Red Sox Review - J.D. Martinez hits home run No. 24; Jackie Bradley Jr. is starting to figure it out 6-26-18

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, June 26th
Hour 1: Mut is live from Fenway recapping the Sox' 9-1 win over the Angels in the series opener. J.D Martinez, Mookie Betts, Christian Vazquez and Jackie Bradley Jr. all left the yard and another solid start from David Price. Callers think Sunday night in New York is the first true test for Price.

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See these Red Sox rookie on WEEI. Swings the first pitch and he tried let me turn right surveil. Back it. Has gone up. Monkey kept them apart fifties these books and another that sex won't end this woman when Boston. Are we capping the Red Sox win. Against the angels acting strange it. Want to learn your high backed by the wall is small is. Now. We can't go ahead give up the wallet bounce ended up Rangers. And Obama officially home run JTJ. Opposite you know. Dial 617779793. Separate. Red Sox review quit Mike much nasty on WEEI. Capitals leads dominant Red Sox win here tonight from Fenway Park 901 your final over the angels first game with three game series eighteen in fact the angels. They have absolutely dominated so far not just tonight in this game. But over the course of the four games they've played so far 2018. Outscoring them a whopping 36. To four we'll talk about that. And a bunch of other stuff between now and midnight here red soccer you one deflected station. Four Red Sox baseball WE yeah I had the radio dot com my app and link is well and of course with thick phone calls. Right up until midnight on the Red Sox win tonight and of course the state of the Sox. At 61777979837. Your form your phone calls early and often it's 617. 77979237. Of course your tweets as well in fall and tweet any time. At mutt and UT. WEEI. In this is one of those games were there is just. Very little to pick get if your Red Sox fan a few year tune into the show. On nightly for myself for any of the guys who do Red Sox review. And you wanna less scratched that H of what he saw you didn't like tonight. Have a hard time coming up when much here tonight from the pitching performance to. The offense the defense this was a complete and utter. Beat down of the angels here tonight in this game and specifically. I thought offensively was a really good night for the Boston Red Sox and and tomorrow at the halfway point of the season. So I guess it shouldn't surprise me at this point. But just the approach and the ability of Red Sox hitters specifically move key bets and Judy Martinez animals will circle the Jackie Bradley junior had a really good night here tonight at Fenway in his. Got a pit stop a lot of your radio conversations about Jimmy Key swing the bat the way that he does. But let's go back to last year. And I go back to to itself above basic static saw playing out spear attic. One of his tweets that corporal William WEEI dot com now the Boston Globe. One and out that these 24 home runs of the season for JD Martinez. Sixteen year Fenway Park. That is already more than any Red Sox player hit last year Fenway that number. It is June 26. This guy's goal when he hit 45. Fifty home runs. And the approach and the ability to go the other way in the power that he generates when he goes the other way. He had a home run into. The Red Sox bullpen tonight. His eleventh home run of the year on the opposite field he and another one. Like 390. Feet in the triangle. That is probably a home run I don't know 25 so a lot of ballparks. In baseball but he hit it to the deepest part of the park here shy before when he signed in the triangle and could not edited out. And it's just so simple but everything this guy provides. Is everything last year's team lacked Mittal the order power. Opposite field power. A legit threat to knock out of the ballpark. Every time he steps in the batter's box. And move keep Betts is a very good offensive player Ager Bennett attendees in a Bogart's are good offensive players. They're not in the stratosphere make power standpoint. As JD Martinez. And we you can count on that and he count that's sort of power. I think it relaxes other guys not a lot of big a lot of other guys to feel more comfortable. And it's not always the Martinez approach. And the way that he does it in the in self on the batter's box. It's the trickle down effect on the other guys in the lineup specifically. Move keydets. Bookie bets last year who in May delete. Like other guys in this team. He bought into the John Ferrell patient. Kevin Youkilis on base percentage. He worked at the starting pitcher get to the bullpen approach. And I I admit like a lot of baseball fans at all that was the way to do it and you sought at times last year with teams like the Astros other teams that. If flipped. It wasn't worth waiting at a starting pitcher. Because the guy commands the bullpen 67 inning he throws 9596. The guy coming in seventh eight inning he's growth throws 9899. The guy closing throws a hundred. So when you get a good pitch doesn't matter who's on the mound starter reliever screw it swing at your pitch. And here is smokey Betts first pitch of the game. From John lamb who shocked tonight for the angels. And probably should not be making starts the Major League level this point based on the way he pitched tonight. First pitch down the middle Betts doesn't wait. And then take the first pitch to give his guys a look he swings away. And goes opposite field goal for the first time and those Red Sox bullpen. Here Fenway Park and quickly Al one pitch one swing. Gives the Red Sox a one nothing lead. And bookie has talked about an accredited. Even almost three months of the year. It is still shocking to see him with that sort of ability via the jump on first pitches like that. And gold the other way after watching key and Zander and Ben and Penn the other guys sit and wait and wait and wait and wait. A year ago. And how drastic the changes bin. With adding JD Martinez in this lineup. Have a Red Sox flipped the approach a little bit and be more aggressive and at bats. And here guys like Jackie Bradley junior after the game we joked in lieu. Move key Betts who said this to Bradford and others credit JD Martinez with the approach. And it's had a trickle down effect on the guys not just the Red Sox approach but the JD Martinez approach. And it is significant. The Red Sox have not gotten very little at all. From the bottom of their order this year whether it's been Nunez Bradley junior Vasquez or whether it is being brought colts. Bradley junior and city Leo. They've not gotten much from that part of the order and yet you look down going into the game today. And there are the space of the second best offense in baseball. Coming tonight scanner Red Sox the only team with as many four players with a 875 plus OP yes. That's Martinez moral and invent Andy. Last four games is score thirty runs they lead based out before tonight's game the league baseball extra base hits. Second in runs doubles average slugging all PS and run differential. Does before tonight third 109 home runs. Third most through 79 games in club history. Now 32 and five when hitting multiple home runs. And they've gotten essentially nothing from that bottom part of the order occasionally devers has batted seventh. Upon thirty splashed. But Jack you rally junior hitting under two wondered still. Vasquez the occasional pop rock called me did they're doing this. With six or seven guys in line up. If Jackie Bradley junior goes one of these ones here for five or six weeks. That's the best baseball office by far. And he had a great night tonight. With three hits in four runs batted in two runs scored. I give out score credit for sticking with him would have been very easy to try to do something different the health field. They stuck with them and it's not easy ogle the restriction again at some point this year. But it feeds to fifty for the season now means it's at like three something the rest of the way. Which is probably unlikely. But given the defense that he gives you. You can stand. You can stand Jackie Bradley junior let's say eight to eighteen. As a final regular season batting average. I would sign for some were on that right now given the other offense in this lineup given the defense that he gives you you would sign for that. So I offensively that to me that that was more the story tonight. But I'll get if we get people calling in tonight and defending David Price and talk about David Price and his comeback because. He did pitch well again tonight six innings of a quality start. He's rolled off quality start after quality start after Paul restart. I gave up those with four runs. Three of those four runs he gave up against the twins he got three of the four they had not lost last Immelt wants them home runs to a couple of a bad on not not even home run hitters so I was a little bit of struggle. But he's found his rhythm here. As a look down at his. Finals. Line tonight Kimi second. He came in tonight having walked only twenty file blocked five guys in 25 innings this year on this month. Two more walks six innings so he'll walk seven guys all month that's been a big key for him. Here in this. Very good turn around the month of June. That's been a big part of keeping guys off base of the free pass. And now we'll sit and wait and see what he gives you Sunday night. Because as one thing to read the angels the twins of the Mariners. The Yankees have been his bugaboo this year. He got lit up by the Yankees left after an inning with tingling fingers. And he misses start in New York because he missed a bullpen and Texas would allergies. So we can certainly credit David Price for the recent turn around. But the proof will be in the putting Sunday in New York big spot against the Yankees. So of those so my initial thoughts coming out of the game tonight the offense and JD Martinez. And David Price and the big two takeaways from this game will get your thoughts on what you saw tonight a what you see during the stretch and for a bigger picture standpoint. The we'll get this more in the second hour of the show but it yet and bawdy yet. This Red Sox and as we all I'll get those calls and night like tonight rom lauding them for their play and there's not much negative to discuss. You get the well it's early wait and see. There at the halfway point tomorrow. Game 81 of 162. They have 53 wins after eighty games and it's the third or fourth time in franchise history. That as many 53 wins through the first eighty games of the year. I most fans that bought it it's a good team it's likely a playoff team as we fighting for daily spot the rest of the year. If you've not bought in yet I want to know why. Essentially one game shy about halfway mark. 53 wins half game back of the Yankees on pace to 105 game let's call that. On pace to win 105106. Somewhere in there if you are not bought in a I want to know law. Antibody and fight jaundice carries you do not. Fully. Bought into this Red Sox team yet what is holding you back. At 6177797937. A couple of open line scrambles now 617. 7797937. Threats doctor view. 91 Red Sox come back to write your phone calls you from Alex Cora. His press conference in the post game coming up next our David Price metaphor I'd joke of one here that is well. Red Sox nine angels won your phone calls coming up at Red Sox review sports ready to be weak. Seven that's easily said. One of the right hander on the stretch the picture in this what is it well right senator Barack goes. Service really looks up next yeah. Can't stand Martinez. Back in the literally at home and with a swimming pool. This is well opposite field home run. As Martinez. Makes it ain't no one wants to. Just singers Martinez is 24 he's now leading the league again the Red Sox rolled tonight 91 your final this of course Red Sox for you and reflection station. Four Red Sox baseball bloody week yeah I'll get your phone calls until midnight tonight at 617779. 7937. Away from David Price coming up in the 11 o'clock hour and from Alex Cora. The two out things are discussed here off the top your thoughts on the game itself tonight Martinez that's Jackie Bradley junior David Price. And then bigger picture did not ought to get to the Red Sox I would like to know why we sees people lined up to explain why. Curtis second at 6177797937. Micah Knorr products leads off tonight after a Red Sox 91 win Mike itty. I'm like yeah you know quick note on Jackie long one and 1980. Which Jackie I think it's as simple as that whenever he's sitting well. He can hit the ball hard it'll. And it's just it's like one of these things where when pricey and struggle it's that he sent a Poehler and and when he tried to keep the ball up the middle and and the other political direction yet success. Mean it's not like he's strictly it's ball the other way but. One what he's going well that you cease to be the. Well Mikey gets an gets he gets pull happy and it's pretty clear you pull happy when he's willing to take what he's given. I think you're right and even tonight like the the first tip that he had a two run double. Early on the got the Red Sox go on a given three nothing lead that was a hard hit ball just took a pitch the other way to they'd eggs of lost like 74 miles an hour something. And it led to the right side score runs later in the game opposite field so I get your point he was only to say that the post game Jackie is. Arnold may he's pretty guarded about the stuff he gives some pretty generic answers I felt like the guys are trying to get some specifics on what has changed for him and and I think Mike you're more. Your moral Underwood and even Jackie was he's he's not he's pull happy when he's not pull happy he's going better tiger on that. Yes and with regard to JD as greater peace then at the plate he's been phenomenal. It's thicker than Colin on the other guys you know the fact that. Here's a guy who struggle early in his career. And turn them and made himself the facility. By you know the drills he does and that in this does the study. And you know the good habits that he bill. And so he is more than willing to teach these guys what he what he knows. And it allows them to common like pick his brain and make themselves better whereas you look at like it guy the other team like my trial. What's he gonna go on tell people you know have once and generations gilts remained in excess. It's like I don't think that if you don't look like he's a deadly got playing mortal. And JB is accountable was it a self made man so quickly could have. VA and the power numbers Martinez it's and choosing when Mike I'd not thought about that we thanks your call obviously. Martinez played for better team too so I'm not gonna knock Trout were not in the same sort of impact because in the count and mean. Is this angels team is is Mike Trout and Justin Upton a bunch of guys the Red Sox are much better teams he can have a much bigger impact if you're JD Martinez at least in my mind. And yes the power numbers from Martinez's 24 month attic and Tim had this is part of the broadcast tonight at one point. He Martinez hit his 24 home run on August 16 the year ago. It's June 25 he's gonna hit 45. He's cutting it fifty. He's been a monster so far this year our wall in Fall River on David pricing while. What some might not banana battle wagon Nazis sent. What let me take you only had six or seven guys either consumers some of the statistics. You know topical and about. Woods didn't gates JB yeah wanna see more as we always say it would it would disguise gets hit maybe maybe fifteen Bob Knight and that he runs you know. I just get on base you know the Milwaukee you know debt debt debt is as far as we can miss it it's that they need lots of very good team. But yes the tests for prices that come Sunday night he strung together at a two goods that we'll see how we react Sunday night. Well he's got to get it's that the pitching matchup he's not getting a breaking get Severino. Who got another win tonight for the Yankees I think one of the somebody had to tweet during the game tonight saying that he touched a 112 different times. In that game tonight he is nasty. So that'll be a very good test for David Price there's fought in I wanna people subscribe to this that these big moments have not been. It is not run towards these. He several away these big moments in his career whether it's been. Playoff starts a big starts in a Red Sox uniform. You know he's not being in super successful in these spots. And it paid thirty million dollars a year you are not judged on start jamaicans the angels on June 26. You are judged on July 1 son and a baseball yankees Red Sox. For better or for worse. It's that we can have to head of these games fifteen of these games like this. Against the angels and twins and mariners and brewers and pick your crap bagged team. He'll be judged on the Yankee starts. On the big Astros starts in the AL BS. That's the way it should be when you're paid thirty million bucks a year. We asked the question of you bought in or not but you're saying go or jumping into that question Dan employment Dan have you bought into the Red Sox yet with. Gain 81 looming tomorrow. Olympic team I did you know not struck out there Pedroia I bought a pair of it back in 2011. And then last year with a comment on a ball mark I. I do not drop that all of them that I bought the. I'll hear a case he's currently not playing there's potentially does not play again this year. So your dislike a majority you can't buy into the team because of a guy is not playing. Exactly. And I did not target but it is not bounded argument. Good ball. But it doesn't make it I adult life in any way it'd be I wanna do that E*Trade. I wanted to be traded back out there in. You can hang up on me at it I don't like him anywhere near there at. Yet he's not. He's not going anywhere he's got no trade clause in the 105 guide your your Dustin Pedroia trade window. Has essentially been slammed shot. But I've heard that from more than one fan that Pedroia is attitude last year in the cannot go home now that back and forth it bothered some people. To meet Abby separate though just for me. Devoured die hard fan of a team. If that I wasn't playing my team was still successful. Mean I'm not sure what the issue would be. This this team right now currently 2018 is not own a likable team it is not. David Price is a likable personality at least in my mind Dustin Pedroia for some do you fills that be a same sort of category. But as a team. They went from behind they win big they win close they win late. They have young stars and Oki Betsy and prevent candy they have guys who. Artie really supposed to even be this good in JD Martinez. They have an Arab players like god Mitch Moreland. I mean I would say that this team as a whole is really really really likable. And one player not being here wouldn't change that for me that's me. Op palsy stamped and it's 6177797937. I've ball. I don't like what's up like. I think you hit the nail on the head with the enterprise being unlikable and that's what my question is pretty you weren't about a 100% but in these stock. But what I want the on Sunday night I don't think here he wins or loses its I know we can win a game I don't think he can beat the Yankees at some point. But I want easy errors in policy if he pitches orally and it gets impassioned about it and beat if you get the crap on the mound it's ignore and they'll came off the mound in the Orioles game at least screen that the I wonder what you think about sort of what you're looking at the other end sides winner allotments and and I. Well I forget the winner lost because they can big beat 21 game Severino could show Paul thanks your call and you lose the game so was the the winner aloft but that's in the side for second. I before even the attitude part is for him to be. Competitive against the Yankees. And not go well there in the first inning get rocked for four runs and not come back so. I wanna see that the pitching part B competitive but I agree. Most of what you're saying about that second part. Showed some fight show some guts. It's the passion. But some some flight and some. Testicular fortitude. Against this Yankee team and if you're down 21. In the second inning and they too want and one out you get out of that jam first and third one away you get out of it. And you don't cave in you don't mail you don't turn into a puddle. On an out of Fenway Park when the crowds are that Yankee Stadium start with the crowd going nuts and sentiment baseball. And A-Rod adjustment goes up in the Booth. You fight and you compete compete compete that's what I wanna see. But blew in before that I wanna see it pitched well. Because that's still is early yet to be proven. And the biggest spots forget the flight compare forget to compete for a second Kenny pitched well. Kenny give you a represented at start of the guys getting paid thirty million dollars a year. So that first but absent the second bark some documents either one ball. I'm not convinced a get the good pitching and B get the flight. So some that baseball big spot New York team that you you cannot. Lose out on the division of the Yankees. One of these teams get a win 989900. Games and have to play one of the blue blue one game wild car plane you do not wanna be that team. So ever Ortiz take you should feel like a playoff game. Even from here on out July August September every Red Sox yankees game should be treated if you're playing on this team to some extent like it's a playoff game. Did you get into the best of five a LBS and avoided the one game wild card. So back to back calls people saying they sort of body in a but the attitude certain players. Now the question I have you bought into this team at the halfway point looming tomorrow. Fact tomorrow night is game 81 of 162. 6177797. On a 37 the former one opened full lighting get it. Welcome back it all your phone calls all hourlong and it will hear from David Price David Price. Made a four night joke. After his cell win tonight here Fenway Park we'll see fought over well I'm with you guys Red Sox review mud to midnight Sports Radio WB yeah.