Red Sox Review with Christian Arcand - Sox lose to the Tampa Bay Rays

Boston Baseball
Friday, July 7th

Hour 2. Christian reacts to the Sox loss to the Tampe Bay Rays.


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Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody could pitches inside the evolving. And I'll have really hurt theater looking over toward the dugout you heard it in my hand at the risk jobs paralyzed quickly so let's decide to Macintosh you want with the trainers right away you knew that was extremely painfully my ticket to you he's a recap of Red Sox and the race and the pitch playing in an airstrike straight out of my slider down and him as well. To eighteen games that's her right side record for most. Strikeout games branded the all star break. Dial 6177797937. We didn't die hard shot his second service that has had a very good for second for the force. Here's my. This. Great. Or one grade do. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. I had final hour here at our interview and it's onto WEEI late night which tonight it will sound an awful lot like Red Sox review one of those type in nights I wanna get your phone calls here at 61777979837. Ari a couple of text messages here. Before we get to those phone calls Red Sox lose tonight in Tampa the first of a four game set their last series here before the break. And they and other fine star wasted by Chris yelled out as best by any means but certainly. Should have been enough I think. To at least then a little more competitive Red Sox only able to scribe one run on five hits in that coming on a sac fly to left eight men on base. And that really just not. Threatening very often year against the rookie pitcher which they really struggle with rookie pitchers this year it seems like. And you're Tampa Bay Rays who have bands are hanging around all year just treading water around 500. And not going away. Take the first game of this year each year with the Red Sox at Tropicana Field were talking about it with you here at 6177797937. Texas 37937. Tweets. At Christian RT and I was commenting on Chris sales. Post game. Where he said that the Red Sox have done is he believes team's done a good job of blocking out sort of the all the noise. Andy he's proud of his team for that end. And things that that's a big reason why they've been so successful I was sort of questioning just how much noise there's actually bent. And some text or your enemy about that texture in the seventh some forces we don't know what he's talking about in your bleep. Even heard a dip weepy says even during their winning streaks all you've heard it yet either winning but they have no offense they've only had really two big winning streaks of our this year. They had that one. In a wanna say may and then they just had a six game win streak here recently two good stretches very good stretches. And in those stretches. Not so much this last one but the first one. Their offense wasn't exactly setting the world on fire and their offense has not been doing their offense for much of the first half of this year. Has been in the top of the of the league in in batting average and on base percentage in near the bottom in home runs. And in our terms or runs batted in and runs scored their rhetoric on the middle and you count average those things out and figure OK in other just missing that one big proper in the middle lineup but it's more than that I mean guys there are starting to pick it up now Jackie Bradley junior what a big improvement we've seen from him lately smoky bets obviously you know the he'll be okay. Hanley Ramirez he did have that nice little street they're went over for tonight. But certainly seemed to wake up after. One of the reporters had the decency to tell me by the way Hanley kind of suck this year reason why. Eight year old you've got a sack against lefties now and I crashed lefties know him you don't. You get one while the next. Well OK and anyone else started lefty starter hit everybody. And hopefully that that becomes more of a trend Mitch Moreland seven Goodyear. I love the kid at third base I like what he's doing. Patty how can you not. Two more walks tonight he's not some big slugger Europa to bring in some slugging power hitting martini prototypes third baseman in making keep hold your breath for that right now I'll takes away land in his at 310 batting average and 430 on base percentage he can get keep getting on base like dead the at the bottom of this batting order if he keeps it up who get moved up but right now just assuming he stays at the bottom. It can be a big help here for this offense. Jackie Bradley and not a good night you know for four as did this and mr. moral and over three with a walk and we went over four. Just the just the rough night overall from the offense smoky bets so for four lot of guys taken over here and that really not a lot of of threats the team or for eight with runners in scoring position. Hanley head. Four he was all for for every time he came up to get a runner in scoring position he made an out every single time a gave him a bit of a pass just because you've been so good lately. But you really don't wanna see things like that persist as far is is the Red Sox and and in town where is where is this sort of feeling that. That there haven't a block out all this this outside noise texture in the 978 this is do you listen to your station it's nothing but negative talk every day. I have a problem with that. You can say you want about the other station American to defend them I don't work there is nothing to do without talk about this station. I don't think that this station is the wall the wall negativity at all. Yet you major rich key moments with with John Ferrell but I don't think that they've been overly crown thing holly and dale and Richard and overly critical of the Red Sox so far this year. I don't think the gland in Lou I know Lou is head is Ben more critical probably than anybody that works here. But I say they Glen and in four he say they haven't exactly jumped in on the pile line. I don't find myself to be overly negative I don't think Kurt and journal Gergen Jerry haven't been. On very much lately but even when there on I don't find them going over the top and talking negative about the Red Sox to the point that Red Sox players feel like they have to block out things it. Meaning handing Callahan are saying here or really anybody other than Lou in in May be occasionally rich came from the interview the manager but that's. It and it hasn't been that bad it's certainly hasn't been that much I don't I don't really know what they're talking about Chris Sale white. If it. Texture of the 97 eights is David Price have been through so much terrific suffering this year I mean it would just be nightmarish to have warmer Loney criticizing you I can't even imagine that's kind of where I am with that. David Price. Listen David present the Weiner when he was in Tampa. He had to sit down interview. With whoever was over there in Tampa over David Ortiz pimp and home runs. In the wider than he's a Weiner now on I don't really care as long as he pitches well I don't care he's picking fights I don't care he's whining I don't care if he's tweeting out pictures of his hotel balcony in Hawaii and making jokes about how he never wins in the playoff. God they're performance ought to literally all that matters to me. I'm not in the clubhouse I don't care about maintaining relations of ideas people all I care about is that this team wins it's good for business and good reeks of Red Sox fan. And that's it 6177797937. Meter phone number lets you bank your phone calls here Mike is in north Providence I'm IK don't. I question. Yeah with regards to. Wreck site starting pitching situation I'm pretty. Simple fact that the two pictures of the interest and I kind outrage that the two guys one. Ports yes and me. They can get together at any point in price party shall sign that he is it and other. He's been very good I think David Price and as last couple starts is. Is starting to show there there were times last year you remember Mike when David Price had really good stretches ego. You know four or five starts in a row striking at double digit batters and and we haven't seen that yet from him so far this year but he's improving I mean he's improving. Steadily I'd say. For the past I don't know for the past month or so his last three starts have all been very strong he's picked up wins in three of his last four starts. And that his CRA which is up in the mid fives is now down to almost under four so really MI and unhappy with what prices given your right now and he's not the only one you know sale. Not run support tonight but he's been. Dynamite here in this first half armory it's been a revelation and you know even get in some other some other guys contributing as well I'm I'm fine with the starting pitching so far here in the first half. And one earlier callers. Referenced Eric strike out more as that they Ehrlich and it static thing you know like all right it might strike people out as a matter that much. If you look in the history of baseball the guys that got to go one they see him runs. I usually in big time historical pictures sent Nicole Bob Gibson and think about the pre. Maddux in Latin regular season but smokes was their policies start. You know and just thinking you know more recently you know. Any Johnson and Curt Schilling dragging a pretty mediocre got Diamondbacks World Series yells and you know exactly how they did their rate that's out of people's hands. They say more recently it was sixteen years ago obese and puts Timmy might come I'm with their modem and sure more recent than that but I mean David Price led the league in strikeouts last year and the former lead in the playoffs. Yet but the thing is that these the guys that tend. It is these guys 01 run and by the way the price for example ready job. You know had a long history like capsule utility and goes until he paired up shortly and so maybe you know may maybe. Sale aegis yet except in the post season. But maybe it's gruesome. Yet and yet and that's in the policies and that it edged. Out maybe you ought to run and then. A price strapped in right behind them I mean this is that sort of thing happened. That essentially dipper or any job yeah and amp for major Martinez might either it's vice. Yes exactly. So. Back that's light strike at term or not that that might. All right thanks for the call Mike I appreciate it's 61777979237. Dairies in Springfield let. Erica Kane and analysts here you rebound. Oddly business here and ride around on on Verizon plan. Well I was up last week when I'm back in that probably won't get another chance taking time off this summer so don't worry a beard when he mean. Cool cool cool cool me. Real quick out of me the torrents into thoughts on the new date the government computer literate now. No because I don't have title and denied as Sprint's it is not my dad now listen I've I've tried to carve out some time I have to drive somewhere tomorrow and that's when I plan on listening to it all the way through. I have a long driver had a date tomorrow and after my other job and that's an analyst and there was saw a report bagged you after that. If you Google the word you use that are another thing. That guy who just talking my I think it's you know it's understated like if price can. But the way over his shoulder with sales in the post season might and might make you don't mind Nicol might make a good run and so that that can't be done. I hope so well listen I mean sales and untested playoff performers while we don't know what kind of playoff picture will be like I'd like to think that'll be as good as he is in the regular season but sometimes it doesn't quite go like that we'll see I mean they gotta get there first so obviously one's one foot ahead of the others. But it leveled the Kershaw that's for sure yeah com. Then nothing Tom price is that a pipe in the tightening try to really given the nature third base like each Belcher fuels and Rangers mockery. Belcher from the ranger Martinez Victor Martinez from the tigers. Yeah listen I mean this. I don't know he be what did the rescue would be willing to give up suited to get a guy like that those are a couple old guys and and you know. Just for this season I mean it's. It's tough that it's tough to make a deal like that and have a work out for you you know my feeling every time every time someone picks up an old man rental like that like Beltran laster whoever is. It always a service seems like while I was a waste the time you know and I don't ally Beltre is performed here I like him I think he'd be good you know he'd be good at third base. What was the other guys said. Victor Martinez sheriff did DH there in Detroit I don't know what kind of year he's having but it. I don't know it to sort of seems to me like those those moves never really work out play once in a great while they do for the most part I think. People on the board grading those types of moves. You get equity facing both. And we want more are you on the books always reluctant you could just hang up that you already. All right thanks for a car and Darian Marcus all sure I'm on that wave known in the no question. Another another sort of what what do you what are you willing passes to do to get him to have a question their cell I don't know -- we'll talk more about. Marcus on the Celtics and sort of what they have to do here to get this roster and in the shape that they wanted to be and we'll do that a little bit more in the WEEI late night starting at twelve stick to Red Sox here in Red Sox review I'll stay one more call here before the break David is a bright night David. Christian militia you do. Not a million metric ton of grip. Argument about in on in the wind up back. From WJ a player which. Celtics and so perhaps for a player I don't wish higher batting average ability twenty or contact. In one at that. In the playoffs. We're just wanted that anytime anywhere one. Okay I'm on what I wanna guy who's should be having a good year guy a who has been good in the playoffs historically so it's a question of late. Would I rather you know move he vets be up or policy and the ball be up to Sandoval also urges good playoff performer and he's a guy who's done it before and it's probably a bad example right now but that's sort of the question you're asking here would you know with playoff experience is someone who's having Goodyear. Act out on it's tough when David I think dead. EEE you do like it especially in baseball playoff performers and it. There's all sorts of arguments over whether clutch exists in around you people really clutch yours is just the question of good players make good plays in those situations. I I do tend to think the ego with a guy who got you there you got you know if there's if there's a player who's been really. Doing it for you all season long and it's a question between him or someone who you know years ago at a great play out I go with the guys hot right now and that's discern how I think about it. But I don't know the tough questions tough hypothetical. All right thanks David appreciate it glad I can clear that up for a David and his buddies. One at bat means nothing. Just okay who won a bad everybody. That you guys pick someone. Is there really hell works but I I get with it it was going for 6177797937. I am getting at act. Mercilessly on the tax line I'm gonna call my lawyer number epic after this reds actually for Sox review which. The. He had borrowed a phone who's who's. There's only one retailer wannabes this irritating and who suit hopefully initiative to be published or quote. Just a few more of these left him a little do you think your questions hacked into us. Not done enough. Was she. I have. Bogart's he's been these are even pay enough bite his legs he's that. He's not talking about it. But yeah Zander Bogart's scary moment in this one tonight. As he takes a page off the wrist but it ends up just being a contusion or very bad bruise we'll see if he plays at all again in these next couple games are they just humanize. Long week here to recover I'd almost prefer they do that then again. And heaven Maria or Paula Deborah did drive in the only run tonight so you do have that there's a guy and tax who just does not is not okay with any sort of criticism of the Boston Red Sox ever. For any reason. Despite the fact that this is a program literally called Red Sox review where you review what happened with the Red Sox the Red Sox lost 41 tonight I have Ben praising Chris Sale pretty much the entire show. I have certainly. Given my opinion here on just how bad spend it for the for the Red Sox in in how much noise there's been for them that. Feel like they have to block out I didn't. You know some of pays pretty close attention of feel like there's been. Really all that much and certainly not anything close to what we've seen in some years past. And there's just the text there in the 774 was. Very emotional about their right now so I don't know I did this may not be the show for you a show called Red Sox review may not be the show for you if you simply refuse. Two it suited to listen to rule or. Or tolerate any sort of criticism of your beloved Boston Red Sox as may not be. The program for you out there texture in the seventh some four we're gonna do right now though is we are going to give you Chris sales post game. Press conference he spoke with our report is a really pressed cover to speak with reporters in the clubhouse had a lot to say about start tonight the first half and then here it is right now darker so there. An avenue through muscle to a third. No sort of pretty good. Middle innings government slope plus much. You know single runs its positioning their name on the home run really just. So excellent engine out of us once. Think it is important don't want them. We don't through so. She probably doesn't best book. Pretty much hit it close. Fastball. Trying to. The piano players. And so much effort pitch around guys to consider that at all united since the promise he sits. Don't think I've ever. Consumer patient room anybody. Military Warner. They're really decent good officials who have four. But I haven't checked on. Probably won't let him sleep tonight. Just you know steaks then. You know into the ambulance at a discount something out of us. That's on me you know younger veterans that are especially later on in game 670 feminist and you know bear down. The runners were positioned right there. The percussion lessons here are you surprised when I think of that happens to even mention it and Dennis has never sort of something in final vote. Don't have something like this and it's got a better there no matter. The location or what stuff I have only given night. He's got to bear down situations and just to be better. It's. It's a tough spot put my finger in there especially women and just durable and arms are there too so. Can you just. Work alone with some preachers comment in your first half Chris. I don't think this really told the world. So is this person and hear from me because I decide pretty pleased with how it's gone. Number in word with the flow and I think. I think there's been a lot of questions along the way and I think prevents him pretty well. We've got a cousin who have been here a while that. The dual we needed to do and some some young us up enough so. Disciplined him or were good we have a lot of talent and I think you know what I also know what's going on we've we've known very well we play very well so. Tell us where things such for games of pool and play good and put Gordon. And this in the first a formidable. Quarters of those funerals well in the entertainment arm almost off for us it's more for those who talk well so. Polluted. They go Chris Sale after the game. Not talking about himself but if you were to talk about himself he probably see some light on the man. And you the other straight out a 178. Dry out. It's as if I was Chris Jones when I would said. I'm not a big fear about talking about myself except his first pat yeah strike everybody. It's extra outs. Mohsen Schilling and hotel. Most fire Red Sox pitcher before the break since Pedro 99. And oh start the American League. With eleven wins and a two point 75 ERA. Parity talked about his comment about the outside noise and how they handle it and everything. Just for the record revenue problem. With the Red Sox taking on this sort of us against. Not us against the media us against the fans us against the world whatever it is if that's working for them that's you know that's something that. Sort of rallies them all together in the in the clubhouse and they're able to go out there and perform the chip on their shoulder do they think that. You know some of the gonna go on TV or go on the radio after the game and and have nothing to say we're finally gonna shut up those loud mouse over there at WEEI and it's she is sent or whatever great find what ever got ahead. Still gonna do our show little part of our doc about and you know in terms of being critical about the team. I give the listening to this show. MI show on late night. I'm critical of the team when did what they deserve it and there's even points this year when they've deserved they're at some point this year where every team in the American League not named Houston Astros has deserve a heaping pile of criticism Red Sox do sorry that's just the way it is. You can't it can't be all sunshine and rainbows for a couple of reasons number one that super boring and number 20 it's not reality. But Chris Sale. Have you heard me or anybody else say a thing that's even in the negative realm about Chris Sale. I'll say ish. Nights like tonight when they do not give him any offense I worry that Chris sells mishap. You know I worry that that might he might head in the head into the club louse comeback gal one of those Rambo knives just are going to town on everybody's jerseys. That's it. That's as close to it's is caused any sort of criticism I can give you about Chris Sale let it. He is Ben the awesome so far this year I think he's been at one of the best acquisitions the Red Sox have made several years. And I'm so glad that he is on the bus threads on. His starts are entertaining bear must see TV. You rule it get up if you're at a game that he's pitching you get up in Ugoh got dark you get a beer you go to the bathroom when the Red Sox heard that. You do not miss Chris Sale. He's been putting on shows this year. And it has been very very enjoyable. He is banned everything I think any Red Sox fan could possibly hoped for. When when the trade was completed. He's been all that more. And when he's out there in out patient in the all star game just keep in mind here that this was. This was something that was and I'm really anybody's radar in the offseason. Red Sox trading for Chris Sale Chris Daly and being available. All of that was very much in now not I'm not on anyone's radar that I can remember before it happened. I don't remember there being much talk about Chris showed getting moved the Red Sox being in on sailor Sharon any of that stuff. And instead that deal got done a god it was a hefty price that the Red Sox had to pay but so far has been worth. Every penny and more with interest 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That your number on text. We'll take a quick break we'll come back when we come back we have John Ferrell post game comments as well and more your phone calls it 6177797937. This is red Sartre view here on Sports Radio W. Red Sox revue with Christian art. Badger Sports Radio WEEI. Per generic in the stretch our interview we're gonna hear from John Ferrell in just a minute there's attacks on or address there from the 407. Which generally know what that is. Texture says they were talking about picking up sale for months four months prior to the trader you for a real. That's not how I remember it and I just pulled up the article here in according to Dave to rescue the man himself. It is in two sides began trade talks the Friday before the deal was reached. And then heated up from there. The deal was made on December 7. In the Friday prior to that I believe who is. In. That she December. Homer. That would be it is Friday before that would be the second. It was a Wednesday so Wednesday December 7 the set it was. Two sides begin in earnest last Friday before after baseball's new labor deal was reached and that they heated up from there. So it was really moral. Four days that they seriously talked about it and I don't really remember being reported at all. There were rumors during the season. About may be something happening with Selva none of them were ever taken all that seriously that I remember. Obviously these talks heated back up but I mean it was a quick window between the the new labor deal. Red Sox and White Sox talking Chris illustrated I mean it was a matter of I'll mushy thing to rescue lying it was a matter of about 45 days. So that's that's certainly not how I remember that all going down I'd Matty in my in my crazy here. Yeah that's exactly how our member of that happening. Yet this season during the season there was trade deadline chatter about it but I don't think anyone took it all that seriously. I just got David Price they Chris sailed through yeah okay. I was that is how I remember the reaction that going. It all came back very quickly and without much fanfare and certainly without much many leaks about it and boom trade happens that's it that Wednesday. That's not for months that's about four days. 6177797937. Is the phone number this is Red Sox review we're gonna do right now. Is I hear from John Ferrell manager of the Red Sox obviously you know John Earl of he spoke to the media nears a lot of sleepless. A couple of pitches that didn't get to the intended area that came back home a little bit but. He was strong you're doing so all three pitches working here again the night. But Ramos as it is the one guy and a lot of that it came back to normal but here today we're program. Have gone. You don't fastball right at the top of the zone and he he's got some deception in his delivery there's some sneak into some fastball gets on some hitters. I had a change of the religion to Brussels and guys down and pillage constraining us together tonight even when we started a number of innings. With a leadoff man getting on. He's day to day human for Trisha the which are negative. But he's got some swelling it in the right hand. He was hit on the outside and handle on the Friday part of Hansel. We'll check him when he comes in tomorrow whether digital or not vote will determine at that time. I use for small and here I. Anderson you know tonight a couple of fringes like we're talking about this is at the top of the strikes on that and resulted in some pop ups votes. You know that there's been some hard hit it. You know what malls and are you he skulls while the other night rider vendors. But to you know. It's it's three games where he's coming off on a series in Toronto. Where he was just outstanding. But stellar. Only if you look at the way he's pitched keeping the ball games. The competitiveness of U and the numbers speak for themselves and he's on a historic run here. By the way he's gone through this first half he's let our pitching staff has been a leader on our team. So everything we could have hoped for when we acquired him. But he certainly lived up to a. Or visit us break. Well one thing was Christian he didn't look at the walk totals he's going to be around flight. And you know guys are aggressive against him that they may have to give a pitch it's on the play because. He attacks every one. Then he's gonna use a constant next books a couple of first pitch. First pictures particular Ramos are really key. Were. You know Peta seems like every time he walks into about it sponsorship three balls on and that was again and tonight three consecutive advance work. He can trust to the some balls he gets in a good hitters count once again in the third Brett. It's hard comeback her and then even in the ninth inning word nourishment of equality about a cancer and a good closer. That you know scores of ball the middle so he's patient he's calm and is clearly under control at this level. A sure. I think the one thing that so it. Stands out is that you you get against Christians are gonna total football you play more he's got to discipline strikes only and that's to his credit he's very disciplined. And doesn't expand outside that and then once you know guys an aggressive point was taken for granted. But when you get into good hitters counts who's got a compact swing and get the barrel so. John Ferrell there are those were his up post game comments. The Red Sox there's a couple of things about the Red Sox right now is we as we get to the end of the the first half of the season need to be sort of bribe number one. Is that they have played a tremendous amount of games are. The Red Sox who played a stretch now of 33 games and 34 days. Leading to the all star break. With all these games in a row they've been playing remarkably well. In fact I just checked there were four games back. Of the Yankees less than a month ago. And other three and a half games up on them. That's impressive enough on its own they needed some help from the Yankees falling apart obviously to achieve that but still it's impressive in and of itself. The what was the other thing. A camera there's one other thing that it. But that that Timmy having you looking at you look at these last two games. And yet the offense wasn't there. But this is better pray the intense stretch for the Red Sox they played that game late last night. With this to get knocked around they had to fly at a Texas to Saint Petersburg late late at night. They've played all these games in a row you know they're tired you know I can't wait for the break to get here. I just hope they can sort of keep it together in and take care of business in these last. Three games against Tampa because the rays are pretty good you know they're not they're not food they're not your gram for as Tampa Bay Rays I don't know exactly what they are to be honest with you. They got some real sluggers in that lineup. You know some guys the you're really fear they don't have any real stars though you know there aren't any real name recognition on that team. Longoria I guess. In around these days he's as stubborn he's sitting through 55 with a 315 on base personally he's you know he's not doing much this year. The real star that team. Are the stars of that team I should say are your Logan Morrison's and in our own guys like that put it even even there you know you've got a. Offensively. I don't know if this is Corey Dickerson is hidden over 300 Morrison's got 24 home runs 57 RBIs they. You've got day you've got a team over there that has some pieces in place. You know they got all the tools to be a good team they're not quite there are quite there yet but they do have the tools. A guess and they got some buffers. Dickerson is sooners though Longoria and occasionally. Dick Christians gad over a hundred heads. And Aaron I mean a look at irritation in the guide they got guys who were. Certainly Chris archer he's been better than it was last year which isn't saying much but it you know what he's capable of Alex Cobb in the or re easy guys with the IRA's in the very low forest. You know it's three starters right there was he areas are already around four but who ought to be better than it. They don't have much of a rotation as our era module bullpen. Column is pretty good and they guide in values nice there's the bad this year they do have some decent set up guys not not much for closer now much for middle relief but it. In down there they're there they're hanging around. And I'm not sure that there are going anywhere. Because they haven't been impressive but they have been steady and I think that's really only need to make. That's all you need to be right now on this American link. As for your Red Sox as we take stock of this first half. And this is the last time you'll hear from me and told Lou all star break begins. I won't ever show tomorrow and I'll be back on on Monday effect next week's going to be fun. Next week we're gonna have a lot of hours the other that the as we crews in the all star weekend. Buy it. Sort of taking stock of this team and what they've banned. What we've seen. I think we've seen it. The pretty I don't know predictable. Ups and downs of way of a good young player it injured Ben attendee. Who turned 23 today. I want one for three with a walk and didn't do anything else what you do when your point their birthday my 23 berth you know it's a term armor. Probably some dumb are Rory that I might when he first birthday. I want to see boot camp click the parodies. And it was awesome. At my first legal drink right there at the bar. And then watched black moon in. Smith & Wesson and all those guys it was a great show it was a really really fun show. And after that we went out and I guide blackout drunk with it's but I do remember that showed it was a good show. January 11 most of 2004. There. Now 2003. Rolen and you know. They have boot camp is playing right there at the paradise. And they they Iraq that they put on a great show just for me it was a private show I was the only one in the crack. The century six on 77797937. As your phone number 379837. That your number intact. Jackie Bradley having a very good year. You've had real problems at third base but it seems like those problems aren't quite as bad now with the play and debuts UA when. You've had Dustin Pedroia and give you is good first half not a great one hitting about 300 Zander Bogart's. Same sort of deal no power from either of those guys but certainly very good batting average. On base percentage Mitch Moreland having a very fine year. And they are Mir is. Below average I'd save it been better lately was awful tonight though him it was terrible tonight. All for four with runners in scoring position team or for eight wasn't just him but it was not not a good night for the DH. And it. Starting pitching you've had one guy who's been as good if not better than anyone in the entire league. In your bullpen you got blown one of if not the best closures and all of baseball there's while. Only other guy can think of is Greg Holland I'm advantage nationalist Iraqis have been doing lately but he was sort of neck and neck with camera for most of the year. You get absolutely make that argument that generals these superior closures as good if not. As good as anyone in there and. Red Sox have and they had all those years and Koji and Papelbon and all those guys kuril and one season. Really has join that champion and he has been awesome this year in the entire bullpen has still there's a lot to like about this Red Sox team. And I think they've. For the most part people like this Red Sox teammate they went kind of under the radar here to start the year because of the Celtics in the big run they went on. But really you've you've not I don't know I don't understand what the with the mentality stems from its because of the media it's because there's too many people talking about all the time he will be into negative people the into this too that. You know welcome to the sports media and when he 17 am sorry it's like this everywhere now and it's definitely definitely delight as the Boston. Always has bend but don't act like it's any different in new York and Philadelphia in. Any other city in the East Coast having combined. It's it's part of the culture says the way it is and I don't know I mean it doesn't it doesn't necessarily seem to be bothering them all that much. They are using it I think to their advantage bulletin board material comes in all shapes and sizes forms and whatever sometimes its opponents who give you bulletin board material sometimes it's local media sometimes it's stands sometimes radio talk show host I don't know. But if they're taking it and sort of internalized in it and using it to go out there and pound the blue jays and pound the Rangers. Find it down we should all be rooting for that and I think it's. None of it nothing it has anything to do with me IE I can say whatever wanna set never have to face these people. And that's the beauty of my job I'm not going and any club houses that is not some assignment I'm gonna be given. If I was given that assignment I would probably to compensate the you know I mean it's just it's not to me it doesn't matter I do think though that this year. It's largely Ben and me. Just. Talking points wise celtics' number one Red Sox number two for at least the last two months three months. Bruins were more involved there of course the Red Sox seasons only remodeled but you know what I mean. When the red sock when there's the only game in town and that's by spotlights just on them. I wonder if they'll be able to sort of internalized and react this way India I'm just glad I. Hate to say I'm worried about them being insensitive but I kinda am just a little bit. I hope that it's not a problem. That's others leave it at that 6177797937. Is your phone number this is veterans are true view as we transition into the 12 o'clock hour the clock is officially struck midnight it's Friday. There's been a very short week for a lot of us yet it's also felt like a very long week somehow how is it that I've only had the work two days. And I'm exhausted in feel like this week is totally kick finance that I eat that many hot dogs last week yes I did. Yes I did and I think that has a lot to do with that we're gonna take a break we'll come back WEEI late night coming your way next.