Red Sox Review with Christian Arcand: Who is the most important player on the Red Sox behind Sale and Kimbrel? 08-09-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, August 10th

Chris Sale and Craig Kimbrel are the 1st and 2nd most important player's on the Red Sox this year and Christian wants to know who is the 3rd most important player on the team. Christian also talks about the nicknames that will be used during players weekend and how some of the nicknames are not very original.  


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He's he's a Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. You want to lose to more risky tempers base is one of my driver book he gets up and drops it the first club that's. So. To recap of the Red Sox and the race but do it here it is. Why drive lit up scant one rods bars and as well they called it that wrote the tickets to a lot. It's pretty. Dial 617779793. Shouted. Here's the pitch and he swings it round that they keep their backing to fight those fires basketball pick. I played by a ball game or not there but overall. Right side we'll open the race that. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Good evening welcome it's. Red Sox for years Sports Radio W we have some late night hot late night yet we got about another hour and a half and finally there right now notes Red Sox for you Red Sox now 18 in a row scoring eight runs against the rays tonight at the drop eight to two your final score record seller get the wing get some run support. Though not in the traditional sort of way I guess this weird game is a very strange game I mentioned last night gather outside. Are proving that they can win games in various different ways and that's very good and I'm very happy about that and tonight. You Saudi rare but not. That rare. Other team giving the game away and it's pretty much what happened and has won the Tampa Bay Rays all my god what a mess they were this team name you know over the course of the first three months of the season I thought it was gonna be real contenders because they were able that. Counted shy away not not get too far down into the into the muck there and now we're looking at a team that just one game over 500 there have all sorts of problems. And they were all on display tonight here's a look at stocks. I mean it started right away IQ you were having. Bad errors early on in this game and there is. Also well just when that went that reliever came in that I Dan Jennings. Why now. Him and Sergio Romo these guys and Enid at port catcher he was he was. Under siege Wilson Ramos. That was a that was a tough game for him there as these pitchers not trying to make his life easy and tons of honor Ron's company. It was it was nice to see it was nice to see the Red Sox go out there and and really. Take advantage of some missed plays by the other team you didn't see him run in the any outs tonight it was. It was quite the opposite actually even if they did the red that the rays were just screwing things up sold. Consistently that you really. Had to feel good about it and on top of all that yet to feel good about reports sell what he gave you here tonight. Started to come apart a little bit in the sixth inning and that's when he. Was taken out of the game after going six innings allowed just four hits two of them are solo home runs one was to Brad Miller in the other two the I kidded Gainey had a aria. Who hit one into the bottom of the lineup there. With the home run to left field and then Brad Miller followed it up. With a home run to right field. Two bath one batter later. And that was it that's really all offenses are here from Tampa the Red Sox. Able to win these two games in varying fashions last night it was certainly not a game like this last night the offense was just about nonexistent in the pitching vegetarian in this game the pitching was pretty good not great although I do think the torso was dominant for the first five innings. Until until the success you start to fall apart a little bit very very nice performance again for your bullpen. Matt Barnes picking up a hole here with a as scoreless inning. Brandon Workman. Love what he's given year he pitched the 123 inning there in the eighth and then Joseph Kelly coming in the closes one out. As it was certainly not a save situation Red Sox with a six run lead. And there you go your Boston Red Sox now owners have an eight game win streak there are the hottest team in baseball. And now really the only thing to worry about his. Credit possibly peeking through sooner and not even gonna start in with their conversation I had to people call and then sort of mention that last night and I think that's sort of plays into this and erotic Red Sox can. Stereotype that I don't really wanna be apart of even though I'm I'm perpetuate a more than anybody else here without up and down I get what this team really I mean right now others. There's not elected to really nitpick this is a team it's clicking this is a team that's winning games they're playing together they're playing for each other they seem to be sort of enjoying all of this and you know I'll I'll tell you why. This is such. Sharp sharp detour from the direction it seemed like this team was going in Andy is that that's. So it makes it to me all the sweeter. I know there's some Red Sox fans out there we're sort of having trouble enjoying all of this because these go find the team on likable and of those fans as a light nobly I mean you only get one baseball season a year. And this one's going pretty well right now a Red Sox in first place it does look like however the Yankees if they can hold onto an 85 lead now on the top of the ninth inning. Will maintain the four game it's four and a half right now but if the Yankees hold on here will be back to four games. They got a night out tomorrow and then you play those yankees this weekend with a chance to. Really puts in space there really put some space between you and them. And hopefully going forward here the rest of this month and the rest of this season not have to play with that sort of in that being hanging over your hey you know this all OK things are going well we're playing well Blake in round couple that bad stretch here there and all the sudden heard. Right back into in into the mode basically this team has been for most of the season up until recently which was kind of you know hanging around first place alternating with the Yankees have game here one through three if he gets the four games they usually sort of harbinger of bad things that come afterwards you get a four game lead in the division and you lose it very quickly that's kind of beneath the MO of all the teams that have been in first place at any point this year. And that so far the Red Sox continuing to play well this is. Another. Good not great offensive output Eduardo Nunez literally knocking. Jake coterie Ziad of this game and be you know you hate to see that McMahon arteries. Worries he was pitching pretty well and Nunez man that guy talk about locking and talk about to hit the cover off the ball Nunez was. He hit two yet another guy didn't need. Drive one off Evan Longoria once it's too early in the game on a sec. It was a it was a clinic I think yet the third inning. He lied he lined a bullet rated that right Longoria Longoria caught the ball. But I mean that was coming Adam Blake is born out of an AK 47 and an next time he's up drills one right off lotteries leg and that looked like that really hurt. And he was down for the count there and that was it yet to come out of the game. Red Sox then inserted and feasting on Dan Jennings who could not find the plate. And we did find the plate they hit itself. You know there you go Red Sox. It. Two games we've. Which is you know sort like that Cleveland series you don't you don't learn too much from a especially the way these games sort of went down. Another clinic in pitching for Chris element sort of this weird game here tonight by. Doesn't really matter to me at this point. You know we're talking about oh win streak here and not just any old win streak you're talking about a win streak that now includes two wins from work or sell and that to me. That day. Here is what's been probably the biggest. Buzz kill on this team. Whenever it seems like they're start to put things together whenever it seems like things have been starting to collect whatever it seemed like the makings of a win streak were were right there and in things were just you know all the neat it was that one big start from port sell off. You know he's got a really tough year. And he is Ben a he has been a rally killer for the steam for for a lot of the year and it's just you know it's just the way it is he was good tonight and he's been good couple starts now. So. A look at why a look at what he's doing and I know I know when that last game and White Sox game it was great. Five and a thirty did he did pick up the wins and wins a win but it wasn't like he was dominant or anything he gave up at five runs on seven hits indeed much better than that here tonight. But the point is report cell I think some of the task to be considered a mental thing. You know you go from last year winning the Cy Young. Getting a league high in runs. Of support. And then try and it's a ride that ended the season when you don't necessarily have your best stuff. And to sort of pile on to that not not only did not have his best stuff but the team wasn't scoring runs in light half of his starts. And that is. To me anyway something it's got in and you could see a mean you've seen it in a lot of his starts this year he's been very notable and even when he goes out there pitches well just completed team was. Unable to score Iran's foreign. That last time he pitched against Tampa Bay went eight innings six hits one run struck out seven did watch anybody in the team lost one nothing I mean that's that's kind of been there. The theme of reports all season this year so it was really really nice to see him go back to Tampa a place where you last. Did pitch very well and didn't get the when he goes in there tonight pitches well. Gets the wind and improved now to six and fourteen very quietly is ERA over his last ten starts has dropped about 42 points so I mean we're talking about a guy who I think it's trending in the right direction. In a report cellist trending in the right direction that's a big boost for the starting rotation because he's been that guy that's kind of killed two rallies here over the course of the season. And if that's off the table now you can sort of would depend on port sell to at least go out there and keep in the game and you can count on this offense given some run support. We got we got a lot of things working here right now this Red Sox team is in very very good shape and that is. Music to my ears your 6177797937. As your phone number you can text into the show at 37937. And I wanna throw this out there as well. We got it and fluency. A month. In three weeks and then plus another like week in September. Left in the season so let's say about another month and a half technically little little. Less than that. We know that Chris Sale. As many MVP of the team so far I think we can all agree on that. You could maybe make an argument for curable let's just take both of those guys off the table right now with sale and general off the table. Who has been the MVP of the 2017 Boston project. Who's been the third most important rights act. The question that was sirte you know I was thinking about it I was exit of order or knew yes it's it Rauf failed to ever are they the third most important reds are right up. Maybe they are. They might actually beat. The two of them I don't know three in three days here when everyone to save it. That that's a legitimate question I have three right now after after shale and after Kimbrel who were clearly one and two who was the third most important Boston writes. That's my question to you tonight here at love that quality here's some your answers I'll get to a get through I think it is when we come back. And now we'll go from their 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That if you number on tech's quick break we're back after this year on reds are two of you. Red Sox would do you with Christian art can. I mean. I. Red Sox. Now won eight straight. What else can you say. Texas and have greater on Twitter I can't read the I carry this Twitter handle without getting in trouble with management but it says how great is the Red Sox offense tendencies will sail when MVP how good the outfield bans find out tonight on such review. I don't they're selling them be beer now. It doesn't I think he'd probably you know should be considered for I don't care who wins and I'd probably gonna win the Cy Young. Assuming that he can continue to be used as normal dominant self and he doesn't get passed by Corey clue where I mean that's kind of ordered all comes down through here. I don't care much about the outfield dance. Attentive when they when he came ends I got screwed over here so I miss the outfield and most of the time and I'll tell you it would sort of bothers me about the dance. Is that whoever is. Doing it does the same move every time. An attendee keeps doing that Michael Jackson move Jackie Bradley with X Ian thing which I was funny the first time announce like okay c'mon guys. We mix it up a little bakery to something different. I feel like it's gonna get stale if it hasn't already. But anyway. We're not here to talk about this team dancing with the British talk about this team which is winning right now on an act is winning and winning warmer or sell off makes a start. And that is a stark contrast from how most of his starts have gone this year they get two wins in a row for him. Two one real quality start one not so much by two wins nonetheless. You have a 42 point drop in his in his ERA over his last ten games. And a guy who really if this team's gonna be successful. Demonstration in the playoffs has to be contributing I think that's that's the long and short of it here. David Price they're saying maybe mid September he'll be back. I'm start to think less and less than David Price is gonna be your real factor in this in this season for there for the rest of the time here and it's unfortunate because I think they could really use of playoff record notwithstanding I think he's a guy that if he was here enabled it to contribute would be doing so we be happy with that. Regardless of what you think about the man personally. And that's unfortunate might be considering the fact that Porsche Seles starting to turn his season around here which we've been waiting for all year. Along with the Red Sox offense the number two thing you've been waiting to change and see a change and has been reports solid minutes starting at starting with the ball today the offense has been better. Marcelo has been better. Really the two main. Main issues with this team have been. A lot smoother lately and that's that something you have to take into consideration years this team continues to win games and now can going to New York. And in take on these yankees I mean this is this is a series that. I don't I don't wanna say a lot is riding on his there's still a lot of time left here in the in the news in the season. But if you wanna talk about a a possible. Pot I'd analysts say a possible turning point citing the turning point happen that Cleveland game that first or the second Cleveland game they wanted to walk off in Salem curable got knocked around. That was the turning point to me. And this can be one of those statements here you know a series where this team sort of puts their foot down and says this is this is who we are in this what we're gonna do and everybody else from here on out. NIA I like their like their chances. I don't know if they're gonna sweep it but you know what why not. Eduardo Rodriguez on Friday in tiny Garcia drew Palmer rants against Luis Severino which should be good good pitching match up I mean. I think that between the two of them are probably rather have Severino my team but Palmer it's is having a better year in the added that says that's a good matchup on Saturday and increased sale I don't know who sales going against on Sunday. It was supposed to be. That's what we sabathia. Yeah and he's on the DL now so he might not pitch again this year. So without all those pitcher for New York on Sunday by NL all take all take our three lefties against whoever their truck and out there. The way that they've been pitching this year and then Doug Fister of course played pitch that Monday game. Against Cleveland it'll be haven't Trevor Bauer to make up game which will be starting at six by the way on Monday night at seven self. It make sure you'd Sager watchers for that went 6177797. And 937 as your phone number let's go to the phone stuck to Brian and Attleboro high Bryant. Acres and now they're quick there are much older. He doesn't know. I hit you questioned you know US is anemic you know a year I don't consider it Pretoria I mean I love mean and divers and a date you know an agreed that they have been there all year. The majority I mean he. Rules allow very illuminating. And it was one game particularly where. He resisted the. Yeah Pedroia is Ben is since the break anyway before it went down with his injury Brian I would say the Pedroia was probably. I'd say he's definitely only guy it was hitting. The the entire team went into real fond there except for Pedroia he was the only guy that was for keep them afloat. But really and I looked down it looked down the list at all these players and aired wins above replacement offensively Zander Bogart's is still in him and rookie vets are still one and two. Tied at the top there with a 2.2 war in the network or news uses is under them. Pedroia is actually behind. Those three and Jackie Bradley junior but only by a little bit so yes I mean I I I could you could say Pedroia iffy. If you want to he's played great defense and in sort of everything else is in 300 that's that's reasonable absolutely. You know I have a question now on you talk about little streak here. I have a question and there's no point armies centered around for so when two teams in the streets of conduct tests and we had a bag came out of sales and and you can't. Now that it's coincidence that they on the street and prices and on the DL sense I mean. They don't have that Wang normally is negativity you know that. I mean I just think bears are playing better looser now without I mean their routine they want that walk out and you complain that your face our order. He wasn't complaining about the ice to get it with the ice and need for a second made a face and then he started laughing you're Bryant he didn't actually complain no complainant and let me also say it is you say that the team's better off without him his negativity there he's not even going where he's been with the team the whole time. You know he's there in the dugout he's around the players is in the clubhouse is solid he's gone so I don't really see how that applies he's not pitching yet sure by I don't think he's pitching was to do was hold the team that it was an overall presence right his presence hasn't faced a banner. You know I do like right I mean right wing when he is on the mound and you know he's pay any outrageous. All the other side's you know we aren't love to do well. I guess I need to what I don't think that's I don't think that's hurting the team and he's been there for this eight game win streak he's been around it's it's only been gone. He's not complaining but he's not been gone he's better mood in the die just like any other pitcher on an off day in our so. He's still there. Prior prior I'll thank Harrison you got Brian you know let's go to ID that he knew I didn't. Takers and how are you we say David. Our bottom and they have their captors sale and Kimbrel public such interest in our third our leader of the squad this year especially after having a year yet last year. This year being definitely and number two starter there was eleven win and well 3.3 six ERA what you. Yeah I would say that was probably the guy I was gonna go with David I was gonna be here would with the people had to say but Palmer had his mind. Niger comrades I think he's the guy who's been a real X-Factor on this team this year. And without creek without David Price for most of the year with report Salo having a really really tough year. This team was sort of kept afloat by their bullpen by Chris Sale a major Palmer it's a mean those those. Two guys have really done gone above and beyond and for Palmer answer particular you expect from Chris Sale before drew Palmer it's like you said and yeah. No one did I mean eat any to start the year very well either in April it was a very good break. He really started bear down in and picked it up and now he's been one near one of the most consistent starters in the American League that's just on the team he's got eleven wins that mean there's. That's top tens so yeah you got you got yourself for real a real X-Factor in Palmer rants and the only question is can keep it up the rest of the year and in the post season I think that's all that's really left to see from him he's. Exceeded all expectations this year. Yeah that definitely I hope Sony made them out really good these last. Odd couple of months. Yeah I would agree with that thanks for the call David appreciated 6177797937. As your phone number you can text in at 379372. Pretty good names there. Both with the initials the Pedroia is padded Goodyear not a governments it was a great one it's been a good year yeah great year in with a glove. Pretty good year at the plate drew Palmer it's in around. Blew me away. I expected something like this from Pedroia this year I expected and actually have did it a little more power by. You know I expect her season around you know batting average around 300 and and kind of what he's been giving year with and hot streaks mixed in throughout the season. But Palmer rants. Did you expect anything close to this Trojan virus. Did you expect anything close to what's he projected 472. Innings this year. First of all let's just start there and any written realistically have any any that you expected to pitch. I expected in the may be top out around where he is now which is it a hundred and when he 120 and two thirds. That's of our I expected him to be all season especially after his rough April. Andy he's on pace now for another fifty starts after this. And in the way of it the way that he's been going if he continues this pace you'll finish the year with a record of nine of sixteen and six. With a 336 ERA in a whip of 134. That's phenomenal for him. What what we expected from drew Palmer and and while we're getting is. So different I can't even explain it it's almost almost even more so than the bullpen is in the bullpen you expected Carol to be good he's been great. You didn't expect much from anybody else. Buy it it's the bullpen you know a guy can get hot and in things can happen drop Palmer like we all knew which are Palmer it's was we thought we did. And instead he's come out there and that is consistent as you could possibly old fort. And that to me is it makes him the third most important player on this team not just pitcher but player period. And this pitching staff is still the team's strength and may have been the reason why this team is who's been as good as they have. The offense clicking now is certainly an added bonus nets led to this win streak at his pitching staff has kept this team. In position to go on a streak like this and I think that's important to remember your 6177797937. At your phone number 37937. Digit number on tax. Quick break come back with a no. They're our read sector via. He's Red Sox review Red Sox rookie who was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Who want to run pitch to Morley written down the first base and I didn't want my driver put he gets up he drops it goes the first above its. Red Sox. He's a recap on a Red Sox and the breeze to pitch here it is. Why drive lifting up here want rods bars and here's what they were told as the promoted the tickets to two run. Not really gets me. Dial 6177797937. Here's the pitch and he's appointed rounds at the very back to bite you as fires across ball nicely by. What quality or the other side there are all. Let's not over the greatest hits. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Eight RO. Inside threat not right now hottest team in baseball beat to win tonight Tropicana Field in Britain for solo picking up wins. A Red Sox American League rival team picking up a big bat I just thought about that the training the Indians going after Jay Bruce and getting him from the Mets tonight. Is Jay Bruce a difference maker yeah I'd say is I would say he is. If you add the total home runs Hanley Ramirez Zander Bogart and Dustin Pedroia hit this year together. Then you get Jay Bruce's total Jaber says 29 home runs this year on that Mets team. Which is fourth in the National League the same and same amount homers Bryce Harper. This isn't some this isn't some scrub he's he's old and if you look at his picture I ESP and that that little head shot they have. He looks like John Ferrell played present day league Jaber is thirty years old but he looks like he's about 39 that picture. And he's having a good year I mean he's a he's a power that he has been for for several seasons he's now Cleveland Indian. And I think that that's bad news for the Red Sox because the Indians are ready at a better off continue and other adding I would thirty home runs. Who's not having a great season don't get Iran. In out through 56 batting average on base 321 by. For middle of the order bat that's exactly what you're looking for 29 home runs and 520 slugging percentage from this guy and now he's Cleveland Indians in the indians'. Let's let's be honest here I mean I'd say. The Indians are probably more realistic threat to the Red Sox right now in the Yankees are and I say that knowing that the gonna playing three games here this weekend by. Just kind of considering the the Yankees in the and the problems that they've been going through lately sabathia now may be out for the year. Maybe Don for the season. And you know the offense is their some night for some nights it is and in the in the Yankees to me anyway with the exception of that one. And great stretch for them have not ever really looked like he consistently good team this year they've looked like a teammate is capable of going on stretches in in knocking around and in overpowering you with their offense by. To media they were never in my opinion anyway that balance of the team. It seemed like enough to the Red Sox were they are right now they're playing like one right now but they haven't been all year. That's kind of been that the entire American League really in a nutshell. No teams that are really well balanced. Even if they are paper them and playing like that this year. And it aside from Houston that if and any kind of look around in in in all season long I mean you've had this really kind of in your face. Drag him out everybody on top of each other type of title wildcard race which is started to separate a little bit now. But not that much I mean really not that much. The Toronto Blue Jays lost tonight are five games back in the wild card and they are seven games under 500. The Kansas City Royals Tampa Bay Rays Elian's living in time Minnesota Twins Baltimore Orioles. And Baltimore Orioles are all within three games. Three games of the wild card. So yes there's been some separation the White Sox have completely fallen out of it DA's two. The tigers might as well be added to six games back in the blue jays are you know five back to you. Buy in down the Orioles. Less than I thought about the Orioles this year. Not a lot lately right I mean they've not been good. They're still potentially a playoff team. The camera there rays are one game over 500 in one game back in the welcome to our right now. So the American way did the Red Sox have certainly made some steps in and take it and that's the separate themselves from the rest of the dragged. But the rest of the American League is still very much the dregs. And it that I think he's is sort of emblematic. Of how. Even an unbalanced inserted inconsistent team like the Red Sox have been for most of this year have still been I think head and shoulders better than my. Look at their records you know I mean there's no real way to exploited I add the American League as the weakest event that I can remember maybe in my life. As it as an entirely like the whole league the whole mayor Lee cook got. I guess that makes some deems dangerous can he underestimate him but yeah do you suppose I underestimated team at seven games under 500. You're supposed to underestimate the Baltimore orioles'. Awful. It was in first place early in the season. And they just can't get out of their own way. And they're not a very balanced team either neither raised near the angels either any of these teams. We're still in contention Red Sox I thinker about his balance is anybody not named Houston. And they're playing that way right now and it's been really really nice to see finally here in this month of August 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. If you're number on Tex let's get back to your phone calls your kick things up this hour with Steve in Miami hi Steve. What's upstate. Are a couple things triple. I would WTI where I've read out the article would put back the like news of these articles. And that would be well when I look at WEEI dot com. Yeah the other stories. It is they need to save by Ryan apple by. Rob Bradford by now it doesn't do it just has the story and it doesn't provide. Who wrote it I can sit or down vote. On. Think that's true is that true Ben can you check the format I was reading that I was reading some buy bread for yesterday not only to say is named little picture of their to have. Am I crazy. Ben did we get a ruling that says it right below like the headline every other headline there's a little byline in there as you know by Alex three her by rob Bradford by rank and whoever it is and usually digital picture there Tuesday so I'm not sure many. Maybe get the pictures turned off for something. Well yeah I don't know what you've I don't think it can let go to pop runs turned it around and giving him credit you know that. When he and bella had. The argument twins felt took most of the game. And you thought it was being taken out to a and at that time he has been a man on a mission. And again articulate though credit. It's something you know Hitler. By a move by the end. He turned it around so you gotta get. Panel lucrative credit can also comment to realize OK okay maybe it wasn't delivered jobs suck it just seems that that would. The turning point out to prominently featured. Yeah it certainly seems that way Steve very you can you can point to that I think he was pitching OK prior to that not not great but he's been. He's been so good that was sort of a moment where you look at and I think a lesser pitcher might have. Taken that that trip that fight and everything and say you know what screw this tonight. And that turned it into something positive and bomber and certainly has an I don't know what his relationship with Jon Farrell's like but at this point who cares or be winning pitcher while they can hate each other for all I care. Well and infecting someone try to approved earlier. They have tried. Not that they're winning you know maybe if they look continuing to do one game win one game one game and other. That price back. You know this agreement. Continues but now weekly concentrating on the pop groups and all the so good for the team itself. And you know I you pick something up last week I like that where. And I truly believe this to. In 2000. Like eleven or twelve B chicken and beer and that's when he that they if they did not. You want to collapse. Nobody would have been written about the chicken and beer thing. It's funny eleven dollars and 2012 but we don't answer them are here. Now if they've played here right Steve you're absolutely right if that team and held on and then made a deep playoff run chicken everything would have been like cute story like them all taking shots of Jack Daniels. In the 2004 ALCS I mean I would have turned in the like part of the folklore but instead they choked it away and everybody decided that was demeaning to the blame an hour. Right and and that the rhetoric has been playing like look. In June. The story out try to connect. Would not have the headlines and the people talking about it as we look because it was the best thing to talk about the team because there was a. They were playing poorly you're right it's going to be even that and that I think you might be got a thanks for the call I think you're going a little overboard there. That would still better story. The starting pitcher not just starting vision but David Price on the highest paid free agents and Red Sox history. Step into law hall of Famer like that on a plane a test that's a story I'm sorry that's that's I made out of Venice covered quite as breathlessly as it was. And I'll admit I was part of that everybody was part of it I like to think I didn't quite go as far as some other people I didn't think it was that important. In the reason why I think isn't even necessarily because I want to defend David Price defendants actually. It's actually the opposite is is that a sectors lead and I typed it in term equities. Didn't do anything to deserve that. Clearly but we don't have the re litigate this. But I always sort of thought you know actors they hasn't said a word about this Dennis secondly is not asked for you know people the defendant. He's not gone what are insanity to believe that David Price guy you know my fans go government on what you think about what you didn't say anything like that. He didn't ask for help. He didn't you know he didn't want it and go out on the on talk shows and talk about dog arguably these mean Red Sox being. Being mean to me and larger David prices or whatever I didn't do any of that stuff. So that's right in part and then there was that much to say. You guys who work together often and people didn't all sorts of jobs have problems with each other and Alan announced just never it never really move the needle for meal that much. And here's the other thing that I just like to say because I remember during the all star break. It was sort of dead. As most all star breaks in the summer. Is kind of a dead time here in the in the Boston's worked radio landscape and a lot of callers over the over that week. I think like after the during your attitude whatever when those two days off after the game. We're calling ensor complaining about the games are taken to lying in you know here's ways you can improve the game in this that whatever in. You know my my thing and I and I stuck with it and I'm done doing my victory lap about this right now. Was pretty simple it was OK you guys have all these complaints about the game you can always complaints about baseball say it takes too long in the games are slow and kids don't care about it and pouring in the cellar. And that's fine. But I didn't think that those sort of complaints were continuing and if this pennant race really took off which it did and you knew what was going through because he went into the break with a Red Sox and the Yankees won in two in the in the division you knew it was going to be a race with them. And it may not be that much of one here after this weekend they could make it a seven game. A seven game we'd be even if they do we still have almost a month left in the season a month and almost two months actually. With a week in September so. I don't know I I think they you know all those all those little credit little things that (%expletive) you off over the course of the year things about the team or about the sport of baseball in general. I'll flies out the window once these games they're getting important which they have bent and it also helps that this Red Sox teams playing their best baseball the year right now which I think he's is really what it all comes down through here. You know you can you can fight through your dying breath the train. Figure out waited his dad's teams not likable it's hard to reform its not hard to root for a team and an eight game win streak. In an answer jerks on the team of course they do so today 2004. And 2007. And 2013. And every single year on every single team in baseball or Samie holes and everything. In our and that's just part of professional sports. These baseball fight it's guaranteed money a right to be Ailes. But that it to me and I said this all on. Whether he whether you're likable or unlikable if you're good team could only be solemn likable. In the Red Sox hit probably the floor that they were is a likable as they were going to be while still being good and now that they're playing really well. I'm not hear much about how likeable air. And that's just sort of the way things work here means pretty obviously 6177797937. Let's go to Fred Maryland hi Fred. I tell you what's up. I wanna talk about that I. I think that the argued that I'm Maria yet third most valuable guy but also you know this eight game winning streak as it is rather and do you think about it. Yet to lesser pitchers orders that have won before the game. You write about it yet about trick bag at any other of the it was one Larry bleak picture so evidently that had been neglect which is what industry. It if you it and sell on news. Yep port sell one he's not a routine. Yet but he won but there isn't really picture of one that security gain. That they want from Cleveland Monday when he changed all laid around. Oh yeah Iran without ways yet the relief that was Kimbrel who actually picked up the win their did that was because he blew the save so I mean I wasn't. That's right but the other is a bit you know you got to sky. That the sisters to two game. And but in the back today and blood two games that nick and the eight great streak. Yeah you're absolutely right I mean that that's true Fister kicked it off with that win at the end of July against Cleveland at 62 win. It gets going it will probably that's right Herbert hours on a pitch again yeah and I'm not saying I think that the red side that that. Match up favors the Red Sox by any means Fred great you know I don't think the I don't think he can really count to steam out against against anybody right now I mean we're not following up. I agree with you didn't have a great pitching snippets leaked. And they should they should accept a one anxiously poem she sleeping bag Patrick Dolan two out of three. Yankees have a about a matchup of this Saturday's game that they're left and it pitcher out that their best they. Severino he had a decade he's thanks for the call for appreciated Severino he's. I did security throws and he throws the hardest of any pitcher in the American only on average these pitches average RY 9798 miles an hour let's. As pretty good. He's got a low whip. Nine and for low ERA under three. In our second year guys Severino I mean they had big plans for him and they're starting to coming to fruition here is also won his last four starts so he's hot right now. And that that's really. Probably the best thing the Yankees have gone form at the moment. Yet yet. Judge and Sanchez in the offense and everything but. Terms of in mount consistency in their rotation it's been Severino and then pretty much everybody else other than sabathia it's about he's done. I looked like you might be done soon so. You know that's that's more good news for the Red Sox 6177797937. Is the phone number Wally and farmer John of the car hang on gets you guys when we come back right back to your phone calls next year it's -- it sucks review which. The similarities are pushing. Because even that session was trying to we want a lot of low one games and again tonight you know we'll just a couple extra basis. Were able to scratch from us together build an inning. But we continue to put up zeros and that's the common thread through over the past they buttons and we will continue to be so. John Ferrell after the game Red Sox beat the rays eight to two this week the two game set and we'll head to the Bronx on Friday. Ugly one tonight ugly ugly games that kids getting in particular. In that fifth inning alone. Use. Two wild pitches a passed ball hit better to intentional walks into wearers it's all in one inning amazing. Does he have very often and hold Cambridge the rays managed to squeeze all that and a one. Hideous fifth inning but it was good for the Red Sox they when their eight straight they're the hottest team in baseball. And they're now sixteen games over 500 here as we as we continue on into the month of August. And month in which the Red Sox have yet to lose game 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. That your number on tax. Let's get back to the phones and talked to Wally in Fall River along Wally. Yeah I was so quick to note this throat or out of Saudi Al excellent we took too I see him taking two out of three at least from the Yankees. But that if you look at back last year the second half of the season. Well I think we get through brutal road trips so once again that favor right now would they get a whole lot softest schedule that lies here. But no less he had three guys they're really well the second half. Send illegal about what like 404 months and it was up Pedroia. I'm just so would the only thing that worries me boxes. To equate it is a muted the like you said the Indian does that gave room that's a big hit not a big output data. Makes them even more dangerous than the Yankees. Yeah. It does thanks for the call Wally it does for for a lot of different reasons. I just wanted to point out a lot of people. Now texting and there was an AMBER Alert I believe that just and interrupted the show. And I wanted to echo what it said. The Massachusetts state police on behalf of the Worcester police department are issuing an AMBER Alert and recorder at eight tonight. Little girl and L Adam was taken from 339 Greenwood street was her buyer mother. She's three years old brown hair brown nice three feet tall last seen wearing a purple or dark colored top. And it her mother Leanne rich kite. Is 38 year old white female flight brought brown hair blue eyes five foot eleven raised approximately 170 pounds. She's believed to be driving a blue 2007 Hyundai Sonata. With mass registration RPG 367. You know anything about this contact he Worcester police department at 5087998606. Wanted to wanted to echo that if it may come up again over the course of the show is wanna know. Never want to know or where it here and we will. We will try and how about best we can't six or 77797937. Let's go to John in the car John. Pictures and news and let's do. But they really care if that little girl certain. Yeah I want to talk a little bit about the offensive end report so that you put put fellow then gradually. Starting to. To tighten up and location. I think that was hurting in most. Most of all early in the season he's just leaving too much stuff out over now it seems to be working here is a little. After the first five innings anyway sixth inning he was leaving a couple over their BI here year I agree with your bureau point John doubled. And then that they're gonna need him to be good because. You know prior to go through who knows how long you know who noticed that. And this offense is still terrible they still scared yeah I mean that you were just mentioning that the the edit or anybody tonight they're offense consists content. Just content to mostly of of watching Tampa Bay download an entire clip into the top of the issues announced and it didn't hit the ball I can at all it to extra. Nunez had the ball pretty RFJ coterie easier it's nice. That you're not the right at a game via I think overall you you're right I mean it's it's heart and a gamer they scored eight runs in northern supposed to do. Hit a home run off a ball in the dirt like that guys Snyder couldn't find the played her all lose like intentional walks a wild pitches and all this stuff so I mean. I don't know what he wanted to do I they they did but they carried. Yeah but let me just overall record you know record machine gun you know the offenses and it's not so they're gonna have to they're gonna keep it tight on defense. They're gonna have the start running out on the basis. Actually last night that that it can these running based on actual BQ QB keep going until somebody tagged you right. You know that and it's got to stop and any port shallow. Or or shallow as jokers did it interest on volume to just news that Jordan but he is so low and Google hello all we're so long yeah. I don't know why it bothers you so much but I mean look jokes to stick by month you know your professional broadcaster and want to guy's name correctly. But yet they're good they're gonna do it. This isn't the tonight little ignorant but you know this and to immediately know you know when they Chan and then and that I'm on the line each. And playing all right now and it's good to see so you don't yeah direct. Thank you John appreciate that it's funny that you mention that about jokes that enough. I was working a red says future stars we're gonna Red Sox game one night and my best friend and his wife. Who all three of us with a high school yet they're and had a baby and I was doing yank. And it I found out right before we're doing the pregame show and it was in broad gains so I was here. And I called that I I'd bill yet to tellers produce in the game and so I say bill I don't know if this is like I was still pretty new to the reds are so I was like bill. I don't know as closure and I've put my friends is had a baby tonight. Keeping maybe Joseph could say some about it on the broadcast. Any other day and share their loved or stuff like that was the kid's name and his name was Williams so are down only emanate dinner said it's pronounced William. And did you do you know could you please pass on the Johnny did and it was in like the third inning ends up like that it was game against north and whites are. And he Joseph absurd to stop broadcasting in stock market but he said you know interjected and said. And we wanna welcoming in the racquet to a distant and you're gonna welcoming the new Red Sox fans of the world tonight and Lee damn pantry. And it was funny is I mean of Leon not only am. Via I aide played I think for the family and they were so excited they changed its name. I discredited in but they loved it and I thought it was the best thing ever so. Jokes daily on to pronounce or sell off however the only ones. Is what I'm trying to say here in our area. And poors solo or sell. The pronunciation thing some people have and I actually haven't noticed them doing it. If you notice that Ben and residents of Porsche so I've not by a private listening port now you know all the support them anyway. Did you happen to catch the if you're on social media day definitely side. The Jersey nickname. So for like MLB bro weaker conference call what's called. Like fan appreciation week that it's something he had. That it's I forget exactly with the with the promotion is. But the red sacks yet players weekend that's what it is. All the teams are gonna be they got this they stole the idea from the NBA. But all the teams are gonna have players who copped to doing that are one's going to can put a nickname on the back managers. And it's these jerseys that sort of look like spring training dirty. Colleague dark blue with red numbers nothing like Little League pitchers easier they do sort of look like Ehrlich soft Walters on the it anyways. The the roster the nickname roster was released. And I have some thoughts that some and I gonna spend all night on this obviously gonna be remiss not to mention. Com. The problem with this before we even get started on what the names are the problem with this. Is that. The whole idea behind it unless they unless they were very specific about the way which I'm sure they weren't they probably descent are who wants to do it and what you want on the bag. Right in whatever you want and we'll put it there. Is so long as it's not so long as you don't sneak in like a fourth when he referenced her you know would the F word or something like that this is keep it nice and closure ears for kids. And nothing though dirty Sanchez or anything like Dana just keep it keep it nice and above board. And if that's how they did it and they open themselves up to the number one cardinal sin of nicknames which is you can't give yourself a nickname. And clearly some of the guys gave themselves these make. One in particular I don't know uncles and that so let's. Let's go to on the line here. We'll start to go clockwise the way it looks here in the on the screen and Twitter and has got a lot of pub today so if you're if you're missing out and you missed the very. Animated conversation. Online. The first one number sixteen Andrew Bennett and he. He will have Betty managers just Benny. Com we have a better nickname for Bennett and he. And of many biceps to biceps. They should definitely put Benny biceps. Or Ben Nintendo. Connolly now even those stupidest. Things I like. Yet Betty biceps I'd maybe didn't have enough room brawl that. Which he's shooting just been biceps. After that is Dustin Pedroia. His nickname laser show I'm glad you with that instead of PD it's a better nickname. This next one I don't love. Smoky back. From Tokyo on the back. Go bets yet. The only people I ever see with the Jersey shared the same move Dioner girls and noticed that everybody go to the game. The the Jersey shirts that number fifty and instead of bets it is smoky it's always a grower in I had not noticed that I have. Another thing and I'll got for now yeah. Then we get to Husseini Leone and someone may have to explain this one to me sandy Leon in his nickname is no. A sub Bradford too we had apparently that is unborn son I mean I had a feeling it was something like that. Then on I get to know from sandy. Unless sandy Leon really in the building large boats to put two of every animal on through and avoid degree flood on CN Allen makes sense. Then there's the one that probably caused the most amount of a conversation that. Number 24. Number 24 and your programs number one in your hearts. David Price. I've never heard a nickname for David Price I've never heard anyone call anything other than David Price in my life. Maybe that sort of led to this. On David Price his nickname. Is Astros dead the Astro courses dog. What's funny about dates. Well the obvious thing it's funny about it is sick is that David Price actually has a human child is that I forget his name is Xavier wanted to act. These kids they're. His son he'd save you now I've read that this was actually like her first troll of I don't know that was. I don't know who called him who's calling an actor is that. We now with delegates CSN think. But some a lot of people ride he's doing that to reverse strolled the cius and showers on. And it. If that's the case okay. If that's not the case if that's what he really wanted to put on his Jersey that we. That's the mind that we. I think people in general who talk about their pets like their actual children we are. Here this is that just me. Let's see and that was that was probably big when Zander Bogart's acts. Jackie Bradley JBJ. My favorite one. By far. B Craig camera. Greg your morals dirty Craig on the back. Which she announced. I feel like Jerry Santa IEA he's even doing this the eagle put names on the grading and a break their role for for players weekend or. Now there audio birdie out Sanchez's. The crack and cranky judge is the top one. To figure on this important all right that is correct excellent. If Sanchez wanted his name to wanna his thing to say. Thirty. He has he has a legit argument. That is his name after all not his fault that it got associated with such as well you know. That's not his fault. A dirty Greg for Kimball. Pre sale is stick man. Why remembers one half of the rap duo dead Brad. And I don't think that's where he got it from something tells me that com Chris Young CY. Matt Barnes is barnacles. Grand. Doug Fister fist. Moral and two bags. Brock coal bronze star and I the holdings got to dump honestly. Like to be one thing. You do one thing of we're living in like the golden age of baseball nicknames. But we're not. We're really not at all. Laser show for the joy is nice but that's not like what he goes by the only guy and the team with a legitimate nickname is moved you bet. But that's like what are you go to his name you know. As well as though it doesn't seem to me like there's that many are those real manly big poppy was. The big one there obviously. In the big hurt the big is always big guys and urban with a big sum that. And now it's just the CY and action. TB generally you know I really. We're now living in a great time differs sports nickname nicknames in general. I would say probably the best time for sports nicknames in the 80s80s or ninety's. You know of late in basketball just polonium magic Johnson and doctor. Learn. Sampson. Malone the wind power and he had all these great nicknames for all these guys now now I just don't. Now nicknames have been reduced to nothing they sucked just like the first for a while it was just like the first letter of the first name of the first syllable the last name. T Mac and A-Rod in this that was so boring. And now they've gotten even worse. But I understand baseball is trying to make it in an accessible and and her day in just like you you know ago but they're college other Astros dead and the and particles. A wonder I wonder how many of these they'll sell. I kind of wanna get an Astros dead journey in Jersey where like ironically. In LA. Just where's the part where laid out to the bar with heavy every kind of funny they conversation piece when that the actor is dead Jersey. Vote who's ash to hope the my son as my dog. It's 177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on takes dig quick break come back right after this with more reds are to be. It sucks review which are cash. He delivers home and it doesn't get ready for the second time. Why your it was a good way. I've worked out. Breaking pitch my image my high fastball. That's happened doesn't my job. Right call right down the middle and it was that that. But point out that won it all replies. At times. Rick Marcelo has been speculating and not just an immaculate if they swung and missed that every single page C three through nine picks and they swung and missed that all of them. We'll see after I've never I've never seen apple or anyone. Good game proportional and hopefully when he can build on I know that it's a second straight win but that for an elegant the whites might not be flown. He pitched well tonight. And you got to give credit there he pitched well again. The good race team. Kept them off balance. They had an extremely hard time. Squaring up on him until the sixth inning when he started paying some pitches and then him I was informed by it was a good start a good appearance. And they're gonna need that for him going forward because I got bad now I mean really it's not bad news is news. David Price they're saying they said before the game. There are open for mid September. Mid September. I mean where early August here and I was attendee DL stint at first. Now we got ourselves. We got ourselves a good wait here for fresh. And I always everything especially for some who's pitched as little as he has this year. Mean price really EE just got a glimpse of what he can do and then that was it. And that that's socks I mean that really. Really suck. They need him. Please say whatever you want about his record in the collapse no it's not good we all know it's not good. The record edit. There's some games they pitch that he showed one they didn't because. Whatever reasons Medina is when the way does Manning. Today he threw 25 times for sixty feet. As reported by the Boston Herald. Com. Last week he had to stop throwing program. He did get cleared to start throwing again obviously. This is the very beginning at. He's gonna have did for me and I don't want to talk about every single thing he's gonna have to do weight you sir they are he was throwing today how could this be another. Over months while this is the very beginning he's gonna have to double the throwing distance a long toss and Danny can go to the next step after that. Buy it in the there at this point let me put it this way the Red Sox are hopeful. Hopeful that data tell us being reported the Red Sox are hopeful that David Price of Michigan this year. It that's dead to me sounds like you season's over. And that's Sox. For a lot of reasons I mean he can sell well like you know use it in place a much better since he's kind. If you think David Price pitching these last couple weeks what is somehow. You know drag them down. I'd love it did you know what you're smoking but I you know he has Sally hasn't been with the team he's been there you see him after all these days seem in the dug out. I don't remember seeing him tonight but you know you've seen a morale you better for most of these games. And it. Whether read blog armor AM heard somewhere between. His presence. And influence on these young players which everybody was clutching their pearls about last week. Or I guess I should take two weeks ago. And now one of these young players are gonna look up to woman then they'll have a bad attitude and ended the never win another game ever again in well not not really that's not our. Yet as a young players on this team but they're not little kids. That's that's the beauty of baseball a long season there's a lot of time to start heavier. And heavier. With the world looking for here revival. You resurgence. You're rebirth on Rian Kerney what are your own set 6177797937. Let's go to the phones start to JJ in marsh field radiated. A creation exactly on what's up army. Of all right what solo. Op and yet the come back with you that you might be the next point one ER number. The reports will be the next 20/20 member if you don't talking about. Anyone's money losses in consecutive seasons. It's possible shared there is definitely possibly going to be pitches while he could end up losing a couple more again has been playing games this year repairs to column team didn't score. I like to think those days are behind the offense by in round two weeks is enough. Convince me completely I think that they certainly turned a corner by you know who's to say animated since then he's been snake bitten for a lot of this year so it's definitely possible. You check out the list Luigi on Nazi content some good pitches on that list Louisiana 120 did seasonally lost yeah. If you stick behind for the Cleveland Indians beat them. The real reason I called and I know he didn't want on the price of open nickname astros' bats out. Yeah but what it a little foreshadowing for the playoffs. If we actually equate it Astros you know like who's you daddy. I'll Astro he added that the father of the IC redeeming. Could be hadn't thought of that thanks for the call JJ appreciated. Astro is that like the dad of the industry as guests. Will on the nose. I say maybe there's some do that if you didn't also have a dog and Asher habit. Or last year at the Bobble head the dog was on the bubble had. He loves that dog in. And that's relatable. There was that the only person in the world I know done love dogs is blind Mike he's going to be in tomorrow night. We. Is even more ironic considering well you know. Blind. I I sort of tend to think the people who were blind like dogs more than he would concede. But. Out that's a natural edible thing against. But Manny he's been right out there with Astro Astro has been a part of it part of the package. Are the David Price baggage with. And they can go out there and proudly support your team with a David Price Astros dead players weekend Jersey for the very low low price of what 200 dollars I think there. 200 bucks to learn Astros badgers. And if that's what. Whoa man. They should have a lake going to be casket flag in there you know. Then of those did Boston bureau works just click that they should have like a they should have like as special worker where in the actor's dad Jersey yelling free Driscoll. There's clearly. Think clearly your person who makes a decision 6177797937. Let's go to Tommy in federal hill before the top of the hour hi Tommy. A Christian. Joke or somehow loosen the every night when there aren't in a couple of questions. If you recall and twice first when that deal that candidate EL. Question what he thought the severity of the injury was he'll want the ten cent a little why. So my question is looked at whether it was an eight or nine or reached until like three years so I mean. It's hot the gate to Leo it is a really serious topic is why all the impact and hope that the Eckerd sleeping all night downhill people that you're already welcomed who the field. If that's the case if that's that this is all about timing and that's the softest weakest most mentally fragile thing I've ever in my life and I hope that's not the case I don't think it is. I don't think David Price first of all weighed in on after. He he was only one start moved from going eight scoreless innings against the Yankees so I mean that was after the actors leaping Larry Abbott and broke his story at by. In out this is all still going on. If price was that concerned about getting booed the team was concerned about sort of protecting his feelings and sort of all the stuff. That's pathetic I mean c'mon if you can pitch go out their pitch I don't think that's the case adding he's legitimately hurt. And I think eight when he said that comment about it Iannetta wanted to remember when he said that Tommy. It may have Bennett one at that time but it was still something they wanted to be proactive about it so they got out ahead of it and then as he was rehabbing from that. He it flared back up again that's where it sounds like that's like that that's the company answer but I I don't know the truth really. I took a star is the key to assist that's not terrorists are you all. Use Austin. And I wanted to know. Are you completed a trade with the match tonight but she grows wanted to know are you hearing any rumors are that Red Sox trying to get all wrote back in this lineup are you hearing anything. I haven't heard a word I've heard whispers I really haven't I don't know I mean and a lot of times you know these moves get made in and no one's heard anything about it especially waiver wire trade deals like this after the deadline by. Yeah I mean that's that's pretty big for Cleveland Jaber says almost 29 for his many home runs Bryce Harper this year I mean he's a top five home run hitter in the National League right now would be I think top ten in the American League so. That's that's a big get for them that's that's a big deal and they were already pretty good offense and now there. Now they're better and that's something the Red Sox may end up having to deal head on with again this this post season. Equity loans that it won't eat. Each spot so a lot of the people get order form anywhere any time in the Red Sox were illegal hurt anyone besides. That immediate. Chris Young that can possibly. It all happened but you're already at that time we need a three run calmly licking salt. I guess what do we want our pact or stick you know lineup where somebody took the ball to the pitch around. You have Tommy had I don't disagree with you there'll though. I think your little off in terms of guys at home runs at the right timing we had Christian Vasquez and a walk off home run in arrears at walk of or the walk off home runs. And other than the guys you mentioned who have been hitting them so it's not like it's not like this team's arrest and that's another another sort of thing we'll talk about this a little bit more on late night. You look back at some of these you know the royals and the giants in the cubs last year on campus there were slugging team it. In other than some teams here who just on the strength of their pitching and with a couple of dangerous bats in the lineup not like a Paul team full sluggers or even a very strong offensive team period I mean every giants teams only have late. Buster Posey with twenty home runs and nobody else with like fifteen on the on the entire roster the royals when they won the World Series that you had a couple of guys who get hit but nobody here really. Looked at and thought oh my gallery got a pitch around him. You know that sort of came later for some of those guys pertain in the sockets and in some of the other ones even though they're considered. You know pitcher around type of slugging guys it's night. It didn't end they certainly weren't back then even Hosmer Armenia had you had guys who can hit there are dangers but that's sort with the Red Sox are now aren't they mean. Dustin Pedroia is dangerous rookie Betts is daily or Mears is a dangerous hitter. They they come up to bat in the playoffs that's exactly what Joe Buck in the whoever the hell of A-Rod whoever is gonna call the game is gonna say about almost all these guys. They have great years now but they're dangerous hitters.