Red Sox Review - Even without Kevin Love, the Cavs are cause for concern in Game 7 5-26-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, May 26th
Hour 3: Like our pal Glenn Ordway, Paul Gallant is a bit afraid of LeBron James in Game 7 against the Celtics.

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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. It was 100 driven erratically and they should it. Floating around second clothes kicked him. It's cool in the corner yeah. What are we capping the Red Sox win. Against the Braves. My drive right field more the card it's gonna get done very at a general. The wall doing a story book he rounding third he scored easily Betty on his way disparity diet did say. That's not it's. Not lead. Yeah Bain dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox review on WEEI. Three of Red Sox or view on WEEI. I'm Paul the lawn after 86 win for the Red Sox over the Atlanta Braves big banks for the Sox had especially from one drew pom rants. And your bed into Andean Mitch Moreland to a good days of the plate and and dandy with me solo shot. Home run he also had a triple was on three for four on the game and its moral and he goes to provide continues his hot play get to double lead to Tripoli and Olmert on last night but. After Palmer and Shiites it was a shaky outing three and third six hits allowed. Walking 32 along the way he had five earned runs and he left after that three in third within the hour right now on the season of six point 75. Yeah Ike's. He's got to stop pitching stop putting an end they got to figure out what to do with that guy and I think that the best option is to just take him entirely. Out of the starting rotation for now put on the disabled list of some. Fake injury to do went the extra listed with a touch Redick does try to nearly got beat by a spider. It's got a little infection going on and there are so many options that you could give forgery pom rants but he hurt him. After today's game and Kyle if you get that audio they'll be sick. It just doesn't sound right something is up with a guy. And you were seeing it with our eyes when you hear him talk about it it's not. The kind of DS that you typically hear from a pitcher's still feels confident in himself. Yeah you know my stuff was good it just doesn't run the race you know just it was a bad day just wasn't my day at the office he would pitchers do that by the way it's it's BS show up TG David six rods. I'm pretty dark about what he's trying to pull here. But. Two bomber rants it was a shaky outing Pedro. How you feel after this one. I think it's pretty clear. Here and for. Everyone else though I came out there and just head down this year just can't I don't know. It's clearly something funny to figure out mechanically so that I need to start doing correctly to to get that jump back and velocity. You know I just there's I try to throw it throw onto at Saigon were exposed to so guys can figure out that's something to get. Well we got to figure out that step on skip him that's not a good side if you don't know what that step that is being did have a good year last year. I mean we're talking about an ERA in the twos fourteen wins the discrepancy from last year to this year it is something that is. Inexplicable but definitely requires him to stop pitching to stop it command get lost today. It could cost you ultimately the end of the year looks at this Red Sox yankees race is going to go down to the wire probably the race for the number one. Record in the American League in and home field advantage throughout is also going to be up for grabs the Astros up to a pretty good start themselves eating every single when he can get. You keep putting it out through tolerance you could lose. You can lose games like this and look you have a very good offense at the top the order where it's. Isolate. Moved he bats and JD Martina is not doing a lot today at Bogart's not doing a lot today Mitch Moreland and and prevent Andy well he got a great. Topple the order when he comes down to drew pom rants. And the starts that you have that on. Chris Sale. David Price one healthy for a person although maybe not in his last start. After that. This is your next man up. It is wondering how does it sometimes that came curve balls again today and going out there and on the right now from students so it's kind of frustrating. Just three frustrated. We'll let us know our offense so good that given their own analysts got it starts are right there. At the very least he knows it. The very least she noted the offense is helping them out. But outscored got to now announced scores got to do something about it. 6177797937. Read some interview with me talk a lot Steve is in Miami Steve what's up. I don't do well Steve. OK couple things about how many people on the board for. Collect leads. Great thank you I have great merit I am I mean wow I've enjoyed how he acted this year. Being out here tomorrow and well try to be a mouse. This seems. I don't know how you do it bro that's awful could have been. Larry Tripplett I mean I don't because they got I was gonna rip currents are Hispanic. Rookie doesn't want to do not an imaging and double A triple or whatever. Edit and eating more partners would pay these players are. No organization has been less deserving of the two championships at the Marlins of one of the Miami Marlins. I. Because of the ownership right the ownership a the fan base 100% the ownership like. Just just middle fingers nonstop with who with whoever owns the team now Derek Jeter in the Wii easily things that he's doing. And the owners before tea with the stripping right after winning World Series at the used to do. I I looked like I was thrilled when it. Gene DeWitt announced. And now even Yankee back here all of they'd say well good piece of the Yankees but. He has he just doesn't get. He sucks he he sucks and I I I'm not gonna lie I kind of like seeing that Derek Jeter's in this perfect figure that everyone used to pain to be. However when I was a child the state Gillick who while there to put a lot of I have to like Derek Jeter out of respect Derek Jeter now I would irrationally hate Derek Jeter. Anyway I stayed about what are your thoughts on Palmer into him. A terror threat thought Natalie so when he was with the ball and of course he won rookie of the year and he was very accurate when it turns out. Agents so I still remember when he was playing third base side to it which admired and Brad Penny I'm not sure. By the picture. There was a hit. Down at baseline and he's sort of like John. Went down to about us and there was a big to do with the picture and how that and wondering I was proud he. An unhappy that the government before. As happened because it's going to be interesting. Did the road that's where this contract with that share. We all know that the reds are not laws and. Well in one day you're right you're you're you're you're you're right Steve I also this though I mean you're missing that that you need at that you're gonna need that back in the playoffs. And I I I don't think that getting rid of the guy does that mean you can you can afford to spend 250 million dollars on the team to the Boston Red Sox you can afford to. You can afford to pay that luxury tax even at the luxury tax hurts a lot. If you've been doing. And now to save money fine OK you're sitting might be getting nothing in return to this you're paying you're basically pissing away fifteen million dollars for the rest of the season. And the back in this order when you're a big time situation you're gonna judge Jackie Bradley junior Vazquez or some of the other guys they have out there I sure as we don't. I don't at all and you don't have anyone to turn to right now off the bench so I I think they put themselves. NA NA NA tricky situation for these. It situations that will happen down the road were to close game in the back of the order. Can't give them. A damn thing so I had a serious thing with the family maybe checking out and all that I know that can happen from time to time. With him here marriage but. With the team having the best record in baseball I think it would have been okay this time around. Sitting around on the bench and being got it can be used off the bench does he seem like he liked Alex Cora are supposed may be outscored that's the reason that he suggested that maybe he sensed that something wasn't of the rod it's the first. A big time decision by Al score is this was not a Dave Dombrowski move your thoughts on Palmer and Steve before we go. Well we know they've done fast it was against one of our soul yeah this was great core of move. And all that now. I'm glad I can only hope we address our nation can only hope if you remember actually started out terrible through and I hate to let us and. This is different now. This is different. That's what I'm saying somebody is taken aside and say okay this you know show. You know what can fashion whatever I don't know maybe it's maybe still not 100%. So get off. And no tiger I would love to see starting any started out well great. As a starter. Would have to relax yeah its. And it tickets are so many years Steve and appreciative Augusta stay I would receive it had to Alaska is out there. I'd I'd I'd I'd like to see Steve right there I mean yeah it could not hit a nice day today in relief. I'd like that as their opportunities given the opportunities reward them reward them for having pitched in that spot before doing okay. Reward them for coming in and game like this. And actually. Holding her own was dominant performance by right how he got through the game quickly and you know for May sell you hate how long the sluggish baseball games can get we need more pitchers like Stephen Wright we need more pages like Chris Sale many more guys can actually get the ball home plate and get the next pitch in the next pitch in the next bit of adjusting the cross for five hours or whatever that help these guys do. In between pitches and judge me nuts if you if you got a if you and we need to set a rule Kyle we've talked about this before we got several here. If you are not a cool picture by Cooper turning talented. Do you not get to waste my time adjusting your balls as you're trying to throw those balls don't do it. Pitch the damn ball they keep us from. One. Just I just want to games to move by. For a veto and I'm not getting that with. Bomber incident also just watching bad pitching. Six on 77797. ID 370 Colin. Two Red Sox your view on Paul to want a deal also wanna touch on the Celtics with game seven Amara. I'm not feeling great. I'm not feeling great about tomorrow's game and I know that there are. The eight others took a lot for that for the Cleveland Cavaliers I I know he's out. They should've won last night with Kevin Love out for the majority of the game somehow they want. Amazingly. When television and off the court in these playoffs. De caps have been better. He just take a look at the actual plus minus doesn't make any sense that they actually did better with him off the court not a 100% sure why. But it has worked better for them. They should have won last night. They gave a cat a second life and really the only thing that I concede. Keeping this from being the first time the Celtics get really challenged. At the TD garden. I feel like I feel it's gonna happen and I do is I think LeBron right now he put 46 missile assigned everyone's talking about how party is. I think he sort of setting things up for events will be completely lifted on the table in mail it in like he did. At the end of that series the Celtics took him down and then he left Cleveland for Miami the next offseason. I I don't I don't think that. I I I don't think we're gonna see him mail in any point. And I know they sort of set up the dramatic in the theatrics for his eventual departure to I don't know where Philadelphia Los angels probably not. Philadelphia seems most likely place this can be weird that would Benson and. But I I I think that he can do what he did last night again but they don't have an answer for him. I know are walking out LeBron James and getting that scares the hell on him to go out to a summit in Norway on that. Look I and I saw what he did this past game and that was the kind of. Baltimore on that you want no part of you go back to a couple games earlier in the series when LeBron had that ridiculous first quarter what I think it was game to you and you're sitting stupid shots stupid turnaround shots but he sucked the rest of the game he didn't do anything. The second and third in the fourth quarter million it opened the 41 points in the first quarter was revealed Stanton into much defensively. In last night's game. Every single minute he was putting effort which is surprising because he died. Or at least he sort of made himself publicly to possible for a second before five seconds later are watching at a bar and all of a sudden I am and I saw a that's a somewhat broad and events I. A man that really the really sucks to see him get hurt I actually said this to myself a status of my friend nearby I felt like such it's such. And just looking to my friends I let the merit of the man. You know I don't like abroad but I hate to see that happen back to try to break he's finding just dogs like five seconds later. Gosh. You know so annoying he he really is easily. My least favorite figure in sports right now and I know that there are a lot of players in basketball to do the same things that he does and he's such a diva. And man he is so calculated with his deep in nature. Maybe not so much a disaster and I don't know how. A grown man. On instant Graham. Thinks that it's cool to basically. Start like running around and doing a self the video. Of yourself running around at the gym without a shirt. I don't and I don't get that solid TC's Steve sexton anybody or anything like that isn't. And it does he wanna show off show off that bottle. Hey guys look I might be losing my hair but I got some sweet tax look at them look at mob movies. Is that what he's doing I don't get it I don't understand how that is something that actually process is through his mind. And this is something that he I eat I I think he's an zero dark 23 no doubt that he really understands or is at zero dark thirty years in a that that terminology all I know really but the terminology itself is that there is the movie and because of the it. Yeah these are the into this the information that is honestly completely useless because I don't remember anything and honestly don't really retain a whole lot of information but I do remember that because for whatever reason it just rub me the wrong way why are you dancing around shirtless LeBron what you do what is wrong with the what is wrong with you were you just like dancing around the Jim Flick your Julie Andrews in the sound of music. This is 10. In the land of Cleveland like I don't get that they're what are you doing what you're doing you weirdo. I just hate that part of them and I also dislike this. Aspect defendants can keep bitching about LeBron James who is the best player in basketball and not think that those infuriating part of all of it. We just doesn't call out his team that wants it to be so passive aggressive and calculate the way that he doesn't like putting these weird bizarre. Used to cram posts. With these. Real obscure references there that does he get a kick out of just sitting back and and drinking a glass of wine and take each chapter every single person. That gets in his mentions tries to come up ot take based off of after based off of what he put out there. Does that is that what he does this all four. I don't know. I suppose he actually occupies a real estate in migraine because here I am just like wondering why he knows all these stupid things that he does to duck got the worst absolute worst. But he's really good and I think that there's a very good chance that he did the same exact thing that. He had last night. The Celtics. They're they're they're essentially children out there they've over achieve all that stuff. How do you get outscored the second quarter like that. How do you miss free throws how do you miss offense for it will allow offensive rebounds two offensive rebounds and some possessions how bad passes. Turnovers. Missed free throws missed easy four feet shots. Like Jeff careens clowning knew what what what's wrong what was happening there. It drove me nuts. I mean it was just such a sloppy quarter and I feel like the celtics' mindset is in those moments well you know. Will be fine bull go back to the TD garden things are going to be OK okay. And I just think that's us at such a dangerous mind to to have when. LeBron knows this is his title. This is he he's got to leave it all up there he knows he's up beating either Golden State the rockets the rockets somehow pull this off tonight. He knows he's not beating either of those two teams provide better than anyone in the NBA those two they're the best two teams in the league this year. This is essentially his last game. And I think he wants to get to the finals one more time even if he ends up losing and it. And there's that weird argument like I think we all sort of look at it from the perspective out if you make it to that many big games. Even if you lose a bunch of them. Dan good. Morgan Jordan was defeated yeah Michael Jordan also had some ones and guns LeBron has gone to the finals. Over and over and over and over and over and over and over again we're gonna penalize and to he's always there I don't get that. Look at Jordan was six and oil people at the same argument that Joseph Montana being for now. Think about some of the finals LeBron James has dragged his team too and mean first off. They had no chance Lester is to build C wars with Kevin Durant and no chance there. The first finals that LeBron dragged his cavaliers to that team stock and how the hell they got there either. You Detroit Pistons and finally getting it. And I look at them and all the other that that entire run of the broad. And again I blow them can't stand him as a sports fan just makes it just makes my blood boil I eat I can explain why but. They'll run that he is out is really incredible and I think that he realizes you know what this is probably the last chance that I had to make myself look at this year. Before this offseason where I know bully go often circular ring elsewhere. And look to with the fourth different team. Go to the NBA finals and I say fourth different team and he's typical of Cleveland Cavaliers are finals twice but I mean isn't it incredible other guy. In essentially. Three entirely different franchises have made it to the admits the finals. Him as a rookie would end and that first awful cavs you know that he played with going to the heat forming a super team coming back to the cavs. Forming another sort of super teams sorts inning that one title tilt. It is radio he's been able to death and I just don't want any part of the game seven. I mean I I I still. Have. Trauma. From game six. At the garden. Back in 2012. I remember I think I watched that hurricane O Reilly's. Downtown. We have some friends. Just watching LeBron completely eat the Celtics alive it was awful. And we just sat there like always is and it always unit that's up to all these he would that's all yet another one it just kept. He's kept on hitting everything. And ever since then he has owned he is he's own that Celtic gas he has. I would like to see come to our crashing and I'd love to be the end of LeBron James twice. Why that game six. Since army forever. The end of the Celtics team with. Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen and Rondo that was that that game he killed that he murdered all of them and any brought Ray Allen and that's zombie sorts. 6177797937. SLU Colin. You can tweet me to act alliance says it's a Red Sox review on WEEI. Okay. Hanley Ramirez. Was designated for assignment. Is there anyone at the back of the order but the Red Sox can actually expect good things out of going forward. We'll talk about that next unplug a lot mrs. reds are studio and WEEI. It's. News and coach. Red Sox. On W. The way and made just from him about them the way he. He plays defense. And is out about this here. A match was a good players last year to put this team I think his numbers so first hit because of the injury. That'd job I did feel that the rules were about to change you saw the other matches against. One of the best live lefties in the big leagues snell. It two balls the other way around us who's who's putting good about it lefties. It seems like he's arts and in the zone you'll I think it's a small sample size but he's been gone for awhile we we felt that it was gonna improve our defense is. Of those where we were going we when there. Mitch Moreland and more than Hanley Ramirez I just don't get Tia thing Hanley Ramirez. That's Red Sox manager Alex Cora blog a lot this is Red Sox are view. I WEEI they news from Friday the Red Sox surprisingly decided to designate Hanley Ramirez for assignment. Because. Dave Dombrowski a desire to see more Mitch Moreland a desire to see more Blake's wife art and because it's Hanley Ramirez wouldn't handle being on the bench very well. I think that that lasts. Part of the decision. Is definitely a fair one to consider. But at the same time. When I look. Add. The lack of any. Juice at the back of his batting order. Don't in Munich I like this for the stretch run. Don't you need to have some body. That you can put in any pinch hitting situation. That is going to you. Give you a chance at the plate. I don't think that certainly as a person that sets and when on the bench well. I I I think that it doesn't matter doesn't matter what he handles well. You know when he was called in off the bench. In. The Red Sox Astros. First round series last year. He kicked ass he was eight for fourteen in that series. Doesn't matter how he handles it does it. Is is Hanley Ramirez. Get a submarine. Is the best team in baseball because he's sitting on the bench and I suppose there's a chance for the Red Sox won't be the best team in baseball. A month from now two months from now. But you just decided to throw away a fifteen million dollar purchase essentially. And I know it at the pay another Tony to next year but I I don't think when it comes when it comes of the Red Sox I just don't buy into that dot idea of saving money you have you have all this money spend it. Spend all that. And look it's nice they have Dustin Pedroia back wonderful needs landed. But I hate the last three bats in this lineup on a regular basis. I mean. Today and Eduardo Nina as. Christian Vazquez at the back. Your catcher is insanity on you know feeling great about him place why I feel great about him. I don't wanna see. On a regular basis. Jackie Bradley junior either. I do is I just don't understand why someone's defense. Trumps. Having a kind of bat like Ramirez's off the bench I just don't get it. And as pointed out a little bit earlier play caller Jackie Bradley junior struggles are gone back for months. And I nobody's ever gonna get that back opens at a nice week all fine cool easy easy as a w.'s triple in the last week that's that's landed. Polite. He's still hitting in the 17 the rains. You need better than that the back of the order and you need guys often advanced that you can trusts. You need to have. Somebody who can step in any big time spot as a pinch hitter. And I think Haley would have been great in that spot I do and I think that having that kind of depth. I think it's important. And I think you get it done something differently here. I think run the same page ball but I think one thing that would make sense for them making this move is that. Last year they don't want somebody like nearly sitting on the bench to say our because that unity of the clubhouse and so bad. And Farrah had sort of lost the clubhouse course seems to be doing pretty good job that this year. I think maybe download looking at like they're not trying to lose the club house already this guy's gonna sit on the bench that's all that's that's that's fair cal blues but I mean don't you feel like with John Ferrell god that that problem I think is also sort of rectified itself 100% that's why this isn't a move I would wanna make but I sort of see it this is the only really logical way that I can see it make sense. Affair was still here. I actually probably wouldn't have a problem with it because it's just knowing now maybe for businesses through to know what we know about feel right now I mean look at the change between. Last year and this year and in a variety of the Red Sox bats and and also just take a look at what. These guys seem to be happening I think this is cliche and lame and I hate using this that they seem to be having a whole lot more fun up there does help when you're winning all the time. Haley would be fine on the events Cunningham he would be fine on the bench with a guy who's played recently as his manager and a guy who seems to actually get. His players relate to his players I remember. Seeing stories about core and Hanley talking to each other during the offseason. I I don't think Hanley would mind being on the bench that much I don't. I think that Hanley would be good at that spot I think he was a stock that he was on the bench to open up the divisional series. But they can be explained and I mean the guy who's up there in age is he really and he got ticked off that Mitch Moreland who's hitting the way that he's hitting he's playing more than him. I mean if he is he's crazy. He's nuts you know like that's. That's that is erroneous Elvis I I suppose that there is a possibility of that happening but. I say yet paying them money. At least give it time to faster. And if it faster is a New Guinea get rid of them in and in the clubhouse and in the locker room. Then then fine but. GE did you gonna do it right away or do it right now is that just putting on the bench a little bit. Right I mean I could see them making them move they had try to drop him down in the order they were to put him on the bench this guy was hitting. Second and third line the last two weeks it just it's if they would just cut him a job that fast you're right at end and yes I I think if you wanted maybe get him. Hitting better move down in the order but he was over two warning just move around the order sometimes that jump starts a guy that's worked for Alex pregnant with the Astros a couple of times. If you guys in the midst of a slump icy moon on the order see if you can figure himself out of the back of the order. That you would have figured himself that he's still going to fifty. He's got power he's he he he's big he's a good hitter and streaky hitter but a good airway and when he is on a hot streak he's really good. And now questions are able where does he end up who's gonna pick him up. I mean 500000 dollars. I I think at the Houston Astros who now are looking for designated hitter. They would definitely consider Hanley Ramirez tied. And and I I if you're not gonna I'll be on the hook for it for his money. I mean why not it 51 of these teams in the American significant energy in the Yankees wanted to go look at it either. I mean. Bring medallion. You see that much of a cancer is he's well known as a as a bad teammates to the point where no one's gonna bring him and I don't think so. So I I don't like it I I I would have rather had a bat to bring in off the bench in the playoffs and now you've lost that. And he is going to be somewhere else there going to be summoned team is gonna be more than willing to pay him 500000 dollars put him in the minors or. To him a shot the starting line see what he can do. And you get anything in return for a mother then. No 22 million dollar check they had the right out for next year. 6177797937. A dog what you're listening to Red Sox review on WEEI. You can tweet me too if he's so she used. At the line says the other big story coming out of the Red Sox. 86 victory over the Atlanta Braves today. It is. Your Palmer and suit move duo gross. Gross gross gross. So that the negative stories and I hated his beat you to death and others to have things halls are the best team in baseball what's your problem and you did he doesn't dry out there today. I like that ten pitch at bat that he had that ended with a hard grounder up the middle. Could have been a basic potentially if there was an deflection. It was nice he enters the same old Grady Dustin Pedroia that everyone always talks about it and even got his Jersey Terry. They were really Hammond that openness and that it he's just a guy likes to get these series to be much Elia I would I would hate to have dirt. On my Jersey I hate it. Lieutenant asked and I've been around in the infield didn't you know that mud on it who are lower gloves do we get where we're gloves on in the field. I know that sounds really girly or or perhaps eminent or whatever I don't care there is no worse feeling than having dirt on your hands. How you turn your shirt off yet slide slide but get out of my pants some chances fine I want them shared. Headfirst slide now on the on a maps will be sliding com feed feed up all the time spikes up outside yen owns and tag there. But joy on a serious note. It's all day today he EEE turn a double play to win in it was a very nice turning of a double play so you have him back out there. But yeah the back of the order even figured out and I I don't see anywhere Jackie Bradley junior did command. As a replacement defensively for JD Martinez is very into the game. Yeah figures of the them the very back as as far as the top of the order the top the orders crushing right now. I mean he had rookie bets Angie Martinez hit well last night and today. Yet and you've been in Tandy who continues to make an average go higher and higher and higher. The 283 now after 34 performance at the home run triple Mitch Moreland. He's getting three to anyone right now. After. He had a double and a triple today. There and some great performances out of those two and walls in a boat arts has cooled off a little bit. And I state do you want for three with two walks the talk this line is great. Maybe you can with having crappy last three year order Eddie had six guys who are really good and maybe the question is. Can you shuffle the order in a way where you just don't have three complete duds three pitcher asked adding options. The pack and our new union start toys today police wire restore electricity but to get a hit need in and Chris Vazquez tale. I'll talk a lot again WEEI you're listening to Red Sox review 617779. 7937. Is the newest Yankee addition better than the Yankee addition of John Carlos Stanton this offseason plus. I am bewildered that this person continues to get second chances. Jose direct actual audio blog on this is WEEI. Right the other day. Tony at home run. Yeah and flew. And it's. About goals 2000. It's his second home run of the night John Carlo. No old seat wolf still Barlow. I'm John Sterling island Johnston fully. It's good to G vault. You know what I did David Rogge would just handing out of the middle of these dry cat that we don't we love Jack Edwards. Don't we loved as Brandon strange things being said by our broadcasters. Don't we all love crazy old uncle Tommy Hanson and we love them. I only visited your average on growth with that would put John Staley you know real roller rise mainly because of these in New York Yankee broadcaster but I would I would hate to hear him saying. I would pay your sink in Pleasanton singing on that call all man just sex symbol right there. Would ladies out there can't imagine Susan Waldman studio there. As he makes that call. So right now like I. And tell you that that was that was beautiful was Frank Sinatra asked little Frank Sinatra like there. But the wrong with singing in the midst of broadcast us cookies just seeing an entire game broadcast I'd listen to that. I think for the most for most part it's it's you know along baseball season Derek ring floor of the regular season. Jazz it up a little bit to a game where you only can saying I love it. Wonderful wonderful. Aren't put a lot of threats of reviewing WEEI blogger Taurus. They knew they CAE addition. Has it four runs the last four games. He's in 33320. Games with nine homers and point for RBIs. John Carlos Stanton meanwhile has played in 48 games. Hands. While he struck out a lot 63 times to be specific basically third of his at bats. He does well at home runs and is hitting at this point on the young year to 57. So. Was acquisition and everyone was excited about the Yankees this off season that's why they got the slot tests. From the national media all season long despite going into the season the runner up in the American League last year because they added Stanton was there and that's not a whole lot this laboratories kid is damn good. He is really and you know Entergy eager cores is great start he's pulled off a whole lot. Damned good Yankee team they've got a lot of power they've got a lot of some players out there and it it is infuriating that. They have brought up yet another baby. And this guy is. Having the same kind of start that we're seeing from errant judge. I was pissed off this offseason when there was as Vieri presumptive book. That was put out by some authors called BB bombers or something along those lines. Eighty bombers and it's about the story of the future dynasty New York Yankees and how they came today I was like cheese. You'd be kidding me you're gonna write a book about it dynasty before the dynasty is even begun. Since ten this guy comes up the light shoot I can't even I can't even talk trash about this he's under the said right. It feels like that in the very least lake and the funniest thing of all. Is that. Together oldest Chapman. To get him. The cubs. Traded. This got a yankees the Yankees have a rolled his Chapman again. It's funny how that works so he didn't really well and he is playing better to this point. And quite clearly the John Carlos Stanton. So took place in the world of sports this week and it and it rubs me the wrong way and perhaps it's because in the bitter 29 year old that thinks I'm extremely talented probably isn't anywhere close to as talented as he believes himself to keep it. There is really just. Something to know. ESPN hiring Keith Olbermann again that just makes me angry. Mean. Stay and how you can continue to hire. A person who no one likes. I mean just like personal standpoint like Nolan at ESP and or CNN. Or whatever that weird resistance website that Olbermann had. I don't think anyone liked this guy holding anyone likes this guy he's super talented. But no one can work with the lease a car. Crazy person apps the crazy person. They're bringing him back again this tin pot dictator. It is bizarre to me. That people like him continue to get second chances even when you know all the baggage that becomes and that he's not ratings neither. That said. What you love to see cycle lib Keith Olbermann. On the air talking about sports. I kinda like I mean I think he is unchanged at this point I would love. Deceit clips of him randomly calling players and figures in sports Nazis. 'cause I mean you know doing what hooted yeah I think I forget who recalled this year that I think because everywhere Nazis these days. Problematic to do that buy away your your boy me. About some some other and it's gonna come a softer Boyd welcome cool and hip. I went to Greece a couple of years ago and for some reason I kept on calling all my friends Nazis based off of things that they were doing. All your playlist Nazi. Oh euros shallower water Nazi you know Europe now. And like I I just kept on doing it and kept forgetting. If you say that word essentially overseas. Market hits the mat we just restates its casual leaves thrown out there yeah he's not just CI MBC. What did they don't doubt yes. That teach math yet speeds are Nazi stuff. Yeah Nazi stuff. I would love like it Keith Olbermann starts going off on Nazi ten engines that have to do win it sports and somehow brings together to watch a crazy person. Try to do TV show. Out to. I I I don't think it'll work out very well freest in the long haul like I'm just counting down until he says something cycle patently politically that will end up. Causing yes the end to go back to try to pander to the right which have been sort of trying to do over the last year. They're cupcakes. Take Williams. Institute cuts because they felt like that would appeal to the conservative side. Of those who maybe were turned off by ESPN. The bizarre decision. You just think if you're working with a super talented person that is just a giant A hole at some point. You got to realize that. Do you know exactly what you're going to get so why even bother with this flick what does this do trying to bring back. Is some random port Cotter at age 25 and I think he. Remains back got ESPN. I'm going to do debt and going to get a cable subscription for a 180 dollars a month or are gonna sign up for ESPN's new asked. Just a sports on TV stuff anymore. I know I never I've watched games. But how many people actually watch sports on TV and that's why I enjoy being a part of Sports Radio I feel like at the very least for now. It's relatively safe compared. To an industry like sports on TV like to do people actually wake up and watch those talking head shows if you do what he'd do to yourself. He's gonna make yourself Matt. What they hear Stephen A Smith takes Paul. I'd really like his diction and I'd really want to see Max Kellerman talked trash about. Massachusetts because a couple of people have gotten under his skin on twit Ter. And understand the talking head TV phenomenal I I I will never again it. And does congress someone would mean I would have known them annual TV but I just I I don't watch sports on TV. I'm always amazed when people respond to anything that I do on TV. Listen to the radio listening to Sports Radio. 100% that's ago watching sports on TV. I don't know pretty Keith Olbermann back you bring anyone actors you're just as an office specific audience that's already pissed off value and on top of that. You bring back a crazy person is going to be complete jackass that everybody works of well that's ESPN for yeah. Big face everybody tuned in today. I am merely talk a lot when chat with me after the show at the line says is how you do it big thanks to Kyle Duluth producing this show. At the mother ship hope he'll have a great Memorial Day weekend. And until next time later. Rose. One knew what she.