Red Sox Review - Comparing recent Red Sox aces; Bartolo Colon's still going strong 7-11-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, July 12th
Hour 2: John Ryder looks back at past Red Sox aces and compares them to where Chris Sale stands right now. And Bartolo Colon, in his 21st season, is still an effective Major League pitcher.

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So 65 wins for the red sex 65 wins through 94 games there haven't done that since that 1946 when it went on to the World Series eventually allies the cardinals but. I was a long time ago and that's treads ice team is is cruising and has been some very good red sex teams historically as we know you're in Boston and recently. It is it's fascinating that the red side and I just feel like they have to remain one of these teams will be in a one game playoff the Red Sox or the Yankees which is a shame because. Arguably the two top teams in the Amer quickly what elements top heavy obviously include the Astros to in the mix but. Or it's I see 87 faced up which is this kind of crazy to think about it but since 2004. The red sex yankees haven't faced off in the post as well know what happened then. If there was somehow a creepy enough you'll ever be as great as that as an army of first time ever. Well of first and one of the World Series as we know since 1918 but. You know not there won't repeat that and in over it just can't but he would love to see something similar when yet. The seasons do Red Sox yankees. I'd John rhetoric section view up until midnight 6177797. Nanny 37. Red sex for two winners over the Rangers at Fenway Chris Sale just another. Tremendous outing I mean he's been important together quite a string here of outings of late Brees again his fourth straight. Start that he's one. And a red sex didn't score a ton Iran's form but just enough. And able to get the victory over the Rangers and they do what they have to do beat another bad team again as they did tonight. Our let's get back to calls here's pollen Westfield a ball. Good evening. Evening. Challenge for the first time ever we got. Still have imagined the twelve starts no runs. What you mentioned eleven case and I didn't grow and yes it is true adoption rather decent and only one. Walk off home run differential of 160 civil why. And of course tonight we had accused Orel fielder's trip over each other. Wow that ball to drop. Bad taxes and do shields left with a potential concussion what simple the phone tonight Paul you're like some sort of weird speaker where where are you an a in a cave possibly. Cinema imagery now and annoyed says there's some weird effects going on there. Mean I mean to sound room. You're gonna sound room as is being recorded a little phrase. Racquet in limerick is really rider a show and regret tells let consistently. And 1510 seconds I can tell. Tonight but he had no no it is it is amazing Paula mean especially you bring up the run differential plus 158. And and it's great. Asterisk or plus 187. The royals are minus 186 I mean. Talk about no parity in the American League and bud. Still I mean if you're Red Sox yankees Astros Indians and you know some mariner of America's battle a comeback wins in late late inning wins they've had more dramatic when the baseball and in miles but it. Of that if you're a fan of any other teams and no Major League Baseball in on him a great time. Probably two and out. But it but they. Bali continue to recorded net and it's our viewers appreciate the call is always what was that a Philly guy you know Zach. It's always about the space somewhere anyway. Some the wood these red sex root cause once while while we've get reviews 6177797. And 937. Texas 37937. I think that's a perfect segue from him. For us it's it's kind of transition here analysts here would tell Chris Sale ads say after his terrific outing tonight at Fenway. As the producers check Chris Sale after two nights. Terrific winner of them. Good all those. Did does come through this rounds on board. There's there's a little bit of intentional so welcome program note for those strikes gold zone can help other than double pay you made. Look really good sometimes. Not looking forward and there's so comfortable because to do. And so. We'll try to make it good drove almost total of one look there. The big bonus. Redundant over there so. What about the turn of certain business. Thus for both of them got them out. Did and they don't do a very quick. I don't think regular first so. Go over your foot. Graham. But ditto and talk about it. Those who prefer again you know. Billick don't talk of the world did not write off. Ridiculous. Tomorrow. What we sit on the port group most of my. Across trailer and then we'll open it up later. He's got to match zeros let's. Whether you go general leader tribal. But they're looking. Trying to manage your. Well there could have done. This storm. That's Chris Sale who never brags about himself always pretty easy going and he's become a fan favorite obviously here with the way he's pitched with a Red Sox. Now all over his last seven storage sale is five but one would they sub one ERA. Just incredible as the red says content year old John Ryder with the recession BO. Third consecutive series sweep for the Red Sox have the 42 win over the Rangers take your calls a little bit 961777. And nine. 7937. Resides next opponent the blue jays in the size won seven of nine games. Against Toronto this season they've outscored the blue jays 47 to 29 a season of good David Price on the mound. No decision in his last start gave up four runs six hits. I walked nine strikeouts over four and two thirds of an odd story appeared to have the strikeouts but in that one inning woes of the fifth weary hit three guys one inning. Ever the stuff grabbed him before Red Sox history so against the hapless royals and the blue jays are fairly hapless themselves not nearly as bad as the 26 win royals but. Red sex should take care of business here they've forget it's a four game series right before the all star break price tomorrow night we'll see if he can bounce back this is also. Is for a start in front of the Fenway crowd since that horrendous yankees starts it was yankees and the royals then there's so we'll see how he pitches and his when he. Talk to the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy in an interview. Before the game and the judge was he an article up about it as well and lesbian and so I W he had to economic net. Brey said. Known as usual. Some interest in things to say when he was asked if he likes Boston or not he said quote I don't have a problem witted and need to go out here and pitch better. I've never said I've hated Boston or had a problem with the fans. That's perception has put ME three you guys in the media. That's what that is it's like we're in Minnesota and I said it was deserving of being an all star and don't think so did don't think I should be an all star. And and all that crap could put out turns into bad sore right what you wanna write some. So little bit you know partly you know Bruce Lee David Price he's. Says he doesn't know if he's gonna opt out of his contract price says he doesn't listen to his critics and points or on the airwaves he says. Still not a subscriber to whatever papers are our. He also said quote I don't know the last time of listening FM or AM radio and all I believe any of them come from Dave price who knows but eight you know. No one really key years as high as described here in and do the job and especially next time around against the Yankees and they did touch on that as well and and in terms of time about the Yankees. Who is just to heal prints just 26 against the Yankees in his red sex career. He set about the Yankees have feel great moving forward for the rest of the season great facing the Yankees again whenever that may be. That's team appears to guess a lot micro probably more than against any team in the big leagues maybe with the exception of Toronto Michigan's both of them a lot of had some bad games against the Yankees content. You know nine straight hits against them when I was in Detroit in 2015. So so he's had some knocks with the eighty's well hopefully. For roadside stand say that doesn't continue. John Ryder it's actually take yep no midnight we'll hear when Alex Cora had to say coming up after the break after another great Chris sales started no Red Sox win there. Ninth straight I mean this is incredible. For stamps is 1978 Red Sox have had three winning streaks of eight teams are more so nine and looking to make it ten tomorrow night with via. David Price on the mound facing his former team one of his former teams in the Bruges. I'd or two points for you if you wanna get under trade rumors David Price tonight's Red Sox win Chris Sale. Where does he rank among the aces of the Red Sox Alter averages in general on this season. We get into what everyone here six point 77797937. You can text us 37937. And will be back with more recession view after this break your NW yet. The neighbor's home and there's a little look verse that are failed dropping back. I stand. He's not a way that. There he. Won't. Mission Hills got hooked up. I think big trip one another the ball bounced between them and rolled a few feet behind them and Sanders in the third with a triple. In the Red Sox believe it or not thing. Kind of overlooked too it's this easy under Boris put together a solid season at triple there in the fifth GA Judy Martinez said to an MVP season. With a two run double in the fifth Reza I squad beat the Rangers 42 also a key player who was brought up. During the interview with Chris Sale was in the sixth inning. After an Elvis Andrus. Double. And you know it's. Or to come by out sailed tonight but their numbers are reached on an infield singles so Tex is that something boring there in the sixth but. Salad of striking out Adrian Beltre and yet. Ruled that node to work to granted a double play which restored it by sale was hard come backer. Right back up the box L made its play on it. Through a dagger to. The second where bowl guards was covering on a first for the double play in the ago there you have it. Scoreless and then and and he was just terrific in the seventh ended up striking out the side last battery faced Ryan Rula who's really get the velocity up there even at the end. Even and 110 pitches was still gunning it up near a hundred. And really he's mix speeds we had to wipe out slider yet again just just unhittable and I think he will start the all star game on Tuesday night. And Severino is candidate but he's perfectly lined up to do so. On Tuesday with the story tonight. So that would give him enough rest to start the all star game likely I I can't imagine anyone else in the nationally starting. Other than Max Scherzer especially since it's going to be a national sport. And Washington DC so and said Tuesday night also if you care or sex in. I injured Ben attendee if you're wondering did not win and final vote for the the all star game that was won by Seattle's genes cigarette he would have voted in the and it's Hayes who's had your number is for space from pro resemble a very good season nationally. 6177797937. You can text as a 37937. John Ryder taking up until midnight here and ransacked her view of you wanna mix and anything else I mean you know Celtics wiser. Anything else sports wise you can do so. Stick it would baseball we're talking about this will be of during one of the breaks in and notice Tim Tebow is a double A with a Bennington Mets. Play the Eastern League all star game doubled in his first at bat in you know at some point the Mets are gonna call mom knew at some point that has to happen I mean the Mets had. A dreadful after really. Did their first week with the win their first like seven or eight games and feel like in and just haven't really won since. And Mets can afford to have bad Cohen aware of 36 and 53. You know draws more fans the game I'm sure he'll be called up at some point. So Tim Tebow will make it as one of the I'm thinking anyway. People to play both in the NFL in Major League Baseball one of the rare few the other one Deion Sanders who else has there been a lot. The key guy for Atlanta. I should escape me now or Brian something. Back in the end it was played for us played for. Anyway whatever I don't know if anyone you meet clears up there I'm like speaking to myself I'd and we also did discussed as well. They'll Boston cases all time in your lifetime. And I would I would still I mean have to go Pedro one. Still have to give the U over bids that downloads sale it's tough it's really coin flip between Clemens and sell but Pedro by forming. About those seasons 1999. Page or 23 and four with a 207 ERA. 313. Strikeouts. 313. Strikeouts. That's amazing heated when the MVP that season and there was a controversial vote where I can remember the name of the right was from Minnesota that didn't vote for which. The last amount of that MVP. Back in 1999. 2018. And 6174. ERA and four shout outs to lead Major League Baseball to 484 strikeouts incredible. It Clemens with a red sizing faulted his final few years and then of course who wanted to move closer to homes or goes to Toronto member of that act back in 1997. Where after like ten and thirteen with a Red Sox in 1996 a 363 year raid the following season in 1997. It went 21 of several days tool five Euro write with a Bruges we know was up there but. I still think Clemens should get in the hall of fame a man I know all the steroid type that I'm one of those people I. I still think that because I think there's already guys in the air that in the offering that use that word so I mean I don't have an issue I just think. You gotta look at the different time periods and in you know Clemens won the more dominant players of this time and it's hard to say no this has been brought up quite a bit but. If they were rounded the sixties to performance enhancing drugs would seven's I think Gazprom would use of them. 24 and four wood 82480 Eric Clemens of 1986. That was an incredible season when he won both the cy young and MVP. This season just as currencies in the recession from which is 23 years old bag that. But sale is it in the conversation there's no question about it. And he's been incredible. Trade rumors I still think the red sex will at a reliever there's a lot of them out there including one that pitch tonight and struck out the side. For the rangers'. Jed deep in the name that's been brought up that left the does that Britain's James we brought up Miami's closer Kyle Barrick claw what do last name that is Brad and the San Diego. There's a lot it's a buyer's market does a lot out here sure I'd guess and I was trying to think who would be involved in the trade. In terms of that I would think Sam Travis would be easier stock down there a packet a minute they column up for cup a copy here and there but and he would be. Someone that they would deal I mean they don't have a ton of prospects that gets some. Down at the lower minor league levels but you know some of these guys. Some would take more than less you know I mean I I think the you wouldn't use if he would need a huge huge prospect that they did you maybe get a Joaquin Soria and whose better years I think. 87 a pretty good. It's you know time of it in Chicago but his better years behind me Kansas City right let's get back to cause here's George west porky George. George let me five record sales in not ala a contract. He's still lanky. Do you mind being out. I. That Randy Johnson now locked up common gonna last and Palestinian and then like oh my friend. Who. One not the eight through 88 is that they're not done. Well they. You know they have options on and 2018 and 2019 which is very good. And I donors hit a fat Randy Johnson. Was that I don't remember Randy Johnson never. The main use a little thicker than Chris Sale but I don't ever remember him employee also speaking of well complete opposite portola Cologne. Is he though. You know it a lot of people get on all the steroid guys from Cologne had that steroid thing is it's what such a fascinating career so many different things about apple Bartolo Colon but. I can't remember. I as pro because of his physique and he's played solo on a more lovable steroid guys. Or are amongst fans like it doesn't get brought up that doesn't even he had because there's so many different things that have happened. And it was looking at and it was ten years ago. As we do have some of the different numbers Bartolo Colon. Ten years ago. He was with a Red Sox in 2008 members season ended swinging the bad and interleague game would add a bleak injury when his helmet flying off. And and any lefty kind of disappeared. From the Red Sox and that that team that was ten years ago he went four and two with a Red Sox it was 35 at that point. Right since then he has 95 victories since then and there is now five and seven on the season and four point six ERA but if it is incredible. His career and this amount of teams raise Cy Young award winner. You could ask who has had a better career Bartolo corner Chris Sale. That's a question scouted stay I mean I know they're totally different sales still has plenty of time left. An and that has been brought up what the last caller you. Red size will be in the conversation. I don't think they wanna make the same mistake twice you know beef for he'll be 31 at that point aren't. I don't know if you'll be able to get them on a three year deal I mean within days to get some time here it is good to figure that out distill those that's terrific at their club option stop player options for 2018. In nineteen with Chris Sale but. But for the mistake they made would Jon Lester who was gonna sign here for a song he's putting up another all star campaign with the cubs. Lebanon do we know whether it's nice to would have money David Price. And how connect text brings a bush checks of course the and how could I forget Bo Jackson. Amazed though Alzheimer when it comes to NFL and Major League Baseball I mean. An all pro and an all star that he headlines the list. I'd Cologne has played four he started his career with Cleveland. Back in 1997. The 24 years old. Many went over to Montreal to remember 2002 and had traded it was a crazy trade. Grady Sizemore Cliff Lee and Brandon Phillips who's out and it lol for the Red Sox. So three former all stars for Cologne and he won ten games in each league that year with Cleveland would Montreal as they were gored for the cigarettes is one talked. The about bringing baseball back to Montreal. They're they're talking about adding two more teams in the next few years maybe two years from now to talk about that Major League Baseball. The only cities I could think of potentially I think eventually. There'll be a Major League Baseball team in Vegas I think there you can see you all for sports. In Vegas within the next ten years or an analyst at some team moves a Wetherbee what did you get it expand they're gonna expand. Two teams that's what they're talking about when he only places I could think of would be. Vegas potentially Montreal and wood and worked through the first time round but they've been making a big push. I guess Nashville maybe would be considered. On what Charlotte in town but. I think that you know those are the three I would I would think of Nashville biggest Montreal they were at a couple. More may and I think that is going to be off for Vegas eventually but corn is pitched so overall is there's four of the Indians the Expos. The White Sox the angels. Yankees after getting pitched for the Yankees is a looking over his career Oakland. And the Mets. Minnesota. Atlanta and now Texas. Is gonna for All Star Games are won it. But this time but. 1998. And 200520142016. About the spread years the eighteen years report. I was born ten days after his first start and Ali base and makes me feel old testament and a 41 years in the majors it is incredible. And Alice or heard tonight that there was. There was Peter you reroute the globe ads on the net job. You know more coaches. Had some of the more there the red sex coaches had more plate appearances against or total corn collectively. In the line of they put out there tonight which is incredible. Right back to because Brian in north Smithfield Bryant. I don't Dario. A student. It's simple question. That's it I said I'm fine how real. Back and he would speak as since the lower court. And think about it fired tend not to fireplace and lawyer. Has hit. Big. I like you learn. Gilroy in the morning guys. It's like a soap opera is a guy cellblock and Lotto. Can't say because treat the and it made box that you put it stirred that once it was like seeing people or old only its injury that. Yeah now while it is circus here at times is no question about that at the milk. They outline again it. You'll while yeah in the morning now Islamabad that time ever I definitely tune in American talent basically lie beer after. It's a compatriot. You know makes sense I can understand yeah. Well Brian appreciate the call. 61777979837. Years Sean. Out of Idaho what are what are a variety of calls we've been denied a shot. I do you know was mean on to get negative I'm usually the one that usually does call from Idaho has gone bad dude I'm. You know I I got it docked with Kia about the Red Sox. You know would Manny Machado and stopped to. It's so debatable how wide view with him possibly coming to Boston but. I don't know that'll happen but my question you is. If they don't get Manny Machado how to go about that Britain. Upper middle relief for the Red Sox. Yeah any wonder if any would be the senate added to that camera running Sammy is a four to six ERA. This is a 134 whip one blown saves only to sit enemies was to leave this season because of that Achilles injury. But. Yeah I mean you know he always wonder and I heard the guys earlier today are John to my seat tiger about it on. Dylan Keefe. That you know it's always in sync guys when they're closers sometimes have a tough time that it did he of course we'll remember when apple they were Gagne and that was it for his career. Alia you know seven that was a run I remember being so restaurant with a lately that's because. You know LeBron and then I'm like man this is perfect that night got gotten in and got Papelbon and I do know that the Red Sox during their championship years. When they have made trade they have worked out well though I mean notes that the exception of 07 because when you look at 2004. You know. Nomar Garciaparra. Right we all know that that was expected OK because really Omar. Yeah he was not happy at all and it went back to December about three when he where is disappointed that he was a member of it actually a trade bait. The blockbuster deal that would have sent Alex Rodriguez and the Red Sox I'm actually very very grateful that hill. Bill through but then Nomar was not happy about it and quite honestly he was not happy about oh ports and then. He gets straight to the cubs the Red Sox bring in Doug Mientkiewicz Dave Roberts. Orlando Cabrera Cabrera yeah. Yeah I know I'm member and that was big tie coming now as a starter that shocked a lot of people around here a mega star Yuba and there was there was. Conversations guiding ambient but I mean is still. Even though he was griping is still stunned many news. No bags damning is one of the faces of the franchise. That was like remember it was like two minutes or one minute report. The trade was taken care of and Theo Epstein called adopt a last minute and that was yacht that's shocked everybody and it shocked me for sure being a lifelong Red Sox stand because I've grown up with Nomar Nomar was one of my favorites and many just. Yeah that trade happen but you know it turned out being well because DO basically came out so. You know what this rate we're going forward depth we have World Series contender wants Orlando and Doug Mientkiewicz and Dave Roberts came meant. The Red Sox went 21 and seven in the month of August which was important as I remember saying. This team has got to get on a streak this team has got to get it together. And from August all the way to October revoke or we all know the story we all know that that was a historical sports you know yeah win and and you know one got yay with that what happened you know I agree with you got Dayton wasn't. Necessarily. The best of with what Red Sox fans wanted out of them and then you look at points thirteen. They did make the move and they bring in Jake Peavy and and they were reliant on poured in 2000. And a lot of people were up so that because Jose Iglesias was part of that DL and I remember having read sags your view was back in 2013. Where people would be complaining about that I remember having read so I interviews hosting an in 07 with a Eric Gagne. Stuffed was doing and 04 but. The yeah I mean usually and and I still looking back don't blame them for the for the Erica and you move thanks for the call shot. Appreciate it up against the the year but it. I can understand that and I was for the Jake Peavy trade at the time when they mated knows that. Controversial but I'm sure the they'll make a move at least for bullpen piece I'm sure with a steam. I'd and also had no marcher was more for the defense of the Cabrera Mientkiewicz because. There was worried about the defense with a team high 6177797937. You can text is 379370. After the break your calls also hear from Alex Cora your ignorance actually of John Brennan with your red sex view final segment here and the red size 42 victory over at the Rangers story Chris Sale. Images dominant terrific outstanding whatever adjective you wanted to. Describe Chris Sale. Seven scoreless with twelve strikeouts. I'm chest. An incredible. So that was the story they're not too much to complain about the Red Sox that I was also wondering curious wonder if they were gonna bring in a. They had he every story that eighth inning accorsi struggle I was wondering in that spot as you seal was done for a plea if they're gonna breed Tyler Thornburg. Is he is in their plan they're obviously trying to ease him back. But he is in their plans and you know I am I think that might determine but I just feel like they still. They wanted to. What they hope to be shut down guy NBA the Red Sox do. Because even though Barnes has been better of late and pitched well of late and Emory as up until tonight and Kelly's been better after. Shaky bunch of outings. You know the confidence would any of those guys I mean they can look terrific 19 bad the other minutes it's tough to find one of those. Solid eighth inning guys I mean just about every Major League team with the exception. Now the Yankees who can bring a bit chances although he gave up a walk off single. The other night put him numbing New York she is true for Roberts and the chances also thanks to its Baxter donut man. Brian Jordan earlier was talking about job. NFL and major league baseball players in the past is we're mentioning that you know we think Tim Tebow is gonna get called up by the masses at double A was in the all star game tied at some point get called up by the Mets. The course Bo Jackson headline enlistment DNC and his brand short Jordan with the Braves and the falcons. I remember correctly. All right we can. We really don't have too much time for caused the let's hear from Alex Cora Red Sox manager after the Red Sox 42 victory over the Rangers tonight. I was salmon again look leg. And those in the first here and is a few file halls and the pitch count what was good now but then. We could turn up a notch does six NN. Premise strikeouts than that don't play those. Those good to see when the control solid foods the second and then standard turn a great dole play. It was a chance to to stay with him go through seven then. In the seventh it was on my BA man and I so. Physically news is in great plays mechanic wise stuff wise. Has been impressive who's wrong I'd look up again and those who strikeouts and just long walk what else can we say. Cox server following up on the being that this was his last one before the break what what's your assessment of where she stands. At the house. He's on top of his game. You gotta giving credit because is being disciplined. We what we want to from day one and spring training. It was discipline he bought into it he believed in it then. We've been able to steal CNN's here a few pictures there. He has a few stars and he went over a hundred. But he released it looks like the last seven made spin effortless mechanic was his. Minnesota is where he wants to be in and the ball is coming days and very clean. And I has been impressive. We feel that. I'm now. You know we do is break his name out resent. Reload and then he's gonna have a good second part of season. I know most times it's sports we preach about in trying to keep an even keel and at stake calm and cool. Chris in particular in the fifth and seventh look like you motivated himself out of anger when you see him showing that a motion what do you think Minnesota. And these these are tough and bad as it is. My there was on Tuesday. In an angry with mental moral and it Marvin that it was a strike. And then after. The stars overnight in any amount with the sliders and that they have a lot of mother motivation in that connects up also has been the story about Workman the only ring down there are so that's what motivates them name. The word can tours. In. A great season all around the working tours. Finishes strong this season and one into looked over the where they wanna be an. It looks like police for now where we. No we were soda four games before we also break. That's a group from from Chris. All the way to pray they're they're they're healthy dishonorable well. We always talk about the offense the last few weeks what I think pitching wise. You start looking up there and there's a lot of 9798. Obviously with the secondary stuff that that our guys out so well as a collective group we feel very very comb over their pensions that. And they should remain especially tonight with Chris ailment on the back and Craig Kimbrel getting the same. But does it for our red sash are viewed tonight here on WBI but stay tuned. Not done yet Patrick Gilroy is an air coming right up next from midnight take your calls from midnight till. 2 AM thanks to Kyle to lose for running things back there I'm John Ryder and I'll be Bakley again. Tomorrow night for the pregame show in the post game show and reds actually was well I've been. Red Sox open up before game series against the blue jays would David Price on the mound which is always interest in red sex take it for two over the Rangers drive that doesn't mean tactic to more.