Red Sox Review - Is it World Series or bust for this Red Sox team?

Boston Baseball
Saturday, August 4th
Hour 2:  John Ryder tries to figure out if it is World Series or bust for this Red Sox team after theior performance of late and the claims by the fans that this is one of the best Red Sox teams they've ever seen.  Then Ryder is joined by WEEI insider Rob bradford to discuss the Yankees series, Sale's DL stint, and what the rest of the season could hold for the Red Sox.  Then we hear what Red Sox skipper Alex Cora had to say following the win.

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These these Red Sox rookie on WEEI. Who won pigeons pelted the right field day going back on that Robinson reruns of home. And that he hit the lack. Capping the Red Sox win. I against the Yankees. Flying anywhere near the center field playable for Jackie Bradley. Well not exactly I didn't drive up. But the Red Sox hang on win this won't miles portal one story. Dial 6177797937. I. Red Sox revue with John Ryder on WEEI. It is after the Red Sox beat the Yankees. Order one and have to be joined right now on the hot line. I the one and only WEEI dot comes rob Bradford they erupt. A newcomer John I love to know. I love it I don't admire these four core gamers want to and out. Does it out there you are Saturday night the city eight yeah I was gonna speak. What's more surprising. The fact that the Yankees play right sized planet two. 25 game last night nine innings and then wood two and a half hour stay just over two and a half hours today or that of all the and we're celebration waited. Our beat tomorrow you know you have to yes the first one the first one clearly yes that isn't it's this historic trip read. This is what we are seeing it what we've seen last night at least the decree to orbit back back but we never CNET and they came and I showed you. Or what the Yankees are evident in doubt yeah that your content through these lineups. And articulate what a lot of credit to the direct marketers. But yeah kiwis went in Florida that place. And if they have talent and they're missing guy that different from that place and then went back out and you get these sort of gains because because one side. Yeah I DNA and staunchest right now I mean clearly this stands out because it's Red Sox yankees but I was saying earlier in the show route. And they'd ever since the Braves series about a month ago. They're now twelve and thirteen in their last 25 the Yankees are amid they as his division sort of. Well yeah like to say that yeah in 2011. You don't want I don't know how to articulate advocate you know you are probably gonna kiowa island started them. Organized and head. Yeah Plavix. I epic that you still you have the you have a look at how many games are a lot of people out. The Yankees have a very easy schedule that or the right I still have to play the Yankee Jen use and Cleveland. So it'll and I took not quite there Reggie I have produced a bunch of what a bad team to bet that say they thought it. Get through this scenario the you really going to shout or at least a little bit by. The lead changed now when you look at what it happened hangs out on. Gave out so I don't this morning it was. Easily half article wild card. Quebec Canada shows you how are bad actually it's too late and I are. I taught duty along when you answer question may I took it a very good chance that it is sort of thrown out by bank. Just because of the way you go out but also because they haven't built. Yeah I know I I would agree with you I mean I didn't think I said this earlier in the show I don't know what you think I mean if someone asked me. Even around the all star break which wasn't that long ago. I don't know what the lead was specifically at that time don't have an in front of me I'd color wasn't I don't think there was any more than fives at that point but if someone said to me. You know. Eight and a half I mean I did think I thought these two teams and fight be fighting tooth and nail of the till the very finish and I think you get more either way. In either direction right size to create he's been for the rest of the way even around that point mid July. Yeah okay so quickly jumping off point here. Let's go back to be red flag period in edit the Yankees Yankee the upper hand. Event David Price start on Sunday the Yankees feeling good about themselves so or so what and so on the right talk to make a move. Christy Pearce is considered a minor whoa wait a Yugo to what the Red Sox have done. In terms of the trade deadline in terms of helping new scheme in terms of positioning themselves. Do it to win and they had a lot of bad team there's no question about it I. This take place starter and it'll all be. They're gonna call you might very well throughout the beauty best starting pitcher of the trade deadline. What you eat and and the Red Sox got a there is charged they have Britney and of Albany. And so I mean it. Is this total quality if you go on the Yankees had an enormous difference maker Dell you you did that brought a tremendous about a credit. More complementing the team where you need it to all and instill and our core obviously a lot of credit due figuring out how to keep the training or an ear while you have poor guy could take on the DL this on than any other team in baseball. Yes amended its good points by you wouldn't and you know some of the moves that to Brodsky has made while while Israel the red sex made. It's great the additions of Chris Sale and and Craig Kimbrel and yeah I understand had you pull that off would you give up some. Brad at the time anyway thought of well regarded prospects that. I mean these moves almost in a weird way rob you could say Eric. Or more unique or at least I know it's still early in this but meaning these are really creative trades by GM they get of all the for just giving up a jailer and Meeks to. I'd give up much for Steve peers who is obviously exceeded expectations even. Adding an Ian Kinsler. There are ethnic you don't want when we talked a bit of doubt he retired a bit about you close the negative or and always will be right now is beat Robert shot I was born bird though. And so the outlook in the Osce. This is this view that it could not be there are there I still not convinced there's going to be a single guy that you give it out over the last three years for the rentals. Relocate five years old man that really hurt may be that kid the picture or attempt to go which I always forget her name by that one Pritchard who. Know you're in the futures game this year and well OK maybe yeah. But everybody else it'll look at the guys you got back yet Brad Ziegler you guys if you had you get adequate Reid got the guys from this you here. They've all in the perfect fit what most teams now you can do in the playoffs but it wasn't because of those guys. Oh god help you critical part of Ordonez is how beat you can still you're a little. Ultimately outweigh out of first baseline in game one. That would be a huge difference a for a bad team. Well I did double our article Eric your point aren't all want to I mean I don't think he really given out all what do. Had no end in rarely looked back till and as articles up on W he had icon Alex Roemer has won about as Steve Pearce and in their mayors and Hanley sums forgotten guy at this point. And that's another move to a that they made that I mean obviously raised eyebrows for awhile at that time will surly when it was happening now remembered doing that. The buses out early the day it happened and you know there was as starter for most that Ramirez was the guy that was let go when the jury was ready to come back. And and. What we don't look back out to people lol yeah it rigidity or that it that you it was a number four hitter. All the way up cajole basically you're like go bella yeah it went last time you saw the right. And Andy. And you only alternative figured oh include the drug cartel thing aside you know the chaos that loud that our our blog you know laughter. You know that aside. We try to figure out Wall Street main impetus. He died in the body at Baylor Bears go and in our except that the climate globally there is there an aspect of this. Which is you are a bit below or that you can't be taught pops out with an option. Are in the plate appearances to get caught back up which he had to go to Mitch Moreland was playing better and an outlook could be at that scene and another thing that we sort of now getting some scheme in terms that narrative. Is this whole idea this is the team that loves sitting around about it is Lowe's stock I think. Well I was talking baseball and baby Bentley looked like I I hope Haley was a bad tee eight. But it may be you want to back guys they don't Beirut a little bit of swear I could allow all come to that total dynamic. Yeah and back to today's game and no mention of all the and obviously was the story of the game today was just incredible but to. You know I guess one kind of loan you know. Low light in this game was Greg Camarillo just breezed through the first two batters treasure we got the job done in the end bit. He's had a couple of times out here this season or is kind of walking that high wire act what do you figure it Kimbrel of late. Well a kind of goes you know between the sort of Credo this seat belt bully you all are so when you speak. Electrocuted all of has had a good year. Our part we have to wait street reactor will reach the people really don't remember his last outing out last year will give all of the playoffs and not give it. And and that that's one game at camp or not be doctor. Our at the embassy in the playoffs. Pretty everyday feel like they've managed it pretty well this year. Are you yet that the once upon a road recently when you watch the couple outings ago you had been touting. Now he had worked the whole walked out civil beat it beat out back the next time 88 I think that there is some just don't know a little bit more than you would want Craig Campbell. I if you are still going away this deal liquid at all. Industrial equipment it's another thing we're like yeah you know like whether they were before it. Have supported her and yet there and and we are I mean I guess that's all you can do here in Boston team is. You have to Johnny yeah you have it that's the thing you have to because you know what this team has and we got a pretty good idea what you end up. So we have to look at things like how cranky and old gonna be let the end of the year we have to look at things like Kim didn't price beat. Really really judge because you enterprise it really really cut in came too late playoff series. Does he even started camps ansari arrived in drug does is he this I mean. I was talking about this earlier right if it's the Red Sox yankees AL BS if it that's what ends up happening which would be obviously dynamic here in. First time since 2004 they faced up if it happens he. First couple games at Fenway do you go I mean I would think you would almost have to go would you go would pour selling game to the way that he's pitched it. It's it's what. I understand why I don't I don't quite yankees stadium yeah well that's the flip side of it right yeah exactly imminent. I actually I actually think that. Price is the future that's right this is pretty well you're going to get Salina was not a lot of carpet going to achieve that ought to calm despite two. Very compelling doubt spirited related story on it today. You know I talked it it'll Biggio became tight about it and and you know you think their big turning point was sort of continuing our beyond the play it out we can work Wear them. Com and it was so. I think it'll probably could help you still got got to leave it or you doubt were out of it then yeah maybe we ought not. Yeah well assistance or you take that hill lodge do okay tomorrow night. Patti and I mean I think they did particularly well now like it said that they didn't. This same cry that this same atmosphere that that same line at but he paid before. And and then I just yeah I could have appeal and that total real culture look at this. The Yankees are playing with a whole lot of confidence in quiet to pitch a little while more content to be one last time he made that. I could be totally wrong by you know that's sort of look odd that I have I think I ultimately had to have much more confidence. They're quite good pitched well this game and putting into it that I gave when he faced the. Yeah no way the guys feel the same way as well I mean they do have their. At least their best picture of late going to knock it tomorrow night the Yankees do you wonder what they do to mediate he's if they do level of one game play out. A man it is still so much to be played out here but it. But whether they go to dot Corey Severino and at one game the pandering on how those two were going and how they'd match chapel with a look to for their game one starter I guess whichever one wouldn't start that wild card game. Yeah I mean that they're all in our. It argued for him to pitch well I you know I just keep waiting for his elbow all yeah. And ain't so it goes back to the what the Yankees are doing. There whole thing it based on garrido being the guy who can match up what the tail on the cool burn and that violators and those guys obviously yacht. Been that guy lately. So if you thought that guy you've got a whole bunch of guys who are your total company gather in that I can egg at every you know it out. And it adds about yet. And that's why they're all they can all be good pitchers bite and really really really good go to the lineup without playoff game. Because right now they've played Oakland at Oakland gets brought out of touch reliever. And epic like they they can get a load up until pitchers and that game who are very very good. They're really good about themselves in and so yeah so I I got. That BAQ dole likely they're at right now and I don't like really looking down keep weather out. Yeah you know what the Yankees might wanna take. Or the rays method at some point no serious and think it is in the policies and at some point to panic. I mean because of that bullpen they could have a starter go three. Four innings and get into Britain had been chances and everyone else. Yeah articulate that I castrate him. It's got some unbelievable things are a lot couple years and I know that like keep Egypt maybe they've been searching for the this next level garnered in the try to get a lot of great throughout the year than try to get it without this year. Why he's doing miss you also understand you you're gonna get foreclosures to try to do what you're talking about. If so EU public they have the capability they'll and that. You have because the starter to the condition you have the lead. You know you can't indicate that ought to be committed they've gone back there at the road course where the that the couple years ago. Don't know why they're able to do what they did Rebecca MillerCoors they had no eat what you're tired tie. So yeah I think. It's gonna be really Cha think they're now you have really hot it's even Oakland. You have merit or sitting area and you know who knows what they're gonna do out of policy orderly scheme against eke out. On this at Yankee team which is that you know and taking on water. Yeah I it showed do you think who always the team to visit the Astros are Red Sox right now. The team to beat. I didn't let the right talked about he baseball right now but that that we need to get to be the best team at the end of the year. That's evident being the other day we know that it is it that it's unfair that looked like because it is like an historic week. There unbelievable start for the upstart or whatever but they done to our many games. Yeah 112. Typically we like the greatest art you know art equipment today it is about stretch site key thing that ever who knows. But right now I you know I if they match up with. 2007. You got the navy and air how the same thing. Outlook for the I think beer they're starting pitcher with off amid a lot of everything out. They're very routine and I think they they can match up with those key. OK so the fact they're big they are doing it in large part because of their ability to. A combat team taking advantage of the way to leak it to about. And but it but it's going to be judge it bit into that. Two different conversations have been torn right now. Into what they're doing now it really well by Yo-Yo. Where you can fight for example what does it try to doing into what it cricket gonna do it jobs. Took a one Jacqui values of Jackie Bradley going to be I wanna are retorted cold streak. All of that we give that that's the position they've put the Elton John right now the PX vacation there are honest site. There are and unless anything on any updates on Chris Sale as he is he gonna be back next week or year and anything. They are they're still saying they're playing it by year it. And edit initially went out a plan that the plan I think there's probably still saying that. Buy it in right you don't they haven't presumably says. That he's gonna pay that back in agreement on well and and a pirate them I would nutrition I wanted. I mean it won't quite take a chance that there's no there is absolutely no reason to Q let's say they went tomorrow you're quoted a. Nine mass at nine and now I like I checked my thought we now know it is. Crazy I mean all the stats I mean every. I mean you look at the Red Sox notes on it is crazy rather mean everything is. You know the list goes on and on of all right they haven't done this since 1946. Of they have done is since 1915 it is crazy what they're doing. Yeah I know you are not and perhaps drawn out virtually worst case scenario you'll lose the first game and try going to keep going to say that out. Eight it had any doubt at all don't start Chris Sale okay. It's wrong if there it is nothing seriously wrong with him but it has been we've talked throughout this done they used to do this packet for you to do this route by the Daisuke. Parent of value. How big this sort of break it if type year. That I think he did the first part which is drawback on the exhibit that you know the next level about getting this guy Q right place at the right time. It may be taught him back more than one digit just one start. I would agree A rob excellent really appreciated damage or Saturday night. Out all right sip rob Bradford WEEI dot com John Ryder it's actually we continue 61777979372. Text is. 37 837 also here would Alex Corretja is after the game after this on W via. Read sector payrolls on your job right away take your call 61777979378. At Texas said 37937. Red Sox whopping eight nav games. Up on the Yankees now for first place. The American League east after Nathan a volley spins a beauty another jam packed in a brick ports so I'll. We borrow limb here and say that it's not be you know one run or eight scoreless you know for David Price. Tomorrow night. I I do think price like rob said does pitch better and how can he not pitched better than how he pitched nets brutal Sunday night game I think. Leno last night I'll stick with what I said I think he gives up three or four runs over six innings as we're I think he does something like that. I'd take three over six evil though Aaron judge her no. John Crowe stand still formidable yankees deathly redoing their last season at four in a row. After the 41 loss so back to back for one wins for the reds are spore so last night. Then Saturday afternoon today of all the gets the job done what assigned to this point. Definitely you almost sign up on their trade just after these two starts for the rest of the season. I doubt if you wanted to and a phone call it's fine with us the right now let's hear what tech red sex manager Alex Cora had to say after today's win over the yankees' latest one. Com outstanding. And and his stuff is there's. And one of the best in the big leagues and the fact that he can use his stuff and in the ages of strike zone is impressive. And there was some traffic and hit a double down the other room also played was able to expand. His breaking ball from the Carter knows. 100000. By may. Like she's always had good stuff and and it's surely good results there what's allowed and if he's so efficient these last two games I. Well. He's been he's been really really good this season he only had one. Horrible outing it's I don't wanna whales of course you can't let. There was a runs. In two innings. And but besides. Now he faces guys earlier. And then he efficiency aid or he went eight innings. If he. He's been able to use is because pitches lettuce so you can those pitches in the age and tries something it's very tough to. That is seems like the cutter was really really gain. A lot of late decisions from their part either to take the pitch or or to swing. So I think it is. As impressive as it is you look up and he's gone hundred. NBA fan and he's he's not he is who we thought it was going to be an outcome like the way we're gonna use them and his announcement. This is in the Anthony was that because you thought about it was done to you wanted to Campbell and nine man nom. Just felt that it was it was OK to go to cred there. When I'm on. For one and then nine I know is greater is a complete game where we we have. The best clothes and and so in this situation and I feel like all three of four. We were going crichton. And he did his job and that's what we want when we needed him knowing what's right. Alex when Nathan got your you've talked about. You know the program that you guys have in place for pitchers in terms of preparation scouting reports things like that. Is there anything specific. And it's only been two starts where. You've been able or the staff has been able to contribute to is. The way he goes out there and. Not really who have them we haven't changed anything. Obviously still sandy calls a different game than. I'm Wilson and has improved some there but they do and house they they do an outstanding job with pitchers in Tampa. You're gonna give him credit and we traded it for him because. We knew it was on the ball well. And we know the stuff. Maybe. Sunday. Calls the game a little more creative. But it seems like with ten bodies like sliders down fastballs up and that they'll work for him. It was probably more breaking balls. Throwing the cutter in different spots maybe. We will we haven't we haven't changed much it's in general can you talk about. How good your starting pitching has been obviously most of the year but specifically since break. Living grade they're gonna have chances to win on a nightly basis. No. I am look at the numbers would. On the walks are down two. A lot of we contact strikeouts and then fly balls. Look like today indeed he got a few grumbles and we play good defense behind him front did an outstanding job we turn a funeral plays. The news and they're did they push each other they'd be rooting for each other is fun to see them in in the dugout. Just cheering the guys on the mound and it's not a competition it is not the one that. On Eagles seven and I wanna go enough enough that that doesn't happen here because they're different but they may do. Subways holding a day prepare and they they root for each other. Alex's was another game where you'd circuits you run lead in the first inning and you protected all the way through why have you guys been. Such great front runners is here when they're able to get the lead. First of all they're very talented this good stuff. Throughout our pitches stuff. And men. We sensible too I know sometimes we struggle when we make the routine play. Impeded the ball in the air most like he's got a company is candidate caught. But besides that I I think we would mean making the routine plays and those what you have to do when you get the lead on them given them give them. More than 27 outs. And beat. They're being good as far as I'm not walking people. And when I was thinking I don't take a look at it but he seems like we've been ahead a lot now and counts as a one. 02 and that's a tough us talk about when you find out. Can tell. About do it these shades and not to pay it pay PH tonight. Makes it's a good player. And now of course Steve is an about well but. Mays has been working in his craft the last few days is sorely to have better which is mean. And now we'd like to match. I know four home runs in two days. Unless that's amazing my. Mitch put some good about SuSE and we like the player when we made a decision that he was going to be our first baseman throughout the season. And I is good to see him to go in there. You see really got fired up about that replaced getting the beat up by JT again. And this. We have one very similar in New York. On the other side of the game when we'd be dumb it was brought it into the those that do away and it was is very similar via. But that time you know our staff Davey and the work hard and everybody in the business obviously. I don't feel we prepare and then and they do a good job. But in disguise him and in situations to be successful. And and and those two guys Stephen JTJ big care first of all they do care is not bad pitches. Alameda it's kind of important message they may pay attention to the game which is great. And I Ayman. He. Inside its challenges then. And we went our way. Have worked those key run there for one would for the Red Sox over the Yankees today at Fenway gender at a red sex through week. Ever final segment coming up next as we hear from Nathan of all the as well laden after the Red Sox beat the Yankees for one today at Fenway. Who final segment of red session due up next your WEEI. Red Sox were. Yeah I mean it's it's been a lot of contention here. You know playing with these guys behind me we've been able to score runs early in the game which makes it a little easier pitching and the defenses in the defense is amazing so it's telephone soliciting an active on the planet for that we've been on you know really get page and yeah I mean I mean like I feel like the but closed and in. Definitely as Benigno volley looks confident out there doesn't seem to be fazed by the bright lights Abbas to whatsoever of course use familiar with pitching in the at least obviously just coming over tidbit of pitching in big situations. Pitcher with the Yankees earlier in his career in with the Dodgers as well and he just breeze today it's rated NC squirrel is scatters three it's red sex take the Yankees. For what is the take the first three out of his series or tweet for months shy McCadam of the Boston sports journal. Since his June 21 red sex 22 when one when seemingly on storage behind the plate. She's remarkable stuff there guys text and in here as well. As he and Dan from the cape. You may compliment thanks places I think tomorrow night David Price gonna try to win over Red Sox fans allied Joseph Kelly by dusting a Yankee your tooth outs. I'll fell eleven but I could seem going up and in against the couple these yankees out pitching inside potentially sort of seemed pitch well financed Paul once you do against the Yankees. Our Dell do it for out. Red Sox career best of up next thanks Christian I'm for running things Baghdad thanks for rob Bradford for calling in thanks for your listeners for colleague in a texting and Red Sox and yankees wrapping up their four game series tomorrow night David Price could spot syrup to back at pregame show at 720 tomorrow night until we react. First pitch at 805 must listen to. Tomorrow night Red Sox yankees though do it thanks for tuning in to W react. When it hit near the center field playable for Jackie Bradley junior. Yeah it's. Over. Well not exactly I could drive up. But the Red Sox hang on and win this one mile portal one store. And now eleven feet and a half game. Over the Yankees. In the American. Ladies they have won this area is taking the first three games of pool golf or race. Tomorrow night. With David Price of Lille against my hero to America particularly outstanding here today. Eight scoreless innings. Scattering three years striking out four and earning his fifth win of the season his second and rolled the Red Sox. It goes to five in four chance Adams and his Major League debut suffered the loss he goes to Poland won the Red Sox now a season best. 44 games over 500. And 78. And thirty for the Yankees got their 68 and 41 for the first time this year. The Yankees. Have lost four straight.