Red Sox Review - J.D. Martinez does it again; What to do with Jackie Bradley Jr.? 5-20-18

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Sunday, May 20th
Hour 1: Paul Gallant recaps a 5-0 Red Sox win over the Orioles. J.D. Martinez can't stop hitting home runs, and Jackie Bradley Jr. has put Alex Cora in a predicament.

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Red Sox movie on WEEI. Wrong headed higher right down the line toward that pesky ball would it stay the aryan at all time. Maybe five feet beyond the pats keep ball an opposite field homer wore. Capping the Red Sox win against the Orioles lingers at dried beef. Right center they have to let the triangle of Jones look gay now. Not bad this ball. Over the ball fan handed it ventures two run homer JB hard to fifty times more people than. Hit home runs two run blast make it five nothing Red Sox. Dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox review on WEEI. What's going on people on Paula the law the Boston Red Sox took down the Baltimore Orioles five nothing at this afternoon. It helps to have a crappy team to Baltimore Orioles in the American League east doesn't it man. Thirteen hits in the game that you're twelve singles again at one double. Pane and store run. Yet at thirteen hit shot out did you know that that's the first time this has happened in baseball. Since the 2008 Phillies in August 25 of 2008. It's eighteen shot out allowing thirteen hits helps us play a team that already. And his staff and team games out of first place in the American League east. The Red Sox offense got it done today and it was largely due to JD Martinez who had two home runs against him now. A tie for the lead in the American League. With movie bats they have 67. Home runs on the season that ties them. For the American League lead the Major League lead with the Cleveland Indians it is the most through 47 games in franchise history the earliest record with 66 in 1977. So the offenses. The league playing its part the starting pitching. Solid today wasn't a great outing for Eduardo Rodriguez who definitely had some issues giving up hits a lot of them right back up the middle. But he had zero walks his change of look especially shark he has seven strikeouts and five and two thirds innings he pitched a 110. And as it always seems to happen with Rodriguez the Red Sox got enough run support. And the Orioles could not figure out how to score run. I wanna get Rodriguez some credit for the way that he handled many which shot today when the best hitters in baseball. Got an out on a pop up a weak fly ball out. And he's swinging strikeout as well so nice outing for Rodriguez who for whatever reason has had success against Manny Machado. In the past. Rodriguez did get a little fortunate. Loaded bases in the fifth inning I know that there were two outs but. You thought was ball a lot that he was getting in giving up many hits of the dead nine hits you'd think that the Orioles have been able to put one across the plate. They were not able to do. So the stories in this game. Sit back tees how old is he playing as well as he is and maybe that's on me. For doubting the guy I was listening on the NASA and broadcast of the amen I'd believe that one is. Back who brought up that. Frank Thomas said. He's the best hitter in baseball right now. I gotta go that far especially with Nokia bats on this same team leading new agers an average. And hitting the way that he hasn't from the power standpoint in that leadoff spot with fifteen home runs. I don't know but it. You mean between those steel. Holy smoke it is the first time but the Red Sox have ever had two players that fifteen home runs apiece within the first fifteen games of the year. And on top of that. Prior to Red Sox the last team to feature multiple players with fifteen plus homers within the first 47 games of the season. Was that you threats in one. Colorado Rockies with Todd Helton and Larry Walker the last American League team to do it where the 2000 mariners with Edgar Martinez and Alex Rodriguez. And the 2000 angels of mobile on Detroit laws. Red Sox now to Twitter account with those. Tidbits. Man they're getting a lot out of this offense this year and and you can't sleep when Andrew Bennett Tandy did today as well. Dent Andy has been on a bit of a pair of late and believe eleven for his last 43 he was three for five today. With two runs batted in and home run. On his own self getting some great performances out of the top of the order. And the starting pitching is doing just enough and that bullpen that everyone is concerned about especially in big games. Wasn't an issue today than really need it. We'll be an issue the rest of the way. Will see I think what you're going up against teams like the Yankees in the Astros that you're gonna need to have better arms in that bullpen but. The dolphins playing the way that it does when you play scrubs like the Baltimore Orioles you're gonna end up fine. A ball a lot this is Red Sox review 61777979370. Colin. If you wanna tweet meet each week each you. Pack a lot says let's lead off with Paul in Westfield Paul what's going on but. Well talks they would go in hard we're not getting run down any more mission big popular last year. We are doing quite well imagine if he runs two players like we got tension and Lee is at these two got fired. And then a question about it and then we have to complain or absorb Firestone good. Right right now I mean look the Yankees are playing really well but you've got the most wins in the majors because the Yankees have a couple of gains they've got to make got to catch up with you. They're playing outstanding from the plate and and you know. I don't want to dump on a guy that other the Red Sox they do there's a lot in the past. But geez chili Davis must have had just awful as a hitting coach what they're hitting its mail run that they have thus far this year where the power numbers for this team that was just completely. Missing last year now either leading. The comparatively in Olmert to tie with the union for the Major League lead. It's it's crazy that different from last year to this year because. For the most part outside a DD Martinez who addresses which have been fantastic signing it's pretty much the same team. What should let me and that's a good question you bring up is actually had a bet that's so big every maturity guarded recipe. How mentally I've heard him talking about we've done. Iraq war on the road games little the other team's most write games at home we're still to come so. How much difference you talking like how many games are about 1012. I I I feel like definitely like five or six at ten to twelve definitely could be a mean look he did you use you look at the way. That they have played in these roads stands and and I believe when I was on the last week they were wrapping up the second to I think they have. One long road trip that was as long as that one that they will be going on acting like 910 games or so they have one more of those and that's it and you're right. Playing like games at home page should help them out a whole lot mostly though I I am very intrigued as to see how these matchups between the Red Sox and yankees fair. The rest of this year because right now doesn't really seem like either team has a leg up on the other. I'm surprised by how well the Yankees pitching has opened up the year but I'm not the biggest ever Reno believer I'm always waiting for CC sabathia to falloff. But they've been really good to open up the season so. Woolsey that that's what I'm really keep an eye on and honestly I do want a fast forward a little bit. To get to the Red Sox next big series because I am one of those two if you want to 162 game regular season and really watch that much in Baltimore or you'll. East ball. Or whatever scrubs that they're gonna end up going up against. They have the Braves who have been surprisingly frisky relates then yeah I'd buy a blue jays homestand as well. Before they take on the Houston Astros. At the very end of the month that's the series that I wanna. Fast forward ahead to where they had to Houston for a four game road trip. 61777979. 37 ball is in foul river Wally what's going on them. It's Apollo. He led previous poster just know what cry and we need David does peace of AJD just a professional and a I mean he's read a book he's read nineteen doubles that's being homeless. But you know it they let you get it do it decided it just tweeted at the bottom peavy goes back it back and night. Particularly elements are regularly catchy Jacqui for defensive purposes. That's about the only think that you really can't go to the whole season we catch a bad way maybe eight in his and the field 16 feet three days. What you by the one other thing about the book but you got right now and I get a rubber armed guy. But it'll probably go don't brought to probably go on get another leave without a doubt but this team you know the site is back on track again. Definitely and then and Wally I I I ask you this about the joy you mentioned you bring into the back of the order. Do you have confidence that Pedroia is actually going to be positive contribution to this team is I do wonder a little bit like they've been playing so well without Pedroia. And this is the guy who I think last year maybe some of the young players were looking at him and saying hey man you've got to be our leader. And I don't know if that's exactly the impression that he gave up to the rest of the team when he was there I wonder what the reaction will be in the clubhouse. As to Pedroia is return and I also wonder what you'll actually be able to bring to the table from hitting standpoint. Anyway I I'm I'm I'm curious I have my doubts about. A guy like Dustin Pedroia coming back. I don't know that's necessarily something from. A clubhouse standpoint that's going to be a cancer or anything like that. All I know is that he is always struck me as someone who given just how long he's been on this team in the championship teams that he's been a part of you'd expect him to be mores that alpha personality. And he's never really been that. And you know there's some comments this offseason about the manager. John Farrell from last year. I think there are some other comments of course about chili Davis who are thrown from it really looks that looks really bad do now. And Al score wouldn't that shake up as somehow shaken the Red Sox out of the offensive woes that they had for all of last year. And to me. I am I don't really have an explanation it should not be a manager leaving right that. Allows for a guy his average to jump almost a hundred points in the case of rookie bats. Or does sees in her Bogart's hitting the way that he did he had the he had the outdated Alon when Hanley. Or or or to see bad intending who now is hitting really well played. Hitting confidently at the plate going the opposite way Becky looks so relaxed. At the plate and it's funny because these are changes appearance this offseason. Where. He he looks like he's more uptight. You got rid of along the long locks how he's got he's got the more professional hair cut and all that. And he areas of the plate he's he's doing held a job. So look I can't let this against the Baltimore of I don't know if I learn a whole lot going forward but this is this should be the expectation you play a dumpster fire like Baltimore and over four game set. Take three at the very least. Should speak them hell I mean there are completely out of it and I wonder where Baltimore at what point. Do they think about trading Manny Machado because his contract's up at the end of the year. And there is no way to help by many and just held on Tuesday with the Baltimore Orioles they are a mess. The old man Buck Showalter still managing somehow. I don't you do if you're Baltimore to at this point what can you actually do. You give yourself a little kick in the ass. I don't think that there's really anything that can be done where they're at right now. This is it they're going to be the rest of the way and I'm gonna lose a bunch of pieces this offseason so I would think. At some point they able starts stripping parts. I guess the big question is went. On as far as Wally point about the the the bullpen. I also wonder when the Red Sox will actually look to trade for an arm. In the bullpen and and we saw how suspect it was against the Yankees and honestly I think that's how you should be. Gauging the bullpen and honestly all baseball. For example with the Astros team I cover on a regular basis this is a team that. Has played. I would say seven teams that are at the very least title contending this year. It played four against the Yankees play three against the Diamondbacks and even though the metrics edit error at me pretty two good bullpen. Their bullpen has blown three of those seven games against teams that I considered to be. They're caliber I'm not really sure how how much I buy into the Los Angeles Angels. And and a time of the united states of North America I hate I hate and and so self important your and I'm known carriers. When I'm looking at them I I'm wondering how big an affair against good teams and even if flicker and a game like today where they. Dewey decent job of keeping Baltimore from scoring. After a strange nine hit seven strikeout no walk performance by Eduardo Rodriguez and he deserved credit today he he he handled Maine it's not a very well. Those bullpen guys were going up against good teams. That's what makes me nervous because that's attached to the gonna does that answer out there. And you know you saw happen against the Yankees a couple of times 6177797937. Drew was in the car through what's up. And that's what I keep your people call it a bomb outside a very bad guys great guys great the the Red Sox are not very okay over the past thirty games they're clearly in Portugal where I. That's really what they are. Get ready at a throughout the first seventeen Q whatever it apathy is open to doubt right back. To Q why it is that bad at all. Palmer and it is horrible. Yeah and you're not even sure Palmer instance make his next start at this point because I I I heard on the broadcast I guess that they haven't put in a starter for Thursday's game in Tampa Bay against the race. And never should pump the brakes about Iraq Yankee. You shut out any Canadian gold sixth inning against one of the worst lineups in baseball couldn't be worse he is also. I'm sorry but I'm not so. You're really doubt on under I honestly I I disagree from this standpoint you have three starters who are extremely good in all the lineup one through nine is dominate your dominant hitters in this lineup are not to give you runs for a night to night basis. So we're gonna be in at the very end against the Yankees and it's against the Astros and the real question is. This time around on the play those teams. Are they Augen packet in like they did. Against the Indians two years ago organs the Astros last year. We're only Hanley Ramirez and David Price showed up. I think one of the things that. The bullpen stuff sucked it still stinks they decided not to use a lot of their starting pitchers who have been off to a fantastic start this year. But they're starting pitchers came in in the bullpen and they they they serve that they they proved to be adequate. I'm with the UI I need to see more out of Eduardo Rodriguez he's gotten a lot of run support and every single one of his starts and then we take a look. Asked if your pom rants I don't know what to say I I think at this point may be put him on the DL for a quotation mark sort of injury and see what happens appreciate the phone call drew 6177797937. I'm I'm shocked to hear the people that are down on the team they have 31 wins this year they have split their games the Yankees and to make the point that the playing 500 baseball late that's a baseball works. I mean to have a stretch probably this year where they don't play particularly well but honestly you don't wanna win six out of every ten herself because that's about where there. 500 baseball going blatantly the start was in crime you're right you're a 100% right trip. The start was ridiculous I mean how many losses that they after the first eighteen what to. That was it it was ridiculous and then of course they lost a couple of the raw they lost I think 57. And here they are. It's really about how they play against good teams. More so that it isn't out there playing 500 baseball and the rays somehow again there going into a series against Tampa Bay within the ban on winning streak. Which is bizarre seems like it's happened a couple times it's happened twice this year the rate I thought we're going to be absolute dog crap this year. And here they are 2222. They're starting relievers. After a day where the reliever pitched for the first inning and in the moving on the doing all sorts of analytical nerd stuff and democratic I mean they have no one they don't have anyone. And I make it work meanwhile the Miami Marlins are trying to get. Tax exemptions by claiming the threat to British Virgin Islands. After revoking reporters' credentials for having the audacity to fly down. To the British burdened Virgin Islands and go to the actress that they have listed so that they could somehow. And content around some some tax. Responsibilities that they have for Miami Dade County a bit stupid it. Is absolutely dumb bought. Look I I I find it very hard to be frustrated with a Red Sox right now it frustrate over the last couple of years and you're in a way out you got to prove it in him moment that actually matters kind of mindset I get it. I understand it. Mean they all are. Still a team that I think needs to earn love back and you can't really do it during the regular season not enough he stop playing in big spots. And why all of the firsts. Sequence with the New York Yankees this year and and and the joke tell the flight. That. Was. So until Kelly come out basically shirt completely off he's looked like you just have to drag into the back Ramona strip club or something like that. When that game took place. I do. Did feel the move a little bit when it comes to liking this team again either you're saying to yourself. Okay well you know light at the gunfight at the Yankees that that that makes baseball little bit more enjoyable I'll be honest I'm not. I'm not the biggest baseball fan it is a very long regular season all of playoff baseball regular season baseball games against the Orioles how much of the matter. And an end. For the people that I guess are disappointed with the Red Sox right now which again he's got a really high standard I understand I standard grown up here. But all of titles that I've seen volatile that you guys and seeing. That. He's here you're expecting a whole lot more out of a team that does makes the playoffs. But they have a different vibe and last year I think that's absolutely for certain and just get the plane around 500 baseball over the last couple of weeks. I don't feel like got the reasons Lou hook hello men but does this not good I'm down on and so drew I disagree or demand. Is he clearly. The best signing for this team since since Manny Ramirez. Well bullies in his leg. I don't know much development of the year when you talk about. Very very react reactionary by me. But he has been incredible since he came in here and I I didn't think there's any way. That he can beat this guy and I really didn't I I know that he. Hit well wins the Detroit Tigers and he really right with the Diamondbacks last year after they traded and there. But I didn't expect him to come out of the gates this way and I mean they intentionally walk him his second at daddy still ends up with two home runs he's tied for the Major League lead again with moves keydets. And you have a very very friendly deal with him though he does have a lot of control he has opt outs for himself after year to. In year 35 years a 110 million dollars considering the production we've seen thus far. A bit of a steel now if he plays this well the rest of this year and he has a solid season next year is probably eaten. In fact I would say definitely going to opt out and TV get anymore because after all he does have Scott boards but. What we've seen out of him thus far. Is something I could not possibly expected much like I did not expect the Red Sox offense to get off to the start that they have. To see move keep bats take his game. To new heights to see and you've been attendee especially recently he's been done one of their hottest hitters. Of light bouncing back from a struggle this season last year and I mean you got Bogart's yet Hanley still playing high level that he was playing at in the divisional round against the Houston Astros he's playing now well a big spotlight back. There are a lot of things to feel good about with this team. None of that has to do with the bullpen obviously. And and you might feel solid about Craig Campbell but he has looked more human than normal this year but. Yak three starting pitchers at the top of the rotation that one healthier really good that we just saw from David Price in his last start against the Renault. Allergy and is dogs cannot son lied anything Apple's tech. Potentially antagonize him out there but I mean he adds. As a complete game to royal outing over the weekend each year you're seeing some very good things out of this team. I'm surprised there are people like her right now 6177797937. Jeff is in the car Jeff what's up. It was going on my friend. Great start of the year all happy about the Sox but I'm curious what you're taking it out. I think Pedroia is going to be important piece in overall I'm just kind of curious in the past. Specially last year may be yet strong leadership players that cannot and that's your I think I can see that could be an issue for this year. Yeah no I'm with you. I think droids absences help them out. I think that with Pedroia not fair I think that these other guys have realized. That they need to step up in particular the really young players. Movie that's Zander Bogart's. I think without Pedroia it's been good for them they have a little bit of room to grow it be intimidating if you're young player. On the Red Sox and you're there. Especially with David Ortiz a couple years ago but now we've Dustin Pedroia who has Peltz on the wall even though. He's definitely on the downswing of his career. To be young player and to say hey need to do XYZ. I mean because the guys who are. This team's best pitchers there are had been around the block for awhile Chris Sale. You're talking abouts. The David Price who he can isn't exactly someone you're turning to for leader ship may be as someone that you wanna play a little fort night with but. You. Needed I think a little bit of space for these young guys and added I think that a joy of being away has. Unintentionally been a benefit. For these guys what is Pedroia gonna bring when he get when he gets back I don't know I mean I don't I don't feel that ease absolutely. Desperately needed. Back there yes he probably gonna give you more production then. Eduardo Nunez and Brock cold but is it gonna be a whole lot more. I don't know. I don't think cell. By he's one of the establishment of this team and I think when he comes back you'll find a way back out there six on 77797937. Import a lot this is Red Sox review. On W a guy. Is it possible for the forty Red Sox to get away. With out addressing their bullpen this year we'll discuss that next because it's something they're doing that reminds me a whole lot. Out of the defending champs and last year. I've thought a lot this is Red Sox are you don't go anywhere. It's 790. 37. The old soup. When there's a line drive ripped directly at the base hit for the lines Jackie at first he's not a way to second bottled up there by record. Jackie in the second with a WN a bullet and 91 mile an hour. He had tremendous relief to. Frank that would hit it very hard. We're Jackie Bradley junior he does anything positive and nearly a stripper Jackie ever do. It. And any semen other situations. And he. Well. Woes rallies. He had doubled that lead to a wonderful fifth inning for the Boston Red Sox again and Andrew bent and the two run homer and Mitch Moreland ground rule double later in that inning and then JD Martinez's second homer with a deep blast. To center field. Look at that Bradley junior Jackie Bradley junior that guy starting a rally. The man and you go to the second inning JD Martinez leaves things out he squeezes and around pesky pole for his fourteenth of the year. Devers walks. Rodriguez strikes out swinging. Jimmy on union strikes out swinging hole loops one to right field for a hit. Vazquez grounds into a fielder's choice of those two outs there's runners on first and third announced Jackie Bradley junior. Thought I struck out a kick start out swinging well can you open the next time he got the double. The next time around but then again. After a walk in the sixth inning which you say to yourself good Jackie Bradley junior adding a little bit to the offensive side of things. But in the seventh inning. After. Brock called goes from first to third on a Christian Vazquez single. Jackie Bradley junior again the third strike out of the inning. He's gone that's it. And yet you wonder at this point. How much longer can he get away with putting him out there 'cause eat fat he's so good defensively all these. He can't hit at all. What what's the boy what's the point especially when Pedroia eventually comes back to the team you have a little bit of flexibility that the real question is all right would you move. Into center field yet do you move move either the do you what what what do you do after that we we're where do you go who you put in right field do you want and you've been intent either Teemu JD Martinez to the outfield. I'll be honest I never knew what Dave Martinez in the outfield the last Amazon in the outfield in a line drive line right out and he didn't see it went over his head and and the next thing you know the guy on base and it wasn't an embarrassing fashion that he got on base side. Jackie Bradley junior is anyone 65. That is minor league caliber 6177797937. A ball to lots Red Sox review Maher season Connecticut Marcy what's up. Table I can't do talk about she became a matter of fact. Obviously you and started talking about him. Is there any talk of hit me for being a little out of step with this but. Vaughn is there any talk about sending him back to talking it through rehab. To get his groove back again it promotes you know. I don't know if there's any getting it back I mean do you feel that this is the kind of guy that. And get back to any kind of offensive. Punch ability I I I just don't thinks I don't think that's him. So I think that you keep them around defensively. I don't melt like first it's a little spots and and and keep them on the bench. But some what you got taken out the lineup and I know that he was one for three today and he had a double and he and Walken maybe your feeling good about those two. But he killed two rallies and strikeouts and I don't know what. You can really say other than this guy does need to be done away but I don't think Pawtucket can and help we'll find his swing Marcy. You don't think so. I'm in it and nobody backed down it is pretty good at that. And drove Mo Vaughn and I don't think that a decade now who had. A decade relative who's gonna all of a sudden they're in the Mo Vaughn and I know you're not saying that I don't think he's gonna turn back into what he is I think at this point. He he is essentially a guy that you have as a great defensive option for late inning situations produce and pinch hitting. By outside out that's that's really only gives you at this point and yet but getting him on the line but thank. Appreciate the phone call Marcy 6177797937. Is how you call Len going in. To this segment I was talking about the Red Sox bullpen and I'm wondering at the Red Sox can get away without addressing. That bull pen for awhile and I say that because I look at what the World Series champions of last year did the Astros. The bullpen was shaky it was very shaky we saw in the playoffs to. But they had a great performances from their lineup the difference between the Astros and Red Sox. The Red Sox this year yes as of last year is Daschle's team is hitting one through nine. The Red Sox have been getting some adequate performances though. Towards the back of your order brought poll I mean he's been three point nine. East playing really well as utility guy like having him out there and again on a night where you had early on a day or you have no Zander Bogart's. And yet know Hanley Ramirez both the day off. Very compelling performance. By Brock Colton in terms of getting more playing time going forward. Eduardo Nunez he had to do better than that he wants to continue to get playing time with Detroit coming up but for the most part. This line up. Day or just stats firepower Lleyton at NASA Siemens last year once. So as you can score runs on a consistent basis especially in the playoffs maybe you can get away with avenue shaky bullpen. And maybe you can throw some of these back of the end starters into situations where you're asking them. To be reliever is you're gonna go to a three man rotation in the playoffs began. And you've got your three shots you've got sale. You've got prices coming off of a great start and he got Purcell who is bouncing back from a couple of shaky outings with nine strike a performance of zone. So you feel pretty good about the top three guys that you have the real question is all right do you feel. That Eduardo Rodriguez can be someone that you can actually rely on big spot I don't know this is a nice performance today and I thought you looked great against Manny Machado. But Kenny do that against New York we've seen so against New York we have we've seen it in 97 lead until. She's tricky we collar older earlier saying it will what are we really getting out of Eduardo Rodriguez to request that it really the great question I hate. I think though he's turning in the right direction the real question. Pomerantz. Well man. And and he started to say all those things like a lot of pitchers deals they'd be astle along the lines of. Well you're always was really good whose mood of and and their their meanwhile the and shelled but he's starting to say the kind of things that you hear from someone who's not confident display. And there's no lift the starter. For his next what should be is next scheduled start next week against the Tampa Bay ray 6177797937. I'm Paul who want his Red Sox review on WEE I Thomas in Westfield Thomas saw. Jack I just went out like Jackie Bradley you know I'll go well here's what 800 he did a long number I. He used to do OK I want to get somebody to check out the facts and he just numbered in the eagle on in the ninth slot. As an amendment night. It's on every couple and didn't act. I don't know what the ways heading right now I and I know like today it wasn't a terrible performance by him could he did at the double he did up the walk but he struck out twice in big spots he's hitting 165 you know. I'm begging you just continue to say Lieberman the nine hole because cities are giving you anything at the back well. What's the point of having a lead off hitter like movie that's when he is. You know to the home runs and he had his fifteen home runs on the year that's not the American League lead but of no and setting the table or when you get around to the next to the to the to your second at bat third at bat. Without the point. You know. I know Jackie Bradley dinners fast life. To have them out there and just. Doing absolutely nothing striking out and killing rallies and not sending out rookie that's in front of them. That's a huge huge issue I think I mean with the latest that's been playing this year and we've hit with a home run numbers that particular. He should be driving in morons. 6177797937. Bill is in the car built up. I want you won it it's not an option. Itself us. Lots. It's out. Of the last. About all of a public. Like them. Barack. Obama. Won't open but I ask you. That would Ottawa art. Lot. A lot. Boatman. It's amazing that they didn't reconsider their approach them with how poorly the dolphins have played last year's isn't it bill. I mean you'd think you'd that you get morons and at some point and I appreciate the phone call. Is that you change your approach a little bit. And an end what Oprah talked about. This is to anyone other reason than baseball ten. As much of us law against canned. And you guys you have to wait until we've first pitch strike notes waited so whatever is good it would be aggressive at the plate. Be aggressive nonstop but don't be too aggressive don't be too crazy but. Yeah you get a nice pitch swing at it and you know what. That's about the most satisfying explanation I can get asked you how awful John Ferrell and chili Davis were last year. I remember going into the season this is a team that likes to well. Leave a little bit dirty laundry whenever there's somebody that leaves the reservation and pin the blame on that. One of the reasons I'm a little bit not feel the same way that I used to know about the socks is the way that they handled Terry Francona at the very end. Really TV guide man's her eight years you think it's because of pills or divorce. That the Red Sox are eating. Chicken and drinking beer in the clubhouse and having the Tony eleven collapsed yeah I got fat and happy with the necessary to drag all that up and and you go to. Bobby Allison time and into China to tell me that affect this guy is not capable being a manager when you have. Actual cartoon character doing it the next year but. Core has been great. Ferrell lost a really socked chili Davis Muster really sucked not much is clear. 6177797937. Red Sox review at 35 nothing wind. Over the Baltimore Orioles the Red Sox take three out of four from Baltimore before they take on the Tampa Bay Rays. In saint Petersburg Florida starting on Tuesday. I do want to touch a line. The Celtics. Honestly what we saw from that team last year. And what we have been seeing from this team this year. When you watch something like. Last night. Is that something that we should expect for game four. Let's talk about that next I bought a lot of Red Sox to view 6177797937. I'll go anywhere. So important and we'll. Discipline and his. Most of them we got to put it better this evening and tomorrow and one dismal. Because you know real stars here. You know it was planned on seeing this week. It is do you mean beginner little. No commercial reality and take your bizarre moment. As if the Celtics needed a wake up call yet they have more than that they needed all sorts of odd and out performance enhancing drugs adrenaline anything last night that was pathetic 11686. They felt the Cleveland Cavaliers like they are going to have a game where they didn't play well against Cleveland if you thought a team that doesn't have tied your renewed Gordon Hayward. Was going to end up sweeping your team with LeBron James you're insane that was not going to happen even if they cats in game two looked like they had quit. They didn't quit on the C Aires they quit on the game though they didn't seem to particularly enjoyed playing well projects on I a whole lot of short it's a lot of things that high would expect from a team. With one of the most. Passive aggressive on bullying players that I can remember watching sports in my life great player absolutely fantastic player he was awesome in the first quarter as the game. Lee wasn't so good in game two but the whole cavs team was engaged last night. It was 3217. At the end of the first quarter Cleveland never came close to slowing down. They outscored. Boston every quarter including the four. I mean. That's that's interesting and other Celtics pulled a lot of their guys would like seven minutes laughter snow. And you solve them all sitting all the main all the main pieces. Markets warriors Al Horford market Smart rosier hey mama. And Jalen brown I'll sit next to each other looking annoyed but obviously. Still looking at a 21 series lead. The last it was pathetic I I I I go back to. Tynes that I what's the team last year. Ands. Getting frustrated with them just realized that they didn't apple one talent but. Then look at the team this season and in particular in these playoffs and they have not played well on the road. But they've never mail that it may mail that in last night and aware they have. The audacity to think that that was gonna be something that would allow them to walk away with a win. You underestimate Cleveland volume one and honestly with the supporting cast around LeBron James with the JR Smith's of the world. I suppose it's easy to deal. But just because you won game one in game two convincingly at home should you look at your previous road performances. In these playoffs. Where you why one in three now one in four. And say you know we have to make sure that we step on their throats early on and instead. I mean half fast defense. Rushed shots. I mean good god you shooting shots width. 22 and eighteen seconds left on the shot clock and your messing and Tim a lot of long contested jump shots at it's basically like it was an end. Higher team of swagger EPs out there Nick Young case you don't know it just a rational confidence stupid he checked shots. KAU basketball everything that's bad with basketball offense from them last night. And I like this team a lot but I hate to see team like it is that is made a mark for themselves consistently being a team that doesn't ever let up after lies. In particular in game two especially after the first quarter when we're one James. Opening up the way they did I totally seen a young Celtics team with two of their best players 21 years old mailing it in Curley of the fetal position something like that. But if they they rushed shots they totally ignored Al Horford I refuse to believe. That tryst in leaping Thompson who I doubt is playing without any distractions at all. It's on the stuff going on in his personal life Tristan Thompson took Al Horford out of game now the Celtics. They for whatever reason forgot about Al Horford I don't body Tristan Thompson. Is beating Al Horford in the match of the most overpaid players in this series. No offense down Horford who has been really good these plans for 27 points with a lot of money and and he's what doctorate for the most part. Tristan Thompson at sixteen point four million somehow. I don't buy that Tristan Thompson is just keeping portrait out of the game I think the Celtics for whatever reason they got away from an in the last. Team and a half they can't do that Horford. He's the catalyst a lot of things for this team and he's of course. The guy on this team that I'd trust consistently more than anyone else. Tatum I like him had some great moments last night but Tatum I still feel like it's a little bit hesitant to just take over the game entirely. And I think the Celtics are a little hesitant to make it all go. Threw him. And it's the other guys still. Marcus Morris. Terry rosier. If you guys gonna go into irrational confidence noun pay your shots in the paint. Please please who want god to do something like that and and and the worst part of law. Call me old classic basketball fan that says that night day even though there was really no back in my day for me 29 news. Not play defense. Defense witness chair it's a global put some defense out there could dot. It's not that hard out. Out effort this Cleveland Cavaliers team I'm sorry the bloods it's it's a bunch of guys that are brought in because LeBron James was was bored with the toy that he had. And honestly. They don't have the kind of play out experience that would be necessary to I think. Look at them and say yes these guys are really good at the same time that. Played defense on that you have as many good defenders as you deal yet as many guys that can handle the ball on the offensive and as you deal. You should be able to keep a team like dad inject instead he didn't he's back communication it was embarrassing loss. So rosy you can say OK you know it's a wake up call to me it's okay this this this team is still have a lot of issues to work for. And I I do. Have doubts about gained four gained four on the road with how the teams played on the road thus far in the playoffs and honestly given what we just saw. They're the real good chance that Cleveland evens this thing up tomorrow night. Ends. When you're playing with a team that essentially built on a six man rotation. There's a very very very good chance that they could be worn out by the end of the series that's a concern team lecture on the road you only have a game a day off in between these two games. And while those guys got lots of rest in the fourth quarter. You're playing basically with six guys that you can reliably. Count on for an entire game. 6177797. ID 370 avenue Celtics thoughts as the Celtics now lead the series against the cast of the game game number four tomorrow. Being Cleveland they lose 11686 yards that was an awful awful performance. A walk a lot this is Red Sox a view on W a guy coming up next okay were you relying on more. For this Red Sox team JD Martinez remove key bats and who do you think's gonna end up with a better year we'll discuss that and if this offense can continue to do what it has been doing to open up the year Red Sox review continues next don't go anywhere.