Red Sox Review - How will the Red Sox deal with the turmoil surrounding Carson Smith and Blake Swihart's trade demand? 5-16-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, May 17th

Ben Maller is here to take you through Red Sox Review as he recaps the Red Sox win over the A's 6-4.  On top of salvaging the final game of a three game series with a mediocre team, there's all kinds of issues swirling around the team with the Carson Smith injury and the announcement from Swihart's agent that he wants a trade.


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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. Here's a driving every deep to left center tailback Mike please send any. Am trying to fly fly ball bounced. And thousands of twister did to Iraq Paul Herbert JD Martinez who. They're good drive so I feel hot at king back about five dollar. Very very careful about. We capping the Red Sox wins against the case when in high water rights group people. It was fantastic yeah. It's over. They support it felt good finale it was very dial 61777979. We shouted now Red Sox rookie who aren't WEEI. That it is it is me bend Mallard game tonight as you heard the game and just moments ago the Red Sox get into the win column and they don't play the old days again. These seasons that is it for Oakland to talk about the game Chris Sale. There is a better routes he said better outings of the Red Sox for a couple moments sometimes in life you have to power up. In his was one of those nights for the Red Sox couple home runs while we need a three run Allred to rivalry that's all you Neitzel talk about the game. If you'd like to discuss said the state of the Red Sox at this point is they continue. The homestand with the Orioles coming in starting on Thursday 6177797. 937. As you can be part. Of the festivities years at tonight David Price will be on the mound. In the game on Thursday. Against Kevin Boss admin. Of the bureaus and I know from the last couple times have been in here any time David Price that's anything. It is sure to be. Controversial was forced tonight's game is concerns. It was standard. Wednesday baseball game. For the Red Sox but after a couple of stink bombs. Encouraging. Would you were distorted around the Red Sox lose a couple of things. There have caught my attention here one of them. Involving. The that the drama with which is a media creation somewhat but it involves. Carson Smith who from all the reports that sounds like he's. Out for the year in the kind of injury it's going to be career altering. For the Red Sox reliever Carson Smit. What I don't know of you've been keeping track of this and if you've not been monitoring the situation will mix this in the zone are your thoughts on it. Does it say good he say. He said situation. Which is which is a nice nice for conversation you're the in the Red Sox before all the action in the game to not eat Carson Smith. Was discussing. The rather. Would hit ulee's. Shoulder injury which which happened need it's been talked about a lot you pay attention Red Sox you don't through his glove. In the dugout he had a temper tantrum. And he didn't pitch well he had a temper tantrum and he got the Saudi face and through the glove. And that laid to what sounds like. A season ending as a imagine a career altering injury. And so Carson Smith. Paul about his situation. And he hit the lead. That it wasn't necessarily the fact that he had hissy fit in tossed the glove down. That he was soon it was really worried about he was more worried about the fact that over UC. By a Alex Cora. And that the brains of the Red Sox year. Contribute to his demise. And his downfall here soul. That's a pretty he dame being accusations. That it hey I was over use too much and as he direct results. You know here I am Walla opt out and so Allah score was asked about that by the Red Sox media contingent. And a what do you think he'd. You think he said yes absolutely I overuse this guy a he abused him that's option AA. Option BC. News. No way he did I do that. Edit option C news. No come. Right so so those are the three option on each rose. Option B or anxiety he says I don't agree with. Anyone on a mini ran. And he defended himself as you would suspect. Any manager in that situation we're doing so it the Red Sox manager sit on a daily basis quote. On a daily basis we talked to pitchers. And and how they feel if they told. He filling in the blanks here of course at a peak if they don't think they can do is they're not available. We don't. Which we could to stay away from. Court claim that he was caught by surprise by it is. And that's that pretty much the meat of the. And you can read more about this on that the WEEI website play including the game on Monday worthy the pitcher Carson Smith had a temper tantrum. He pitched five times. In a week in a seven day span of time and yes that's a lie that's fair amount. Bly. If you look at his overall numbers there on par with the other features in the Red Sox ball. So niche small sample size you know week. Heavy heavy workload for a week. And an overall the numbers are pretty percent so. Our course and he's gonna actually confront Carson Smith can have it a chit chat. With the the Red Sox pitcher and they're gonna talk about it but let's discuss it here. I I love these caddies pop up from time to time and you've got 88 as I say he say it. He said situation. Soul so born. Is wrong I saw what is wrong here you take the side of course and submitted. V now injured Red Sox will be richer or. Are you gonna take the side. Of Al escort you are the juror. And how are you going aside. Not opt out of take out score aside and a deputy she'll announcement I. I am on the side of our score for a couple of Ries. Are right you've got the the key glow of slave labor in the fall guy. And it will makes these go take a budget calls is to keep caused some some people lined up 6177797. 93 some rog in my thoughts and and you want to know what you think about this but as far as citing without a score. Like we we've talked here in an hour and may in the middle amaze so read such and play baseball for awhile. And the constant theme at least the first. Part of the season. Was watched it was that out a score almost wait fault. Baby pictures that was more starting pitchers the principle we talked about this item in here once in awhile once twice a week depending on. When the Red Sox FDA's office opened this was the definition. All of kid glove treatment so it is bizarre. That Carson Smith would go down this road and in the second part of it. A law last time I checked. It and maybe I'm completely raw moment is it's not exactly slave labor to be in the ball. I mean user. I I don't socks to get hurt in 98 in the rehab this from I was reading is going to be painful. Eyes a colossal. Monkey wrench in someone's career. When they have this kind of injury I get to. I understand that that's not the spot that you wanna be in. What you'd you do have a job double what are you supposed to believe usually pitchers. Three times a week and considered. Again I don't think that Dallas Cora is a slave driver if anything. He's like the op. That's that's the early reputation. So I understand but the last point on this. I get the whole blamed. I love the play Oakland you know Ivan overnight showed that they do addition this woman come in here. Under the guy and I play the blame game at least once it's a marvelous game. The blamed. Right you can point your finger and blow the whistle on Mac guy and all that disapproval or. You can't hold Alice core responsible year. Because again I right if you could use if this is accurate and chorus says hey if you're not available at you know dot the counter argument. And I understand that the course of Smith is still trying to get his forty. In the major leagues in the proved that he's gonna be the guy. And be reliable and you don't wanna be seen. As a mr. soft. Right so. I did I know it in my work in the radio business when I first started in radio. As long time ago put. I met when they asked me to work I would be coughing up a long. That's before I found the garlic therapy. Which I've used don't be coughing a bullet I would come in and out of work by I didn't want to be seen is the the prisoner was on reliable so when I was acid is open I did it. Put the same time you guys you've got to be able to balance that any of it in especially in these days manipulates a lot different now. In these days and soul out scores he convenient. Fall guy. Right in this case recourse is if he's upset he's frustrated. And so the lion's share the blame you're gonna blame it on. Al score it's all possible. And you could say probable this just in the it's. Bad genetics spike Karstens Smith right you don't sometimes you win it sometimes you don't. And that whether he pitched five times a week. Or not that this was inevitable this is eventually going to happen. That's a different conversation. So I'm assuming we'll hear more about this saying the the story will linger. Bit is at the the biggest story. In all the land it's not but it's did you seek easy got a pitcher saying hey you know I was over used and that's why got hurt. And you've got out as Cora is saying wait a minute. I and I don't agree it. C I like Dow scored didn't just say no comment or. Or like some hot I could agree receive a signal comment we disagree. Anyway 6177797. 93. So we ship audio just to prove I'm not making this up Chris Shia Maher executive producer. He is on his due diligence and just to show you. That I'm not blowing smoke here I'm making words up without escort said let's go to the audiotape as Warner wolf used to say back in the day. Here's Al score explaining his side. Of this and debate with Carson's. I don't agree that I mean. On a daily basis we talked to the two pitchers and how they feel. And if they don't feel they they were making pitches that they would stay away from themselves. How big W by surprise but tonight if you felt that way did you talk to us creation management and but are actually those are dating almost New York or Karl. Columbia I think that we we talk and he said he was no it wasn't available that day and we so. I says that there's a difference of opinion here so who whose I've made my case a mom on the side of of management. I guess some accompanied she'll hear. But I am I as I. I just don't see how you can you can take the cars dismiss out of things because. And again excel is genetics years and you've got to be able to pitch. I know we we are in the will suffocation of baseball and everything's limited and everything's cut down and all that again. I'm not naive to that fact. What we're talking about. Baseball team that's in the middle of may. And like this is somehow it's not it's not where the guys racked up a ton of appearances and Connie innings. And we're sitting here in October. And say hey we gotta cut back on how how often we use this particular purse so. What we'll get your thoughts on that in the of the red sucks wind in general are at Sox getting past Oakland tonight couple home runs Nader Bogart's. And G eighty Martinez. And Chris Sale. A now than five innings. You'd like to get more but he threw a 102 pitches in five innings. As the Oakland Athletics be benefactor of four walks but only a couple of runs scored. Against Chris who's now four and one. On the year with eight who point to nine. Earned run average pitching half his games at Fenway. And pitching in the America who eat 2.2 nine. Earned run average. Not bad not bad art to the phones we go and. And let's say a little Wally. In Fall River who's up next year on Red Sox review hello Wally. Yeah what's up then they just don't make relief pitchers like they used to go a little too young to remember Dick Raddatz. By the I'd seen him pitch them I'm a little older than you. You're an old timer Wally about how about Mike Marshall didn't Mike Marshall won here. Board games I think Mike macho. And they had I think the residents had to pitch you Wilbur wood he could trade with a knuckleballer traded to the light sides. He pitched both ends of a double had a can you imagine that. But. Walter Wally I they hired me what he's baseball teams a higher music itself. These knuckleball pitchers can pitch every other day why wouldn't every team in baseball. Try to get at least one knuckleball pitcher in their pool it. These guys you can bring them back day after day right that's the argument would knuckleball pitchers and as far as when you're Saturday at old timer there Wally. What I remember reading a story from Mike Marshall who you mention he pitched in over a hundred games one year. I think he did close that a couple of times like he claimed he has the secret on how guys can come back in PH and all that and nobody in baseball this dual. They think he's a quack. They always built. One you'll look at Dick Raddatz Benedict went sixteen and five and six before a 65. And I think he could get 167. And instant relief this is back when they if you wanted to say they had a page three yemen's. These clips is I mean they're wrong again. Bottom got to Kuwait oh all of whom could shut they've Robin. I don't know let's see. What is now buddy even deckers and that is sector as we get that give give him credit Mariana Rivera. By that these it is no early didn't you read this remember every team has that problem to have that. Definitely do want these are the face of the call I appreciate. He was old school girl's school. Baseball as you go let's go to who senior Chris in plane goes up next year on Red Sox are you Red Sox. Winning tonight it fade away in the avoid this week but they changeable clue what's going on grace. Not much that hey I definitely would side with core he needs to come up with a guy who's not as important to the staff and and kind of clearly played tough guy task manager with him just. What they're not adjustment phase out there I mean he can't do it took some you know the highest paid divas on the squad that. He can probably get away with Toyota on a lesser lesser pitcher and and it'll play that bad guy as far as that's concerned. I just have a quick take and a question for you. Com but disclose why had been going on even before the size watch and basket legislate them you know look at players and captures easier to look at the BC a mob attack. But I guess to me seems to be somewhat average adult accuses. Praiseworthy as people are saying defensively as rain to stop involves him and his arms strength seems so I mean. And compared to that Kitna Oakland coming it was just it was not even compare both. I just think he's just not as good as people think can I just want us to Europe dots on. That's why packets get behind our blog and I just thank. There's baskets not as good as you know advertised by the teams so. Yeah well let big buzz swipe card pick he played well in spring trainer a good spring training in the Red Sox. Management still felt that he wasn't the guy he didn't he wasn't given an opportunity now. I'm gonna talk actually about Beckham pulled it is as the other story comet that he's asked for a trade a swipe hearts asked for a trade. That's a predicament for the Red Sox because they're not getting. Anything you did the rest of baseball they're catching Sox as far as the office is concerned. And so do you trade slight heart before you give me an opportunity to play. Or you know what what what to move. You play we're just trade him he's got no trade value right now they face of the caucus Maria having us the nineteen. I can't see your defense and what's been going on behind the plate for the for the rights to meet the expectations. And the reality. Now are two totally means that I know Leo catchings in the offense at the catching position. It's not the most important thing in the that'd be the the days of offensive machinery like pudge Rodriguez and Mike Piazza back in the boom days of the steroid era. So AA like Christian Vazquez is on track he's projected. To drive in nineteen runs with no home runs in fifteen doubles. And and play about a 120 games for the Red Sox. That is that's not as you'd imagine if he's hitting 179. Hey he's going to get the Jackie Bradley treatment if this continues much longer where he just does not. Does not get regular playing that way even if you're a catcher and so while he's great calling game if you if you believe that. You've got to get something out of cash and positioning and then if you've got you've got sandy the old who's batting 170. This is its combined. They're hitting under 200. Did that to me catchers of the Red Sox. I his Red Sox review here the Red Sox winning tonight as they take down. The Oakland Athletics and we will dive deeper into that part of it the the story involving. Blake's wife hard and he is aging demanding. A trade in. In the immunity get him similar I didn't really do that was my aging which is a classy. Classy weasel move. That it we've seen if you've been around you this you've been around longer than I have probably maybe have I don't know what we've seen this sobering times it all sports. Where the agent says one thing or bad cop good cop right the agents the bad guy the players I would go to I. Wanna be traded. It's another example of that gated of that and will doing it next. Skis with Red Sox review on W week. EI users are driving repeat felon senator scaled back slightly Saturday. They have pride if black couple bombs. And I hope of the future that don't run homer for JD Martinez is this the. There's a drag show Rafael hot pink bat by about five dollar. Here Bob are we capping the Red Sox win against the eighties when. High blood. Thanks again. They support it felt good finale it was very dial 617. 7797937. Now Red Sox review on WEEI. And it is I've been out there following a Red Sox when they're 29 win of the year and improved to twelve in six at being away 86 before win. Over Oakland after some shaky performances this week against the athletics the very average. Oakland is a huge issue changed their name to the Oakland sees that their mediocre but they. I did play well this was the first couple games against the Red Sox socks. Get the win tonight's we're talking about that if you racquet gave you listen to a here on WEEI. You watched it or. Maybe you did not believe these wanna talk about the Red Sox that is so what we hear former Texas most off. As we go throughout the night put the Red Sox jump. On Oakland early JD Martinez hit a home run. In the first inning and in the three run shot by Zander Bogart's. A little bit later some risotto escorted to winnings. In this game but that was enough to get 86 to four win and Chris Sale. Who could only go five innings you pitch count went over a hundred they took him out and there was a gaggle of Red Sox relief pitchers became in. It still gets his. Fourth we in all of the year in his or an average. 82 point 29. On the years we are in the middle. Of mace oh we can talk about that what's up next this weekend the Orioles. Who are having a mortgage. Season. They will take on the Red Sox starting on Thursday that make up game four game. Weekend baseball matchup there at Fenway. And there's a couple of things here that I think are worthy of some conversation. Around the Red Sox with a that the thing that's caught my attention you know wanted to get into any Q I assume. So mildly engaging conversation we'll see about this I know it's been but the choppy week here against Oakland but tonight. Better for the Red Sox it has been overall. A bitter than anticipated start when it when the Yankees got John Carlos maintain. The assumption was the Yankees are we're gonna run away and hide. By many right that was the assumption do we cool it hasn't happened yet now maybe it's gonna happen at some point you're the Yankees just heard amazing offensively. By the end of seasonal win the division by seven re games. That separation hasn't taken place. The Red Sox have for the most part consistently been winning games they got that great start since then. They've been able to maintain in. Essentially match punch for punch. With the Yankees but it turns out. That not everybody is happy in vaudeville or a few we were working if you were you hanging out your fame lead him to be more paying close attention you what was into the station here it's bad job by you. And maybe your rattle hoopla little bit affiliate here that. There is an unhappy. On a happy member of the Red Sox so you're unplugged on this. Blake's wife hard. We put him in this sour was category. As he would he would like who. Exit he wants to go out bound. From the Red Sox locker room sort of talk about is now we're told it's one yards agent. Has requested. Formally aid trade. From the Red Sox and swipe card. Is the third string catcher. He hardly ever place he hardly ever plays now. David dumb browse TV Red Sox. Essentially Jia zip that the big title the president of baseball operations that. Back in the old as we just called the GR Dave Dombrowski admitting publicly that's why are its role. Likely not going to change anytime soon this is despite the fact. If you follow the Sox closely you are more than aware that the not only the Red Sox have catchers they have been horrible. With a baseball bat in their hands. It has to the total of under 200 collectively. The leader in the pac Christian Vazquez. Who's the mean Quechua primary catcher is hitting he blocked 79. We have no home runs and he's on pace to hit the drive in nineteen was at five RBIs. In 32 games played. For the Red Sox which is what was anticipated. It does not always anticipate instead of the owner is known as more of an offensive. Player he's batting a block seventy does four home runs. Are or he's got one homer rallies projected to hit four homeless. I gave him three X drama all year he's pretty easily played sixteen so despite that dumb brows ski saying that he does not anticipate. That's why Hart's gonna get any more. Action. Soul he. You'd use now I would make you the senior advisor of the Red Sox your animal but before we do. Before we do. So the story came out in the afternoon about swipe artsy. And did. Went around in bounced around and then the Red Sox beat reporters they grabbed Blake's wife hard. And he responded to these reports that his agent had requested to wish of the audio on that let's solicit the Blake's wife heart his position on all. Yeah I just let things stuck like look out for me. That's his job and yes although. I'm still here and focus on being here where it's thought to keep your commute that's my home. Obviously I didn't do it with a finding linesman didn't put me. I'm not sure I think it's probably increased publicly about those things that can happen and that's what we've seen. Oh and you want to play one place. Let's and it's really excited. Now it should be resistant gravitated towards him yeah that that's not my job. I would never gonna do that yeah. It's. Your think it's funny he he told me before hand that these. So it hangs indefinitely. Yeah they've given you like. I don't think we're constantly we want to get a little better this. Evans says specifically that I do everything I do enjoy do all the drills like possibly it just so wrong. I saw those the words of Blake's wire guard who. Right in the middle there I have media the story of the sports which day he went right. Right to the sports mr. Eden in it is right there is. You don't wanna help this team wins in over. I so here's the heat is the little drill we're gonna do. Blake why heart's doing his drills will do our little. Our little two week to make you these senior advisor. In the court of public opinion you're gonna make the call here. You've got three Red Sox catchers none of them can hit it's like they're blindfolded when they're at home plate. At that old line from back in the old that you could you wanna be fell of a boat. That's pretty much what's gone on so far. For those that have worn the tools of ignorance behind home plate so you've got Blake's wife hard who's clearly not happy in the AG is the voice of the player. So your Dave dumb brows ski shorten the Red Sox deal. Blake's wife hard. No I am examine this a body thorough cross examination and my ruling is absolutely. Yes. Absolutely yes. I'm Ed and here's my perspective. I you've got rust in dollars you've got insurance. But not good insurance and you've got plugging holes. And we'll tie always easier we take a bunch of phone calls on this but. That the first thing that pops in my my Blake's wife hard at this point. Is eight total after thought any less dumb browse keys line. And maybe he is when he says that's why Hart's role pocket change if you're not willing to play him. If that's not the case if that's not in the equation. Then what are we don't. Write in Little League everyone has the play. Those rules don't apply here is why art is essentially a paid observer. You know that if you have tickets to the Red Sox have season tickets you're paying to observe the team right here. You're investing in the Red Sox Blake's why art is getting paid to sit and watch. From from the dugout and he's occasionally he has gone with the what were a bit in the middle of may. So why Hart has played in fifteen. Games he's got 29. At bats. This is a you talk about rust and tossed picking up Ross. This to be all that. He is the last step mission ever and you're an elementary school and you pick teams or whatever you play kick ball or be put. And is always a last guy that got pick he didn't wanna be the last guy that was demeaning. So why art is the last guy he's 46 years old and I read all the the glowing reviews once white Hart was was working his way up the Red Sox. In it Marley system how wonderful it was going to be and they were comparing him to legends and all this it has not. Translated. To the big leagues it has Tripoli and if I hear I. I would want out also attempt it's completely understand. You're not get a gain any value. As 846 year old third string catcher. Who takes batting practice and then sits for three and a half hours a night. This is known there's no need to there's a point to drive is not how it works and meanwhile. I know from the the Evans relish reporting there that swipe our aging says that that Blake's not the type of player. That's going to ask rudimentary. I took anti is the agent being hey I'll be the bad guy. You re the good guy. And a lot of people by all by all believe in public leaving. But it's agent model if you beat a lot people have meetings are working in the radio business site. I've had one agent. In my career it was a hot mess. The agent was it no not the group not the greatest. Good sleaze ball but not to greats you know I get bigger clients I was in the big enough clients so if I did a bigger client he would have pulled out all the dirty tricks and all the stops and all you can do and I have bad experience with a major but I remember. Having conversations with the Asian that I did have. And he was used in the same line that it that this why are essentially use Larry Ellison my age you're looking out for me you know that. In any trying to negotiate. That's why the ball that's as cliche as it gets. So so the other thing here. As we talked a Red Sox are viewed here WEI if you look at the Red Sox Ross. And again I'm practicing this off the belief that the browse he's not being Pinocchio. If he's being August. Blake's wife hard. These. Are essentially the low priced. Kind of shoddy insurance. It's insurance the Red Sox are on willing. To cash in heavily he's out of options Y hard is points over here. They're in the old line between a rock and a hard place either have to keep them on the big league team would know who's in and somebody would clean him. Through the waiver process and by baseball standards make it happen. That's a great sorrow take that right now be very happy you take that right now he'd be very happy making 563000. Dollars but by baseball. Standards that's that's chump change just peanuts. I'm in baseball and he's he's not played much in the big league that he's a career to sixty hitter so why hard isn't limited time he's gotten. Clearly somebody is that there's a divide. With the Red Sox the talent evaluation so Red Sox because. So Y hard. Is he's actually getting worse than baskets and we owned but it's it's misleading because he's had only a handful bats. In most teams don't carry thirteen catcher. And if so what do you do here. I would trade him but I would trade basket and seen any of the old if anyone would take a I I would say if this continues another month. This kind duo. Horrific. Off mentioned. For an offensive standpoint it's Armageddon. When you're hitting under 200. Your catchers are hitting on the 200 that's embarrass. I would look around at the crappy teams in baseball and there are many of them. And I would start to look around assay work do we get the catcher. That can hit the farm if I'm Dave Dombrowski and I say I've picked the catcher that we're gonna have. Going into October baseball. Is not going to be 81 of these guys if this continues in another month. You got to look at it that way I'll give you need to look at. Who The Who. Could be traded. Guy that was in the World Series last year. Of from from the Dodgers who I have a a vested interest in peace young team team's horrific. What if you're looking for someone they could be dealt. And in the wouldn't likely cost all that much in return. Yes money grand ball. All of the LA Dodgers is it into 78. And news projected that drive and a hundred runs this year and hit over 25 home runs playing at Dodger Stadium. You would assume. Would assume that playing at Fenway Park. In those numbers he's a switch hitter those numbers would would go up it that he wouldn't beauty more home so that's a need to keep benign could be true the Dodgers at the same record as the Miami mormons. That is eight in Bob and he Sheen is what that is I'd like the parting shot on this as far as the Red Sox cancer. I'm dom brows he was quoted as saying that he does not have any set policy. When players requested trade that's actually. That makes sense. I he says it's a case by case basis it's a wise move. Because. Blake's wife heart asking for a trade let's say that you'll bookie bets are some aid of a name value. Decide I wanna be trade. You can't treat those guys essentially you have to go case by case. And you know if they're not a slam. You might as well trim but you are you beginning. Of substance in returner. In the other thing also is the trade season in baseball. Is not actually really get gull wing. For like an album rated the trade deadline the non waiver trade deadline is July 31. It's been that way for a gazillion years and you don't usually Sheila trade activity until. It till June. Some sometime middle or June or so trees and start start happening the separation takes place. Art if you would like talk about any of that politics and fall plus year. The lions. Are open for business lines are open for business the number 61 set 7797. 937. That's 6177797. 937. You can be part. All of the festivities here on Red Sox review. And let's go to move lets see here has voted Dickey who's in Connecticut eight. And Dickie you are up next here on Red Sox are you was going our Dickey. We're going on bend that much just we in the old cat spot Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut are you win or lose. I you know I didn't play any at a clinic at its way out west it would have been at a rockets game got a little bit of the sock game the last couple innings you know about. How do you go to casino in the game. I didn't got time to Bard to. I understand which you can walk through the casino yeah you know I wouldn't you know what you out at that. You're better man than me Dickey I can't walk into a casino up put a couple books that into. But I say I respect that I understand. So. Yeah it really article about it slide art and out is what I think they should have done. They should it sent like art in New York for Matt hardy and on the Connecticut died art be it from the town over. I don't think he's done he's done in New York but I think you can argue about repair from the double of the Cincinnati open. I think he's got the miles. You know. What your QB at home but I get that I respect in big homer but Harvey's made two starts with the reds he's gone four meetings in both starts. So it's nice not exactly a glowing beginning to his career in Cincinnati but I would say to you rather have Matt Harvey. As he reclamation project any 1383. String catcher who now wants to be trade. So. I'm thinking like a inept they're not like they got a fairly late like hard to get it that yeah I mean. I would say in my personal opinion I think like art got more up about it. Then sandy obviously and though a bit older and I mean back I mean I'd like you know you we know out. What part what that young I think capable but yeah I just don't think you've really gotten you know it's been able irony like that. Yeah you'll also. You want what's going on behind the scenes like why why won't people like you must be sucked in their day. The people have that are involved with the Red Sox in must. That maybe they're completely wrong and you know like you would be doing but they must be a reason they're not playing them got to. I heard court at court today on I think you like dale and Holley said that you know he was comfortable about the enemy I. I heard that I was just like I mean whatever but I think we're the shot at least at this point you know. Oh yeah the other guys stink also hit 17 BA double that art. I think you'd think yep he would be safe. Technicals things now watches games casinos. You just wait a couple of years when that when that gambling thing kicks in maybe a couple years is going to be like in Britain a summit starting next week. Depending Iran where you located states here in. The next two years now. Decree. I am I am all for. All four are your thoughts on all of this get to two dueling stories you with the Red Sox outside of the just the team's performance tonight against Oakland. You've got Blake's wife Hart who weighs says hey you would like to go somewhere else. Via his agency got that in in the story that. We just a little earlier but if you just turn on the radio show starts when you turn the radio on yup Carson Smith. Who claimed. Vaguely that the reason he got hurt was not because he had hissy fit and policies that is glove in the dog out. After he had a poor outing but instead paid. Was a result called sultan. Incompetence by Alice score that he was over used by the Red Sox. And Alice court pushed back on that we'll talk more about that album aside about scorer. On that one I don't really how you can take the position of course. I'm sure someone. Maybe that's you 617. 7797937. If you would like to be part and you can also send me the Albanian dot Mather at WEEI dot com I was very excited I've been here long and off. Where might email password ran out and I had changed. That was a big step in my. Back up career here late night in into Red Sox are you from time to time because it. Is when you know any corporation the corporate email. After like six months you have to reset the password which is a annoys the hell out. Annual talk more about the Red Sox and also all. Some snowflakes. Covered in pinstripes will get to that and we will do it next. The Oakland Athletics am talking all things. Red Sox and more here on Red Sox are you were coming up in a couple minutes. With me. Then Mallard will have a pinstripe. Snowflakes. We will get to that. He's somewhat compelling story about how how sensitive certain people. To get to that your mom tell you falls we go. And let's see who is nexus go to Marty. In Dorchester who's up next year on. WE I was short on Marty. They're going I just got back in the game and I to erect a guitarist hoping to gather or your first thought you gotta probably double that yet as you know an actress Teri. We're on the DL. You got a week's ballot pride in and out and greet these got a hot recorder to give up one run or no logical to get a direct be right. Then he got a which by the batting order that's. A Christian by going one which spot to what are your PO. I watched it tonight are so are they regard Jacki great repeated sixteen at that unit be they Garrett chili Davis Neitzel operate out. So what are you gonna get guys out there would this put out other bet all written game. I don't know he's interested oppression traded him went wire act or reliever to the Marlins. And well what was your bullpen and I stop right there on the know your thoughts. Yet I sighed heavily there will be a lot of trees and the Red Sox have to they have to improve the catching position and they also would have the bullpen. The B two worth I would think they'll be two or three changes in the bullpen. By the time this season and that's that's usually how it works this year you have your first half open. And your second apple pain and rip Jackie Bradley for the way he was sitting in the dugout that you you really upset with a Mardy these these are old friends. Watch and then we're talking and there's very eager to have their assault in the edit so now going on that club out I'd bet throughout Davis spiritually David. Everybody saw endeavors as swap and getting up and it seemed to go back. Devers and applied Alan you're gonna fight and here's why so they're driving to pick up the banks and outlet Crist and you're allowed to but he had a good protector X it has switched it it. So it wasn't so adamant that Turkey Romario is chili Davis was like the fall guy I remembered spring training that I blame chili Davis for the the problems they wanted to do when a new approach off aren't so yeah. You're being picked greatly cheerleader music and mentored me even want to learn about what happened and happened. Without an eighteen is stop and different out in the end in a bad obviously went out there in the Yankees shortstop. So we gotta get back out there whether or not we got to beat the Yankees is that talking out oh lead that data it. Oh yeah yankees in the in the Astros that's that's the if you look at the power structure in the American League hates. It is book theory as anyone else that scares you that much in the American Leo Etsy at the Yankees Red Sox and Astros. Depending on which way you wanna go through the in which we won ranked in the American League central is horrible. At least it's been horrible so far. And despite all the people can try to sell. How wonderful. The Cleveland Indians are going to be but they have been wonderful yet. Keep waiting for that to happen. Weeding around for that to happen. Are if you would like to be part the number. There's a line opened 6177797. 9837. That's 6177797. 937 let's goats who would see here is go to if any. Listening out in Anaheim here is missing on line was gone on a penny you're on WEEI. They've Betty it's gonna man. Very militant in the years to Marcelo and I were advocate Randy yeah you know talked you know. I go give it everything that I would get it. I think it's gonna be. A pretty damn it you and you know I think. Adding doubt scored in the credit for. Managing them at the edge do you says that bank that are in the lineup but I think like the last college you know I think cat some good cherry. And be. Catchers like that that you did do it did. Anthony. It feels to me that this is a forced call. In my correct in that it. Now I'm a big reflect span yeah that sure that higher than I bought the book that that a degree monster aptly three time. The right old Garrick summer ago. See any of biking play they lose. I've been bit often three or four different kind been fighting to regain the semi bad and they bought that ball scene about. The report dolphin game the person off the mall it sounded like. The music loud like tipper and yet there's a cloud that follows you around or not opinion you know. I know that I bet you out there are batted you know. Well that's yeah that's that's an insurance when you bet you bet against the team like it's so moved. That would make maybe that explains though at the acted explain my career as you've been a big supporter of mine over the years and you've seen what's happened to me. Mean yeah. You know I. Are you and I. And I mean I did any problem I'm at the point now where I have an overnight show and I'm fighting within 87 year old has been from Hollywood that's what I'm doing now. That's the highlight of my career right now. You know at beg day. They I don't know what in the bag guy you know he. He blocked mean it that need it like me it out by it now eight AA it it it took. Urged will. You know the great new thing in do you reverend did you are Betty is Betty that. All right Ed TV analyst is it for those that don't know I feel like we're having this this cryptic conversations were now announcing a prone announced. Referring to one time Hollywood star. And pop culture icon William Shatner. Who has been at current or with my AM my overnight show and has been at war. With the biggest fans of mine who used to be called them out militia but we now call them the Mal marshmallows in honor. Oh William Shatner. As he called wall marsh. Do you think Fred Dryer it's still in. A rough spot you know. You get. Turco went didn't need yet you know big great now militia which you know the part that's true beauty studio you know that is right. Yeah if you ask me yeah in the that are she'd be there are. Then that old yet there. While this in the TVs hunter was amazing. Fred Dryer is a great actor and you know he's also passed is is prime. But Fred does still listen the overnight show and I. Have thought of texting him. And trying to it is set some kind of a last second peace agreement and have him nor as a negotiator. You don't want you need you need to get root sent to again make man. To set up a celebrity death match celebrity cage match tag team match check Britain somebody and you would root. About when he. In our kids fight Bruce's affront I gotta go ahead the but now that it I think. And a couple returns but who. Anyway idea the number here is 617779793. Cents a real quick I wanted to mention is now. This week the big story in baseball. Overall would be player project he'd as a hall of Famer. Who got pop for putting his hand in the PED cookie jar. Talking about Robby can no don't you know. These Seattle Mariners second baseman got busted it. We hear that follow baseball news of the day and all that so Robby Cano is gonna miss the next eighty games. Or Seattle. And I did mention it is my belief. That if can always stayed with the Yankees I only woody got suspect. And my belief about my thought on that it's a much. Baseball. Has shown a tendency in this last but it will look at it thirteen years. No longer. It's been it was 205. So yeah it's been thirteen years of speed that modern drug test being. Joint agreement came to baseball. And even that time. In that time baseball. Has suspended war in the high profile Yankee. By the name of a ride. That's it there was a vendetta against Alex Rodriguez other than that. There were players like Matt Lawton. And Francisco Sierra valley. That's. I'm and is my position that that. Any of these other Yankee players were dabbling in the forbidden fruit. Being hit big get busted for. And so the reaction of the snowflakes. Covered in pinstripes. Running to defend the the Yankees is quite amusing. Talk about being in denial. 99. Opening your mind to the possibility that yeah it's actually true it is something actually do. This going on. And I was takes more calls on this the Red Sox winning tonight in the new two story she got Blake's wife Hart who wants out. Add disastrous trade via his age and Carson Smith the injured Red Sox pitcher. Pointing a finger. At Alice score and now scores saying that. I you cannot point you figured me out Dave you what is wrong with you I will get to that here's the institute of you we used tribute. Blake has the highest batting average at Fenway of all active players. With 75. Or more career at bats to get. Over the and for active player this year Blake. Has the highest batting average it in a way of all active players. With 75. Or more at bats that is the instant should be the answer to back your phone calls on Red Sox review will do that next. And we will pay off the institute also some breaking news tonight the Red Sox have me the go roster move we'll get to that human up. Momentarily but here it is the means trivial Blake has the highest batting average at Fenway of all active players. We 75. Or more at bats that is the question. What is the answer. As we've got John Carlos Stanton. Guess we have Dwight Evans. Promo for Mike yes among all active players that Dwight Evans is the first name. That that we would that we put in their. Does anyone idealized dumb answers not nobody's got the the right answer is bad job by you. In a bad job by you are the correct answer. Heading in to play on Wednesday night this this number going up. In 24 career games at Fenway park -- eighty Martinez. Had a 394. Batting average. The highest. At Fenway among all active hitters with a minimum of 75 at bats Martinis with 94. 94 at bats. Coming idiot go home run. The homer coming to center field that was. Early ought to be. I JD finished one for two. Coble RBI is and he had walked. For the Red Sox in the win tonight we just took a call few minutes ago from a got Utley had a Red Sox at a trade. So why heart in Jackie Bradley to get some relief help they ought to do that well. Red Sox have maybe moved to night. Mass live reporting the the Red Sox had signed any relief pitcher. Named Josh. Smith. Oh Josh Smith right handed relief pitcher has agreed to a minor league contract. With the Red Sox. And he will be reporting to beat them Miley he has pitched in the major leagues. With Oakland and also. Cincinnati easy bagged up by an relief pitcher thirty. Years old so that is the the roster move he was pitching in the Mariner's organizational. What he got released at the end of April so he's now. Indy Red Sox in my releases I'm sure that fix everything. No concern at all everything will be good almost as good as a Blair in Maine phone call. And he is next as we go back to the phones on Red Sox review. And we say hello to the infamous. And notorious Blair in Maine hello. And strong and everybody turned their phones off or turner Rios off because this is psyched when it radios and phones is still dead. I was so dead in his opening once so listen up me. I stopped stopped doing the will always meet. You you have a COLT following you know that you have people that look forward this I don't know why they look forward to hear you but I get requests from people. That one here. The twisted logic of Blair and made it makes no sense to me at all labored for some reason people audience. I've had a rep stated NATO. Were you abused by talk radio host all over the dial it. ID get along when my mom. We gotta you gotta get along with mildly there. I know you gotta make up. Don't want to miss California. I'm only gonna go and visit you sit and couple weeks. Yeah I am trying to teach your mom to move it back to California's Coachella. No I'm at saddleback college or use. It that's why I want to small color as my old school. If you really yeah I still work differently except it semesters look sentence that's a long time and they respond to it. I used I was the ball boy a a picture that all outside. You know they go to locked room. What do you do with the balls Blair what did you do with the. I don't I think it is played well but I I don't make sure that the I put it in the ball. Bank. Did you wash the balls. His twelve football and I made sure that the well footballs were put away before big games. For the game did you ever go into a bathroom for ninety seconds. All I. Please. I com gut to get the tee off the field after the kids. You did you Rihanna feel that you. No we had that comment that's what we get along so well let me knew we had that and come years ago. Football man I can't wait for football season. Then she called Belichick up until you wanna be when the ball I know why don't you wouldn't work for Belichick. It won't. I'm sure after hearing these phone calls everyday for that. Criticizing yeah every day all the way where the patriots play at too far too far cry we can move closer. Didn't apartments. No outward. County. My. I. Yeah I don't let color. I got to work on will you buy yourself you don't really have to make you that you can do their life. And joked I don't know. Iraq not listen I don't you know live the backside married now we're glad I lived of the bachelor life for a long time. Does not make my bed all that. Ellen and yes my my fine produce of the great creation on Chris is saying no else we need to ask blaze years are we at the end of the call. You know I feel like. I feel like we're doing okay I just thought Blair had a point on the Red Sox. He's he's right when he called he was very worried so I've only. It now. Listen keep that take total vote. You know what he's been very concerned now what is it. I I saw that bush here's my theory on that and move he based it looked like he could've caught that home home ball. And eat it went over his head there it was into the immovable opens. My theory is he was in balance sheet. He was embellishing. He'd be the. Angst because he was a little embarrassed as he should cut the ball about that. Yeah but what again nobody heard this phrase again and be out for saying we baseball soul can play through it can't replace. That an hour tribe. I am I have confidence I believe in will keep that splitter. I have faith that he will be able to be a gladiator. And play through a minor injury was she stayed in the game for. At the head yes and I don't lose any sleep over that. Get peace there star is that read up on ourselves in CD. You know that's the one key player in the Atlanta. For the red truck straight. Let his alleged illicit. Let's go right now we should practice making your and my heart really practice and making sure aren't you tired and go to bed go to bed don't call the overnight show please. Alright now we've moved outside and go practice making you died. Right watch YouTube and learn how to make. Job hum really good at making making a bet because what I do is a hotel bull. There's two types of people you when you make a bad you can either go you'd Dili the sheets out at the bottom 48 talk them under. How much talk of wonder guy. What I make about it. I like better for. My wife though does not like she likes the op she likes the sheets bottom account opened up will be. I'm a more the talking under. The guys were making art any art will level press on here that's a that's all for Red Sox review will get back in two. The Celtics sorts who wins away two wins away from a trip. To the and BA finals will they be compromised. And undermined as they go to Cleveland in the next games can be like two weeks from today it didn't take two weeks off the give back to playing. So basketball talk about the state of the Red Sox are a whole lot more as we press obligated to late night and we'll do it next.