Red Sox Review with Chris Villani - John Tomase Joins Chris to talk Sox - 4-7-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, April 7th

Tomase and Villani talk about the Sox dominating 10-2 win over the Rays and how the Red Sox can improve going forward. 


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Red Sox rookie. It's accurate view here Fenway Park on a Saturday evening just look out the window and don't take into account temperature. It looks like picture perfect summer day for baseball sentence when we went agrees that there's some like that crystal light Ricky Johnson Monty joining me is well you do into. Red Sox one of them where they are you. I barely hear it. I game. Then every now that better. Ara only rarely go all the noise or not we got them all the microphone like Lenny Bruce. It's apparent reference here about to do was stand outs that. I don't like leaning over microphone for hours it is there's my Bastille like listening animal you'll like microphone one and it's hello team instant WE. Homes stored means studios now seven in a row now for the Red Sox what's your big take away games into the eyes in her Bogart's. You could make the case that he is the break out star baseball right now which is kind of a weird thing to say for guys on a World Series and started an all star game went to silver sluggers but. We've not seen anything like this out of hand and this was the promise. That he showed in the minors when he was coming up he was a guy who had. Effortless power it wasn't even necessarily pull power like rookie bets that he's gonna hit a home run it's got to be right now line for the most. Bogart's in hit them anywhere. And we're seeing that now that swing he's attacking fastballs which had trouble doing last year although he did take a fastball right down the middle before his Grand Slam. Which he joked about after the games same old me kind of thing. But he is just locked in right now. The ball jumps off his bat in a way that you just don't see you know JD Martinez had evolved in the exact same spot. And it was you know it was a howitzers that missile they'll get me wrong but the swing looks like. A bodybuilder. You know big huge guy hitting a ball mile Bogart's just takes these swings that. The batch is cuts in the zone and the ball just jumps and that's so here S Weaver take away that's my long winded way of things and. And disable parts mean there's so many things the committee Bogart's a perfectly fine answer obviously but it historic starting pitching to the point where reports LO. I sat down seventeen row at one point today and I guess statistically yet the worst start of the oh easily give birth got to give up more than Iran but he he looked he looked dominant to a level where. I don't think many via the starts so far past I mean you is. After he gave up of two runs in the first inning. He was absolutely that was in DJ guest when he sixteen reports aloe and that the story of how effective were Salo was. To me is told in time of game. It was hour and fifteen minutes to play the first two innings in football games to 48 and I was were solo just able to lock in each. Guys down down I came in into the fifth inning with Joseph and Tammy and sat down and was out of there like two and your at all though right some times I generally what I have is I have two minute and intimidating to minute and intimidating. 49 mid inning and then about it too many things this is the two minute inning today. I yeah I mean. I wouldn't say that Marcelo was more dominant NC sale on price those first two starts of the season mailer especially. With tremendous but. After the bad start that he had and and nick friar friend of the Brad coshow podcast we did this it is true two years ago. Marcelo have that kind of start to a game and you knew that he was gonna locking and personally barely ever happens cents but you'll lock in and be fine. Last year a start like that port tended to look elsewhere to six runs and he looked bad everything was up and sees there all right which reports those are going to be. And even accepting the Tampa's lineup stinks in Tampa as a team stinks. You still yet to answer the bell and he did any settled things down and if you remember his problem when he goes bad. Are those you know shut down innings where you take the lead and he gives it right back if he gives up too they score four. He gets out of the next inning mixing ability to the game is over so he managed to damage and he certainly looked at and that is just continuing mr. under the stars that you're. And for me it's about how these guys look rather than the competition like he can't completely throwing the fact that they're playing Tampa and Miami can't just count that by. The fact for example or Seles just living around the knees how Hanley Ramirez and Zander Bogart's public. Against bats balls not the gonna dominate better teams the way they have. These two they've started the season with but. The way that they're playing them back to even be on the competition. Suggest that they will be effective against the iron in the American League and got to play the Yankees the pastor's hate the Yankees and Orioles for example coming up next. Just the way they are looking like just look at them. Suggest that this is not purely. A product of the race in the Marlins in the first two teams that yet and let's say it is even if it is most teams in the American leaguer close. To the rays in the Yankees in the Astros though if you take care of business against teams like Tampa. In Baltimore so far and the entire tale central and you know go down that list. You're going to be in a in the hunt for the playoffs just because of that alone but I do think that we are seeing things that suggests that this is a legit contending team. The starting pitching obviously has been tremendous bullpen still is a little work but they've been hitting the ball hard Ian devers. He's up over 300 now but he had some bad but move key. First swing of the season. Your Meyer robs them of probably would have been a triple against the wall. In Tampa I even the ball McKee hit today like a foot away from home run out the top of the law that ball as out of every other ball park in the big leagues except this one. I'm so you have guy you know and he's been hitting the ball hard I think that in ten he's probably had a little more about block. I know is at one point his batting average on balls in play is about 200 with the plot moved lower then. Averaged a plate appearances they got to unlock a couple of locked that game in the one ticket you know opening day kinda overshadowed by what happened immediately after that by. If you don't follow up those two pitches and get on first and it's these two outs with a with first base open. They're pitcher this why are in the mayor's that they get a chance to win game I would assume it can catch me now reasonable stance oh. He's been productive in some sense even hitting balls yet no I mean embody seminary walks or whatever it is already Scalia fumbles that were column yes he is so he he is students and thinks so anyway that the bigger idea here is that as a team. They've hit the ball hard today was the first day you saw that really rewarded with. What you would expect the Red Sox do against a team like Tampa that every time a player like is this the bullpen day right here remember. Like today wasn't but it may as well being Robertson wasn't in the plan Megaupload now they did not. Position. You know he starts holds up with the 77 mile an hour fastball that he falls in with a 75 mile an hour changeup I thought that was included yet what you really want is it emits at least two miles per hour separates past moments at the well again in the in the 70s am I mean is can he got one of the quickest innings they had to. Is able to shut down you'd certainly a much better start and that Jake Korea had. And the other guy on a column for. Him Jake -- yet they may as well okay but but I say you know are for it would never. And it seemed like they've analyzing go get him earlier guests Kevin Cash is thinking ample and Amaro is any chance I can add the second inning and maybe give another one I don't know it was it was a weird situated in a strike just a beer at every once that it was at all and this is you don't have when he pitches on your roster now I talk about something that has a very short shelf life you're just leaving yourself. With no relievers on days when you might actually need them it's just lecturing us in the rotation. And sort of go from there by. Yeah this this is what the Red Sox are not the iron of the league we understand. But at same time it's daycare business against these teams and so yes which was to do against bad teams supposed to beat them quite a bit. You know go into the lineup there one guy we didn't mention is G Martinez who read these two best feelings Red Sox uniform today one and out in 11 out. Yes yes of the first when he gets the defense sac fly. Which I noted you could argue like I could've written that he was robbed of home run this technically the guy had a reached. At least from where I was an offense looked like it was above the fence he wasn't really the wind probably got up there a little bit but. That's where you wanna see his power you know that's you know he's acted in center field right field. And then the home running it obviously was just an absolute bomb this. And some of us. Some of us actually called that I did I did I you know visible predictions and people to make it I thought I was hoping Mike Florio on alcohol run. 38 it just cave in to say that guys leave but timing he just came in that department right well rounded out the work from my Florian oppose that aggregate data on site he said mr. its break and anything that starts at breaking therefore must be news and you get he would go that way with it. Martinez some people were Colin last night when Bradford and our line. And and I feel like this is sort of those lunatic fringe of Red Sox fans. It looked at eighty Martinez is a big problems so far to the percent in games. Power hitters inherently streaky. You would with this guy's done over the last 45 seasons nothing. Suggest that is like he's healthy on the field he's not going to be one of the preeminent power hitters in baseball now I mean the only thing you're concerned of. Does is it bats looked terrible you know especially that first series in Tampa where he signed him late on fastballs. In flinching and off speed stuff and just. Just this timing look completely out of sync. The last couple days you know what you get lucky on a pop fly to center that gets up in the wind here Myers a gold Glover we know that and he loses after a triple. Not any gets another hit you know against the shift. And then today comes in probably feel a little better about himself and then obviously boom it's the one that maybe will be used artists of the day. Indiana almost crashed in this thing I mean it's just eat you look at for example -- judge last year in three months or is a world beater two months three could barely hit the ball. And then September he comes back and that's what you get. For power hitters which gaffe for Martinez to an honest streak. Yeah hitting an hitter friendly ballpark obviously after the trade but I mean his numbers have been remarkably consistent. Over the course the last four years that the question with him is just keep him on the field he's been hurt at times he's missed stretches but I healthy at the moment Hanley healthy at the moment. Is there anything that pops up to you at this point as say a concern is. Apple can gather eighth inning the eighth inning definitely stands right now because. You don't know what you're gonna get from our Carson Smith. Maybe Bob people manager guy now Cora out score brought up today before Amy's actually do better against righty and lefties really not just left them left guy. Guy he did some weird to see he's there and 88 miles an hour and you see guys late on the ball. How does that happen so he has some serious at deception and is the -- I think or lake Okajima are Koji you know back again and he spoke to keep fault and I want the ball behind easier and he just couldn't pick it up and it's there on ninety miles. Ninety mile an hour fastballs right by people. I'm so pointers got a little bit of that they talk about he's really mastered sort of be up and down you know fastball curveball down. And so yeah he's been. He's been a nice story but. Big picture here eighth inning you look around the league some of the guys that other teams that you know the chances I know has struggled bite you got its chances Robertson might. Former closes in New York who were taken Matt. Then here you're reliant on Joseph Kelly who's been inconsistent. Carson's Smith who still really coming off an injury we can't pretend that he's you know he's fine now maybe like ten appearances last year. And so you don't quite know what you're gonna get out of those guys that would be my biggest concern right. That's the one thing though I I I do feel like. That another that'll just work itself out automatically but you know he is outscored its a better sense of what he has maybe it's a better sense of of what Bobby pointer can do. You start looking in the you know the trade market and whatnot a lot of teams that frankly you're tanking. So there may be some more sellers out there than there have been and it's kind of shifting north that's second wildcard it's kept some teams in sort of the illusion of contention. And has kept teams sort of holding on to their guys now. I mean it seems like teams are just openly saying in Tampa's one of them if you're using this many relievers he games into the season you're not living in the glorious delusion that you going to be a playoff team or that your August or September baseball. Is going to matter at all so I feel like this is something that Dave Dombrowski to potentially address as the season goes on but it's got it is the biggest question with this team. Yeah I mean right now and and who knows like me be as things go on him he gets hurt or are. You know Jackie out on the struggles Europe and we argued about this I think rightly you're asking me. What I thought and may and I you know as best you can hell I thought you know it seemed like he was immediately it's coming out of spring training so far so good. You one of the outs he made today along fly ball the right field while so he's not trying too I mean that tells you that if these trusts his bat speed you know last year. He just had to try to pull everything because he was start whistling so worldly. This year he's comfortable. How to get back to the reliever thing just go back a year ago via Addison reed wasn't on the roster at this time last year but by July when they recognize the need they went out and got them. You don't have to. Yet you know Ross Chapman or Andrew Miller or anything like that it may just be an intermediate arm like that who helps protect yet. And that's that's really the only thing you look at your even you know when the Achilles heels and I think you and I talked about a one point. And spring training. Infield defense you know is active in issued a millionaire. Now I mean. So I I watched in order ninjas my second and he looks. You can tell our neighbor even tells me is bothering him. In his hands haven't been you know what. What I remember from last year and so that's a little bit of a conservative leadership Dustin Pedroia died due back at some point in the next. Fort civil guardsman nice play today don't was left with a shift and cover a lot of ground so and here there Harris has been it really is kind of. A EEE trickle effect with Mears he's locked in happy at the plate the happiness the Julie disorder Richards all of the other areas of his game yet I mean I said this two years ago it's not like he's in a winning gold club that he was a pretty good first. And you can't beat we we seem we've seen it this series at Miller is well on the other side you can't be a big league shortstop. And then be at bat first baseman refuse to believe him sharply would balance examples but in the air Maris played shortstop in the big expert decade. In any moves over first base Tellme can't scoop throws you tell me he can't you know range a little bit even as I had shortstop I mean it's just bats or stuff should be a good first baseman and I think he has been pre and and he sat. You can tell he's into it too because he's had at least two or three of the players where. The pro is up the line. And he keeps his foot on the bag any stretches any sort of falls on a space you can just tell he's having fun and it like you probably didn't have to follow over a Malamud looks better so. Yes and Hanley is styled and he's locked in and looks at. I want to pick up on that point with does that having fun Judy Martinez talked about it. I.s into Bogart's at some comments about while Martina is the guy talked about you know we're just chill and just having fun. It really seems like the Alex Cora influence is why. A lot of people thought it would be in terms of being. You know player friendly and it's easier obviously when you seven and one at the start of one and seven Nokia and very different conversation by. Sort of walking that line of being. You know the manager but also being a player friendly kinda guy. Having some discipline in the clubhouse but also having guys feel like. They can just enjoy themselves in and have a good time playing he's walking that line so yes so far so good there's no BS of core which I like. Thus far yeah you know way he's on with. Most of dale and Holley dale and Heath it's going to be tough daily Keefe intimacy is as it happened on Wednesday. And he was good talking about you know the base running how bad it was it needs to be better at. He's good talking about why he's Craig Kimbrel on the situation and not that. It's raising concerning thing really stands out too because last year that was like wasn't that the Rhine key moment was not the thing that that John Farrell opt in that same sentence and 100 innings the gas and he's is that while. What about all the you just lead at the negative about the good place to make up bases something like that Alex Cora is having none of that is like now it's that needs be better. Yes and and I don't even this is that digression but I don't even fault them freelancers approach to it couldn't hit the ball but I mean made yet they couldn't hit home runs he had to do yet to do to try to score runs and that was a conscious choice you could disagree with it. But it was less about. At least in my mind it was less about these guys are on disciplined and stupid. And more about this is the way their coaching it because they've recognized that they cannot string hits together. If they wanna score runs settled in at the bottom part everything is good for the Red Sox over under 10615130. Challenged the the Mariners yes we had 401 mariners are going down and quickly here of one Eduardo yet doesn't want him the Yankees won the World Series or. Now the diamond tee decks out that was great series yes that idea Curt Schilling. Randy Johnson co MVPs yours is a it was a good good seers. Getting healthy now in terms that in any case he needed more good news for the Red Sox Eduardo Rodriguez make it starts Marty outscored talk at all about. You know what kind of pitch count he may be on her way I'd be did I miss that because I was on with training intimacy pregame side and I've brought us a game banks as he NT. This is my third stint line yet so if people are listening on Saturday Anderson commitments but then driving around you know you. Go to lake as easy church Saturday like don't agree I stores I've do you feel like it's Sunday. I cannot just and I keep thinking it's Sunday because it's a 1 o'clock game. And a Mike gotta get home and put my kids today because they've schooled my heart it's Saturday and now here it's that another 1 o'clock tomorrow so tomorrow and Felix Sunday with a one yeah start I think we have some Europe right you were talking about you ride I think he talked about it is he did hears that water Marjorie is prior to game talking about itself. Well I consider for a later time I don't know approach me it was a little too little thing can be rideau resulting in London you know I mean invest. In those little and just go there and try to compete and we'll get a mining thus thus one of the has been. Putting with a motivation religiously get them home on the live action in the game. So talking about his knee and and that's something that you know when he has been right when he's been healthy. I he looks like a league that guy can be and number two number three caliber starter that's sort of the high end for him now you're asking him to slide in the back part of the rotation. Else ledger Palmer it's who's pretty close to return could be as early is this coming week if not shortly thereafter. That historic starting pitching is happen without the entire backside of the rotation now to come and Matt. Yeah I mean you've had Brian Johnson heads of Alaska's keep the ball Roland I'm the top three starters which. I don't know if any of us necessarily expected right off the bat you know it's like you rod and emirates and have to live up to standard that those guys have sent early in the season. And it Pomeroy it is supposed to make a minor league start if not tomorrow then Monday act I think tomorrow I believe it's tomorrow yet and could potentially any Major League start next week Friday and Saturday saying one of those games he might it so you know Pomeroy it was second best pitcher last year. EA rod when he's been healthy as like you said he's really been a top two or three guys stuff applies in this rotation again. You know out scores made it clear that they fixed all the its tipping stuff he did say before the game it and read the comment where he talked about. Guy seeing Iran over the winner and being like those guys got a ways ago where is going to be ready but then being. Pleasantly surprised basically and how he showed up at spring training rated ago is need much more healthy. And so here ER news that's that makes the media the Yankees haven't been the unbeatable super team that everyone predicted. And so you know you're in a position now to start. We saw this with the Red Sox at the end of the Theo Epstein aero acute starting instances of not finishing them and finish this one so it like. At the end of the Theo Epstein era at ten and eleven. You would have these terrible starts Red Sox again after the terrible starts. And they would spend half the season trying to make up for it and then they would run out of gas at the end of the year and so when you start it sounds silly theory one you know big deal. By delayed one would be the best start in franchise history but. They hear it one. You are you giving yourself a little rope to play you know before the season even starts. Yeah exactly I mean how many times two's the division race especially if we think it's going to be. What it's then with the Red Sox yankees in past years that's come down two or three games you'd make a few of those in April. I knew what they think accounts just as much enables them in September what he says. I've never that that's out there take the hot tea that's occurs maligning aphorism that has just been invent are you coming back lake at 9 o'clock so people. You know go have dinner or something and pop back in their cars they listen more to mossy yet what do we have scheduled for 9 o'clock of them going to be a par doesn't matter when it colleges I don't care if we have Carly doesn't. It's spring practice college football spring practice would be would be held it out. I appreciate you stopping by EU is your story up on W yes I posted it before I came in here though writing about the undervote into Bogart's aunts the most important on a graph the ever gotten off to go read it to I'm right when I can spoil it's I don't know what it is now but he checked out of the WEEI dot com appreciated I'll talk to you. At some point that you gotta. I'm quick break will I get back to your phone calls and 6 o'clock hour also Crist called knowledge it's becoming a next bit about the Michael shave its suspension. It's reds archer view taken up till 7 o'clock here from Fenway Park Sports Radio WB yeah.