Red Sox Review - Is it all doom and gloom in Red Sox Nation now? Who is even going to play wide receiver for the Patriots?

Boston Baseball
Sunday, August 26th
Buck and Reimer continue to take a look at the terrible series for the Red Sox against the Rays.  They discuss Chris Sale's injury and how it has and will impact the Sox.  Then they shift gears and take a look the the Patriots reciever depth, Urban Meyer's "apology to buckeye nation", and a look back at the Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.

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These days with Red Sox review on WEEI. Through through from the involvement. We know Red Sox lost against the rays yeah tournament field now. I kid in my around second on his. Whose second. Dial 6177797. We sat down Red Sox will be on WEEI. But dreamer during Red Sox are you up till 7 o'clock taking UT ESPN center site based on important game for the Red Sox Spock Orioles yanks. Suddenly is a bigger gains that we may have thought a couple of days three gallon and it was a little Lincoln doesn't realize I I am the one thing you did say last hour they do agree with is it is better this way yes we like Marie I think one thing I said you know when they were yes absolutely I quickly appearing with Sosa or Tory candidates is I don't think I said I'm retracting not. That's been retracted niacin borderline first about which outs at feet. Each take away these last three starts or so eloquently of the non-GAAP Al. I'll surrender now I'm not turning any else. Peter Abraham of the busting global bomb spoke to Chris cell after today's game who said he was. You say he's going to start a throwing program tomorrow. He'll play catch the first time since he was shut down competed in says the house allies to shoulder feel on cells and light bulb onions. Op pox found buried. Everything right against a ticket Republicans ending strong dimes in his ox was strong with some released a summary strong now but I am could sell that is. And staying the obvious spied. In the news just gets worse and worse I feel and it was during a during programs marlin as blowing out at all walls seem so down to slow down their mr. Sloan sunshine now. Your emotion oh with a lawyer. Proclamations about as the open worried are gonna do this again. For the rest the regular season the Red Sox a squeak by and hold off the yanks are still doesn't pick it up by the way is I'm Brooke like that is just as much about the Yankees as it is about the Red Sox have no faith in the Yankees though still doesn't it again this year is a boost for so aside and can't get it out William takes a takes a leader off the board at a corset ties to it. On the big news today box happens a few hours ago Eric Decker. Announced his retirement and since the Gramm pace it is time to hang up my helmets. And start a new chapter in my eyes still walk yes like you still lock right has yet Tucker only one you're younger Angelina. Excellent and makes you wonder. And this receiving corps announced though. Malcolm Mitchell gone Jordan got these Kenny Britt gone I Decker now retired in about a Decker was not making this team mean being in a snap that treaty other nights. Not a bad gig that we got some neat I've granted you know practice for three weeks. And that Joey Galloway kind of category all to see it right the absolute who is the guy JJ stokes back then might I might have been a way to Bledsoe is a long time ago but yeah. But that over the years they brought in these veteran wide outs that that this kind of federal I'll there's a lot of them right citrus Gabe Gabriel bring him. Now as I Doug Gabriel Doug Gabriel was decent he was a crown and a sex without Chris Gabriel ran for governor something president. I don't know I don't know about one but I do know that right now you're topped their receivers but the patriots with cattlemen out the first four is Chris Hogan. The outdoor sets and Cordero Paterson. Wow. That makes I'd like Gabriel Richard A Caldwell look like murderer's row. Yeah and I go back I've users find a zillion times and apologized to you go back to the year they lost the AFC title game Peyton Manning. If the RCA dome in Indianapolis. And they went oh. And there's no doubt in my mind given the way things played out there Brady watch it and those Ahmanson's claim to stand on the table and say get me some receivers. And they'll set bomb on the phone but the deal is Thomas Edison's they get that deal wrapped up. I'll give you some receivers now I'm reading it scenario here right but what did indeed happen was. They did go up gated dailies Thomas. But the next three or four guys they signed work party Stallworth. Well dressed well they're treated for mosques Brent. Deemed it necessary and I ribeiro and argues impeach Shepperd about this. Pete has always there remove our authors he titled it all receivers is why they had to go to Indianapolis to play the MB of C title game right. Right right and this is their worst receiving course and street thirteen Rio and Adam and obviously than after that weighs Aaron dobbs and general Tompkins look at Brady's numbers that year but to go back when he their team the last time. Tom Brady had receiving group like this eleven pacts. QBR and 87 point three they drafted drop lower the following year does Tom Brady at 36 when he got receiving group. 141. Has just as bad receiving depth and an idea of rock and into the running backs teams might think was fourth on the team in receptions last year's like Donald that's not 1977 entered a tied into third of the backs on the best ever. But what you saw on the first up against Carolina. That you received the first month because they're playing Houston Jacksonville that out lions are not the Fisher playing good defense is every first slot as it's. Argued that in the thing is they've been so many times over the years that I said. This is the other patriots and a supper because they do not have. Blank. And more often than not it's been. Pal Steve. And which is a problem this year two hands on you know there have been a lot of years where I've said. Opposing quarterbacks are gonna drop back and three other balls into the receive instant open receivers because they don't have guys that can cover these other receivers. And then they get the middle season and they move the chess pieces around and all of a sudden they're shutting down opposing quarterbacks and they go to the FC title game. So. If history's been our guideposts they'll figure it out because that's what they do but going into this season. The patriots are going to suffer because fill in the blank the sun fill in the blank the big one is received. It was their first delighting easy. The Shawn Watson carbonneau will last year first do you think they well I think is a degenerative. This on Watson carve them up last thirty came into Gillette Stadium mean that Texans defense is guide. The jaguars were blown call away from winning. The AFC title game. I'm in Tom Brady at 41 and I think he feels that he's 41 years old and as we mentioned elements on the first four games and now he's trying to connected via a built or sat people's outdoor set now is just remember in locks that would already gets the ball the same time and a great one and one cent yes absolutely a coral Paterson people Gallic sentiment is performance nights. Five catches but only one of them came from the arm Tom Brady and the rest was a Brian white and he's been a special teams guy his whole career. But the funny thing ends look at the way this off season transpired right that you're doing morning drive knows direction watching these games and watch it all unplugged and amenity got. I noticed in my heart that's who had to deal breakers are on at 6:20 AM in the morning and they don't think we did it a plane right we do want to patriots three seasons on record and an absolutely. Why you know the funny being AG you've I'd ID here I don't know it was. This game of the one before that but there was a surprising amount of pre season football talk that it's because drinker not that would away was Mike and he went when Jeff and mutt is hosting picking tyrants not my it's my turn to the Michael Ganske Mike Mike likes the pre season but that's the gathered as the post game radius Mike writes read our game play every chapter with might a couple of weeks ago and the introduction strayer radio giant school it's. Well out of it's Mike in oxen Boston how are you like it as he does he think that. With that is distinguished that there is two different guys right in and were in Boston Adams after needs to know that or in Boston a low power you have a hello gentlemen great to be here with you. But if a piping as as weird as this offseason wise. Very typical Belichick to not overpay him until. It trade branding cuts and he gets like 59 guaranteed from the rams an adult at some shots up the door certainly dead now what goes to show you where you know I talk about. This locker room if we have another fort into type situation early in the year up. Six I don't think gonna get the benefit of the doubt from the book about locker. No idea he he he's been he has not been getting the benefit of the doubt since the most recently played football game and big boy game of Super Bowl. And eight I think the. The in bill we trust crowd is taken a debt. Right and the thing is to do it there is Brady with curtain time is not a couple weeks ago it's just in east of the ballots sack. Where find her on the same page yet the same goal Belichick of course swept that under the rug by. It is impossible for me to believe that just because the calendar turns to September and ready for football that all the animosity. Between brain ballot check over the last year plus suddenly disappears on how things work. No and I I think they have a sound business relationship when they're on the clock. And that's all you can. Right not enough you've read the passages from a mark we but it is new NFL by the right current credit hybrid Tom -- OK so I wanna go to this so this is Tom Brady in April April of when he eighteen this past April answering some questions from we did touch via audio file on him. Are pretty set an April. So not too long ago it's April I don't intend to retire and I certainly don't intend to get traded. He added that they can do whatever they want it was pretty clear that things were not great between day and Brady right my sense is informed by talking to some people close to him. That it wouldn't kill Brady. If the page you sort of release them into free agency allowing him to control its next move but that wasn't going to happen so here we were in the game continued. This is Brady this past April we did that says a source close to Brady. As a Tomas yesterday he says that's Brady talked and so source close to Brady I was just gonna that's what I would say yeah okay or Brady himself. In April we grapple is gone nobody is behind you you've won not war. And it wouldn't have killed them if the patriots released stump out. Now I can tell you the bomb I. I have known mark Weaver it's four. Point five years yes since he worked for the Boston Phoenix. And staying up arms square notable one time I know what it's reporting skills are and and Karim makes this point. In that peace in that Leibovitz is style is throwing batting him sixth rates and say hang out a little details he gives you. Thank you so much about is the subjects and given that history and I didn't unity with John but I would eat my first thought was sometimes win. When you read a source the source is really hot. It could be the president of the United States talking to a trusted whales reporter. And in but don't call me on icon so you'd say a White House source so. It's entirely possible that that that's Solis was Brady. And it does make you wonder and by the way I I have never ruled out a scenario by which Brady closes out his three wood and another team. Simply because he go to Newton North High School he he he didn't. You know he wasn't a Larry Bird fans a little kid I mean he's not local. And Mike Conley senior himself said use go to Leibovitz that you'll end poorly for Brady but it's fully for everybody I mean that's that's you know. And so be it if he were at I mean. I always do this. Johnny Unitas Joseph name is Joseph Montana Bobby you wore OJ Simpson. That you all these iconic players from the Iraq. End up playing for different teams Babe Ruth with a bring in Boston Braves who would have by Joseph name it OJ I mean it Johnny Unitas playing for the same. Bring in San Diego and he these things you couldn't possibly fathom yet they happen so. What why not I mean there are exceptions being Derek Jeter was never gonna play for anybody else I understand that. But Derek GA have a rock solid portable ownership right on the last day. In many sucked it rated shortstop so ram going to animate the top of the way did you out. I mean in an I mention this great thing to go last night he had a Jacoby percent and Rockwell playing each other their messages you open that is very cute yeah and that the wolf pack. It just shows you don't know the whole strangeness. Of this situation sober sat it's traded last September for Philip source big rock we know beat street in October. You're at a situation with Brady now we're going year to year with them they can't even touch his contract until next August so when next when training camp opens in July Tony nineteen. Tom Brady will be going into his contract during the patriots can even begin touching. When so it is bizarre and out think and meet new Brady ballots act as much as anything but I don't think that the point has gotten enough play dot. When drop was trading drawn the percent yield to there's nobody behind Brady. You think at least three more years rights and now we are going year to year with Tom in this in this latest new contract Diaz the incentives they did not add another year to its. Give it to saying as recently as April. Brady. Man on the Ambien Guerrero on the team plane still I mean this stuff is not going away folks it's just not. Josh McDaniels coming back Indianapolis. Parachuted out of the plane some horrible buffalo he expect his way back upon spiral which Guerrero on the team plane that was is not a big deal is that I now Brady is one them as well another another check in Brady's favor and I'd argue with Alex and I look at it as a negotiation. I I think that when they sat down. And again it does there's a lot of stuff happens behind the scenes we don't know how involved real reason in places that we cutesy. But got the fact that he's on the plane if if that makes Tom Brady happy and this goes back to the title for David Price and quality of life. If if Tom breeze quality of life is enhanced even if it's placebo effect by having this guy on the plane and they can. Play check is in the hotel lobby whenever they do with a deep tissue massage. On the on the FaceBook thing that we all watched. It if that's what floats his boat and went paid going to give the baby's rattle but you know what with the. What might still was not on the sideline but I would say there had to be more than just Carreira can fly on the same air start bringing in what is Greg gonna do for Brady on the airplane. And I don't around it no it means that he doesn't have to fly commercially and staying at the carousel picked up LA Larry and Austin and our roster is decent thing to career is being ostracized like yourself you're so poisonous and I've allowed to fly on the same sheet metal as everybody else and not that's a thousand gas at. Seat in all seriousness the the the team white is a sort of a sacred place. And and who gets the fly like for instance. When I was a beat writer back in the day all the B rise would fly with the team. There was a negotiation over a period of years in and and the players ask this of ownership operas that at some point. Analyzed fifteen to twenty years the players said and we don't want the media on a plane and it was announced his rights holders so you get a WPI guys messing guys and so forth. But but it used to be we'd fly with a team. Add those fun team planet and we ever on dot com and WE is okay and then NASA and people who didn't prop plane yeah yeah yeah now with a scarf around is that the way I mean you know and to go back to I think college sex viewpoint and Guerrero Tony legitimate mean this guy investigated by the FTC twice sought not an easy it's investigated him for pricing physical therapy without a license and and magic the magic cancel water right let's though you lost your marriage I went back and read your original globe story about his banishment. Girl was never banned from the locker room he was just banned from treating players besides Brady and his Gillette Stadium office I think that got misconstrued. As well so they're patriots are on the table as well in addition to the Red Sox let's grab Danny Cranston who wants to talkers Dan what's going on. There you don't went up two and two points on paper but two quick points on cell one. If that would normally don't have the current rate we talk a lot more bulk sale you know remain. Now he's. Doing what sailboat. You know getting injured later in the year it is wanna appointed nor talking about and if you happen next year with a contract. Yes what do you think he's gonna get like six at 35. That. 35 million a year ago 200 assuming he stays healthy it'll be and it'll be eight to seventeen type deal that that they would price cut. Like at what point I mean this guy and the very long track record now not being able. Well the old trees. Would you be willing to shell out that kind of money to help. The Red Sox in not resigning Chris Sale and when I later. Marquis he's got the partied like Pedro he's not gonna last too long. On what to get into his thirties I would totally look at blocked. There is only one guy and not to say told you so. John Weston never should have been allowed to leave he wanted to stay here he made known. That he would give the team at hometown discount the plate to stay here. So what the Red Sox did this is letting on Larry. Is that they will bawl him to the degree that he couldn't possibly take right offered him and then when they fell out of the race and fourteen. The turnaround traded him which was a horrible horrible decision. Because Jon Lester has proved again. To be a great post season pitcher I know it's a small sample size Alex it is he's been great not small samples at a and that that was a huge mistake they made he should've played his entire Cory here or close to it and gone of the hall of fame as a Red Sox left. And just goes to shade the again. The car mentioned Chris salary can no he's up next year. I got to say that this is the peak of this current Red Sox team that the grass is mortgage the farm system for because Kimbrel is up this offseason. OK I the next year Chris sales up and 28 when he you have what Bogart's is up of course always opt. I'm torn between one cookie that's of course is up this is the best this rosters going to be. And and considering they don't have an of them Wilkie bets you know Dexter Rex Pataki yes. And yes there. By yeah I agree with decked Seau is. What club option next year in yeah is one last option and yes I how he does in the post season this year may determine in in obviously next year. But now that's a question mark put Chris out if a Hugh I don't think it's a slam dunk that they'd let him go. It beyond their view it's been said to be so stupid three sign him. So Steve but it never works out when does that ever work out Sonny died there a lesser is worked out with the cubs although interestingly enough we did this the other day I. David Price has a better era with the Red Sox and Muster has had over the last three years at the cops. You know with two World Series. With the his place as. Kanye you know and steel products are part of Miami and Davie. Or is they've media requests are con game. Danica what's up. Hey guys I. Large two point one. I would talk about the red sox' current slump and I also you guys brought up work for them the last break Jack Jackie Bradley junior and Eric talked it'll whitlock. And not think this is gonna still come out the last series against the Yankees and then but he whatever up by eleven. I I didn't feel complex elective office yet but he with a top a top offense in baseball but I feel like they really only have reappointed as the guy who played a publicist posted. I mean they do and the city with its report the lamp. I feel like that lineup that they don't have a solid yet of course. You know 12 in terms of EG ED they're going to be watching 3M VP race but then decides it's like at and Andy. I become a okay. Mitch Moreland. Steve Pearce. Weeks why happens when an alarm there recently. Yeah but get played about what their career averages are then not Eric they come back to earth which is what I think the Red Sox in a little bit right now come back to earth. And and on the Jackie Bradley point. Out of you agree with this bucket I don't I grew up in late in the year friendly and this guy you can gain in the outfield mean I don't use. The best defense those senate feel that I have seen. And I and I yes I saw appears solid for speaker I've seen all the best. He's the best of. Ever see Jackie my daughter I'd come back from Tampa this morning like that watched. You know to again stop at the bank kept I kept at a site yet you think is the when he did make on Friday night that he flew in the air almost cut that was. Now that was that's a career point eat he never gave up on the blog timed it perfectly he did he just didn't have enough. Old time to get there. And the basket he's made this year is that one where he slammed in it where he. He dole and he picked the ball below the ground and then story it is back on credit Walt let's incredible effort ever jackets who he's up 20/20 I think retreat when he won one of the two. And by the licensed I wanna have a year Bradley 8070 Yasser mean and is. Held the ball park recently in the there a lot of people eat crow I think trade and get rid of him send him down phantom know Lieberman's senate it was going to be fine. That doesn't show you again just that this lineup is still is is so much deeper than last year and yesterday Martinez obviously is the biggest expected there by. With the rape rob he's been hitting genius wire now off the bench that's why ultimately. With this died starting pitching I get that that this lineup is still good enough to carry them through the rest that adolescents can catch you can. It was like that like the forgotten guy in the bench there for a long time not. I mean I'm not suggesting joint venture anything that you looks fine behind another Red Sox were forced into playing out what happens. Six on 77797937. Buchan Roemer will be. Olympia impacted the events last three weeks ago on this institution to institution that I love and how challenging this has been for community. Our president a man of great respect for. After that I deeply sorry. I'm fully aware of them all to be responsible for the situation. That is harm the universe to the hole or department puts our football program. Of one apologized to book and nation. Applaud my heart not my had a vote short pursuing for information because that each juncture I gave Zacks rip the benefit of the bell. Sellers. The region all apologies and Urban Meyer is right is more there's more yes he had to apologize for the polity which is which is never. As Kirk many have to apologize for your apology that that's never it's never good thing. So Urban Meyer a date abducted the Ernie Anderson in the senate and house I was in a hotel Minneapolis does that all happen at the all star game. And I heard the apology you know like oh boy. So. So Urban Meyer had to apologize for the apology pod is the buckeye nation which is great always makes it seems sincere when you occurring in a marketing slogan might not I apologize to puck and needs in sooner nation ruled yeah that's a good point and apologized to book your vision it's like yeah now yeah it it's a teacher and then my favorite part is it was on the country's the Atlanta sued Courtney Smith the way for exactly that these obvious abuse. In Urban Meyer said and I'm sorry that we're all in this situation like yeah right it's been really hard and you greater urban. So admired that are redo this is released late Friday night. My words and demeanor on Wednesday did not I seriously take relationship violence I sincerely apologize. I was taught at a very young age and if I ever hit a woman I'd be kicked out of the house and never welcome back at the same role in my house in the football program at Ohio State. Over the years we return to educate remind our coaches and players of the seriousness. A relationship violence it's starting to call BS on. My father has never had to tell me don't hit a woman it's this kind of goes unspoken weren't taught at your house no wages that unspoken don't know it's your spouse to your partners. On another paragraph Anderson my lack of more actions situation has raised concerns about. This commitment that once again apologize for this thanks in my empathy all women men and families are affected our relationship violence then finally the third paragraph he gets to the victim Courtney Smith. Let me say here now initiatives on Wednesday as answer apologists Courtney Smith and her children what they've gone the posting is yes there Tomas seekers to get your take. All of these professional sports leagues are slimy to an extent simulate the NF now I mean wind on the line. And big time college sports. But college football is the worst of the worst. It's worse than anything else in terms of this kind of stuff covering up you know look at the player in Maryland who died earlier this summer. Mean clearly was blunted by their head coach DJ Durkin. College football is what. It's the worst to first. What makes even worse than all of what you just said. Please don't get paid it and they they are run through a football mill and then one out of a hundred. Will go to the NFL the NBA or did whatever and make lots of money. And that the real thing we don't talk about and never knowing your thought I'd be saying that he should be paying these guys if you are paying college athletes. If they would be less rule breaking more accountability. And everybody would live happily ever after I thought it sounds weird to put to pay kids to go to college. But it's it's it's a way to get that sleazy benefactors. And and guys are big cats and cars. Out of the way again in the re education and cash payment in turn this into something real and in you touched on this a couple minutes ago but what really made hears in the back magnet. There and Hermione thing I don't know why it is but when he said the words buckeye nation. And why it's tough week. Buck I need like. Straight college at the book and straight on the PR is a member of buckeye nation and you heard that you only recourse is to go up you act. If if you are serious Ohio State pain. And you're listening to that hardcore fan. And you looking for something it and and I don't know week and on this but but but ballots checked as it was at the press conference a few years back. I thought the ballots checked responding. To the Aaron Hernandez situation. Was as heart built. In genuine as a coach can get in into a patriots nation in there was no patriot there was no patriot nation who's not there was none of that and and others puts us behind the super ball boy we're gonna bounce back we've got. You know I mean I'm exaggerating but but he. Only mentioned in my name and and and insult all there was victimization here there was a but that's not the right word but there was. Randomized to the victim and sorrow to the victim and so forth that was part of Belichick's presentation there was none of that this. But when you hear buckeye nation if you're a hardcore Ohio State and in your listening in and whenever you might have been expecting owns and apologizes to serious stuff. Buccaneers. Shackled got down to one apologize to book generation and I'll take moral standard now what's caught the baucus I spend all Sunday on the couch watching professional football some new ones and Saturday on the couch to. By the -- play football is meant to wreck the Clinton plans to offer lag it is not touch its flag the flag playing Q Mike flag flag yes flag flag but yes yes on. But it's just have ripped off by the plays clothing basically and you rip off their flags. The shorts and a fallen down as well and that's fine you rip off their flags. In just it's just it's just so it'd end and I got done a couple of years ago anyway didn't make it lies here it's fun and start corner and you're starting quarterback starting corner we steamy UN joining Richardson's team no I was last OK ma am on my good friends esteem he picks me every time. Good friends whose team Campbell won my good friend whose team. My good friends team friends team meal some committee at the yes it entrances and into a big corner originally it was a pass rusher ready he might need you know Michael Strahan. I'm pitching you're biggest I have great defensive ends a part time in the great passer as trees that was me and switched a corner and it's with switch and Haskell position that so it's just. And three games and I'll come back in don't know Ohio State fans will abandon their team over this and it's just and the thing is to read this debate which anchor a few weeks guys. Urban Meyer to public employee meaning taxpayers are paying this guy money to cover up domestic products. That adds an especially evil twist to it now. As one mom raised the way you phrase that there's an opinion act with what you said thank you phrase away phrase seemed gonna pass this can get at this. Let's go abdominal wants to bring things back to the sides 'cause this is Red Sox review but you're till seven dollars and went on I Don. Are you doing and I think corps is doing well except for why do you. Put. Two good guys out today to rest clinic depict and you Martina should have been in there or he could rested if it you know. They don't match to your top players same time that's on Saturday. Seventy getaway day and getting rest and Martinez and an intent today and glory yet cores means very I don't know yet yet that yeah he is going to add this year. They're Bennett can deal. Or or on the premier power could work ethic that we use either one of them. I had sent out the problem is when you when you rest guys. Then your team loses but don's from wall the world that would calling complain about it yet complain is valid because you wanted to see these guys in the game. But I'll eat your your your own but I they've figured they couldn't get peaking in a vacuum today's game went on the. About fatigue and why did he took two of the better players so why it would work to your to your. They have ninety Wednesday August he said ansari who didn't sit who didn't play Martinez didn't plain bad and Andy was okay it will bid attendee would be you know you got pissed about the toughest slept in baseball to baby sit him today so federal revenues should be here. And in TD with I don't know the media told you that. How many gamers just rolls off now that you guys are tomorrow does that give a guy too I I don't really be I'm not quibbling over. How Cora gives days off I think that that's a reach in my book. What is thanks Don what is interesting guys to go back to Kris Allison out of spring training we heard a lot of talk about we're gonna manage sales so he doesn't break down the end of the year. If you looked out his innings and pitches thrown. In comparison to last year and this year before the DL stint. Virtually identical. So they did not use Chris sound differently to use them just as much this year by notes fewer and fewer pitches world European just around the inning roughly the same. No but but they've been measuring pitches thrown in as of two weeks ago. Yet for a 180 few pitch and over the same number starts which is which which is if you divide by 290 pitches that two starts right so so I disagree if I do a better job of they're they're being a lot more specific about usage about a way the dot till up with on Pablo said I think my biggest criticism Corey this season. And that's what their number one he refuses to aid to bring the hammer down Bogart's but they had first and your big on it's always it's an antibiotic constantly. Yes because at a faster sort of first base view that had affairs but you know the incident that and just you register you just trying to you know it is just tried tweet me I am know the answer that question. That it's faster you run through the base it's also are held a lot more dangerous the body parts. Sliding head first into Hawaii piece of cement when you're running them for ID F forty candidate treated for forty yard dash in track DN slide into the they finish honor Deere run through it. Iran and its and then there was a case a few weeks that we're we're we're devers bail horrible base running decision. He's facing each Friday in at third base thinking there and I think getting this specifics but I riddle against it on Twitter. And and each and I'm an analyst at the next day he's sick of it you're not gonna play tomorrow. And did there are certain things we younger players on base running and stuff like that the pricing rates are resting two guys today. Not a big deal not a big. Talk Switzerland has appeased adversity corps has gotten such a cakewalk here so far this season which granted it's what happens in the ninth Wednesday of an inaugural. When even hammered him about. Bogart's endeavors those today annihilated will be into this post season as titan back about how which untested we haven't seen corps in those spots yet. Strain on throwing audible I'm not hey here's another great Pierre another base like occasion for your buck about bullpen. Can make any manager Lopez what Will Allen won't write that down write this the right back down loses this is Tuesday's golf yes write that down during a break but in Roemer will be right back. Human right down my notes black. So a very busy dodging and are able he's in baseball these days of intimidation that's been yours from this seat them culpable errors and try to that it was at 4 o'clock yet exactly thank I thank you for that you're welcome any time and I'm gonna cast my site and vote for him. Reports Delaware line border now's not out of it as early August so. Rob with a little time we have left and I get pong Westfield and others waiting. We can get to pour in and we've tree and what I Paul okay well I just wanted to. I listened to a good chunk of the WEI mystery its help on this past week. And I wanted to applaud everybody from the station openness and for the work they did now that that is sort of an easy thing to say but what really caught me this year was and it really made me. Do a lot of thinking was that that taught Schwartz. Got his props this year you eat you return to prominence. Chad Jennings in the athletic or three us oral history for you cannot and I was and and and Todd was UMass student who's on the original WI radio on. In 2002. And he's happy with me and client in the league Dick Raddatz. And he summoned lots of energy and strain that day to inspire lots of people call in and donate. To the Jimmy Fund and Todd died November of that year in nineteen. And a lot of us were devastated by Todd stepped because we didn't know he was as sick as you it's. And and this year he's name got brought up a lot he's a real hero all of this. Not just because he was on the radio that day. But also because he was the one who went to Lisa servers and said. What about trips and so forth for older kids we're we're not children where 181920. Years old. And it didn't happen in his lifetime but those trips that you read about where they they take all the kids down a spring training and Red Sox road trip to Camden yards and so forth. Touch fourth with inspiration. And his name lives on and it was really pleased to hear a lot of that this past week. Was incredible another record setting week after the Jimmy Fund telethon over fifty million Garza raised us since we installed and was kicked out so everything is gonna disagree and I got. For prosecuting affairs mr. Saturday morning series spoke at least a server couple weeks ago and at all trips thing the whole thing of him they're not they're not patients train them as kids and make up that experience is there's. Younger and I'm Carly Gonzales who has interviewed. On the stage this week and she said dot exact point you're dying as a cancer and and you just consider like all my life is over I'm not a kid anymore but to go on the strips and bonds in relation just as others are going through the same thing you it is it is incredible. And again I don't know a system a shout out to the host because. I used to sit it would went for that and indeed here Gwen and Jerry you know these people. You've got all this stimulus coming in from every direction you get people handing your pieces of paper. Good doctors and children and parents coming in and celebrities Nightline one. And there are so many movable parts and and to make it. I hate you sort entertaining but to make it informational and entertaining at the same time is a very difficult for those guys took great job. Absolutely right mr. Buckley. Two outs podcast come up this week but yes stay tuned for that we're back and we're better than ever. Then I baseball coming up next perky pal again tomorrow morning at six Tom Green joins the boys on 7 o'clock you certainly. Won't want to miss that Christiane as always great job behind the glass do you. But toward the middle but the second baseman on the left side as physical blows my bars. Ballgame is over and the Red Sox are left.