Red Sox Review with Chris Villani - Wrapping Red Sox Talk and WEEI's Sara Civian Joins to talk Bruins - 4-14-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, April 14th

Hour 2. Chris puts a bow on the Red Sox win and a successful week on the diamond and welcomes in WEEI's new Bruins writer, Sara Civian, to preview game two versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. Chris ends with a quick Celtics preview before tomorrow's game on versus Milwaukee.


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These days with Red Sox review on WEEI. Yeah they have brought it. This is about. I'm. It's Peoria. Dial 617. 7797. Our goal here it's not your view although will be. Segue out a little bit of some Red Sox up get some Bruins as well as I've mentioned Sarah stadium will be joining me about a half hour from now shall less now about twenty minutes from now. I talked about games soon reaction to. Cotchery suspension is well and what that means more than Maple Leafs. Going Ford is say he'll be out teams to three and four may get the rest of the series two notes Hebrew and sweep. After game one an impressive 51 victory soul certainly get to back coming up as well. A lot of reaction to the Red Sox particularly the milky bats play in the first inning tonight heard this afternoon at 103 win though. And they got all the runs they needed in the first has turned out now I still look at starting pitching is. The story behind this team so far the way they've just one guide to the next. I just sort of a turn key operation no matter who's been on the mound whether it's been. Chris Sale are reports solo looks like the 2016 version of himself it's three starts but. The last time he started the season winning his first three decisions was 2016. When he won the American League Cy Young I water Rodriguez really encouraging last night. And then that Hector Velasquez. Picking up his second victory. Earlier this afternoon working five innings have been turning it over to the bullpen. Joseph Kelly in markets Walden. To finish it off the one guy that had a rough turned to the rotation obviously was David Price. I a couple of games ago on Wednesday when he couldn't get past the first inning said he felt numbness in his fingers he was back out throwing on Thursday. Looks like he's on track to make his next scheduled start timid Attleboro. I had a question about David Price we'll get him up next load Tim. You don't want to Wall. Street. Yeah the approach saying. You know instead of just some of the others say and I had a bad day or an outlaw it brings up this. Like here and been polled well off. I have some kind of a condition. It'll feel right. Which if you look back to where you would hear a day when they're in the playoffs later DA usually it's of the same temperature as it is now. You know may be cold there you know is there of of this he had an up and saying I spoke. You've got to look what this. My skin condition. Now. What that something that was told the Red Sox will make all the bidders St. Louis Cardinals like thirty million dollars. That he has problems with the opinions in this spring and the fall if we were lucky enough to get far in the fall in the playoffs. Well as track record in the playoffs isn't exactly stellar grades and a lot of those starts have been in domes purge for Toronto Tampa but. He is numbers seem cold weather. Would suggest didn't it that it is something that is a factor for handed does bother him would make it to make you feel better I guess he said he just came out and stock. I mean I like the idea that there's something wrong. But it's not something it's gonna result in a long DL stint in other words. It wasn't just he's bad he's gonna be consistent but. There is something that's an issue but he'll be able to pitch the world weight as the weather gets better I mean former Red Sox perspective that was really the best possible scenario. Light but it is a little well it wasn't just the Wally ball. That's we got him because the leopard top flight pitcher which lead going into the playoffs and how he had this thing Leah. We. He has problems that people whether the media out here I don't know if they're very tribal above the law. That the that the pitchers say it was look at it and I'd love that some people use ever liked it liked what they did in the middle of winter to get money off people. I edit coffee or not. We ask. They would that are not love them to have the five figures are at that not all sold just bit the end of this thing it's. Word at all. Now now now now now now. That they they there's no glove is now you wanna throw baseball burqa baseball you to do with the bare hands legal. So now let's lot of reasons why you're not to be doing that but I Isidore going forward that's the question. If you're taking aim at his word that this is something they can flare up in cold weather than short yet. A mean game two of the World Series here in 2013. Was like 38 degrees. So if David Price is pitching game two they hypothetical World Series. And you're taking and that is a word. They're to cold weather induced staying then then yell out hey it's absolutely possible short. Yeah I mean and how much David price's side yard and a big proponent of the David Price redemption tour because I think they need this guy. To be the type of pitcher that he's been in the past he's banned for Tampa. If this is an idea of the World Series caliber baseball team. But. If in if he's being honest about that and saying the cold weather and caused this to flare up in the numbness he can't cricket baseball. And I guess I had no reason to doubt him on to choose to take committees word. But if I'm taking him at his word and thinking about. What the situation was in 2013. When the Red Sox are playing cardinals and the second game went and high thirties around it's I'm the first pitch. And you might be pitching that's like it gave the Red Sox perspective but yeah that could be a worry going for maybe it would be different with. It more of a natural progression in terms of whether a full season under his belt. You know different factors that they come and play in late October early November that don't come into play in mid April. I'm not sure but I can tell you that David Price is redemption tour in wanting to win back hearts and minds this year Red Sox fans. Did not do himself any favors by a coming out of the game in B. The reason that he gave for coming out of the game I can choose to believe it. I don't take him at his word until proven otherwise it wasn't just that he didn't have anyone to get out of there that there was something physically wrong. And the reason I'll take him at his word among other reasons is. All of the issues that we've seen with David Price last year like he's he's squabbles with the media. The one constant from price is that he does seem to be the kind of guy that has his teammates back I mean that was the whole crux of the Dennis Becker's Lee situation. Was that he had Eduardo Rodriguez back our that he was frustrated about comments that were made about other guys not about him but about other guys. And thought act was being too critical at Sadr and I'm not gonna re litigate that entire scenario but what drove it. The idea that price wasn't happy with what was being said about he's teammate so he doesn't feel like the kind of guy to knee early I had seen it. It's gonna say act and is it only these guys kind drank down half. So that's why I take him at his word that there were something physically wrong that was induced by the COLT that said. Is that a worry Beatty for October for November and shore and this guy does have the best post season track record anyway. So I think that's an absolutely valid question as to what the Red Sox knew did know. I'll when he signed the contract I had absolutely no idea but going forward yet I think that's something that you could legitimately look at and say little. They've pitched well the cold city in like the colts. Could affect how he grips the ball whether it's feeling to be feel the seems to be really command is stuff yeah. I think there's a chance all of that. Could flare up in in cold weather situations going forward end the way the schedule is now I think the entire World Series in November. So it's just getting back to try to build in more off days through the regular season they're pushing this stuff back. Now I gonna play a lot of cold weather games including the most important cold weather games. At the end of the seas act I think it's at least something did keep in the back of one's minded keep an eye on. I'll and we start to get about the post season David Price and what this team is gonna look like in terms of rotation and playing well a short series against good competition. When the stakes are highest 6177797937. The phone number three guys I get on Twitter at Chris Maloney 44. I wanted to who get into the Bruins here a little bit. Game one of that series. Against Toronto caught me by surprise and gamble talked to Sarah sitting coming up in a few minutes here get hurt Potts but. I was surprised at the way the Bruins came out and one of the concerns coming into these post season series with the idea of flipping the switch right. I miss a team it's watered down the stretch. This is eighteen they did not have odd kind of finish that inspired a lot of confidence going into the first round bye. And hey said this last week before game one. If there is the and I'm not a big switch flip Burke had a guy I don't really believe in that but if there is the type of team with the Nate got. To flip the switch. It's a team that has a lot of veteran leadership I mean think about and basketball example. With with a guy like LeBron he's been in the finals every single year for what the last seven years. And he's not really thinking about the regularly sees these are really thinking about the standings he knows he's going to be able to turn around play well in the post season. It's different basketball of course because one tie in so dramatically change your fate. And outside the goaltender that can't really happen in the same way and hockey but. When you look at. What is Bruins team in the core of this Bruins team. Whether it's Brad marsh and whether it's two grasping goal whether it today you know Chara. You know whether it's guys like David back is the air is a group there of guys who are. Veteran players. You know Patrice Bergeron. Eight guys that have been through this enough to understand what Stanley Cup playoff hockey is about in to be able to play well. And sort of turn it ought to flip the switch in those situations. And any other part of the team the other part of the core of the team. Our young guys are going through this now for the first time. So if you can't. Flip the switch or. Get excited get jacked up for that situation for game one of the Stanley Cup playoff series when you're now in it for the first time in your life. Then you my white considered have a lot of work so the make up of these roster was such that he did lend at least a little bit of credence to the idea of they can flip the switch they can put themselves in position now despite stumbling down the stretch there won three in one. I'll hold their last five had a chance of the top seed even on the last day of the season and blew it with a completely flat. Uninspired effort but if there was a type roster the can do with this might yet. On top of that. You've got a team and this was the big surprise to the other big surprise for me game one. Yet team that has started over at the last stretch of the season notoriously slow. Against the speed dirty team that typically is played well the first period in Toronto Maple Leafs and the first ten minutes especially of that game the Bruins absolutely dominated and and I mean the pace that they for the slow team. For the team that supposedly doesn't have that the same type of speed that the Maple Leafs did. They were playing at an end and pays the Toronto could not keep up with the early in that game. They were effective on the power play which they hadn't been. Again as they stumbled down the stretch here. And they got what they needed I took arrest so this was one of those complete efforts. That as you kind of rethinking its series a little bit him and most everybody. Whether they're picking Toronto or picking the Bruins was looking at this is a long series 67 games. Buckle up. And that may still very well be the case trial comes back plays well wins tonight gets the split and in that make Castaneda different light. But I know there are a lot of folks specially around the league and some of the neutral observers as well the analysts and Talking Heads are. Parties into words either side here were looking at this series differently after game one and say oh boy. Look at the way the Bruins came out Toronto looked completely overmatched. On top of that now carries out the three games. And by the way. Round of applause. For the NHL for getting this one right. Three games was fair. Three games was was what about Warrick didn't for boarding. For the hit on wing angles for data was defenseless on the ice and down on his knees on the dice. What 345. Strides. Before Condrey got sue the boards before he made contact with them this guy's already down facing the other way defenseless up against the boards. And this is somebody who's gotten three suspensions. Three different instances of discipline. All over the course of his career. This was a dirty hit. By a guy that's got a track record for it he deserved the three game suspension he got it I don't wanna hear from the Maple Leafs fans or just people who don't like the Bruins. Talking about marsh and try to kits people which admittedly is weird but his stock would hurt anybody and yet we're to do at least on the ice in that context it is dot. But if I could injure anybody it's not gonna put anybody. At at risk of something that could potentially impact their lives. That is why. Can't read it that's what those types of hits can deal. Both skates off the ice launching himself into a defenseless player who is on his knees against the boards and even if way Eagles went in high with the elbow just before that. And made contact. I'm not saying that's right but it is a very well established policy in the NHL. And really one that we weren't we're about six that you can't retaliate. In an illegal fashion two wrongs do not make a right as they say. And that was what ivory was doing there that's what app play watts. I was a dirty play that was deserving of his suspension. And what about his and that frankly just it is far too prevalent in society. Has been rearing its ugly head like you wouldn't believe over the past couple days it. What about marsh and we need a lot of and the Bruins get this now not forget about it make it about your guy and what your guy did. And what your guy did was over the line out of bounds. Illegal. Deserving this is of a suspension and was also incredibly selfish. And that's the part about Toronto fan. I am pissed as hell it can't. It is same way that I would be pissed at Brad marsh and if he did this is the Stanley Cup Playoffs you're team's doubted game you desperately need one here tonight. And video go back home. And now your second line center he's out. Because he took it upon himself. Today tibia vigilante to be tough guy in that spot. And took himself out of the knicks put himself at risk for that suspension in the first place that's the guy should be mad about forget about getting mad at marshy inferred. I try to kiss a guy on the ice or looking bad at. Anything that Marcia enter any other Bruins player is done in the past forget about that focused on your got. Because now he's out for the next three games that's substantial. In terms of the Maple Leafs and how they're gonna reconfigure their lines of how much depth they'll be able to have now. Plus they're down a game they still don't play another one on the road not only lost in game one but at their asses handed to me game one. So that was in so many ways a selfish play. And I've heard very little. Especially from me don't be police fans and all that whatever their fans but. Very little other than the one about is in love what about the time when Brad marsh and did this what about the time when Brad marsh and did that. And there are times were marching in as many dirty player where he's been disappointed in Greece absolutely deserved it. This however was not one of those times this was not about the Bruins guy this was about your guy. He was selfish he was a reckless he put himself at risk of a suspension and now he's out. A good for the NHL for getting it right. And yet the NHL screwed up rule 48 somebody different ways the disciplines been uneven Anthony consisted. You can make all of those points find it does not change. I'll what Calgary did. What he deserved and the suspension that he got in. From a hockey perspective is a huge lift for the Bruins no question about it. Go in game two tonight we'll talk more about game two coming up the new Bruins right after WEEI dot com covering the team. Through the rest of the post seasons our city and will join me coming up next Chris body would you from Fenway Park till 7 o'clock. Sports Radio WEE. You brits are your views sports Heredia WEEI Chris Maloney with here from Fenway Park a promise that we get into the Bruins as well as of already started to do game two is tonight between the d.s in the maple leaves. The newest addition to WEEI. Dot com Ernie Bruins right there Sarah Ximian he's covering the these throughout the course of this year we come post season Ronald with a deal longer stint and a shorter one. And Sarah joins era now to talk about team to use arrow Loria. Hey I am grade are you that doing. Fantastic thing to say welcome by the way to WEEI I'm sure you're enjoying your time so far. I think he had been on them. Now he's got his preference so far and hopefully it longer life. While so far so good in game number one end and were you surprised at all the wave hit the Bruins came out in game one and a lot was talked about sorted there and can they flipped the switch can they make this. This 180 from what they looked like the last stretch of the season they were really able to do what in game number one was that something you were expecting going in. I say it's kinda surprised I mean if you thought Jeanine you name it there's skating in molasses it. It's critical thing to watch it would not mind. And any center that way. I mean they look at is scheduled it's like the hardest stretch. But any any dumping yen and they were just really keeping things together and that company get post season and then keeping. In each. Other gonna play a part again anyway thank you they can't get one without that would they are doing. Eric in recent rain and it's not an easy. And that led every single time they need as it is ethnic. So do you CL a big push back from the Maple Leafs tonight in game two concerning just based on that one game you nothing else about these two teams. You would see the Toronto was completely overmatched. Yeah I mean. Back in again and that's part and I will stop. Getting Albert at about the president Franklin and ray title team. If he can do that it is in the back but it. Keep going and mentality and not sir on the cut than in. The Q and I like you're saying that what about it a few minutes ago and talk about the second kids. People may. Unit mass panic in the apple forget that they're. Is the one that had three or deliberate hedge shot and threaten land and pretend world but when I think it's interesting that it. Making commerce and I'll buy it they can't even acknowledge that there umpire has it took a bad history. I'm not sure too high you can tie together just from that particular game. Okay one guy licked and other guy's face in the middle of a hockey game which admittedly is weird I I will stay out of that is that an odd choice on his part. The other guy went flying into a defenseless player against the boards I mean that is not an apples to apples comparison. Not a and they used the push back is going to have to be an actual. And I just think that they weren't prepared to play that ruined that so that the game line and spent an act keep. With an auto in the line that they don't enact reported. I think that. That's peachtree and I think Ian is sitting in his final at the outer band. That's been a great start to our Ryan to not us Bruins career get a chance to see him in the post season ally in the lineup for game number two. And if and that's of course you know the unfortunate part of that is. It's it's because Tommy going goals that injury did skate this morning but a game time decision I'm guessing that not only means we Eagles out. Yeah and get that new hasn't exactly been announced yet. Kelly next week. And so I'm assuming that's what's up. Looking now weigh the three game suspension was it sort of an eyebrow raiser for me I guess maybe I just don't trust the NHL to get those things right. But the three game suspension for Condrey I know maple least fans at some around the league and we don't like marshy under crying foul do you think the league got it right. With the three games here in the post season so three games this is obviously significant could be arrested the series. Yes absolutely and I was surprised that that duke is you don't expect it and means you've seen. Throughout the evening it is pretty consistent with what it and it really harping on what they Wear it don't take it in play out that they aren't. Messing around equipment which really is the I was expecting it. And the only way to really get out of the game to. I Sereno one of the the cost guy constant talking points with the Bruins the post season is two rats do what he. I can or can't do when and whether he can beat it the sort of guy that they can lead a long post season Ryan. Should these can't have any concern about two gut is he a guy they can. I do what he's done frankly in the past and and and lead this team deep for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I mean I. You know saint. I don't think. And you worry about it until he left that a magical and I haven't seen her get through the first game and I think. It into an acre break. Time and I think he's good at that I mean. I think it's good to have the confidence that's building. It's nearly a minute edit an advocate that they can get in there and night. Completely. Just left everything out I think that's a very keep it mentality that our there's less pressure you know. Yeah and and having that second guy I mean Grassley got a pushed him Tomas we suffer a number years and I can't treated often in post season runs and being that top. Goaltender another thing that really count me by surprise just relative to what they did down the stretch with how effective the Bruins were. In power play situations. If that's on the teams talked about over the past couple of days here. And then a few days leading up to ID number one want to take advantage of those opportunities. Yeah I mean that was on full display inline. When they're striking and that's part of the they're good penalty kill tittle I think that it's super important against the legally let that we let our play Italy Arab. I bet cute and I think and mean data critical come out and sign apparently in the playoffs that's just an ever briefing that's gonna happen and I think. That'll be gone for a Q but it is in a thinker thinker and he. How immediately program to you know I think. Track I think about China where you and they clearly have I feel like whenever there is Cathy talked about the need to work on it the next day they come out there pretty. Well another thing that as gonna put a smiling and Don Sweeney's face is getting Rick Nash back not only coming back from the the concussion. Well looking like either type of player that makes a GM sit back and TC that's why I got this guy at the trade deadline. I don't look at it and looking like and I think you answered me in. A little pain and things like and it. I don't kill. You can articulate player and I don't people not credit history and touch typing class of article I. I think it really is game one without even article you know. Well yeah and a guy that I mean you look at some his playoff history some of that stuff now is going back I mean how many years you what a guy did. Five or six or seven years ago not as relevant obviously did. I just a couple of nights ago. Looking at eighteen to now what are some things looking at this game. That your gonna have your eye on coming out the first few minutes especially looking at how important the first ten minutes were. To the Bruins and a piece that they came out with will there be a similar piece from Boston tonight to start a game to. I think you know and I think I have to be heats. Quick takes it and it is. I don't know I just think he can score I think if he scored early and apparently. I. That game I mean it and now. Floodgates in the first few years and this last stretch that we eat them and I art or aim it's like. If they come out like that again in the name. When and you I don't know if you made a prediction going in going into this series instead to who would win and how many games but did the way they came one play out. Change that for you and I thought it was gonna be deep series after watching game one I feel like this thing could be over quicker. Before going into it I honestly it isn't don't want any matchup that it can really close to me I had no idea but I think. Britain set in now have just seen that I don't think Eckstein that we got in line. Is going to get anything out easily. But Britain seven would still be a pretty good push back from the Maple Leafs after getting to completely working game number one. So always imagining your your brand new year WEEI dot com. For the bruins' post season run so we can be maybe a longer stretcher shorter stretch depending on now how line the bees play here. What's your favorite part about WEEI dot com so far as it is it rob Bradford like your predecessor Ty Andersen who had nothing but good things to say about him. I. I thought I had been burying it in me and inspect and getting a lot of support people that's what I. All right great and we can now find his stuff on WEEI dot com it's in the allowed player reaction to tonight's game either way. And on Twitter at Sarah city and be sure to like give her follow there that thing out there are with no H which is important to remember. Court. Our rights are appreciate the time enjoy the game tonight we'll talk decent. I. All right thank you sir city gang covering the Bruins for WEEI dot com on Twitter at Steris Indian no waged as CI BIA and if you give her follow there. On the issue said Bruins in seven I feel like it's gonna be shorter series than that and maybe I'm just overreacting to game one if that's the case so be it. But if I just saw one team they completely out worked out hustled out classed out everything the other plus. The team to guide its it its proverbial rear end handed to it now. Has to deal with not having its second wind senator because that guy decided to be vigilante Saturday upon decided to be selfish. And into his own thing you try to go after a defenseless player to get it got himself suspended for three games paste job now. But you put your team and a bad spot. So. Yeah I like the Bruins in this series as Sarah does. I just I hope it's gonna be seven game series I really wonder. And Woolsey I guess the metal Babcock in this Maple Leafs team if they do get punched in the mall that they do find themselves. Down a goal early tonight. Then it's really to be gut check time for Toronto I'm not sure they're gonna have to answer. I really don't not after the way the Bruins played. I in game number one of the series are all wrapped things up on the other side door to get to the Celtics before 7 o'clock because they're starting the playoff series to. Not quite as exciting as the series that the Bruins are playing I don't think there's appealing there really go anywhere in this post season but. I'll get to little Celtics come up for get out of here Chris colliding with your then Waite park Sports Radio WEE act. Oh. Both sides of the ball because of we'll have to make those now. And it's those guys. Tony Snow making those. Worked for resuming it. Brother there's no. Part of partners. Listen there's holes are good moves. Ben Watson hooked on its soon you know we'll see you know with the good I don't know where a good record the sound aggressive. There's the floor. You have got to send out there. Little bit of I Jalen brown Jason Taylor emerged more is there as well as the Celtics are getting set for game number one. Against the Milwaukee Bucks coming up tomorrow. In their best of seven series anyone to talk about you know two playoff teams with the Bruins and Celtics armor rob Bradford not fighting about this. More than a month ago about which team. You'd be excited about I was more so on the Bruins bandwagon he was more solid Celtics bandwagon as far as who's getting the you know the energy the the attention. From fans now. Me going any talk about the celtics' season that started with such expectations that started with. Maybe that the most excitement since 2008 have to be the most exciting since 2008. When you brought into future hall of famers to play with another future hall of Famer. Gordon Hayward carrier Irving. Al Horford. The young guys Tate and brown that the young core that they put together to go with. A couple of veteran pieces including guys young Ian has won a championship carrier Irving. The last an identical all the the whimper than it is is Brooke is absolutely brutal. Any take the big hit obviously would read the get go Hayward five minutes into the season but then losing tire re losing market Smart now probably three room. The first round of the of the playoffs maybe he comes back if there's game seven but. They are just in such a tough position now when you look at EU compared to weird this team was the beginning of the season comparing it to what. This team's expectations we thought the ceiling was. Coming in with a ton of excitement and out with a whimper against the bucks for game one tomorrow. I don't like the Celtics in these series. The the only thing he gives me some hope is that Milwaukee is a underachieving team. And that's putting it mildly I mean they they're eighteen that for the talent that they have. For having a guy who I don't know he's one of the five best players in the league and to the couple buddies comfortably. All one of the ten best players in the league. Yeah he's comfortably in that conversation. Happening Chris Middleton is to 2040 game guy having Eric Bledsoe. I capable guys when it comes to creating offense for themselves and others surrounding the Greek freak. Any team that's did at least in theory shouldn't be bad defensively. They should have been a better team what they put together this year and act gives me some Hulk maybe if the Celtics come out. We in game one are able shoot well shoot them out of his own that they like to play and I put them back on the heels. That is to be a tough series for Milwaukee but the Celtics are so beat up at this point that I can realistically I'm not exactly sure what to expect. Now also Milwaukee's not well coached they're they're coach in Jason Kidd was fired halfway through the season I think it most people. They had a police lineup. That included the entire Milwaukee Bucks coaching staff. I don't think they can pick out the right gap so this is not exactly this is an area where Brad Stevens has definitively as to check mark. In terms of coaching and in terms of having an advantage over the opponent and he does in most cases anyway is one of the better coaches in the league. But if you can make it close enough to the coaching makes a difference. Then in May be steely gamer to hear and I do think the Celtics can shoot well enough. I think they can have those games where you see Terry root your co op receive Marcus Moore is a lot. And they're just able to score enough. T who. Do you shoot themselves past. Eight. I've sort of mediocre. And stumbling Milwaukee team but I don't think you have four times a series. And another thing though they do come out of this series. Al Horford will be a big part of the reason why. And for the rumor Loney average Al crowd Lou by the way was here earlier with his son who's wearing shorts brave move by him. But if you're you're one of B average Al crowd if he is a guy who can at least limit. Entity cold bowl bid to at least bother him enough. Do make a difference and help the Celtics grind out a win here in game number in series number one. That would be to post seasons in a row where Al Horford is giving you a lot. For all the criticism that he is to eat elevated his game. Last time around in the post season last year as part of Eastern Conference finals Ron in conjunction courts Isiah Thomas and some other guys. But if he does it this time around it's not going to be as much in terms of scoring as it is. Being the primary. I'd guide the focal point on the Greek street. So an opportunity here for Al Horford to silence on the average Al folks of that crowd. And some of the doubters. I aim account they great job as always back at our studios Doug lane. Helping its out here Fenway Park which helped out more he brought in the space heater prior to twenty minutes ago but will. They can victories where we can get them I'll be back tomorrow to our referee rob Bradford and Evans relic rounds three. Getting the better way to spend a Sunday morning it'll be here to frigid Fenway Park we'll be joined as though at 9 o'clock. ESPN radio comes your way next. I could find me on Twitter who I yelled out we'll keep that some more at Chris Maloney 44. Have a fantastic evening everybody will tide you tomorrow at 9 o'clock right here. From Fenway Park sports hernia W media.