Red Sox Review - David Price has another stellar outing and Ben Maller refuses to praise him 5-23-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, May 24th
Red Sox Review gets under way with Ben Maller breaking down the Red Sox 4-1 win over the Rays tonight as the Rays displayed a heaping helping of sloppy baseball allowing 3 runs in the ninth.  Then Maller turns is focus to the man who had a hand injury from playing too much Fortnite, one David price.  Maller sees Price pitching well, but sees no reason to praise him, he's simply doing his job.

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. We're in a line drive base hit double to left field line Robin horrific honored yeah car. What Karzai's latest activity yet there with a double period up while it over there. He raped at all where they're being dropped with a few. I mean you don't want the ball that. We capping the Red Sox when it gets the race I had an advantage over. Several don't want to victory. For him that night they beat this thing. Our dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox will view on WEEI. That it is betting that there was the year after the Red Sox we've heard all the coverage of the BI's so we'll talk about the Red Sox who we are moderately. The events with the Celtics who having double digit lead in the fourth quarter this Red Sox review and then the Red Sox. With a win tonight in Tampa David Price it it seemed like the game was to be over I was concerned the game would be over about an hour and 45 minutes. The reason I was concerned about that I was thinking well. I'm locked in as soon as the reds' psyche means as soon as the post game coverage and I get committee hears us again this could elect a five hour situation. Put things slowed down a little bit as the game went on to threats such giving. India a nice. Bit of sloppy baseball but he tip of a race. There's a reason the Tampa Bay Rays are meddling around. In the American League east it is actually surprisingly tame debate is not further under 500. Considering. How they play how sloppy they were. In the the night dating his game and it's a step three runs and even likely if this Tim baby is just play decent treatments. Professional Major League defense the roadside stalls or run. In that inning. Put the Red Sox do get three runs and so they get the win four to one did Joseph Kelly picking up the wean. In relief and the environment. As the Red Sox have played every other game against the efforts like. Because their fifth trip to play the race seems like this year. The mausoleum environment continues to amaze. The Tampa Bay Rays home field which is almost any bizarre away like home field advantage. For Tampa Bay that fact is no one there. And and there's a Seymour Red Sox fans it seems like other fans of the home team reminds me of years ago. When I was early in my my radio career gas factory. And I was traveling with the a baseball team the Dodgers in and they were going to Montreal. And there'd be like a thousand people there. At the stadium Montreal no one would be it was like it it is weird bizarre home field advantage now. Isn't it was not a good team this is a a necessary win. A for the reds and there's there's a couple of takeaways I happen. I a couple of thoughts we'll take some phone calls and talk about all things Red Sox years they win tonight 41. What did the first thing is just taking advantage as they say the American League east. Is 82 routine. Situation and I knew that before the season anyway it's not like this is the shock. It's it's a two horse race with the Yankees and the Red Sox and the Yankees lost tonight so the Red Sox have league team and half lead. Over the Yankees who were a slugfest. In Arlington and all those big operas for the Yankees and he still came up short. Against the Texas Rangers but for the Red Sox. It's a situation you you don't. Necessarily have to beat the age that's so what you're gonna have to we don't let us work she gonna have to beat the Yankees and the Astros to win the American Lee. If you're lucky you only have to be one of those teams if you're unlucky you're gonna have to be both of them. If you're the Red Sox down alive that's not until October. What you thought about winning the division and taking advantage you get a ton of games. Holiday games against Tampa Bay. Toronto. And Baltimore the bad news bears. Of the American League east and really of the American League especially Baltimore. Which is a tip is at least somewhat competitive. Record wise but the euros brutal. Toronto isn't much better. And so it's all about as a summing I've referenced many times over the years it's all about the host is schedule. And when you get an opportunity. To feast on twinkies and cup cakes and bingo all you have to do that Red Sox did that tonight and they will go for the sweep. Tomorrow the the second thing here. Is the opportune. Ike he's your your positioning yourself alternately. To get everything calibrated properly. For October and here we are in May raise bloody at the lightest of the of the Red Sox roster as it is today. Will not be the Red Sox roster by the time the season comes and let there be some trades will be some players get hurt. That's what happens every year at a war of attrition in baseball but for those guys are going to be around. With the Red Sox here a chance to be I think the term is to tidy things up. And in there are a few weak links year. That the Red Sox have two to figure out we'll talk more about that as we go on. On Red Sox review and what are the other things here and we just get to a right I exit all of the the court stuff that's going. With JD Martinis. And who keep banks off to MVP starts. Also like to point out that either one of them had hit it. In this scheme they were all for six collectively are such when anyway. But not everything is purple one of the things that has come up the last couple days. Are you been paying attention enough with the the story about him your bears and the issue is been raised by some I was reading about this earlier about. What's gonna. Hayley he's been playing a lot. You play quite a day and there's this this cloud can hang around a financial cloud. With the Red Sox. And there have been some that have been saying hey what's what you do. He's it's one thing you Hanley Ramirez is playing well. He's not. He has been playing so well since the first couple weeks of the season when he was the the alpha dog for about a week and a half to start the year and soul questions have been raised about that what's going on here. And why of the Red Sox not cut back on playing in the Revere is more. And I know they've been rotating union Mitch Moreland. In Hanley Ramirez put. Ramirez production has gone now so I wanted to talk about that and we'll take some phone calls also about the game tonight and just the general sense. Oh where the Red Sox are. As they are in first place by game and after the the question your what are the chances. That the Red Sox in the near future here pressing near future I'm talking about like the next ten days are actually gonna start cutting back. On how much they play him in Ramirez. I don't see that happen. I've seen no indication optical low on this I think there's only it's 45% genes. That that happens it in my thoughts you've got that the sweet smell. The kid gloves. In the infestation. I will tie all this to get an odd number one. Be wonderful. Role. Of all these weeks. I duties currently going on but it's the perfect elixir is the offense everything's. Is better having smells better the sweet smell of success etc. it's set even the fake grass in Tampa. In that gold is better look. So the fact that Hitler Mir is he's being protect the bite act. That's buying him a little bit more time. And you can count overlooked Arab moderates XT wings as well we'll keep playing or not there he's not he's not do much anything. Unless you wanna lead the world in double plays. She's been very good at that very good hitting into double leads the Red Sox in that particular category. And he did the first couple weeks refined as I said but it's been slim pickings. For our guys have your mirrors here. Lately it is not gone well and heading in to the game tonight. Hanley Ramirez's batting he robots. 222. Over the past month. With three home runs in thirteen RBIs. And Haley didn't enhance those numbers you all for fort tonight. He did he get into a double play. And he had a a strike out as well so we in increase those numbers those numbers continue to answer city under 222. Over the past month. And as the old like oh that's not gonna get done right it's in that same stretch the last month Mitch Moreland. Who hasn't played. All that much. Himself has been pretty much an even amount of bats in big. Moreland actually has a few more at bats over the last month that Baylor Bears but Mitch Moreland C 291. With four home runs and ten runs batted sale is got a few more RBIs put Moreland has been. A more consistent threat at the plate and you've got one guy who's. Going up and the other guy that's going dies who touts the ebb and flow of the baseball season and he can't overreact it's. It's not even June yet at least we get a holiday weekend there were does a a check on the standings on Monday in the holiday to see well what's gone on. So wait till it right wait till now the second thing. As we chat on reds are to view. Beat the Sox. Are in his situation would talk about contracts. And bonuses and things like this. They have to use the kid gloves. Because the vultures. The hawks are out. From the major league baseball players union as they should be Reza union operation they're gonna keep me very close ally. On how the Red Sox play him here Mears. It's eight an open secret it's all over the place to be here about these kind of things that there is a vesting option. Based on the number of it that's so eat if they smell any kind of funny business the union. Then there's gonna be agreements that spot that happens a lot of the you're gonna lose the grievance board but 2019 vesting option. Taylor bears has to get to 1000. In fifty plate appearances. From last year to lose so heading into the game. Tonight. Haley had 740. Plate appearances so we. He had four at bats tonight. So that puts him at 744. There were over the plate appearances. Where he walked into 744. Waitress and that there should be no math on radio but let me just explain. So Haley is essentially averaging. A little less than four plate appearances. Per game so he's played now 49 games what does that be using some simple buy our map here. If the Red Sox want to avoid the albatross. Of a man if extra year on that contract being locked he would retain Ramirez. They have to somehow find a way. For him to not play. In. 34. Of the remaining games. To read such after night of a 113 games. Left Seoul the math works out so they got to sit him down for 34 games that sounds dual. Led led up more than doable. And it certainly helps if any of their mayors continues to have the old glitch. It is we now one last thing we'll take some phone calls on the Red Sox. And on good old Hanley I read about some of things you admitted what the the last thing you what is Susan. The position of the front office years to avoid having to pay. A 35. Year old Hayley Ramirez the the contract options for 22 million. Next year up. I don't work for the Red Sox I've got no financial stake in his it is possible. That they don't care that maybe they budgeted the money to cover themselves what they think that any of your Mears will be worth it. And then he'll actually have a very productive. Rest of the season but I would tell you on the outside looking need here where when you look at the news. Heidi. You would want to avoid that I would assume. A 22 million dollar salary free part time platoon player. Like you would want to avoid a rat infestation. That you wouldn't go out of your way. For a rat infestation but you wouldn't go out of your way to avoid you know Zain immediately. Works out yellow dot sucks bad luck but if you could avoid it you would avoid. So we know words get to the point he's played Mitch Moreland. War. Be selective with nuclear meters. It's is it up to Alex or that was just one of those things where it's like you know wink and a nod yet Al scores managing the team he's the one the gates make the call. Fly it in there are some other other issues involved a rule would have what is dumb brows ski through the front office people ball. Dom browse these is someone else that in Iran. So will look at your thoughts on that is well it is Red Sox review if you would like to be part the number 61 set him. 7797937. At 6177797. 937. In the final couple of minutes at the garden this Celtics. Up by. A lot of points they're gonna win so they'll be one win away. From the NBA finals and they get two games left. We are all precincts are reporting it. It is garb buys time the cavaliers have cleared. The bench the bench guys are playing for Clinton's white flag is up. So the Celtics don't win that team tonight so we'll mix that in as well. And again the number 617779. Said in 937. If you would like to be port. Talk about. All things Red Sox in in David Price thus I got an email from a guy before I got on years actually was when price left the game. And zagged tweeted out that I was going to be on the bases well you killed at a price you would just due roasted David Price after the one last time goes on here after pitched. Are you go to prison. Idiots and that is no. Of Ice-T get a good job tonight but that's kind of what he's supposed to. And now I don't think you get extra pats on the back now he does that in the playoffs. And that yes okay fine that's but that's also what he's supposed to discuss. Made a lot of money that's that's tough love that's how worst week what he does get the job done you pointed out when he pitches when David Price is effective. And in. Mowing down batters the way he was tonight that's that's the risk such a painful. That's so worked sets how he's supposed to be doing. So I'm not going out of my way to. To celebrate. The performance of one. And David Price. Arts Red Sox have you Sox win tonight will take your phone calls and also mix in some conversation years the Celtics. Winners tonight is wells. Play out the clock will get all that and we won't do it next. East is Red Sox review on W we. He guy went oh my god they kept up well let me alive probably horrific honored their car. What Karzai's latest activity yet there with a double period up while it over there. These rate that'll preferred being dropped with a few. I mean I don't want to use all that. We capping the Red Sox win against the race I had an event that it's over. It drove a 123. One night they think if it saves me. A war. On dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox with the EU on WEEI. In the Red Sox do win tonight to talk about that and it the Celtics as well here on. He read soccer view slash late night here. On EI but these two start the Red Sox in the oil worker way to the Celtics in which just indeed. A couple of minutes ago with the Red Sox winning in Tampa. And essentially eight feet. By numbers very mechanical type of win although the offense was not. I was not dominates in this particular game was four smokey Betsy in GD Martinez looked at denied. Provide any spark office it was actually the bottom of the Red Sox lineup. That did most of the hitting it toward a New Year's with a couple hits Jackie Bradley junior actually had eight. Raising his average to about seventy more on that in a moment. And Christian basket is also had. Invasive breast sucks only had five history eight hits poll in the game but the big difference the point of demarcation in this game in the separation. Was in the ninth inning in the Red Sox taking advantage of some very sloppy defense. By the Tampa Bay Rays Judy Martinez hit a ground ball to shortstop the ball pos the way. And then he got to second base that set the Red Sox up they benefited from. The catcher being unable to catch. Eight yeah pitched the passed ball. I'm in the ninth inning as well helping so altogether Red Sox. A good enough to get the win on the idea that you would say. Down the line. In this is one of those is gonna gonna feed into the ethos regular in Minnesota remember this particular game I tell you who's lucky. The guys that's lucky group paying close attention the Red Sox game tonight is Christian baskets. Because. I there was a play early in the game was scored it was a fifth innings it was middle game. And Eduardo Nunez was coming home. And the catcher who was in the on Dexter Jackie Bradley did double soul Vazquez is next batter up he's runner up there. Even for quite a run which is. Major League job more like a Major League walked in so doing is is looking at mask is the jettison let's also slide and not slide in and of Vasquez told Annan also he put his arms up while he should isolated Andy he likely would have been safe repeats that he didn't. Nunez he was tagged out it didn't matter in the end but this one of those things in the Red Sox had lost that would have been dot my dot I get what they can Vasquez did it and now he can't even help his teammates out what the heck is going on here. But that was not the case that was not case as the Red Sox. Get the wind but before I get to the Celtics around Tokyo makes the Celtics in your but I wanted to mention the the story about. Jackie Bradley June this actually happened earlier today right here on WEEI fewest this afternoon. Alice core. On his weekly. Appears with daily keys. And he was asked about the situation would Jackie Bradley junior. And there is some. Chatter. That the Red Sox. Could end up sending Jackie Bradley junior dammit that is at least an option. That is a car they have year. And they have to make a roster move because Dustin Pedroia he's going to be back. He's going to be activated its expected to be activated this weekend. And he'll be back in the Red Sox line about we were coal. That Pedroia is gonna play. In talked lucky. Tomorrow morning. And then he'll be activated. For the game on Friday against the Atlanta Braves or do we back. In the in the lineup. So he got tackled for a bit to make a roster name anyway so we as a coral was on. Does the station earlier with dealing keys and he attempt need to put the the box to put the brakes on the all of the speculation that. Jackie Bradley junior could be jettisoned. From the big league roster he has one minor league option remains. Now that means it's kind of obvious what that means it means technically. The Red Sox could say we like Q you've been around the last abuse but now. The united. Were we're gonna get ready. But instead outscored he's publicly. I'm giving a vote of companies now if you believe Alex Cora then the Red Sox are for now giving you reprieve. For the maybe offensive seasons. That Jackie Bradley junior has had at the plate so I want to it was briefly we'll get to that to the Celtics years in a minute this is Red Sox view after. So let's discuss that other question as far as what Cora had to say. We daily key. Is who the Red Sox have a Jackie Bradley junior problem. I may be the only answer here is yes. I he's not carrying the water offensive. He's not and and you've got. A couple of things in my thoughts and as far as the Red Sox. Situation with Jackie Bradley junior you've got the tool belt. The chain. And you also got the good soldiers well. And will link all these things you know now a. All part of that. Number of years. Many many years that the terms that have been tossed or is different terms now the baseball walks of changed the language will be. What this still gives you some time to time as much now as did twenty years ago with the the term five tool player. I had always it's toss around often in the scouting. Parlance of baseball talk about you wanna have a bunch of players that have speed power. Who can hit for average who can field and have a big league nor. That's what scouts book for an everyday player now usually don't find all. Right you're fighting guys got all five boy that's the only people who own doctors they get all routes as well Mike Trout it was at all (%expletive) him. Can run he's got power he can hit for average. Feel normal wedge it will he bets is that in many in many respects bought. Jackie Bradley junior if you look at he what he brings you all those five years I've those of the five. Gold and areas of baseball. He's eight hoot tool player. Two of the great defensive outfielders of this generation of the game is gonna disagree with that. Easy dominate fielder. The problem with that is physically shortstop. Worked catcher we are always involved are not always silly ball more than. Been an outfielder even a center fielder how often to meet the ball listener feel they don't doesn't happen all that officer can be a generational. Defensive outfielder. But that is what is in. Jackie Bradley junior can dominate. In the in the fielding department and all that he's got a very good alarm. In eight plus plus plus you wanna go in those areas in you'll save some runs patrol instead of feel like I said bush had the balls not hit the wall time. Ball's not in the outfield wall at time and run prevention. While it's nice to have and it's an added bonus. It's an added bonus if you're actually hitting as well. Right now unfortunately. If you if you all the other areas. Of what Jackie Bradley start here it's as if he doesn't. Have tremendous speed he's only got 34 stolen bases. In his entire career and he's played. Almost 600 games he's got 34 steals he's never even had ten steals in the season. And in not just almost a year put in a boat big numbers are they are the proof's in the numbers he's his career slugging percentage under 400. He did have a year where if you home runs but overall he's at 59 home runs. In six seasons in the big weeks. As I go on Isaac heating up for batting average. And he's a career to thirty hitters like that. And now he's 28 years old Jackie Bradley junior so this is supposed to beat the crying. Years. Athletic. Not exactly off to a glorious start here. Not exactly off to a glorious start this year as we sit. Near the end of may right or a final weaker soul of the month of may and ended beat. If you were to. Go deep on the Red Sox frost. What better place to do that in here. Late at night after the Red Sox team if you go look at the Red Sox roster unique. I see well things you go look who's in first place in the get this great record and all that lie. There are some issues it too obvious one. Too obvious ones are catcher. Overall and then you'd say Jackie Bradley junior you could say Hanley Ramirez but that's. They Haley Ramirez thing you can correct because she's still playing as much she played Mitch Moreland war. And you can you can be OK with the heat your final Mitch Moreland been hitting. Pales not been. But there's an old saying I'm sure you've probably herders at one point or another that the chain is only as strong. As it's weakest link right if so the Red Sox catchers. Have beat you always hope PS in baseball. They have the second fewest home runs so that's the number one priority. For Dave don't browse in the front office. Why Jackie Bradley junior has to be on unnoticed in this is not a charity situation. And you can get away with the eight were stretch and it's possible the Red Sox can get away within the balance of the regular season. Thought I did at the end of the into the when you get to October baseball. You gonna be putting that guy in the lineup the way that he swing the bat probably. The probably nine matching up against that Astro spit ball pitching staff that they put together there. In Houston now that the last thing on this we'll get to the at the Celtics in a moment put. This this situation nausea was still early it's early to do well. Is it really feel that the Red Sox displayed their 49 team. Tonight in team. So they've got. 70%. Or so of the season play about 30%. Of the regular season though the real quandary here. For the Red Sox which they have to decide what they wanna do. Is at what point do you say no this has got to be a point where if you cross that line. You can't keep senator ma. And just because you think Jackie Bradley juniors eventually gonna hate. He's been bogged down at the plate and is this a temporary situation. Or is this gonna continue to be the winning Tuesday's. You got a plague I'll use batting under the Mendoza line. It's not gonna happen. You don't have to be. Mr. baseball insider guide to know that now I'll give Jackie Bradley junior if I'm in charge why not my advice year. He's human of a couple of weeks. And if there's no improvement. And we're sitting in meet June. Seat. You later get out you now the more likely scenario. Is it trade. It's much more like immigrants are going to trade Jackie Bradley junior senator in the minor leaks. Any easy thing to do would be if you can get some form. Of value Micah our catcher you can then slide Andrew Bennington the or hokey bets in the center field. And while you're not going to be as good if you if you read such you're not going to be as good. A defensive team you can be worse you gonna be downgraded defensively I. The offense should more than offset. The deep. Crisis that's my in my position on. The situation evolving Jackie Bradley junior be your thoughts on that talked about the the Red Sox game tonight or Jackie Bradley junior and you're more than welcome. To join in the festivities. As they say Chris Schein production the number 6177797. 937. The Celtics also victorious tonight. As the beat the Cleveland Cavaliers are one win away and a one weaned away. From a date in the NBA finals they win on Friday. The Celtics could end the run of LeBron James. In Cleveland I acting you know bronze duty free agent met or heard about that. And and so if you saw the Celtics game tonight we talk about that here. As well a couple of takeaways I was moderate. The Celtics team and it's it's pretty much more of the same right the Celtics when they go on the road. They are a pushover. They are and at home they're everything they're not on the road when they go on the road they. Eight Tora law they looked confused and they have pain in Cleveland played like that Cleveland was the team they. Was on flustered and or I should say flustered they were they or enforce the Celtics run cluster. The cavaliers they they had. The bull of their lineup. We're like zombies. At the zombie apocalypse and anyone gives credit to the Celtics about all the celtics' defense. Well I think that's the case and in the if you look at the three of the four. Starters other than what Brian. And Kevin Love put up some good numbers but his numbers came up but he didn't do much after the early part of it. What the three other starters from Cleveland although them LeBron James. JR Smith. George Hill interest in card ashy. Collectively. Were not only basketball players base of late and you sit well that's great Celtic defense. And he's more a lack a move. Composure. By the Cleveland Cavaliers and they were wrapped most guys rattle. So I've been around they've been around a bunch JR Smith. Okay. They collectively scored ten points. Three starters collectively. Scored a total of ten points and Tristan cart bashing it would one point. In six rebounds. And he was so inefficient that he really played 26 minutes. Is he could tell he was just the quickly because he stepped until he wasn't it good and the Celtics went on night. We're teary rosy year. Was not scary scary he played like the road version. I'm Rosie has been really good at home most of the year in the playoffs here the post season but he's been bad on the road he didn't play well. Tonight as far as the shooting the office part of the game was Nike's 315 the starting backcourt. For the Celtics. Was set in all thirty. And they still won a game where there was no concern no real concern. At the canyon that they were there we're gonna lose I did double digit lead at that starting backcourt for the Celtics shot 23%. And they beat the cavaliers by double digits. So that that's who is is really it was I heard dozens of this morning. Security Callahan and Jerry is not a Celtics are going to game seven moments out gonna go down on it. Let's tell you it's looking that way isn't it. Daddy the only concern here. It's worthy of some conversation the only concern news. A game seven belated jammed in the mid. All LeBron James. In 187 situation. There's there's no funny business it's gonna go on is not a funny business situation. Where. You've you've got to be concerned. About the cessation. Some extra help for the cavaliers. In that situation. Politician phone calls here. And let's see this go to Scott who's in it. Connecticut in Scott is up next it's a late night does slash Red Sox are viewed here WE I was going on Scott. They've pretty idyllic little jealous. I wouldn't allow computer correct me if I'm wrong. But I'm pretty sure anybody would. And a remaining option so we're talking about Jackie or. Also offer call or that option exits for the entire scenes that. You can bring them up and down three throughout the season without losing that option am I wrong. No I believe you are correct. And I won't immediately options right it's food gay easy but I believe that so. I didn't hit it it's definitely. Without without a doubt so you you can Euro Euro. Jackie and rock or what can one document comes back they're gonna put Nunez on the DL Cruz is mean he's baton. Acting chops owning your unit that goes to yell you can always option Jackie. Or brought Cole down. I I agree like one of them. Needs to get trade at the because is not going to be room on the rocks or once every cars are healthy hearts look inferior. Opinion on the our. Yeah that was I think that the brows ski we know he loves to make trades based earnings of fifty years in baseball again loves them and trade so. He got to think that the brass he's working the phones and text message however these trees these days. You try to get something done and and and also the guy like Jackie Bradley junior I would think in the National League he's got a lot more value. I know it's not in both leagues are pretty similar it was always. You know but I I think that you could convince a National League team hey you can get away with a guy like Jackie Bradley junior more. Then when you're trying to beat the Yankees. And you got a guy Heaton under 200 center field that's not a good look. If I think the the other thing here is it's it's an option Scott let's outscored San Jackie Bradley junior down. What that would make some waves in the clubhouse because he's been around so long Walt technically they could do it. And they probably couldn't do it because of his performance but you guys all will sharpen will be ups a day it was it as a proven Major League player now you shouldn't be habitable Michael weeks. Well I don't care about the clubhouse if you could be about one there via YouTube. It. I I got just I think vocal Scott's I mean that's ridiculous to be gone on the phones. And oh let's say hello to Kelly in Amherst who's next year on Red Sox are either Red Sox winning tonight. In Tampa talk about that and also was Celtics waited so they're one win away now from the and BA finals was thought jelly. I am excited about all the active part up on our man at the great great Simon big night here. I wanted to hit it terror on the David Price saying. You're saying you're not gonna give him praise and I understand that you would have been injured last year at all that a you know so you hold out against the but you know with Chris Sale we don't well it doesn't Murdoch are pretty probably does that were determined to what. You know I think they're prices there would be treated electors sale which it when he has to act of Barack seller. Performances. Let that are up and then demand that is great I hope he can use it I don't have a lot of guys aren't you. I much less personable and itself. You did it crunched sucks being hypocrite much. And a confusing but you know as a way to up to stuff their popularity to talk about -- middle and ending up a couple of you've got so much taller. Not eat that just get on with. 10 this is Kelly Kelly Kelly and Kelly this it's just I'm wired idol I don't see here. Idol praised LeBron James I don't know overnight show as well when I'm you know not working here the guy. And I get people upset with me. As I'm not like a lot of the other guys that you national radio shows who just not solve all the LeBron James I know I these good player and all that. Well I'm not wired that way and that's not how I operate source Ford. I got an email me if you are listening earlier Kelly's reference he got an email after David Price left the game tonight from a guy who. Who misses the eyes again you'd appraised enterprise Ed because of his former self like that's to me that's not so open. I would do even evil was. It was Chris Sale I don't think I've come I've been here a few times after he's there's a new ones. And I didn't come on here's our Mike got use it he was amazing this fiscal hole out down dictate to hit IS LI. So and so that maybe it doesn't have anything to do with you but what I will say is when Chris bell an amazing performances. They thought about how historically amazing at what they compared him to pick remarked you know. I edit that Chris Hill had been a billion times better overall and David Price but for the last couple sparked. Nobody ought to keep it in better than David I thought I'm David prized artifacts all up and an indictment in the moment. So let's just enjoy that David Wright is that Patrick would certainly like it. How are out but at the moment now that is just the pattern they're not great and I'm happy about it. Ours you you you're an optimist. Which use of which is good preview of a pessimist that we we thank you but let me point out. That the last three starts and they've all been queens. The Dave price to get the win tonight for the Red Sox won so they won his last three starts were against. To make Nokia its Toronto Baltimore and now Connecticut. And I'm not naive to the fact that's how you fatten up your win total you back up you win total against those teams. That's which boasted to let the the cloud hanging around David Price is he's not a big game pitchers been terrible the playoffs and this year the Yankee I despite that the story had it been away when he came out after eating. He in the and he missed the start against the Yankees because of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome this or the great modern medical miracles. That he missed the start. I was on after that game in Texas at the beginning of the month. When he got shelled by the rangers' David Price and then he was supposed to pitch at Yankee Stadium. Never that is gonna go is the Yankees in the deep before that start the Red Sox at least act Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Which may or may not have been caused from fort night. Overplaying fort night. And since then insist the Red Sox were talking about they're gonna modern. They're gonna going to be medium price this is three consecutive starts. Where he's giving up two runs or less. And the Red Sox have won all three of those starts in price is now. Two at all and his earned run average viewer in front of the Ariza. Pretty good. Pretty good industry. The greatest. Condition of carpal tunnel we've seen him along time. In in Major League Baseball politics or your phone calls as the Red Sox want to talk about that also the Celtics. York. Knee jerk reaction to the Celtics winning and it now in an all at home. In the playoffs and they are guaranteed. Even if they lose by 8000 points on Friday. The Eric guarantee of a holiday weekend Sunday dean said. That is the worst thing they can happen he gained seven. Back on the parquet. For the Celtics or do we'll take your calls the number 6177797. 937. And if you would like to be part and derby derby derby we'll get to that we'll do it next. We will get to dirt beat derby derby who gets that here in a moment we the mix and match the Red Sox get the win tonight in Tampa or 21. Joseph Kelly he's third we mean in relief in the area of hundred to. After he scoreless innings in inning that lasted about six men. But six minutes against the Tampa Bay Rays who decided to help out the Red Sox in nineteen. By looking like he's cheap rip off of the bad news bears. Thrown away a passed ball and the Red Sox by the time but it ended they scored three runs in the ninth. And winning game were Milwaukee bets in G eighty Martinez. Did not have a hit did not drive and Ron. NG JD Martinis Steve scorer he was the benefactor. If you were listening to the game today you watch the game. You know that the the error in the ninth inning that set the Red Sox up. That was on a ground ball by Judy Martinez a routine ground ball to shortstop. That was thrown in the dirt. In the Red Sox take advantage of that and so with. The Red Sox wing and combined. With he yankees. Taken in on the cheated. Against the Texas Rangers the Red Sox have league team and a half lead. Over the Yankees in the American League east eighties and lost the last couple games in. The Red Sox who had that stretch where they weren't exactly. Lighting the world on fire. The last. Couple weeks it's been bad last ten days the Red Sox have played better baseball. Then the Yankees talk about that also the Celtics game and it if you were there at the Celtics you wanna give an eyewitness account. If you're still making your way out traveling round at Q at the garden you can toss up and we'll talk about that. As well ahead to game on here. In the studio in the Celtics. This was not a masterpiece. At all for the sultan is not hall home Celtics is one thing is they are much better team at home and all that. And I dedicate put that was not a dominates. Performance offensively and defense was fine it was more about what the cavaliers beat I thought on this particular night. An eighty being that the the Celtics did put the to the Celtics credit they took advantage of the basketball incompetence. That says that that deadly play. That these teams are getting when they go on the road. If it's Sunday that the the Celtics it's one thing the sub exit routes you can you can rationalize with the Celtics have done. Holman road and the splits home runs it while they don't have Kyra your being in the and you know a young team young team struggle on the road. Okay how do you explain the way that Cleveland has played. Like they've they've got the bubonic plague. When they've been playing. Against the the Celtics here at the guard in particular JR Smith. It's like he's been attacked by a swarm of locusts. When he she tries to shoot the ball against the Celtics in the road uniform. For the cavaliers. And in any game and do that I mean he he's not aggressive at the Celtics were the more aggressive team. In his game tonight that they again they were the benefactor. Of some shaky days. From the opposition. The chances the cavaliers play like this on Friday night they're very very thin very slim. But we'll talk more about that to the phones we goal. And let's say hello to Paul. He's in west feel he is next on the Red Sox who use slash late night here on WE I was gonna odd ball. Won't go. Honda did IE eight and get it didn't and the well. Yeah you got to pick the photo Paul took me big time Jimmy with the speakerphone how dare you. I am not worthy of the big I just took it up his not you must all be within there you pick the phone. Did you guys have forgotten what what does it take occasionally you'll well who warmup. Pitches it's too hot. What you call alert you to grab it doubtful. I've known abroad and allergic to my dialogue about what you ready and I get thirty million of them. You're taking cheap you can upset that I called Kelly called up earlier than ever to upset him taking. A gratuitous cheap shot at the price who pitched very good base how how could you possibly do that all you even. Right now radio a small militia and bad wouldn't shoot something like. How I wish I diaper you're really not knowing little virgin to a ball in brat that is not something you want to know when to leave an adult. It might want that you might want that knowledge it's I put that on the list somewhere in the middle of the list of things that you're looking for. All I somewhere around there it. Yeah and then you got lap at this series in Cleveland it's likely to beat temple by ordinary. Fire at home. And they miss fire on the road and then what Boston. I know who's gonna come out there that night like for example or aren't Smart words are we report on the three in the third quarter. Actually 3% and couldn't get the ocean from the shoreline what you would treat to watch you never know what. Yes I would argue though that the Soledad S citizen of the day Paula the Celtics are so inconsistent. That they're consistent you know that they're not gonna play along the road. There's very little chance they winning Cleveland outside of the cavaliers just sucking at home. You just expect them to win when they're playing an oh so that even other inconsistent. They're predictable because you know that at home they're gonna win they're gonna have a chance to win in on the road it's the complete opposite. And Cleveland the same way I don't understanding you know I grew up with Russia and cure RI. Never lose to a sixteen seed yet they go on the road and it looked like Egyptian let me. What I mean will probably won't carry much in his support are you feel like this and seven. Inside southern should winning games I the only thing and it gives you pause the only thing this is a hold your horses. Is the late gene in the mythology of LeBron jeans in the Celtics are up by ten points with three minutes to go in that particular game. And if it's a close game. I I just the you can see the nightmare scenario where the LeBron James marching in chowder society. It's a little extra push. But outside of that there's nobody else on the cab is not a single player on that team. That should concern anyone who likes the Celtics at that that's ridiculous. A single got JR EV JR Smith is gonna light the world on fired game seven even a guy like Kevin Love. Who can play well and has been an all star and all that Kevin love the kind of guys they might might be good for quarter or half but he could trust that guy entire game. To beat the Celtics in game seven I don't excel. Absolutely not and I actually you're right on LeBron HA that weren't change in their bag of tricks you can never count them out of all the gonna do what they do it homes. Play our defense George and I dated him in the tree at all. It would force outside shot at let me do what you call eight not let them march at about it I'm education later scoring ability are. Yet lock us in an oval brought in particular you keep LeBron shooting jump shots you're gonna win in seven out of ten against the catalyst I think you fall. I'm glad you picked a good job. Competition more phone calls on this it is Red Sox are you exit in the Celtics though as well as the Red Sox win end the Celtics weren't Celtics a win away. One win away. From a trip. In the NBA finals and they're guaranteed of having one more home. So that's that's what's on the line now for the Celtics if you would like to be part. The number. In Trish I'm executive producer Trish I'm standing by 617 and he's actually sitting. 6177797. Now 837 you can email me. In the email address is then dot Mather Ed WEEI if you don't wanna stay on hold you wanna yell at me. If you're on Twitter. The perfect place to complain perfect place to bitch. He can hit you up on Twitter at. Ben Mallard I just want emaciated man I don't know if this is the place to dual by the little little bit because I I read. Some stuff up a couple weeks ago in Toronto. Got rid of Wayne's world a. I raid. Some heartfelt. Heartfelt. Stories that were celebrating. Wing casings how could they possibly have done this. I'm very sincere genuine stories. About how to Ronald wrongdoing. Case. Now you probably don't care about the wrong route this equation. Having watched. The cavaliers play I assume you watched all these as you watched probably more than happy. That cavalier team which the Celtics have on the ropes right now. Smashed. The Toronto Raptors. Completely. Hook there will. War games. You're out here and there are people. That think it Dwane Casey got a raw deal. Now I get it it's ultimately on the players and all that and you know we we give. Way too much credit oftentimes especially in basketball. The VM BA you'll be dominated by the star players. Like. Any one that was out there's an art Dwane Casey got a rotten we deem eating raw deal. This cavalier team. Outside of LeBron James knew what they do they sucked okay and that's actually got tickets to beat the Celtics but I but doesn't change my position. The players on this team. The secondary players that they have in Cleveland. Our garbage. I leery midge junior he got into it early with with Marcus Morris they had their back and forth. Which was great NBA theater nothing happened but like most things in the NBA it was good theater. But down the list. I mean these are these are mediocre ball players. That the Cleveland Cavaliers have assembled. And some of his. Jeff Green. Rodney hood who's now buried. Three minutes at the end. I guess we artsy although stories about Kyle Korver. That were popping up after his his last performance and it's ridiculous. Non Hispanic greet the situation. The cavaliers at that team that seemed cavs team which is now loss away from losing the Celtics. Swept. Swept the Toronto Raptors and they were people that were ups at this point is you lost his job. In Toronto. Think about that. And I know there's a lot of cheerleaders at fan boys in the in the media in the NBA media in particular but many. 61777979837. Acute. Derby derby derby will get to that and more of your phone calls its Red Sox review all that would do it next. Editors I've been malware we take you all the way up here. 2:1 in the morning so we'll have late night. As we cross over a few minutes cross over did that well of late night for you. Red Sox win tonight in Tampa for a while we're talking about that all star but does the Celtics game tonight. As the Celtics weaned and are on the cost. One more win. Of dispatching. The Cleveland Cavaliers. And we will not have to watch the cavaliers in the NBA finals. And LeBron can go on vacation. But one more. Once again they got to connect. One more win the way they played not necessarily in game five this was not. A wonderful performance by the Celtics who were a couple of stretches really put a very well. But today they did not. And then we'll see that if they play better on Friday it's it's really. A case where if you if you look at what has happened which doesn't guarantee what's going to happen. You would say the cavaliers are going to win by ten points on Friday. And then Sunday. Game seven back at the garden. The Celtics will win. And the story and after that game when the Celtics one. The story will not this is so you've got a sub as the national store's going to be about LeBron James and talk more about that little bit is that we have some guzzling gap year. About the the so his team in the Red Sox image bigger the Red Sox it's wanted to mention this in. So in pass. Why the home run derby. And the question of either it's us have two guys that are bidders monster mash in this year. With smokey bets in G eighty Martinez that are right here pacing the American movie. In home runs and so they were asked both of them were asked whether or not they wanna take part. In the home run derby and whether that's going to be a thing you know what do you think they say did you see as. Well what do you what do you think the response Wallace. Yes both move he bets in GJD Martinez said they are not. Going to take part in the whole run derby. Well for the all star game a bookie bet said when asked the specific about there the quote from Milwaukee he said hill though. When she does not hit home runs. In batting. And beat the whole purpose this added to the ads by the time we Thomas both things here but I can go to hold rates. If you would like about the the attitude of baseball players which is no different they did the NBA got the slam dunk contest when nobody wants to do that rise back to pay and upon I don't wanna do it. The whole run derby which is baseball's version of the slam dunk contest. There is this infection. Of players is I cannot go way I. I'm an amiss my swing all in all this this or been late gene which is gone around this myth about the homer derby that. No to remember the home run derby. In a year from now you'll remember last year's homer derby maybe you remember that it judge you to bunch all runs me. It's it's the back here. It's a 24 hour story what's the big deal. The only team Marti a.s or Milwaukee bad Stuart it's not end of the world. Right second mess up their swing all day as most things it's. To pet peeve of mine let's go to Mac. On Cape Cod now what's going off meg Euro are no WEEI Red Sox review in late night Killen appeared ruled it. Got pretty good to talk he has always sir our best rap party. But I dollar touched on and and tune Ding you were you were party going on there. How terrible and Jackie Robert junior's you don't look at and I get the public out and PepsiCo. You know you can get out plate like he. Well whoever were to Aruba met this that we can we can treat Jackie Brown did you elect a pinata I'm not against that but that was not his fault. But that was. You'd agree it's like you know he finally got something in it in the result there's Arabs are at and doesn't give a bit and how are. You know and it's just you know he had this problem on his first year up. Where he couldn't hit worth a lick and then you don't expect Goodyear were yelling at. So Ballmer isn't in our secretary wanna see him like that to forty to fifty range. And the definite that delicate that's Mac straight to their. I think it. At the question is what you do like how long you how long he'd go with Jackie Bradley before you say okay. This is not gonna this is not a mark long term relationship we got to get a divorce. They are to mr. Wendell I think and I think he had some value. A year after years ago and and they didn't do it. Yeah I understand that now they got a decision to make you ascend in the minor leagues you could trade him for a bag of baseballs which is pretty much what you get for this point. No that's that's the decision that's gonna have to be made by them browse. Is gonna have to you'd think it would be made the next couple weeks the way he's going I always guy getting hit today Utica which yesterday but he's hit 17 he separately. That's terrible. Yeah it does not come back I mean I know you have a baseball background. A YouTube probably and it urged. So. Well as you know that I and he trained professional and it gets back to re in baseball I've thrown out the first pitch at many minor league games over the years. So I do have baseball pedigree. Stroke so I felt so real quick on a charge on what are joked Pete MBA here I mean and I love the Celtics and we go to wing consider it game seven at home. Provided that looked aren't. You know doesn't get the benefit in the NBA might wanna speed though warriors cavaliers. Those are. Getting your happening games as well at that point. Yeah you touched on earlier but it did. The dust the way you are. Worried pretty and it's almost where you see it's almost force a rowboat. Every parent he's watched it slot then he's crying and he's looking for a whistle because he didn't make that shot there to get a hole. Sounding board and right where all looks so tired he eased on stole release are certainly in these. Well yeah it's it's your typical game and they're losing so there's got called bad body language. It's just look at a. Well this is not new though this is then we're looking at how long has he been around fourteen years at dismisses the bronzes how he's played when things go well. Yeah one version of the bronze to open up on tables or his arms in the elect he's Jesus. And and when things don't go well these guys you got how he faced a it's true that it. Is that's good that's a good analogy is like a real life promote. He's got a bunch of different faces that he can make depending on the situation. And if the cavaliers Lucy can make the coop mode and. That's true I take it match. Obama went oh and I will do an old America are. All right I've doing the full dollar marathon as well all the way tool the crack of the crack of the on. I thank you are it is late night slash Red Sox who we crossed over crossover midnight here. And we'll get to the late night and all that that has to offer will hear from some of the he participants LeBron James is actually at the podium right now as he is addressing the media at the garden. LeBron going for the cash cool. Jumpsuit look he's got the he's got the Holy. See relaxes. Talking at the poet so here so LeBron had to say also Brad Stevens. Al Horford. Radiating away as well and we'll continue the Red Sox are good like today rejected earlier by Jackie Bradley junior the Red Sox Andy this. Issued to me. The first decision to make is on Friday when they activate. Dustin Pedroia but if you were listening earlier this afternoon to WE EIU overt. In his weekly spot Alice course set that they are not Guinness and Jackie Bradley junior to the minor leagues they have the option to do that. He's got one option left so that means that this entire year that's coming around that clouds hang around. Jackie Bradley junior but at least for now a stage of minor league sentence for Jackie Bradley he's gonna continue with the Red Sox. Have to make different roster move to activate Dustin Pedroia he's gonna play. In Pawtucket. On Thursday and then he will be back on Friday against the Atlanta raised they're gonna have to me he. Populated. Roster move option very noting the movies haven't announced you're you have networks these things are known days in advance and then they would they announced it too. The the on washed like you and me. They do it at this point will get more into the Celtics is they win tonight 96 to 83. The Celtics are one win away. With the B squad one win away from a trip to the NBA finals we'll talk much more about that. And will be doing next.