Red Sox Review Hour 1

Boston Baseball
Friday, June 16th

Hour 1. Christian breaks down the Red Sox loss to the Phillies and Chris Sale’s dominance.


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Don't do. East Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody enters the oaks. Schwab account and this strikes me ten. And strikeouts. For Chris say don't you tell recap of the Red Sox and the salience. Example us down the left field and is ball's going to. It is yeah. That's not a home. So I don't think turnaround bursting smile it's the second of those voters earlier. Sales actually doubled off the left field no. And the Red Sox have little I have. Dial 6177797937. Yeah. Red Sox were reviewed. On Sports Radio WEEI. Are you got a kid what was that. Read sector view hear her charge him with you go until twelve that it's time for WEEI late night come on here for her for the long haul folks I'm sure a lot of people frustrated after this 1 I know I am. After last night's win I was feel a lot better about this team I was thinking OK maybe the start they hit their stride maybe taking. Leave some of these BS behind them where they can't score runs off of milling pitchers and you know and situationally hitting maybe all of those things were out the door maybe maybe finally there are start a player with some confidence you're you win three in a row against the worst team in baseball you got Chris Sale on the mound. And I I ask you again what in the holy bleep and hell was that. That was insanely disappointing what a frustrating loss here. And we're reacting to an on Red Sox review you wanna call in the number is 6177797937. You can text me 3793 severing of Puerto machine open anchors and our can't wanting you can't do tonight is blamed Chris Sale guys trying to do everything out there. He led off the heat hitting with a double. Well hit double over the head of Daniel Nava Al left field. He vets up next knock them over to third base with a lineup to write some heads up base running for sale to get over to third. And then I'll brother Dustin Pedroia with a terrible at bat to strike out and then Zander Bogart's weekly pops out foul to first base that ends the bottom of the eight inning. Couldn't have scripted it I mean you knew it was coming you knew that after eight dating is good is Chris Sale lug a squandered like that almost inevitably is going to lead. Two were run from the other team and that's what happened. Andrew Knapp with a single and Ty Kelly doubled them home and ninth inning Red Sox unable to its is get a run in Mitch Moreland with a groundout Bennett and he strikes out. Jackie Bradley then walked giving them some hope. And then that whole became publishing and the ball and it even worse to bad in the one Pedroia had the inning prior striking out swinging. Hanley Ramirez. Chris Young Josh Rutledge all sitting on the bench while C and the ball gets up there and has added that. Just a brutal performance tonight from the Red Sox offense and I really thought that we were starting to see them. Break out of this whatever this is this thing we've been seen with them all season long I mean this has been a season long problem here with this team even in the games that they went. You know last night they they were good they waited five runs in the first two winnings and you thought maybe it was going to be a blowout instead they had that. Rely on on the bump on the bullpen to come out and keep this one inject keep the Phillies would pay. And you know they win by four runs seven at three years ago wind right. You know you just sort of you just keep expecting this team to finally. Play the way they're supposed to play the way that they are capable of playing and you know they're. There it's there somewhere and it's just odd man every time. Every time you think they're start to bust out of it every time it seems like they've got their act together even after a six game win streak it seems like they just have a loss like this one right back to square one. I can't even tell you we're. I don't gonna make it all you're you don't Wear 21 half months into this thing and I got up and down and up and down but this team I feel like a crazy person. You know no matter what last night a money are feeling good the night before they'd win in extra innings and I am feeling bad I just there's. There's no rhyme or reason for any of these and tonight it was just great example. Just how frustrating this team can really be in a bunkers sale I mean there I disarmed an interview after the game he seemed you know Ed piece with life and everything but if I'm him. You know forget about those those throwback jerseys on in their carbon up everything. I'm Kris Allen in the clubhouse right now I'm going to each and every locker room mom might. Carbon people's jerseys on beaten their lunch. Armed get around wipe my face close you've got to be kidding me. Do you let this happen. Reds are said the bases loaded in the second inning the another great perform you know it you get. Moreland singles better than you watch got first and second nobody out top of the second. Jackie Bradley and publish striking out. Senior Leone walks in the sale comes up grounds out to second you know what it what do you expect from you mated up with a bat later on in the night and they still couldn't drive a freaking Ronald. Not one run against the Philadelphia Phillies who I'm sorry winning three out of four against the Phillies is fine it's great it looks good on days. In the standings and it's better than losing three out of four I'll give you that. But to these games were drag out fights that went in that extra innings and then ended final game this to get shut out one not think. Come and Red Sox. What is the case. You know I I was I was feeling good about this weekend's series last night. You know you're going to Houston you're playing the best team in baseball a team that is not really let up at all this year they have played excellent baseball game won the game what. They're at right now what are what are we had 66. I think the Red Sox this is game number sixty and I think it's probably the same for use the right around there. After the series I don't know I thought maybe we were starting to see them turn it around. With that seven to three win last night. And then they go out and do this. Part of me thinks that they're gonna go to Houston just get their asses handed to them. If it's this much of a struggle that takes three of four from the Phillies won his Houston gonna do. You know that's that's a lineup with some real hitters. And you know a rotation with some. Real pitchers who have been doing an excellent job this year. And you know you're gone from the worst team in baseball to the best team in baseball. And baseball's a funny game I'll give you that OK I mean it's you know they'd Red Sox might go in there and in show out this weekend and wouldn't that be nice. But after what I saw on these last four games here at Fenway now in Philadelphia there was one of these four games that I thought was a quality Red Sox performance really I mean. Even in the other games they won those those extreme games walk off yet fine. Lot of mistakes lot of bad situationally hitting starting pitching performances that just weren't all that impressive even. Even that game they won yesterday the starter went out in the third inning. With an injury in a heck of Alaska is gonna have to take a spot in the rotation we found out today. Man I don't know I don't know what to say I really am at a loss here in note how do you how do you blow this one. Patio let this happen. In this Red Sox offense should be embarrassed. After this game tonight really embarrassed. You know we're not talking about we're not talking about a great pitcher on a bad team or not talk about Julio Tehran. On the Braves here we are talking about a rookie with the ERA and opera for his I think he was even higher they might add. I'm coming into this game you go seven scoreless innings. Striking out nine batters nick a better watch. I heard that I thought wow retired NBA referee Dick Bavetta is going to be pitching of the Phillies that I don't actually make Nevada. Very close now as similar not not exactly the same but meant he was out there pitcher like Roger Clemens and the Red Sox couldn't talk from. Scattering four hits. Really. Really buzz in really good offense. Brutal brutal night. At the plate here for your Boston Red Sox we're talking about it will be talking about it all night at 6177797937. Chris Sale a complete game loss. And tells you all you need to know right there finally we get any game that's announced that under three hours. One zip right along through hours and 45 minutes there's no one can hit anything on either side of the the diamond. Red Sox just brutal at the plate. Oki data ahead moral and added Bradley had a hit scene and he had it increased sale edit that was it scattered over the course of the game. They had opportunities they stranded base runners and finished ran up freaking picture. Who leads off the eighth inning with a double in the top three batters in their order cannot drive in it. That should never happen. That should honestly never happen against any team let alone the Philadelphia freaking Phillies who just 122. Game of the year. With this victory. Rule just the kick in the face. To Chris Sale and any Red Sox fan rapidly began to Philadelphia tonight taken out one in just the just a brutal performance here for your offense in publishing and the ball I don't know what you do with them. All for four. Batting to a weighed on the year he's up there at the end of the game. With that with a runner on base. Did anyone think that he was gonna do something there did anyone think he had a chance of extending that game. You got Hanley Ramirez sit there on the bench yet Chris Young sit on the bench he got Josh run would sitting on the bench. And after the game John fairway got the sound will play for you he said published animals the only guy wandered up in that situation white. The only guy the guy who'd been over three wood through strikeouts. Go air overthrew one terrible strike out going into it. The guy with a true 67 on base percentage. Slug and about 350 that's the guy that's the only guy who won up in that situation John really jumping isn't good lord. I mean you've got to be kidding me C and the ball all for four on the night. Pedroia all for four Bogart so for four. Edit video for three with a walk I mean this this could not gone worse. Just a disgraceful performance from this offense and you know you start every time you start to think that the offense is guys get it together. Every time you start to see signs of life. Every time you see multiple multiple home run game and you know looks like mu he's picking it up and Moreland you know I know he'd brokers told wit. You know he'd been hit the ball while she in the ball while you think the offense start to string it together Bogart's still hidden for a high average and in on guys start in a drive in more runs in the and you see something like this just bad I mean PG could you think of a bigger momentum killer. Then a one nothing loss in Philly through the Phillies. To end opposite as a series like this I can't possibly think 16177797937. As your phone number 37937. Issue number on Texas get your phone calls here a lot of people frustrated after this loss tonight. And unsure what to expect you're going into this year he's. With the Houston Astros who have the best record in baseball after struggling to take three out of four from the Phillies here over the last over the last couple. Days this week let's get your phone calls your early and often Wally is in Fall River with a thought on tonight's game all Wally aria. Yeah out west so quick in this game was tied to swallow while you figure a decade ago and we get at least three of four run but. As usual self growth draw like he did just when you start to feel good. You know we've got to put the breaks down by. I'm just shaking my head with Hawaii side of what was up you know you would have let the economy was in and getting hit and you know it just looked bad. The media that you could dissent about letting up dead at bat. He probably would have a better that bad but they've ordered an alliance and Allan Houston. But this roach who should decide without Leno but certainly I don't like eloquent in the world he can do everything. Yet now he can't the FA EU is used dynamite tonight you know he was exactly he was what I wanna David Price to be in another game I want to David Price to go out there and give you something like this 67 maybe eight innings. In around eight or nine strikeouts in the couple hits scatter morale a couple of runs. You know no no walks this Phillies offense sucks I mean there there are garbage team there's a reason why they have the worst record in baseball. And sale not only goes at their pitches well but he also the only guy who can get an extra base hit on this team now it seems like and they couldn't even drive a minute get over to third base. Pedroia strikes out on what 34 pages empathetic. Yeah him and published in the ball into the worst at bats have ever seen in the eighth and ninth inning it was it was ridiculous you know I mean situationally hitting I understand it's baseball it's hard it's hard to do what on a night to night basis but this team can't do ever I mean they. They leave runners in scoring position they leave guy it happens every single game. I really again man I'm basically Timberlake you always say is to just leave an index Allopod. I mean we yellow tie and a base runners religious some just can't let we just can't hit a fly ball. Yeah now really that was that was the cal we need to from the trial visited ground out to the right side maybe year era pop up in the outfield some partiality really didn't need much she had a runner on third with one out. And you know Pedroia and Bogart who were supposed to be your 22 we're better hitters coming up and they can't get their running and that's that's awful that is really awful. Well what's Leggett said they got Houston. They get a bunch of matches in Kansas City so I was meant that. Snake pit Perot still running and running again and the Zia. Now it really isn't Molly thanks for the call you know I mean I I don't know what's I don't know what to think. You got the best team in your gun in your on the road now Red Sox are on the road they're not a good road team. There under 500 on the road and they got to go to Houston and I think that Kansas City who is not a good team either but they got some offense. And I think that they're better than their record shown this year just another example of this soft American League. Where in mounted the Red Sox eight games over 537. Windsor among the elite teams in the American League right now. And others really won a league team Houston's the elite team and he got the Red Sox and the Yankees and then. Basically have today does have a bunch of teams all jammed up against each other all sort of a lag dealing together right there in the middle of the jail. And Tampa and Baltimore and Minnesota and Cleveland and the angels in the Rangers in the tiger in all these teams that are either right of blog right under 500 the Orioles I mean they're all right there all these teams have the same winning percentage brought more 95 winning percentage. After the Red Sox and so you know you look at it you think well it could be worse they could be one of these middle. AL teams but man you know you see a game like tonight and you see it road trip coming up like this region I'd Houston in Kansas City you can hit. And I I've always felt even even as they've you know maintain this this record date. They're one bad road trip away from being right down their address these crappy AL teams. The Hughes then they'd they'd lose two or three Houston and then. What ever happens in Kansas City I mean they can be right back down there again their only eight games over 500 that could very well be two or three your by the time this. By the time this road trips also and done specially if the offense keeps up I mean this is just ridiculous. The Philadelphia Phillies people. And this two with a three wins the ahead you read their really. Dig deep in in oh come up with that late innings and hit it to beat them in now a game like this with sail on the round. The one game should be a guaranteed victory and you can't play once single ride audit. Go to Bruce in the car a Bruce. Carolina plumber it's. Thanks so I I actually went to game last night that it. Tom Barr and a lecture at. This celebrate Father's Day at night on the local school. Watching these hugely bad and wait there. All very nice. And yeah I decide the only real good game of the series I mean in the other two games were good in that they were exciting and walk off wins you saw the only comfortable when the series. Electorate can't. Get every yeah. It's a great deterrent to players though. Couple of contested race. Radar and dribble then did you not chart yeah bullpen was always awesome last. You're just not just our problem I had sort pupil. But reflects last night but I didn't want to separate different. Well now you use other race other real Pablo again tonight not necessarily in the field in I don't remember doing anything in the field but got up at the plate. What what a useless waste he was the night I mean he couldn't do anything and that lasted that are just brutal chasing pitches he got a runner on base who just. A walk in the bottom of the ninth inning in Europe they're swinging at everything like that was. Almost painful painful birth. So it's really. Great damage great ballpark they just don't Rory and there have been more Red Sox and blast it into little. I would imagine Bruce your phones Doug crackle and on the some knowledge ago but down yet I mean the Phillies are gonna attract new fans this year look at that team. That was their 22 win of the year. They're 22 and 4318. Games back in the National League east. Which features. Only one team over 500 for the worst team in that division. And you know I don't know what dissect. I really don't you know I I start this I start to think that may be this team is Boston out. That maybe were about to see it's June the weather is heating up in. You know guides win that's when you start to see teams separate you see in any offense start to get better in in what and then you just a game like this one. Which is the sixth time they've been shut out this year they got shut out six times all of last year. And you know what's what could be more symbolic than Pablo Sandoval stand them up there are striking out and that terrible at bat and the game. Just brutal 6177797937. If your phone number we have one open phone line going to be busy on the phone tonight to get and why you can we're gonna dig quick rate lire affect your phone calls next your red surgery. Sucks review which. Christian market. And sale of elections down the left field and is ball's going to. And I belong. To say OPEC turnaround Thursday's why it's the second of those first career double. Sales actually doubled off the left field won't. I think all pitchers like him. Small part of all commercial expansion to. Failed to do very often so. Tunes from the children's mushroom. We want to influence. Trinidad and. Chris Sale after the game did all it should think precludes an uplink credit that. Played on the mound is not enough Red Sox lose one nothing to the did terrible Philadelphia Phillies. The take three or four in the series all the two of those games took extra innings to beat this team. And tonight they get shut out by a rookie starter. And waste a brilliant Chris Sale performance a complete game. Ten straight GAAP performance. And even let off the eight inning with a double just to make things easier on and that is offense and the offense still couldn't played a single freaking Iran unbelievable 617. 7797937. Is your phone number here we got full phone lines so let's get right through we'll start off with Pete Michigan AP. I got around here respect you know it won't talk about the brows he and the way he's. Structured this team and we have a third base and over Milwaukee that that 300. With 46 RBIs in the little wrong that we actually could use right now because fat slob and the ball do absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. Travis sure all is batting cleanup for the Milwaukee Brewers toward first place but it. Com are the brewers at first when we checked they are in yes there in first place at two games ahead of the cubs. OK I mean talking. About see I mean he made a couple that moved him assailant can go by the side that the two relievers that we got. And they did chat now. Thornburg are going to pitch who has announced today he's out for the year end dumb the other guy Carson Smith he's working and trying come back but he still couple weeks away. Yeah exactly I mean and you know the guys they traded. At first elevator kill it. I love that he devers. Up here playing third base. In want to. Go well because he's still what is he 1920 years old Stella that's one yet that's the only reason I think that they're not trying to rush him alive he's now he's only 2821 and October so. You know I mean listen he'll be up and he'll be up eventually go it. I think they'd they'd just sort of turning him in saint save us rob feel devers is not message they don't think he's ready to come up your face Major League pitching and I don't see any reason to rush from up right now I don't think that that's necessarily. Is. Is the priority for the steam right now I mean have to do something over at third base they got a real problem there but I'm not sure yet rushing average is the answer. I'll worry that you can treat somebody else in the farm system like Jake Rabin I don't want to give him mop peace and don't let these eighteen year old young Billy goat. And you know third baseman Thelma Chavez Michael Chow does that mean he's another one I don't want them straight. Either they're patient eventually in a couple of years you could use them you know consent of all rookie and it. Yeah they could mean they give you some of these guys this year it's been it's been. A black hole over at third base so further here. They should do what needed to do that these conditions not like. Like on help far repair basically that is hold on and hang on right. Yet you should not issue not a law of the firm for third baseman unless you can get a much you can get re all so I mean you know was what's his name in Kansas City M. Among the stock yet it is my stock is becomes available in the royals are very good so with the possibility that they might be even if he is available it's gonna take pretty much all the prospects you have the stock is I mean he's you know he's got eighteen home runs this year that guy's a legitimate and our third baseman. And in other royals are just gonna give more wages to do it. They they were won a lot I would think for a guy like him you know Todd Frazier with a White Sox are seven a terrible year but has hit forty home runs recently is another. Guys that may be key that you could pick up late you know do you do we need another third baseman or sitting under 200 on this team might get there's not a lot of options feet. Now we got hobbled a question I'll. A Pedroia he accused Clinton get you walking and made an error this year. Do you think that she stays healthy offered its five more years in gentle local or it could be all they are now. And enjoy a hall of Famer have to think about Dan look at his numbers of people thanks for the call I I don't know I'd I'm leaning towards now. Great player. Certainly a Red Sox all they are probably guy I'll have his number retired up there in the AF fairway facades someday I can see that. As for the Majorly all fat and allied I need to have this at aft is checked and she would some of his comps are really thought much about that. I'm I'm leaning towards no he's a multi time all star is an MVP once used rookie of the years. What's his career batting as 301 career batting average is pretty good. But you know. Not not overwhelmingly good numbers. Com. Missing yeah I don't know I'd have to out of the out of the really do a study there earth for study acted just you know comparing the smaller all they were impacted if he plays you know 34 more years there is 37. And continues at this pace then I don't know maybe I'd I'd say probably not those 6177797937. Let's go to Brenda and act one neighbor in the. Anchorage and now we don't in the area. Good good well first I want to get struck by all being not the father won our tech game C nice would be real nice name anyway. Like every outgrow it. You touched upon earlier. I think. We're being a little too negative on the spot where. I get it. Well I don't conduct and bought for a true in my whole life plot. You'd used to edit the word combat elite. And it did it. That AL everything the whole whale kind of sector in number in the announces the aliens everybody. Exactly and we don't have port so long. And you know Rodriguez and up in stride adult. We got pop current and stringent certainly should. FiOS Ellis sale it's great life. We were in a position where it actually at least Arctic. It would get a couple more pieces objected. Sort of a sudden we're talking about. Well the second best community elites like you know at one point targets. And. Yet those are all its brand in the you know I fear I had Boston Beer uncle but I mean they're not that doesn't mean it. You know all those things have to happen we're toward a half months into the season we haven't seen this team play real cohesive baseball yet I mean they're they're not get any power in the lineup the starter rotation has been spotty at best the only thing we've seen. On this team be real consistent is the bullpen and you know the bullpen and only when so many games. Why you write edit and you know what to think we felt comfortable. But what happened in the past it. Late getting accurate and correct me a lot but it seems like. We are bad upped in the interest in Korea that went into battle out. Yours for it seems like old debt or demoted and second out there. Especially gambling yeah I don't know I don't know why I think that we got an easy roped into first. You know I'm a first round play helpless and someone who don't happen. Yet listen Brandon I I and I hope you're right. I hope that they figured out. But they're just seems to be something missing here with this team and just when you think they've found it they lose it again. Little bit of news here and people have been texting and about this for the past for the past half hour or so Trevor people who. Former Minnesota twin. Released by the Oakland a's today. Wolf is a middle of the road kind of guy. Batting average usually in the and hide to forties load through fifties. Career best 44 home run season beckon point twelve hit point two home runs back and point 1531. Years old. Designated for assignment by the Oakland a's. I say give a shot. Now look at his numbers from this year. That in 214 with a through 76 on base percentage slugging 357. But he does have seven home runs of fourteen RBIs soul. Better numbers problem. You know it's not much better a slightly better doesn't take much to be better and bottles and the ball so far this year. Sand the volume the 208 batting average. The threw 67. On base moved through 76 and what says send them all slugging percent 354. With 357. So it would be a slight upgrade. When an upgrade nonetheless. And I'm at the point right now our I know they stole all the got money but if they'd the FAA problems and the ball tomorrow indeed upset about it at all. You know I don't I did it would be dead totally out of spite and in a move to sort of try and motivate the rest of the team but at this point. I mean what else did what else does yet to show you. What else is yet to show waited too bruised everybody in the proof that the browser Ian Ferrell everybody else the this guy's career is just not. Destined to continue here in Boston. And never really had a chance. Published and the ball may go down as one of the worst free agent signings the Red Sox have ever made and that is. Pretty there's a lot of company there in other Ben some big time at fox with this team over the years but Pablo Sandoval may end up be in the worst. Six point 77797937. John's in the Carter before the break it jot. Encryption or you're up I don't watch as you know I think him. Don't mention this guy who's the top prospect in the whole you know one of the top traps some baseball tops our server its sexiest. And I know he he's you know they put the catcher but he was shortstop what that's like one yeah I'm cardinal went to I don't put him at third base. But in the shot at 32 great catchers are in detention as an amateur can a couple of you'd be until devers comes up. But just why heart could turn into that power that he didn't and is projected to be unbelievable. And we just can only control a lot to think that you know he's probably focused and honesty that is news is batting averages are so great the tactic put. This comes at top prospect and based on the and I wanted to why don't start them. Well John lots of guys are top prospects for awhile but I mean Blake's wired miss some time early in the season he had a big collision with Sam Travis and anyway and to a crazy slump at the plate. Went on the DL and you know he's just been. He's he's he's had a really rough year so far so I'm not sure that he's the answer. Then again you know could could he do any worse than the guys that they're using is a good question I don't know might in May they may give it a shot. Any tablets and of all Luke I mean you know you brought up Devin rarely it's when it's its key interest career in the minus. I don't know that I can this kid shortage he was shortstop this abruptly so. Yeah I mean I'd I'd like to cease fire art start. Performing at the AAA level a little bit this year before he gets called up to the majors I don't know we've been doing lately but I know he got off to a really bad start this year and I sort of just forgot about it John thanks for the call. In around if he if he starts putting it together down there and they feel like it's time to bring them up they're not gonna hesitate to recommend. Hesitate to train at a back to this line up this lineup is. Ed Ed best. DC and at worst. Horrific I mean this was a horrific. Showing from the offense tonight and there's no other way to put it that was a rookie pitcher out there for the Phillies and not even that. Particularly dazzling rookie either. Pretty good stops shirt but come mind seven innings nine strikeouts zero runs. What are we doing here. How is it to this team seems to always stepped in it right when it seems like they're finally put it together. Now as it did this theme of this season has been one step forward netted giant step back. In the matter how many steps forward they take they always seem to end up right back where they started. Donna in Queens you'll take out this call before the break your Qaeda. Fight Christian allies of the you know Christian just. Dumb mask comes in here. OK okay as the pot one of the best minor leagues in the league MMI not right. These are limited the Rascal as it was dumb as you were hurt technical. Yes OK right or am I wrong that they would we had. The best one of the best minor leagues and in the. We get a loaded farm system yes we did but you know John you also asked to admit it. OK got Alli can tell you finished early than. Pitched just OK 11. Dollar mask can backed and he decided how logical person would they send them back he cut and I'm problem. Send them back no we didn't allocate our right is Christian I love Christians I'd love Chris Sale. And I loved Craig Kimbrel okay. Trying. I have to ask you is Pablo Juan bend or visit on. Ambrose ski. This problem on better on the grass yeah I don't think it then sharing to necessarily. Is I think they did probably you can blame on and Larry Lucchino honestly I think that was that was. Big driving force why they do so and than it was. The chair Jerry there was GM shared the brass you can sign and yet the grass in sun. OK okay well. Profit was another one of those stupid moves to. You hit it and you're supposed to have a scouting system okay and we used to have one of those two are pretty good one. And now. We can't find anybody. In the yankees come up with it judge to put seven. Yeah I know he had a good you know yet a bad year last year and net. I've got its job is what we find somebody that no one else comes but he. Yeah over the Red Sox scouts have done fine they've they've made a lot of great draft picks over the year moved to bad to bad and the union out Alexander Bogart and all the they got only got a lot of good young players and I'm done out. Not all of them I mean they you know some guys coming go the browse -- bright in his own guys and you know regime change things like that and they happened but. I don't have a big problem with the scouts everybody passed on air and judge. And not just the Red Sox. Texas saying you don't know Blake's wife heard stash and I'm guessing dorm looking right at them he shouldn't through sixteen in the minors right now. And all that stuff by just knowledge about the collision with Sam Travis and be on the DL and and all that they were thinking about bringing armour senior Leon was in that big slump when they were thinking about in a replacing. Image catcher may be bringing him back down in and columns why are they couldn't just wire was hurt. And he was off to a terrible start and he still is kind of off to a terrible stories into sixteen. In if he if he puts it together and starts you know showing up down their photography yet you think about a B don't bring them up now when he can't hidden in the minors. In on licences total emergency you know what they've organ clothes may or get close to total emergency status here at the third base position to what they got going right now. Is just untenable. And it's it's cost them big time 61777979837. As your phone or workers David and Dave hold wanna get you're right we come back your reds are you fear and severe. Sox review which. That we we've seen that type of performance a number of times already let's. There nearly ten times as walked out men and struck out double digits it. Joey he's one of the best pitchers in baseball so that's not an uncommon performance from a mound standpoint but when you Linda nationally ballparks. The builders trying to bat like he showed tonight the builder running basis. Just an exceptional athlete great performer. It's abate on at some more of those there skip 6177797937. As your phone number here this is Red Sox review. As we go into the 11 o'clock hour here in just a minute quickly wanna read a couple of tweets from pat the bagel guy down there are an island he says are akin might be time for chili Davis to go a young lineup at this much potential should be progress progressing better. I agree with you that'll young lineup but this much potential should be better than it is this year but I also hate hate hate hate hate hate. When. Pitching staffs under performing Eric offences under performing and they take it out on the pitching coach today hitting coach I hate that I hate when that happened. I'm not saying it's always wrong I'm just saying I'll like it I think it's scapegoating at the highest level. And you know eat eat can't you can't fire than the lineup any campfire and starting rotation and in so you know you end up having to go with these. Pitching and hitting coaches and I just think that that's socks I mean it's in sometimes it's deserves sometimes you know you need to move on you need a new voice their but it. I don't know he maybe listen maybe maybe that's what they needed to wake him up here maybe they need to. Sir especially if they're like chili Davis Dana White you guys keep it might there's and the thing about it is though you know when you look at that. When you look at the overall sort is scope of this offense. They're not a terrible often. You know in terms of team batting average. They are fourth in the majors. Team on base percentage they're third in the majors. And when it comes to teams slugging percentage. Well with the error seventeenth. And home runs. We nor they are homer. When he eights. When he got a thirty ahead of just Pittsburg and Saint Louis in team Olmert. Not Pittsburgh and those are Pittsburgh and San Francisco jobs every Cisco giants look at this where it's extremely that we obviously ever just go giants been injury and a they are horrendous. But offensively. Early slightly worse in the Red Sox from a power perspective. To the Red Sox team or PS is that probably. And in her tenth tenth in baseball so we're not talking about some garbage offense. We're talking about a team with no power and a team that for whatever reason just cannot drive and grunge. Their thirteenth and RBIs but it seems like they're much further down the net and in now they score right it's not like they don't score runs. But in terms of total runs scored there twelve than baseball and they just have no real power threats in the lineup. And tonight eight you know you've got a rookie pitcher on the Manning got Chris Sale gone for you and you can't play one single run. Even when the pitcher. Leads off the eight inning with a with a double to start the N are you kidding me. This one was this always tough to stomach it really was. His Red Sox up and we know competitiveness. You know I just look at the magazine under Bogart's and is at 320 and move he bats is a great offensive player we know that. Mitch Moreland has been a revelation this year so far at the plate. There's no reason to think that this team is is. Gonna do this all your long beard is we're 21 half months ended and they can't they just can't seem the climb the mountain. And I know it what it's gonna take a fiction firing chili Davis I guess I mean I just sort of seems like a desperate. Scapegoat moved you know what sometimes those have to have been in situations like this one weary team is drastically underperforming. And that's what's happening this team is drastically under performing. 6177797937. Let's go to Chris in plain bill with some thoughts on the Red Sox lookers. Experts this. EE. That could. Yeah that is really weird but. Now it doesn't sound weird are talkers it's like being skinny fat like myself I am you know you don't look fat but deep down you are you know this team doesn't look bad they don't look like a bad team. Fight you know every every couple nights you're watching me go wow what what is it with these countries like why can't they why did they put it together. Yeah is it also Sox have done drafting position players can no outs they are filled with yes aptly put it in which costs and to look at an end and how they play. They sucked at drafting pitching but won't start to browse becomes. Close out our system to try to get pitching. Tips on a couple misses onboard a couple. And because he blew out our system. We get nobody could tell when nobody Qatar and it will position like third base and intricate Chris so complete their base in Tibet and improbable and who we got. I mean I know that's just ridiculous but I mean it's not the most things that I just you know rob Peter to pay Paul in mrs. what you're yet. Yeah I agree with you to an extent Kristy thanks for the call. It's easy to pile on the grass year for this but David a rescue did not sign publishing and the volume assign him her Mears. In David Price yes that's that's on him in these trades that have that have been made. For Kirsten Smith and Tyler Thornburg in last year in season for bread ziglar Jew Palmer ranch. You know not exactly yielding the the fruits we're hoping for but then you also have to give him credit for Craig Kimbrel and Chris Sale you have to I mean no injure those were big time moves that we're. They're really works in the U you look at it and think okay you know this this may not in May not work every time. But there's certainly need some success here to added to the ways of Dave Dombrowski in the things that he tries to deal now the Red Sox had a great minor league system that's true. When you have a great minor league system. Andy you are in the midst of I don't wanna say rebuild his isn't necessarily or rebuild what you are trying to put together a bullpen you're trying to get some stars in the rotation I mean just think about when chairing the laughed. This Red Sox rotation was a report Salo Clay Buchholz I mean it was it was bad you know you look at and thought oh my god. You know this this can't go line in the grass he made a point of coming in here getting food what he thought was a nation in David Price trading for another race the next season and having you know do what we thought was going to be three Cy Young candidates here in your 123 start. To start the rotation and hasn't been as early look that way it's good that way for sale sales been awesome. By David Price is van mediocre at best since he came back and report Seles seven a terrible year I mean that's that's it the brass key. Time will tell it's hard to it's hard to judge you guys as quickly especially when he has two major successes under is under his hat to it. There's been a lot of misses as well so far he hasn't been here that on your absolutely right about that let's go to David in Florida I wonder what he wants to say hi David. Addict to be at Oprah. Oh pitch that got up you know. I was over at that are behind Barack. A little bit of both won one one the the closer actually rolled one to the plate in a box he style and publisher swung at and I didn't understand what that was all about. I'm not. Now I mean. Darned on our art. Our so our our. 2013. Other who advocate pat that shall part okay. All right thanks there. In any closure eyes it's accurate there Walden Pond. It's. That the earth with some of the greatest poets of our time was the guy is the call over the palms. Paulus Paulus beat Apollo Westfield called last night Indiana caught I didn't understand anything he was saying. It was all about the NBA any made like three points and I couldn't follow it he was saying at all he was speaking English like I can understand the words he was saying. But none of it made any sense it was one of the weirdest calls ever it was one of those calls were at the stop and think like that I get drugged before I came in here today. Like in my hearing nonsense when they should be hearing normal work like I couldn't I really couldn't. Figure out a listen to it this morning just to think it was that call is word that Ottawa it was even weirder when hired again this this morning. So yes I don't like the the whole. You know that the whole poetry thing is catching on here he's called the marks the lyrics yeah yeah. In any drag me to do and let him get one liner off and hang out and the if you became might be game for me eventually if you're bad you public to yet it's true in Nepal got par got caught up in the in the DPX as games phase of the game you know generally get in there 6177797937. Dave's and it. Do. They are brokers and of the I got this this and I agree like this is our horse slots are apartment to look at. For the game nick nick a moderating easier provide a five point six or otherwise. Arm but here's a funk RI to wanna blame also that you are they are all day it was order stating you know disaster and of course. Aging Estella ran. We I just had a question about. With their third base and you know he's been playing awesome effectively so it's gets a little more silly but you've got our our heart and keep that your campus second baseman. Again one you know Wilson defensive wherever I go unbelievable out there spotlights. You know we got it for sick and experts between Chris Young in the door every day and that guy and 160. In any movement the second you know fierce figures pump out that our secure and and those lines you know rookie that just. I don't know I mean it in my. Struggle through an entire season this way with with a black hole over at third base a team that cost this much money and and you know with this many options it's just he can't you can't do what they have to they have to figure something out here whether it's internally here they wanna look outside. I don't know way you know he really started originally yourself though. In there's not a lot of options third baseman Nancy and who's got a third baseman we can go out during get and can we get it for reasonable price now. That's that's a tough for operate there. I paid just don't see it happening you know the red side you wanna get a reliever at the deadline okay. Even wanna pick up a starter at the deadline fine there's lot of relievers is a lot of starters not a lot of third base on an outfielder great ones outfielders. Indian in the V you need a third baseman it's just that's. Power hitting third baseman do I mean we get to some other light hitting third base we got some of those in Iraq which can do that. Buy it they needed they need some over there they really do I don't I don't know what it is but they need something. Come through terrible at bats at the end of this game Dustin Pedroia and in the eight inning in publishing and the ball in the ninth inning the two within striking out on three pitches each. Troy comes up there against knee checked three sliders and he swings it its first want to call straight swings through the next two. And then in the ninth inning that lasted that by publishing and the ball my word. Swings and misses it all three pitches after Jackie Bradley junior just took a walk. And through those the last two pitchers had to be blocked by the catcher. And problems just flailing away Adam you know I don't care they bounces one in the dirt I'm swing and Andy's out there think it. I mean G-8. I take the Republican congressional team at the plate over the Red Sox the way they're the way they're going tonight. This was brutal 61777979837. Is the phone number we got to open phone line is another hour at sector view coming up next.