Red Sox Review with John Ryder: Another big win for the Sox 7-12-18

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Friday, July 13th
Hour 1: John Ryder breaks down the Red Sox 6-4 victory over the Blue Jays. 

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Did get off to a shaky start tonight did a but it ended up all roses for the red sex yet again their tenth straight win as they down a blue jays six to four at Fenway Jenrette when he read sector VO. Take your phone calls opened a midnight six point 77797. Battie 37 you can text has said. 37 at that 837 just a remarkable win for his Red Sox team of managers. It looks strange and had I mean. 66 and 29 now I thought this team would be good. That the death would be a contender. I didn't see them going 66 and 29 here in the unofficial for stab yet still three games left before the all star break. And they are beaten so bad teams here but still. I mean you've got to do that he's got to do that made the Yankees are five and five against the Orioles this season the Red Sox were nine and one against the Orioles this season and meanwhile. Excuse me clear my throat or. Meanwhile. The red sex now against Toronto Eaton to it and a staff members of in his division is so important because. One of these teams the red size for the Yankees. Are gonna end up playing a one game playoff likely avenue whoever loses out on his division is. Going to be playing a one game playoff and it's gonna come right down to the wire Lawrence I still would remaining series against the Yankees. The have a four game set in August at Fenway at the beginning of August and evolve so get to Bora in the to have their final four series are against the Yankees they've get three game series. I'm late September from the eighteenth two of the twentieth it and to wrap up the season the 28. To the thirtieth so. I mean he got to beat up on these bad teams and as for the Red Sox have been doing this season which is what they have to do you could talk about the water down nature of everything Brit. Still there doing what they have to go. And and also tonight a big leagues while. You know David Price we all know what's happened in the last two starts we all know what's apple them all season. Amenities put up some decent numbers it's just that. You concern yourself. With him in the Yankees it and you know what an up and down on first inning for him to he strikes out the first batter he faces a Randall Gretchen. But he gives up the double the tea Oscar Hernandez had no doubt are too deep setters so all the subject to a spot on the board and the first getting. And Toronto kid too much this team but they can't hit some home runs candor is Morales would strike us we as a strike up beside the gives up to in the forest. If they get a boy in. This is gonna be another rough outing for price and the Red Sox offense is gonna have to Salem that really wasn't the case he settled down. Now Toronto is not a great team they strike out a lot but still you got to give him credit he did sub going to. Six into terrorist reruns I mean not outstanding certainly nothing like Chris Paul and Chris says sale last night but the job still. A solid you'll techno Y exceeds strikeouts news for price. 103 pitches 76 of those for strikes also look like. He was working quicker definitely quicker than the previous two starts look like a different guide and they yankees' starting who's laboring so much up there. So driven back from the park wherever you might be. You give us collier and ransacked her views six point 77797937. Let's get to the cause of first up is and drew an evil Andrew. It was on Iran. Or to report want to move Q monetary jetliner that eloquent on the EI. You watch a lot of baseline that united Europe is well I watch on these ball I didn't. Never seen anybody was quicker hands and somebody that can turn around an inside pitch like you that I've ever seen anything like it's unreal. It is for a guy that size I mean that's what he needs especially at that size I mean his enlistment five that is about 58 that was the five that 180. And it got to put up those power numbers those quick hands early and end those that there was a terrific example of that on that pitch I mean that's likely would've been ball four. And he loves those you know down low fastballs that he can just Jack out you know pull the last. And thirteen pitch at bat he was down one to win that count also we should credit to Jackie Bradley junior working man walking a bad numbers against app zip. Bad numbers against left handers this season of course you know not great numbers overall but. A couple of key plays they were held up by the Toronto defense theory that. That fourth inning as well be right amid debts can really turn on a ball and thirteen pitch at bat. It's been aligned times is there's been a thirteen page a bad Grand Slam is that a number of years or so other note from Alex Peary caribou over the years but it's been over a decade. Yet kids out there you're at your smaller than you know regular list girls look at the event was what was the blonde power in the wrist rest girl looked at as. As early in you know generate a lot of power. Let me let one I shouldn't Williams on the trigger line and other direct like should be going after one guy one guy only in that that Britain from the Orioles. I think Agca is unreal and each one of late I think given that died late trains from the athletics. That Raleigh 96 mile an hour fastball that sinks like a meditation on how much anger I mean that kind of unhittable. That the guy I'm going after. Danielle and and there's a call injure appreciated. I like trying to and to go take a lot to get them. All star caliber out through the Oakland and I don't know how much all the will be Oakland's kind of surprising that they wanted to surprise teams of late that the plane better lately there's still. I don't think they'll get a wildcard spot. But there's still somewhat in the hunt there so I don't know how much still do at the deadline. There are always perennially a team that's making moves at the deadline. But Britain numb I'm you know. Depends on the cost really an hour on me that's the other thing how much the Red Sox have to offer. In terms of Britain there's a lot of rumors out geared to that Dan Duquette wants to package Britain. We've merely but shadow in a blockbuster for a number of prospects the Red Sox don't have that depth to make that move. I mean did have to have Raphael devers. There are probably another Major League player. And a couple of prospects in the red sex better prospects for whole night and they don't know about a great form system the Yankees have a deep form system still used as deep form system. Britain's struggled somewhat this season. Start of the season played yet and it an Achilles injury. And I was numbers four to six year array. Not the same guy he had tape come I mean but. Depending on the cost and I I don't I don't know thread size could do it. Let's continue because here's Mike in Connecticut a Mike. Hey general we're back from a all are so law. As the long. Run Sartre on our toes curl nicoderm buck. They're they're reading as you all are playing great bridge or you can pick where pro well liked it settle the big week it's they have payable arms some at all. And I don't even think they have a meet prospects in the dark in the outfield in the minor great and so reworked or. They do and at the lower levels. 2 o'clock. They've got an internal National League all star in the Andrew's day Kaz steal but that will affect the luxury tax they bring him up. Yeah I I think absorb up to seal. The one thing that they have to do rank and that's where you're right or you're gonna have to give Somalia. They have to get another part return I don't know why everybody's so worried are all current. They have against our broker. And I just felt real comfortable David Price for a soul searching into orbit and server especially over the senate award the first period. Well first they gotta get their two I mean if they lose out other division of means a one game playoff likely against Seattle and probably likely against James Paxton who they've been. Evil yet but and you know that that the Red Sox or yankees will be a male or something drastically happens one of these teams pull away from one another which I don't see happening. As he had neck and neck. For the remainder of the season and this is the largest. Leave the Red Sox are bad in the division on the Yankees since April 30 I mean so. Going bad days of the start of the season so. Yeah I mean you know Seattle probably have the ability to lineup because I don't seem catching the Astros a picture to what have tagged now but I think Houston and support away with a. Ever and we don't hold I mean we have to play dead arm period. Could probably have to line up the lucky they are old shell Pritchard that period and I don't know if you think that there aren't yet another star director reps aren't courts and you'll. You have not sure about that I mean did get two guys on the men Palmer has who has been good this season Steve Wright who has been. But. You know kind of injury brawny worrisome times about knuckleballer is in the post season. So. Right now I mean so much of this depends on price doesn't they'll have other chances against the Yankees a wanna see how we how we does against the Yankees idled. I think they'll still have another bullpen piece although there bald enemy warrants to little shaky tonight he's pitched well of late. Emery was shaky last night the pitch well previous to that. Are you still I still don't you know it's. You don't work then. It's been all right that they too have some good bullpen pieces but I don't know if you can completely trust a and it's so hard to find one of those. Eighth inning guys I mean I Miami and sometimes when you do trade for a closer and all of a sudden you put him in the eighth for whatever reason they made. They change they can't do it. What about portrait dark art. Good to match. Aren't going anywhere literally knee all look beat us are pressured anybody to look just picket city. What do you period direct talks will have to give up two epic rock and obviously there weren't what Appleby and now. Yeah devers who would it. You know days. I think the nets would it is our the Mets would be asking for guys like I mean it would only be devers how many BS if guys like Ben deadly. Catcher when you know hope. You're a wire are not about Larry what we're number one I think you'd give downwards and sort of. Now I don't think that's enough I don't think it's enough I don't think is enough I mean I think to be stupor for the Mets to deal to gram. Who leads the two majors and ERA in his trip to be committed seeming always always good 78 innings but the bad swords were at a Mets can't score score no exit. I don't know and the Mets aren't. The Mets sort of cash strapped team I don't know why you know they would need to I keep hearing about this to ground and marketed deal under the Yankees. I I don't know why they deal RBIs a down season but I don't know why did have to panic about that. Well I would obviously it's a little changed some horror aren't there and and there are. Yeah I mean he's humble hero but I don't think I mean there's not. The Red Sox would have it has to be a package not only included devers but some like Dan intending. Involved in the air air I mean you really would something like 108. Which is independent entity and now all that I didn't touch Laura our. Yeah I mean I well bets would be yeah I mean I would like to move batted. There's a need to move any of those guys. I mean not to get as 66 and twenty thanks for call Micah 6629. Team out of the gas to drastically changed things at the different things. Were pretty well they seem don't like each other get alive for the most part. I mean I think. The the only concern really and this has been most Red Sox fans and also myself as well is you know. It could David Price. Slowdown hurt or do anything against the Yankees these jitters against the Yankees out and I went out got the job Donnie does that typically gets teams like the blue jays and some others candy do it no. Big game situation is the big question. Here's. Ralph a New Jersey and Ralph. Global bank to take my call the broad. OK I want to touch on how the Red Sox ever criticized things that they're not deep. And I really upped his group that statement because especially Italy coming up Blake why heart tonight he looked great. And the last few that can I can't judge on desperation and lack. But he didn't unions that whole scene becomes a life and they're they almost public that next man up mentality. Because. Pedroia is an out. Holes he's normal yeah basically. That is right now. And Palmer Nancy I mean and the ball and they need to add another piece. But it's not as bad as everyone's making out to be I'd. Agree but they don't need to get want a higher relievers and give away what little left they have in the form system. Yeah and dumb idea I did I do think they're pretty deep team and it's good day thanks rev for the call. Has fortunate where you think that can it ever was thinking. When they're gonna make that move when per Troy there was ready to come back which is interesting now. That the move was gonna be Blake's wife heart you know whether it be traded or whatever it might be off the roster. And he was out of options and ends up being Hanley Ramirez course we have heard from him league's super. But although that as a whole oddity weeks back that whole Boston everything wish you know and is down to big has so I would idea teams. But it's. Doesn't look like it's gonna happen either now for the rest of the season kudos but. So it's why aren't as fortunate and Vasquez goes down and out they need him and he seems to be a lot more comfortable back here now that he knows he has a defined role would lose steam splitting time. At the catcher position. But I do think they'll at a bullpen piece I do I don't know to be any blockbusters out there here's Mikey Greenfield they might. They have a dog did. You. A great one ought to step back consult are nice but. I. I in revolt all them all wolf fired a one and the discount on cheap and we don't need that much but. I want to know what can you ask them credit for now Eric where they're fuel who wears is gone. Now all firm on the Orioles. Felt threats by. He can't beat that are open that's the guy I want a lot to me this. Yeah he's really turned himself into a solid player over there with Kansas City and has kind of become. Right now for a terrible team just a terrifically bad team. You know kind of the face of the franchise he's really one of the only guys evidence solid season at the plate for them. Peres says some power body's not needed for averaged out to a much. It is but. Then I was just gonna give him away for soft and I have to check in CF as as a free agent after the season Amanda almost die cases. But had a tough act. And he'd play in my seat but it. You might have known here as one of those work. I mean yeah I mean I would think he's still on his rookie contract is literally two to line there I would think you'd still be arbitration are eligible but I would think Kansas city's. I don't off the Red Sox have a package to get that done I mean he would make sense at second base who looks like. The dread haven't completely ruled that out the looks like Detroit is going to be done for the season and use a combination of new years' old which is serviceable at. Nunez has started picking up a little bit lately I mean I I think it brought calls had a very good season of a better than expected season but at the same time you kind of wonder. You know it is that you know he's a role guy is he gonna be overplayed you know. Yeah I do have interest in her field of I was the red sized I'm sure did make a phone call about that but I don't know if the Red Sox would have. Enough to get it done. And I hit it through their group the current from the report. Made up about and who want to take on that. And Soledad not Kansas city's second take on that contract dummies out he's not going to be treated. There are worse and yeah I area like I had no no the second base position is something that they might address Amanda there's a chance of that. It's good to Wally in Fall River while it. Oh was so bright that I mean this was I mean you have to admit this is a very exciting game. They have had this gaming control. But it did this seems to bend the but it it is grind of a mile. That is what I guy out. They're not so. That is good about the UCL a point in the bottom of the lineup is promote keep went Selanne who rules Iraq marquis gets mad I think it's only about what. Different this six time we come up all year with the bases loaded. So a lot depends on price in the bottom by the ought to. And you know as far as the match you make Reagan you know what it up pitches you have to get the rest sizes have to give them everything but the kitchen sink you know yeah you go. But Bennett and the like his so beau got so. Right yeah I mean for one of the top. I mean he's not just from the top Mets pitcher is one of the ace is best top phases of the game right now. Right delegate don't want a fantastic package let the residence at it and the negative to the Yankees have reason to go anywhere. No probably maybe you beautifully suited dodges somewhere in the match of the leak. Now I don't know where he would end up going the Yankees clearly looking for starter and I think that guided they're gonna end up getting is a data starter for Toronto tonight you have. Who's in the past had good numbers against the Red Sox. Yankees are gonna add restore order and whether it be happ or Cole Hamels of probably I have more than anybody. The Mets still like to make moves with the Yankees and hardly ever happens that they hate being. You know every New York paper for those that read papers but even online every everything's. In Al do you Yankee space to new York and they hate. Beyond the back page or me the only time that the air. On the front pages for a couple years ago when they went to the World Series and you know that's about it they have to be really good and are really terrifically bad team and in their oath. They'll probably bring up Tim Tebow had some time to get some more fans into the game you know from double it. But and anymore many Michelle other rulers. It's the same stuff and made every day it's it's. You know news same stuff out here. Dodgers and yankees. Brewers Phillies Diamondbacks for the teams that I'm reading about in terms of so there's a number of teams evolved so did you get is gonna get a great package would return Weathers is but shadow on it which shadow on his owner separate along with them. The it is what Baltimore wants it they're gonna make a move with the Yankees is this kid just to Sheffield Gary Sheffield's son. Who's a left handed pitching prospect who's already up to AAA. They also. No one cleaned Frazier Byrd couple other prospects on it'd take quite a package. There's rumors out here that ball of Baltimore would do the deal with the Yankees have Sheffield was included and it. So that's that's latest number reading anyway. And that. So that's the deal Wally tanks for the call appreciated and you know the talk of the red size being in a mixer reaching out. Raphael devers who would have to be included a trade right now he's hurt me for stomach DL in his young career without left shoulder inflammation if you didn't see that. Before the game decides who Whalen called up but not terrible time before considering the all star break is right around the quarters or should be good to go. You know vote the week following the all star break Chad writer Wendy Wright sacked Q what a night at fairway won an at bat for bookie bets were made clearly the play of the game. Thirteen pitch at bat 32 count he was there 12 old. It was ball down in the zone that he just absolutely. Wallop. And laser beam. Over the monster into left field that was from two outs in the fourth of 46 pitch. Bottom of the fourth perhaps who's cruising before that. So the red sex with a another win their tenth straight five to do John Ryder. Here with a Red Sox who viewed talking with the about it up until midnight. A couple open spots on the four lines 6177797937. Bob and Gloucester bike norte province get your calls and more here after this break generous actually UNW. Yeah. His right in the straps at the bone chips that runners. He comes home foreigners goes. Guys just put the ball in play Lewis. You know runners on like yes that's always good. As David Price he gets the win tonight his tenth of the season as the Red Sox rolled to another victory their tenth straight through now 66. In 29 on this season. The other just electric night at wages to another signature win for this Red Sox team 66 and 29 is incredible to put that in perspective. The last American League team to have a bark like this. At this point of the season was the 2001 mariners were 67 to 28 last year the Dodgers. An identical 6629. Record at this point of the season. So the red sex continue to roll best record in baseball John Ryder with the red sack tribute 61777. Died 7937. Heated text as is well at 37. That he 37 and of course the Dickey and it was the fourth inning tonight. After Boyce why aren't strikes out also a side note of course in this game Steve Pearce leaving the game of the for a steady after. Getting hit with a fastball from his former teammate JA happ on the share in the good news is the X rays were negative but. No exact word as of right now on how long he'll be out that Sander Bogart's with a single and then in a key player in this one. In that fourth inning brought corporations on a fielder's choice Bogor its originally called out at second neighborhood play but then the call was overturned because. In an Irish charged to a DeVon Travis because foot was on the bag. And tend. Another mistake is well Eduardo Nunez a little Trittler back to about Jay have takes too long to throw to for a space do India's beats it out. So Boras to third bases loaded and San dealer known grounds into a fielder's choice. So two down Jackie Bradley junior works the key watch it and move keep beds. The Grand Slam Monday thirteen pitch at bat a 32 cowed. 23 home run of this is an eighth Grand Slam for the Red Sox this season and Betts was 23 homer of the season Red Sox go on to beat the blue jays six to forward tonight at Fenway. Let's get back to the cause and here's Bob in Gloucester a Bob. John thanks for taking my call. It's all I wanna talk about Christ primarily in bookie secondarily but I want to start with a short preface. I've got two years on Easter in a somewhat first game when I was in kindergarten KCR in Kansas. All my father was stationed at Fort Leavenworth and sort of a lot of added that I got to see all reluctance on the field with say on the same in fuel memorial stadium. Wouldn't zen to running 88. I don't hit 788 yeah. Our idea on your memorial stadium. Well for our Camden yards but cal senior was coaching. You know cal junior was doing great Billie I don't know what he played two Saturdays. You know but anyway I gonna add. Problem. I'm a big at a place I know a lot of people are breaking news in review right now what are VM I mean. You know immediate great tonight I mean maybe not what. Everybody wants to do what it great which I think is upset about rookie and also man I mean it also ball player. Always so fun to watch this team is so exciting to watch I mean you know a natural way of the pop bombs or that's the truth if you know baseball. And jokes stimulus type about the sunnier and he's right I mean this is the most athletic red sex team like to remember the three donated and they've got the top two. Arguably the top two MVP candidates to the American League at bats Judy Martinez. And if if they're both not doing something on the scene in the same game something incredible in the same game one of a news. And it'd silica you know what attentive I don't know I don't think there's a better 123 punch in baseball top of the order bets. Abandoned candy and Judy Martinez. Now you're right. No doubt no doubt you're right I I can't tell you how many games I watched with my grandfather pushed and tin foil around rather here and it has been made. You know and and and demand never had a chance to see him win you know. World Series and inept that it for its. We're very baseball family but that's not about me but I mean you're right that your comments about about we got a similar change this year. Had any intellect a lot of people and so some people that may not going to be tough but thanks for call Bob appreciate it. You know. Those naysayers that say well you know they beat the bad teams and you know can they get past the Yankees I mean that's still has the biggest question they get past the Yankees or can name they give back as the Houston Astros made it such an incredible. He would have three teams would over a hundred wins Red Sox have to play just. After the all star break a right around 500. Which I'm sure they'll do better than that because they have so many home games remaining and a shortages. These are better than that anyway but. Just around 500 baseball in order to get to a hundred wins. And 66 wins. Most they've ever had before the all star break here is. Mike in north Providence say Mike. I John you know by users are mobile ENENGB. I mean it yet. To really excellent they've chosen probable lineup without buy in particular. I want a lot about that is that. Milwaukee and JD basically insulate any from lefty like specialists. So he faces a lot of east facing more right handed relievers but he probably would otherwise. You could point to that tremendous way he'd. You know a manager from putting off having a lefty. Now. It's the and it's you know the cut the team's speed in particular has been used very well by core C. Head with regards. Whether certain they'll hit and run steal bases I mean what. Their right near the top. They are well they they believe he made yet they leave Major League Baseball and stolen base success rate senators tied tied for second in. In steals. You know so 83%. Is the percentage there. You know I. Personally with regards smears are between the iMac I think maybe. I respect eligible Lowery you know. And it is all star selection might replace them out of a market for us I don't know maybe they've done deals where he's in the past. But the number one meat from I think it shows up power lefty arm. Honorable enemy held a guy Sieckmann those pondering yeah no he's brought up. Yeah I mean I would I would definitely take immediate or exit. And with regards to just that. The ball and it has right now he's he's a guy like 20. As long as he's picked eat it he pitches from the inside the zone out. In other words if it four pitches dollars and ninety and 9900 mile asphalt. Don't be you know don't be yet fancy early in the count just get ahead you got four different pitches to make it right yet. What's coming just you know make sure you or strike. And then you can start dot dot you know inside or outside but the 99 that's all and when he tried the lead off a one that's needed to possible. Yet know deepens interest in good call Mike appreciated. And the Alley and it wouldn't cost so much a free agent after the season so he's one of that those guys have. Wouldn't cost as much in terms of prospects who wouldn't stake in these are got to control ardent get a ground ball outs. A lefty reliever that we saw last night strike out the side for Texas here's. Who's up next it's John and Cory Johnson. They were going to. What subjects. You know the home run obviously are recycled but you're. Hit the wall mold and it finally came out. When he hit that ball around the bases I have been waiting years for goalie you know what Bradley. Bennett candy that you all these young guys the core around. You don't see it to be delicate that's wilder race at all well and good but you know what. You bet well humbled at the core I. Actually feel like the guy was legitimately in gay look at our concern at all you are but I think you can walk. I think they'll put that on evidently Robert creation and I I think he's got a hole against the Red Sox went when his contract. I think David I Dave I tried to I don't know if they'll be able to do this again I'm sure after this season again try to document to be you know what every one type of contract and and it is interest it because. This team I mean they've got some guys coming up here I mean you know border guards and dads and and others as well Campbell's free agent after the season so. The whole thing comes off the books Moneyline eleven permanently put people every year caught a little help pay me to repair a couple media. Guys like that with the Yucca typically. Yeah. Well Hillary Ramirez is gonna be off the blogs. Right but it didn't make any. Now there has to paint me I think I think they are a couple but I don't and so I mean there's still played Pablo Sandoval. Yup they are but if you don't happen every day you got so you'll lose some but. Consider finally see that law a motion that that daddy it's like that impulse to live. You know not not cause acute that it. I was it was true African and it was genuinely joy coming in it was kind of funny as he was going up to first base can't jog up the first base who sold sent me almost. Turnaround in you know is looking over at the dugout knees. I was turnaround of fell down and in I almost slipped out. But it I want to see you know you get thrown out of the game from our Margarito but at saint Hewlett. Sometimes you wonder why can't ever get that. In bald like it was the world looked a reputable PH but but that was the first turn into out of all of although I bet group. And I can honestly sit there and take wild it was a Q emotional outburst that I've ever seen not any. Yeah I mean I think that it will of course amid out of high cannot no matter who you war even if you're the most serious moved events always does have a smile on his face. And ensued when a joy out there but. I don't know how any player no matter who they were if they're the most serious player ever. You know a thirteen at ten pitch grind it out too loud at bat in any at a Grand Slam. I don't know how you can not in your own terms of that and you know what else was nice to see Jill. And as a broadcaster anyway they did should David Price in the dugout and you could use he was happy about it to me a big smile on his face as well. I mean as he picked out tonight from what I thought it. He said you know I mean some say great I wouldn't say great but it was it was unnamed heck of lot better than. The last two starts that's for sure I mean it was step in the right direction as what it would. And like it's about a hard look at there was that certainly deterred and you know Earl Weaver hurled there but you know just once in awhile you just wonder if if if only it didn't get to that point you wonder why it is that's right you know. I I think it's an emotional game even though it a slogan you'll hockey but joke. There's still plenty of things that happen and that game will present you think you'd expect it seemed more emotion that you get out and and it. It was just night. Yeah and I think it's that he had no was nice to see there's the call John and I think it's the nature of the game to a minister Jawad season. But it was something dramatic like that happens yeah I mean I don't see I can you not you can not sure what a motion and that right here's Brendon and jaguar they Brendan. Very. Ought to be to get worse or anchor. And everything our parks on line. I'm certain there written by bodies and you know a proposal that I'm you know. It's one yeah out on the game. And long. Since you were sick here you know. It's am we'd still not. And you know the whole stadium stood up on nap in I don't know what it was thirteen fourteen straight through deeds that you. Yet thirteen eight. And we sit there calling you know one if you strike now. We know we you know we still got an acrobatic game. And we were going to be happy with that I. Will not. Go. He called one out of a stout. And. Announced dramatic as well as anyone you money too so iron ask you by fiat can add a feeling too. I I did anyway I'm like this team can't lose this game after test something like out. There. It it was so I've been out on your I've never Brett. I've never met with a group parties in the fourth inning of a soccer game in the attic but I honestly. It's great well and I'm happy enjoyed united fairway Brenda. Yeah you too thanks. And texture here says from. 860 in Connecticut I guess absolutely still pay Manny look at a brighter I could be rock wouldn't be the first time maybe they are still paying him deferred money and after. Look it up I mean I know. That they are still paying a problem sand evolved right now a duet of the Cox contracts appear wanna. Check out all the different salaries and baseball I do have that packet. The Red Sox in front of me in a breakdown of all different salaries he can find it online it's. Good stuff but I didn't see him. Many still in their book if it is still deferred money it would be against deferred money at this point maybe he's still playing overseas. I think he's stunning news in China for awhile he's on the the fighting dogs while. The theme of the team's effort and try to coach for the cubs music these. That is a video of the guys what is old is Manny knows about 47 or somewhere around there somewhere around there. Any as John Broderick says you'll find out all this information during the break we're up against here will continue to your phone call 6177797. Daddy 37. Also want to thank the outside post from a big daddy's restaurant brightened. First planned the crew pizza denied excellent stuff over there pizza and subs big daddy's bright. Our job right red sash review Red Sox two of the blue jays six to four tonight at Fenway we'll continue with your phone calls a. Bomb there wasn't a walk offer or anything of that nature will probably. Yeah you know it was a it was a very big moment that's that's the most excited. I've seen here on the baseball field you know there and there's home run in Milwaukee you know. I say its all time in policy don't see that emotion again from Milwaukee so became my day the way that it did today you know it was a good work force. That was a good one for David Price of the Red Sox prize gets his tenth win gives up three runs over six and of course the big blast. Was the bookie beds Grand Slam there that grind it out thirteen page at bad. As said the red sacks and a beating of the blue jays tonight and six to four at Fenway I did look it up during the break and events Tex as well. And that color was correct and Manny Ramirez is still getting deferred payments. To be exact two million. 3389. Dollars. So have the Red Sox traded Manny back in 2008 they still owed him 42 million so it's getting paid out in installments of roughly two million. Manny still playing baseball at 46 years old over in Japan. It's not the major leagues of Japan but he's still doing pretty good I guess is part of the contract out now I have heard this before sported a contract he gets a limited sushi. It's part of the deal. A lot of dead money's there with a Red Sox team I mean Allen Craig. Is still getting a million dollars for this is an Emmy Pablo Santa ball stands out big time. He's still getting paid out only this season but he's on the books for. Another season next year. 181455000. Dollars. So good to be him so there is definitely I mean we know the Red Sox can leave the league in dead money out of here. John Ryder witty recession view we get still got a couple of minutes here for. Couple of phone calls it 6177797937. You could texas' well. At 37937. Following me is Patrick Gilroy take your calls up until two way out so we'll be on a bed from midnight till till. Also some news out of the NBA I mean there was some talk recently that. There might be a possibility of Isiah Thomas going back to the Celtics are free agent but age reward should ask give ESPN reported that. Isiah has agreed on a one year deal with the nuggets. So. And Michael Malone the coach there was Denver he coached Isaiah in Sacramento. So Isiah Thomas agrees that a one year deal with the Denver Nuggets still nothing new on Marcus Moore what's going on their role get one more call in before he. At the break in get to patch do you Gilroy at the top of the hours Stephen Miami is Steve. I don't I. Great picture if you. Point out. This course every name but the question. This year and did your recent all the different type one. Marquee match left it open. Source shell shocked the technology. I as company group match to. The magic change it's been a big help as well hitting. Going after the prayers that he did not lay back and I think that's the age. Well. Just the it. Has become like. And that's what you put Detroit last year it was not leave. As we know. In the sense that you know he. Had that it is at the Orioles and. I don't know I mean I don't know how that factors so much and a leadership gas I that was so much of the talk Lester but I do agree with your points in terms of the infusion would. Amid I think this is a team that you know pretty much like C children deftly shows on the field and play well lot of talent here. 66 and 29 out ten straight for Red Sox this season ninth tenth straight. I doubt I'll do it for me John Ryder thanks security again Patrick Gilroy is up next thanks to a Tim toll for running things back there. A Red Sox ten straight win take down the blue jays 624 tonight at Fenway stay tuned. Go right up next here on W via. When I'm okay. How will be calm. India when the phone.