Red Sox Review with John Ryder: Worried about David Price, LeBron is a Laker- 7-1-18

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Monday, July 2nd
Red Sox Review with John Ryder: John takes calls from some disgruntled fans and ponders on why David Price can't succeed at Yankee Stadium. Ryder also takes a look at the Eastern Conference without LeBron James. 

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Which they hit exe swings and drive from the dead center fielder Jackie on the run jacket of the track the wall gone in Belmont park. There's homered for the second time that's five home runs given up like David Price tonight it is eight. Nothing you can and again I think that's just about it for days it comes down explorer out of the dugout again. And that was it. I was definitely had that was more than enough. You know and the misery David Price was just. There was awful tonight as he just get. Roughed up and obliterated by the Yankees he gives up the career high five home runs Aaron ex would too off of a price. Six ended up hitting three in the game the Yankees roll. 2111 victory over the Red Sox they're tied again for first place John Wright when you read sector view up until 1 AM here on WEEI you give us golf. What do you wanna get into the Red Sox when he wanna give in to LeBron signing with the lakers. Or the NBA offseason where the NHL offseason for that matter boy what a busy weekend in sports in this always traditionally. One of the busier weekends in sports now every summer. And of course is so many people out through this is one of the biggest weeks the weekend before. The fourth of July where people are taken vacations but. You know you get NBA free agency which starts at midnight traditionally on July 1 you get NHL free agency as well. And stars get busy in baseball till it weather's warm weather this. Whether I mean it was. Game time temperature in New York tonight was about 95 degrees. It was about a hundred during the day there in new York and would be suppose when I believe it tighter Juan baseball's. You see in more strikeouts and you're also seeing more home runs batted epic heat. And Chicago. For the weekend and there was tons of runs scored but it actually on Saturday to heat mandates. It for the cubs twins game was a 107 degrees. In a game by four players had to leave that game with the it. With the heat issues exhaustion issues whenever. It's so. You're seeing a lot of grand slams and I think today there was like four grand slams today. There's been a lot of home runs as we can with a hot weather across the country and of course there was lot of home runs tonight in New York where the Yankees ended up hitting sixth. As the get the David Price and you just can't do it against the Yankees. At a price since joining the Red Sox in 2016. Entering tonight of course these numbers jump up. 214 when a 742. Year rate in eight storage against the Yankees is start to think and you wonder or maybe just doesn't care you wondered. What does he would he have been better arrive. You know when he was a free agent after the 2015. Season wasn't as much money goes still a ton of money Saint Louis was offering David Price. Now. The lesser market but more hospitable fans the fans wouldn't beyond David Price is much there. He probably you know the media that that's as you know as a baseball fan that. Is is is it town. That no matter what's going on with their team good or bad and whatever is going out on an individual player good or bad. There's still gonna give him a pat on the back and aren't going to be hot Harlem. So you know you wonder if the price had his druthers what we have signed with Saint Louis where you know he would be getting his. Grilling from the media or the fans on top Obama and you know these you know the big rivalry red sex yankees everything that goes along way that. If this would be happening if he ended up signing here you know maybe just doesn't care like I'm getting my money. And jam going for the biggest money. I wonder what. You know he does we really and they're gonna need him or pay for some solid starts here and what's what's interesting too would would this Red Sox yankees. In a matchup for the rest of the year they won't be facing each other. Again until August 2 which is a four game series at Fenway that starts on Thursday it would also be interesting man. That's right after the nine waiver trade deadline on July 31. So. I'm sure the Yankees eleven different team they'll and added a starting pitcher and sure by manner. Prior to the July 31 deadline the names or hearing that more prominent names or hearing heard or. Who got roughed up for Toronto today against Detroit but is having a good season at ten informed. And he's really pretty much theories morgue is stroman has struggled this season. And another name they hear and possibly for the Yankees is Cole Hamels who also lost today. There roughed up and a loss to the White Sox pitching for the Rangers he's just four and seven this year Europe with a believe it's ratify the arena look at the numbers but something like that. You wonder if he just needs a change of scenery. If the Yankees did the Yankees will at a starting pitcher. It's going to be interest to see what the Red Sox and of doing they've historically had a bullpen piece I'm sure they'll do that. We'll see if they do anything in terms of I don't think the red sex Roger and try to add another starting pitcher yet he did probably joke about it after a crisis starts I've been out of I. I don't think that's gonna happen you can't rule anything I would Dave Dombrowski but I don't think that'll happen. Probably you know bill though try to get a bullpen piece guy for the seventh eighth inning and that's what they're the Red Sox will do. And some of that depends too and I know he probably eighty here in this but the health and status of Tyler Thornburg. Who's actually pitched well on salary of 123 inning getting up into the mid ninety's for Pawtucket. And I guess he's close to finally returning in making his first appearance. With a Red Sox now forever wouldn't shoulder injury that thoracic outlet injury. I John Ryder with the red sex real up until 1 AM 6177797937. You could Texas at 379837. Let's get to the phone calls and leading off in Idaho. He shot a shot. Hello idea on their Jon and get more than I mean gagged my answer technically knows. Thirteen minutes after doing it Allah I'm getting. They are right now David Grimes OK. I don't trust you at all cries because look here's what I look at when it comes to pitching against the Yankees rookies and obviously get it I mean I've been proud of the way he pitched. But when you watch them against the Yankees this seems like he is afraid to take that mound to pitch against them. I mean I had to shut the game and leave what it was seven adopting out site. Gosh and so prices and and we it's like the Red Sox paid you all that money and you have looked. Miserable when you have patched I don't know if there's tension in order books nerve. Or appeared just yeah I I think it's got to be tension John I really deal I mean what he sank. Yeah I do GO. I think that. It has to be. Notice it's something numbing as Beverly Center and if you look at his last nine starts heading into this seven and one with a 272 ERA allowed three earned runs or fewer. And each of those outings and and faced some pretty good teams remain. Angels have taken it did appear but they still have. The operas would Trout and pool halls and some others as well he has to win at Seattle which is a solid team which are very good team Houston which is the you know. Arguably the best team in baseball one of the top three at. So you know he he's got that's the point he's looked good the last couple starts but when he ever since he has signed with the Red Sox I mean he has just. It is so frustrating and disappoint watch him pitch against the the Yankees I'm like while I mean that teams spent all that money put him to be that took the BB eight a number out keydets. And I have been listening to your show right began whipped a Red Sox preview John I honestly think that the trade deadline will be interesting either the Red Sox are gonna go into the trade line and add another. Oracle go get a middle relief pitcher that would be okay it'll work maybe the seventh grade and I'm glad to hear the progress about Thornburgh I still believe the Red Sox. Definitely have what it takes to win the elites because you know something. All the listeners out here listening ESPN is garbage okay it is a biased network they are so. Kissing the Yankees but every time I go on there I mean it's typical and it's so sat one day yet can't you just necessarily pull the plug because it is a biased channel. And I'm sure it's already biased right now toward LA and LeBron signed with the lakers tonight and I don't even see the Celtic Laker rivalry back to even not talking about Christ's. I had done that guy area shine and thanks for guides. Tough for me that's my other employers so it's complete text I just real boredom for another year it's a neck and a jump ball over that. But. The that the Henne have. But he had terms of the subsidized side intakes in because John have a good night of Florida Idaho. But I saw we are. It just flashed across the street and screen. TV screen news because he has yet. That the Celtics. And lakers now quarterly is latest odds out of the Vegas the whiskey biggest super book as. The lakers is it in Celtics tied at 5220. As the second best odds to win the NBA championship golden state of course the best sides still loses top team favored to win the NBA championship as about Cleveland has dropped to 501. We're in Cleveland obviously is heading back into the lottery NBA thoughts are fine as well along with a Red Sox that's Europe. Red Sox tribute take yep but no 1 AM after the Yankees and a pounding the Red Sox eleven of one here's. All in Westfield. And when we do to us. And now when we do this are in a ball. It. Yeah well you know they've they've they've changed things up here with the with a screen. Even though I've been here since last year but I'm almond -- AD when it comes technologies. And otherwise other things as well. Used to say tracking right around record don't get apple Oakland yeah I AM yep that's me that's me sunny day and the at the other day then. KJ yeah I'm not price Dutch shell will call him up tonight let's not sell the farm and have too much of an over reaction that we showed them last night you know put you just had some probably. Cleveland done edit to the lottery they're pretty much not the team anymore. Clearly. Pageant 26 million a year for years a hundred corporal for years they hope they get their money's work. By the way he played this year to have at least one or two more good years but there's no way can do he did. In Cleveland. Which are grouped in LA in a. Yeah I think barring any significant injury much like last season if it's a carrier Irving injury or. A significant player I think the Celtics are the overwhelming favorite to win now if Philly acquires. Quiet letters that would make things a little more interest and there and of course you know who knows how he plays coming back from that quad injury of course he's had a lot of time to rest and rehab that quad injury because his teammates with the spurs that he was. And is the and the coach and the GM RC Buford that you know cool I was ready to go so. Obviously. They've they've got to do I deal him and the spurs that are you know I know the comparisons they've always been there with the patriots on the run things but. They're they're good coach to go for the best deal that I kind of just try to appease quiet Leonard said about the lakers which is a rival west team. But byes they'll think even with Cole why I would still give the Celtics an edge in the east if Philly was able in quiet I don't think Washington. Or Milwaukee. Or Toronto but it throws going nowhere I mean they can that they can and I guess reports are that. Everyone is up for grabs on a Toronto team and a potential trade Kyle Lowry to more DeRozan others as well. So anyone is in the build those. Is that they've had their run and they just can't get out of the playoffs we can't get continuously beat by LeBron in the sec round of course the bronze now in the west but. I think I I think I mean the Celtics easily hear the favorites in the east. Yeah yeah a certain age I can imagine Toronto's coach coach of the year and the art of a week later about the broad thought he'd go and. A three ring circuit. Yeah in general right in Washington at Washington Milwaukee. Retief teams that have talent but really don't fit well together with the talent that they have. So are you. And a degree creek was all that bad this year remembered by Evan billiard going to be hungry they all have a different attitude LeBron. And it's not the LeBron Cleveland division anymore it's open they're going to be hungry and go and out. Yeah I'm sure they'll be hungry but I'm not too concerned about it and I'm really not that there's blood for the cause always ball. I aside the other day Washington made a deal they trade more Sheen Gortat the sport of a deal with the clippers for a Austin rivers dockside. Virginia and there that would before let's get right let's go to Mike in north Providence in my. Hey hey Dylan isn't done yet you know with the carts the the Celtics I and it. I think it's it's it's it's not just the fact that they the class the east it's a fact that it now now the west and even tougher. So these guys it is wary tomorrow even more in house kind of like you know chip away at each other. And I look at the Celtics you know possibly. Maybe you know haven't. That's short in the NBA next year at the party you know right to report also. Without LeBron here and you know that put them and a critic of an 88 you'll need to one really wet uncut cup series now that Obama. I yeah I know I agree I mean I think that they should have one of the best records if not you know. Right here neck in neck with a Golden State. Yeah in. Honestly you know I love it I just look the way to eat for this team together. I think the Robert Williams now crafts and I know that kid's got a little bit of let us know waking up on time cooperate now put the. I meant easy to it today missed a flight. Malia for the for the start of the summer league. That that's that's minor stuff on it he goes I'm you know you watch a plate here on the games that guy right makes an impact. Yeah well you know he would have been a higher. Pick I guess if I teams are a little bit worried about what's just happened over the past few days it was work ethic the talent is here. According to whatever would say but the worried about the work ethic but. Oh please you know Stevens in a while you Jay Larranaga is coach in the summer team but you know Stevens will be out theories of basketball not me you know Danny Ainge will be out there as well. During the Vegas summer leagues so. Well see I'm not gonna I'm not gonna say that it's yeah it's way too early to say all right this is going to be at a disaster and a boss. Well I think what Emmett in that have been out work ethic payments if you get your act together our schedules right. And then being at the right place right time I think they once he's got I think once he shows up. Everything's fine thank fated to be seen to be happy. Here and he's practicing you know page it's one of these things where. Yeah you need more structure. I think it will you watch ticket on the floor he plays really hard right. As for the most part we've Sunnis certainly played well term. Which is what matters to me. You play well on national television that statute yeah. A good sign. And at night and in the end and is twenty years old so you know well I'll give them a pass for now on the Celtics are for now but I think you know opened for not too many more scrubs down the line radiate an SEC is actually. You know the SEC always known as a football conference has couple years including this past season. What basketball. On the Alabama was a very good team of course on sex to get drafted by Cleveland dummy you've always connected to hockey there but he used to be Kentucky no one else. But don't Texas a and M put together a good season. So. Yeah I think remain with the guards and the important is that to get elected resigning. It's like a plug in play bad. Eat east basically facilitating all the potential what you got your dog sent her. In Bain straight you've got the athletic like Al you guy. And Williams now I mean obviously I'm open date you meet certain side curt here it's a mark up four year deal and white. Could wreck I actually couldn't solid player. And it would be nice to have him around here kind of as bench step going forward especially you know I think it's likely carry on next year. That the Latin out of Baghdad at as a backup shooting guard Cory bird the Smart. Yet the very bird yeah I mean you're gonna need to have people like. Unity that people that are paid not that much money are complete defense. And kind of sit and parole. And you know when you have the playoffs look like we're gonna be playing about twelve say Eric. That well we'll see I'm not gonna go that for he had amid let's see how much Ronnie gets a meeting did or Leone last season so. I I haven't let that could think Adam on the two way I think we're actually. In the very first time that it went on the on the floor it was against that we. And JJ Redick was go crazy and Byrd shut down I'm like oh we dissect this guy is actually good. And I picked itself is so like always respected the so the app understand. As. That's who we deal now other teams could go bad on him and I don't think they wanted to show him to watch. After they realize it yet again. Well and they also had rosier playing so well so they didn't need him you know element. And they said that they had to say hey you know I thought they went a ball from behind tried I don't watch too. Because. It is a restricted trade are now. And it he at other pain so late partly picabo like you know in the case happy. Back when he was undrafted you know region and the jazz got Adam. And then you know after that residents used he got paid a lot of money. You know guys because they want this sort of like a million dollars a year or lack. On a four year deal. We should be perfect for them that they don't wanna pay money you want these peripheral bench guys now make it that much money at all considerably winter bird or. Well one thing definitely might go around digs up your bid to the you know Danny Ainge it's calculated I mean Danny Ainge Brad Stevens everything is calculated they're trying to. Plan you know one year read two years ahead I mean of course you know they him. Have to roll whatever is happening but yeah Abbott in terms of they've got a plan for every player on their roster they definitely do I mean there's mortar organization. I saw for the call Mike appreciated or up against a break. Cleared out some of the phone lines get to more your 10617779793. Several words whether it's LeBron tacked to the lakers. Or David Price. Getting crushed by the Yankees is. New York with the eleven of one around tonight in the Bronx to take two out of three. What everyone I get into 6177797937. You can text us as well. 379837. As Jenrette with the red section view of the till 1 AM here on WPI. Jenrette a bag with the red sacks review taking up until 1 in the morning here on this says Sunday night after centenary baseball in the red says he rolled by the Yankees. Eleven a one in the story this one as what was over. Really quick I mean. Yet Louise severing this is almost exactly like last night the opposite and have never seen. And only years wash of Red Sox yankees. Were a series is kinda like this may Friday night. It was absolute blowout for the Yankees 821 as Eduardo Rodriguez did Abbott now was over early. Last night it was overly he had Raphael devers and his Sonny gray last night was similar to what David Price was tonight and well actually there's similar against the rivals. Price and a Red Sox uniform cannot be. The Yankees in grainy yankees uniform cannot beat the Red Sox they both have terrific numbers against the respective teams and both were big acquisitions. It's. Grade through trade with Oakland price of course is a free agent signing but. One of the reasons they were assigned to was because of this rivalry and you both have just. Melted in these says store it's against the respective teams but they issue a mean that in the Yankees fans are born great last I'd big time but. Gray actually had some sarcastic comments with the media and and as a little bit more been more appeasing an ad men or hasn't done anything stranger says anything weird we're as the prices been the complete opposite and as some warmed himself up to the Boston fans whatsoever. And and the Red Sox will still need David Price of they're gonna come out on top of this alias to now again tied I mean it's amazing. Ever since may first the Yankees and red a Red Sox have not been separated by more than two games in the division it's incredible. Another bag tied again. And the residents have a tough series coming up Washington. And Washington and it is been underwhelming this season they were the favorites in the NL east right now six games back. And of Atlanta which is so a surprise Atlanta and Philadelphia to the surprise teams of Phillies beat the nationals 43. In thirteen innings today in Philadelphia but three game series now which really over a two and a half days stand. If direct force elegance Max Scherzer who's been dominant who's who's the leading Cy Young candidate and nationally leads the and elevate to a four year raid. So we've got data on Monday night's vote. Tough opposition after a Sunday night game and and find out to DC elated 705. For his pitch to more and I'm and then on nine Tuesday. Weird story 10605. Start time Brian Johnson getting the spot start. It's ten or Rourke who has struggled and then Wednesday. The fourth of July game is an 11 AM game much like patriots day Marathon Monday here at bust with the release stored time. Nationals ever since their existence in DC. Have had a special fourth of July story time in the nation's capital 11 AM that's Eduardo Rodriguez against the Washington rookie. Erica affinity. So that's the pitch match for the histories but you know eat you felt like sale was gonna Brees last night after devers had that Grand Slam. They're really jump start the Red Sox offense. Gray was one strike away from retiring the side the first in the JD Martinez would that he's single and Moreland I believe was with a walk. And a bowl guards had as a single other endeavors with the Grand Slam. And then the Red Sox rolled to the eleven not a victory sale that was the best start of ever seen him in a Red Sox uniform tonight was one of the worst sorts of ever seen from David Price. In a Red Sox uniform just getting hammered didn't have it. Didn't seem to wanna be out here seem low he and lethargic in just taking forever painfully. Forever between pitches on the flip side Louise Severino just fine grain away. Re working really quick. Dominant fastball over a hundred miles per much like sale and a devastating slider. And Severino scatters to hits over six and two thirds scoreless. With six strikeouts sale was still more dominant as Severino but those are two of the best pitchers in the majors and it wasn't too long ago it was. You know 20142015. Where David Price was considered among the premier pitchers in baseball that's not the case. Two at investors sale of Severino I still up I would rank him as we're talking on the pregame show rob Bradford about this. And he ranked. America league starters. I would go with the sale as the best of the American League. Followed by Corey clover of Cleveland that goes Severino. Of the Yankees and then probably. For a Lander although he's cabinet I think that. And Verlander down his thirties. I think he's started a run out of gas a little but he struggled in his last few starts he lasted Tampa Bay the other day and I am sure he can probably pick it back up. I wonder if he's Houston's best starter right now. Like give that nod to Gary Cole they've damn good starting rotation. Best of baseball I woods I would say but to you know I I've. Overlaid a baby that long post season and have to work as much and ran out of global steamy here midway through the season but Severino is one of the best and and probably the leading candidate right now. For American League Cy Young. Award winner won 980 array which is the best in the majors are at 6177797937. You could texas' well. 37937. John Ryder Whittier on red sex review up until 1 AM back to the calls here's Blair in Maine who Blair. School or not. Did. Actually you know this is. And said that David French is actually get you know do so. Which indeed reprise tonight is. Well I'll live where what cities do now should he actually quit playing video games since that's the case that. He actually was playing video games sorry he is. I page. Carpal tunnel carpal tunnel might be part of what's going on with them I don't know. I don't know I I and CNN I mean he's been dominant. He's pitched very well over his last several swords heading into the night so I don't think videogames are carved. On the video games or carpal tunnel has anything to do these free dubbed by the Yankees are made. Freaked out by the Yankees because they're so good. While they are very good team and it's a very good lineup I mean that's why there's a call Blair that's why you would think that. You know that that's what makes Chris sales store at last night more impressive Italy's Severino start tonight so impressive in Severino historically has struggled. Against the Red Sox his group but is much different countries matured quite have been still only 24 years old. No gave him some tips in the offseason has read about fellow Dominican Pedro Martinez. And out and you know really mixes pitches and mix speeds and everything else and it's you know his hero Severino is your Pedro understandably so. And Severino is just great tonight. You know I think as Chris Sale goes and has Louise Severino goes to the Yankees or Red Sox go for the most part but it's us against only David Price throws going to be Purcell O. To continue to pitch well. And they're gonna win with their starting pitching and offense from bets in more Tina's. And hopefully complemented. By Raphael devers who started to pick it out. You know I still can't count on Jackie Bradley. That much killed you know he'll gore one of those hot streaks but you know they'll come to an end. And multi count on him for consistencies Zander Bogart's. Would still like sealed the more power out of him. Bennett's Andy's been productive. So you know those are the keys for the Red Sox 6177797937. He could text as well. 379837. John grounder with the Red Sox review up until 1 AM. So LeBron James agrees to a four year 153. Point three million dollar contract with the lakers after spending. This entire fifteen year career. In the Eastern Conference the last forum with Cleveland and its two Grammy thanked the fans in northeast Ohio in the special time in Cleveland I wouldn't. I wouldn't write off and I wonder. And it's been a weird relationship between LeBron in the cavs owner Dan Gilbert who issued a statement as well tonight thinking abroad including of course street. Historic 2016. Championship Rhonda. That they had coming back from my first team to come back from 31 deficit and a finals as they ended up beating Goldstein Chris carrier ring with a big shot and a series. Led to. You never can rule out a LeBron Cleveland port 32 that potentially happen when he went whose I think that. You know as much. As much of a basketball decision I think this who was from abroad. This was a family maybe even more so a family decision in a business decision I think from abroad. I LeBron the bronze kids go to school allowed the Southern California area he has two homes out there. My guess is he probably as one in Beverly Hills or some posh area of of Southern California and improbably a beach house in Malibu a pro go build a third for family and friends out there. But you know. He has his business empire he's working on much like Tom Brady does. And Los Angeles while he gigantic market lakers more Kieft franchise. And you've got one of the biggest salesman's salesman Everett Magic Johnson pitching and we must be jumping for joy tonight. Self and his who is wife lives out here you know I mean I have huge kids at Cleveland spent time with a but. You know while while with the cavs put his kids drug German that's his primary Allman residents. Is out here in a Los Angeles area so I think I'm sure his wife and even said it would be no family would be a big as part of its so. True that support a bit. Known in. He's gone back to fire currently constituted the way the lakers look he's not headed back for the finals. This season. Community would require Leonard I think Golden State Houston are still better or used in it a key for them as well how many they reside Chris Paul. Pretty banged up of course you know went out with a head injury. During the west finals. And James Jordan just gonna continue to improve on sure. A clean Capellas a key for them as of freeagent to bring back if throughout the gonna wanna go up against a Golden State. I'd 6177797937. You can. Text us as well 37937. And just get distracted by this text. Sloan Texan don't forget about Blake's now having a very special year despite playing for a terrible team that's right. Going snell limited for Tampa Bay housed him today. Or for 500 would that team and it's amazing. So that's surprising but. I would still put you know snell well past the Severino sales Hoover's of the world but he is having a very. Solid season has emerged as your race is still just kiddies like 2324. Right room feel on the four lines here at this hour we've got one more segment to go your phone call 6177797937. You can text us at 37. 937. Also hear from David Price what he had to say. After this disastrous start tonight in New York will do that up next emirates I. Your view on WEEI. It's nice view final segment here John right away the up until a little before 1 AM 6177797937. Princess Cape Coral by the Yankees eleven to one and I'd so Sox or yankees now tied again for first place Bailey is the story this one was. David Price struggling against the Yankees again gives up a career high five home runs eight earned runs on nine hits over three and authority. It's a pretty much right away he gets retired the first better earnings than Aaron judge and an Edsel bomb off on the deep center field. Bradley lead but there was no wake Scott catch that and any other can be some cheap piece of cheap home runs they yankees stadium but. Tonight there were some absolute blast off price no doubters that would have been gone and and he stays stadium in Severino breeze much like price did last night no runs onto its six strikeouts over six and two thirds from. Three blowouts. Yankees take two out of three in the series. And it's this is going to be a big neck inequities teams for the remainder of the season. Room the other flies 61777979837. You can text us as well as 37937. Also a couple of you know obviously LeBron James that's dominating their dues of the sports world. Signing with the lakers the four year deal out there where that way you figured it was either Cleveland or LA where it was going. And there was talk about potentially Philly but I didn't see that I mean I think he was concerned Howie. I'd fit in you know bands Simmons a playmaker doesn't shoot how would also fit in with the indeed as well on that team. Now that he really wanna live in Philly may not that you know Cleveland in a breeze from the year. He wanted to be on LA with his family were is with his kids go to school. And also for marketing reasons some shore along with a basketball reasons and business reasons and family reasons. Why LeBron chose the lakers. The signature franchises well what's crazy now is that six of the eight all time leading scorers have played for the lakers. Kareem Karl Malone Kobe Bryant now you can add a blind to enlist the seventh all time Shaq and of course Wilt Chamberlain as well. Two will get in a phone call your free Canada's second we're also gonna. Here's a sample of David Price what he had to say is well after he got roughed up to nine. In terms of NHL free agency no big surprise. That. John Tavares well. And didn't sign your boss I didn't think it was happening here with the with the Bruins I thought it was between the islanders and the Maple Leafs he's in Toronto kid. And he goes to the Maple Leafs could get more money with the islanders. But he goes in the may police and I can understand that I mean being a Toronto kid not been on the Toronto OK Adam. From the Syria and but him being a Toronto kid SATA with a maple is the Maple Leafs Ehrlich you know Boston can send with a Red Sox or were you know one of the Celtics or whoever. Our own state get a phone call before may Koran appear shortly. Marcus in Boston and Marcus. Say I don't you know we. Good. Just call about I heard early on the actress and best rotations also in this Arctic I think the Atlanta Braves area pretty yeah. Good rotation bench young kids down there. It should be talked about. They'll have bought some cage on nuke. Yeah well you know it's funny about this John Newcombe kid he grew up about ten minute at his house where you grow up as about ten minutes from where I grow up. And Attleboro mass I grew up in lake Phil but it's the next town over. Let. Yeah I know you and you know it was you could tell he had jitters bitchy boss to buddies had a perfect season with them. Yeah I know they they have it I wouldn't put it in the nationalist I by the Braves stat because when Tyson by the Braves here in Boston since they've been in Boston. He says they were in Boston in the fifties but. He had that though they have a very good staff who have to run in in new come and fault in a bitch and forget the rest their guys but yet have a pretty good staff I still think Washington Wednesday division. Why do you think that's outlandish. Now Anderson I think. Austin's been hurtful Atlanta's been up pretty odd lately that people sweet and series at one interior they're they're. The league division currently. Yet they are three games are tough image swept the cardinals in Saint Louis I didn't expect braves tied to nine but you know. You know these are your braves fans. Armey. What made. At Akron and then I killed them. They both Ed thanks for the call. And Marcus. Were clearly committed I guess well do we even have time for David Price at this point I don't think we do. Quite yet all right. All right quick SoundBite from David Price what he had to say. Through a lot of homers and it was a moment that put us. You know down four and one person and it's. Known to climb trees in the college. Please. From the waters here. The limits of us on us enough so we'll. Put some good swings on. But I felt like a pretty good pitches. It's ten and one point. Two. Certainly there really do it as it. You do so now straight to the point you know used terrible tonight also you know lastly before we make our way out of here what are rob it. Rub salt in the wounds move it was tonight for Aaron Boone to put a role this Chapman in the game. With a one out in no eleven nothing game and a ninth you know that was just rubbing salt in the wounds to catch the Red Sox. It bring it bring in Chapman and in that game just to get some work. All right that doesn't for a sex real. LeBron is now a Laker. In a Red Sox. You're crushed by the Yankees eleven of one that was the story of the night. Here in Boston thanks for Tim telly one of the things factored two and a great job I'm John Ryder I'll talk to you tomorrow night of good. Pregame and post for Red Sox nationals start today and have a good look.