not. You can't. Judge beg you can use that to sort of informed decisions but you can't. Make decisions solely based upon AT able solely based upon a chart. Solely based upon something that doesn't take in the human factor. And there are several human factors again that went into that decision and what not being frankly that big deal. Red Sox won the game. Milwaukee scored who he's safe and as it turns out he's he's OK he's dated date he's probably be back in a couple of days here. My point is looking at the broader right yeah I tend to take these these situations I wanna think about them to relents and looking forward to this team. Not just about what happened today but about decisions as they're made going for that sort of the point that Jeff was making too. All albeit he's coming from the other perspective. Of while going forward Luke he's gonna be riding going Ford moved he's going to be in positions where re might get hurt I I agree with all of that. But I think if the general mindset the idea that you need to take extra bases that you need to be overly aggressive on the bases and take every risk. Where you might have had to last year because he couldn't play for the big inning B couldn't sit back and wait the middle of the order to drive the ball this year you care. This year you get that out of Hanley Ramirez this year you're getting that we've JD Martinez in the middle of the lineup. So it's a team that's built differently. And will behave differently will scored differently and should be coached differently. That's my point in addition to it yes you put we'll keep that in ended the risk of getting eight thrown out if throws on the money now. And be. Are the risk of injury there are chances go came across the plate and and they collided. It's extended it was a risk that was it was worth taking impact game course scored the Red Sox one's great quote board they'll sit back pitching defense rewriting it. Earl Weaver that hell lot this thing. I think he expects that looks like it feels like. The way it is Red Sox team is built right now ten to three win this afternoon for the Red Sox. And today it impressive performance. Just stopped a bottom here at the starting pitching. Marcus Walton came in gave them save despite giving up a run. No matter grind out late meaningless one in the ninth inning. But a career high three scoreless innings Mort Marcus Walton in his first career save. In a victory for Hector Velasquez. An edge in starting pitching statistic but you know what it bears repeating Red Sox starters nine and one. A two point 80 ERA so far at eighteen earned runs and 78 innings and by the way Chris Sale. It's the ball tomorrow afternoon after twelve into Boston Red Sox 6177797937. Luken car wants to weigh in. On this all move keydets being sent in the first inning conversational Luke. Thought hey look. You're absolutely right that guy just called us to know he's talking about our game and I was watching a couple of third. And I was saying to myself at all and I saw the third base coach your arm waving and I'm like. There's nobody out worked or not there's only if forced. Don't need it up just two outs and force throughout Asia and bigger OK Peter Berg which but that shot. I have a capital watching it sank. I don't need to say no no second and there are got it straight or. You're absolutely right and throughout a sick child the way. I mean you watch game. There was no sent. Jets don't get hurt yes slam but why is it a toll here. Yes and again it's in things the phone call Lou it's not just about the injury it's about you why why get him thrown out. Let's face to clean it cleans likely play at the plate the throws on the monies out why risk of that with nobody out. And your 34 hitters coming up what the injury conversation aside you don't like that's fine put that aside for a second. What why risk the out. All you have done over the past week is put up big innings and in a few cases they've come in the first inning. Dave that eight innings this season already they scored four or more runs this is they played for a big getting kind of team they weren't last year it's weird deceit. Afterwards how last season it's almost uncomfortable to be comfortable with the guy coming up in lake Hanley Ramirez thing lobby. Probably drive the ball the gap somewhere here but that's the way this team is playing right now. So they are the injury conversation to put that aside but to forget about that. Why aren't getting thrown out. Why why give up the aisle and maybe give up the chance at at a at a big eating at that point. Why do daft. I mean that's the part they eat you don't need to force it and that's as the last cars with said you don't need to force not with this lineup not with the way they're hitting. BJ in the car disagree slug B Jack. I totally disagree with you put the pressure on them. I mean the injury aspect I mean I don't have to play the outfield because I'll start. Out in the outfield make an unbelievable place. I me. Rick you've got Hanley Ramirez coming off getting hit you know rep. You know what kind of. While they just watched him hit in batting practice and they're pretty comfortable the waves swinging and they put a man. The lineup hitting third so I think out score at a pretty good idea. They Hanley was good enough to playing good enough to produce you talk about putting pressure on. About this for pressure second and third you are Mir is in JD Martinez coming up your first inning with a new team in your first start of the season. I mean there's pressure on Alex Cobb even without sending moved he bats they. An elks club a good pitcher didn't show today. But there obviously brought them up but he's been a pretty good pitcher he got a very good record against the Red Sox and the American League east for that matter. Short and they signed him to a four year 57 million dollar contract for a reason but it's 48 degrees and he hasn't pitched yet. So again it's it's about not just football track record about this particular situation and the senate budget times your broader point delta force. You get guys they can drive the ball in the middle the one that didn't happen last year due out this year don't risk the out. Yes suspect it's all about the and he what you're sure about it going to the plate and he got hurt. Let's be real difficult scores. All right Ed doesn't get hurt you're not all you know bringing this up on the radio right. I have I have two or she's BJ want is the injury and I think you set that aside you also risk and out the air that you don't need to. I is durations and how one I had two issues multiple issues I'm also called at three issues. Being honest about it he goes he lied then like Vasquez said the other day or whatever slides around the chaired. You know I didn't profitable but you don't. Note. Yeah because because again DJ as that at that set a few times BJ at that set a few times it's about more than just that particular played about the way this team is built this year and the fact you don't need to foresee you don't have to try to. Steel rods and steal bases India's aggressive on the base path as they were last year when he didn't have this kind of power line. I just think cared I hear all that but I don't think this is even a subject of both. Betts doesn't get hurt just like him saying. Well look at and then that that's part of the equation here's a set a couple of times I mean that's part of it that's not a whole thing. Bet that's not the whole thing it's a two pronged approach I said to me she's 32 count back. It still freezing in this Booth Dudley went down to center field studio attorney TR neared we not happy here. Then not something that they exist. For the press boxes it is actually. I huge Fenway Park another hour and a half percent adult take Mori poll call 6177797937. Adobe the injury highlights. What I thought was a a bad move yes sure it doesn't. I don't deny that certainly highlights that but I didn't it was a great baseball play that there are multiple things wrong there. Motif that's been getting great read which it that'll happen and that's that's not an actual movie for that battle happening get a great read on the ball off the wall. On you should dissent and risk and out there. The first started eating at home plate with third with 34 coming up in three Ford been swinging the bat pretty damn well. Any got hurt. So there's a lot it's we're winning to that and I just don't think it's play need to make with the way these teams put together this year. 617779793. Sevens the phone number for you guys on Twitter. Chris Maloney 44 you not feel free to chime in there Red Sox winning ten to three today. They are twelve in two on the season going into tomorrow afternoon. And other game with the Baltimore Orioles were talking about it with you until seven Sports Radio WB yeah. Sox. Don't you. Besides runs into the catcher's play football. Let's go back in the third but intended one nothing Red Sox won't be slow to get out. And is the road so consistently. Oral cancer right in the middle aged man as well he began to slide. You know we'll be up limping and he held up toward the woods. We're pretty. That's golf from Tim never. I need rookie that's play in the first inning first run of the game for the Red Sox first at ten is they win this one easily over the Orioles this afternoon. All lines are loaded at C seven Dave price act calls up there as well. Have a weekend. Red Sox are you right Sunday begins the new week so anything on the table from the Red Sox. From earlier this week including David price index is. Ting Li finger outing I guess look all that. On Wednesday night certainly the brawl and joked Kelly and Kelly absolutely has won over. The the fans here at Fenway Park and the hearts and minds of Boston Jim Kelly fight club shirts. Are being sold outside Fenway. Kelly what he came in today it's getting ovation last night and another big ovation tonight. And out of this afternoon and it's pretty clear I mean you think about white. People were were talking about to get back Kelly at the beginning of the season when he's part of the thing melt down in Tampa for the first loss of the year and now. A guy who's a big part of the overall like ability of these teams. And you for bringing the same group back. Eighteen nick at least a lot of people thought wasn't terribly likable last season has done a 180 in that department this year. Alex Cora instead of John Farrell is due in part of the reason why obviously they're winning yet happy Hanley Ramirez. Yet Joseph Kelly. Beanie dollar roster in an end. Just that quick point that I did hear this a little bit over the past couple of days I missed I loved that I was fine with the way the Red Sox handled that whole situation. It was certainly better handled in the Manny Machado. Situation last year with a slide and then Pedroia yelling it was and not be in how many times taken to hit Machado and everything else so. I it and Joseph Kelly dean and eating go up high despite what Susan Waldman spot for reasons passing understanding. And it's yet how all the fire a Little League Jews. I don't know that it's gonna be this great galvanizing moment for the Red Sox as the team's playing really well and prior to. I'll what happened on Wednesday night. They were enjoying. Playing with a each other they were enjoying each others company they are enjoying. And this this team in sort of the way it's come together early in the season and they were all saying it to a man. And winning is gonna. In a breed happiness and in breach and among everybody so that's that's one part about it. All what that did on Wednesday night I talked about this a bit last night. That reignited. For me and for a lot of Red Sox fans oh yeah. This is how we felt about the Yankees before you know the last few seasons when when some of the juice and some energy was taken out of the rivalry. This is the sports hate. That we had for this team and it was three has been passed down through generations. Here in Boston right that's what it feels like I forgot about that for a lot. Because day out there and yankees were there. But it certainly was nowhere close to what it was when they were slugging it out in the 2000 in the Red Sox. You a lot to 2003 came back to 2004 and sort of the series that followed that was nowhere near that intensity. So to have had that happen on Wednesday night. For a brought back only added this is the sporty we have for this team. This is the the the disdain that we have. For that uniformed opinion based war the deed for two broadcasters who say they'd. It's a Kelly could've killed admin and indeed the exaggerations. There this is the the the frustration the anger the heat. The deep dislike that we have for for that that really reignited that at least for me I'm sure it did for some Red Sox fans as well and and he can't hurt in terms of the whole bring the team together thing I. I don't know that it's gonna be. And you one of those moments like the Varitek. Punched era. But day today to get teams playing really well to begin with and I think they're they're just on a roll and they sort of had that. That unity enacted feeling about them in that clubhouse already but it can't hurt. And Joseph Kelly he's made himself into a cult hero at Fenway Park. After being a pariah following game one of the season down to Tampa 61777979837. A lot of people. All weighing in disagreeing with sending move keydets in the first inning including Ken in Hartford who's up next this hour look at. I. Great. That lesson I think you're absolutely way states no way off base when we take it. First up is the first inning. The other team does not scored fewer quality. He trader run for an out there who want civil number two yet but good. Are partly in the chances of the bad to. Me you've got an outstanding base. OK outstanding base runner went level. Facial runners in the American League and maybe all of the major leaks so you absolutely and and and lower. The balls off the wall. OK so the outfielder out there has not played eight. It is thought that walked. You'll send them every single time. Not you don't end and in the first it first of all the first inning argument makes my point what the hell in a hurry for these nobody out the first inning up when he tied the score runs quite yet to steal one there. Rod so I think it is quite a rough at first. He keeps saying over and over and over and over and over and over and over again it doesn't make it any more valid point yes Iran's awry and you got 34 coming up but nobody out. Why why don't wanna potentially take yourself out of out of the big any deity got thrown out there now with the way this team is playing with Dave but he played for a big hitting tight team. It can't Anbar that back wall and it's probably wasn't. The percentages are not with the outfielders the percentages don't let that runner and let me point why. Back at third base which she was. How many pride is that it up at about. It's about art. That and accept your. How many times DC don't make the first out of home plate. Let me tend to say that how many times is they don't get thrown out with three or coming up with nobody out god throw a ninety mile an hour straight pitches. We areas that weight and it went in anyway. Alec to top it aptly be in nature. Alex cops throwing great fruits today you could've hit Alex Cobb today was his first started as he visited 48 degree weather at Fenway Park against the hottest lineup in baseball. How does batter he does now. Out our what do you what do you what does it matter it doesn't matter canned what he did last season doesn't matter what he did it Tampa doesn't matter we did in 2013. Doesn't matter what mattered with today this. And the situation. Now that's gonna happen in the first then you have no IP. Well the first you guys IV to roll idea watch against bats and the ball go off the wall and he got two hottest hitters coming up. So I was feeling pretty good about their chances. Getting running at that point. Yeah I had an outfielder who we. The play an outlaw have to let it all and an accurate strong growth and needs it our way against them you'll. He's there was plywood that more than it today is does that. It. Is strong accurate row it was pretty close I mean at that things three feet to the right he gets thrown out. Freddie calling on top of the U put their risk of. He introduced didn't even at that point can you didn't need it this team had fifteen is it fifteen hits today sixteen hits I lost count after awhile at ten runs. You need it. Is this another way equally in play with this team is that Earl lever special this is pitching defense three run homer all day until they show otherwise. I don't think you need and that's spot and on top of it yes the F the other part of it he. You put your. They guy who is a good base runner the sparked the top your lineup that's leading major leagues in runs scored at risk of getting injured at. Stone begin even that spot. Now second and third not 34 coming up now with him. Still one more phone call here let's I wanna go Fargo agree with me disagree let's go to disagree Ed Weymouth. Diane said. OK okay so the last call that a lot of my point but. A man Herbert I was got to believe that. For crying out loud he needed to African sports conversation he had thrown out on medic geez. If you really got upset about what he bats getting thrown out or not getting thrown out at home plate that time to reevaluate I met the game is while I'm still here as a matter fact. It's freezing the charts on the field. Keeping the Red Sox infield dry and they're gonna need it. Over the next couple again 617779793. Eighths at and we'll get more your phone calls coming up I do wanna get some brutal do that next hour promise. I had gained two of these series it's Red Sox review polite with you till 7 o'clock sports hernia WE yeah. It's okay haven't seen him you know. On the exit or negative. You know. You as a non completion understood announced they dated days before almost like bills there was coming tomorrow. I Al score unlucky bad side data day stay away from tomorrow is kind of the the upshot there. Doesn't look like it's gonna be yet anything long term though for McKee that's my guest says that set a few times going to be. And are ready to go by the West Coast road trip. Red Sox may or may not played game by then tomorrow they get a chance Monday it does not seem like they get a chance unless the forecast is just Zoloft. I had compared to what they're predicting will be. I just quickly here a couple of folks trying to get on Twitter actress Bologna 44. Lional on Joseph Kelly says fans word dummies about Kelly game one and camp played pretty good 2017. Season. Regardless seed certainly has achieved cult hero status at this point for what he did with Austin the other night. Matt on Twitter I was there are great win game didn't start cold but it certainly ended that way daddies that Chile right now on it there's a TV Booth right next to me. And they don't have a window that just got sort of the mosquito netting up it's the visiting TV Booth so the wind is blowing in and it is is cult will say that but. You know I'm I'm typing it out because that's that's what they do. And then now one more here it says and Chris you have to send America coach for forty years we definitely centered stay warm. I'm with you and stay warm Parnell certainly do my best I didn't get to send in the air because. Won't look at the way this team's point I mean they look at the model runs there would put up look at I didn't get beginnings look at the swings that. I Hanley and JD you've taken in the mobile lineup I mean it's. Yet it's same points on making the that's how I feel about it would dissent and at that point. I am injury risk decided to risk and out pinch. I just don't see either need to race and out there to make the first out of an inning. The first dating at home plate when you get 34 coming up in 34 in the crap out of the ball. Let's go to Bob in the car who is that at a game and is presumably warmer now than he was in the stands low bot. Marcia and just in my call in. And I am much warmer and on the car. Boy I was I was a game today and I. Have to respectfully disagree on all three of your points regarding sending more in the first. First wall. You don't send out. Or because it's too close of play. Then maybe ask where's there's a square Sunday night with extreme sports taught. And we might be 77 right now so well which you enter my judicial watch it and I think Sunday night that. Because of combat is meanwhile took arch. The Bronx bombers on Tuesday point number two. Bode well ideology and point number two but there's a big difference between. There's a big difference between you know eating every run and try to come back from down in the eighth inning and off. First inning of big game with nobody out in 34 come at a place that's not an apple Apple's situation. I think it is actually because. Are just this situation here Orioles are much interest you know the record they took script for the rocks there are things you don't play. Our and our workers. I'll I'll say this and again Al ansari had Al caviar politicking expense. You have a very different assessment of the Baltimore Orioles all seen a few months you know which one of us is right or wrong but. I think it now for Tampa they deal last place team but you go to united did point number two. Okay and safety standpoint. I think it's just to play the game and you it's quite hard eagle or. And you know there's a serious issue than it should be the DH you know don't put it in the field. But it gives you got to play yeah I think you better yet play hard play hard every game you don't go out you don't do any health measures used you'd go art. Okay point. No number three. Which is what was that it's a weather. You know again you know if there's some weather issues that you'll make that trip or the players. You know if if if it's. You know that's an issue. I'm not tiger about how much tighter Bellwether in terms of marquee bats and I I just think the key whether. Was. I mean you brought up the weather in and change the course of the game and in trying to build up runs early is that that point I'm making a much urging me in terms of the weather. But I guess I cursed or what they're saying look. Dodgers without Cobb I mean he's thrown his first game of the season he's throwing cold weather I think there are a lot of things that were not working in his favor early on in that game. That made it such that the you could sort of sit back pick your spots weak U spots. And they were gonna come early and opted to churn up they get. You were quick conspiracy Syria Austin at a front row seat for quite all right yeah lean on. Irate. Ought stay clever kid comes up from the minors be it was shot. It it sustained during. Much are brought came out it did this belt slipped or actually in nineteen Donna did you get a sure thing in the dirt. Yankee dugout. And often centers. Spot set to fight club so trouble I want I. The especially column kuril walks. So I think that aura some illustrate Warsaw. You don't use it as like I had to to exploit that that's why. You all that they it would squarely ankle it was absolutely attention all right big bosses upon. I like it I will likely conspiracy theory Bob thank you glad you're warmer now appreciate that. I like it I I at lately that line of thought and look what it's done for Joseph Kelly. From the Red Sox perspective do you think Tyler roster I'd have to imagine is getting sort of that same kind of respect in the Yankee clubhouse and maybe from the Yankee fan bases well. For going at Joseph Kelly and end up being ready to fight him and in the hard slide everything else so maybe you know that they could be something narrow window will be a street cred. With his with the clubhouse and within days there are New York the slide itself I know it's been talked about over the last few days but the slightest add. I mean it didn't people defending that slide it kitty. And maybe if you show these clips from the seventies and eighties and in stable look at what they did back then look what they got away with it that's fine. There was a time when. That kind of a slide was part of the game there was a time when blockbuster video was place where a lot of people would go because it was a thing that existed. There is a time when RadioShack was the same way. Those times past now. That's not part of the game that has been taken out of the game and based upon the waiting game is now not the way you think the game should be or the way it was forty years ago. I was dirty slide period. And Brock coal reacted as such. And then. The Red Sox unlike what they did last year at Manny Machado handled it in the right way. By the unwritten code of baseball and in the way that this thing works the unwritten the cheese smoke go to baseball. They handle the right way no problem with what looked anything had happened plus adds little entertainment. It put like I said some some juice some of that sports hate back into the rivalry from the fan bases standpoint. And maybe it will be I galvanizing. Sort of rallying cry and rallying call this Red Sox team going forward. A little skeptical that again I think they already had a I don't think they needed it. It's not like they were slumping team I mean. The Varitek on stats season that was Tina worth 500 team but they weren't. You think back that much over 500. And that was sort of something heated up right after. This team right now as constituted I really do believe is one of the best in the American League and at the potential to be a World Series contender and thought that coming into the season certainly nothing's happened the first fourteen games to dissuade that typing needed that part of it. But you never now may maybe that'll be it is well maybe that'll be. Something that you know they can sort of rally around around I do like the B Tyler roster conspiracy theory let's go to Eric in the car will take one more on this move key thing that can rigorous. Higher than. Do well. And so just a couple of called earlier I got up got a minor little bit with. Consistently. Consistently vote you know about why they are. I would a couple things click. Although the last. That being the stock has not gone under the run. And in the police or fire yeah there and the head well either alien niche or. JD has it 11 RBIs. At that. And it will all. Is it setting it in their fourteen route forty but our debt. Girl. So it. People are gonna be patient with the Red Sox like that and I I don't know I don't know what the column does that mean if you hold moves yet third. And then you have Bennett and the ransacking and you have a read for parts that hit 21 RBIs. Over the last seven games. That's that's an average of three runs Iran to gain between two spots. And I don't think you see too many Major League team doing that now. So I mean if you if you poll and you have fourteen runs in the first inning. Over the last seven games so I mean it clearly they're getting off to a good start they get a good read off the it's like the second net the second. Intercepts on the amount. So I don't know I don't know what people are getting so caught up over sending cookies so early in the game like this sending like getting. Anxious over getting around shortly. Yes and face the collared and events steely exact same way I a just don't think he needed in that spot in other numbers. They scored in the first inning six out of seven. They're outscored their opponents fifteen to seven so far in the first innings they've been the kind of team that jumps up they've had. Multiple eight innings where they've had four or more runs scored in a single frame this is a big inning type of team and a big part of it and getting beyond just the move key play for second here. Is obviously Katie Martinez in the types of swings that he's taken over the past week. And I know the first week of the season there were some that are a little impatient which Katie Martinez and when this guy gonna hit when he and it's either powers he could be another Austin biased. He is a guy who is done nothing but hit. Wherever he is banned whatever lineup he is Manny and as long as he's healthy and on the field. He is hitting he's producing and you look at the swings he's taken with runners in scoring position he's a I said last hour he's a few feet away from having three grand flights. And media as the one. Had the ball against the Yankees that was just a little bit too far to the laughter it's more to the right. The home run in Grand Slam and then last Sunday hours Saturday rather against Tampa. With the ball that went the opposite way to the warning track. Little bit later in the season little warmer that ball carries and global pissed if there was nobody there still might have had enough to get out it was certainly it well. So this is a guide to take it's a great swings with runners in scoring position ankle see more of that going for just in terms of the Red Sox being the type of team. Unlike last year that you you know might find yourself like the word the rays down. Wait can he string some hits and it finds and gas to actually get back in this thing yes they can't. Last year he didn't have that same feeling this year you deal. Do you have a middle of the lineup they can consistently. I drive the ball hard with runners in scoring position and produce runs last year with injured Hanley Ramirez we know JD Martinez a lot of pressure on will keep bats. You didn't really have in danger Zander Bogart's this year I think you do this will be a big inning team. And the type of team they can you know put teams away with big innings early on if they've done over the past couple games here. Or can do what they did last Sunday and be able to string hits together late in games. And be able to rely on those middle of the order power bats. To be what they're paid to be to be the kind of guy to produce runs. I get those proverbial crooked numbers up there and just be a more prodigious line up then what the Red Sox river put together through the course last season. Another hour to go 61777979. DE 37. I'll get back to worry phone calls a mix in some Bruins and Celtics coming up the salaries well. The newest addition to the WEEI dot com teams our city and whose. Cover in the Boston Bruins through the Stanley Cup Playoffs will join me about a half hour from now. Talk about deemed too and some react to Bruins winning game once that's all coming up in the next hour Red Sox are view Chris Moore I hear from Fenway Park Sports Radio WB yeah.