Red Sox Review: Do the Red Sox have any idea who will be the 3rd starter for the postseason. 09-27-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, September 28th

Mut talks about the good from the game such as the offense showing up tonight and David Price having another great bullpen outing. Mut also talks about the bad from tonights game such as Porcello getting hit hard and what that means for the playoff rotation. Mut also breaks the news that Hugh Hefner passed away tonight at the age of 91. 


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These these Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody amateur. So recap. Of the Red Sox and the blue jays took two deliberate. Want him yet little center landed back it goes. Each Red Sox revue with Mike McNair ski dial 617779793. Separate. Neighbors want to. Right on line drive. Red Sox review on Sports Radio WEEI. Or that Clark is on the field here Fenway Park specs and rain overnight they want the field in pristine condition. Prestige that pushed the right that's the word right. Christie conditional on a second guessing myself. College graduate I know things. Smacked. Ottawa the field in good condition for tomorrow. In case there is a champagne and beer cans and but light boxes and Jonathan Papelbon dancing and celebrating because the pledge can happen as soon as tomorrow. For the Red Sox and the A at least this is Red Sox for you across the WEEI. Sports Radio network what would you guys in till midnight taking your phone call 617. 7797937. Tech snapped forget the text. On Twitter at much and UT WEEI. A lot to pick through here tonight will probably get some NFL stuff next hour Spike Lee had a melt down on CNN. Tonight during that it town hall in the NFL and the players and the amp dominant the aliens likely to melt down and I think compared Colin -- predict too. I Jackie Robinson I think he did that tonight will play that at some point. Any 11 o'clock hour I promise is I guess it'll Al console play that at some point in the 11 o'clock hour but we start with Red Sox baseball. And there's good and battle Red Sox win tonight I will actually start with the good I will take the cue from. All caller from Maine last night who said bring on the Dodgers in the World Series a very positive caller Blaine up in Maine. Idols are positive. Two big deposit other game tonight. The offense and operation guys you really need. And a pitching David Price. We'll start the offense Sander Bogart's is a guy that I had Ed. Couple years ago bought all the stock all you folks wanna sell sell sell sell sell on Zander Bogart's and I was fine and well. Twenty home run future in this guy's. Career going to be an all star great power Ernie shortstop but he really has not been that. His tenth home run of the year tonight ended up driving in four odd two hits at three hits he scored two runs he ends. Really fit in a the leadoff spot in this Red Sox sort of Pedroia went down the sort of ticker what they're gonna do. Zander Bogart's not sure this'll be the exact line up we seek a post season could that if you sold many lineups this year all the injuries and had a second half of the season. But Santa Bogart's played very nice job be to do a lot worsens in a Bogart's leading off because he sees a lot of pitches he's patient sometimes to a fault but tonight. Came up with a huge shake your down three nothing early you Clarke Rory back to 33 get ahead 54. Any boss the game open their six to four game hits it three run blast for 37. Put the Red Sox out front by a five run mark at that label it as bad as for sole book she felt okay. With that five broad margin a and that was a huge he would need a couple of big base running plays scored. On a great sliding into home plate is ruled out he popped up who say they checked it. And he was safe. So his offensive performance is something to note something to watch going forward the Red Sox unity that. As the leader from Hanley Ramirez we talked last night on the show that night we spent some time. Ripping Hanley Ramirez who was it well there are due. Hits an absolute moon shot it was sold Manny Ramirez Eskew wasn't funny. Towering home run 451. Feet went past the light tower out there are left field just mean it was a majestic. I Sorrell run from Hanley and they need that from Hanley they patent. And to be the DH in the post David Ortiz RI have to believe when they sign him there appearance. That the thought was once David's gone he'll plug and play. I'll and they needed him to beat they needed to be that guy he was tonight. And he was all pumped up be a big hit early for the Red Sox any at the home run east high five and his guys that he he showed some interest tonight. That's always been a question of how it Hanley self interest it is the health focused easy how passion is he right now. But even NASA's show on the replay of his home run he turned and yelled at his dugout rounded first base. He was into it and so I again it's a fair knock on Hanley that there are sometimes he ate into it. He was into it tonight at another guy you need in this offense to get going. As you face the Astros here for four and you face the Astros potentially for. A best of five playoff series. A week from now so to get those two guys going. To get Pedroia back in your lineup he was two for five tonight so we drove in Iran. Top the order got it going here a little bit. That is going to be so important to this offense moved in that's as good he's been in September he cannot do at all. He just can't sell on a night where you gotta starting pitcher who struggled. It would get him to second. You need draw let's pick you up and they did. So that's. Very good thing number one besides the win tonight it's the offense number two is David Price. Who came in in the sixth inning there were any a third struck out three of the four guys that he faced had its fastest fastball the year. At one point during the outing and looked Alston. And I have no idea what the roles and eventually be. And I'm not sure John Ferrell officially knows what the role for David Price is going to be. But he is giving you every indication if you watch David Price pitch. Last was it Tuesday or Wednesday Friday in Cincinnati and then tonight. Everything is done it makes it look like he's gonna come back and be. A weapon for you out of the pen. I still wanna see them back to back nights I like good Ferrell did tonight John Ferrell got him into a game. In the middle of an addict too down nobody on bases clear went to get a and he went brings in David Price at two out nobody on had not done that yet he broadened to clean innings he gets twice in a case that situation comes up. It now what to clinch moving tomorrow. You might have a chance to test some on back to back nights. Which should be perfect can't seem to interest in the ideas and think that that's a real big deal he told rich keep that today. On the dale Polley chief program we told the media here tonight for Fenway Park. I think most of us would like to see impeach him back to back games first and foremost. And now pitching any of third tonight you bring it back tomorrow try to get a couple lots and NCR response on Friday. That's all I hope the case would be. And it's unfair to compare him to manager Miller Miller's daughter for a long time. But is there a potential for Andrew Miller type role multiple innings back to back games. Or. EC just gonna be the piggyback for starter two or starter three. I don't think you need to piggyback starter for Chris sell you assume Chris sales going to be okay and if he's not we screwed anyway. But the way Paul Francis pitched. And more importantly. The way richt or sell and Doug Fister pitched recently. You have to wonder in the back of his mind. Is John Ferrell still point where if am I getting is reports show on games one and games to. Or my Getty's in in game one next week then I'm gonna have mother back foreigner committed pitch on a Sunday in game three. Because I don't trust the number three starter. Which is the bad part of tonight's game. You talk about the good your thoughts on the offense your thoughts on David Price what can he be out this Red Sox bullpen what do you envision prices role being. Based on what you saw tonight we see now on three. Pretty much perfect a relief outings. For the Red Sox at 6177797937. Here's a foot beside the point. You need all this offense tonight near the home run he had the thirteen hits and ten runs tonight. Because Rick or sell all got rocked again. And it is a really scary thought. That you might be tied at 11. Against the Houston Astros next week you split the games in Houston Thursday and Friday you come home Sunday afternoon baseball. And you got to send Rick or sold to the mound. That is a scary proposition the Red Sox have four games to go and I feel very confident saying the following they had no idea. Who their number three starters going to be in the playoffs they have no idea is it gonna be force LO. Is it going to be Doug Fister. Is it going to be Eduardo Rodriguez. They have zero clue right here now outplayed them. Because I have zero clue. Of the three I'll tell you I prefer but I dares nobody stands out amongst that group. Porsche told got rocked tonight and he's beginning rocked as of late. You just look at his game long. Gilad it's 38 home run of the year that's the most the American League it's time for the most ever allowed by Red Sox starter. To all runs tonight five earned last start for ratings for earned one home run. Had that good start at Tampa today. Was okay against Tampa before apple went five innings. Pitch count to 95 or five innings rocked by Toronto. Five at third seven runs on seven hits three more home runs. He's allowed now six home runs for the month of September. He is allowed thirteen home runs since August 3 he is up 38 on the season. Six. Let's see since June 16 I want to get the stat right. He is now made 246810. 1214. Starts. So fourteen starts were for sell low dating back to June 16. He's lot of home run in eleven of the fourteen. He was bad tonight. And he was a beneficiary of his offense saving him. He gave up three in the first he had shut down opportunity in the second and couldn't do it shut down opportunity in the fourth couldn't do it. Whatever recourse so we saw last year. That won the Cy Young she doesn't exist anymore. Based on what I saw tonight I would be. Looking for any other option. In game three if from a Boston Red Sox. The problem is the other options aren't great. Rodriguez goes tomorrow probably has the best shot to get this thing at this point. Doug Fister. He's given up a million runs the first thing. Blast he needed it is series tied 11. Come back to Fenway Park for game three Doug Fister on the mound giving up four runs in the first and all the sudden New York you are playing uphill the entire game. You feel pretty good about say at least I do you feel pretty good about Palmer at least I do. It's that third starter and they are begging I am getting guests tonight the one that that team goes home. And Ferrell and Carl Willis or sit around. Haven't. She lets our DVR whatever they drink after these games. They are saying to themselves please god. Let Rodriguez come the illness came let us clinched this division immoral and let he'd be able second set up Rodriguez for game three. I'm not dug into the match ups of what they've done against Houston but I I do know the last four cell started its used to was not good. Back in June. What are those games you talked about. Six innings ten hits seven runs all wait two more home runs. Subtitle back a look at to a Rodriguez Dunning is Houston this year if you likely use it in that round but. That's the reality tonight. Your team won your offense was good David Price of lights out or sell low stalled and they have no idea right now. Who should be number three starter if he goes nothing gives your requisite outing tomorrow. I'd probably make the strong case for what our readers at this point. I know Parcells the Cy Young winner I know Doug Fister had a good stretch there and and for a while I was driving that Doug Fister for number three starter bus. But I I can't do it at this point. If Rodriguez goes up there Guizhou strong outing. I did he rob the ball in game three. I have no faith and Rick or sell right now. He was. In the center part of the plate Red Sox that set him on Twitter early on my god. Senator cuts senator cuts center cut some of the hits off its absolute. Batting practice rocket shots I'm surprised he's not gonna go on the gave state because the DL what I'd neck spasms from the ways next snap back as almost pitches tonight. I'm not going to be surprised. 38 home runs. Eleven of his last fourteen starts. 44 cell numbers here at Fenway have not been good. With the outing tonight he's gonna end up with a a 53. Home ERA. Vs 367 on the road. 01 caviar being gay games to 670 RE forever that means. I would not Starr reports all based on what I witnessed tonight watching the Booth here Fenway. I I'd have zero confidence report sell right now probably write them Rodriguez. Fish stir or sell. But that changes tomorrow right horse if Rodriguez gets rocked you back to square one. In other people lose ruled then start to criticize John Ferrell won't say why just stretch out David Price you're gonna start again through look how he's pitching. But doubt have been tough. So there was the good tonight. For those who say we got to negative last night on the show. Which I say actually nineteen every two negative talking Red Sox after the game c'mon now. The offense and David Price that's the good. The bad as Rick or sell who looked really bad tonight and his office bill amount. I'd make the case for what are Rigas right now for a number three start in the post season assuming they get it done and face the the Astros and AL BS. Or potentially less likely be Indians. Make your case 61777979837. The phone ever on Twitter at much and UT WEEI. Reach every tweets coming up. Before 1130 I promise we see guys lined up. We've opened the show what the good and the bad we'll hear from you next year red sock you until midnight Sports Radio W media. It's Red Sox revue with Mike Mike Netscape dial 6177797937. Red Sox a review on Sports Radio WEEI. I don't work to do. About fifteen pitches so. I'm not undertake any rest until farm and so strong physically. So I'm if you work in the bullpen moves to get my stuff squared away for. Sources. That is short for cell after the game tonight to his credit he's never shied away from bad outings even his first year here at the Red Sox when he was not good. I was there to answer the questions every single time we did so again tonight he did not pitch well. But his offense picked them up the question is will he be the Red Sox number three starter. And potential ALCS against the Astros beginning next week Red Sox are you brought you by town fair tire. Best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody will get jump until midnight tonight at 61777979837. On Twitter at Mott and UT. WEEI did good and bad of tonight's game the good the offense and David Price. What is his role going to be in the post season the bad the starter Rick or sell on for me at least right now maybe it's a a recent C by this year than I've seen Rick or sell struggle it seemed Doug Fister struggle. Fun John Ferrell I am begging. That it worry gets goes out their gives me good outing tomorrow because that would make my decision very very easy. I'd want Rodriguez pitching. In the game three next week sale going in game one pom rants in game two. And then Rodriguez in game three that's assuming. That things go according to plan your Bure magic number it's too. So you're pretty good spot in the next couple days to lock this thing up boy to do is win a joy your final four. And it does not matter. If you lose. All for your games this week in the Yankees win all four there's obviously your not gonna win it. If you go one and three and the Yankees go three and one. I believe that still means that you get this thing done I will check my math here during the break but I believe that that's still get that done so. Very high probability is Red Sox team is getting it get themselves. Into the division but you're not done yet but I'm just assuming right now double the number three starter that they do get it down. The way most people think they well which is through the division. And in two. The AL BS that way and so laughing as I'm watching the celebration the Red Sox outfielders had tonight. Which was some sort of basketball celebration or Rodger Davis became a had the ball was playing one on one against somebody and miss the end of that so. I'll figure that stuff about 6177797937. Your phone number. Bernie's a Walt and we solved tonight on Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI Bernie good evening. Pay big Lotto barn right. Comment summit. So what. And that yet throughout the week. We're used there monotony in audits and it. On the well you know Andy that linking arms on the whole truck situation involved. Worries spin on the situation here. I'm not freely Bernie I'm for standing. OK so. Art art. Conservative. You've come across an air supply I'm not I'm not closet and all non an open conservative and midnight quota for Donald Trump for crisis. I've only closet. That's your first mistake or they're sure not what we got so. You believe this trial this strutted her in the sense that the military. Owning the black. So wet wild or who served in Vietnam. Said he server in order treat people not always true. Video elect arms. Quote what data. I see of course they have the right and Bernie you're that you feel about four days late with this we everyone I will they have the right. I just don't I'd I'd wouldn't do it William is Sam makah ass really fired it was stupid it was done for the president. It was done for the president because I can come back with ten other people would tell you that I including at the guys that watched tonight. On CNN during the roundtable to other veterans and families of veterans who want people stand. So it's their opinion they can do I disagree with it burning. So no I don't I hear it and that's good for quite. It's strictly as we don't want it once side doesn't mean it's right outside of me and it's rock. Well in my out Casey this is where we're we're get incidents of I'd he hung up I didn't hang out thank you thank your vocal Bernie called back and get disconnected. But I feel like we're on we are we pass this. Oh a pass this part of it like. Four we all we I know they have the right to do it of course they do. I wouldn't do it if that ended the team told me I couldn't and I did that come up to be fired up to be finer suspended. Well beyond that is called sick compare Indiana and it NFL MLB. Angle beyond that at this point the dew they had the right to do it of course they do you. I disagree you can think whatever you want Bernie we all of our opinions on what the players though what trump has told the teams have done. Sort of the point. But just because your uncle and thank him for service you and your grandfather I've you know who we mentioned there. I feel differently and he's a lot of feel that way and hopefully they put more of the field the way I feel. John a New Hampshire on the Red Sox pitching rotation for the post season John you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI want to punch up hi John. It played Illinois and I do a job or even. I an excellent despite a restaurant called him a little nerve. Excellent Joseph thank you for making this your first place to win your phone call tonight. So we're starting pitching we don't have a number three pitcher for the playoffs we don't have. What we get schooled in the air facility open air festival in the air and they give up three runs. Everytime a person it is just it's eating out for too much yet. So why not go whip. Home. Christ. I know we've got stretched so but what we are in play off games. It's taut pitching pitching pitching pitching pitching pitching. Yes but it's it's the pulpit. Tanked right. So where I'm going witnesses. Let go out here pitched 34 innings. And then bring apple and they've been outstanding. Who you want injures the bullpen that early in the game. Well if you give them a run in the first inning anyway what are you doing. Yeah I mean it's I understand but isn't there more value if you can use price or multiple games in those first three notches game three. Bring him out I hope I get a couple outs. B gained what'd you do. If only it's demeaning. I know we are literally be five games although a B five games of the Ohio and I'm I'm I'm Gordon. All you're right you party the party dancing the ALCS that got us. Apartment complex. Well what I'm saying is if you can give up Iran in the first inning I need to bring your bullpen anyways if you're down by three. Well let's get three or ending neatly in Italy. And then we call it apple announced it. Yeah I I energy and the thinking Jon and a good first on call of the radio station despite some people while they're driving home from the game tonight did agree with you. That price right now is the best option and I don't necessarily disagree other than the keys not stretched out right now. David Price is not in position to start a game. I think he could. But you know what inning at third today. And I just think when they made the decision Ferrell can't be wishy washing with this. And I can't. I don't wanna be disingenuous and John Ferrell I like the idea up price come back on the bullpen. Because the minute he had any sort of pick up as a starter he was going to. Have issues with the media and the fan base elvis' first game pitcher Joey Parsons July 60 thrown apple want that. They shut them down he had the injury never pitched here after all that stuff that happened. So I have no problem with the bullpen usage for David Price I still don't. And I would not stardom. Based on the opposite camber and assuming he pitches well tomorrow it's pretty simple it's Eduardo Rodriguez. We told you all bad he starts were four. Report sell this month. Rodriguez is the opposite. Yes four starts he's two when won't they won 78 ERA he's lord is he already from 43239. In four starts last time out seven and two thirds shutout I at Cincinnati. I tie before that five and two thirds two runs allowed a all three runs while only two of those earned in a 32 loss to Tampa before that against Oakland six innings one or Ron. Before that at Toronto pretty good offense on tonight six innings two runs. So just based on that. If he shows up tomorrow. And he gives the requisite outing. It's Rodriguez in game three. And after that Woolsey. Yeah that's two lefties back to back and had not. Again I'm not from the deep dive in here I'm just on the way Porsche celebrates tonight it was batting practice folks. He was lucky is often showed up and carried him. Rodriguez in game three. We'll see if John Ferrell there's the same way Stephen Miami on the Red Sox debut on WEEI. All right trust it hallelujah. To colleagues. That I get back Herridge choke choke choke. But I'll get a victory as I can. Shall sat at all. The I ask. You things about how. I'm glad we got tonight. Okay a couple of things I want to talk about. First of three straight terrible games are just reject. I'd like the idea of EU right. Do what he's done. What he did the last game. Actually put mix and match up that. Right can be the peach orchard that he was against the Red Sox or you as a rookie. It can't pay because he couldn't win as a starter but he looked rates as a pitcher it also want to ask your question. I don't have fouled out has stated that people keep it tries to get in games and all that. I want to find out if I was the Red Sox I would take ya are. Bluster. Huge sort of took Davis just got this. Yeah has done nothing. Left. I don't think I carry fire out but they don't. And don't forget rocket. Can also play out but they don't I go with David so her job at what to catch him. Do you think Iraq will make it at the objective person. So there's that whole doesn't make it. Yea it's it's to me it's still too early thanks for the call the reason I say that Steve the way agrees and a cop out is because we don't know. Officially yet about the injuries Hume Okie that's could have pinch hit tonight he didn't. Woolsey what he comes back with what about a report on unions. You know what it Nunez is not ready to go in that first round. And there's a thing about what the guys not on the roster for the first round he can't play for the World Series right so. It's I still think it's too early I don't wanna start I don't know who's gonna make it who can not make it ask for Rodger Davis that dudes gotta be in the playoff roster. He can pinch run he can steal bases for yet to play any outfield position can pinch hit. If it comes down to young or Davis it's gotta be young it's got to and it's got to be Davis. He does more for your team like what's what's the scenario Chris strongly and helps your team. And again this might depend in Ferrell smile facing a lefty or radio though young has not hit lefties this year is big thing was hit lefties he is not him to save his life this season. Rodger Davis gives you so much more. But Steve's right stick Chris Young is a Ferrell god. I hope there's somebody on that bench cynic he explained to him that in a playoff series Davis is much more important. Young's you know what. Pinch hit maybe. Davis gonna pinch run it going defensively. Roster flexibility. Almost Stephen Miami no doubt in my mind Davis over young comes down of that. But I heard today we del Ali key if you get how many the bullpen has been so good but Tony bullpen arms do you take in the first round and it's it's. It's there's too many moving parts right now based on the injuries to really have an idea but the promise of a thousand times out of a thousand Davis over young. Mike in north Providence to weigh in on the Red Sox offense and David Price to the standouts in the win tonight all the blue jays are like. I might yet ally I it was a happy that they bought back its. They just seem to quite get there and they're bringing back online again and they are just like usage according out of hand we see just really revved up. They were mentally into. And awaited they weren't the last two games ago. And you know the guy and talk about Houston I don't want to be open and playoffs. You know do what you one and three scenario on the yankees' three and one. Why you saw last year one in five down the stretch swept up by the Indians. Yeah I ad agency every especially against the cleaner they're likely won't play in the first round. Just you wanna you wanna go out there and make a statement against them right now but finally with regards to price and the that they then. I think that it. Along releases or is very underrated oral and baseball anyways and in the post season it's massively underrated. If you cannot be drawn games it's about the regular season where all the guys and gain that allotment. You have to won games you have that you can't just you can't say all you know when it though you know. We're gonna talk count that one out. You know so it. It. Fouls in any of our starters or meat balls up there provide a price that have been used yet. The idea being able to roll him out there three or four innings might seem backing. Well especially game three right don't you feel like in the back of Carroll's mind he's thinking I need somebody. To sit on the neck of my game three starter whether it's Rodriguez or Fister or force LO. I need price ready to go the same way like almost back to Cincinnati a Friday night. We're Soledad I went four innings here comes pricey kept them in the game gets they'd Red Sox win that's. That that that's a potential role for absolutely especially given that I I don't think John Ferrell most of the number three starter is going to be in the post season right now. Well I remain in the way I look at it. I apart from price your supplies you know. Armor and as well I want these guys be entity be gas tank and I pile of ballots illicit doping statement for seven. You give me I. Inning the best you can and you can go what that that's fine but that's you can get me but right inaudible I can take it from that point not. But I I don't want these guys going out there and kind of try to police themselves it took it to the detriment of their stuff. You know I remember right. When Pedro went into that game the quicker in some discreet little gain I was so happy that he went out there and basically emptied their gas tank that. And then great quarterback out there pretty but I what I. What I want is the Max is back I can offer and then rely on the ball park map point not and that's of course I'm. And if you had David Price might have very good point thanks for the call you give those guys the opportunity and I guess that should be inherent right that. You get in the post you give it all morning have prices are on the back end of the control. Rodriguez she can tell old. Or sell a tell Doug Fister guys just go pitch door about an eight innings we have somebody behind your very good bullpen in the bullpen. At the difference in last year and this year you feel better about this opening kaposi's needed it I a year ago given the way to Craig Kimbrel. In Addison reed Karstens Mitt those three plus a sidecar Barnes and Kelly and a long man David Price it's an eight. It's getting much better spot than it was. A season ago. And Woolsey and as far as how many guys they and a goal that depend on the starters that's. Be very tough question for the manager who they get this thing closed out heading into the weekend. Kelly today immersed at 6177797937. Hi Kelly. Well not so. You know what weigh in on this race baiting. Yeah on the last who you elect to again says there talk about momentum and all the other kind of stuck in and vote. But I do feel like with price I mean it's just pretty much common knowledge here at case. And I think that it you don't start the real estate thought about it let's just out of graduate and you're absolutely ready to go all that. Yet so much negative stuff all of this year I don't want to get into but we don't know about that. I think that if there was anybody who could be really psyched out by it's never win any game of the playoffs as a starter. It will be David Price and I think that this you know that there's such that you just said all of these guys are popping up all the road the first couple lending. We don't know whom are never restarted we very you have the number two. I but it was that the public that if you do it over here. We are gonna win anyway yeah you can't if those guys don't pitch well your goal homer ligament one. Yeah if people call and talk about you know ourselves in trouble that's a light pole but I feel like with David Price. It really be that long like the last follows talk about you know at any times somebody's you know just just not bring it. He can come and you know it's in the fifth inning that says that whatever it needs to do to get to somebody orders and. I agreed Kelli I think it's a very good point especially given. How questionable the number three starter is. That somebody ready to go and that's Sunday game the schedule would be assuming get in a in divisional series and not have to go to the wild card and in May lose one of those games. Thursday. Friday. Likely Houston. Sunday back here Fenway Park. And have somebody ready for that Sunday game if that number three starter fails then that's a good way to go. You figure down two to one Priscilla comes back and pitches a game four should get that far. If you're up 21 may be pitch for cell or Fister in that spot I'm not sure a fast bends at some point how. Game three goes. Off for the Red Sox. We don't get a lot of breaking news at this hour on the show it's much more reaction show. You'll be on the art night your reacting to things you have gains to talk about you have a events that happened. When Iran earlier in the day it's more of a topics show right but they're also more breaking news it happens during the day not at night. Some sad breaking news for those of us who. How to like put this. Grew up. Maturity. Tick that next step as a man. When they Playboy magazine back in the day we thank you have to bear. We say good bye do you governor. Hugh Hefner has passed away according to multiple sources tonight the age 91. He brought us Playboy and he brought us the Playboy Mansion. He brought us that terribly creepy show later on his life. I forget what that was called someone will treat you the name of that show. Where he was. He had all the but all the bunnies in the house. And he's clearly sort of keeping track of them at what time you come home and what can you do in. Sweetie to kiss and a mall or just a weird weird set up there. Offers few late in his life. But what will forget that part of it in the in the. Obituary if you. What he brought you as a young. Adult male. Or younger pre pubescent male. He brought you groups. You want to see them. You there when a magazine. And when you saw that Playboy logo. Your buddy's house under his older brother is bad or an attic somewhere. Or right grew up its old Swede with the reads this neighbor or whatever in the box and know the box and in this place in the woods. Which is probably a whole different story. However that's what he brought you they were unattainable you couldn't find them you couldn't watch it. You read your choices Playboy magazine or try to watch thirty years squiggly lines your TV on HBO. Those are the two choices as 88 pubescent or pre pubescent boy growing up. And he saw all those boost the first time many of us did thank you have here. He's passed away at the age 91 they'll be plenty of stories. Good and bad and creepy. About to happen next that day or so. The multiple new sources saying he's passed away at the age of 91 and a whole generation. Will never know what it's like now. You turn on your computer. You click here you click there and you have all the new unity. All of to all the sex you want. Is right there. We didn't have that core of your kid in the eighty's like I was you didn't have the Internet. It was Playboy or if you were if you couldn't get a Playboy it was a hostile learned you can get a hustler with smother magazines that you really quite frankly. Didn't wanna look at. Lil too. Too much smaller coastal magazines. That we're not Playboy. But thought you had now I get the inner Nike pull my phone right now beats seven different sites and see things that would make your crew your eyes cross. That was not the case. In the late eighties and early ninety's. Hugh Hefner founder of Playboy the Playboy Mansion. Passed away at the age of 91. 61777979370. Your phone number we'll try to bounce back and try to. Sold drawn here Red Sox three you'll do it until midnight to Alex three ration till two right here Sports Radio WB. Yeah it's Red Sox revue with Mike magnet ski on Sports Radio WEEI. Those guys and thirty's my forties as well. And fifty's right over the war the more of a sad night this season media founder of Playboy the Playboy Mansion. Q after dying at the age of nine B one. And yes I won't take you have to phone calls I'm not afraid to 6177797937. On Twitter and lots and UT. WEEI and what a guy says. Really pictured life for you after tonight perfect guy did you Alex Raymer. We'll join you it midnight right here on Sports Radio WEEI. Brendon and tag along he wants the what David Price in the bullpen I Brennan. They have a dog what's up Brian. Aren't yet it I did want account on there right. Let beyond. I'm. You broke the US use news for me. And as as the prison knew exactly where their fathers. Stash flies. It's it's the rough nights. It's a tough one because this is this was a gateway for a lot of us Brendan it was the are all you'll you old you are but there'd be kids that never experienced that on my son. Is never gonna know the excitement of having your buddies say. Yelp and dew might my parents are gonna be a way do you wanna come over and look at my dad's Playboy collection you'll never get off. Well and and I'm I'm 29 and I don't know when the Playboy channel came out. But I I can run me about Ortiz looking at that quietly just that we we don't get it you know but I was to teach it to. CD's you can you can get some some bought these stop and waste and now. Yeah I mean that's they had to do it was with a weird we knew TV was sort of squiggly new try to watch HBO through the whatever that once or in the Playboy channel yes you could. I forgot there was a Playboy channel but also that same featured good point by U Brandon. Yeah up yet they were pioneers in the hole and now hold game really because the Playboy channel was the first really mainstream. Now. You know material like advocate well and and that doubt would that not so at this stage. I forgot about the Playboy channel Jesus Christ that they did again that's you never gonna have that now because kids can access that in two seconds. On any spoiled these millennium. They get the access to everything. Up halting conquered all your on WEEI. That was sore on Ahmad who you could throw for the lions for the ya I'd leave it called she rambled. War is war. You're trying to watch. Said that everyone's wallet would clicked out and you achieve a Serb brought out the second. But anyway. But I remember. Just spinning the head and looking at a magazine racks and what can you talk about our shelves as always. Audit trail blue white I can't wait to build upon that magnitude. And Matt Shawn and stop and all the bad is it that I don't know bit when we existed there wasn't. So yeah that's crazy that you broke that story and. And listen people I got a text from our program director Joseph is our bottom who Selma forget or I was my thought up legendary Hugh Hefner dive. And that's a good one too. Because there was a time and he again this is yet to be a certain age. But there were some of like the gas station. Type places they had Playboy. Where they wouldn't do a great job hiding the cover or high in the magazine. And occasionally before they went to the full cellophane coveted blocked out the fraud. You what field would grab one attacked they only get a candy outcome take a peek or right here on top shelf that it wasn't blocked off yet. And trust me you knew where that companies was you who through her was that those out there are those existed. And such a good one to adds I see it's great it's great if that is ready called to die for I forgot the term Ford yet you will hear if your cable we scrambled. Or you had that channel scramble the healthy eating get HBO I guess at that point they just called it scrambled the station was still there like a new cable system. Yelp my buddies would they had other street stations but they to have HBO just be quote on quote. Scramble. So that's a get gritty good very good point. Seated. I'm not and our producer Doug Daschle and be the top of all time and so I would not know them by name I'm sure there are very famous. Models who were able to break in. I wouldn't know I just knew was a kid. It it really didn't it didn't matter what the names war is one of the magazine. That's pretty good that was that record dot com ranking Nazis. Let's go to shoot Nathan who is in the NATO recalled from tonight. You say well what burn us. Yeah where the holes that's like an hour and forty minutes away from Springfield. Oh G easy way out there tonight we got tonight Nathan. What I got tonight I was just got to talk about it you have your topic a Playboy. Go for men. I think it. You just call you called you called us letting. They elicited yourself anything to say aren't you yeah I. I remember the movie you were bad. And I remembered that nice in the beginning seemed that you were able does he like Playboy magazine in the net all of the movie like that. And I never got experience. Because I'm just not really like our page at that point. Your mind what are what are your what are you 20/20 640 millennial you spoiled what are you I was 27 point eight. Are you well know millennia but I spoiled by digging drive everything that I pat. But you you admit though you now live access to things that debt in two seconds on your iPhone. All we used up the fight for his kids grown up name. Absolutely actually actually my old man did decide to share of Playboy than they almost let a year ago. And it was it was different because my dad would like to. I used to do on my Friday night to my friend you look at that that and we never were able to have this whole Smartphone ordeal. What we can just accesses now are limited at the fingertips. Your dad's a Smart man. Dads are very Smart and any of the trust me you can hear a lot of this tomorrow. On our station across the country. Guys talking about this right that's it. I'm not quite a National Geographic wrapped up that's. That's that you and your buddies in the library but he couldn't get to your hands on a Hugh Hefner Playboy but wasn't Pam Anderson a centerfold. I think she was. I think she might have gotten her start I'm sure there are a million others and does not remembering right now the actual names. A solid starlets that got there exactly Merrill when Robert got their launch. Courtesy if you after. So he was able to well launch careers lots of other things rather watch a lot of things for boys. We're growing up at that time Hugh Hefner passing away at the age of 91. Thoughtful comments from the listeners here tonight. On the passing out of that 6177797937. Is your phone double come back take up until midnight. Exhausted much the Red Sox talking wanna jump in on the red sock you can I also wanna come back in play for you. Something you've probably been heard yet some guests audible did not watch this tonight there was a round table on CNN. About the NFL players and healing and Donald Trump. And Spike Lee lost his mind. I think to a point where he is going to try to compare Jackie Robinson. The collar Catholic. Love Spike Lee freaking out for you next here on WEEI. It's Red Sox revue with Mike magnets key on Sports Radio WP. Yeah. It's a retrospective of one of the great things. Here's our generation you have your dying feet. On nine he won this is some Red Sox these Sports Radio WEEI I know there are others. That would more famous or were popular but from looking at some of the different centerfold during the break in the ones that stand out to meet obviously. A little bit older but she and we've been up to a lot of the softer sort of scan a Mac say movies later in her career. She was a centerfold of popularity but the the big four. Would be Jenny McCarthy Pam Anderson. Kelly Monaco and then in Nicole Smith like totally forgot about. Who ended up marrying enact nine year old guy Ingle hold Shiite these are things that from my T I'd just I'd black these things out. But yet Jenny McCarthy Pam Anderson Anna Nicole Smith and to a lesser extent. Kelly Monaco. The ones that dominated. But I was a Playboy. Purchaser indoor bar were in or you are or watcher. Or browser I should say before you and Internet browser you're browsing. You play voice that's been a big part of the show here tonight as well we found out this hour they passed away at the age. Of 91. 10 Red Sox winning tonight CNN held a roundtable on race and the NFL and the anthem and Donald Trump. They had neat boy you're all out among their guests their tonight made Boyer was the former green and parade. Who actually advocated in men toward college cap predict not sick during the anthem but Neil pulls more respective. They had the parents of a gold star Stanley that was there. A mother and father who lost their son. In battle and live in Afghanistan. And they had likely. And Spike Lee at one point was yelling at the parents of the gold star the the eve of the gold star parents. Which are sure is gonna get a lot of play tomorrow. On the station and others. And then again and Colin cap predict and I fully admit. Colin Capp predict should have been on the cover of SI you're gonna make it SI cover talk about. What's going on here in the NFL he for better or worse started nicer actors I don't think he was the best. Voice of this. I don't think he's the best voice of the cause I think did a lot of ways he had these thoughts about just social justice in our country. When he that is current girlfriend so. In the midst of all this last crazy in his last five days he'd been nowhere to be found but it should run a cover stepped Kerr is right. The AB AB dells and a covering capita in trump in order both those guys are not as crazy but they had the roundtable tonight no cap critics Spike Lee was there. And he brought up Branch Rickey. Jackie Robinson. And Colin cap for nick taken away Ben back in studio. For. Britain's Ricky made a decision we're gonna attack you opposite nobody else wanted. Now this is the Brooklyn. But. Yeah. Do you part of yeah. They all have included retired you're known I don't know. Where somebody maintenance is it OK I. Rick you made fitted out about that other higher no matter what about that I Jacqui well. OK so he's out of business it would have been as bad as what they've made lots of money from it was risky at first but that they can't think who are we going. To be sure to repeat today what went live where we welcome not hard to get wet windy and it hit how. I don't happen that job. A one or I've just introduced cloud. The problem the minute he may. Did these Asian. To put his car we're on the lack are actual little talent cabinet didn't do I think that I don't live like yeah. Like I put a couple. Couple. So you heard the response there from the panel and there are a 1000% right. The idea you wanna compare. These two people. Is ludicrous. I and that you can't even do it from the players standpoint is that the hold them brought project comes on the best baseball players of all time. But. You know Jackie Robinson. If you read anything on him and you you. Measure watched and we 42. Which does an okay job portraying a slight but this guy was getting death threats are playing baseball. Skullcap critic played in the NFL. He made millions of dollars. He was on his way to being one of the better young quarterbacks in the league he didn't play well. He got. EE found a different cause besides football is interested in the end of football team in San Francisco said thanks but no thanks because he was gonna make a bunch of money. And if they go as work that teams wanna decide collar Capra neck in the beginning last off season he wanted to give Mike a starter. And that led to ease being black ball that led to his agent saying he's not gonna deal anymore and that led to all this other stuff. Let me Jacky Robert's game death threats stop the ball on the field. He was held out of if you've played baseball. Because. Players of that color had not played before right and Branch Rickey took a monumental step. And and certainly he launched. Baseball. Light years ahead. When he came to where they were with black and white. And allowing blacks to play. To try to compare that to Colin cap predict at any level on sorry I don't see it. And I'm not gonna compare. Our who's that Woody Johnson the jets. Q who at college to a Branch Rickey. If they end up signing him. But that's we are spiked as I would play do little snippet there I'm guessing yell as soon as tomorrow morning it's actually a lot more Spike Lee. Yelling like a lunatic. Tonight on the CNN special this gold star Finley and a whole lot more. But I mean it's. We've talked about this a lot this week. It's dominated the airwaves as it should. Oh we get to trying to compare. Jackie Robinson and Colin Capp predicted rain tricky current NFL owners yeah I'm not. A Nazi and that's like. I'm sorry man that's. That's a tough one. Alex rivers talked a lot about this may be he will agree with spike Lee's so analogy middle of a better take on it than I have but I can touch you today we head. I turned down. As I get the TV here in the Booth at Fenway. And you try to watch some of witnessed people here in the boot do you feel back to spike just screaming. Anderson Cooper is trying to keep some sort of moderator role. We just how out of his mind. Trying to assorted toppings overtime he says some in wood or a more whole Regis it is. Could be the the Branch Rickey Jackie Robinson won at the plate spike I don't all cabinet wants to play in fact I would tell you that based on the last couple months. I don't think he does want to play. Because she could have made himself much more available to teams. But if you wanna do that in early on the process you worried Peter certain amount of money go back that Seattle report he won a nine million bucks a year. Pete Carroll's already to bring him and he won a nine million bucks a guy you're cutting back or quarterback to Russ Wilson thanks but no thanks. So that comparison does not work for me I Josh and New Hampshire the final word tonight hey Josh. A mutt I joined them in or you. I'm doing guys eight Alicia I'm just column about. Or Playboy case yeah Asner recipes gat is awesome. I mean not awesome what's that will hold talking about doctor about it is awesome I mean just this reliving. Back when I was a little kids. I mean I'm 45 so I mean. Are your your even more than medium and that's led that you were right now we'll also Playboy Josh. Our two GRR I mean you know I mean this summer's are territorial work and we all like. You know our bikes and ride over their kids out that the dad had that stacks. And you know I mean we Rudolph Gilda still live at the circles and take a moment like after return on you know it was encouraging. It was made it. I don't know guys this going to be a business that day. It is I would say you know what I'm with you Josh it's a sad day. Guilt in so many Dorsey do you have there. He was super creepy again and his life and have like seven mistresses and also as a stories about his time there at the mansion and the grotto are adding else but. He opened that door for so many of us. Young boys just trying to learn about anatomy. How learn outlets. What's that all about all that's that's all about all this Pam Anderson here's Kelly Monaco. Others wrote an article Smith how do you deal. And so many others. We say rest in peace to Hugh Hefner it'll be very nostalgic day on the station tomorrow I think. We're still talk about this. DL stick will be on have all be listening doesn't matter. Alex streamer Caylee Darius take on the world of sports everything else that's. In the minor Roemer tonight he's taking your calls until 2 AM at 6177797937. Red Sox and clips tomorrow folks. They when yankees lose they win the AL east will see that happens we'll talk to tomorrow at 6 PM on first pitch. You're on Sports Radio WE EIC.