Red Sox Review - Dan Shaughnessy peppered Belichick with questions on Butler; Baseball messes up everything 7-25-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, July 26th
Hour 2: Mut & Patrick Gilroy split the hour talking about Bill Belichick's performance at his press conference of the year and MLB messing up another in a long line of things.

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Red Sox were. On W. But that something something I haven't played well which is still expected. When you play. Of course want why would you think they wouldn't. Who haven't if they haven't done it solo. That doesn't mean anything. I mean whatever they've only done something and I'm neither had they done something. Things that they don't well doesn't mean that you know this week they can't do a lot of things well. They shown they've done things in experts are one phase of the camera. Are there will be responsible for the coach a team until mocha frozen teams come in here is not gonna play well also. We should expect and played that game so you know when we play wanted to salute their day game at the going to be totally irresponsible. I can't imagine any coach ever do that. But back and forth their back in the day between now Michael Holley in Bill Belichick that's what can happen that's. The flip side of asking difficult questions tough questions. Is that you might get that the beat but also is it's interesting to hear deal. Get out of that comforts a little bit not be used to the same questions from certain guys on the beat I respected that today from Shaughnessy. And you know it's all right it's that this stuff Horry wants to. But we are we are better sports fans and certainly. We are better is talk show hosts when guys like Shaughnessy are allowed to ask those questions. On in fact Tommy Carter Greece and he's someone asked him on Twitter Tom do you think Chauncey did this because you shamed him. Be more politically grants and that was my question and currents and a 100% and I'm glad he did. Say glad you asked the questions going on about a decade of the same people. Being expected at the same question that these things will ever once it's back and says would they would have asked if they were quote down there and quote. Good to have them. So corridor is is good as it gets that beat he's not cried foul and grandstand he's happy to have Shaughnessy asked the questions of fan you should be too. You should beat you whether you agree with bella check or not most people agree with them 99.9. Percent of the time and why shouldn't she. But he should also be question when something is big is this looms ovary season. And if I didn't pick it all would have been a I would like the Brady question today was Shaughnessy re racquet. Let's get some Brady involved here. Have you talked to Tom yet bill let's go. 6177797937. Is the phone number I'm Josh and a cell joins the program tonight hey Josh. Here you're great Josh excellent phone. All right act so well I didn't hit the question had to be at. And now I'm glad it was China that it you know. It's. At stake are a lot of import but. I think they'd have built in the era for not it is lot. I hear that here yet. Game. Did it for Malcolm. That might it OK. Okay. Train. RA guy. Got hit it Super Bowl yeah. It sound there. And what. Are you or. Would you want to show that critical. Barrett you take out all horrible at. Okay. Horrible case of he said. He says nothing happen is agents and up again but something horrible happened you're okay. Get into it not happened yet I'm sure right don't attack. Right. Like we keep saying that but they're it's been now all. March April was five months five months in any sports town where there are a million people differ on every story no one has heard anything Josh. That's why am to an end and noted when he left and in when it happened you had not been a support from everybody. On the team. You know Twitter Twitter messages you know. Partly of one of the bat BA you know all we might keep many. You know that's but he. The whole bit. You know I know if it say that bill withdrawal so they knew about it. They did say. They quite they they questioned it may Danny Amendola just question at last week. He said we Silva got an answer I've no idea of one of our players and play. Wow and I don't let that go to Sharia. Then. No none none none none on and on Josh Josh Josh what Josh let me. Josh I guess I'm saying I don't you you keep saying you know something happened what do you know I don't know anything. I don't attitude and it is what I have there and they're allowed. C I would say the evidence Joshua thanks for the call the the if you really want to have evidence. It did even dole would say you know bill ballots that have as a coach Rex money years. He always does the best thing for the team. And the players would not be so outwardly trying to support him on social media except for there. And I don't know the answer. Up to date. Seek and end in I don't know the answer to that instead of trying to sidestep it or go back to the old and bill we trust thing. He is a long line people who were saying the same thing you know it big in big the Tom Brady cut. At one point while must sign allow one or what kind of defense were now who's the sideline next to me. And according his teammate. Fellow defensive back. Had his back the whole way. So again I say I think at this point CC's day they got callers theory is something had to happen. My theory at this point is that nothing happened. Because you would have heard about it between now and then. He's the coach I can't make that decision and I can only do my job. In Boston this stuff gets out. After 456 months it always gets out. People cannot help themselves. So the idea would be here we have again aiding yet at it leads lends credence to the idea. That it was just a football decision that we pride abolish them himself that might be as simple as that. Now we can practice not focused OK does that play great fine. Would it kill to say it I'm not sure fans would really be at his back but. If that's the case and Butler said as much. The coach not long ago there which is his prerogative. I think it may it helps him. In the court of public opinion not that he cares. I give it some semblance of answers there. And Chauncey has passed the questions. Salmon Providence all went down and well fifty hours ago pacing him. And I don't guys with somebody. Expand. So on my hoping that it Belichick saying is like. One. I don't know if something happened or not but. Bill Belichick in this great team we have this great team and. It's it's it say it's a great team some words you can't say buddy thanks for the call. On and that the fans obviously are. There's a bed that's it that's a fan right there that I would say is in my 70%. That if you took a poll question of fans. 70%. Would want some sort of answer about the player. Not everyone feels that way. On the bid that teammate that did teammates a bell. Malcolm Boller excuse me I hope they feel the exact same way. Or they've been able to get past it yet. I know in Seattle upping his lingered. With the coach throw throwing a pass. You know there at that the red zone. And Butler I robbed a lot of the pick they still talk about their at Seattle that that is still. A big issue for them. So Woolsey if it sticks it was issued on them not to comment upon the fans here but for the players. It was an issue for the players there. I don't over scale linger the same way I think in some respects. Bella cheques say a bigger cache there with players than Pete Carroll the ballot check is more widely respected. More well respected then Pete Carroll. So I think even a move of this magnitude. Is not gonna linger as much as what happened with. I'm Darrel bevel and Russell Wilson throwing the ball at the goal line. And potentially costing that team is super ball. But for half a season into the training camp our guys looking around San AGA about Malcolm any any word that I think that that is a definite possibility. Dan's in a car at 61777979837. Idea. Taylor paid good what's up so. Again getting back Belichick ignited an extremely consistent can we wonder what happened. New York but the guy actually told who to put all this is what we believe it or not. You can keep that Turkey will replace it. I think we've we've learned this and I did not want any distractions. Anything he. Says that outside of the Oprah Solana insist on the side a firestorm. It is not going to be beneficial to the football team just look at this whole lot scene and you talk about how crazy the radio Nazi ones. I equate it to a camera two years ago on the second preachy union against Carolina. Brady took two series and everybody on the Iraq well we get the snaps. You went and met for about seven days a selfish Brady a lot of this and that I was gonna hurt the team. But in the end what really happened. And it went on to Atlanta Super Bowl to win it grapple it greatly bluish shoulder out and I think about 85% and oxy is much ado about not send. Have their very different things that happened. You desperately hanging on every word every move that he can actually trying to connect the dots to the end of the diocese. Well but in this case and let you finish but the in this case I think. I think it's because it's so different. Then any other you know regular season post season all season run and it goes back to. The reports are in the year about Guerrero on Brady intelligently we've had a we normally you're right things are still in house over there. Things never get out and they Tim Tebow there the biggest story in football and was barely a blip on the radar. On so I I think the fact that started last regular who letter on Christmas last year and is linger this long the questions about. Brady telecheck craft Guerrero. Jimmy garrote blow at him man it's an unprecedented level of drama which your right is led to unprecedented level of talk about the team that's not football related but more drama only natural. So in the we issued a story came out two weeks people who put their name on something publicly and it was Brady craft. In dollar check to say they were all in Munich and then there are making around in the small well not naive enough to note that. Do it in any friction going on. But. I again I just with a lot of that gets overblown. And I know you Seattle seahawk example the picnic at the Seahawks so all I. I know but that that that's a big moment for team ID Belichick's more respect than Caroline that lingered that's. That lingered worse for Richard Jordan want to go elsewhere Earl Thomas might not re sign Aries is set up camp to start the year. There are some major issues there with that team. So I mean again I would and he got it on that because what else is you've got the returning MVP. He's the most protected. Position in the league public integrate it should've gotten the next two to 3 years I really am so. Now again calming time this guy in that I'm looking for things to get back to normal on social policy not. I think once the games start Daniel get it well. Here's why you walkie wage and this is I am not predicting this but if you wanna talk about how this thing lingers. Into the regular season so I and the other thing I would say it to dance called it was a good one. The other point is that there's this. Uncertainly about the future. And that the stuff that happened last year wicker sham current except for a might eventually lead to the eventual breaking up of the Brady bella check combination. That whether it's Brady wants to retire early disease Matta ballot checkered bill walks away. Because Brady craft ended up. Forcing him to trade Jimmy Rob Lowe. Because of that uncertainty that's also led to. This thing lingering here. As far as that when the season gets going. If Brady struggles early. And rob blows playing well Sampras Cisco. This thing is not going anywhere it'll be a constant. Daily. Conversation. On every show on the station. Every show across the street. Every belong to every national talk show every. TV show at night Jimmy drop Lois Superman in disguise you're gonna hear that every single day from dale bed every single day. Good stuff and this is the and it's real peak peak peak if you get bad Brady's start the year and good Jimmy grapple it'll happen to a lesser extent if you get bad Brady for sure. It looks like this is sort of beginning Indiana there is a Brett Favre like cliff. Peyton Manning like cliff looming for Tom Brady any states to start the year LB some play well. Back that that is coming get ready. Who's the quarterback in waiting Jimmy g.s in San Francisco. Bill might leave after the year to Brady wanna play after this year. That that is the one thing. That can really really really make this thing here it's time for Jimmy drop below. You're gonna hear all sorts of things like that. Or like it should have been timer drop low in Brady struggles out of the gate. Then I had it they'll stop and it it's it's a snowball. It's. Barreling down a mountain. Because to me if aircraft that's a full effects. Hot hot hot takes. Rating politics. From Kyle Draper and others. 61777979837. The phone number I'm gonna get out here Patrick Roy's here. He's gonna take habits on Kabul loses hiring here early this morning. Kyra excellent job and you topic Cuba I'm back with the guys in Red Sox up pregame later on almost later on today. She first pitch at six. I'd give aways next here on WE EXE. Nice seven. 837. His bedside for. Slash late night by your Sports Radio WUPI Patrick Gilroy would you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. Nobody joining years 6177797. And 937 detects the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. At Gilroy. Oops that's Gilroy. I'm hoops and. We will get to some of the patriots stuff coming up a little bit later I'm just I'm sick to death. Over the way a Bill Belichick handled himself today I shouldn't have expected anything different. But once again he proves to be petty and childish and we'll get to that coming up a little bit later in the program but right now I mean my frustration. It is is boiling over. We it Orioles with Major League Baseball with the way that they continue to handle. Weather situations. It is our hate fashion it makes no sense to me like we've got. Radar radar has been around for a long time and now we've got to run our phones I just said to mark is he was leaving and them getting settled in here. I said drive carefully we'll take this guy's gonna open up that wasn't just me looking up that was. The weather app on my phone it gives you like live up to the date radar you know what's coming. Mean to tell me that these multi multi multi million dollar operations we call. Major League Baseball teams don't have access on their iphones to the latest radar. There is zero chance that baseball was going to be played at least a complete baseball game. Was going to be played in Baltimore today. And nobody thinks about. The the repercussions here you know it's all about the players on the field and I get that. But there's hundreds if not thousands. Of people that work in and around the game that are affected by the decision making process. At least of which is Mike and ask you and Patrick Gilroy but it's true light here we are a thousand miles away from the gaming under miles away from the game whatever it is and we're affected by it to let alone. The media that's in the house they're Baltimore. Let alone the Baltimore radio crew all the TV crews covering the game. Everybody knows that the game is going he canceled it earlier tonight. My boss here Chris Curtis texted me he said hey look when the game is canceled. Like you to come in for 10 o'clock. But the game wasn't canceled until 1008. It makes no sense there was zero chance baseball was going to be played tonight and people wonder like baseball fans are alienating the game it's just another example of this team. Being unable to use modern technology to keep up with the times it makes zero sense to me. Like we're not asking for them to rewrite the rules here we're not asking for them to do anything out of the ordinary. Or simply asking Major League Baseball to use a little bit a common sense and may be combined that common sense with some. Modern technologies or talk about that because I can't be the only one that is frustrated by the decision making process that that goes into these things and we are playing. The Orioles I mean offered up and it's. How were flight to Baltimore not even an hour flight to BWR for these guys like this is not a hard game to make up. There's plenty of games against the Baltimore Orioles every year and even if there were none remaining they can find a way to begin this thing out but instead what they do they. Actually make the problem worse. If it's hard to do that but again the Orioles in Major League Baseball found awaits you take a problem. And make the problem that much worse by actually starting a game like what were they thinking you knew the moment this game got started. That there was zero chance that we're gonna get the five innings. Zero chance that this thing was going to become. A legitimate baseball game that mattered that counted and I get screwed up everybody on both teams makes zero sense Bravo Bravo baseball. You've done it once again so take your phone calls on base politics 177797. 937. And is this just another example of baseball's unwillingness to. Step in to the that the modern age is here you know wake up a little bit. Use technology to your advantage and I'm not gonna be the guide called mutt. With a Ted horrendous pitch that's that you know we need retractable roofs I grew up with Ted surrender okay there was hours years of retractable roof talk here on WEEI in this very time slot I'm not about to bring that back I promise you that. There's a reason why port Teddy doesn't have a job here anymore but. This a situation where you don't need a retractable roof you simply need iPhone you know iPad. In an android. He needs somebody with some common sense. Combined with an iPhone and you don't have any of these problems tonight you move on you play baseball tomorrow you make of the game with a double header or you make it up somewhere down the line. And no harm no foul and you don't screw up. Both teams. They're media the fans that went to the game it's just a it's a bad example another example of bad decision making. By Major League Baseball and in this case Major League Baseball and the Baltimore orioles' number to join us here 6177797. 937. It is late night it is Patrick Gilroy. Docket you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning let's go out the phones go Bob Bob and Waltham Bobby next appear on the Arabia. Good evening but the thing that really kills me it's about five seductively that we laughed at without. I'll most aggravated a defective David Price to cool start that you won't be able to pitch against five days are correct because it is a couple of things anything. He's somebody that I wouldn't wanna take up his schedule in short. He's goldilocks is going to be that doesn't just. Exactly exactly exactly. Don't think there's an that it and I also wonder and I still haven't put partial or what how much you have to do this is. He likes to stick to the report puts it this that this means something to bolt and I want to get me much of norilsk is look at the record. Well I mean what I say it means something double teams any any of these guys on both sides they're they're all major league baseball players ought to go through their preparation and you don't get out there on the field. It SU you nailed it right there you'll both teams essentially wasted a starter it's it's useless. My gut it out the holy in all I care what is getting in the stupid game did. Don't want to etiquette dictated it took away the bill and still care about the safety of their own placed some. How the players have got hurt on Westfield still. Well I was a kid they would call the game like this and weather radar they have right now but that you were called a cable that would have never started that gave us. Now you're right we got the gay didn't indicate is what there was nobody there in Baltimore so they risked the health of these players there is the help of everybody. Is that they actually have to refund cents on very mean. Look at a game like this yet the Kennedys of the for the fans I think there to give them essentially another ticket to another game right but any regrets. At. That was the goal is to get negated. Don't know about the game that certificate the government is about to micro baloney. You know what and that's until those all it really is finicky sort of step in the right about the weather than any old view warplanes are things in this crazy. It that it is a partial towards the umpire who. Who would be who else is someplace I don't know why I previous. I separate from any element so so so tonight we about who we brought a stadium and ends at the read this would go way back in time you guys study yeah I was gone back in time with the new light up. With you know Jerry in the mornings that Dale Arnold midday and Glenn order when the afternoon GI's thought we're going back in time with that lineup go back to the mid ninety's let's go way way back to the eighties and early ninety's or bring Ted syringes and Eddie Andelman back you'll have a party. Mean that's that's the way it's gone tonight that's when the way the conversation is gone tonight and baseball fans have the right have a right to be pissed off baseball fans. Certainly have a right to express their opinions there is just there was zero reason to try and pull this game out tonight. There was zero reason to waste essentially negated you'd call us right ways to start by David Price. I'll check and see what Cora said I don't know the address the yet tonight. About David Price and when he's likely to start again but people or meet knowing that David Price is as fragile as he used an easy guy that likes things just so. I would be shocked if they don't use it again for the five days I mean why screw up his timing wise screw up the routine duties in a routine that. Has been working for David Price for the most part this season he's at you make ups along the way it goes pick ups had been big pick ups. Namely against the Yankees but for the most part. He's been pretty damn good this season and I think that he's a very delicate flower in David Price. And you need to keep him sort of on target and the best way to do that is to keep him on plan you don't wanna screw up with David Price schedule you don't wanna screw up with a plan analysts grew up with his routine. Otherwise what could happen he'll have a built in excuse for failure. And we held that David Price likes to take full advantage of those built in excuses for potential there failure it is Sports Radio WEEI this late night. I am Patrick Gilroy ruby guys tonight a 6177797937. Sports Radio. WTI it's late nineties Patrick Gilroy taking your phone calls up until 2 o'clock in the morning covered join me here. 6177797. And 937. He takes the program at 379375. The on Twitter at Gilroy oops Matt Gilroy I don't really just a bitch session right now. Expressing our frustration with the Major League Baseball with the Baltimore Orioles in the decision making process. In what has taken place essentially. Over this entire three game series and Alex Cora we'll get the sound a little bit later to be touched on it after the game today. Just general frustration overall with the way that the rain was handled last night. The way the rain was handled again tonight and there's blame to go around for all parties here because the my understanding of the way this thing works. Is that. The home team has control over. Whether the game is going to be delayed be canceled. The country team has complete control up until the first pitch is thrown at the moment the first pitch is thrown the umpires and take over the entire decision making process. As far as what's gonna happen that night. You know once you start that team the home team is taken out of the equation and it's up to the neutral umpires. That's why the frustration has to be thrown I beat the majority of the blame has to be from the way of your oath because ultimately here. They had the key decision. That the key decisions were made. In Baltimore in their offices tonight. Not with the umpires umpires had zero control over whether this game. Actually got started once it got started they did the right thing they called the gave it took them a long time to call the game and that probably. Was not the right thing that's reload the frustration lies well. But anybody we've. And iPhone. And iPad a computer access to a television. I mean the radar showed you was gonna rain up until 103011 o'clock tonight so they knew from the moment that the first pitch was thrown tonight. That eventually they were fate facing a multi hour situation here. There was no way around it. I mean the entire city was blanketed in dark green on the rate it's not like the radars lying to you it's not like that the weather rats are lying to you they're telling you. Yeah life. As it's happening what's going on and you can physically see the rain over the city and it ends your wheels the umpires. The idiots essentially it's what they all artsy on the way to put it here and you know it's happened here in Boston it's not just the Orioles that it's happened everywhere and not try to make it sound like the people in Baltimore stupid because. This happens all Crosby to league baseball because a lot of these people that make these decisions they don't have. The band's. Best intentions in mind they don't have the stands by and they don't have the players in mind they've got passion mind they've got money. On their mind and money motivates most of these decisions across Major League Baseball when it comes to the decision making process when you're gonna call the game. Due to weather Burris is doing the right thing and essentially giving the fans the option saying you know what guys don't command tonight tell the players early on no game tonight. That's what should happen tonight if Chris Curtis OK it's Chris Curtis in new. The time that he takes to be at 7 o'clock tonight before the game started Chris Curtis had access to the radar if Chris Curtis new at this game should be called off. If Chris Curtis new here in Boston. Then you tell me that people that run a Major League Baseball organization in Baltimore didn't have access to the same information. That Chris Curtis got access to mark the tell you really need to know about the city's Sports Radio. W yells go back out to the calls go to Ryan Ryan's at west rocked Beirut Brent west rock berries are but that right units up you're in the media. On the worst. It I mean obviously we're probably gonna. Quit and went by there was a get around that that they do know keeping the rate. Among more on this went back on what went on that model work. I thought you know it was obvious and the laboratory. Well commercials cost more money you Ali it's ESPN game those commercial spots certainly cost more than a little local game. They've got their number one crew when their when winds and a baseball so it's it's probably. Part of that decision making process as well not to mention it would is the last game of the series between these two so it's not like they could double up tomorrow and have a doubleheader. Or there was an easy you know easy out here. Let's use that to start the call. The rain was all the way down to DC and anybody would an app could see that so there was zero chance really there wasn't a break in the weather we could say okay. There's a two hour break a two hour window coming here we can get five innings in here that did not exist. So whether it's on ESPN. Your local station or not on TV at all if that should go into to the decision making process. When your dad have a have a date we are hoping to 40000 people are gonna show up you make it those people. Go out in the rain you're you're screwing up everybody's night it just it doesn't make sense to meet baseball's a sport. Ryan that lacks common sense in this is just another example of baseball not using a little bit commonsensical is an awful long way. With that I appreciate the folk all right don't be a straight to the program and a Sports Radio. WE yeah I'd have to join me here 6177797937. Mystique of the calls him Mike Mike's in Springfield Mikey next up here on W yeah. It's as if was Mohammad. Well the thing is. The Yankees are 100 games in him and that's a lot. That is true. Look into the right side like that. And we wanted to visit we get a sense intraday peak if packages some. It's the a a a I did this why you've been a bit of all the that you like that. Yeah and I this woman and I don't know much about this okay. I mean you he's a he's a right handed pitcher Gary somebody that I think could be part of a different it partially difference maker here is not somebody's gonna come in and you know save the organization but they don't need saving they need somebody to come in and essentially help here right and that's what you get you get somebody. That's capable of coming in and being a good starter right and that's. What we're hoping for from him he's essentially. Your next hero he's somebody take you rods but somebody that is going to be coming in and be healthy which is. More than you could say for Eduardo Rodriguez is more than you could say for drew comrades after what we saw. From duke drew tolerance last night. Really drew Pomeroy it was abysmal last night and and I know after the game Pomeroy said that. He felt pretty good and thought that he pitched pretty well. But all was really frustrating for me in watching comrades was he still he can't even touch ninety on the gun he was consistently 86 to 88. On the gun I think he topped out at 89 once or twice in the game. When prompt when Palmer has bettered his best. He's able to touch 91 to 93 fairly consistently. And pop acts upon any. And let's Palmer radiant to get in 9193 on the gun. Everything else suffers the rest his repertoire really suffers because he desperately needs to hit 9193. The senate this changeup to set up his curveball. And when you're throwing a curveball throwing that changeup at 8586. In your fastball topping out 88. There isn't enough difference there there isn't enough difference it that the differential between 85 and 88 just isn't significant enough to throw up Major League Baseball hitters. So there's something up put comrades he still is in a 100%. And getting a bit of all being here allows this team the luxury of maybe buy some time to figure out what's wrong with pom rants I still think. The best. Case scenario for this Red Sox team. Would be to find a way hopefully the somehow get drew upon brands as close to what he was last year as possible before the playoffs I don't care beat. Finishes the season with the one win that he's got right now if he's healthy and right. Going into the playoffs whether you use him as a starter or use them out of the bullpen he's a valuable tool either way. But he's only valuable when he's right he's only valuable he's healthy until then the red subsidy to the right figure they got themselves some additional depth of their starters and they got themselves. Some you run insurance some drew Palmer raids insurance so good for them and they did it without really giving up. Any sort of significant prospects they did it while giving up next to nothing he got to applaud gave them browse keep this move. It's another almost zero risk hype move this Red Sox team and it adds some valuable depth to a pitching staff that has been good. Hasn't been great but has been good. And the back at that pitching staff right now is suffering with the injuries and it of all the comes in here and he'll essentially be your next few rod you're next. Drew Palmer to the Sports Radio WEEI review guys and it's 6177797. 937. Let's squeeze in one more before the break let's go to Blair Blair is in Maine Blair you're next up here on WB EI. Yeah I hope Israel and Italy from Portland Maine on Friday. Look I got a country concert to go to. Really so tell me about country concert up in Maine who whose play. Billy Currie then and I can't wait. I'm here and it's scattered thunderstorms then. Sold on. This concert is at roughly 48 hours it's taken place in Maine and Blair in Maine. It is astute enough. You had access to a some sort of weather application whether it's on his cell phone his television his mom's iPad whatever it may be. To know that there is raid on the horizon in Maine. But people that run a Major League Baseball organization in Baltimore didn't have access to the same information tonight. I stupidly enough. Do weight since at least two hours and then we get we had didn't try it felt amount. And then that for a guy Natalie. It two hours and know where we can do it David Price what a columnist he definitely now and then we are five not saying I need Elliott.