Red Sox Review - Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez are getting David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez comparisons 5-20-18

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Sunday, May 20th
Hour 2: Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez continue to dominate at the plate. Paul Gallant wonders if the Sox can truly contend with their shaky bullpen.

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The east is Red Sox review on WEEI. Want headed higher right down the line toward the Penske Paul it's day. Airing it at all time maybe five feet beyond the best people in the opposite field homer or Jay gave Martinez recapping the Red Sox win. Against the Orioles when there's a drive deep right center failed to run the triangle of John's book did not bad this ball. Over the ball then headed that way carried two run homer. Two run blast make it five nothing Red Sox. Dial 6177797937. Now Red Sox review Claude WEEI. But nothing went for the Red Sox today over the Baltimore Orioles they take three out of four against that awful team. I know seventeen games out of first place with a thirteen hit shot out the old fashioned way twelve singles and a double allowed zero runs. For Baltimore. The Red Sox make them that makes them the first team is the 2008 Phillies to pitch an eighteen shot outlaw allowing at least thirteen hits. A blog a lot of Red Sox review got it till 7 o'clock. The Red Sox this season. Are up three torrid start from an offensive perspective than you saw two home runs or JD Martinez today that gives him fifteen that ties in with moved he bats. He also saw home run for and you've been tending his fifth. They on the season now have 67 home runs that ties them. For the lead with the Cleveland Indians it's the most through 47 games for the Red Sox. In franchise history the previous record was 66. In 1977. And the Astros. In terms of their. Home runs scored last year they were second in baseball. This guy and yet a lot of home runs the other shot even at the pitching maybe events. Where you like it could be in the bullpen and here's my question going forward for this Red Sox team. They're on pace to hit a lot of home runs maybe he'll lead the majors in home runs at the end of the year the Yankees let them last year the Yankees are. Still. Chasing the Red Sox are not that far away in the home run department as things currently stand but can a team that has milky bats hitting 365. After eight. Struggling. Season comparatively last year would JD Martinez hitting 340. When they get that that's ball to them under a hundred at bats on the year but Brock called spanning three tween 123 games. Mitch Moreland who probably needs to play in every single game somehow some wise and 313. In 33 games played dander Bogart's who of course missed some time. The ankle injury he's hitting 301 right now. Pennant Andy's eating up at the plate looks like he's turning towards that 300 apartment and their Ramirez has been solid since that American League divisional series against. The Astros last year. And you're still waiting for Dustin Pedroia comeback. Who knows what Pedroia will be able to bring to the table but. From an offensive perspective they are getting so much better than they were last year we have a caller call in earlier and say okay older approached the plate is different. Can it be so different though that the statistics for guys like that's been intently Bogart's are as improved as they are. And will last like this for a whole year no way McKee that's gonna hit 360 talk. I I guy I'd think he's having a great year easier MVP front runner for this team them to eighty Martina might have something to say about that. And given that he has a little bit of an event in the RBIs department may be would. Be someone who could overtake that's really care that much on MBP conversations but his bets can keep this up I. I don't think you'll keep up to the point that he has to open the year though. If it's very hard. Pitch around him it's very hard to pitch to me takes advantage of all the mistakes that he give his wife and getting Martinez. I I don't know what it is that makes me doubt in the way that I do at 34315. Home runs 41 RBIs and I've been a contract that. Somehow they stumbled into again in the production that they're getting out and he's he's he is a bargain for the Red Sox right now. Kept those to keep it up. I mean. This is something that has never happened with the Red Sox before two guys with this many home runs to open up the year. This has not happened and the last time this happened in baseball's 2000 mile of the Rockies 2000 with the Mariners in the angels. Multiple players of fifteen plus I'll run for the first 47. And that's a Martinez this year baseball's lead with fifteen homers. It's the first time the Sox have had two players at fifteen elements and the first fifty games of the season as the got a little of the time ago. I don't think it's gonna keep up that this. I don't but. When you take a look at all the bats that they have in his lineup. I guess what you have to ask yourself is it me or people who are the guys that are going to take to take a dip because I do think that. Bogart's can hit better than where he's right now. That antennae continues to get higher and higher Hanley Ramirez I think is someone that if he gets more and more absent and gets less obviously he did today to get he's played 41 games there is a deserved off day. He can get that average up a little bit more. They scored five runs in so many games this is another example of that I think clearly the gators in that department it lead the majors in home runs right now. I mean we're talking through almost fifty games getting closer and closer to a third of the way through the season we're talking about. A team that has been arguably the best offense in baseball. They're playing outstanding. I do I feel like just because of what we saw last year no latest last. It and maybe this is as negative thinking on my end cynical thinking on my end. But at some point you have to have a regression to the mean over the course of a long season much like but the Red Sox starting out the year. On such a torrid pace of just two losses and now things have sort of cooled down a little day. The bat typical download it right I mean Martinez had himself quite the weekend. I mean we we an and an eagle back over the last couple games I was looking at. Wednesday and Thursday and I was reading through all the information on those two games. It's like the same exact game for JD Martinez and dander Bogart's. Martinez and it's Iran over sit of voters are the three run homer. And it's up what is best I think. Until it does they can take advantage of not having a very consistent reliable bullpen. Having two starter at the back of the rotation in Eduardo Rodriguez and in. Drew bomber and soon you can't really rely on that all of this point. With Rodriguez you can say hey all right we'll get to five runs for whatever reason we're gonna support you move from a run support perspective more than anyone else. On this team will get here five just don't want. And I give Rodriguez credit today this is a solid performance out of them. He improved to four and one on the on on the year. Nine hits but again none of them not really crushed it was all singles all singles that you allow a lot of them right back up the middle to deal. And yet seven strikeouts no lots zero earned runs and his changeup looked really really good Levys are fourth guy. This is somebody that you definitely come playoff time can look at and say okay. Eduardo how they feel about the bullpen. And water how you feel about coming in four of 23 innings or something like that sacred sale has a shaky outing like he did. His second start against the Astros or or or take a look at David Price or something like that if he. Doesn't last through game particularly long do you consider do you consider putting Rodriguez in for him or something like that. This is the sort of flexibility that you'll have in the playoffs and that's why I I do think that what the bullpen for the Red Sox is clearly shaky. And not the most reliable thing out there I think everyone says the same thing about their bullpen and clearly the Red Sox open as to play better against teams like the Yankees but. The Astros bullpen didn't do very well against the Yankees either when they played each other. You take a look at does. What they have to work and don't throw out there as long as they're getting consistent run support to be flock again though. I have my doubts I had my doubts they're gonna be able to keep on hitting. At the pace that they are hitting just seems that I'd year difference for McKee bats. From last year to this year is it really as simple as now there are allowed to swing at the first pitch. I mean. His numbers last year. 264. He's inked whose 64 last year with 24 homers and 153 games he's got fifteen home runs. In not even of Florida that and he's hitting over a 100% higher. That he was last year. Ridiculous absolutely ridiculous to the point of no way no way this lasts no way this keeps up for an entire year no way. Think at some point it has to trend down I'm wondering where the mean it's like 310. To 32 wanting. Held at 340 Z gonna hit those failed to make on a numbers next year. The achieving the rest of this year I don't know. I I I visible on this looking right now at at his stats like no no no I no way this keeps up Nowak. And he's really good. They don't get me wrong I understand 368 months now now no way that keeps up for an entire. Year. Boy it has thus far I mean we're a third of the way through and end the same thing I say for JD Martinez but maybe I'm stupid in saying that Frank Thomas apparently. Said that he's the best hitter in baseball right now. Ands. Takes until thirty years to you to figure that out in great. Yet a great season last year he had an unbelievable second half of the year. With the Arizona Diamondbacks the only feeding even play a full season. I mean we're talking about a guy that missed about forty games last journey ends up with 45 home runs. Knots absolutely nuts but to open up this season. Fifteen home runs. He's in the three feet in the 340s as the guy's career to radiator. And for the most part we've seen in had 300 at best. And he's got a power numbers and this is the recent thing. I feel like it's too good to be true what does that make may odd and out cynic. Dom when it comes to baseball I'm not a reserves are under is and is looking at it this is Paul this is gonna come back are at some point. You would at the very least they but maybe they're able to keep this going and I had if it really it's as simple as John Farrell and chili Davis the why it was done fairly here as long as he was here. Really what were they thinking. Because now now it's just it's just magnified and look there's fortunate that they were able to bring in aid manager who was an assistant manager last year for the World Series chance definitely gives him. Eight perspective on what needs to be done for a team to rich championship but. I I don't know how they stuck with John Ferrell as long as they did. Especially considering they do what they do so often though right now here's a stories about John Farrell not connecting with the players. Not I communicating well then here's a story about chili Davis and why he was that the biggest U it was a really quick cook. Yeah it really was severe quicker now. Six on 777 hide 79370. Colin implode a lot it's Red Sox review on WEE. I. Nice Saudi for the Red Sox who have taken three of four from the Bob's absolutely terrible Baltimore Orioles they're seventeen games out of first. And and I read it about this yesterday. I'd just hate or June not yesterday I read it about this last Sunday for some reason my days are all you know compiling together don't judge me on Tony night. I may or may not have weekend activities what ever whatever let's just go back though to like a week ago. And. The Red Sox were going up against our refused to say his name. But there's a pitcher let's just say it took him about 45 seconds in between pitches. I feel like at the very least being talented. If you're gonna take a really long time to throw to home plate. David Katz. Row. You got a six point 75 ERA after today. What do runners on base hits the ball. You don't get you know get away note a runners on base pitch that GD. Ball when you straight up we got his clock legally. Yes yes thank you thank you. Speed up the process. I mean boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom did you console whose concerns over there still room. It was considered to be a sport to sport. This issue. I'm sorry. I I don't wanna watch a three hour plus game against the leaping Orioles because of David Katz who. Sucks I'm sorry if your good I don't allow it. I even allowed David Price who does take a little bit of time to get home plate. He's fine COLT David has you blow you don't get to do that. I'll tell them now. Bruised oil birds are blue room returns are good second. And returns to public. No no you don't no you shock you get that luxury. Political pitchers get to do that already leaked pictures let's global classicism. In pitchers you have to be of a certain. Statistic. To have no pitch clock. We're going to cry a little more during the offseason to crazy pitcher stop playing with your drones as much although that might be just to Trevor Bauer thing with the Cleveland Indians. You can't suck and also take four hours and by four hours I really mean forty seconds to throw to home plate you can get. She did the process. This. Really isn't a hard. Back and my dad when I played Little League Baseball. Is now pat fox and NN and guess what the kids just threw in three at home. I end. To get we start and all the other things step now the batter's box adjusted your cup where cup just just go out there you get hit that you get hit there gonna be more comfortable you know what if you get hit that if you get hit the stuff begin the stuff sucks to be my guest docket and the stuff but. Eat it really got to step out of the batter's box to adjust your crotch. Yes step up the mountain just to adjuster crotch to put in a little bit more Qiyue. To adjust that a bubble gum. Or to continue eating sunflower seeds. Count slobs also skipped just disputes ball pitched the ball that's all I want David has you suck. You're not good enough to take that long to get the home plate get the ball across the plate. You're good pitcher who I I wouldn't mind them much. I highlight Eduardo Rodriguez one more time. There's there's something here I don't know. How much more. We can see improvement from the guy Bly. You have a lot of success. Against Maine and John I know GRE four point 68 and I'm trying not to exaggerate. But. For 25 year old pitcher. That. Is a lefty TO. There's there's something here there's some then that can become I don't know maybe like a fun a solid number four starter with a high three ERA something like that. That changeup of his. Was awesome today and he owned Manny Machado on Machado who I think is on the best hitters in baseball I think we all agree he's one of the best hitters in baseball. Was little do much against him. Opted out a couple of times he had talk about the idea pop out straight up and he struck out. He sees a bit like that if it was one at bat fine if it's too but that's okay it's three at bats in the third at bat yet some. That's that's very difficult to deal. And there is really only. One spot. In this game where. The Orioles had a chance of doing any thing. To a point where it would have mattered. It was in the fifth. And Rodriguez moderate and that is best in his last two innings of work. Because he struck out the only outs that they're Red Sox got from the fifth and the sixth they are strikeouts by Rodriguez. He got 72 pitches or so going into the fifth he gets a swinging strike out. Adam Jones singles to get bored you think it okay maybe the or all of the shortly gonna do something. It would Manny Machado line with one out with Jones I should meet with Jones on base with many which auto up. And only one out he gets them out walking and any strikes out Mancini swinging Tutsis strike out the side after the Jones head. He strikes he strikes out troubled open the sixth inning. He he allows a single to Valencia off the monster and he does load the bases and that's the tricky part in the sixth inning. He loaded the bases I had no idea how Nolan scored with him loading the bases his. There's the single off the monster there was an infield hit to you and then a strikeout put. Bye bye. A strikeout by Rodriguez again and then gentry singled you'd think okay. Well there's a guy and second Cindy score and it was blew it away where I felt like. If. Valencia was really running I think you and had a shot priest he held up and I guess that's isn't good enough position to gun down at the plate. I would have been holed a more aggressive in that spot into the damn Orioles. Try to score the run make the game a little bit quicker tale. But he was good in those fifth and sixth innings in terms of getting people out via the strike. And he did every close things out in the six and he continued to striking out of the memorial strike got a lot so maybe I'm making too much out of what Rodriguez was able do today but I liked what I saw. And I feel like he's the kind of guy can give you a little bit of extra flexibility in the playoffs especially you don't rely on it you can't rely on your bowl title maybe he's one of those guys he can forget you can bring in. For a couple of things at a time because that's really right now what when I'm looking for anyone on this pitching staff after. Sale. Price at Marcelo who can come in there and be relied upon for a prolonged period of time. It's Red Sox or view a blog allot 6177797937. Is how you call in if you wanna tweet me too. You can tweet me act a law and says JD Martinez goes two for four today he had two home runs. Three RBIs Yeltsin and intentional walk. And I like what I'm seeing out and your Benedetti of play I remember going into the year people were talking about the changes that he had made this offseason we SP fear how he had. Cut his hair he just looks different. I don't know why he had the issues that he did early on line but he was three for five with his fifth home run. And he also had two runs batted in and and really just don't back. And about a weaker so he's really been playing well. I mean he's I think eleven for his last 43 now including being three of five today. And he had that home run until. He's the other one that you wanna see stepped up and then just give this team. Any lineup has good of that. As the Yankees. And as good as the astros' line until and if he keeps on hitting the way that he's heading maybe have a shot there. But at the back of the order and we we we talked about this TO Jackie Bradley junior I do not know how they can justify continuing to put him out there. And once Dustin Pedroia comes up in particular I feel like you have to find a way. To make sure that your best bats get the most that that's yet happened to play. At a park. That allows you to put someone in left field. That doesn't have to be entirely confident we seem Manny Ramirez there before hell we saw. And not too long ago just a week ago against the raised at the wind front line right out it went over his head. You look at this and you have options to move around. Where you can put certain guys that the designated hitter and you can put any Martinez. Or a hand lane and laughed for gamers something like that. But you've got to find a way to get Mitch Moreland more at bats you've also got to find a way. To move Jackie Bradley junior out of this line up. I understand that he provides defense I don't think that you wanna. Send him back. To Pawtucket I I I feel media in a a disabled list in if you really think that he can turn it around would be a way to go but. He's one of those guys that you need I think to have around as a defensive presence off the bench I only got sent him down but I would take him out of line. The and you know when when you're going up against a team like the Orioles who go one for ten at present scored loses and who gets thirteen heads. And zero runs. You're going to be fine when you go to fifteen with runners in scoring visas and you're gonna be fine when you leave twelve on baseball when Jackie Bradley junior is leaving for those guys on base. He got a problem you got a problem against the Yankees the Astros the good teams. A baseball 6177797937. Is how you call and tell you text in two. You can tweet me as well at the line says. I'm Paula a lot this is WEEI Red Sox review. Our next. Can the Red Sox get away. With this current bullpen. There's a team that found a way to do this last year will discuss 6177797937. Its Red Sox should view on WEEI. I'm Paula why this is Red Sox review. Want to jump in 6177797937. You could treat each you have to want says Red Sox to down the Baltimore Orioles five nothing they take three out of four. From that. War was organization who are just at the bottom of the American League east's sadly playing out the string and owner do if I ever. Baltimore Orioles fan I really don't know what I do on the Baltimore Orioles organization and get a figure what to do it Manny Machado. There are other guys leaving at the end of the year I imagine a fire sale for this team. We'll definitely take place at the trade deadline than the other questions are able could it happened it happened well before the trade deadline the season is basically over already for them. You can tweet me act a law says you so choose a tweet from Jeff. We take a breath yet a couple good points but plays they want. There in first place in new and gee you would think they are on a five game losing streak was the idea. Try not to sound that way I guess and negative by nature I feel like a lot of us that curl up in this area of arc somewhat cynical. I let Al. Other blame Roger though I'm to blame Roger got an earlier still pretty rosy earlier. The big problem with that long season. Like baseball. For me in particular race it's hard for me to a lot of stock into a game like today and feel like it has a whole lot of meaning especially as we get closer and closer. To October baseball now he gets what playing time till we get to that point. But for me I focus on the Red Sox games against. Good teams and an open that there are many good teams in baseball the Yankees who they have split the sea the season series with the thus far. How they play against them and how to play against them in key spots especially with that bullpen of errors and a shaky it's been. I am a little concerned. I am a little concerned on that front I think we all should be concerned on that front they they wet themselves in situations against the Yankees the whole time. And if he can't rely on them all who can you turn dude who can you rely on. It's going to be tough for them as the season progresses I won't say though. With the offense hitting the way that it has this year and I think when you get Pedroia back and get a little bit more flexibility and. If the Droid is able to produce like he used which is a huge question and I don't. Feel entirely confident that he'll be able to I would say it's the giant question mark at this point though I don't I'm known for leaning one way or the other towards no. Or towards yes it's lean towards he's probably just gonna be needling veteran player. And will he be in a issue in the clubhouse I don't know I think it's been. Good for the young Red Sox do have space in the clubhouse to sort of create their own culture with him away dealing with these rehab from injury. I think the Red Sox will be able to get away with addressing their bullpen. For a while and that what they're not playing a whole lot of great teams this year you would play the Astros two series and yet a series local at the end of the month. And discipline the Yankees the rest of the year. And the Yankees I think have their own issues with their starting rotation I feel like the guys that they have out there Severino sabathia. To knock I feel like. The Red Sox lineup hitting the way that it is. Can get through them it's just a matter are they gonna have enough runs scored wins Friday sports aloe. And sale and the playoffs where the defense is not going to get everybody to watch is this team. And there isn't but. You know you look at what the Astros were able accomplished last year. Winning the World Series despite having a shaky bullpen in a lot of situations in the playoffs. They threw some other starters who are talented one and an all star and it's the colors in two. Big spots in those starters were able to perform for them. You hope that Campbell's gonna be more consistent than he has to open a year but can you get. A guy like Eduardo Rodriguez and put him in a spot or need to give you two or three innings or something like that if drew tolerance ever figures out his life. As a pitcher in baseball he going to be able to do the same kind of thing. If you score as many runs. As the Red Sox are scoring right now. It worked out for the Astros last year have really good starting pitching have a really good lineup. The bullpen you can figure it out in the playoffs. But it would be nice to get an arm or multiple arm 6177797937. Bob in London Barry Watson talk about Carson Smith Bob what's up. I usually enjoy your program. Thank you. I got a question I don't people don't like it is but the constant net hurting your shoulder. When when these professionals and not pitching. Doing normal things do they. Like staff personal or do they. I dual brake job on carded a typical wheelbarrow. If anything that the arrest but must normally. Disorder. Do ate meat and split would run out. With the fish. They don't make it as much money as you are in baseball that you wouldn't be doing any of those things I'm lazy as Hal I've been totally I be able to do all those things. If I haven't got a baseball money that some of these guys are getting. So they shouldn't do that pomp. I know I understand that one albums is saying it. Or one alikes out Mac you have to do nothing like just get up in the morning and go biker business and not do anything. Yeah you know you're telling me I'm delicate Bartolo Cologne clearly gives no leaks about it's bodies is like giant fat guy's pitching in his forties and it still working. Like part of what they know we got an event coming next week's Memorial Day. Can you imagine if we are lying or any of these people to help with the military and fight for the country sir let's be realistic that is absolutely. Way to god the system is a market that is that the red big go to like didn't ask like could this guy fight our country I don't expect. Athletes to fight for our country I don't I mean and also we're talking about Al plea to something like that this is like its medieval times on like that we're gonna get out a broad sword or something like that to go in their you know that that's that's what that's a very random thing to poke act like I'm expecting and appreciate the pogo ball on the expecting. I'm expecting baseball players to be right center for our country whenever there called upon. There are athletes. I'll only to save that for the professional for the professional soldiers out there. That is the hit it says that the left tired because they really. All the cards and Smith. I haven't been approved of a perspective on this. I I I am someone who has dealt when anger issues for most of my life I I had. Many incidents that took place and I was in middle school and that was sort where sort of realize OK well. I I have an anger management problem I actually see someone for anger management I don't think there's any issue with seeing someone frank mantra you got a problem addressed the problem. And honestly I I'm open about it because I feel. People should know that you do have that outlet it helps me in my help you. I look at Carson Smith going in to the dugout. And is. Basically having a temper tantrum. And. Messing up his shoulder I believe the DD injuries he saw Blix nation. On his right shoulder he's chucking his glove in the dugout on Monday. And her the Red Sox Friday outscored said team has yet to decide whether Smith will be able to make a full recovery by seasons and they're hoping for the best. His rotator cuff is apparently intact but he's going to receive a second opinion. On his labor on this coming week so we'll have a clear picture of his recovery time deal but he might not pitch. The rest of the year. I as somebody's been through that it's it's tough when he's when you have a bad outing from a sports perspective like if you're competitive and you give a damn. Yeah you're gonna be pissed sometimes you get taken out. But you have to you have to be smarter than that you just after day. And and if you are someone who gets worked up after about outing. EE you have to make sure heard you're not going to physically hurt yourself punching a wall punching yourself and ahead like the Astros Ken Giles did last week like. We get it UK are you really care. You're mad at yourself. I respect people to get about it themselves I am out of my Sobel type but like I had a bad show or bad take or something like that I will let that stuff tee me off. For hours and hours afterward until the next time I go out there. So what cards is that I empathize with them a little bit but I see some of the things that he said. About Alex Cora these sort of put some of the blame on Alex Cora Tinto. He told reporters admin tool movement needs over exert himself in the days leading up to the incident did you screwed up. Take accountability for your actions fall on the sword take responsibility cheese. And as we did go back to go back to Bob's call. C'mon man you had a temper tantrum you weren't out there battling he went out there on the Frontline football once unity you're out there. You're you're you're pitching is not yet about outing relax yourself when you go to the dugout don't lose your cool number one is just embarrassing right is dead I mean. As someone who has these anger issues there's nothing more hours that every now and then. Being out in public thought a little five year old S temper tantrums and I've done that and it's embarrassing is out and get crap about it and now they eleven and air with Smartphones. If your friends are particularly skilled at being able paparazzi. They can get a phone out if they can take pictures of you to get a look like a complete idiot. So don't do it from that perspective just think about how dumb you'll end up looking but number two you let yourself lucky with some of the things I have like randomly let. Taken out. Not just attacked and frustration like I've I've missed. I've punched walls punch elevator doors the things that I. I can't believe I've never actually bus fall on the or more like fitness store finger or anything like that and brittle bones but had broken bones playing flag football for God's sake for whatever reason when I'm angry Havel rage and it's. I've never hurt myself on like Karstens net. Some other people waiting on hold 6177797937. Is how you call and Alex Cora has made some interesting comparisons. To these young Red Sox players to entire Red Sox lineup. This season you were gonna want to stay tuned to hear what he had to say about McKee debts and JD Martinez. And how they compare to the rest of Red Sox history on blog a lot it's Red Sox are you don't go anywhere. Ice and he's he's. Do you remember two guys that you've played with Eric hitting home runs at this pace. Like McCain JD both having told him. The three guys that I thought their underwear in this base they never did it is mandated so. It's fun to watch. Yeah. I guess that's an excellent well it's something I think it's that. Just drop that. Accurate I mean from a statistical standpoint. What you're seeing and remove key bad since Davey Martinez it is a little bit Manny Ramirez David Ortiz desk. Though worldly docket about it. Through about a month and a half two months of baseball. They've been incredible open up the year in a five nothing win over the Baltimore Orioles today JD Martinez added two more home runs tying rookie bats. Fifteen apiece waits. It's something that has never happens. For the Boston Red Sox. Two players with fifteen home runs in the first fifty games of the year and they're both tied. For the Major League lead with fifteen home runs each. Prior to the Red Sox the last team to feature multiple players at fifteen plus home runs with a the first 47 games of the year was 2001 Rockies. The last American League team to do it the 2000 mariners the 2000 angels. Okay. So. We know that JD Martinez and to keep bats that are really it is crushing and at the plate but the real question is would they be able to crush. The opposition of the United States of America in military combat. I mean. To Bob wants and now almost enough and that's happening with arsons that. Guards is bad the reliever could he fight for our country would you trust him even to do clerical work. These are the kind of things we're talking about here Red Sox if you unplug a lot 6177797937. Louis and Springfield blew what's up. Pat Williams are light years in the Marines. Two of them in combat in Korea the bet you it light. What do you mean can these guys conduct some of them can't get called to that everybody can walk on got a purple hat that looked out the battle of. Mike Mike Mike question is mainly though like how did we get up on that tangent does Bob got off on that tangent and I mean who knows I'm. I should come off. I honestly I kind of enjoy the preposterous takes. Until some of them caught some of them didn't even know that they yeah. Lucky like for the Pittsburgh utility itself was better yet he came back Clinton's analysts. Our contact. That's like you know looked like 3040 years ago a guy. I'm just here I'm just curious as to why ball went down that route I honestly don't care because it's not something that we're going to see any of these guys dale. And appreciate the phone call. I just don't know how we got up and attention. You know luck as Watson a baseball game today now. Really just started thinking really lonely not conclude our players be warriors. Would they have fought well and to battle the bastards in game films episode. Carson Smith he's really good throwing things could throw a javelin by its. Own well he has ever standards are now and then if he misses with his one javelin is he can throw out is our become useless on the battlefield. And now I just past to help our government and. It if anyone has takes. On the Boston Red Sox players and how they could fare in combat. If Hillary Clinton talked about that we get every week you go all the way it on this one. I mean clearly JD Martinez Jackie Bradley junior would be very good with melee weapons of sort. Zombie apocalypse you hand him a baseball bat ash ash bash I mean clearly they have enough power when they're swinging that bat to. Destroy a couple of brains are to neutralize the attacking zombies or something like that I. This test at just carry its other and bought get out but from Carson Smith to. And and and his temper tantrum that saw him line. The disabled look that will likely see him on the disabled list for prolonged period of time we'll see what's happening with them again. Hottest guys got me the light levity considered armed forces lead to go from the beach copilot the. Tell putting more. Does anyone chop wood. I mean again I'm maybe I'm just like a little Mandy Tammy and the by companies are armed it's gonna go to the store and get myself one of those starter lords. Much regard to a force that have to have to tricky to get that slot although other baseball player. I I I get being being economical being frugal Bly. Well I'm I'm I'm gonna be getting a snowmobile. Or anything like that or not snowmobile snowblower or all I'm I'm tired of kids down the street is double by law until. No way. Am I doing any of these tasks. And not let scrape these baseball players and all these athletes these days and don't do that anymore back to back that other court at grocery store and they also worked at a car wash true. Okay cool that you they did a lot of different things there are consistent path of cut up and military tinted. Six or seven Maggie Jean I don't see. Things my singled to at least the grid. I hear an old man yelling at a crowded out clouded just think. That six or 77797937. We've got Stephen Miami on Red Sox are you Steve what's gone on. I don't know about them bring out there and it is going to be good and battle because I don't really care are you think you hit it I mean you don't even. People call him that's not based aren't as good as Bob. When not if but that was really crazy. It isn't too and ask yes. Perhaps you have and he's got a Sunday I perhaps most cynical but it means permanent thing about our. Yes thank you listen Islamic heeded that I doubt. Our cigarette out thank you. Aha tasty what's got out. A couple of things one. It's going to be occasion he looked Bob Byrd has that he had any impact. I think the right size of golf what he had to what they can move up because. Remember that maybe don't have any great feeling a minor leagues right now. And got a pilot Tom port can come back and be I think actually possible. Met with doing well until he had to go yeah. Six. Just dark hour. I bought a boat but a lot of pictorial essay yes. We're talking. It was traveling with the team I don't think he got up shook again the quote which. At all I've been lied to the Red Sox yeah and eight vote he was well. So I'm totally in its Renault was traveling with the team so I don't think that that's gone to pump. I also am looking forward to his defense. More. Yeah it was a lot of doubters out there devers is frustrating defensively and and and there are some other guys out there that you look at and you think to yourself OK we'll need to do a little bit better with Pedroia I do wonder about his range though I I have honestly like and I've seen. Adam Rocco he's been at second base and honestly with the way that he's hitting I think he deserves more opportunities and a lot of we'll see if that continues to happen. Well I can't say is that the Red Sox they take three out of four against the Baltimore Orioles and the five nothing victory. Today you get a couple of home runs and JD Martinez and you've been intending goes deep to Eduardo Rodriguez gets the win. He's four and one of the season he allowed nine hits the seven strikeouts no walks no earned run they fit. 813 hit shot out. For the Boston Red Sox they take three out of four against the Orioles. Today they will take on the Tampa Bay Rays starting on Tuesday in saint Petersburg Florida hoping you've enjoy today's edition of Red Sox review. I am merely talk a lot big things to Kyle Duluth back at the mother ship. For help and things out you have a great rest of your Sunday.