Red Sox Review with Chris Villani- Red Sox clip Orioles Wings- 4-13-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, April 14th

E-Rod is back dominating with his backdoor cutter while Betts continues to show why he is the best Right Fielder in baseball. Drew Pomeranz tames the Rumble Ponies' superstar Tim Tebow while the Red Sox continue their best start since 1918!!!


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East peace with Red Sox review on WEEI. Want want. There could drive it. We know Red Sox win. I against the Orioles. You don't want to. Yeah. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox were you with Chris melodic on W. We yacht. Another night another great start for Red Sox starting pitching this time was Eduardo Rodriguez taking his turn Red Sox review. Up until midnight future calls in early and up at 6177797937. Chris aligned with you up until then and I yell a lot to talk about eventful week for the Boston Red Sox. Primarily victorious outside of that one game of the middle of the week that. I got a little interesting for a couple of reasons but. Tonight. A few big takeaways from this one number one it was good to see Eduardo Rodriguez. Able to right the ship a little bit after and an even. Outing his first time out against Tampa. Pitch count really ran out on him early and op in the game. After or you're using it to strike out the side against the rays right away bit. After that command just wasn't there and yet it guides coming off the disabled list delayed start to the seas in trying to view. Ramp up in and keep up. With what the Sox had done it their first turn through the rotation hard to do to say the least in eight employed. The Sox have a great position there for a couple of different reasons on Sunday whining left the game early. So became a bullpen game pretty quickly for Boston to lead left trailer and in position for a lots and it doctor six straight hits in a big. Eight skating for the Sox with two outs then acting but it turned out much much differently but. Took a no decision there and this was an opportunity for a bit of a bounce back it to sort of get in sync. With what the Red Sox have been doing so far in terms of starting pitching. And Rodriguez was able to do that even after giving up purely Ryan settled Dan. Limited the damage going forty got a couple winnings were gets a base runners on including his last inning the sixth. And he was able to pitch out of that really effective outing for forgery gets relative to what he did the first time. And it pretty clear that he's able to get up there in terms of pitches he was over a 101 Red Sox pitcher to do that so far this year. And you look at what the starting pitchers have done. Or the Red Sox down a couple of turns through the rotation change. Eaten one. With a one point 97. You are rated at sixteen earned runs in 73 innings. Red Sox starters including tonight. Have allowed either one run or zero runs in and out of thirteen starts in three or fewer runs in all but one. And the Sox are also now five did whine when it. The opponent scores first so. Granted they took the lead back pretty quickly here bottom of the first inning three run home run by Eduardo Nunez. So it didn't take long for the Sox to to get this lead back and hold on a with the rest of the way. But still. Outstanding starting pitching and it really feels like over the last week. The Yankees series and now into this Baltimore series the Red Sox offense is kind of figuring it out and that's with. Losing Zander Bogart's to the ten day DL and could be out it looks like longer Nat may be significantly longer now upwards of a month. I depending on net according to some of the prognostications. Hanley Ramirez out of the lineup tonight. After he took the pitch op is hand last night against the Yankees so you're losing a couple of the and the two guys that were the story. All guards in any Hanley Ramirez were the story for the Red Sox offensively. The first week of the season and is the two of them in Milwaukee. Bats and that's it. In terms of guys there were actually heating consistently. Both of those guys out of a lineup tonight. And the Sox get three hits. From a rap failed devers. Yet two hits from C way of wind down at the bottom of the lineup including one there really helped turn around that lineup who's a good PC hitting by land. Goes the other way with a pitch outside. Drives it down the line double. Turn it back over now promote you back soon he's been on a tear to start the season seven double on the season for bad it's just like that it's 51 and Red Sox cannot opt to the races at that point. Also the three run home run. By Eduardo Nunez that was a significant blow in this game for sure NG eighty Martinez the much maligned after a week. At least according to some of the poll calls I decked. JD Martinez. Is started to come around as well had a double tonight couple hits. Sacrifice fly that started the scoring in the first inning so he's a guy who's started take better swings and that goes back to. Last Saturday. When he its first home run at Fenway Park to really good swing and a sacrifice fly drove and got the warning track in right field the Mac game. Followed up with a home run later in the game had a Grand Slam in the middle of a week so. He's a guy that definitely seems like he's locked in a little bit more producing runs trying to drive in some runs now and and it continues that success against Baltimore is create three to 41 hitter. Against the Orioles now or one qualifier and also sort of an observation. All this praise of the Red Sox op events is wow. Does Chris Tillman look like a shell a shadow a fraction eighty fragment. Of his former self. This guy that was one of the better pitchers in the league. Hewitt he will really could starting pitcher the ace of this Baltimore staff. And so it see him now army came into the game. And I gotta be honest I lost track of Chris Tillman somewhat last year and so did the rest of baseball by all accounts but. He had a shoulder injury started last season late. Ended up getting a win on May seventh of last year that's the last time Chris Tillman. Has started and earn a victory. In a baseball game. Yet the loss tonight he's had 21 starts since then ten decisions. All losses. And eleven no decisions along the line to be even just. Looking at the stuff. In fastball velocity. Typically is is a mid ninety's guy no rumor Loney is points of this out on Twitter now all living more in the high eighties. Occasionally. Able to touch the ID the command wasn't the air he was falling behind consistently. He's curve ball well is just sort rolling. There was no bite to it whatsoever just kind of rolling up their Bert gators did to take swings that so. Yeah good job by the Red Sox lineup was good. It was a long line up in other words they got production from all different parts of it wasn't like you relying on just a couple of hitters. But at least for the start. A bit of a qualifier there in Knick Chris Tillman looks like just a shell of what he wants. And I guess still dealing with the the after effects of that shoulder injury. Just not right Asia that the velocity doesn't have the command doesn't have the breaking pitch in it that an act pretty much everything. This is not much else. You get there and off speed pitch he's not locating where he wants to do in his velocity looks like it's down five to seven miles an hour on average so. This is where the LR over here he would say other than that housed the play mrs. Lincoln that's. That's sort of the field Chris Tillman has to it is starts right now. A ride three guys effective tonight the Red Sox won about well. Martinez like it's at producing around Nunez at three run homers to wait a win at the bottom of the lineup. I'm Mitch Moreland and a hit tonight Rafael devers had three hits. So you're using a lot of good things from this Red Sox lineup and the starting pitching to just keep TNT dot. One guy to the next to the next to the next Hector the last is we'll get the start tomorrow. And increased sale annual rate back through this rotation again. One quick dope for get some phone call to you guys at 617779. It said in 937. After leaving Fenway Park or. Just watch the game or listen to the game. On WEEI want to weigh in 6177797937. But I drew Palmer rants the one missing piece of this Red Sox rotation. Pitched against the they called the show ponies Binghamton something ponies Tim Tebow is on the team. And I know who picks rob Bradford was very excited about the working. Tim Tebow into a headline on WEEI dot com. But drew Palmer rants was other rumble parties that's a kind of ponies there. After showing their rumbling now with a held in public that game mature they have to grumble ponies that drew Palmer and tonight nets start. I but it third innings pitched he allowed four hits two earned runs or strike out three watched. There is a runner on first when he came out of the game so. Not exactly dominant stuff although all say this for Palmer rants he got Tim Tebow out twice. And Tebow left three runners on base and that doesn't mean that your comrades is ready to get back to this rotation. I don't know what does so there's a pom rants update let's get some are your thoughts at 617779. 79370. To chime in on Twitter as well and Chris baloney 44. Here on this Red Sox review Alex in Hadley. Leads a sop here this hour following seven to three Red Sox win a low Alex. There are gone too well. Are right arm I'm like aren't about the Pedroia. The guy who's not playing okay. Yeah. Why do we want him. Like I honestly think that we should possibly true at some future. Why not. Is 105 PT can refuse any trade. Well it's a big boost in the doing. Exceptionally. Well. Without his tutelage. And I think because the way that he active with them in McDonald then I don't want them on the. Really we're really still not over remaining which I don't really. Like a year later you're still not over Manny Machado. What watt light gimme gimme gimme a reason here out why he's still angry about this and still bitching about it a year later. He could use seeing the way that this became active with the New York Yankees. Interaction. In the past week. I was aware of that interaction yes. Yeah I'm sure you're aware that blood. Really means that this game interactive. It was hello blow up better than that last year. Now there's no question they asked everybody has said that they handled it. Right this year they handled it wrong last year by. The party your leaving out the other fact you can't trade Pedroia is so it's it's really a silly thing even bring up. Other than that. The fact they. Eduardo Nunez does not keep you anywhere near the same caliber middle infield defense is Dustin Pedroia he's still my. He's still not moving well out there are you watching him I mean he's still a guy coming back from a knee injury. Doesn't move lateral league nearly as well I didn't get to nearly as many balls and we Pedroia has been healthy over the last few years. And that's an important qualifier from a drag news and that he has been heard a bunch a way to he has been healthy he split and an all star level I mean this. Is demonizing of Pedroia because of the Machado thing fine you wanna do that is still not overt great. But acting like he's still not a productive player you'd just. Not watching. You know what whatever do. While argued. Well well argued let's go to Brian in the car let's talk about rough fields every tape brag. Aren't on fantastic man. Not distraught and I just let the game tonight and sort talk about the reception in the general Kelley got coming out of the bullpen might some be out Fenway. Absolutely electric and the response she got on the sands was unbelievable I know you know started MP gas you know. I you know to cast wanna flowers but. You know going from there the first starters the first game procedure and when he came out and that we. Hours wanna you know probably seen as more order more beloved relievers come another time. And I just imagine. You know you know wrap Raphael devers Jackie did that come out prepared electric. Absolutely electric game I mean everyone in the stands just feel on this team there's been some special all in some. Are appreciated Brian ENA yeah I agree pretty much Soledad there I'd devers won an at bat really well just looks really comfortable. Really locked in at the plate and in a lot of these cats to take its in pretty aggressive pretty comfortable looking swings. But I definitely put devers in that camp and yet Kelly what are redemption story in about about a two week stretch. Beginning of the season. Forget Kelly can't put a man implode on opening day can't trust him and and look. There's still point three's gonna be erratic I I still think there is a legitimate question for this team at how the bullpen is going to. I kind of solidify itself in front of Craig Kimbrel. Especially now Bobby pointer injury just as he was sort of getting a lot of competence of Alex Cora. But. When you look at just the overall feeling in the the end reaction in reception for choked LE. After he put the ball in the back of Boston. Yeah now fantastic absolutely. A good to see an end this is where there's only point right do agree with ballots with previous collar. They handled by the code in the laws of baseball and I just you know wanting to stay together as a team stick up your teammates. They handled this situation with the Yankees. Infinitely better then the wine I'll last year with which out of in the Orioles and Emma Pedroia did there's no question about that. I guess what I'm saying is I'm over. And beyond that. The actual production of Dustin Pedroia when healthy important part to mention their yes when healthy. Does not suggest somebody joining jettisoned out of town. And I still think they it in the long run Eduardo Nunez can hurt you defensively at second base. Because he's not anywhere near the the caliber defensive player. That the Drake is don't forget this is happening with inner Bogart's out of a lineup with devers. Looking okay at third base looking fine so far but there is. Relative inexperience they are on the left side of the infield there's relatively inexperienced Q with Hanley Ramirez at first base at least some of the time so. Infield defense is potentially at a premium here and Pedroia helps all of that. The draft help solve it is the what do you set about the match out of paying a year later you know god blots fine get upset about anything you want. But if you're looking at this objectively. What it actually helps the Boston Red Sox win games. Over the long haul over the long run. Dustin Pedroia of being in the lineup is a positive thing. At sidetracked a little bit there Kelly devers the last scholars point yeah I've been tasked. Absolutely. Great to see all the damage Kelly decides is getting an ovation effective tip. I mean that's the point where the Red Sox just given up a couple of runs Henry gets a couple back on the double minor child in the seventh. Incomes Joseph Kelly yes he gets a huge. Ovation and yes. You'd get. All yes I got the Joseph Kelly fight club. T shirt breaking of course both the first and second rules of fight club by wearing that T shirt on public apple put that aside for the moment. All of that is well and good but the more important part of that. Is after the Orioles just got a couple runs finally first time since the first inning they've been able to break the room they're getting a little positive momentum here. Now it's on Joseph Kelly coming in naked equate gay dating. Get it to the nine. Point out any small. Spark any little bit. They get might be simmering for the Orioles there to try to think about getting back into this game and they were able to do that. And able to do it out by. Joseph Kelly working a 123 inning. Getting a strike out locating his fastball that's the stuff that's that's more important it just Joseph Kelly getting the accolades and applies. Opera beating off. You know that that's the kind of stuff they will matter in terms of the Red Sox putting together a bullpen they can consistently get to Craig Campbell. And you know as far as the the incident the Internet I talked about a with rob Bradford. I'd tonight prior to the game on and on. The pregame show on her chambers pregame show and you don't he had I asked him actually. Is this gonna be egg egg galvanizing. Thing for this Red Sox team unique shrugged it off. And you knowledge is as everybody does that the Red Sox handled the situation the way they should. They showed more unity than he did last year they beat stuck to the quote unquote unwritten rules encoded baseball by. It's not the reason they came back and won last night. Came back after the Lawson and got a victory last night it's not the reason they won tonight there's just too good baseball team right now and even before. The bean ball and the fight look at what all of these I mean these guys to a man. Were saying last year which they are last week rather which eighty Martinez was saying with Sander Bogart's was saying. About just sort of relaxing and playing and having a good time playing well for Alex Cora and having more of that. I just comfortable feel in the clubhouse is Michael back Toobin and John Farrell conversation I don't now. Eight core being in it certainly seemed to be a positive a net positive for the Red Sox so far in a lot of ways. By this team was already. Galvanized this team is already have a good time this team was already. In a good place because they're playing really well starting pitching has been fantastic is starting to hit the ball better so. That moment on Wednesday night that was a great. Re ignition of the Red Sox yankees rivalry. And for us for fans. For it and yet forgot how to hate the Yankees for awhile now. Because in in allotted. Instances it has really been that relevant you're the rivalry they the matchup between the two. I forgot how to truly and he never liked them. But efforts to truly be angry at the Yankees and really feel that good sports eight acted sports rival. That kicked up again on Wednesday. That's like that was more for us. Then four at the players themselves I think already kinda had a nice. Cohesive thing going. I think they were already pretty well. Jelled and feeling good about the kind of baseball they were playing about appealing in the clubhouse about the leadership in the club allows. Prior to. The bean ball in the air and slide everything that happened on Wednesday night. But for us all love. Does it make the out rivalry a lot more fun the next time these teams play and looking forward to it even more. Especially because I do believe that. You do respect of the start the blue jays are out there it's gonna be the Red Sox the Yankees. Once the season. Really gets under way and he gets in games under their belt yet that that makes it all the better. So looking forward to it from that perspective but. I think it you know that moment for Kelly was great champions back on his side now he and continued Ernie by doing what he did tonight. Orioles get a little push back a little momentum in the seventh. Enter Joseph Kelly in the eighth shut it down. Shut it down at that point get to the ninth still up for and eliminate Ani a little. Glimmers sliver of hope you Orioles may have had 61777979837. Or get back to worry your phone calls coming up. I'll get some your tweets as well act Chris Maloney 44 you can check in there. An abbreviated Red Sox review senses awake the game and I'm here until midnight with you Sports Radio WEEI. His cutter was allowed better. Elevated fastballs I think that should be a weapon for him something you can use in his last one I was to start the way we want to go too fast Obama weighs. And the incident that saw him play. But over all a lot better than the first one Giles. I haven't. 837. She's the best pleasantly defenseless for reasons now. This is is there or I'm windows do then I'm amazed he's who complain all of these off Phil and I assume plan. You know to see on databases citizens. As a Manson has mentioned many venues are aware there and things there communication. On literature available in the if that's anywhere spacecraft. You know he's he can Eagles of their damn takes founders throws to bases were times routes and out there's a reason is the message itself killer and a rifle in the in the business. Outscored tiger about looking bad to pick up his first outfield assist of the season knee. Got that Adam Jones to second base and the start of the 2016. Season bad test when he three outfield assist. That leads all of right fielders in baseball also another nice that promote the idea here is well. And I retired about Joseph Kelly's couple minutes ago rob Bradford just tweeted this says he's in the Red Sox clubhouse now. Joseph Kelly and the standing ovation quote that's standing always freaking bad ass got the height one of those moments I'll remember for ever. And today it was a it was. And just they'd be 180 the heat heat. Metamorphosis. Of feeling. For Joseph Kelly also was one being bald all the studies right back although Susan Waldman thinks it could kill them. I don't know what the hell she was looking at he threw it at his back that's where his book the Perot ribs back ask somewhere in the air. Didn't go high and tight but. There's a reason why Susan in sterling are the worst I've. And I say it's not having heard all of the Major League broadcasts and is willing to comfortably go on this Wendy worst. Major League broadcasting tandem. They'd be at craps is ever existed certainly the worst one now yankees pitcher be embarrassed. And elect. Eric tweets is the sports keeping and getting it back man tossed. Eric tweets Chris baloney 44 in the regular Tim Tebow stats are in season while Eric. Asking you shall receive. They just look these up Tim Tebow hitting a robust one. So far these season for the Binghamton rumble ponies he has a home run it three RBIs. He is slugging at 318. So far Indy 500 OP yes that is your former Heisman winner Tim Tebow so far was retired a couple of times tonight. I drew Palmer it's in the game between the sea dogs in the rumble ponies they get that. Galen Newport next we get back the phone calls 61777979. To resettle Daniel. They're on the go and do well. So I hate Reagan and everybody's parade and so there and they Ramirez. Situation. But I feel that we're very quick to forget the fact that they have their apparent. And 493. Back at bats this year we have to pay him for another year. We just signed Judy Martinez we have to worry about paying the price. We have to worry about resigning Chris saying oh look worry about these young guys that we have to sign they were pretty well. But from 22 million dollars what are respect and right now though PS students by Andre he caught sometimes by. When we get our fearless were very quick to forget everything that's happened over the last couple years. Yeah I mean Tokyo's actually well above 900 so far but where where I disagree Daniel and and I feel like you kind of make the point. You've got a couple of these guys get some of the young guys are heading towards arbitration eligibility eventually and restricted free agency there's a question about sales as David Price opt out. You have a chance to win a championship this year this team isn't that good they could be the best team in baseball. That is the upshot the the high water mark for this team if you are a chance to win a title. And Hanley Ramirez is hitting like he has so far. You ride handling out here how many plate appearances he's got. And you figure out the twenty million next year you worry about twenty million when the duck boats are making their way towards the common in November. Let me ask this question though he's doing real well. But everybody else's and a lot of the to a real well real well if you have a chair at the deadline to trade apparently for a stud bullpen arm. That's really gonna help you in the playoffs. Eat with everybody else to real well he risk it. I get to see what everybody else is doing at that point I would say no because I think handler Mir isn't begs the ball called Daniel I think Chandler Ramirez can be. A really important guy for this lineup I mean just looks like he completely different guy talked about it time. But after dealing with a shoulder injury unable to hit by his own admission fastballs with both hands. And just waiting for mistakes waiting for hanging off speed pitches this year he's attacking. Pitches he is attacking. Fastballs. And what I came in at the same no I'm not I'm not completely. A group going is his point here because I came into the season with the same notion. Oh got him he's gonna get I think it's or 97 whatever he's gonna get the plate appearances is options get a best. Twenty million more dollars by the way if that option vests he got already north 150 million dollars committed. I'd next year before you sign anybody. And that's going into the big free agent out seizing you know Manny which Otto Bryce Harper some of these guys coming on the market so. It is 888 factored into consideration however. Any concern there is too warped it's not eating woes it's not even ace starter. To a conversation starter that is not a game starter to the idea that it you can win a title in him we can help okay. And you worry about the twenty million next year we'll worry about the payroll next season. If you can win a World Series the fourth World Series. Since 20048. It's just it's just unevenly and conversations on talk snot. And you'll see what happens after the hand injury team like that could have been a lot worse than it was. That may impact him now that may linger it did with Sander Bogart's last year so I'm not immediately. Just canceling any Hanley Ramirez or 3030 caliber season monkey predicted her 329 every once the deal but. When nobody else was hitting outside of Zander Bogart's to start the season. Hanley Ramirez was hitting interference is one of the most outside Bogart's was the most important leader in the lineup. But the first week plots of the season. Now the rest of the line at the catching up. And we'll keep that has been steady and in beating very well altered through the year to bite you a two thirds of the lineup that was kind of struggling to catch up. Now some of these other guys are now some of these other guys are taking better swings Jackie Bradley JD Martinez and preventing Tandy rock failed devers. So I don't know that it's gonna make Hanley Ramirez expendable. But I do know that if Hanley Ramirez is the guy that we've seen. Prior to the hand injury that guy that attacks fastball the guy that has the legitimate power that he shown in the past. Coupled with. This lineup that is starting to figure things out. Then he got the potential for something pretty special that. Now there's a lot of slumps the could be out there to grab handler Mir as Howell. Focus to will he be how good is they hand out completely discount the idea that by the second half the year we may no longer be looking at him Ramirez as. An important part of this lineup I think that's possible. By EPA is and he could put the Red Sox in position when he championship I could not possibly care less about money's gonna make next year. I'm Michael Bridgewater on Pedroia and handling well Michael. I don't do well. Just the call earlier saying that like we don't need Pedroia or something that we should trade him. I just think that utterly ridiculous. I love and yet these great peace but if you want to play second base in the east is not a good defense of second baseman. And Pedroia is gonna cheer up at all. And a New Year's and you'll play everywhere is going to be able to stop people. It was shortstop Bert. Outfield positions he needs to you can you might halt scroll back on but when are considered probably that was all anyway. So that's one thing and and we like I get that everybody's talking about how whatever he's gonna get beat at bat and then. Disconnect here but I have to pay these guys next year anyway. Like bats in all parts solid social and ninety next year whatever might kick in from attacking the shot at all the art or do we really think they're gonna come here. I don't know. I just take. You can dry out a lot of because. They're doing well right now as crazy. He's the best second base than they've ever had. Why take away actually from city airport and let handling it also them and all that law elder law. Yeah I'm with the two for two there Michael Campbell points no question about it and my gate at the beginning of the Padres trade call you can't trade him so it's. It out I mean. Like your street address I don't know Mikey and I date Charlize Theron he just can't something's just can't beat. Something's just won't be will she says she might leave them. Although whether that works like all your world traveler you want to Wear Iceland and Iceland Amsterdam the Canary Islands made an impromptu trip to Jamaica in January that nothing else to do and it was really really. Really freaking clear that analyzed. Not announce it is all op appointment Jamaica you know I have I have two more trips planned later on this year undisclosed locations the be revealed. On the WTI in street Rampage Ray Allen now a lake. Wing Brad Bono orient via social media he always enjoys that as well let's go to Wally in Fall River low Wally. You know what I'm criticizing. Perez doesn't do no wrong right now we go to jail Rocky Balboa Kelly back and apple had. So by the as far as the Victoria. I mean I'm not expecting him back until August to simulate bogeyed the recession considered code these injuries that you know you'd they really. Don't have a timetable. One of good consistent with the middle of the infield situation and brought Cole and knowing that now known as is that a while leave me. But one of them browser is still looking. Lately you've got. A roster spot with over Blake's wife. I'm real what is Israel was he had a play once a month to see if she didn't open that the world by god this one have a dumb brought to look at that whatever. Help he can get maybe they're both sort of ability and feel a little. Yeah I don't know how much he really tested trader army options there are internally. The short answer your question though it's it. Concerning long term for that combination million field yes. Add yeah absolutely. Like as saying to a couple of collars including the Nunez just does not move that was held at second base it's not a knocking the guy he just doesn't have it the same way the Pedroia Desmond. He'll avoid errors sometimes you win and get to balls. And we saw a couple of times already early the season receivable guards had to cover a lot of ground to shift to make up for ground Eduardo Nunez can't cover. And Nunez and getting older power for sure he is as as the previous caller said Canada and a nice piece to a championship team that add some depth. Which the Red Sox win fully healthy one loaded for bear here really do have. But if you are relying on over a long haul stretch here. With no Bogart's in no Dustin Pedroia it is the worst case scenario is volleys were painting there and it's so wailing and Brock colts. And Eduardo Nunez a Rock Hill devers playing at third every day yes. I think long long haul long run that would be concerning to me. How many options days. Dave Dombrowski have to is sort of short the middle the infield out peoples of people bring back Detmer conversation I'd stand that. By just looking what you have right now. Now a lot. You know you gotta hope that that some of these injuries are not quite worst case scenario in and I. God got a side point I do agree with Wally I don't really understand why. The Red Sox seem to put the best case scenario immediately on Xena Bogart's when that injury happened. Now maybe it will be the ten to fourteen days but it just feels like you set yourself up. For failure maybe I'm just too used to the patriots in the the little bit of information that you get. In a cat I'll be back when he's back will let you now don't don't ask about it will will tell you don't call us. By two to sort of set yourself up for that now it is a month. Well wise than a month. Is this setback is something's gonna linger in nags a problem in terms of I don't know diagnostics are training your treatment is not on that they get techsters said TB twelve method like Hanley Ramirez and I don't now. By EH is sort of sets you up for failure I feel like I just immediately going to boom the most optimistic ten to fourteen days will be back. If it does linger while he's right. Then. Yeah I figured is he appointed diminishing returns he a lot of Brock called a lot Eduardo Nunez a lot of see where you land. Even though to those guys are really good tonight. In the middle the infield for the Red Sox or wrap things up on the other side here and an abbreviated Red Sox review following a Red Sox win over the Orioles Chris maligning hanging out with you on a Friday sports hernia WB yeah. You. We'll. From the war two lefties by guards varieties. But they've become a lot better when he's able to elevate and have them looking somewhere else so. And and that's a key with them obviously. He does it change I think. Now we've been through so many today but what he's able to two and to expand up and them being able to dog died my backdoor cutter pieces of his stuff to it he can cover both sides of playing with that. As outscored talking about Eduardo Rodriguez who picked up a win tonight he works six innings allowed just the one run the he mentioned the cut fastball porridge is did but. Also when out Rodriguez was talking to Joseph Castiglione Tim never after the game. He brought up the cut fastball suits him ask him always your best pitch tonight and I he said point blank it was the the cut fastball you could see it. And a changeup to he had a couple of strikeouts with a changeup so nice array of pitches from Eduardo Marjorie gets tonight. Much better command not that he set particularly high barred his first outing but much better command this time around. And if the numbers bear it out he went from a seven and a happy RA to a three point seven. ERA. Cannon. Just dropping another I dime in the merry go round as it were when it comes to this Red Sox starting. Rotation starting pitching staff and I gave the numbers up a little while ago but it bears repeating Red Sox starters the season eaten one. A one point 97 ERA. Any ten out of thirteen starts they've allowed either one or zero run. So the fact that they actually taken to no decisions at a loss. When you look at what it's starting birds each it is actually done is somewhat ludicrous. IA a product of run support and other things bullpen on opening day given up back on pig but. The rear fewer runs and all but one start. So far this season for for a Red Sox starting pitching so it's been a really really good beginning. For the starters tomorrow act of Alaska is gonna get the ball they increased sale will go on Sunday. I do not think we're to be playing baseball I'm now Monday and Sunday may be in jeopardy too. Just looking at the forecast but it roast spring so far but. For the folks are going to be out there on Monday for the marathon it looks like fifty degrees 55 degrees heavy rain. And they arts really sugar coating this at all lease the we Colin and extended forecast only few days out it's not only that extend any more guests rate the the accuracy gets better. As we get closer to the day presumably 100% accuracy on the day out you can look out the window and tell us what's happening but. They're saying 55 degrees and in raining so probably won't see baseball on patriots day which kind of stinks. Yet chilly morning start time it's such a special day for so many reasons and more so even now this the five year anniversary of the attacks in 2013. Red Sox had a ceremony tonight. Marking that five year anniversary. They had family members of the five individuals that were killed in connection with. The marathon bombing three that died that day and boils and street. I officer Sean collier and in DJ Simmons who died about a year later as a result of injuries sustained. The previous year again in connection to. The bombing and in the aftermath and and chasing the suspects and one not so. Red Sox recognized that tonight. Like to not have that game and and rob Bradford is actually talking about it on the broadcast tonight one of the fun things that Aziz run the Boston Marathon a couple of times. In one of the fun things that he's enjoyed. Is he'll hear people listening to the game here radios or. Media and ask her cell phone or whatever playing along the side as he's running the route listening to the Red Sox game. And the Euro members you know one year 2006. And being. Downtrodden hearing sad joke stick Leon to the Red Sox are losing game winning Grand Slam later couple you know. Couple innings later however many miles down the road here's. Happy exuberant joke to stick Leo into the Red Sox it I'm back in and won the game so that is the case will get get lucky you never now. Maybe get lucky skies apart a little bit and what the Red Sox it's baseball town Marathon Monday it is looking good for tomorrow. For 105 start time all of the pregame show for you at 1220. In data be a 1051. Pitch for the Red Sox and Orioles game two of these series Red Sox are leaded fuel for the second time in their history. I asked I was 1918. I look back at a year fondly. Needs to do that back in the day I Geoff Sanderson fantastic job as always appreciated by me on Twitter at Chris baloney 44. I'll talk to you a few hours from Fenway Park for Red Sox baseball. Enjoy the last few minutes of your Friday united Saturday happy weekend everybody see a.