Red Sox Review - MLB calls Sox-Os after a two hour-plus rain delay 7-25-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, July 26th
Hour 1: Mike Mutnansky takes calls from fans who are upset that it took baseball so long to postpone a game, and wonder why they even started in the first place.

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On W. I want to show what an absolute joke by Major League Baseball itself Red Sox view but at night here. On WEEI across the WEEI Sports Radio network I'll be here for a little bit Patrick Gilroy is on his way to year of the taking till 2 AM. Farcical farcical by Major League Baseball. In case I export they cannot get out of its own way. You have a terrible weather forecast is start the games that he credit you start in new Figaro Kate's it's this it's a summer storm. So sometimes these things don't happen they'd day Peter route no big deal. The rains come at 730. You've played to win two thirds innings. And the forecast from there for the next three hours until about 1030. Is brutal they're predicting at that point between their two and a half an inch an age now offering. And so. You can either call the game pretty quickly. And recognize we're not gonna play until later or you do what it looked like you thought big 401 of the the the planet do. And that is we're gonna get this game and screw it now and we're gonna have on of people here at the end. While no TV viewers. Nobody be involved tear lately you know we're gonna do where play this game tonight. Rocked our about a make up we're not gonna we're Lance stuff we know it's gonna clear out 103011 o'clock restart from there. And will be done at 1:32 AM but the LB Don. And the Red Sox a goal want to do whatever gap and then two and a half hours in a delay you call the thing. And so. It's it's just it's Major League Baseball typical. A league that waited a year on pitch clock. A league that one allow you to post certain things on social media Campos highlights. A league that does so many things wrong. I'd get this wrong here tonight and I I assume one to blame in Major League Baseball and the umpires there. Because every time one of these things happen at Fenway Park in these text and tweet saying loud the Red Sox added that later call a once the game starts. Okay it's up to the umpires there or it's at the Major League Baseball. And so I can only assume maybe appointing Mike Gunn terrorists and it in the wrong direction here. But I believe it's baseball with the umpires. I don't think it's the Orioles. And I know it's not the Red Sox because I Shawmut gap among others. Our reporting right after the game tonight the Red Sox are livid amusing Sean word not mine but livid. With the handling of this rain delay and would this eventual postponement here tonight David Price in fact would not take calls. What practical would not take questions. Off from the media there in the aftermath. So all the Red Sox are pins and they should be. And as a Red Sox fan you should be pissed. It was a five nothing lead. Dylan Bundy was cooked. They are twice and I strong first inning there. Worst case scenario you're gonna win this game by hook or by crook but on a quick game but you were gonna win. You have the W. And instead letting it play out and you waited two and a half hours you know wait a half an hour 45 minutes an hour more yes the game ends late that you win. You postponed after two and a half hours. And saw I just don't know who this benefits right if it be if the two choices eventually. Our play of the game really really late you win win this thing happened at at at 732. There or two things apparent from the weather radar if you believe the weather radar OK you're gonna play a really really late. And really early Thursday morning. Ending a real well past midnight. Or you work and again it. So to me the only benefit is. You know you sold some extra Beers and hot dogs and cotton candy and Baltimore I guess. The ego and you get elicit a sock Sox talk. Across a networking era guy called say I should be it potato sacks at first base running the bases. That's the benefit. Did the downside is immense by doing like UK called game at 8 o'clock given app and now. You call the game. The same thing happens that would happen to hours later. The same thing. There was no benefit whatsoever. To sit there are given the forecast. Just a Major League Baseball typical job. They they cannot get out on the wrong way they replayed it takes five minutes that's still not right. They had games last three and a half four hours. An extra inning games that go one forever murder in the regular season just edges moronic. Moronic. In it that if that we're here in Boston. I would have five full right now of people. Burying John Henry the Red Sox saying how they just did this for the the concession stands and a beer and hot dogs and everything else you can't blame this one on the Red Sox he can't. I know I'm I'm the only one that's gonna be this worked out bald as I am sure to be outside and Alex Cora David Price and the Red Sox. But if you have any comments and you saw this thing coming. And it just speaks to Major League Baseball as usual. Cannot get out wrong way. Sell. Two and a half hours later. Bet this home run it to happen. JD Martinez home Ron no 32 east the last 31. Andra Bennett can be no home run for you. All the stats are raised they gain did not happen and here's what's frustrating. Evans relatives to weed this out that. And eighties a moron but he's got a good point here. There's a rule on the rule book that says if a game I stopped. Because the lights go out sick the power goes otters have faulty lighting any game you know what happens is that game in the second inning. It's just sort of stop them postpone. Your restart it next time but because it rains. Yeah canceled altogether and you hit the restart button. Does that make. So lights go out you can start from where you're playing. Mother nature decides that it did that dump on Baltimore. As you start you start all over. Like that adds more a fan thing I get it but what why is why those two things different. It baseball decides anyway. Once you get into a rain delay on what the hell's the difference. Seriously. Clown show Major League Baseball. 61777979837. The phone number Dan's in Chicopee gallery out. All of yeah. Just did it's it to me it's bush league Blake. And the band and I'm sure players prepare spotlight. Here I wouldn't have a question yeah I think it makes any difference. What saying either Red Sox were 25 games out of first place in Baltimore is where they are worried 42 games at a hurt by its. Why he's the reason they stuck these out yet apple let's say the Red Sox were 2324. Games out of first place right now seasons now winding down but you know what passed the halfway point. Do you think. This isn't 1930. I mean you know we can predict whether you're just postpone the game altogether the whole eastern seaboard has been directs a last week I wouldn't have not announced Jim secured mean like we been just hammer the last time out for our date. Didn't see this coming and does that make a difference up a Red Sox are in a pennant race yet recent division race slate did they do look for that I mean I know the major Major League Baseball made a big bonehead just bogus the state today about light. Was there any consideration the fact that where they are in the division army like a fabled ball just paint jobs like what would they have done I mean you know what they've made it different decision. Over the just a total bonehead mistake at this I'm just wondered. Total bull I I don't think Dan thanks for your call I saw this reaction on Twitter initially that. You blame the Orioles in the Urals are trying to stick it to the Red Sox and Showalter and do cat don't like the Red Sox I believe. Everything I've read about this that once you actually get the game started. It's on Major League Baseball it's no longer on the your heels or that the in this case and that the walls of the home team so it's no longer on Baltimore. It's on the umpires and the discretion of Major League Baseball they get that decided that point. The Orioles if it happens before a game right right up until it starts. If you never start the game that Baltimore. At Fenway Park me ever started the game in Boston that's the Red Sox. So once again gets going that's based on not sure why. You know baseball worry about the good the standings here. It should have been about a bit of risk reward of all this stuff well we're gonna wait that long want to just play a we're gonna bang out to Matt bowers would. What purpose does that serve. Core in the post you know annoyed about the whole three game series honestly was tough Rick had to wait for the wait in the game. Winners throughout the first inning rain delay and that was yesterday. Question annoyed at the o's were ever handled yeah. What should happen I mean not started. That's the other thing it dole played a game tonight it if you know the weather is this bad the might postpone an attempt thirty you don't start the game. Or the other day with a report seller two outs you stopping you don't start the game. So I guess in this case you want you up when the Orioles for Michigan do this against say. Why did you guys start the year if you knew this in the forecast. There was a possibility. Wanted to start when she got there though was on baseball idiots morons. Dennis cities the aide Dennis. And monthly bill good buddy we got. Listen I out of the local nursing home listening now aren't they are excellent excellent timing beautiful nice or right it's awesome and I it's time to new clothes. And I had a little I took issue etc. so yeah. You call and Derek Jeter Hartnell for pain is bets are intent. Yeah all of her below just rub they were all Eleanor reset this for second there's a story in the post today Phil Hughes on pardon my take on bar stool. And used to big bats and his teammates and instead of paying them he would pay. The bets in pennies like if you so it's it's a hundred dollars is I'm not great about. I think it's a bag of a thousand pennies that is it a deep bag move by Derek Jeter then come. 101000 pennies or 101000. And down thousands sure but looked achievement into it disrespectful. Yeah I seen you. In the casinos in that are open in the front trying to figure out how you. All hot and how did Dennis how dare you. Never been in that bout was alive or what I would and one time I dare to get to jump in as a fair in war. I went and did a couple pennies at the my shoes that was a dare that that was not digging the I was a diving for pennies Dennis how dare you. Would not do that that'd be wonderful league inside would not do that. On Corey on the cape wants sticky issue of Major League Baseball good Corey go ahead what he got. I'd much. We spoke earlier this year. The winning some baseball. Issues they have in the game in and you you're you're a great excitement about it but rain delay issues to me is this. The same issue why you reached you'd like you said restarting an entire game. After 234. Or whatever like five or to count yet. So. It got right were you left off in just a game get on the plane gets in the next city move on everyone's happy because. You and I run into being an idea to restart the whole game all or end. And correct me if I'm wrong none of us I don't know. All rust never happen and the Big Three run shot by debts JD Martinez is back and a 31 home run not none none none none none of it happening this game never happen. If they can continue where you left off baseball was played. And in that they can't play due to weathered they don't play so obviously the weather didn't factor into five nothing. So it gives them the props they deserve for putting in the time in the work and the run that they scored pick up where you left donkey could squeeze that in in there and especially at double header. You know you don't have to play eighteen meaning that minimum mystical connections obviously it's more about. You you play seven more real quick and again move on it's a travel day and you know you're you're great and perfect sense that the way it's other factors. Saying that you you'll pick up. Why does an ad but again I would say Corey what's the difference that thanks for the call what is the freaking difference between the lights going out. At Camden yards and the weather affected the game. Why does say in the rule book when the lights go out their lights don't work you can start the game from where was just sort posit but when a range you know restart the whole thing. If that's league I didn't realize that until politely drone petered out. I had no idea that makes even more stupid. And if you Baltimore why to start the freaking game. Your building games under there's tons of rain coming to stop to say no gonna start and delay. You want an all by 7303030. Minutes in. 25 minutes they started 707 like 25 minutes in you would have known okay this department not gonna happen. Stupid stupid stupid 6177797937. As your phone number. I am here we view until. I'd say about 11 o'clock and Patrick oil being here I he's on his way and he's you know he's followed the game thinking okay it's laid delayed its 1030 plug and play it no. They're not playing tonight so they'll be here at 11 o'clock all talking until that'll get your phone calls on all this stuff. Nathan evolving is a member of the Red Sox today and it Bill Belichick spoke for the first time in 2018. We'll get to all of your calls Red Sox view slash Monday night slash why did they even start this game tonight Sports Radio W media. Robert you guys are still up 11 o'clock Patrick go join you then. Recapping the day's sports recap Red Sox here they've played the game. Two hour and 33 minute rain delay they call it after that Red Sox leading five nothing at the time. Just saw a couple of tweets from the beat writers there at Baltimore good news all of the reigning. In Baltimore so they could be playing baseball are now they decided not to and so the the to the textures Rask about the stats or else nothing happened tonight. I'm a rule on tonight's game is the up pick up where they left all they scrub the entire game it never happened the home runs by bets and that attendee and I'm Judy Martinez do not exist. Will see what happens here with the potential make up at some point in August but these games do not count 617779. Seven ID 37 affordable gets all the stuff here in this half hour as well wall you'd Fall River. On the late tonight while nobody got. Many of them I mean you know the Yankees club today. We were on the latest on fifteen runs that day they know who's going to be horrible lows for the related. He should have moved a timeout and you know maybe 4 or 5 o'clock and maybe they would get six to seven innings and. I've always wondered how that works well I'll let you finish but it of the wonder if you can. Oh so your fan holding a ticket to that game that doesn't seem fair to me so but I know I got to work that day till five down going down the inner harbor catch in the game. If I get alerted noontime saying hey we're starting game in four. I would probably ask her refund Soledad that's I understand what you're saying. That seems tough given the people paid for tickets well in advance expecting a 705 game. Right I predict that plan but. Like it and they knew what they get away and maybe when they made note schedule but the Yankees they've paid. Yes. You know played at 12 o'clock when and throw it down grouchy. I mean it does to update you really have to hope. That happens that your Leo stays healthy. The bottom idiotic piece produce and but you're seeing with the Orioles diplomatic mission what an a grade a package that he did die this. Picked up pocket but I think that brought he would get a room halfway decent reliever. But. But let's get to the main peacekeepers sent the LP and you're just gonna have a lot of high level. Situations in the play out just what the bottom of the outages you know it keeps on improving. Yeah wallet I agree that to me that's the handily LC help he's not the key to key is going to be Chris Sale David Price report cell. And then after that the guys in the bridge getting the ball to Craig Campbell that that to me is the key to your score runs the bottom of the order offensively. They are they are glad their bill occasion all the big hit but the offensive power buy at bats and Martinez and then intend the and made small at top of the order they're gonna do most the damage the bomb the order is nice but they are and their accessory piece the main weapons here are. Is starting pitching and the power there at the top line. That to be you do things you're counting on high gonna make some sort of running on that best of five and into an ALCS and when that thing get to World Series. It starts or does not start with saint Leon it does not. Our rusty and lol hey rusty. Like I don't I'm good mental you. A well ex hockey record I. Yeah I down. I wanted to just opposite right there on to deploy it. All laid out there should be that should have been done but I want to comment. Two guys Aldo. And we can't forecast the weather. Or predict the election accurate portrayal but I drive all over the way in London on one side street rain and and it hasn't died down at all. Anyway. Mike I really appreciate in value. Rate down. A late in Charlotte rabbit that game. I appreciate you lucky enough light at night. Rusty and I'd just it's diesel will no longer Red Sox Sox talked we're used to tonight that the callers were good. The callers were into it they were jacked in pumping at some ridiculous ideas they were good so. Odd they got us through your tonight Jimmy and saw August on today's game agent. That other guys stole my thunder about moving the start time. But maybe eat a record setting off stadiums or building in stadiums which we track. Or who and it does this is time slot that is like the retractable roof talk in the past. Yeah it's it Teddy Saran is was a big proponent. A retractable and put out bark. Maybe we should start. Pushing baseball in doing that. Well. Again I would go back you wanna talk who was able leisure wanna talk a retractable roof she wanna talk of the college basketball fans in this town. Had she ran as the guided the they don't need they don't need retractable Ruth league is Smart people making decisions. They need that tonight up's gonna rain a lot all we're not gonna play. Let's move on. Stupid. Moronic. Jimmy Rollins had Jim. I am I Jimmy. NATO and I'm good at what he got. Screwed itself from the very get answered it quote series. What they're doing delays and their postponement is just a disaster. I don't know was make in the decisions. It was horrible. Last night to night it was just horrible decision making. Yeah. I would agree Ivanhoe Latin lady did you outs and then in trying to play that game and get in the game and after a couple of innings a couple outs. Didn't make any sense this one is worse. He's a lease last night a projected if you look at any of the website that they might get. EU EU might get the game and this was not gonna happen. This was never ever ever gonna happen Alicia waited right now their bid to beat writers are taking pictures in Baltimore it's not raining now. So they waited till 10 o'clock tonight. If they waited a half Powell longer we are playing bass or now the of the dolls that toilet tones of Joseph and him. Breaking down baseball for you. But it to 233 market delay they sent out or good. We waited till ten. That's the stupidity there. So I don't know hi Alice explain it other than just a really dumb decision by aid that Major League Baseball once the games started be. The oral section start the game they they can get some blame for starting this game tonight. Bet in a car for get to a break in here from a Bill Belichick earlier today that. I don't demand. Armed so yeah well you know doing and so are laid up. And I've been kind of wondering. Well. While people. Treat you here. I don't know how much. You don't do this stock but what is it dead. At 4540. Million. A lot of it Pablo Santa ballroom as they can steal there's a lot of dead money sitting out their absolute ban. Yes I mean I mean Clinton. Bet money that it be able to keep young kids that nobody can beat you aren't. All I woods I would save me one or two of them but not not all them and I'll say is let's let's put this forward then you're right there's some there's dollars coming off the books. But it David Price doesn't opt out. He's thirty million bucks a year for the foreseeable future. Let let let well what I let's say they recite Chris Sale Chris Sale is gonna command. Probably more money than David Price just got to your paying. The highest paid pitcher in baseball history. The second highest pitcher based highest paid pitcher baseball history Craig Campbell's a free agent and so you start to do that the math here. Even with the dead money off the books. If smoky Betts is gonna command let's say. 283 in a million bucks the idea they're gonna pay twice and sail in bad even for Europe to. That's when you wonder how can they make it affordable. So you bring up a good point bad about yes they have money coming up. But just take it step out on make it easier than when six point and I think. Are they gonna pay Chris Sale the most money in the history of baseball to be starting pitcher on this team and then paying Wilkie bets. Let's call it 27 and a half million dollars a year for seven or eight years. That seems unlikely to me. And by the way I'm not sure ready to go crazy if they do it they didn't want a papal those guys. And they wanted to try to decided to a different way. It's there we're not gonna invest that much money into players. I don't know what those and all of those players are gonna be the Dana fill in the spots on the roster. But in that case. Did we solid not work with David Price money money is not always the way to go about it. Chris sales can be find your boss or pitches bookie bet to be fired to use of this is not some sort of on. Issue with the players and sell them over the salary and an outstanding as of pain and the big venue could pay damages gonna be well over that the current baseball luxury tax threshold be paying obscene tax number. So they could do it exits gonna cost them a lot more out of little pockets and a and doesn't feel like they're willing to do at this point Woolsey. 6177797937. Is the affordable come back. Will hear from Bill Belichick today he spoke for the first time Dan Shaughnessy. Very interesting line of question as people. Obviously split down middle. As to liking and respecting what Shaughnessy did it or mocking him for you're grandstanding and trying to. Become a story of cell down there at the first Bill Belichick press conference. We'll get to that in your calls mud at night Sports Radio WEE. Nice seven. 837. Lot of guys Sports Radio WEEI Red Sox and Orioles postponed after a two hour and 33 minute rain delay. Allen scored saying a couple of minutes ago rotations gonna stay in place so Brian Johnson tomorrow the Chris Taylor for so low. And that of all the on Sunday that means that we are still set up for Sunday night baseball week from Sunday at Fenway Park. He would get David Price against the Yankees for all the world to see which would be well worth the wait. A week from Sunday at 61777979237. Your phone cut a number of players are reporting. I'm we know Tom Brady there earlier patriots camp other players the next couple of days will show up in Campbell officially get under way got an unofficial start to day. Down their clocks for what Bill Belichick is annual press conference to open things up. I'm sort of the normal questions you expect from this group of the covers patriots special teams questions. I'm camp questions we expect what's different blah blah blah blah blah so we needed Dan Shaughnessy today Dan Shaughnessy columns for the Boston Globe. I'd dove in early in the press conference on a lot of questioning that that in most patriots fans wanted to hear. It is the only ninety seconds out the year from Bill Belichick press conference today if you missed it here's what you missed. All about this year you know if you fear the threat and I wouldn't be doing my job. Last year. Yeah if you lived here on the focus almost. What an effective everywhere we go both went. Sports coaches players. University sports man we thought about that's mobile months ago yeah similar explanation about light plane. Focused on turning him. Any differently. Training camp well of course we're gonna stop the that we work on that right now will be the best we can. And that this is managing if you had the fans want more about the I'm focused on doing the best that I can for the 2008 team England patriot does one job that's what on the do and that's what I've always done for us. Every day that a coach here. But on the best that I could this football team I'll continue to do and right now my focus on 2018 season 201720142007. Not 2004. 2001. Not 2000 not focused on any of those seasons they're done it. It's team is important to address them out there with your team. It's important for me have a good season 2018 and do everything I can't do that to the best that I can for football team that's my job on the talks responsibility. Let's on the try to do. Hopefully the respect that would make enough. So no answers what's our from Belichick in that spot and and Polly work and get any answers but the line of questioning. Had to happen today that uncomfortable tension they've got today during that 92 seconds or so when a couple follow up afterward before I went back to. It sort of typical patriots press conference IU had to have down there at Gillette and I think. You had to have a Shaughnessy because via the questions I don't think we're gonna be asked to think that it is tougher if you're beat writer on the beat and I sort of get this part of it. If you're there every day. And you're asking questions every single press conference in your reliant upon bill's answer is as you know nondescript as he usually are. If you're reliant on those and relations with the team in the coached that say get your job done. Then you might now be able to dig in and ask for five questions about last year when the coach is clearly annoyed I even that last line right there hopefully the respect maybe enough. That line is essentially bleak beauty Shaughnessy. But Shaughnessy is a big boys a columnist he doesn't have to be there every day. In fact it's probably better of it Dan's not there every day you know Jerry Thorpe broke his big you know blog post today on on bar stool. And ye gods to Belichick's side in a call when the ended grandstanding I would say it's not it's it's the job a columnist to ask those type questions. It's important for me good season 2000 it to them during camp to even if you're gonna get those answers it's important to ask the questions and my guess is the guys. That word there that normally on the beat it's not it's not a knock on them but the reality is they can't begin the weight and can't. They just can't be heard bad bowl bullet brought it up later in the of the conversation where. You know we he was that he bowl asked the question about Jimmy grapple question had to be asked today's story comes out yesterday SI dot com. It says after every win last year. Bill Belichick was sending text messages to Jimmy garrote blow. So it had to be asked and bill said it that I'm not talking about that and so is next question was about Gil was immediately on to. It's a little the at them. Well I think that was probably a questioner tube to be followed there was Judy drop below while coach with it do you tech's other players. Maybe Texas other players during the season would that be rare for you to do that. And so with with again it's this is not their fault but I'm not gonna bang on Chauncey he shows up there once a year. I would argue Chauncey does his job better by not being. Around there and reliant upon the relationships that's not his job his job as the bureau lob bombs from his couch or from. 8888. Column or laptop somewhere. I don't think it was asking those questions necessarily today tainted definitely get the answers but it was part of day one of the conversation I mean think about it that David Tom Brady. Had one of the craziest off seasons we've seen Brady ever have backed I would argue it's it's not going on a limb here. It was the weirdest Tom Brady off seasonable time from Tom vs time to Gisele to Jim Gray. Grow all this stuff. Wacky offseason. Belichick was asked two questions about com. About his contract which was really never gonna answer what about grandstanding question. Agent asked that question ask it this last question the press conference you know he never talks about contracts. Ever. Any set as much of the press conference today and then about Brady ground missing OTA's. Nothing about the relationship. Heavy talk to Tom the communication. He's their data to like this we can be seen him yet bill. None of that stuff. NC can't bank on Shaughnessy for dig in and. And I am I gonna kill Belichick about it this is not about all hell's gonna answer the question is it the reality is. Unless he said yea punch to coach right now. Or big disciplinary issue. Football reasoning or practice habits were not going to. You'll make in Joseph and saw August 2 calls an all time rip spell check this decision there organ also all I I get it now all yeah I get a bill. Op I totally agree. So he can't even give a winning answer to that. Does not about that it's about the the question being asked that her dale says today on his show in the afternoon. That he's not even sure people really still care about. Bill Belichick answered the question I DL as our as ever loving mind. Not I can't imagine. That if we took a poll of WEEI listeners that somewhere near 707580%. Of people. Still wanna hear an answer from the coach as to why Malcolm Butler did not play. I'm not gonna get in I do not want your Butler calls tonight nope nope nope Kyle I'd I'm back and I'd say Gilroy the same thing. I five here Gilroy take a phone call from somebody explain to me the ball situation lash and Super Bowl. I'm changing the channel I'm done done with those calls about that. It's about what the coach could gain today if anything and it's about the line of questioning. And don't be done after tomorrow Libya beyond two you know with the receivers from Brady to be on Tuesday is applying gonna sign here is defense will better. How does Brady looking camp. How's the back of quarterback battle going had a son Sony Michelle look at the running back position I get it. After the next the other day half a day or so by means less than that. Where we don't this stuff. But today front and center early to press conference. I don't know always say it but good for Sean CIA someone had to do what he did today and he stepped up their and in. 61777979837. Your phone number teams and New Hampshire. To what's going on. MO. Types him. Peso I was actually. It'd change gears using like gambling guy. Would you go would you be that crazy ideas. I had no idea that your weekend trips. Sarasota. But anyway degenerate yeah what's on your mama. Okay you knew quite as people all right. I am a draft kings got battle where fans of football yes and I get it on the degenerate gambler I am yep go ahead why got a fantasy football question 11 o'clock and I Tim what's the question let's go. Wall of water hit this expert. Advice from you so go right I knew I gotta keep early oh yeah well loved those that keep Ahmadinejad. Michael additional Watson or album mar. Alma Kumar. That's with my expert opinion fancy experts why and the host of this was slasher NFL Sunday here on WEEI and on the NFL inside and out. Now we're we're really wanna go deep reckoning Astor was of PP our league did that I'm not can I I just unaudited in Europe but that's where to do. That that the voice of John meter brow the loose that is backed wild person on the stage and he picked. Food. Good basketball call after two and a half hour rain delay. Right up my now 61777979837. Is your phone number your reaction to what you heard today from Bill Belichick. And you fall into that camp the deal that you're sick you hear about this thing I think that's the minority. I know I'd be allowed minority betting that the minority does this group of patriot fans the fans are still locked and loaded on that. And are still looking for an answer on the again I'm not bill can't give an answer that's been to appease both you folks I understand that part. But he's got to be asked the questions and and it was cold grandstanding by Jerry Jordan today. I don't see is that I see it is the job a columnist what what if in the you know point. 001%. Chance. By the end of that question. When he's asked about the you have to least I refuse it for questions. Yeah bills annoy you can tell he's annoyed he doesn't want the questions he's not used to getting these type of questions on David L bases and and two would be only. Trust me after today in and maybe one other day won't get those questions. What does he what is he breaks down it says. You know what I we will I odd it was that important decision. I will talk to my. A new admit that now led to more questions more talk about it but. It's in would have been sort of human right it was a big decision and it affected our team in Yemen talked about it. Yet you'd you never know what you asked the questions. And would bill I it's it can be tense because he will snap back at you. You know snap back at Michael Holley and part of his base you know in a press conference or any weekly session here it WEEI. And goal run he get all over I think it was. She now Kristy Lee who now works at college Howard. Were questioned a couple years ago. So you have to be ready for that would be the did the upside to me is much much bigger in the downside. The downside is bill Belichick's laps around guess what he partisan union anyway. The upside is if you get the answer or get the sound bite. You're the guy that got him to talk about knock the ball. You're the guy that got him to give some semblance of answer on that. So for Shaughnessy got a column out of it today. Yellow buzz out of it today and I wouldn't call transact policy columnist doing your job tougher for being guided do that for columnist. I dearest posted at 6177797. ID 37 your phone number will continue at some point Patrick Gilroy will join it I join you here in studio. Welcome back it's on your calls mud at night rolls on Sports Radio interview we yeah.