Red Sox Review with Christian Arcand - Red Sox lose to the Tampa Bay Rays

Boston Baseball
Friday, July 7th

Hour 1. Christian breaks down the loss to the Tampa Bay Rays.


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He's Red Sox rooting you on Sports Radio WEEI. Dial 617779793. Separate Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey good evening welcome in its Red Sox review your Sports Radio WEEI am your host Christian art cans reacting here to this. The Red Sox lost. They lose to the Tampa Bay Rays by a final score 41. A typical Chris Sale lots when the there haven't been that many people's 211 and four on the year but when he does lose it does sort of seemed to follow the same kind of pattern doesn't it. Red Sox actually gimbal lead in this game with de sac fly in the third inning and that's just about all they were able to do offensively. A very very quiet night for them as they were really shut down by AIG for Rea there. The rookie for the Tampa Bay Rays another instance of a guy with. Not bad stuff I wouldn't say I mean he didn't seem like some scrub out there. But the Red Sox really had a hard time getting to him and Chris Sale dealing again I mean there were times tonight where Chris L look like the best pitcher ever seen in my life including Pedro Martinez that's slider my word there were a couple of them tonight and he was straight out everybody he had eight strikeouts in four innings he was just. Dealing out there and then my little nicks in the armor home run here. A couple of hits over there and in the Red Sox unable to keep up with that. The offense really disappearing for sale. But before we get into that I would like to point out that Chris Sale is now the first pitcher since 2002. To record a 170 strikeouts before the all star break any did that early in this game. In fact he did that very early in this game. There's about three hours ago we went on strike out eight more batters after doing that. Part of twelve overall on the night. And as pat a day at Tweeter and a couple hours ago Chris L broke Pedro Martinez's Red Sox record with his twelfth game with ten or more straight out. Before the all star break and he also. I don't know if you ebony Texas during the broadcast. After giving up I think it was a home run a Ramos. Chris they'll grab the baseball after getting back from the catcher. And slammed off the side of his head. Violently. And I saw that and thought wow this guy's nuts. If this guy is. This guy's out of a he'd tell late in 'cause sometimes Tom Brady all he had bought ground you're just like odd don't know c'mon man. He did did no helmet hit a nothing nothing protecting his his head and he's grabbed up all right out the side of his head. You know like he was I don't even know what to compare that to like I've punched the wall before. I regretted it immediately. And not because I it is thought it was actually because I hit a piece of of drywall. And I punched right through it actually looked really manly this was 2007 Super Bowl and I punch straight through it. And I ended up carving up our and so the next day everybody thought that because the patriots lost in the Super Bowl that I had tried to kill myself and that wasn't nearly as manly as I thought it was bush. So I understand the the feeling there. But slam that are off deciding your head like that I guess listen Chris Sale these intense Manny is an intense player meaning great defensive play in this game tonight. And even though the Red Sox last year I'm sitting back feeling pretty good about this team and keep it pretty good about Chris Sale a guy who was likely to be starting in the all star game here next week. And out who had one of the best first halves. We've ever seen here in Boston really just remarkable I think were very very fortunate to have him of all the deals Dave Dombrowski made including Craig Kimbrel I think this Chris Sale deals gonna go down as the best one. And one of the best deals and best overall acquisitions the Red Sox have made in a very long time I think that there is no doubt about that this guy is the real deal. He came here was as good as advertised and -- halfway through the season but I see no reason to think decreased sales and a slowdown at all here in the second half very very impressed how could you not be all we need now is for the offense the kind of wake back up this Tampa Bay Rays team they're sneaky mean they've been they've been hanging around this whole year in an American League where no one's really standing out very much the teams you have to look at is the organs to watch out for the teams that haven't had major debt spirals okay the Yankees are having one right now the Baltimore Orioles are definitely having one right now the blue jays started the year in the middle of the death spiral. And the Red Sox haven't had anything close to that they've been a mixture between good and inconsistent. The Tampa Bay Rays have just been inconsistent that's about it there's three games over 500 near fused the go underneath. And now what we have here now is a team they you have to really keep your eyes on the Tampa Bay here razor team you have to keep your eyes on very good. Offensive team they got some real sluggers in that lineup all named Logan somehow. And you also have a pretty good starting rotation with they don't have the bullpen and that's why like the Red Sox chances against them should this become the actual planet race and I'm not even gonna go there yet. By the rays bullpen not particularly impressive they were good tonight but they're not impressive bunch and I think the Red Sox haven't beat there they just need to be able to score more runs than they did tonight and I hope this isn't a trend going into the break here because there's really some great momentum for this team. Coming down coming down the stretch. And says see it's or halt the like this right before the break would really be unfortunate remind me way too much of the way last season ended. As you remember in September they were just going off and and really playing well and then the last couple weeks of the season just. Dropping awful games to the Yankees and backing into the playoffs and then remember what happened in that playoff series you just hate to see your real good run like this gets stopped and then have a whole team take a week off and dwell on it that's not some my wanna see I'd rather see them going to this break feeling good and feeling confident. And I'd love to see this offense pick it back up here and show that day. They're not just only able to do these things against teams like the Rangers in the blue jays who. I'll take that too by the way you know the Rangers in the blue jays the world the Red Sox have not exactly been out slugging them all season long either that's been more recent thing. And it's definitely a welcome change to the way the season's been going offensively for this team I hope that this is an AS sign of things to come here in the next three games of this series because I'd really like to see this team going to the break. With some confidence 61777979837. Major phone number you can text in a 37937. You can tweet me at Christian. Red Sox would do you with Christian RK. The pitches inside your body at all. Have really hurt theater running over toward the dugout is very you know money handed the risk job fair a lot quickly. So it was decide to act she wanted to trainers. Right away knew that was extremely painfully ticket did it. Does scare him Alexander Bogart's taking a pitch right up their wrists. Shades of about her Nomar Garciaparra back in the day by eighteen you can say that not spell on the floor of the state because. Bogart's did he get X rays after the game it was just badly bruised they're calling it a contusion. Don't know what his status is going to be for the rest of the day games here in this series before the break. But I would imagine if he it well it. If he if you care I care about these games jet to care about these games BF to care about the health Zander Bogart's obviously more than that he's one of the best hitters on this team average wise and certainly guide you can't afford to lose. There are ready stuck with his lot with this problem over a third base. And now I again and throw shortstop into the mix that's not something you wanna see it actually ended up kind of bite them tonight. DeVon marrow with a big error over a third Bay's lead to a couple of runs and you also moods in my guy is he chin. Over to bomb. Over two. Shortstop excuse me that the that what I see channel against user. As a win win had to move over to our shortstop from third base just as I was starting to get used to him as the third baseman he actually had another pretty good game two more walks in this one he did make the final out of the game. But I love the way this kid's day approaches his at bats are ready. How can you not prefer him over published in the wall it's really a no brainer there a like a better tomorrow in the I think date he kind of have to go at him now for the news for the time being anyway. And if you start the fall off been in looks overmatched they needed. Go back to the drawing board right now. I'm sorry I think I mean really had things your way when is the guy he's he's the way to go. And did not not as spectacular night by any means but now he's played what twelve games batting average 310 on base percentage up over 425 arm. I'm perfectly okay with that you know for talking about your number nine hitter even if he does come down to earth. That is a very nice debut that this kids making your for the steam. And it's largely going unnoticed and not really sure why feeling on a lot of people are talking about him but it is so much so that I haven spurred his name up just now. But really I mean this is this is a guy who I think. Is not gonna change the whole complexion of the steam or anything. But is certainly proven so far to be aid in the short term anyway serviceable replacement. And a guide you can plug in there and expect to get on base I mean that's he's been doing it on base percentage in these four games almost 430. That's that's very very good he walks a lot he he really sees the strike zone well doesn't swing at bad pitches and isn't exactly some offensive force or anything like that. But I'm comfortable with them up there you know at the end of this game he's up there with with a runner on base in the chance that. Is dead on himself and and bring the tying run up in the in the form removed he vets in need did groundout to second by. It was a decent in bad he swung at a good pitch and so far is it bets have been I've been impressed by the he saw more pitches tonight. Then any other Red Sox batters away when you're number nine hitter sought when he pitches and that is more than any other Red Sox hitters saw tonight in this game. Against not just Korea but also box burger Tommy Hunter and other closer Alex column make. The rays bullpen which is not been good this year certainly coming up big here tonight. Andy giving the given the Red Sox their second loss in a row we're talking about it with you here on Red Sox review let's go to your phone your 6177797937. You can text 3793 several start up. Would our guy Wally in Fall River my man Wally what's going somebody. Yeah I was so Christian I was so disappointed with this game might we spoke. More runs are just kids Korea. You look we will wide open a tremendous composition. We got quite a few Dutch senate bonds I think have little have six guys. But as far as length goes and the road to go to Lynn. I mean he's done like instead he's. Written and now they're right enough hot and but I was so curious what Dombrowski. He saw a 25 days till the deadline to evaluate these guys. I think that's the only thing. Then he's going to be looked and they have a decrease in look at leap bridges. But emulated the resident division the Yankees a tank and that. Baltimore and Toronto are playing good either so two I don't keep Tampa Bay make in any major moves that the deadline. I don't know about Tampa making moves of the deadline I think if they did they would probably either gopher. Some some help in the pen maybe I guess they're probably pretty good tonight they're a team Wally that I don't think you can just sort of brush off anymore I mean looking at that at that climate of the American League right now teams like the rays teams that have just sort of you know maintained here and there are not really got in the tank any point this season. Those teams you have to worry about because everybody else. Has hit one bad stretch it seems like other than the Red Sox. And other than need Houston Astros other than that it seems like every other team in the American League at some point has gone way in the tank and is this the bar is not very high for what it takes to be successful I mean you should see this wild card race in the American League is pathetic and it's everybody's did I guess we just sort of a good thing but really it's. It's kind of sad. Not understand old Fiat for the death of the night so went the next to him boom a very good position. Grown into like this to the morale will be good going into the break. We just have to wait and see what happens. Yeah we certainly will Ali thanks for the call and thanks for staying up walling in Fall River in a guy is dedicated to read sector via. I think he's call and every single Red Sox are you ever been on. And I dead might never one else Obama doesn't do it anymore everybody else in our provinces and the American League east wild card race. As we approach the the all star break is is kind of sad I think it said some might say it's exciting and it's good for the game I don't think so I think it said. The Yankees are the number one team. OK today they have their half the game up buying Kansas city Kansas City Royals who started the year dreadfully but have gotten better sense that. The Yankees are 4439. Kansas City is 4440. After that I half game back are your Tampa Bay Rays who beat you tonight. At 45 and 42 after that as the Minnesota Twins who for much of the year relieving the AL central their one game back. Then there's that angels. Who were game under 500 in two and a half back in the wild card. The Rangers three and a half the Mariners four back your heels are four back to blue jays are foreign aspect. Tigers are six back the White Sox seven in the days at 37 and 48. Are only seven and a half games out of the wild card picture right now. That to me. Is free lane. I mean that's that you expect by the all star break some of these teams start breaking away and the Red Sox have a give them credit I mean they want on that that run they won six and or other one. Eight out of ten and certainly looked like a team that was establishing themselves as something better than the rest. But the rest my my god. And now the Yankees still have this great run differences they'll plus 103. But they have laws that six of their last ten and it really not a good road team the royals there. Really you know from their from the royals raised twins angels Rangers mariners. Orioles and blue jays. You have four and a half games separating all of those teams and they are all. From the from the twins below the twins the angels Rangers mariners world's blue jays are all under 500. And the Earl right there in this race. I I don't know I mean I aides to meet it's good for the Red Sox. I know that some of these teams have some more hot streaks and number a lot of them seem to be just hot and cold Red Sox event. And lukewarm top hide and haven't really had a big cold streak and hope that doesn't start now I'd really hate to see that here going into the all star break pipe I don't anticipated. You know Chris Sale going out there striking out twelve batters through seven innings is usually enough to get a win. David Price has been pitching much better lately drew Palmer and gone tomorrow against order re easy. We'll see how he looks he's been very impressive so far in the first half of the season a revelation I would say. So you know I and I'm still I'm still feeling good a feel positive about this team. And that really it is the the thrust of it is because the rest of the American League is just so lame and mediocre I think that has a lot to do with a 617779. 7937. Let's go to the phones Peters in the car with a thought on that baseball today hello Peter. Baker Asia should be. At about Hollywood sponsor Chris Sale I it would strike out. I think it would think oh yeah great he ate well he's only you know action at the baseball. But you know I think we're over strike a little bit I'll temperate I think the L adopted. A trader that world. But I think may be a lot over or around those while striking out a bit quieter. Morgan you know acting out of it out at an important point rather. You and that kind of a start but not like partners out but maybe control it a little better. Like raise. A gap that at bat ball. They hit it very at all. But it but he got fired good luck apparently it happened where over a lightning strike out. Well you can look at all sales other numbers and still be convinced he's the best pitcher in baseball the moment I mean his whip is under one to two point nine. ERA of 275. Opponents' batting averages 200 mean he's very it's not just the doesn't walk anybody lakers. There's a lot of reasons other than just the straight gets to be impressed by what Chris sales. Don here this season his his career whip has won all five and that's fifteen points lower right now so I mean guys are really having a hard time hitting him Ramos you could tell was sitting fastball guys were sitting fastball tonight and just short hoping for the best which I would imagine. Peter is common strategy against Chris Sale you're not going to be able out think him you're not gonna be able it is sliders or just you know wait for the fastball and closure rise in the hope for the best and I think that's sort of what happened here tonight he's given up some home runs this year I think eleven. So far in the year that's counting tonight's I'm not sure if it is or not he's projected to give up about when he won which. Really listen I'll I'll take that you know in in 34 starts 3435 starts. Give up anyone home runs and millions and millions of strikeouts along with eleven wins and whip under one United's yet the straight gets people do follow with them and I do know you're seeing their Peter but that's not the only reason or even you know. Close to the only reason the decrease sale is the study is. Up and beating Agassi I'll be ages you know what does a better. Well I'll be really curious to see a couple years how these cut but because well our maps fighter. It up you know. A little bit slower cricket pitch to adjust that while La Madrid and knocking. Yeah how did you not beat Peter thanks for the college go to Bryant hearing it in now Brian like. They were down Nicole thought hey Brian I don't. Breyer is you. Our government to pay a part about earlier you talked multiples. That you don't want to go or. I think it just at war now playing ball but at the end of it turns out that it didn't want season and now. I just think that's what the in the who's gonna turn the offense the network's kitchen. You know. I think the pitching has too much higher to go I think the bullpen has been excellent so far as your Brian and is starting rotation has really been. Been strong lately it's it's really the missing piece here's been the offense and we did you see them go for a couple of weeks and are are really hit the ball well but we've seen them disappear right entered stretches like that this year before too. Yeah I did people want season it's whatever the market up I've umpire high hopes and not expect. All right thank you Brian appreciate it. Really it's really up to the office the teachings there. Pitching there's been earlier. Even when the ES starting rotation had it's bumps in the road you can always count on sale. Deferred a good portion of the first that he always count on a martyr Rodriguez to at least give you quality start he had a really really good stretch there early in the year. Drew pom rants has been a revelation recourse fellows not been good okay argued that. But you know really you've got three pretty steady performers. To at least. Can't say three right now there's Rodriguez is playing in China is gonna make another rehab start with a target. Hopefully it'll go better than the last one. Although I don't know if you say that now can you say that now can you criticize. Can you criticize a guy at a minor league rehab starters David Price gonna step. And now. Which I've made my I have made my peace with with David Price the new overly confrontational David Price is new persona. I'm actually I'm kind of hoping it would it for the simple reason that it's never gonna body is never gonna affect me. David Price isn't coming come on over here in the studio and I don't think he's coming up to the press box anytime I'm out there. Which is which is rare. So I don't have to worry about in a run into the David Price anyway mab in a dark Alli yourself like Davida work I don't have to worry about it. So. He wants to be did they all everybody have final may. I'm still gonna say what I say about him is that gonna you know critique it starts. And and be as honest as I can about what he's done so apartment nodded and other immigrant lately but awesome even very very good. And you know this is David Price for talking about here and people act an have been acting like there's. In out is just not a good fit here in Boston it's not gonna work out how many times we said that about players. And now and and ended up being proven so so wrong especially pitchers. Our report so when he first got here didn't seem like a great fit twenty million dollars then won the Cy Young award last year he's back and outlook like a great fit again this year pipe. You know the point stands John Lackey Josh Beckett. This several other examples of guys who did not get off to great start and then started pitching like themselves in some cases were even better than they were in their careers John Lackey. In he I don't he's better than it was his prime but certainly a guy that was. Seemed to be on the back nine. And ended up really kind of pulled his career together and being integral part of his World Series championship team angered when he thirteenth. So I I'm I'm feel okay about David Price I don't know if I don't know if this is. You know something it's really getting him if he so angry all the time by the media and everything that it's it's caused him stress or whatever but I honestly that's that's a problem. These get stressed that that's his prime he's gone out there and pitching I guarantee you he's not going to be stressed out anymore because the fans in this town if you perform they will take your side on anything especially against the media at least you think they'd. You think that everybody's going to be standing up for economic and relic is David Price goes on to you know I haven't Cy Young caliber season going to be an egg maybe you should maybe Camille Little nicer Dennis accurately. My favorite part about all that those after the price goes some people just don't know how tough this thing it. Sectors Leo's. Dennis tigers at think. Probably more than you even I would say knows how tough this game is he played at all longer than you did any pasted tutor from disease a closer and it started so I think he has some sort of idea the pressure and the difficulty of pitching in the major leagues just the thought 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That's your number on tech's quick break thread sector view here in Sports Radio WEEI. It sucks review which. In other words we don't fool me. I think there's a lot of questions along the way. That prevents him pretty well. We got a cousin who have been here while the the dual we need to do doom and some some young stuff enough so. Disciplines and when we're good we have a lot of talent and I think you know flow sort nor is going on we would deliver world would play very well so. Tell us where things such for games of pool and play good and play organ. And this and for some formidable. Chris Sale. And not to pick on him or anything but I keep hearing this from these guys now we've got a great job blocking out all the outside noise all the outside noise this year really you know it's been tough but we've done a great job sort of blocking an island just focusing on spot. What outside noise is he talking about. I know it's his first year here so I mean maybe he's maybe even just the noise that lead they've been get a bite at the Red Sox. The Red Sox have gotten up pretty easy Amare rock lake. The Celtics went to the Eastern Conference finals and that's all anybody was talking about the Red Sox just completely. Ever. Up. Even in even in the spring yet the patriots won the Super Bowl and that sort of took driver was talking about that effort. For a long time and then you know the Celtics and Bruins not so much of the plane and and then in the Celtics going as far as they did with the dramatic series against Washington and then. Obviously getting smoked by Cleveland but that's that's what people were talking about he or talking. The Celtics basketball on the playoffs. The Red Sox sort of flew under the radar for a few like the first two months of the year. And their just did can't help pat themselves on the back at how great they Bennett blocking out the noise and I just don't pay. The talking about. India jaded I guess living here in in being sports fan in the shape for so long in thinking that but know what noise. Noise. No fly outside noise going on when we Hillary will now. Really not really now. And don't get me started on actually criticizing which he barely pretty barely even dinner all you. The Eduardo Rodriguez thing. If that's what they're considering outside noise then everything's outside noise and their listening to all of it. I mean they're parsing through the broadcast. Looking for these perceived slights so they can. So did not even they suited David Price and then confront the is that the media and in getting their face about it and said she straightened the allowed. YE I don't know if they if they think this has been a tough you know. Adversarial relationship with the media here to start this year in the first half of this season. Just imagine if the Celtics gotten bounced in the first round. Just imagine if we had nothing but the Red Sox to focus on for the entire month of April and may. Just think about that. As they sort of slogged along winning a game losing a game going up and down and up and then not really. You know setting themselves apart they have their their push really came lately. And that's what it's sort of gotten where they are here in the American League east but up until then. They were pretty Lara lame mediocre American League team just like every single other American League team not in the Houston Astros to start the year. And I don't feel like they got a raw deal at all I don't feel like they've been getting pounded by the media at all. And I'm not there in the clubhouse and I agree admit I don't. The digest every single piece of media surrounding this team and what they and what everyone saying and is doing but even you know even relic in. In an actor's Lee and in some of these other guys that they're that they're picking these fights with the price is picking these fights with. I haven't been I haven't myself. And found anything to be so forty years or so yet now over the top Kuhn the critical. That it win the garner this type of reaction that's all I'm I'm just I'm just surprised that they view it this way. I'm not trying to pick Ottoman just saying you know if if this if you consider this. To be a ton of outside noise that you feel proud about having blocked out. Just wait until the second half I mean you get a taste of her right now but the team was playing while you go into a slump in the in the second half of this year. With nothing else for referred these crazy Psycho fans around your focus their energy out until I don't know patriots training camp and August. It up there was noise then you know we gotta fill these hours. We got to finally got to talk about something. You know we have your own through Sports Radio stations here and through TV stations and they got a pillar blocks. So if you thought this was rough you're these first couple months. I had a I don't know what the Italian. I think the here and think they're venal little over sensitive and I don't really mind because the complaint so well lately but. I just sort of feel like give this has the mall in town back up against the wall defensive. What about when the spotlight really on them. And a guy like David Price I mean he was here last year he saw that all sort of shifted. He saw how when he knows that the ups and downs your plate enough times and in Boston and he certainly in them. Who was here all of last year he gets it I I think he gets it. It's hard to tell sometimes. He doesn't react to it in a way that I think is really conducive to a yeah. Mental health split that I've not been he's not mentally healthy I just think it picking fights and getting solved tightened sensitive about all these things. Is a great way to just going nuts you know you're worried so much about everybody saying it's. It just seems like no way to live as 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That your number on text Lamar Ron. Where were we not all focused pretty and acutely on the Celtics here. For these last couple months and even then with the draft in the lottery and you know free agency and all these things the Celtics keep swoop in and of stealing the headlines and kind of taking the spotlight away from the Red Sox and yet they feel like they're really get led a rough go here and a tough. Sun not fair shake from the media and I just look at that and think on know now that's. You guys have been it has been almost ignored largely for the for you know the ratings are doubted people aren't. Nearly is is focused on the Red Sox as they've been in years past even last year. You know you've had yet the one year with a flaky and that sort of just overtook everything. The summer of the flag there was nothing no store the Red Sox didn't matter Red Sox could got a 16210. And the flaky it was still the story of that summer ever but he knows that. But it this year yet another bigger story sort of pop up and I think that's been. What people are mostly talking about and I'm just surprised that they're reacting that weighs 6177797937. Let's go to your volunteer Ryan isn't rain in the Laurent. Thank anchors are are going on you saying that. Ever seen has it doesn't really like gay rights to the point stock analysts outside noise. No I don't think so I think that David Price is respected in and liked by his teammates I think that they all appreciate what he's duet Arnold they all appreciate what he's doing but our member of the whole thing would relic there was who was in the the purse all I think. Was also in the clubhouse saying yeah aid column in LAQ is it wasn't just Bryant feel like price is doing these things. On behalf of some of his teammates sort of figuring listen I'm never gonna I'm never gonna get people who think of me the way I want them Tucson just going to be in a hole that's in the cards so far it's working. You're its second evening you know corporate boards but broke Mark Roberts. Point you can Farrell excuses for police jail. It's couple lost. Sit outside noise. Auburn. Do you think that's what you hear is that owes an excuse all the details about. Sales Saturday as Christians and now I don't think so I think he was talking about the team in general and how you know they're they're going into the all star break presumably in first by I don't think the Yankees can even catch me at this point before the all star break any was sort of generally speaking positively about what's made this team so gonna don't think anything to do. With his starter YE you know my give those rumors I don't think that was a art. Eric thanks right appreciated law have Jon Farrell's post game for you a little bit later on in the 11 o'clock hour and also the full Chris Sale. Post game comments as well not just a little clip you played for either let's go to Steve in Miami IC. I'm good Steve you're ready for the Kelly Olympic area to begin down there in South Beach I'd I'd be over the motive Mario. I hit a well. Take note Blackmon put the one idea bout in opera. That there are right and then I actually got one question talent out here. I had a carry on liquid diet doctors topic to a championship site that not all of them. Getting out but the question I have it. Could these Celtics have. Hold on to them and download side and trade with the treatment that it. Entirely correct a timeout on trade alert you to vote retrial. Well now the only sign and trade Steve that they even talking about is J. Crew are going back to the jazz which I hope they don't do visiting crowd is probably the most valuable piece since he's signed for three years at that great contract. But you know Kelly ONE they had to renounce his rights they have the clear this Roman orders signed Hayward. And I don't know if you sob and Hayward was photographed and Joseph paved and today by an issue for what's supposed to be some big announcement tomorrow. But they can't put ink to paper here until they cleared up the room so maybe some little become a not an out and later early tomorrow morning or something along those lines. But they can do a sign and trade with Olin and Peter said he urine of the money. I'll get because I don't think I'll still have. You get some credit some Beirut rally a shot I mean that's all been hearing about people they can really find him they still have to give us some money. Yes they deal and Avery Bradley's making over eight million dollars financially and makes the most sense to drop him. Or not to drop in the to trade him or if it comes to an I guess the wave him at that would be insane if there is forced to do that. Marcus marks another one and of course Jae Crowder those three guys right there or some combination of them I am pretty positive it is no way it's gonna mathematically work. That one is geared to were. Probably not all three but I'd say probably two of them won't be on the team next year. Well I would think that helped shall long term. Smog makes them more essential. Holding on to because he's just restricted budget. Next you're Bradley there's no way to recover after we're going to be a key character not to highlight their top. Right it also smarts for years younger than Bradley to them. Yeah and hasn't had the injuries as well EU and Bradley. Quarshie how can get chew maybe over the hump. All. More now. Down the road you can't control if they can get some want or have. Our draft pick whatever they have to do it be the most logical and getting therapy makes more than. Jae Crowder. And check out there like he's fed is around for another couple years had a very decent contract. So and I can't believe that nobody else. And the an MBA I would not want to take a run adequate ground page he should have been an all the sense that led this year. He should of the arteries and it was it was because he was injured and missed thirty games with thanks for the call Steve I'll say this. I think that there are teams out there that are interest in all three of those guys I think how would you not be interest in Jae Crowder at seven million dollars had he not be interested. In at least one year V regret the eighty million with a chance to trying to re sign a market Smart 23 year old who showed signs of being. On our knowledge being something more than he's been in his first couple seasons and in the playoffs this year yeah that one big game. Great defensive player good energy guy. That type of guy they could I think be it. Important part of a very good team we're because of his defense and and rebounding abilities and sort of is just overall energy and physical play. But you know now we all make choices here animated choice to go out there and get cordon here it was the right choice and now in order to make that work. They're gonna have to make some tough choices and that's what will. We'll get into I guess so later on probably after 12 o'clock we'll stick to Red Sox years we close out the final hour of Red Sox review that's coming your way next don't go anywhere I'll get you trending now and final hour Red Sox are you coming up right after this year of four traded W media.