Red Sox Review - David Price jokes about not starting against the Yankees; Mike Trout's impact on attendance this series 6-26-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, June 27th
Hour 1: David Price pitched another quality start Tuesday against the Angels, but couldn't help but troll the media postgame. Does Mike Trout playing for the Angels have any impact on attendance at Fenway this series, or do fans not care?

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East is Red Sox review on W we. Yeah swings the first pitch and he drives it deep to right surveil expected. And monkeys kept on the first pitch easy putts and another Red Sox bullpen it's one night when Boston. Recapping the Red Sox win against the angels that he swings it one the last thing you arrived back by the wall this wall is gone. It hit the ledge above the wallet bound into the Rangers. Into the line officially home run JPJ opposite you know. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox revue with Mike much nasty on WEEI. Got your right up until midnight on this Tuesday from Fenway Park indeed Red Sox for you and your flight station port. Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEEI cross WEEI Sports Radio network your phone calls. Eight till midnight it 61777979837. On Twitter. And now audience to granite mutt and UT WEEI factor in Easter Graham pictured tonight. During the game confirming the can lair report. A couple of days ago my locker here Fenway Park the great Doug lane the executive producer Red Sox baseball build us these. For wooden lockers. For dog in a RD engineer myself. Joseph when champ. I've not been here is much this year I've been filling in on the morning show doing other stuff for the radio station so. Big guys like Ken layered and John rider Chris Lonnie all do an excellent job affiliate. So since I've not been here they've turned my locker into the storage area portraits kinks. There are dozens of box of tricks cakes. Funny bones pies all at the deed it just fall why I decked again it's a grand you can see the picture at Mott and UT WE yeah I. And so I no longer have a locker. It is these storage area for delicious Trace cakes which our good friend able rival occasionally combined get during the game so thank you Doug for doing that. So only because we love you and you to skimming through unity some great I love you too I love playing those under in the posting your tonight's of that picture and a lot more on answer and the mud and UT. W week yeah. David Price won the game tonight he pitched well get your phone calls a price here in a second. But lawyer David Price in the post game it's getting though a little bit of pub on social media last a twenty minutes or so and that is David Price. Once again referenced in the video game four night. And I start against the Yankees look here's the setup for this guy's back in studio wall already a four cells. Good joke bad joke cringe worthy. What do we think will assess after we hear from David Price in the post came here tonight. To reveal the oh thanks so. Okay. I didn't hear obviously the entire thing. For David Price but this is now all this to become the David Price thing. When he's pitching well. He takes a bond sell to be more glib and more sarcastic. With the local media much over the national media think for him but I know locally. He eat he feels more empowered. What he's pitching well into his credit he's pitching well right guys get nine wins he's low of the ER right down into the threes. He's pitching is solid I'd make a thirty million bucks a year. But he's pitched a lot better than he did at times last year and the way he did to start I hear a 2008 team. I for one we just hold off. On the fort night jokes. Until I get through an entire regular season without going back the that's just me. I'm sure on being nit picky on this. My guess is the Red Sox fans that are hearing this and are. Here you hear that David Price cut and take nothing out. And that David Price trying to be glib try to be funny. Well when you may stay start with carpal tunnel. When you left a news herald backing up for second when you leave a start because it's too cold that night your hands are tingling. We miss his second start. Because you get allergies in taxes. Couldn't make the bullpen that weekend. And it and couldn't go at Yankee Stadium. I hold off from the jokes now it's not the first time he's done this. Where he is referenced fort night making a start on the I'd do was a month ago or so on the sought this guy in here ever won those that. Know what's gonna solve this guy but it would be occasionally nice to see you make a good start against the Yankees. Pitched well against and pitch well the post season your thirty million dollar your picture. I don't think it's too much Alvin Red Sox fans would disagree. To pitch big in the biggest games of the year. So if I could pull aside and just tell the shut up that's what I would do. I'm sure at this point Red Sox fans and moved on from the a lot of there David pricey because he's pitching well. But I would save big do this after like good Yankee start. Or good Astros start or way of big mariner spot. Some of the better teams in the American League. And not do after games with the angels and twins except that that's just what I just it it it bugs me and what shouldn't maybe it's warmer meat problem. That he David Price problem but why does he have to do this before he makes a start against the Yankees. And allude to fort night I think it's pretty clear at this point the video games are affecting the carpal tunnel hand. Provocations. And playing less in the clubhouse so less fort night. Working out carpal tunnel he's pitching better so why joke about it. Keep pitching well on mobile. And a big starting as the Yankees and recognize the big start against the Yankees to eight it is a legit. Big star did not all big during thirty starts for Major League pitcher they can't beat. They just can't. But on July 1. Just past the halfway point. That symbolizes that that call buys as a big star for David Price so for me it's one of these David Price plea to shut up. Just go pitch and an end in a big spot and making you all you want. Yeah ball fort night. And carpal tunnel and allergies a media sucks in the fans get on you on blob would do all that stuff we don't cover astronaut we don't cover the chair. All they do all all of it. Just make a legitimate quality start against the Yankees first do that one time. Big spot the post season quality start and bill we can do that that's the celebratory sarcasm in the post game. Instead he wants to be big making jokes like that he's insinuating that that was not a big deal. I think a lot people think it was a big deal for him. So I get it on the eighth hole it's my problem not David Price but I hear that I just. It at that elevates me cringe I'm curious what you guys think of any reaction of that tonight with David Price. It's not the first time he's done and you're in the open the last couple weeks. Matt reference cal softy is mean other fort night jokes becomes sort of his staying. In the last couple weeks 6177797937. Is the phone number on Twitter at Mott and UTW. We yacht. I'll let's go to John Maine on the Red Sox win tonight we get back your calls a jump. And we are. But he you know I think we should not make it into outside factors. Anyway too laughter yankees start John out of pitcher gets a good a really good team a great team. Picture balls often angles or whatever you want about that. Back I mean bad joke act so. I really you know like like seeing Jackie Bradley hit midsummer stride that it got to that 199 did a lot of party not in any shape or. He's able it is you know. Use some good for a little loud at the very picture opt out. You know on top of that cajun op that the approach I really lightweight court I didn't editing depicting eco I there. At the end of the inning with a group can't believe. And I think going forward if I went to division this year. I cannot do that. They beat the Yankees at what you're hearing from. Woolsey we will see if they do and they're set up that to pitch well they got of this to the shut the play well to get Rodriguez sale and placed on those three games. So you avoid. Won a spot starters Stephen writes go to the DL. So many spots are on Thursday sounds like the last scares or Brian Johnson C miss those guys you get three which should be quality starters going in New York. And vicious circle back to. The David Price think for second. So I'm not watching the NASA postings on here in studio obviously doing the show apparently Tim Wakefield said that he thinks David Price is funny. And the Dayton from ma. WEEI dot com who tweeted that out and Roemer suggest that something tells me he's line. That was re tweet by Dennis actually enact has done this before Mann act and whether it's expressly or somebody's camp apparently he's OK with it and I like it. Because what would braver insinuate would that the circle there would be Tim Wakefield. Who know is that David Price. Essentially a verbally assaulted and mock Dennis separately on a Red Sox team plane a year ago. For him give a year later Selleck ice funny. That does sort of raise an eyebrow and I can't imagine Tim Wakefield thought it was funny what David Price did. And so Roemer is right call in and out and that X three tweets. I love that about back. Whether it's social media on the broadcaster Dave bring it closer Tom Karen. He's as honest as they come. He's a breath of fresh air in a time where most of the athletes who were doing this. I don't never wanna be critical never want to be negative are afraid to be critical negative. An actress she's not like that which is why is the best and why you we all wish she was do we would do more games he doesn't want to that's his choice. I Stephen a car on buying into the Red Sox 6177797937. I Steve. Me I'm totally buying talk. I was at the game tonight beautiful night before and then you go back and I keep thinking that Chrysler for that can seriously. I think when you're pitching bubbly and chocolate. Or the worst ones that you walk. One there are some huge conflict why are. You can bomb as garbage time he got a couple of duke. Probably got what we are one hit the second one was absolute line drive that was now learning it and we should've been him and it would have been hit in the of more Brit I don't what percentage that. Balls that are hit that hard are usually hits but that should have been right. Where I think Saddam will that we could department order. But obviously you look at it yankees and Astros. A little bit superior and it didn't wise but it can pitching lined up while I just I think it's going to be really hasn't. Fight to the end and I think that you're absolutely right about you don't want to claim a one game playoff. Can dispute what some people would be doing that the steps of the diplomatic abiding by the Yankees youngsters are enormous out of. Yeah I'm buying and then being legit contender Steve thanks for the call off for the division. On Yasser as a probably better well I don't know the Yankees or better yet I don't know it's it's it's been three months I guess you I said some take at this point. But man they're pretty close. I get the Red Sox the advantage in the starting rotation of the Yankees began the bullpen. And the offenses can be pretty similar. Yankees have without Gary Sanchez they're slugging catcher for a 34 weeks of the groin and who knows the growing how long he will be. They're pretty decent back up and also Rahman but that's a drop off. From Sanchez to Rome line. So I go seems a prequel idea Astros are better for sure. I Yasser as a very in the Yankees and the Red Sox right now. But the way which shape up you know get the the Astros winning the west with a 105 or six wins. Somebody winning the east with a 105106. Somebody in the central. And you may get a really good team and a one game. The divisional playoff. Somebody who's really really good the Red Sox yankees can win 95 plus games. And got played a winner gold spot. That's a tough spot to be it as for David Price I know I know I know I know it's probably just a neat thing but. And the goal pay pitching a big game one time. And then make you video game jokes and your carpal tunnel jokes and you're on soft jokes. That's just me Jeff and a card Jeffrey next up writes doctor you. And on how to go on I just. Two point liked meg she's the second all of you have a lot court. Where aren't speaking out that it certainly is the price of that and events of last week that I could do that makes them. Interesting comments about prize brought it to balance seconds he's parties on on David Price. But I got I am. An agreement which you you know like absorbs you guys brought their pitch. I wanted to in pitch while. I don't care what he has to say. Just went out games and if he does that he would guys like John Lackey. We will forgive whatever else you dot. However bad you pitched. And John Lackey John Lackey is he's got much more hate. A bit you know what after the price Akerson thing last year it's closer but eight at your Lackey was. Hated here by the time he left to your point Jeff people are upset they left to go to the cardinals the company. If you want and you know I think that the for example what Butler are you should look at that. Look what wolf for you at any age but with this particular and I only heard a quick playing of what he's dead or at joked today. I do tried to be as spare. I can declared it sounds an ad court if I'm wrong. That he wasn't the one that held out for it looks like he's no I might not be going to go it's a lot of port joke. Obviously him while. He say is so so that's that's a good point on the unfocused in the fort night part of the let's go back. Block after missing a start that he left to start against the Yankees. With cold fingers he missed they start against the Yankees because he had allergies in Texas why in God's name Jeff would you joke. About not they can start on Sunday night baseball. I agree he should have made that joke about what might not go out because clearly that's a reference to him saying while the media just thought I'd Argo could repeat. And that the fort night part not saying you're being unfair to all I'd hit it. Gather it it sounded to me that somebody yelled that topic for indeed I yeah for. So I don't know who necessarily afford it he should know. Started it. We're all on line might not go. You know but the Ford as part I think to be fair to am I don't paper ballots and but you know I'll let you go out of one at least seven shutout innings. On Sunday night shut up Yankee. You know overtake back the league tease about I. Payoff UT's what do deckers and say this charity that. So there was an event of the chamber of commerce advance. Last week where. There are fans of the Q and it was accurately and someone asked him if he ought to surprise. I've got a very instant X response to a initially. I don't like the guy and I don't think he likes me. And then he ended up saying you know we. You know what I gotta talk it out. I don't wanna talk and put the unity or tell me what he. What I should them the TV broadcast the bottom and you just continue to say that. You know like price price on the whites have and that he had no interest an Antarctic. To prize which. Would pretty candid. And I think a lot more than what we've we've heard over past year. Tarmac or about the instant whatever. She we and Jeff excellent call call anytime and I would disagree on that last part. Because I would I would can I would confirm that what hackers Lee said to that the chamber of commerce event. Is what he's been told to people in and around the Red Sox and appear in the press level. You know when asked the question X pretty honest when my missing at all. I think you David I David Price would like to talk with him to make it look good. I think David Price like talk that sector sleep to spin it like goal they'd they they fixed everything. And act was kind of saying why why bother he may he did what he did you embarrassed me on a plane while it ought to talk to that guy. So I was not there at the chamber of commerce event but I will tell you I have heard of Dennis sexy say off the air. And we aced it pretty candid about this. I think you said with Bradford on the Brad social podcast a year ago when they talked about this. That he not talk to him so credit to act speak for we're standing his ground. And not you'll caving in to well let's let bygones be bygones and let's move on though we don't like each other in the right you'll have to accidental like David Price to do his job. Just be fair don't let it JD your commentary. In the commentaries fair why does that matter. You don't have to like everyone on the Red Sox team because guess what everyone Red Sox does like actually. Ward all O'Brien. Or me or I'd Jerry York Glenn a bit picky picky or talk show host guy. So what what you have to. Why play fake. If rack of rec for re tweak re tweeting Reamer. Said Tim Wakefield lying. About thinking that act if price is funny. 6177797. ID 37 the former sees Red Sox and and David Price calls on the board at. A wanna get to those wanna touch on a Mike Trout being in town. And what that should mean what it does mean. As a baseball fan as a Red Sox fan for Major League Baseball. I'll wave Ralph score as well 61777979837. Red Sox review rules. I seven. 837. There's advantages neighbors want to let this boils back basketball. Well. Let them work on our footprint in Damascus. His third home run earlier in the red zone leaders of the balloon. Once the Red Sox in the wind I don't want your final Red Sox are viewing your flight station. Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEEI catch up until midnight Patrick Roy till 2 AM your calls. At 61777979. Victory several here from Alex Cora Red Sox manager for couple minutes coming up before. We get out here admin to back your phone calls here and a second. Other topics on the table slighted in the Red Sox win in bets and Martinez in the impact offensively. David Price that you start in his post game comments in the bigger picture. If folks have not audits of the Red Sox got plenty of people called that they have not yet bought into the Red Sox why is it what's the reason I play. They gained 81 of 162 to Morley at 53 wins the first 84 time in club history ever even done that. They look like a playoff team not ought to yet I wanna know why it's 6177797937. One of the things I wanna monitor this week and look it's it's not going to be too scientific guess the ratings. Might do way to do this we get the the actual TV and radio ratings for. Red Sox the angels here next couple of nights. On. I'm trying to keep denial on the impact of Mike Trout the best player in baseball. Showing up at Fenway Park. And we talked about this for a few minutes part of the game on first pitch with rich Keefe. If the best player football Erin Rogers O'Dell Beckham junior. The best individual player is coming to. Foxboro. There's a buzz for that player certainly same thing in the NBA. A LeBron gain a James Harden game at those games are always sold out. In the NHL I'm not as familiar my guesses when Sidney Crosby your council backed in. Or Taylor Hall comes to the garden that's a bigger game but I can't speak to that one as budget and speak to. Baseball football basketball. Like they it would it comes to baseball. The best player baseballs at Fenway Park this week. If he retires tomorrow. He goes into the hall of fame on the first or second ballot and I feel like there is no. Buzz whatsoever. For Mike Trout being a year and playing the Red Sox. I don't think it's specific to just might Trout and being the best player playing in at Fenway Park. I feel like Mike Trout for his good issues. Doesn't get. Anywhere near the exposure should it. From the folks Major League Baseball now some of that is he plays on the West Coast some that is he plays. Late night the highlights are on it you know eleven at midnight 1 AM eastern time. And so if you're watching the highlights on Or watching our quick pitch there highlight show with. Before Red Sox as sideline reporter Heidi watney like you may not seeing that and seen the full impact on it. It hurts the angels are very good it hurts that might chart has only played in three playoff games his entire career but this guy is a once in A generation talent. You looked there is baseball reference page and look at the black tight and the NBP's. Second first second second first fourth. The last six years in the MVP. And he finished fourth for the MVP in a year to put a hundred some odd games because he was hurt. And for whatever reason if he doesn't resonate. I think more than eighty it's not a Mike Trout problem it's a baseball problem. If you have a player who's this good. And eighty as any issues off the field. There are no allegations at least as of yet of steroids or anything else there should be a better promotion vehicle for him. I feel the same way about bookie that's my bookie bet is not better than Mike Trout. And it's a really dumb argument. It's doubled the player year by year he's had a couple years that are Trout like. But as as a day to stay a player at a career might try out as much better. But bookie that's one of the handful best players in baseball. He hits no promotion. Non. And I watched a lot of this crap. But there should be more. The stream more talk about the year Betts is happening and there's certainly should be more talk about the your Mike Trout is having I don't have. This is now like oh here's the answer to your do it. I just know this as a matter of fact baseball is doing a terrible job at promoting their premier talent. They are not show cased enough. And part of it is their stance on social media. Like the NBA's thrilled when somebody bar stool tweets out of video Olsen that happens and game. And it gets 50000. Abuse and it gets 101000 read tweets and 30000 likes the NBA's fine with that. Major League Baseball. If I Amir Fenway Park and I we got a video some crazy play that happens on veneer for Major League Baseball than a day. Basically take on the video. Take down the tweet they are super super protective. Overprotective of their stuff. Similar effect with YouTube duel between YouTube clips of games on online. You've got to go through the MLB yelled the replay system. That doesn't speak to getting people eyeballs on your product. That doesn't speak to hey younger audience here catch this one you can instead get away for MLB. Now eventually do it. That'd be well after the that the the duty did the play of the game the at bat. It takes forever 'cause they wanna do it up and they wanna do that put the font Don there are they up with the background make it they think it's TV. We don't need to be TV just get it out there big catch Jackie Bradley junior. Let people to weed out the video. Without worrying about the Twitter accounts being frozen for a day oral weak how still it is that. It's an old sport try to get younger and you can't tweet out our answer ran out clips of their games. Good luck. And that's not the reason why Mike trucks not the more popular figure but it's part of the bigger picture overall Major League Baseball to something a modern eager this week. Best player generation hall of Famer right now. At the age at 26. Hall of Famer. And the lack of reception. Lack of acknowledgment freeh's impact your balls in the sport. I Darren did framing and he joins us here Red Sox review Sports Radio WEE I was going on there. It might tell you they're good or human. Great thanks to do so I appreciate it you can call thanks called. I'm worried are you buddy I think it right let the rectory in your hat. The fifth at a much. He might be he might pediatric sleep they got me last year I admit that your right. I know I know and and the sad thing about it accurately which nationality at a different level because it to broadcast on dissent that look at it I'd let. And price is going to be right played what I find interesting but David Price on when to stop this good it's still that he. And yet the personality that spot that they're allowed to have personality that some work and some don't. The lap back he brought an example that you want people forget about John Lackey. Whenever there was a scrap the penny count with the birds got out of the dugout. Wrapped with Andy fight night. And and price will be basically needs to be or the mall and at thirty million you know what wealthy and I get to that I don't now you know your body. By Kent India hopefully like widget pitchers that Michael certainly you get that ought. Off the field or play in fort night or whatever. About you know. It's our right yeah I just take it a step further me your top of the wins Darren and were up against the thanks your call. Just pitch well the big spots don't miss starts against the Yankees it don't lead after the first inning. And don't skip a start next time make those big starts against the Yankees do that but the first step. The wins it with wins Arnold's old man's that. I had this battle people on the air for years with as of but the wins it it QB innings which David Price is done for the most part. And in the big spots show up. Just do that. And out of a long way amongst Red Sox fans will get our final wreck about where from Alex Cora which is set for Patrick Gilroy joins you. At midnight here in Sports Radio did you eat yeah. 91 Red Sox are made a half games back of the Yankees who shut out the Phillies tonight. In Philadelphia this Red Sox review under Fleischer station for Red Sox baseball Sports Radio. WEEI hired from David Price in the post game after Red Sox win let's hear the couple minutes Red Sox skipper Alex core. It is an outstanding governor Jan. You battle weighs controls are living there but then he was able to make pictures. And has been good for awhile. Puzzles inside outside of in the zone. Users change. I guess hunger introduce a man and that's I was able to. To go suits and it was a chance when. We have of them and give it as simple is in the ball a lot better. Good to see and going to the way out of the marital. So us on good situation better pin where there's second and third he goes you way. And in the home are obviously those are good signs of I can repeat myself is brings in about wealth or. What three weeks. Does matter and on the numbers don't show and by. As far as the approach in and can be inconsistent where he won where he's got he's been very. What did you learn about Jackie wrote these personalities being able. Stayed positive and has that. We read of your conversations and we trust a player. Quantum of players they'd be understanding was going on with the team then and they understand. Now transactions and then and obviously you know decisions that we made and and he. Think he understands that we trust and we. We trust him as a player not only as a defensive player but we've that we. We know that defense league is a lot better than was it was going on and in the season. That it was gonna make adjustments that he was going to be. I'm more consistent than what you show. We got a point there you it was a pretty obviously it was going to miss him at a high rate. And from the fast publicity. Is sit down with Tim and Andy and they were kind of him now it seems like all the talk about this suspension they're not talking about. Through your foot in our unit late kick you told that now is just a matter of you and him the scouting report and go from there. He's been juiced with Jackie. Transition teams no longer ballot typical footers went epithet but the focus one point so for the to with a toe tap the. The full time in the there was a lot of stuff going on and that's one half weeks. Person was delayed to recommend he went through until I'm told which. I thought at the moment it's good for him he was ready on time and they went back to let Kate. And use. Them. In Baltimore the first days. We talk I talk to him a little bit this thing was going on usability of the toes we have to be consistent winning like non I think we found it. And I said well don't leave your comment now if you feel that way we gonna stay within and he's done a good job within them. He's going to put down on time. Is in the break and allowed better he's been able to stay with a fastball so. I think out of the whole thing the most most important things that he's staying with his approach. There's not much. Change it's just like no sense. That they turn against him now. Yes our museum in BP drivable plays in his appearance of a chance now to. The dome Paul put the ball in play and he's been missiles. Alex are you considering a streak that David's on you look at or see what you can do on Sunday Yankee Stadium. All that's going to be fine that'd be right. Audi said as much she was asked and by the media to look where that started joke might not be able make it. I was asked the question because of fort night yes because afford them so Woolsey we got to make jokes like that. In a year where you've missed a start against the Yankees and leave one another start after an inning. You better back it up. And civil see it Sunday night against police every no in a legit big series July 4 weekend essentially. Red Sox yankees ballot for the top of the division. Should be fun beginning Friday in New York wanna thank Doug lane here our producer Fenway Park one of like Andrew and how lose back in our studios in frightened I said Patrick Gilroy was come against a big night. I was wrong. It's best stuff. The stuff you miss today on WE ERS up and I missed today all the listening to you on the way home and if you great golfer. It weekend hack or four handicap. Listen up. We have a couple of forces remaining four are amazing Jimmy Fund golf tournament it happens. Two weeks from today. Three weeks three weeks and today July 17 Tuesday July 17. I'm more ration WEEI dot com slash golf WEEI dot com slash golf all be playing it. Jerry's playing mid and all the guys are golfing you get your forces together and sign up for great cause WEEI dot com slash golf. Best of coming up Kirk and Jerry in the morning a back but he does more with six with first pitch. Right into Red Sox baseball drive safe seat.