Red Sox Review with Ken Laird - 5-6-2018

Boston Baseball
Sunday, May 6th
Ken breaks down the Red Sox 6-1 win over the Rangers but also gets into the Bruins crushing Game 5 series-ending defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Lightning. 

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Excuse Red Sox will view on WEEI. Sister prior incidents. They're right there you go back I'm sorry you look at it. Have taken away. Personnel. I have my today dial 6177797. Tiger Red Sox take care of business today the Bruins do not it's a Red Sox review but I get a feeling this is gonna be a little bit of a Bruins. Review a hiding here with you until 7 o'clock tonight. You can join the party at 61777979376177. And 9793 said the Red Sox. Outstanding Chris Sale date in Arlington to take three out of four from the Texas Rangers. Couple more home runs any big theme of your for the Boston Red Sox sixteen home runs in their last seven games. Andy right now are headed for a big showdown with the Yankees who also came back to a four nothing deficit walked off. The Cleveland Indians they just played 21 place teams in the Astros in the indians'. And one bowl series and won fifteen out of sixteen they're just on an amazing streak right now Tuesday through Thursday should be a lot of fun. I'm for clean off your Bruins stand. You do not have any games coming up the Bruins eliminated. Lost four straight. Go abroad and Martin caught a gentleman sweet they did he never heard that term before this NHL playoff series began. But there was some talk about that the Bruins. Had given up the first games Toronto rating on to Leah legitimacy of the it was the first in the trauma remembered more anyway. General sweep was the first woman to come back with an export. On that's what happened in this one. And Tampa. Clearly. Kick some ass here in the last four games with help from the officials analyst at it was a big talker after the game four and a loss for the Bruins. At TD garden. On game two is well. But again today the five on five production just not there I'm watching the Red Sox primarily today. Watching the Bruins out of the corner of my side but you score one goal that pretty much says it all and it just judging from the social media reaction you tell me if you watch the bees game. On the five on five play. Obviously severely lacking for the Bruins throughout the series they win nine straight periods a lot of five on five goal. 140 plus minutes. I've action. Either. There's not a power player was short hander in cases of Friday the shorthanded goal. Do you take the lead momentarily before the some would say the officials. Took await their lead late night game. And they lose four straight not like they got. In Paris in any single game with the exception I guess of game three big garden that's going to be the one that sticks out. Because she fell behind two nothing early. I'm really both home games three and four at the garden. Where this series was lost when you look back comedy Felder to nothing deficits in the first ten minutes both those games. They had to chase. Big time on not. Wednesday in game three it just could not do not come out from that whole Tampa is a pretty effective team when they get lead and they applaud click that night Friday game four was a game they're really had to have and the Bruins. With help from the officials no doubt about it. No help from the officials I guess you'll put that weight could not get out of that hole in the Bruins dropped that one. In overtime. And it felt like the series is over but the other thing that you'll surprised me about the Bruins this was a team all year where resiliency was their calling card. Any never seemed to be able to never seemed to have adversity strikes in the cost too much to overcome. So in the case of you know going through injuries this year to Bergeron to marshy and the various players. They were always able to overcome it every time I didn't and avoid long losing streaks the only adversity. That really eat you what you thought okay this is not a good way to finish it in Los gaining 82 with a chance at that time. To take the Atlantic Division league seceded that to Tampa. And instead of what may have been an easy five game series like can't add around one against Jersey. They had to go seven games with the leafs. They come out of that series victorious. But afterward. They're forced to go toe to toe the Tampa team that had an easy five game series and even the old Boston was the better team in round one perhaps that cop with them over the course this year's that's an easy excuse to make. But it's one that's has some I think truth to a the other truth is. Right now it's tough to say here's take samples are clear better team. And for a while I watched Brian McDonough after the trade deadline. And you look like the big pick up the from the Rangers the big defense prospect. Who went for pretty a pretty expensive price the Bruins were in autumn. But they decided it was too much to pay Tampa decided we're going for it. They're gonna pay the price and they got Brian McDonough in and it sounds like Ryan McDonough had a very very good game today. For the lightning is a lock it down in game number four. They eliminate the boroughs by a final three to one or two to one game that with an empty netter became three to one. So McDonough makes a difference what Mollison done. But I gotta say I'm very surprised surprised first of all before the series started on what cy said Bruins seven thought they had a pretty nice matchup against Tampa. In the regular season this year there were three DaJuan going back the last couple years that's not been a team. That they dated Paris by effective had the upper hand. It's a good matchup in a lot of ways because Chara and back the boy can take out stand coast encounter off at even strength. And for much of that series they did that. But very surprised that they when gay ones 620. And then afterward. It becomes. Hitless third line of radiant point line which idea of the series became the top line and we're real call first line third line. They were playing against. Bergeron and mark Sheehan for a lot of the series. And they had the better the five on five played Brayton point scores again today on a breakdown like Kevin Miller mean you could see data the replay that is a brutal giveaway in the second period. Which turns tables and out. Ties the game one sample would later score on the power play. To go up to one GT Miller I understand it was controversial long call in I hate shot JT Miller could have been the box against an officiating but. Bottom line is you got no production from the Rick Nash line. Dave ProLogis series were Tesla played against Inco subtle dig expected in the score. Portugal's. Even strength but. Dahlia one over the course of a four game stretch. Unable to do so. Losing Torii crude a big blow obviously you lose some your firepower on the on the back end. But does still no excuse to not come up with a five on five goal. For the last you know better talk with a nine periods plus so that is tough way to go out for the Bruins. And I I don't love expectations were legitimately like you some of the odds before the series began were brewers are like the fifth favorite to win the cup. It seemed excessive to me. Just that it's here the NHL where there you know there and does not obvious favorite so I guess you could understand it. I didn't think there was a clear best team in the east. And if they would have matched up with the capitals in the conference finals anyway. That's not a matchup that historically you like. What. If they would have gotten Pittsburg. I think that would have been a possibility of a pretty good matchup for. This first down 32 and a series right now so. I don't know maybe you avoided yourself some embarrassment at the hands of alleged in the capitals of you wanna try to hated Fuzzy outweighed but. Very surprised bottom line to see liberals go off four straight. Didn't ever want it's not push back. In Tampa expect to be like the easier matchup I mean I sort of felt like regular season would be different in the post season once. A lot of hockey people wanted to and as the match. Well here's the property they play Tampa three times late in the year so it was tough to get a real gauge it was all. Bunched into the final stretch of the season. You liked to seen kind of the of more fair sample I guess over the course of the year. It was good or a cup final four years ago in Iraq conference finally X three years ago so recently with a lot of the members of the team that are still there. This is a good Tampa team there's no doubt about that. But I would agree with you as far as that matchup goes. I thought they were a better match at the Toronto the Toronto a delicate and first and taking the seven it was that Molly there were a pushover analysts had done. But outside while like Toronto they just had as far as personal matchup -- not as good a defense that's for sure. But they they at forwards who could match up with the Bergeron line. Actually before he was suspended. And it turns out can't it was a pretty good match at center I didn't think break point at decision. The third line center at the end of the lightning did not think he had this him. But by the end of it he's the star he is he is the story. So these fans what your thoughts on this 6177797937. ID field but going out four straight does it put. A significant spin on how you felt about the bruins' season this year because before the year began if you want or 1 o'clock this was thought to be a bubble team. So if you would have asked Bruins fans before the year began coming off the loss to Ottawa in round one last year. What are your expectations are you would've said round to seven game series win over Toronto. Almost the division title. Okay. But that all changed big time. As the year went on ends. You gave up. Pretty good prospect and a first round pick for Rick Nash. And I defended Nash to a point he was good in game one but. He did not deliver. Any include. To the point of what you expected from in this series and games two through fire just no way around. I was thinking for a while the Bruins might bring Nash back. And it is a free agent now you would consider may be signing I think the Bruins have nine million cap space. There's no way he's got right now. Beyond he'll he'll play somewhere I guess he wants to please a shell of what he was when he was forty Eagles score. And maybe that was the difference in this series trade deadline you would for Nash he did deliver Tampa with for right McDonna. He was excellent by all accounts today against the Bruins top line. Bergeron. Marsh and and posture and those guys didn't deliver either. The lone goal today from Craig T on the power play but. In big games and in desperation game if you look through your best players the scores well I really have to go back and watch clips start to finish to give you know a better assessment how they played of the consolidate delivered either today souls kind of it's just the weird way to go out for the Bruins. Very strange. It's just eat you know I would think it would classified for the Bruins is it's still the beginning of the year it's not like. V windows closing for the source not. It's at the end of the world Europe these fans back it's still pretty good season. But leaves a bad taste in your mouth the marshy and stuff is going to be. I guess that soccer for the offseason I don't think there's any chance they would. Wanna move on from march it some people were suggesting that yesterday after a lick I know what those people that's. Crazy talk Brad marsh is one of the ten best players in the league. Hands. I don't think there's any way you would entertain getting rid of in all of these heart solely your team and what's made a top one of the best one hockey but they didn't prove it in this series. Marshy and clearly had some thirty moments. When pushed. And so now. I guess is organization you have to decide whether were all in committed the martian virtual time think it would be. And then you just wait for the next wave of LT come because they do have some pretty good young players Ryan Donato played the last two games of the series didn't really. Parity for question. Again not having seen. Most of this game out of the quarter my guy I saw the not a little bit didn't sound like he was a major attack in the putting him up with a Rick Nash. Preaching line at least the start. So. You know that's that's young player you expect to make big leaps and in season two. Charlie Mack envoy at a pretty rough series actually almost all things considered. It's his first full year and got a little cup of coffee last year but he'll be bettered your Q but it Brandon Carlo back. Was on some moral force back to Carlson lot of young guys assistance addition we'll see in him. They're gonna have four or five rookies again next year who were flirting with playing. Lots. Char is going to be older probably last year for Chara. Bergeron solar these guys get into the thirties now martians. As a lot of mileage on it ends. That's the type global player just it again there's an incident or two with an every year so it wears on you at exit as the fan base. You you can deal would it when he's the annaly player he wants idiots great player. I only betrayed him. Only the windows anywhere near closing blocked. They're gonna have to hope that the next wave. What's in speed on this team like Tampa's got because that break point line. Controlled the series when all is said done he had Tyler Johnson who's been around for a bit now we'll you'll former part of that triplets line. Axel line the speed at Tampa evident much better on the Blue Line had been McDonnell. And you know it's not even a goaltender issue and it's yours Grassley find what I saw the end today. Ice you know all he's going to be Blaine about what they do whatever they give up. But I think this was editing were Tuukka Rask. Is even in the conversation is wanted goats in the series now they have lost around want to Toronto absolutely and a big two it's not but none out. It's more of flow. The depth to your story and and I guess a little bit of the top line failed to deliver today's docket Bruins here for a bit. You wanna waited till 7 o'clock we turn over of Sunday night baseball at that time gives above 6177797937. Can learn also its course officially Red Sox reviews will take the Red Sox lots of you one as well preview that New York series. Coming up six the one Boston Chris Sale pretty big day if your socks and the cease sail back to delete four he had been good directory today he was great outstanding slider fastball touching 99. But the slider was back to peak form that is that is huge news is I was actually wondered if he was. Had some medical issues this guy's been incredibly durable throughout his career but. Gotta wonder how long a guy can go with now and it's open it's a little bit wrong today he had a back dated to the cold weather whatever. Back to really Chris Sale today. You'll pitch against the Yankees. David Price is in their Wednesday. Conversely he is not right he got rocks. Eleven to five earlier this week was final that game. And now lost the royals and he's talking to Chris Mason law. Media member. About adding cold chronically cold fingers so he's gonna go Wednesday. If he gets shelled in the Bronx Wednesday it could be a pretty ugly reaction from socks to answer on talk radio Thursday but that's ahead. And the look for that series obviously with the Yankees prodigy could be fifteen of sixteen right now lop. And now the Red Sox bring some low power there on the couple world runs today. Bottom of the order delivering it been as well also Bruins Red Sox both on the tables go to timberwolves to a start saw here on not Red Sox are united. Don't kid. Well as it could start our goal was to initiate and to stand yup well I don't get what liberal and won the first Jewish game tops. They're machinery went five years while. It ice track. The only time and the Roland state at one and top. It's what they put any Irish. Option people. Track most intimidating. Hockey team where he went to try and play. What I call I wish to play hockey are certain that style hockey they are networks show actual normal day what's exceptional. It treatment alone the fear and basically built up over the years. People my. There aren't sure shell arc and it gently poorest in the chapel you know it is changed because you can days at the time or that he didn't elect. People want quality passionate about how cynical style. I'm not try to go be. I try I'd be watching anything. And I didn't watch one mattered today in Atlanta nor was gonna happen I watching the game and mysterious but I saw him on the wall. So you think what'd you think they were not physical enough do you think there were. All night and I'll get by weaker in light and that you can't make. Chart ought not so let's and that pockets. 00 did you shall Stroud in much of them. Our seats watching it in post around obviously charity it looks a lot right. The came in general you know it I took part. I'd call it shock the hawk. In fact the whole week I try to limit it's a challenge from an. Also why issue by an issue stole it to where it is in the late William in most market out here. It. Out shortly ability used to play. Emeril quick outlets senior you're wrong they were out it's not for the snatched you don't watch and today but you know what the narrative is going to be around the NHL is that they. Are not fast enough to compete with Tampa that's when people are gonna say that they're too they have too many plodding players like Backus and Chara at center. It tried to sit next to it and it doesn't work at Bible are not too well actually doubled checked it. It's not your fault this year these last few days ago I don't know it's a plate. To let alone in these games by five vaults. He makes an attack say. It and we'll all be wishy got the ball. Thought he checked the east games so don't blame him. A teen beat if you look at how salt. Track this console. And unloads. And the odd day. Judge your own child. A market slack play basketball. And then sit there and turn it can't say they're determination. On the rights. Well I Tim on August say that's a bad comparison because that's going to be comparisons brought up frequently while the Bruins have the heart of the Celtics because we've seen. Right now a Celtics he knows the league on an incredible little run here. But let's just compare the opposition McCain play and the sixers. The war he tragically bad franchise recently had an immediate for coach and Benson is he's not ready yet there is a good franchise OK you lost to a very good hockey team. One that right now. Got Ryan McDonald rolling on the Blue Line and they're going to be a tough out for the capitals of the penguins. In fact I would see their favorite in that series in a propaganda in the cup finals so you may have lost the eventual champions here. So it's not. But in terms of going out four straight that is surprising. In terms of you wanna say not enough resilience and push back I am very surprised they went out. Fairly quietly in and went out I guess my quietly is unfortunately the guy Friday night but you lost two at home EU. Terrible starts in games three and four at the garden that is inexcusable fallen to a two nothing. A whole both those nights pretty bad giveaways one from grizzly the start down one game today from Kevin Miller salt they had some bad moments. Like I I don't agree with symbol of the sister Kelly. US people dot I. I tell Europe people who are so we're saying Backus was a bad siding char should be league anymore is he needs to get younger faster let's agree let's agree. Then. The date haven't parts I I can say their players like crew that can get pushed around the bottle. They have some finesse players but for the most part compared to the rest of glee in some of the teams that are left. They're not fast enough. Today if you're going Adrian saleable and I Ager. I doubt on the go on diet I disagree with you. Because you need belt in aids we need innate aggression and you need aren't being. It it didn't have that they didn't have the correct I mean if you haven't washed and looking at what is your thoughts. There's a gap long war that our prop guys that did it. In the league and a lot of it you know locked out as great. Tampa then slammed the quality I it would I'll also be a box in teen violence and get hit like that and not responding. I mean they object. Group agenda I'm. Yeah thanks for the call Asian I would say like on the Blue Line you've got. The Quaid and Kevin Miller couple guys with Chara that are pretty big physical players as far as defenseman don't miss league silk. On paper they have the quote quote critical factor that you want the firm for an NHL team in the make up they just in school or in this series outing we weaken. Disagree ending it. I understand Bruins fans have a long history of appreciating. Musicality and and go back in the seventies a certain kind of style appeals to to a fan base but you win in this league speed. Look at the pat was last couple years but it's Crosby Malkin. They've had it and Tampa's got it as well. And it's. It just didn't final five needed delivery got beaten a series having braking point and Tyler Johnson and not peak physical players against greedy in terms of they stood toe to toe with Marcia and Bergeron came out the better line when all is said and done but. I I would disagree that I think you're gonna need. Trent Fred jerk Ryan FitzGerald was Beckett Carlson the next edition the next wave of forwards need to give you some. Little bit of gosh you want tough players always emotional passionate players CHW wants to be on your side. I'd read socket you can be gone with Bruins reaction 61777. I 797 I can live with until 7 o'clock that's it Alex Cora post game talking about Chris Sale work that in. Red Sox when it's six of one of the Rangers the Bruins eliminated. Don until September. Only the Celtics preventing AM Red Sox only town for the next couple months right now. And on what your reaction to the bees getting a limited today in your goats for the game of the series. To put decide how disappointing is this finished getting beat in flood really swept out the jet of the much gentlemen sweep after winning game one. This is Red Sox real Sports Radio the media styles. I just seven and 937. And just a little bit overblown. So good rhythm to his. A lot of things combined to us. Little bit more road with a muscle through the first temples or those. Kind of did away from some things. These last. You know we're in terms of loose point and body was. Chris sales psyche after the Red Sox 61 win this afternoon at Texas they went at six the one. And that three out of four from the Rangers for sale seven innings strong today he had twelve strikeouts. Both on the season also had a bunch of twelve I think he sex swing and misses on the slider and he thought there about the field. He was possibly in a lot of people watch the Bruins and their elimination we're talking a Bruins in Red Sox here it's. 7 o'clock and Ken Leonard by the way. But there's the Red Sox throw quick. We get back to the Bruins some calls and the fallout just there he missed his game day sale dominated two more homers Judy Martinez another shot. The Red Sox are sixteen homers in the last seven games ace of the year for Martinez and he is hot going into the Yankee series. He was two for fort the data raises average to 349. So first couple weeks I think the G Martinez first impression was not rule strong. Took him Watergate his swing going the right now as an eight game hit streak. And he's hitting opposite field with consistency. Eight homers both he's got thirteen. That's it leads today's game. Was hit by a throw from first out to second base in the shoulder blade. And not for a while look at Battie and I thought it may be a hit in the wrist or the handy was flexing eighty loosely calling it lip. Trainer came out he stayed in for an inning and then left the game after his at bat in the top of the second selling its ultra serious. But cents on the keep an eye out on a Dwayne Betts is just all world right now 355. Average. T Martinez 349 Mitch Moreland today. With a double RBI double the first that a single in the seventh two for four. He. Right now is hitting 347. And I think if your Red Sox fan you gotta seriously consider. Mitch Moreland as a every game player he's been. Not every player and sort of a platoon guys fitted out they use them more lately but. How do you want that's a question that they've got to figure out an answer to I guess the only answer is really to sit Jackie Bradley junior. In the play. As a permanent outfielder JD Martinez because Hanley senate today. An alias hitting the ball well. You want him in the lineup every game that Red Sox series right now. And to top sixty your batting order when you can do that is awesome. Possible log is that attendees here he's split kind of backwards at a hospital for five and sunk back down due at 244. Oh when you've got better to Andy going to guide bets that attendee. Hanley Ramirez five of those six guys heating and high 300 right. This isn't a heck of an offense one through six. And then it's just a total waste land from seven through nine. They did get a three run all for sandy Leo today. But that is the exception most nights they have just nothing right now for the body of the out. Batting order nobody around the league is complain about that in comparison. You know who has a top six like the Red Sox to know again the Yankees sorted. And they got three or walk off from their number nine later today. Labor Torres who has been quite a story in his call up. And if you look at the series coming up Tuesday through Thursday yankees Red Sox you've got to like the Yankees pitching matchups because prices go to Wednesday. Operates is going Tuesday was better his last time out but he's you know he's a six inning three run guy candidate. Best angles. Severino is going on Tuesday. Dog CC sabathia the back ends and I'd think to knock isn't of the middle guys so. That it it's it sets up to be out awesome plus of course then the fight the last time around Joseph Kelly back. We'll see if there's some retaliation. I guess and excitement going knowledge Italy right now the Red Sox and these Red Sox yankees games all year to an idea highly look forward to but this right now you get to tip the Red Sox in one. They're actually 87 in the last fifteen to select their on fire but with the Yankees this unit in one game back fifteen out of sixteen from New York. Of the ratings are going to be huge gigantic for this as a midweek series which you'll see very often these days for for baseball but today. The bigger story today and the weekend Bruins Celtics 6177797937. The Bruins are out to get out three to one today. Very surprising to me exit for the Bruins to lose four straight like this I thought it was a good matchup for the coming into the series. I know there was some pitching some pitching like he will you know puddles of tears around the city of Boston for not just fans the media members as well. About the officiating. They definitely got holes live on column marsh and indicate to no question should have been tripping penalty a Mac avoid. End of game four. I don't blow them off because either call could deciding game in the series. And it was putrid officiating but but it's. If you ask the hockey fans somewhere else outside as a non Bruins fan did you say. A case you're complaining because you didn't get a call the last ten minutes of hockey game in the playoffs. We just give your own reality check they put the officials away that's kinda happens from time to time. Thought to get calls last ten minutes or overtime of NHL games and you gave up the first two goals at home in games three and four he looked awful the first ten minutes in year old building in those games. Today they obviously had some opportunities sold in the two man advantage they did capitalize. On the crate she goal but they got looked to be like they got serious severely worked in this game despite some of the stats and some of the reaction. I was watching mostly Sox still lead the Indian scoreboard updates but it looks like they got. Pretty significantly outplayed by Tampa today. Still no response would you back to the wall you scored one goal in game five he scored one goal in game three. Nine periods without a five on five goal I mean the officiating. The bitching about officials is not gonna go very far if that's the way you win out. If they would crawl back in the series. Forced it to seven you lose that way you got a better case that to really complain about the league job and you but right now you got beat by a clear better hockey team. So the question is how drastic of a change. Are you look at four of your Bruins fan you've got another run at least with Bergeron a charge now because you recite Chara for one more year. But char is not the same player he need other defense the around him to start picking up some more minutes. McIlroy had a disappointing series if not entire playoff. He's your belt cal guy going forward operating Carlo hasn't played in the policies for two years in a row is can't stay healthy. But Beatty to get a shot of that next year you've got some good young defensemen still coming along you think. Traded one of the gulf Rick Nash. Got you a series of wind but Rick Nash to deliver in this series. They've got some older sort applauding players in segment one community college you're suggesting they're not enough grip ID ego got a guy like David Backus. Possibility he could be bought out actually to agree political agree to slow. I was demoted to the fourth line in this series I mean he took a big head shot today left with a concussion. But he sighed Bacchus four. Yeah exceeds can make six million. Each of the next three years he's got a no trade clause next year I don't know if they can't buy about legacy. I don't know and I accepted this research on what their options on their numbers in a trade for Backus the date of three years and it's six mill park that's tough with a guy was demoted to fourth line but he. This time of the series. Binoculars at a significant free agents. Yelled pick after the deadline. Wing goals Gionta hold in those raw rentals in shallow are you could probably resigned Riley Nash was a good player but he didn't show up in the series either sell really your core is intact. He's got good young players coming. I don't think billion consider trading marshy and some people want that call for yesterday adding it was of complete overreaction maybe Greg Dickerson is just look at a giant phone calls I don't know it's Saturday at but it advocates did a pretty good job I am sure that it like a full. I'm much reaction believes that. But there was a lot of outrage at the lick people weren't. Were very offended by. Should it a two minute minor OK let's let's move on but anyway marsh is a great player you still have the best line of hockey. Dating show us sitting shop in the series they did show up enough late in the series. And they had no help zero none no help at all look great she power play goal today so obviously the talent is gonna. Gonna have to come a couple different levels they need defines. A guy with playoff experience it appears to either learn it you know can take you over the hump because right now you lost to Ottawa last year you could winnable game of that series and you dropped games three and four at home in this yours that's a little frightening. It's a good building with great fans' passion. And Cassidy has been an amazing story taking over for. Load three year and a half but it's mostly regular season success. He was lucky fortunate to get by he made some floods in the Toronto series in esteem bailed him out. I like Cassidy but. Couple of concern that I did like is changes in game four. Gionta in the lineup was knots. On the same load the model. Was little slow to make changes in terms of personnel moves didn't really try to get match it's in the series you get Bergeron I didn't take away from breaking point and outlined just. Plugged in played we're gonna go to our guys. And he got beat in five games so. He's got some improvements to make as well debate they seem to need to have. They've got enough guys who have won playoff series instill some cup winners I just you wonder if fun and a lines two through four and it'll go after somebody who's won big time Playhouse but. Little more Rostock about four reais and overs and at a baseball here from Alex Cora as well next it's threats interview with Sports Radio but he. It orbits a Red Sox are you on Sandler. But Sox went six the once they've of the Bruins bigger story alienated done at the September golf side three to one lightning and take out four straight hard to believe this resilient as the Bruins team has been all year. They just gave like that lost two at home and the one lovingly today but could not hang on that give away from Kevin Millar in the second power play goal. Chase late and a power play there in the third period but it could not get the equalizer the empty netter seals that way three point one. And I only they're gonna make major changes I think you'll have. Minimal changes and hope for the used to make it big difference next year Tampa definitely was all in the old big trade for right McDonna. And moving on first Venus punched their ticket to the Eastern Conference finals will be the winner of Pittsburgh and Washington. It to us and Alex Cora thoughts in just the second unit powered cars the way and in most working deny our. Idea how Leo I. A cycle that every little while the Bruins. I wanna say what we do you're actually right speed. We have speed at their sport. Like that based policy catchy. And it slams speed. Slots. Okay. It stretched every. Our. Offense. Sipping a circle like I could have a guy. What is the street. Much like he could still a little bit strain or five eighths stretches swipe here all the he can't stand any. And you know and spoke. At their partners being. It electric remember this one obviously it's just like that of course is like a what it will absolutely Google will. Get forty to cool it at the capitol. School the penalty box. I don't get a pat verbeek reference tonight at Howard brought its that's big time. I'm just gonna who wants that he can't top that lets here from Alex Cora TV's got to rookie bets update at Indian. I don't know seems like. Doing stuff all the talk about notre Harden. Changed speeds good changeup slider. Ounce of hitters. Elevate the fastball velocity was up there and those those are great for us. Not a I feel like every day's isn't great for him and he's been working. Imagery starts and a slider I think that's important. And you saw today he various items varieties. As soon. There was clearly against lefties within throughout the image on the there was some bad swings on the changeup was a weapon. They did it covered Leon to start makes. And can go off balance. He's okay and you'll couldn't shoulder. Please do so great. So I just took him out to make sense for us and yes a day and a half. Often. Which premieres on mandated days they should be hopefully ready for treason. There again I'd Cellini will keep that it's fine somebody check a Dale Arnold though and somebody check on dale rose just jealous leads somebody check and Hal. It's got to think Margaret Thatcher. Daily that the movie through the sixth and thorough will be a new ones. Coming up we get Sunday night based on killer package tomorrow morning bright and early Kirk Italian 530 don't miss it. But CN after a terrible thirty gay dead tickets again for the month and but he's back tomorrow with Kirk Jerry and it will be on fire and cure I'm sure the B reacted to some of the of whining about the officiating in the hockey world over the weekend. Fights and it baseball's next on Chandler unite.