Red Sox Review - Did the Red Sox make a mistake DFAing Hanley? NFL screws up the anthem policy 5-26-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, May 26th
Hour 2: Paul Gallant is puzzled by the move to DFA Hanley Ramirez. The NFL mishandles the anthem proposal this week like only it can.

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Fix these Red Sox review on WEEI. It was one of the driven erratically at a place at the including around second club picked him. Good food in the Porter didn't let intense. Three recapping the Red Sox wins against the Braves line drive right field to other card it's gonna get done very at a federal. The wall doing it started booking rounding third he scored easily Betty out of the way that clarity diet. Red Sox lead today that there. In ten days. Dial 617779793. Set it now Red Sox review on WEEI. Our two Red Sox revealed on talk a lot the Sox took down the Atlanta Braves 86 earlier today. Great day of offense for the Boston Red Sox and they also get Dustin Pedroia back injured bad intent the playing really well Mitch Moreland after. Yesterday's. Designation for assignment of Hanley Ramirez has another good day at the plate everything or Rosie. At the plate for the Boston Red Sox. But he even though they are the team that has the best record in baseball they lead the American League east my game and a half. A bullet concern over the back of the starting rotation and while Eduardo Rodriguez has been. Surprisingly good this season. Drew tolerance has been surprisingly bad this year. He went three and a third innings of work today he allowed five earned runs three walks three strikeouts six hits allowed including a home run. And you look at those numbers those numbers are bad. The numbers don't really reflect what you saw out there. You see a guy who just doesn't look confident you see a guy who clearly doesn't have a whole lot of control. And at this point. Why is he still rolling out there as a starting pitcher for the steam. Because on a day like today you're fortunate thanks to that Red Sox lineup that you got away and and who knows how much those won't matter at the very end of the year but with the Yankees. Still on their heels in the American League east the wild card not getting the wild cards going to be extremely important. Doesn't start bijur pom rants costs to a game. In the standings to Akashi a home field may be is while you when the American League east against the team. Let the Houston Astros could clearly right now the American League is a three team race between the Sox yanks and the stroh's. So. Why you keep their own tolerance out there true tolerance was asked. About his performance earlier today here's what he had to say. I think it's pretty clear viewing for everyone else though I came out there and just head down this year just can't catamounts. It's clearly something I need to figure out who can't play so that I need to start doing correctly to to get that job action and velocity. You know I just there's I try to throw it throw onto its tag on our hostess. Guys got to figure out it's tough for them to get there. It's got to figure out that step and I'm skipping noted it's tough pitching pro someone's got to take you aside and got to go through this frame by frame what the health gone wrong. And look I I I don't know how I would handle that situation firing Palmer to see some document dump on inference for the answer entirely Steve do you have to say something where you where you hurt. Saying you still have some command of what you're doing what he's saying yes these mechanically wrong. I don't know what it is what it is you gotta stop pitching and got a guy that's on out score. And our guys there Stephen Wright had a nice performance today. Hector Velasquez. Was a great outing for him and when he came in a relief well Palmer asked about the guy who's given you two starts this season those two starter solid. Moderates right now doesn't have a why are you wasting time continuing to thrown on the mound when he's clearly not figuring out who's. Clearly something on its bigger can console but I need to. Dessert do incredibly. I'm glad I'm glad it's clear idea it's it's funny hearing him say that I just listening to him talk you know clearly I need to do some day I I have to be better. I mean if I if I mean Palmer and his mind and probably think like. I got to swear. And I would swear to but sadly the FCC doesn't allow anything like that you see this family friendly program Red Sox should you 61777979. 370. It's how you jumpy and we got. Janie in bill Erica wants to talk about your Palmer it's Jamie what's up. A good yes you're right he'd need ago figure things out they be doing spin or being years you know. Whatever but the on the DL. Slate in the open who's rotation for the moment. He's a knuckleballer to keep them off the base as in theory can't get hurt bats great right. Every maneuvering committee of the miners look at or show up for possible trade. Which leads me to yet Jackie Bradley tutors at the picture taken in the though. Along with maybe one of these catchers. Along with maybe someone in the minors to get you a bad. But I also the last thing I'll wrap up with. Before I go to my head explode. Actually he couldn't read my garments to here you actually today we couldn't read throw Haley out left field. Google honestly. At this point I want about like that out there I know it's probably stupid to have given up. CJ Martinez and act that do you do you do you feel great. Good guys. The circuit back in left field and you we we've had circus acts of left field though the house of the red suns agreed to model you'll throwback to Manny Ramirez. He can actually feel would be. A week. When he tried our listen I I hope I'm OK with I'm OK with Hanley being crap in the field as I love that. As I write I just want and I think he got to keep them out. Street you JB. Granted these days you he waited two months theory and is opposed to one bit since since. They've got to left field please. About that what about that got out we got got album got that back. Take the tires take it and also it makes it makes the every single hit to left field a little bit of an adventure you know little the more entertainment value there. Six or 7779. 793 sevenths on your collar and play I just want the bad I don't care about the defense I really don't like guy I saw. And just a couple of weeks ago and I I think that you get away with having someone who scrappy and as a fielder in left field to do it Manny before. Do you get away with that you can. You can't wait. I hate that you know Jackie Bradley junior solid team and I get easily defensive. Stall wart he can give decent defense guys c'mon it's overrated overrated have a guy just for defensive purposes the data so much more valuable these days and yeah. Two you you're talking about a guy in hand Leo is over his last money but come on man. That's the kind of guy that you got to have a on the bench so idle idle like that on. Passage these other points about. Bringing some guys in from the minor leagues seeing what those guys in the minors could doom. Start advertising what you have to offer so they can maybe make it straight. I'm game at bats. Because first up I don't want to tolerant starting more to games take forever number one and that's just from a personal standpoint I feel like every single time I ended doing reds I attribute these games last for hours for some reason and at the other and on the other side of things to. If you wanna get a bullpen arm. If you want to get someone that you can rely on for a playoff run. Aziz guy that's maybe at the back of the end back in the rotation as a starter. I mean it's it's time to start advertising guys that you can trade me in and maybe. I don't know maybe they're doing that was why are right now maybe that's why they want more that's why heart. May be at an obviously they wanna get more at bats from its moral the moral is playing great and and honestly. I understand the Ramirez drew from that perspective I just don't understand getting rid of him entirely amused dumped fifteen million down the drain right now I don't think that's Smart. I think that the best way to approach this would vindicate him around and he's probably can DFS you can you can designated for assign a little bit. Bring a designated for assignment right away. Are you really that scared that he's gonna do. Tennis club house apart I I think that that would have been a problem in the days John Farrell and I don't think that's a problem without score. They all seem to like Alex core at least to this point and of course when you have the best record in baseball that helps out a lot to. But I don't like this move. Idol kind of sort of was delighted to drop down in the order. Yet cal I mean. That's another point that they could get it done in the back of the line up for this team. Sox it's it's very dat and whether it's Jackie Bradley junior at theirs why harder Vazquez and I know that read on that these guys have good nights they're hitting pattern and had been. Polite. You do not wanna find yourself in the situation. Against the Yankees in a big time game the rest of the regular season or against the Red Sox Jimmie gets the attacks against the Astros. You play next week. You do not want to find yourself in a spot. Where it's a late game you might be able to determine whether or not yet home field oral wild card spot or not. And you don't have a bad that you can bring in for Jackie Bradley junior. Or fast cash is which why or any of those guys at the back of the line we're basically just fodder right now. And look it's nice that he had the guys that you do. In the top six and maybe maybe it's worth thinking about putting some one of your guys. That's sitting in that top six in that eight spot or in that nine spots that you have somebody that can get things jump started for. McKee Datsyuk has been killing it as a lead off hitter. At the tables not set for him though. You're not given yourself the best opportunity to score the most runs that you can and when you gotta alliger Boller into out there. I mean dude you're gonna need tolerance you can get there are out of today was an 86 victory and they do deserve credit for bouncing back from being down. Three nothing they had a three run rally in the third inning after shaky start Palmer has Palmer it's still stunned. And the fourth thing they get another impact on have been intend the blast to dead center field to more than 62 more in the seventh. They win this game eight to six. 61777979370. Colin applaud a lot this is Red Sox review and WEEI you can also tweet me. If you so choose. I didn't touch the patriots really quickly. I saw some news that. Really we should have expected all along becomes the mini camp it's mandatory Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski are both expected to be back there. I know a lot of people are stressing over the fact that Brady's done an OTAs and I do think that there is something to be set for not being there something tells me that. He will definitely get some sort of report with the receivers on this team in the work out that I heard that he CE that has been floated out there. Through either either on Yi or or through. People so people close to him that he's gonna have his own work outs that art may be sanctioned by spell check. With the wide receivers and all that I expect that to happen. They're not being there at OTAs though it is definitely noticeable 100%. Mean my god and lawyers playing quarterback or. From. Com. Audi of America from LSU that they got all I know is when I watched him play in LSU he wasn't good I am forgetting his name I liked effort at the names of bad quarterbacks. The guy's not going to all of a sudden be the next Tom Brady just excuse for anybody out there. I'm really glad that I saw this her Jeff now. Ty and Rob Gronkowski. And the New England Patriots had made strides towards a new contract to the point where it's now likely. Gone will play 2018 season under new terms according to a source. Now this isn't great from a cap perspective for the outs because think about this. Crock is making nine million dollars this coming season. Up to nine million dollars he is making ten million dollars next year. What a bargain. Mean I might be the best bargain in the National Football League you have the best tight end in league history. And in the guide less than ten million dollars this season. When slobs like the Marius Thomas and other wide receivers of that ilk who got contracts that they are completely undeserving upper proved to be undeserving of are just sucking it up. Dropped passes left and right. Shoot even Sammy it's got a good contract this off season that guy has clearly not lived up to the Buffalo Bills traded to get him for. I'm glad hearing this it's gonna hurt to pay tuition cap perspective though. But they needed to do this. I get that he's an injury concern. But you're talking about a player. Who's an all timer and I know that we've seen Bill Belichick. Are always with guys when they have seized. At least in his mind to. Be at that level playing field he can see the he can see the cliff coming. Although maybe with Richard Seymour that wasn't quite the case. But he saw with Randy Moss is seen with a couple of other guys lower employee saw within two. And and and the list goes on and on. Drug counts he's one of those guys where when I said the only thing that I feel like that that is going to derail his career is is basically career ending injury but I don't think that went as long as as long as he's out there. I expect to see the same exact production that he puts out every time he's an athletic freaky is the best time in the league history. This is a guy that I think deserves that new kind of contract. I think its own way of sort of showing to the rest of the team which media haven't done a very good job of it a lot of your Bill Belichick that if you play well here you get rewarded. There has to be at least some level of that I understand that it's all about buying into the team concept blah blah blah all the cliches and all that. But at some point you do that the shows and good for you eat some some favored towards the guys who are actually performing inlet that's something that they really have never done. At least not well. I mean Malcolm Butler plays really well may decide during the off season and instead of giving. I'm Malcolm Butler big time contract Taylor signed Stephon Gilmore and pistol offense can Butler and it caught Jack here. What will happen there Malcolm butler's playing a little bit over aggressively all season long getting beaten on things who may we can't blame NC purple. You have to show some love to you guys in time to time showing love with a new contract. I think for Rob Gronkowski. I think that that all gold. Some way with the rest of this team. They'll see annals say okay well at the very least if you're really good here you get rewarded by broadcasting getting paid nine million dollars and ten million dollars it is. Practically criminal past tight end in NFL history. Well we'll all actually Miller goes to a million dollars or you take. Yeah I know I know. But this guy is way underpaid. Allen's if that's one of the reasons that he has been. The child at times that he has seemed to be this offseason with the motor cross stuff and. Other. Safe things that he's put out there. On social media. She need him back. Especially if you decided this offseason that you're done with Brandon Cox. Do needed he needs this guy back and had about offseason last year continues to get worse and worse and worse now Garcia's on the part of the team anymore. So I think that this will go at least some way towards maybe. Calling the locker room a little bit because I definitely think that right now. In Foxboro there is a sense of liberals going on right now 6177797937. I'm political want. This is Red Sox review the Red Sox did win 86 if you have thoughts. On that I am mainly my thoughts after the game our will it has drew Palmer and keep getting starts. And on top of that was that a mistake to DFA. Hanley Ramirez. Also when it comes to the Boston Celtics. With Kevin Love out of last night's game. Did no business losing. And wall I understand that everything that they have done thus far this year is gravy because think about this. Need anybody to think about one missing think about it it's like and some sort of like C radio professional or something along those. Towered wannabe. Now this is this is obvious no curry no Gordon Hayward they should not have won a playoff series. They have now won two they are on the verge of winning a third though they definitely made things interesting by a group in the pants in the second quarter last night. But when you book. Now. A team that is missing its second best player. And a loss of that team that was missing its second best player for our due to the man's care Juan to. 48. Minus 51 year when they eat the cats are without Kevin Love for 42 of the 48 minutes that you play against them. In game six last night. You have no excuse to lose. And I think the Celtics are beginning grew a little bit more Ford. They played well and every quarter except for the second. And the second quarter if you're the cows in new looking at Kevin Love and you're wondering if he's going to come back and wouldn't that be the time that you fault her especially given that this team seems to absolutely hate one another. And they hate each other out there. And here we are in the second quarter the Celtics are getting absolutely bludgeoned. By Jeff leaping green. Jeff Green yes back guy former Celtic Larry Nance junior these guys are just. Stuff you in the locker for an entire corner. Just might Sox. I mean you caress the contributions of the cavalier starters. Kevin Love interest in Thomson. JR Smith. All trashed Georgia Democrat twenty points 712 from the field 34 minutes. LeBron had a superhero performance at the very end he was basically just properties I plan all over the Celtics faces many had no response toward they had nothing there was nothing they can do markets more like waving and its face trying to distract him he's hitting all sorts of ridiculous shots out there. But they had a golden opportunity to win this thing. As soon as Kevin Love went down. I think they should run away with that and even if LeBron is having a game like that the Celtics should not have lost last night when Kevin love's out. And I think that it's time to put a little bit more pressure on them look they've played in and out playoff games. Yeah we've seen them at home. And how good they are at home. Why does this not happen on the road. And I feel like there's something in the back of their mind where they say yeah well. We go back in game seven you don't wanna go to game seven against a guy LeBron who's five and oh in elimination games you don't wanna do it. But that's really gonna find themselves. And I am a little bit nervous I know the the sultans of Montana wrote don't feel like it's time they haven't done at home. Even with that crowd behind him. I mean right now bronze playing Edyta stupid level. And that was an incredible performance even though you know you sort of embellishing in game five it's God's hands and sneeze help I'm just tired of Ross's tired that damn story line nonstop. Bly. He was great last night even though he towards ACL may have died. Allegedly I mean I saw him fall of the ground as if you toward ZZR commercial break happens. How is watching this at a bar and figure out wonderful broad there's broad and dunking OK so he's totally fired great neat awesome. 61777979370. Call in to Red Sox review the Red Sox took down. The Atlanta Braves 86. Earlier today you have thoughts on that thoughts on the Celtics again 617779. 79. 37. I am curious as to oh you guys have responded to something that the NFL. Once again shot itself in the foot on talk about that next its Red Sox review on blog a lot don't go anywhere. The gap in right center field Jackie Bradley off. Re. And this is little planets. Yeah yeah yeah. Memorial Jackie Bradley junior in right field for the injured rookie but it's. Don't over the right center field gap we'll follow that nobody else gets through and he made an absolutely terrific again. If you wanna have a catch there's no one better to do it went that Jackie Bradley junior. He can be the father that you never had pop I just wanna have a catch was nice catch their he's very good as defensive player. As a hitter. He has had some hits in the last week questionable. He did OK against Tampa today he had two hits. Online in it human math here in the days of the week on Tuesday. He had two hits he had a hand on Wednesday. He had a hit on Friday. It was a triple wonderful awesome great yet double earlier this week but is this kind of guy that. Should be keeping our roster spot. When Hanley Ramirez who was about that will be valuable. Down the road in big spots against big teams in the playoffs. Is getting designated for assignment. When you have this guy there I I do think that it's nice to have good defensive players. But I think it's more important that you have quality bats are so hard to find you can find good fielder you can bring up a good field especially when you expand the roster later in the year. 6177797937. Mike is in Connecticut like what's up. Walk your personal right. Broadly flat and low. I don't get what it is that they that they see in him on late. That that that that even merits and being in the line from time to time you know we got I don't get it. It also white flash being the worst in baseball not surprising. Oklahoma also too want swamp welcome upon bumps all right wanna I wanna actually you won't you'll probably know that I want to answer milestone marked. Glad they called the mafia play can make them back or not. While lord what could could could be Red Sox bring him back. He got the clear waivers and the odds they're clearing waivers went like the Red Sox are under the gala at the pays all contracts so basically selling can sign up for about 500000 dollars. So all of your assignment of 500000 dollars I think whether the whether that put him in the minors are planned so. I'd I have a hard time to clear waivers if he could labor's yet you send to the minors but. I don't think it is clear waivers. They came cleared take home. We're back now it's like. They I I think that they could but I don't think they will and it. He clears waivers he's gone I I I don't and I don't see it happening. Well I don't know why do you are on the moon join brochure. Her very well Martina mullah the only yes I'm very DH. Exactly exactly and you get and what you wanna have moral and out there especially with the way that Moreland sitting recently by III I think when. We're looking at these guys right now they are worse off without Hanley Ramirez is about to put in off the blind. And I am cars it's Almonte summoned by Gordon mormons are back again. If that's good question until honestly on on top form Bergen appreciate the phone call might add that at this point. I I I know that he is still the process of rehab he has been activated and I don't know why hasn't it activate yet. But and. Yes a piece of paying a second we -- let me let me read this report really quickly. They return Tyler Thornburg from injury rehab assignment without activating him from attending disabled list so his thirty day rehab assignment began. At the end of April it was scheduled to end. Tuesday this week. He's not allowed to pitch and another rehab game until next Friday he's gonna remain with the Red Sox for the next week to work out in received treatment from. The training staff Dave Dombrowski said he's doing very well he's not having problems that lasted for injury rehab is Tuesday. You need to be actually on basically Wednesday and he got to be 100% part of the bullpen to work numerous days he's not quite there yet in his rehab. So. I'm not expecting him any time soon. Honestly I'd have firm based off of that. Report. I think that. This is on the rim had to wait on a little bit that they need it now has had but they definitely need him. May need some bullpen arms they need some arms the back of the rotation manager Bob Grant is pitching either pitching well. Either and I think it's time to get someone like Hector Velasquez or Steven Wright another shots in that spot. Now. The NFL. Is really really good. At finding ways to just completely face plant there are really good at it I don't know how they've become so good at it I don't know of state think to themselves you know what's a good idea to have the same sort of business model. As the WWE. Where we put things out there. That are probably bad news sent me like the story lines WW I don't know about a spotlight but here's what I'm saying is like big day it's like they believe that bad publicity any publicity is good publicity. And what we saw this week we if there are new policy. Where comes to the National Anthem. Man it was just such a bad job by them here's why. I don't know what the odds of the NFL be able pull off a change to their anthem policy without. Making it public was. Petition to try to deal. Every single time that they'd bring up what happens during the National Anthem. Do you know what happens. A divide. Anger on both sides of the aisle liberal conservative. Those in the middle people who work veterans. Other things like that. It just becomes a giant mess every single time it's brought up because there's no way to make everyone happy on this. So what do you do with something like that how you stop talking about it. In particular I'd look at the Texans owner Bob McNair has so when he takes. On the national land but I figured OK if the NFL wants to get past this to everyone does in 4018. Ignored completely and ghosts. If you don't know ghosting is ghosting is basically when you go on a date with somebody text and you just never attacks them back. People do this all the time and Tony team welcome welcome to being 29 year old that basically uses bumble Haynes and all those other dating apps to. Trying to get the sex. While we take a look at. This new policy released by National Football League this is something I think they should be kept behind closed doors. Because it's just going to lead to more and more conversation. That is in a soft half of the country and then the country to have the other half the country that's not a stock they probably were pit stop before. Here is what the statement from the NFL's commissioner Roger Goodell read. And is it a paragraph but they've put out a new policy where. All team league personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag in the hand them. Only applies for a second. What bothers me is that they say. In their new policy. The membership strongly believes that all team and league personnel on the field shouts stand and show respect for the flag in the hand them. When you go back to the initial reason for these guys protesting in making people uncomfortable during the game. Who's about police brutality and racial inequality and you can feel on every one. About what they were you could say yet they're disrespecting the flag there disrespect in this country or you can say look it's peaceful protest. I have heard many different veterans have different takes on that some people say look to see what he fought for your right to protest others are set older disrespecting me in doing so. I'm not telling anyone to believe one way or the other it's pointless for me to do that is everyone just get so pissed off about it and usually only here's what they want here. But I read that and then I go back to a little bit earlier in their policy where they say. The efforts by many of our players to spark awareness and action around issues of social justice and must be addressed. This is good the platform that we created together is is unique in professional sports and quite likely in American business we are honored to work with our players to drive progress. It was unfortunate that on field protest created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players are unpatriotic. This is not and never was the case and then the very next sentence he sees all the anti personnel shall stand to show respect for the flag. And the anthem. Personnel who choose not to stand for the anthem may stay in the locker room until after the anthem has been performed. So you're saying. In one sentence it was unfortunate that there's a false perception that NFL players are unpatriotic. But then the next senator saying well they must stand and show respect for the flag and the anthem. It. I mean eat like. You're taking any because you don't like to see police brutality. Sub sterling brown last week and I think that's an isolated case but there are many cases that happen like this across the country and there's not a lot of accountability afterwards. And on top of that there's definitely racial equality in our country there always has been getting better. It's heading in the right direction but again there about things that things out there. In one sentence they say you know what what our players are doing it's great next senate but still shut out. That's why I hate this the language of this is just flawed and if you're the National Football League and you want to get past this. You shouldn't of released this policy out the way that you did. If you have thoughts on this 6177797937. On blog launched its Red Sox review the Red Sox took down the Atlanta Braves 86 today and I don't know why group moderates keeps getting starts. Don't go anywhere. 790 three's. Well I think that's good I don't think people should be staying in the locker rooms but still I think it's good you have to stand proudly. For the national we shouldn't be playing you should be there may be should be in the country you have to stand proudly for the National Anthem. And the NFL owners to the right thing and that's what they've done. President Donald Trump on hog a lot of threats talks review. On WEEI 617779793. Sevens Heidi Collins here's the thing that the NFL eastern up where it. They said in their policy. That they put out there that. It was unfortunate that on field protest created a false perception among many that thousands of NFL players are unpatriotic. This is not. And never was the case and there are some owners that said publicly at least Stephen Ross the dolphins said that Donald Trump is essentially using this to pander to a certain voting base. I don't disagree with that. And that's why he wanted them to stop doing it. And I can understand his perspective on Madson and things like the NFL they care about the bottom line and I think that for the most part the people that are. Paying the NFL the most money for sponsorships and things like that are typically the ones that are in the percentage that are going to be saying they should not. Taken knee or receive fist. During the National Anthem but. They say it was unfortunate that on field protest created a false perception among many thousands info players are unpatriotic this is not. And never once the case later on the policy they basically say shut up and on top of that. In basically. Ending in me to. The president what some. I believe reports that there are owners that sort of feared trumps impact on delete. They are allowing him to do what more time. Some of a chocolate fail exactly. It. NFL do this that made them do that and he can continue to say the same things he's been saying about the National Football League. And its players the sons of bitches as he calls them and then. You saw what. Vice president might actually reach tweets the story on CNN. Saying hash tag winning. And get more current hash tag. Charlie sheen's. Life doesn't. He take years of the entities. But it was a really long time ago. But he is essentially doing exactly what the NFL wants to get away from he's saying look. Here is the NFL's head they are my bitch I'm holding it in front of all of you. It is mine mine alone in my precious. And they think this is gonna go away now because now a conversation has been resurrected and now the beginning in the heat of the year. This is going to be a story therapy shots of the sideline see what these players are doing. There in the locker room or are out on the field. The jets have said and what every NFL team has to do this based off of the new policy. And reading through the policy. Personnel who choose not to into the infamy stint in in in the locker room or a similar location off the field. Until after the end than has been performed a club to be flying by the NFL it's personals are on the field and do not stand and show respect for the flag in the external debts that they paid. And I I think that there enabling their players to potentially do something like that. The store doesn't go away rehearsal league's bottom line the division between the owners and the players continues. And it ultimately keeps hurting the NFL's bottom line. At this point. And we saw towards the end of last year there aren't a lot of players that we're still doing it I think there at nine towards the end of the season. Just nine guys doing. It pretty much died down I don't think that anyone's really accomplishing anything out with the needles or with the reading of the fist or anything like that. We had the conversations the awkward conversations the uncomfortable conversations. For. A year and a half about racial equality April police brutality. Capita was dumbo for. He took to me. He's eighteen minute press conference afterwards actually made some good points. And then later on a dumb ass again the big Sox a Fidel Castro shared all that stuff. But in the middle. Adding that the kneeling penalties really accomplishing anything anymore and they just let this die. I don't think that they would have this as a problem but now they are right back to where they work with this at the exact center. Of everything that has you the National Football League. You shouldn't be playing you should be more maybe he should be in the country. And as you hear something like this it's just gonna continue and continue and continue what they should've done was find a sneaky way to get this out double players about it tell the teams about it instead they date a date showed it to the entire world. And now here we are talking about it just 6177797937. Shot as in Weymouth summits up. Yeah I I look at it and you're you're an employee. If there employers says hey where wine or Friday work one way or your fired. Contractor carte. It's it's it's a different though it went when you compare so it's it's different when you compare some of the players because here's the thing man. I mean let's be honest I think and then I know I'm definitely replaceable and in this industry and radio it's cutthroat you get fired all the time. But but in the NFL if you are good enough player I mean is that team going to cut you. They probably well. Now in the situation on cap rate jeopardy was the same quarterback that he was. I do think that he's better than a lot of backup quarterbacks in the National Football League having watched Tom savage firsthand for like nine weeks last year and wind blow my brains out. Having watched rock gospel out of there are plenty quarterbacks out there. That cabernet is better than right now. But cap but it wasn't good enough to get over to get. Asked all the controversy that came. Attached to them so I understand is saying but it is different it is different from the perspective of the guys that if they if they've really got some players. That were extremely good that we're doing this that were taking the torch from called cap and make. They would not and that in fact I get is saying though. That's what they're trying to implement. And it's I just think though that they should have done this all behind closed doors. Right yeah that's my second point. In my bought outrage you know this spam in my head. You know OK. Whenever. If there. I got I I got to John appreciate the phone call 6177797937. It's a little different as they got the power to do it. Because they have the money that they're making to do it and I know that in the context are guaranteed by I mean. Really the thing that they're gonna have to deal it is backlash on social media from those who are pissed off by something like that number one. And it's possible wants a loss of sponsorships amber too. Audit there but they're willing to do all those things it is what it is different than our regular nine to five kind of it is different. The best place to do and raise awareness for something like that it's not a press conference afterwards. The best way to do it is to do something like this that gets people uncomfortable talking. It worked well calibrated worked. It did work and how evidence as it actually led to change snot out of exile and they were now sort of in just a running around in the circles yelling at each other world looks let's it's it's off. At this point I wanted to move on be passed it I guess first I'd like yeah this is a good could this is something that definitely needs to be looked at talked about changed. We'll change is really haven't happening now an almost became a fashion trend to join in with called traffic they can mean ariz offense. And we're at a point now where I think people are just tired of talking about all part of talk about it. Six on 77797. ID 37 Dave what's up. I set where they are picking vote in our sort of trade agreement that both. Can't get out. Here's the problem the players to have one of the worst CPAs and sports I don't know of hockey's is anywhere some of the familiar with the hockey CB gave it. They're now asking for vote they they they want this to go away and they feel it this'll make you go away by saying look if you're gonna adult don't do it anymore. We will find the team if you do this. And I'm curious as to what will end up happening I mean they're not finding the individual players they find the individual players might have been a better idea that it really wanted to stop this entirely but also probably would have created more backlash. If you bought on and on the team by team basis. I think that for the most part the players they are all going to vote. Keep doing something like this they I would imagine every single team would vote for that. The owner still apply the power over the players and I don't think that they would leave it up to them they wanna get away from this and today and this was getting away from this but I think the vacant snuck this around. Instead of putting a legal policy. It has been at Islamic haven't had. Moments wartime dead and you. Let somebody get out in front of them don't give any ticket you know. I mean I ice ice apology is alive that they'd appreciate the phone call I mean Blix it. The the voting on this was never gonna happen again Amazon wanna dive into that you eat you could've done something like that maybe that pleases the players but ultimately the owners want to get away from this this is there and met this was their measure to get away from this and ironically they are not going to get away from an anytime soon bullets in my opinion 6177797937. How nervous are you. About the Celtics. And their chance to close out the series more potentially eliminated. Tomorrow night's game against the Cleveland Cavaliers game seven. And on top of that what do you do about troop comrades who stinks right now. It's Red Sox review after an 86 win over the Braves unclog a lot and this is WEEI.